PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 13 (Finale)


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Here goes….


Carlo had been selflessly taking care of Amor and Sunshine. After that dinner and talk they had, Amor had finally accepted everything. It would be easier to move on and she still has Sunshine to think about anyway.

For the past years, they have been like a normal happy family.

Amor was always inspired to do something for the people she loves. She made it a point to take good care of them. It was his way to ease her loneliness brought about by missing Philip.

“The biggest drug organization in Shanghai finally fell in the hands of the joint operations of the interpol and FBI.  The leader Han Lee was discovered to have been running his illegal operations in various countries despite being held in the QinCheng prison.”

The news in CNN brought relief to Carlo Asuncion.

This was what he’s been waiting for. He now can finally move forward. Amor and Sunshine would finally have a family.

They are finally safe.

He wasted no time to push through with the wedding. It had been long overdue and now that everything is cleared, he knew he owes it to the woman he’s always been in love with all these years.


The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

“Ate do i have to throw the flowers like this?”

“Yes baby. Pero slowly ka lang sa paglakad ha so you wouldn’t trip.”

“I will be careful Ate.”

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.


The wedding a few weeks ago had been a very happy event..

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.

For many years Philip always suffered. He grew up without his mother’s loving care. He grew up with his father and was forced against his will to continue their illegal business.

Life had been so hard for Philip.

He never had a normal childhood and after he got separated from his brother and mother, he resented both for a couple of years until he finally accepted his fate of being left with his father.

Philip had been quiet for the past days already and Lily knows the reason.

Though her Boss had never talked about it, she very well knew that his heart always belonged to the doe-eyed lady who never failed to make him smile when they were together in Shanghai.


Lily had someone in the event who reported everything to her.

Her Boss Philip wanted to know everything despite the pain he felt. He’s happy for his brother and Amor and it’s not anybody’s fault that things turned out that way. It was their fate.

What’s important now is that his daughter would grow up with a normal family and that the only love of his life would have someone to take care of her, someone without a bad past, someone who’s not flawed. Amor deserves his brother and only Carlo could make her happy. Only Carlo could give her everything she deserves and needs.



Philip was still inside his room when Lily knocked. He spent most of his time alone in his room for the past days. He should have been happy with the transfer of Han Lee and his men to . a prison in the States. His transfer would mean that Philip is finally safe and free. But he never felt excited about it. He doesn’t have anyone to be with anyway and they all knew that he’s dead.

“Boss…” Lily suddenly cut in his reverie. She was doing her regular visit to her Boss Philip. He was still housed in a mansion with two helpers, and around 5 guards. It was a part of his program

She found him reading a book in his bedroom but he was a total mess – unmade bed, he’s still in his pajamas, coffee cup which is still filled with coffee but obviously made hours ago….”

“Yes Lily?”

“Boss are you okay? Maysakit ka? Ang kalat ng kwarto mo. I’ll ask them to clean it. Please stay at the other room first.”

“I’m okay Lily. I just got so preoccupied reading my book.” there was annoyance in his tone.

“But Boss you have visitors.”

“If they’re from the Interpol or police again kindly tell them that I’m not feeling well.”

“Boss… it’s not them…

Lily hasn’t finished what she was saying when they heard voices outside his room.

Then suddenly his door opened and Carlo carrying 3 year old Sunshine came in. He was beaming. Sunshine upon seeing her dad hurriedly went down her Tito Carlo’s arms and ran to her dad. She embraced the surprised Philip, who in return hugged his daughter tightly.

“Daddy! You really look like Tito Carlo po.” his daughter’s small fingers were poking his face.

“Hello my dear brother.” Carlo went near him to also give him a hug.

“What? How?…” Was all he could say.

“Long story Philip but we have all the time to talk about that. You’re free now Philip. I am very happy.”

“Tito Carlo will daddy come with us and mommy?” Sunshine’s tiny voice asked.

“Yes baby. Daddy will come with us, right daddy?” and Carlo again gave his brother a warm smile.

“I’m confused here. You knew I was alive? How?”

“Boss I’m sorry.” It was Lily. “All these years I’ve been in contact with Sir Carlo, Miss Amor and your dad. I believe it was the right thing to do Boss.”

“All these years?”

“Yes Philip. I’ve been monitoring you too. And Amor…  she’s the one who has been sending you clothes, food, books… and yes that one you’re reading… she spent hours in the bookstore choosing that one. Maganda ba?”

“Carlo.. I don’t know what to say.. Well congrats… I mean I’m happy for you and Amor, for your wedding. Lily told me…I wanted to give you something.. but…”

“It’s okay Philip. I’m beyond happy with the wedding. Finally it happened. But I think you also deserve to be happy and someone certainly deserves it too…” then he smiled again.

Then came in Amor who was shyly smiling at Philip.

Carlo gathered Sunshine in his arms and carried her outside the room. Lily already went out ahead of them

“Let’s leave mommy and daddy first Sunshine okay…”

The little girl just nodded and smiled.


“Philip…I .. I missed you.”

“Amor..” now Philip’s tears had made it’s way down his cheeks. He had to use every ounce of self control not to cry but he couldn’t help it. They were both silently crying as they held each other in a tight embrace.

When they disengaged, he sat down and Amor sat atop his lap. She was wiping Philip’s tear-streaked cheeks with her fingers.

“You look thin Philip. Hindi mo kinakain yun mga pinapadala ko?”

“I’m eating them Amor. Sana nalaman ko na it was from you.”

Then she gently held his face and caressed his cheeks, his eyes, his nose…”Namiss ko ang mukhang to. You are a really lousy actor in pretending to be a jerk you know that?”

“I was a jerk.”

“No you are not Mr. Tang. You are the most loving, selfless, kind-hearted, and handsome person I know.”

“Just like Carlo..”

“Carlo is different… You guys are different.” she smiled still staring a Philip while still seated on his lap.

Upon realization, Philip suddenly stood up and made Amor stand as well.

“Dun na tayo sa labas. It’s inappropriate to be staying here alone together.”

“Inappropriate? We already have a daughter Philip.”

“Amor, my brother is a kind person but I still know my boundaries”

“Mr. Tang kung ano ano ang sinasabi, halika magbihis ka na para makalabas na tayo dun. I’ll help you…” then before Philip could protest, Amor was already able to remove his shirt. She was now choosing his clothes inside his cabinet…”Ang kalat naman ng gamit mo. Di you love these clothes? Pinili ko to and alam kong bagay sila sa’yo. Here wear this one para hindi masyadong mahalata na payat ka. Naku, papatabain kita Mr. Tang.”

“Hey ako na. Nakakahiya. Mauna ka na dun.”

“Sige na Philip, I’ll wait here. I dont want you out of my sight.”

“Amor naman eh…” then he finished changing his clothes.

“Halika ka na nga sa labas para makilala mo pa yung ibang kasama namin.” Amor held Philip’s arms as if not wanting to let go. Philip felt uneasy but he just allowed her. He’s sure that his brother won’t take it against them.

As they went out the garden area of the mansion,  Carlo was there, his daughter Abby, Lily, Sunshine…

“Philip I want you to meet my wife, Cecilia. You know her di ba? Finally we were able to renew our vows. Tapos eto yun daughter namin si Abby. and a little buddy in there.” Cecilia is 3 months pregnant.

There was a shocked expression in Philip’s face. All the while he thought that it was Amor whom Carlo married.

“What could I say… Congratulations Carlo, Cecilia… I am so happy really… Abby  you’ll be a wonderful Ate again. Even si Sunshine ate na rin…”

“C’mon Philip, all these time you thought kami ni Amor di ba?” Carlo was teasing him.

“Naku Philip, never kami  nyan bagay ng kakambal mo. It was always his wife whom he’s been constantly thinking about.”

“Yes and si Amor naman hindi matigil kakatingin ng old pictures nyo Philip.”

They enjoyed that simple celebration – of Philip’s freedom, of Carlo and Cecilia’s wedding, of their new baby and simply celebrated being one solid and happy family.


“So Mr. Tang are you happy? Ang lungkot mo kanina pagdating namin ha.” Amor asked Philip.

They were having coffee at the veranda of the mansion. He would still be staying for a few more days until all his papers are cleared.  Amor and Sunshine were with him. Carlo’s family already left for the States where their dad was already living. It was Amor’s staff Roma Christie and Peter who took care of everything in the States.

They would be following as well.

It would be safer and they also wanted to be close to each other. The brothers decided that it’s about time that their kids stay close to each other.

“I’m very happy Amor. Thank you. Akala ko I would be living alone. I thought I’m not capable of being loved by the only woman whom my heart beats for.”

“Hey… di ba I told you before that I chose  to be with you. Kahit naman ng alam kong patay ka na, you’ve always owned my heart, wala namang iba.”

“I know that. Thank you for giving me Sunshine. Thank you for never giving up kahit ano pa mana ng nakaraan ko…”

“Philip… what’s not to love? Ako nga dapat magpasalamat that you’ve also accepted my past.  Mahal na mahal kita Mr. Tang.”


“You’re doubting me?”

“No but prove it…” then he gave her a naughty smile.

“Ay naku Mr. Tang we can’t. Dun tayo matutulog with Sunshine, di ba?”

“Then why don’t we do it now before sleeping with Sunshine. The couch is big Amor and no one comes here. Nandun sila sa quarters sa baba.”

“Ano ka ba Philip!!! Baka mauna na naman ang baby nyan. Dapat kasal muna.”

“Pwede namang sabay gaya nina Carlo, di ba?”

“Mr. Tang kasal na dati sina Carlo. They just renewed their vows.”

“Ang dami mo namang excuses. Ayaw mo lang yata.”

“Siyempre gusto!”

He grinned naughtily… “Let’s go then. Tapos pagdating nating ng States, let’s get married at once..”

“Gusto ko yan Philip. I’d love to be your wife. Pero magpropose ka naman ng maayos ha.”

“Yes Amor but now let’s take care of other immediate concerns muna”

And he easily scooped a surprised shrieking Amor in his arms and went to the direction of the guestroom just beside his bedroom.

They couldn’t do it on the couch kasi baka magising si Sunshine.


Finally they were back in each other’s arms


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PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 12


At dahil nagloloko pa rin ang aking twitter app (na hindi na nakakatuwa!), another update….


Carlo immediately proceeded to the veranda where Amor was. He just arrived from China.

“Carlo how was the flight?”

“May turbulence lang ng konti pero it was manageable. I just took Advil kanina kasi medyo sumakit yun ulo ko.”

“Magpahinga ka na muna.”

“Ah no. I’m fine. Ikaw? How do you feel now? Okay ka na?”

“Okay na ako Carlo. How was your business trip?”

“It was the usual. I have a few pasalubongs pala for you and Shine. Si Abby nauna nang buksan yun kanya dun sa kotse. Di na kasi ako nakapagikot kaya sa duty free ko na lang binili.”

“Ikaw talaga. Nag-abala ka pa.”

“Wala yun. Maiba pala ako Amor, can we have dinner tonight? I mean sa labas?”

“Oh bakit? What’s the occasion? Have you closed a deal or something?

“Wala naman. i just want to treat you to dinner. We had a rather stressful week and I believe that we needed this break.”

“Sige Carlo. Hindi ko naman hihindian yan. Dami ko na kayang atraso sa’yo.”

“Amor… why do you keep saying that?”

“Carlo kasi naman you are always there for us even if you don’t have to.”

“Stop saying that. You are my family now. This is the least I can do for Philip. Hayaan mo na ako.”

“Sige Carlo. Dinner tayo tonight.”

And there he saw it again. That sad eyes of Amor whenever they talk about Philip.

“Sige tonight then. I’ll fix my luggage lang then balik ako.”

Carlo vowed to honor his promise to his brother’s only love. He would give Amor the family she and Sunshine deserves.


“Carlo, nandun na sa opisina mo yun annulment papers. Have you talked to Cecilia about your decision? ”

“Yes Ryan. Thank you for taking care of it.”

“So final decision mo na yan?”

“Oo na. What about my other request? Yun tungkol kay Amor at Sunshine?”

“May kinausap na ako tungkol doon. They could help us.”

“Thank you Ryan.”

“Mahal mo talaga ang mag-ina ng kapatid mo ah.”

“Yes. But my main reason is to make my brother happy.”

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he is happy Carlo. I’m sure he is.”

Then he ended his conversation with Ryan to call another number.

“Tāmen xiànzài yǒu tuō wěi wǒ jǐ gè xīngqí” (They have been tailing me for weeks)

“Míngtiān wǒmen huì fāxiàn shuí pài tāmen” (Tomorrow we will find out who sent them)

“Nǐ shuō nǐ de liánxì rén? (Have you spoken to our contacts?)

“Shì. Wǒmen jiāng zhǐ gēngxīn nǐ” (Yes. We will just update you.)

“Hǎo.” (Good.)

Then he ended the call as well and proceeded to have lunch with Amor and Abby


In a remote village in China…

“Have you sent the money to Kevin’s family?”

“Yes Boss. I personally transferred it yesterday.”

“How about my grave. Did you have it cleaned?”

“Someone was there again a few days ago.”

“Argh!!! Carlo again!!! Double his security. I am sure Han Lee’s men will take revenge on the family. Carlo is the only one they know who’s alive.”

“Why don’t you just inform him that you’re alive Boss? That would stop him from visiting your grave.”

“It will be riskier. It was the organization they want. They thought that Carlo knows about it.”

“But he does know about it. I found out that he’s been in contact with the Shanghai police.”


“He’s moving your assets and donating it to foundations for charity. I guess he made a deal with the police.”

“When did you find out about this Lily?”

“Just yesterday Boss. Kevin’s sister, works in one of the foundations which is regularly supported by your brother’s “Ray of Sunshine” project. It’s the name of your daughter Boss.”

“Yes I know Lily. Yes I know.” He felt his heart constrict at the mere mention of his daughter.

“I have to go now Boss. I gave instructions to the guards already.”

“Thank you Lily. You be safe okay. Give my letter to dad. And please take care of Kevin’s family. I owe my life to him.”

“Don’t worry Boss. They’re well taken cared of.”

Philip Tang had been an asset of the Shanghai Police and  is now under a sort of witness protection program.

He helped in apprehending Han Lee, the leader of biggest smuggling and drug syndicate. They were a former part of the organization but when it started to peddle women and children, Philip decided that he wanted out. His father Roberto was already old and as much as he despised him, his father needs to be safe and this is the only way for them to buy his and his father’s safety.

He paid a hefty price though. He couldn’t and shouldn’t get in touch with his own brother anymore and he couldn’t see his child and the mother of his child.

When he visited Carlo, that was the time they staged his and his father’s death with the help of the joint operations of the Philippines and Shanghai police.

It went on as planned and even his brother was contacted to make it more realistic. Carlo knew that he and their father have died.

Unfortunately someone indeed died that night. Kevin, Philip’s right hand man, had been accidentally shot by one of the policemen. The bullet was supposed to hit Philip though and Kevin shielded him.


Carlo and Amor were on their way to have dinner. She had been quiet throughout the whole ride and Carlo just allowed her.

He knows that the recent discovery of Philip’s death would take her more time to heal

He remembered the first time he visited her.

“Philip!!!” Di ka nagsabi na bibisita ka. I could have fetched you at the airport.” Then she proceeded to give him the tightest hug and kiss.

“Amor, my brother sent me. It’s me Carlo.”


Carlo knows that Amor loves his brother. The moment she flung her arms around him, knowing that he was Philip during the first time he visited her, clearly showed how Amor loves Philip more than him.

He also remembered  how sad she was when he relayed Philip’s message of not wanting to do anything with her and their child anymore.

He remembered her sad face when he lied, as instructed by Philip, about Philip being married already.

And of course he will never forget what just happened few days ago when Amor found out about his brother’s death.

He needs to end her misery.

“Carlo?” Amor’s voice broke the deafening silence inside the car.

“Yes Amor?”

“Do you think Sunshine would want to meet her dad when she grows up?”

“Amor everything will be fine. We could work things out.”

“Salamat Carlo.”

“Let’s just enjoy tonight, okay?”



Next Chapter :

A few years after…

The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.


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PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 11

“Where is Mr. Asuncion? Bring me to him!” a loud voice was heard just outside Carlo Asuncion’s office.

Carlo was preparing to leave as it was already 9 in the evening and he needs to tuck his daughter Abby into bed. He never failed doing it as it was one of his ways to bond with his only daughter.

When he and his wife Cecilia got separated, Abby used to have a schedule as to when she’ll be with her dad and when she will be with her mom. It went on for about a year but when Cecilia got a job in Chicago, she left Abby with him. They just visit Cecilia from time to time and the couple remained civil for their daughter’s sake.

Carlo usually reads  Abby a story then they talk about the happenings of the day. They would talk about her school, lessons, playmates, teachers. They would also sing some nursery rhymes and just have daddy-daughter fun until she falls asleep.

Since his office was situated at their main hotel which was  just a few blocks from his house, he doesn’t have any problem with the traffic and he could easily go to and from the work to his home. He would have lunch and  dinner with Abby but he returns and stays until 9 in his office. He sometimes returns when his staff calls him for some emergencies which they fail to handle.

Liza, Carlo’s ever loyal secretary for many years now usually stays until the time her boss leaves the office. It wasn’t a problem for her since she also lives in a nearby condo unit also owned by the Asuncion Chain of Hotels. Liza and her parents had served Carlo’s family for many years. Her parents were the first employees of Carlo’s stepfather , Mr. Arturo Asuncion when he was just starting his hotel business. Together with Carlo’s mother Esmeralda, Arturo managed to expand their business into one of the country’s top chain of  hotels, which now also engaged in real estate and building skyscrapers all over the Philippines and with Carlo’s business and management skills and vision, he was able to maintain their position in the business and was even able to expand it. He was a respected Boss and highly admired businessman.

“Wala po yun Boss ko. Umuwi na po sya.” the scared voice of Liza could be heard inside Carlo’s office.

He got alerted and retrieved his caliber 45 weapon which he kept in his vault just behind the bookcase in his office, when his office door was forcibly opened. A masked man with a gun pointed at Liza’s lower back, entered the room.

“Who the hell are you!” Carlo shouted as he was also pointing his weapon at the stranger who didn’t say anything but just stared at him under his masked face.

“Let my secretary go.If it’s me that you want, let her go!”

But the stranger just stared at him as if glued to the floor, the grip to his gun wasn’t as firm either and it took Carlo a few seconds to subdue the man who didn’t even fight back, take his gun and remove his mask.

“Oh my God Sir!” Liza had the shocked expression as she stared at the person who looked exactly like her boss.

Philip Tang just stood there staring at his brother.

Carlo, upon realization that it was his twin whom he brought down to the floor, assisted him to stand up but he maintained the blank expression on his face.

“Liza please leave us alone. Go ahead and tell them to eat ahead of me.”

“But Sir…”

“Just go Liza!” Carlo had to raise his voice so his secretary would just follow and not ask questions anymore.

The moment Liza left, Carlo shut his office door and locked it. He didn’t need any interruption.

He angrily stared at Philip who just stood staring at him, observing him.

“Why are you here Philip? What are you doing here?!” there was hatred and anger in his tone.

“You…you look great Carlo.”

“I’m sure you didn’t come here to admire my looks Philip Tang!”

“No. I didn’t. I just don’t know where to start. Ahhh…” Philip was overcome with  emotions upon seeing he brother he wanted to be with, the brother he’s been longing to see  for many years that despite the hatred and anger he could clearly see, Philip just hugged him tightly.

Carlo didn’t react but he didn’t push him away either. He just stood there.

“Let’s cut the crap Philip. My daughter needs me so if you have anything important to say which made you come here….”

“Carlo could you at least calm down. It took me a lot of courage to be here…”

“I could see that. Maybe whatever reason you have is far more important than our own mother!”


“Our mother died Philip and you weren’t even there.”

“Carlo, mom died when we were ten. What was I supposed to do? Visit her on my own? You knew what our father was like.”

“You should have found a way.”

“I did Carlo, I did when I was 16, I tried to find you, I wanted to visit our mother’s grave, I wanted to see my only brother.”

Philip continued…

“I saw our mom’s grave. I was able to visit her but when I tried to find you, I realized that you already had a stable and peaceful life with your new father. I saw how he took care of you, gave you a very good education. I saw how happy you were and it comforted me to know that if he took you as his own son, he must have cared for and loved our mother so much. I decided not to show myself to you anymore. You were happy. I didn’t want to disturb your life. I didn’t want to get in the way of things. Dad ordered me to find you but I was certain that you were better and safer without us.”

“How did you know I was happy? How were you so certain that I didn’t want to see you or our dad?”

“You wouldn’t want anything to do with him Carlo. I am sure you won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing Carlo. Honestly I feel so unworthy to be given your attention, your time. I wouldn’t be here if it’s just for me or dad…”

“What are you saying?  Stopping talking in circles Philip. You’re wasting my time.”

“I’m not here to force you to want me or accept me. It’s too late for that Carlo. I wouldn’t bother you if I had someone else I could entrust my child with.”

“What!!!?? Why me?? Where’s the mother? Or shall I say, who’s the unlucky woman?”

Philip just patiently took all the hurtful words and resentment of his brother. He needs him. His child and the mother of his child needs Carlo.

“The unlucky woman knows you. She speaks highly of you. She thought I was you when we met.”

“What are you saying?”

“Amor Powers is having my baby.”

“You son-of -a…” then Carlo landed a straight punch to Philip’s face which caused the latter to lose his balance.

“Carlo, it is you whom she loves. Amor needs you. We.. we  just stayed close to each other for our unborn child but we were never together except for that one night.”

“What makes you think that I’ll just easily carry your responsibility? What makes you think I would want to clean your mess?”

“Amor is not a mess and our child is not either. If I could, I would fight for her..”

“Then why don’t you do it? Why try to pass her on to someone else? I never thought you’re a coward Philip.”

“This is the bravest thing I’ll be doing in my entire life Carlo. Believe me, it is. I’ll bravely face my days without Amor and our child because it is the best thing for them. It is my only way of keeping them safe.”

“I can’t understand you…”

“Please Carlo, just promise me, not as a brother but as the kindhearted, loving, giving person I know you are, please promise me that you’ll take care of them.”

“How sure are you that I could easily take responsibility for them? How sure are you that I’m capable?”

“Because I know that you have a daughter, your wife left for the States, you have a comfortable home, a loyal and very kind staff. Amor and our baby needs that kind of security, normalcy.”

“And you?”

“I’ll walk away. She doesn’t love me anyway and she doesn’t know what I really feel for her. It’s easier that way.”

Carlo is still confused of what his brother Philip was saying but he could see the urgency of his request. Philip wouldn’t beg if it’s not serious.

Philip retrieved an envelope from his jacket.

“Those are the things you need to know – Amor’s address, the baby’s needs everything is taken cared of. You don’t have t worry of anything. Just be by her side Carlo, please….”

Philip’s face of despair and worry moved Carlo to decide right there and then. He didn’t think twice anymore of whether to accept or decline  his brother’s life-changing request.

“What if she doesn’t want me there?”

Philip’s relief clearly showed on his face. A small smile emerged as well.

“She wants you more than me. She needs you.”


“I have to leave now. This will be the last time I’m showing myself to you. I wouldn’t bother Amor and our child either. Thank you Carlo.”

Carlo didn’t say more. He just stared back at his brother.

As Philip was about to leave, he got his wallet and retrieved a picture. It was the only picture he has of their mother and his twin brother. The picture was taken in a studio which their mother made as a reason to be able to escape from their father when the twins were young. Ironically the picture was left with Philip but the two important persons with him in the picture had left him.

“This is the only remembrance I had of you and mom. Dad burned all your pictures when you guys left. He didn’t know I had this all these years. Keep it. Maybe remember me with it. I love you brother. Goodbye.”

And without waiting for Carlo to say anything, Philip wore his cap and hurriedly left.


A few minutes after Philip Tang left Carlo Asuncion’s office, gunshots were heard near the hotel.


Carlo closed his eyes as he was trying his best not to cry as he reminisced that encounter with his brother.

He was on his flight back home to the Philippines after he visited China.

“Are you okay?” An old lady maybe in her 70’s who was seated beside Carlo noticed his uneven breathing that she had to ask him.

“Yes. I am. I just remembered my twin brother.”

“Oh!  Where is he?is Is he okay?”

“He left.”


At the Qincheng Prison, a maximum security facility located in Changping District, Beijing, China, the leader of the once organized and feared smuggling syndicate was in his quarters reading a very thick book when someone approached him.

In a whisper…

“Carlo Asuncion visited the grave two days ago.”

“It was not his schedule of visit yet. He goes there every 25th of the month. Our men must have been mistaken.”

“There was no mistake. It was confirmed. Our men even took pictures. Do you want them to do something about it?”

“No. Just leave him alone for now.”

“Do you want him monitored? His business seems to be doing well. Do you want our men to check on it?”

“No. I said leave him alone for now. I will give instructions on what to do but now is not the time to do that.

“But I thought we should get back at him for what his father and brother did?”

“Not now. Not yet.”

Han Lee, Robert and Philip Tang’s business rival had everything planned. Someone has to pay for his incarceration and since Robert and Philip are  no longer around, the only living Tang had to pay, and that is Carlo Asuncion.


Next Chapter:

Carlo vowed to honor his promise to his brother’s only love. He would give Amor the family she and Sunshine deserves.

“Carlo, nandun na sa opisina mo yun annulment papers. Have you talked to Cecilia about your decision? ”

“Yes Ryan. Thank you for taking care of it.”

“So final decision mo na yan?”

“Oo na. What about my other request? Yun tungkol kay Amor at Sunshine?”

“May kinausap na ako tungkol doon. They could help us.”

“Thank you Ryan.”

“Mahal mo talaga ang mag-ina ng kapatid mo ah.”

“Yes. But my main reason is to make my brother happy.”

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he is happy Carlo. I’m sure he is.”





PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 10

“Carlo nasaan ako?” Amor woke up a few hours after Manang Fe left. Carlo was watching TV while seated at the sofa in the hospital room.

“You’re awake. Kumusta ang pakiramdam mo?” He immediately stood up and went to Amor, concern all over his face.

When he saw Amor’s questioning stare he further explained.. “You’re in the hospital. Dinala ka namin kasi nawalan ka ng malay kaninang umaga. Tapos binigyan ka ng doctor ng gamot so you just slept the whole day. How do you feel?”

“Okay naman ang pakiramdam ko. Carlo si Sunshine. Kailangan na nating umuwi.” She was getting upset and worried that she was in the hospital and Sunshine was not by her side.

“Amor, Sunshine is okay. Inaalagaan siya ni Leah at Manang Fe. Don’t worry about her. Magpahinga ka muna at magpalakas para bukas makauwi na talaga tayo.”

She just stared at him. She was teary-eyed.

“Hey okay si Sunshine. Wait. tawagan ko sa bahay para makita mo.”

He automatically called home and instructed Leah to do facetime so Amor could see her baby.

She had been calm after seeing Sunshine asleep in her crib with Manang Fe, Sabel, Leah and even Abby with her in the nursery.

She managed to smile and told Carlo that she was hungry.

Carlo prepared the food Manang Fe brought earlier.

“Carlo ako na. Kaya ko na yan.”

“Ako na. You just stay there. Mabilis na to. Mamaya you have to drink your medicine na rin.”

She just nod her head, too weak to argue.

After finishing her food,  Amor requested Carlo’s assistance as she needs to go to the bathroom. She was still groggy from the medicines given her.

“Rest ka na ha. I’ll just make a phone call.” Carlo said as Amor already settled in bed after brushing her teeth and washing her face.

“Sige Carlo. Okay na ako dito. Baka may kailangan kang puntahan, okay lang sakin.”

“No. ill just be outside the door. Tatawagan ko lang si Liza. Medyo mahina yun signal dito sa loob ng kwarto.”

“Okay lang Carlo. Sige na.”


Carlo was on the phone for about ten minutes. He called Liza and informed her that he can’t attend his meetings tomorrow. He also gave instructions regarding the delivery of the new paintings for their hotel in Tagaytay.  He was supposed to personally supervise the deliveries and installation but after what happened to Amor, he needs to delegate the task to his trusted staff.

He also called home to check  on the kids  Sunshine and Abby and is relieved that they are sleeping already.

He returned inside the room  and found Amor, trying to wipe her eyes and hide it from him. She had been crying.

“Amor…what’s wrong?”

“Wala to Carlo. Sige pahinga ka na.”

“Amor…Hey tell me.”

She was just staring at him but she could no longer control the tears and she broke down in front of Carlo who automatically gathered her in his arms.

“Amor? May masakit ba? Do you want me to call the doctor?”

But she ignored his question and instead asked him what  has  been in he mind eversince she saw the pics in Carlo’s office.”Bakit inilihim mo sa akin? Bakit hindi mo sinabi yun tungkol kay Philip?”

Carlo wasn’t surprised because he was aware that Amor already knew. He just doesn’t know how to answer her. He doesn’t know how to comfort her. He could imagine what Amor feels and no words or hug could remove the pain of losing the father of her child.

“Amor, I can’t tell you. Binilin nya na wag nang  sabihin sa’yo. Philip wanted you and Sunshine to be safe.”

“Safe? Bakit ba? Ano ba ang nangyari? Why was he always talking about my safety?”

“Amor, you wouldn’t understand. Alam mo naman na I also just met my brother. We’ve been estranged for 43 years. Di ko rin alam. I couldn’t answer you because I don’t know what to say.”

“Pero ano ang nangyari sa kanya? Did he get sick? May nakaaway ba siya? Nabaril ba sya? Nung nasa China kami, nabaril siya pero mistaken identity daw. Naulit yun?” She was crying while asking him questions but Carlo couldn’t break the promise he gave his brother.

Philip made him promise that whatever happens to him, he wouldn’t let Amor or anyone else know about it anymore. He also made Carlo promise to love Amor and treat their child as his own.

Amor wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t been careless to leave the pictures in his office.

“Amor…”was all he could say.

“He’s unfair. Your brother is unfair. Was I not that important na basta na lang nya akong binalewala. I know where I stand and we talked about it. Okay lang naman sa akin na we weren’t committed to each other. Pero …” then she sobbed louder.”

“Amor hindi ganun yun. Philip had his reasons. Alam nya na yun ang makakabuti sa’yo, sa anak ninyo.  Kapag nalaman mo, alam nyang masasaktan ka.”

“Pero nasaktan na ako Carlo. You just don’t know gaano kasakit not to be able to see and talk to him for the last time. Hindi mo alam gaano kasakit na hindi ko na siya maipapakilala sa anak namin.”

“Amor, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Hindi mo naman dapat nang malaman. I should have been more careful. Tama si Philip. He was right when he said that you would be affected once you find out.”

He was still hugging her. He’s now seated beside her in the hospital bed to be able to give her the comfort she needs.

“I love him Carlo. Mahal ko si Philip. Mahal na mahal ko siya. Takot lang akong sabihin yun sa kanya kasi alam kong hindi nya magugustuhan yun. Pero when we had out baby, I was waiting for the time na masabi sa kanya that I love him. Di ko na iniisip kung magagalit siya or kung ano ang magiging reaction nya. I just want to tell him I love him pero ngayon, hinding hindi ko na yun masasabi sa kanya.” then her sobs became louder that she was even trembling.

“My brother loves you so much. Philip loves you so much Amor. That’s his reason for keeping everything about himself away from you. He had a complicated life, which I also don’t know much about.  Pero when he unexpectedly paid me a visit after 43 years of being apart, you were the main reason he did it. Ganyan ka kamahal ng kapatid ko. Please know that.”

“Kung mahal nya ako, bakit nya ayaw nyang ipaalam sa akin ang nangyari sa kanya. I need to visit his grave Carlo. Gusto kong makita kung saan sya . Marami akong gustong sabihin sa kanya.”

“Amor my brother  loves you. He did things out of the ordinary, things he shouldn’t be doing because he loves you. Sige I’ll arrange so you can visit him pero for now you have to rest and regain your strength. Sige na.”

She tearfully stared at him. She was at  least  able to let out the pain and burden she’s been feeling. She nod her head and settled in bed. Carlo fixed her blanket and pillows then caressed her hair. “Everything will be okay Amor. I’ll make sure of that. ”

“Salamat Carlo sa lahat ha. Salamat. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. Hindi mo naman kailangan gawin to pero hindi mo kami pinabayaan ni Sunshine.”

“Amor, you’re my family now. Kayo ni Sunshine pamilya na kayo namin ni Abby and I will do everything I can to protect both of you.”


“Sige na. We should rest para makauwi na tayo bukas.”


Carlo made a  very important decision. He needs to do it soon for Amor and her baby. Amor needs someone to take care of her and Sunshine, someone who could give her a secured family life. She deserves to be happy. He will give her that.

“Liza, please book me a flight to China tomorrow.”

“But Sir, di ba in two weeks pa yun scheduled visit nyo?” Liza who takes care of his plane tickets and hotel accommodations reminded him.

“I need to go there earlier Liza. Also please call Atty. Ryan. I need to talk to him.” he further instructed  Liza.

“Ah Sir, Atty Ryan has a seminar today and tomorrow but he already brought the annulment papers for you to read. That’s the folder on top of your table Sir.”

“Okay Liza.Thank you. Tawagin na lang kita if I need something.”

“Okay Sir.”



He is at this place again. He’s been visiting regularly for several months now.

Unknown to Amor and everyone else, this is Carlo’s reason for always visiting China.

But he prematurely visited this month.

After what happened to Amor, he knows that he must make a big decision for Amor and her baby’s sake. He must give her the family she needs, the happiness she deserves.

He needs to ask his permission.

He lit the candles he brought and sat on the grass beside the grave.

He spent a couple of minutes praying.

He also needed guidance in whatever he was bound to do. He is certain that it is the best decision to make.

While touching the engraved name on the tombstone…

“Wǒ yào wèi nǐ zuò zhège  Philip.”

“I need to do this for you, Philip.”


Next Chapter:

At the Qincheng Prison, a maximum security facility located in Changping District, Beijing, China, the leader of the once organized and feared smuggling syndicate was in his quarters reading a very thick book when someone approached him.

In a whisper…

“Carlo Asuncion visited the grave two days ago.”

“It was not his schedule of visit yet. He goes there every 25th of the month. Our men must have been mistaken.”

“There was no mistake. It was confirmed. Our men even took pictures. Do you want them to do something about it?”

“No. Just leave him alone for now.”

“Do you want him monitored? His business seems to be doing well. Do you want our men to  check on it?”

“No. I said leave him alone for now. I will give instructions on what to do but now is not the time to do that.


PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 9

“Jose Mari!  Sabel!  Leah! Tulungan nyo ako. Si Ma’m Amor nyo!”

Leah, Abby’s former nanny, who now is Sunshine’s nanny was cleaning the baby bottles when she heard Manang Fe’s hysterical scream.

Earlier Amor was seen with her baby Sunshine at the veranda. The baby was cooing and Amor seemed happy playing with her.

Sunshine’s crib was also at the veranda. Amor and her baby usually stays at there  every morning.

Manang Fe was instructing Sabel on the meals to be cooked.

Abby was busy playing with her dolls at the garden where Jose Mari was trimming the grass.

The day was normal and when Amor greeted everyone earlier, she seemed okay.

So when Manang Fe found her unconscious, she was screaming for help, calling Leah, Sabel and Jose Mari.

Good thing that the baby was asleep when Manang Fe saw her mom slumped on the cushioned seat.

She frantically dialled Carlo’s number who was having a meeting with his hotel staff.

Carlo’s daughter Abby was also so worried of her Tita Amor .

Jose Mari and Manang Fe rushed Amor to the hospital while Leah and Sabel were left with the kids.

Amor’s staff Roma Christie and Peter were no longer staying at her house, the house Philip provided her. They were back in the States to manage the chain of department stores Amor Powers owns.

Since Philip made sure that she and their baby had everything they need, Amor decided to donate all profits of her business to the foundation / charity groups she had been supporting.

After giving birth to Sunshine, Amor made sure to have everything in order, her investments, business. What’s important to her is their baby.

She only wished for a simple life with her daughter and her dad, even though she knew that he could never be with them.

Carlo, as requested by Philip, also lives with them together with his daughter Abby but he maintained a safe distance. He knows that his brother owns Amor Powers’ heart and all he could do was to be there for her.


“Mr. Asuncion, your sister-in-law is suffering from Postpartum depression. She hasn’t been eating lately then she lacks sleep too. Since wala yun husband nya, the people at home should give her extra attention. May kasama ba sya sa bahay?”

“Yes doc. Meron. Marami kami sa bahay. I didn’t notice any changes in her because she was always her jolly self at home. But i will bear in mind what you said. I’ll make sure to be attentive and to always have someone with her.”

“I think ayaw lang nya kayong mag-alala sa kanya. She pretended to be okay. Pero buti naman at we were able to detect it. You can bring her home tomorrow. Dito na muna sya tonight so she can rest. Who is taking care of her baby?”

“She has a nanny doc and we also have a very efficient and trusted household staff.”

“Okay Mr. Asuncion. May ipapainom lang sa kanyang gamot mamaya. You try to let her eat. Kung pwede samahan nyo na muna. She needs to regain her energy na rin. Bukas may kakausap sa kanya then she can go home.”

“Okay doc. Thank you.”

The doctor left Carlo alone while Amor was asleep.

As Carlo was staring at the sleeping form of the woman who once captured his heart he couldn’t help but feel sad for his twin, Philip.

He never realized that life had been so cruel to his brother.

Philip Tang and Carlo Tang had been separated when they turned five. Their mother Esmeralda who was married to one of the biggest syndicate leaders in Shanghai, China, Roberto Tang, planned on escaping her husband and bringing the twins with her to the Philippines. But on the day that they were about to leave, Roberto’s men intercepted their car and was able to retrieve one of the twins. That was Philip.

Their mom escaped with Carlo and they were helped by some kindhearted Filipinos in the embassy. They were able to go home to the Philippines safely.

But life in the Philippines wasn’t easy for Carlo and his mom. They struggled just to be able to survive. It was more difficult because they don’t have any relatives.

The friends who promised to help his mom, avoided them when they found out that she was hiding from her husband.

Esmeralda was a secretary of Roberto Tang in their business in the Philippines. Roberto Tang also owns some legitimate business to cover for his illegal ones. They stayed in the Philippines for 3 years but had to return to China to manage  their main branch. When they needed to leave, Roberto brought Esmeralda to China because they were already having a baby. He accidentally got Esmeralda pregnant. But he loved her and even married her.


“Carlo, kumain ka na muna.” He was suddenly interrupted by Manang Fe who just arrived.

“Ay Manang, good evening. Mamaya na ako kakain. Busog pa ho ako.”

“Naku basta mamaya kumain ka. Ayoko ng mga nagkakasakit. Gagaya ka rin kay Amor na di kumakain. Eto tinola yan para sa kanya tapos ikaw ipinagluto ka ni Sabel ng beef steak kasi request mo yan kanina di ba?”

“Opo Manang. Ako na bahala dyan. Sasabayan ko na lang si Amor kumain pag gising nya.”

“Ano palang sabi ng doctor? Anong sakit nya?” Manang Fe was really worried.

“Stressed lang po dahil first time mommy. Pero okay naman daw po.”

“Ay mainam naman. Sobrang alala ko kanina.

“Eto pala, nakita ko to na hawak ni Amor kanina. Dinala ko na kasi baka importante at baka hanapin nya.” Manang Fe handed what seemed like a  journal to Carlo.

“Salamat po Manang. Si Sunshine at si Abby po kumusta sila?”

“Okay sila. Wag kang mag-alala. Yun anak mo, hayun nagbabantay din sa pinsan nya. Gustong tulungan si Leah at Sabel. Ayan may dala akong gamit mo. May pamalit kang damit at may pang-opisina na rin. Di ko naman kasi alam na makakauwi na si Amor bukas. Si Joma nagpapark ng kotse. Si Jose Mari naman binilin ko na siya muna ang magbabantay sa bahay.”

“Salamat pero pwede na po kayong umuwi Manang. Mas kailangan kayo ng mga bata. Hindi ako kampante na wala kayo doon.”

“Pero pagod ka na sa trabaho. Pwede kang matulog dyan sa sofa tapos ako na lang magbabantay hanggang gumising si Amor.”

“Wag na po Manang. Kaya ko na po dito. Sige na po. Tawagan nyo na lang ako pagkauwi nyo.”

“Sige uuwi ako pero magbihis at kumain ka na muna. Hindi pwedeng iwanan si Amor dito habang nasa banyo ka.”




I went to my OB for the ultrasound this morning. Carlo accompanied me. We are having a baby girl Philip!

I’m sure you would be very happy. You’ve always wanted a girl.

I hope that you’re with me when the doctor gave that very happy news.

I miss you so much. Alam ko naman that we agreed to this set-up but if I could have it my way, I want you here. I want to see you getting excited with our baby.  I know you are. I know that wherever you are, naiisip mo pa rin kami.

Your brother had been so helpful. I couldn’t thank him enough but I miss you so much.

I know we talked about this even before. I know we told each other to find happiness when the time comes to part ways. I’m trying Philip, for our baby, but I can’t, I can’t be happy without you.

Sorry for not keeping my promise to be strong on my own. The truth is I could feel that something is wrong. I tried to ask your brother but maybe you’ve instructed him not to say anything.

I really miss you and I pray that you would call me one day. I just need to hear your voice to know that you’re okay, you’re safe.




I didn’t sleep last night. Our baby girl is quite an acrobat. Maybe she wants to go out already. Maybe she wants to make it easier for her mom to look for her dad. She wants to see you. I want to see you.




I had a bad dream last night. I’m so worried. Please let me know that you’re okay. I won’t bother you with anything. I don’t even mind if you have a family already. Please just let me know that you’re okay.




Happy Birthday!

I never found out when  your birthday was but Carlo celebrated his today so Happy Birthday too to my Knight, My Hero, the one who gave me the greatest gift ever. I pray that all your wishes come true. I hope you are safe and happy.

I baked a cake for both of you.

Take care wherever you are.




Carlo brought me to the hospital this morning. He’s so paranoid. He thought I would be giving birth already so here I am at the hospital room waiting for my delivery schedule. I decided to undergo CS because the doctor said our baby is so big and it would be safer for both us.




Sunshine just slept tonight. I wanted to sleep too but I’m afraid that she’d wake up and cry. She’s bigger now and she reacts to my voice. She has your eyes.




Our baby will be Christened next week. I’m wondering who I’ll get as godparents. Of course her uncle Carlo will be her ninong. Your friend Verna? Can we get her too? She sent me flowers and visited me in the hospital when I gave birth. I just don’t know where to contact her.

Sunshine is growing up so fast. She’s my life. I can’t thank you enough for her.




You’re unfair. What happened? Did you get sick? May kalaban ka ba? I knew something was wrong before when you got shot but you made sure to keep everything a secret. I’m sure you also instructed Carlo not to tell me.

But why Philip?

All my hopes of letting you meet our baby girl is now gone.

I wasn’t even able to say my final goodbye.

I wasn’t even able to tell you how thankful I am for having known you.

I wasn’t able to show you how important you were, how special you were to me.

I wasn’t even able to tell you that I already love you the moment I found out that we were having a baby.

Yes Philip I love you, not Carlo, not anyone else.

All these time I was hoping that the day will come that I’ll be able to see you again.

I’ve been praying that kahit isang araw lang, we could be a complete family with our daughter.

Kaya pala di ako mapakali. This explains why I was always having those bad dreams, the gnawing pain in my stomach.

I saw the pictures at the funeral when I was looking for Carlo’s book at his office. Kung hindi ko pa nakita, hindi ko pa malalaman.

I will ask Carlo to allow me to visit you. I’ll bring our daughter. I’ll bring all her pictures.

You’re really unfair. You told me that you will never leave no matter what. You told me that though we’re apart I’ll just tell Carlo and he’ll be able to give my messages to you.

How could you do this?

You’re really unfair. Sana naging masama ka na lang sa’kin. Sana you showed me you didn’t care.

But Philip, I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you smile, your voice, your smell, your touch. I’ll miss everything about you. Nakakainis ka.



These were some of the entries of Amor’s journal which she was holding on to when Manang Fe found her unconscious at their veranda.

The last entry was written last night. It had smeared inkblots in it which meant that she had been crying while she wrote it.

He had been so careless to just leave the pictures in his table. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if something serious happened to Amor after finding about the pictures.

He remembered that Amor had been so quiet last night. He didn’t pry because he thought she was just tired taking care of Sunshine. Despite having a nanny, Amor is a hands-on mom.

He would have failed his brother if something happened to her and their baby.

When Philip surprised him with a visit several months ago, Carlo didn’t now what to feel but as they were together inside a room, not talking to each other,  he heard his brother on the phone. He assumed that it was their father on the other end.

“Have you contacted your brother?”

“No pa. It’s better to leave him alone. Let’s not drag him into our lives anymore. He is living a peaceful life.

“I’m with Kevin, I’m taking care of something very important….

That meeting made him agree to his brother’s request of taking responsibility for Amor and their baby.




Next Chapter

He is at this place again. He’s been visiting regularly for several months now.

Unknown to Amor and everyone else, this is Carlo’s reason for always visiting China.

But he prematurely visited this month. 

After what happened to Amor, he knows that he must make a big decision for Amor and her baby’s sake. He must give her the family she needs, the happiness she deserves.

He needs to ask his permission.

He lit the candles he brought and sat on the grass beside the grave.




PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 8

PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 8


This is not in any way related to the Philip – Amor – Carlo twitterserye. Ibang kwento to. Nauna to before the twitterserye so any similarity, aba eh yun tatlo yun copycat. Joke lang! Hehehe! I so love the twitterserye and crazy it may seem pero I can imagine them while reading those exchange of tweets. Why is it so effective? Siguro kasi sila yun characters. Replace their names and I don’t think it would have the same effect.

Now here’s Chapter 8


Amor de Jesus Powers had been staying with Philip Tang in China for 5 months now.  For the whole duration of her stay, she never found out what business Philip’s family is engaged in.

He never mentioned it so she presumed that he didn’t want to share information about it or never wanted her getting involved in it.

When she decided to be with him, Philip just requested one thing from her and that is to severe, though temporarily, all her connections to her staff and friends. He said it’s for their safety. She didn’t ask why. All she wanted that time was to be with him for their baby’s sake.

With her loyal and very capable staff, she entrusted all her businesses and investments. She just asked to be away for a year.

She didn’t mention her pregnancy. They thought that she was doing volunteer work in some African country which she already did before.

They weren’t aware that she was going to China. She promised Philip and she made sure not to break that promise.


Their relationship had no label, no commitment towards each other. They made each other aware that the only link they have is their unborn child.

But despite not having that normal kind of relationship, Philip never made her feel alone. He was always attentive to her. He never failed in providing her needs, made sure to know what she wants. Despite his position in their organization, Philip tried his very best to have time for Amor and their baby. He would make sure to be home by dinner and never leave without checking on her first in the morning. The whole day would also be spent calling her.

She felt important. She felt special. She felt loved. And though she tries to fight it, Philip Tang is slowly occupying her heart.

Everything was going on smoothly until that night when Philip came home bloodied and with bodyguards assisting him.

They did not bring him to the hospital but had a private doctor to look after him.

Amor wasn’t allowed near him. It was strictly ordered by Philip’s father not to let anyone near him but only his doctor and assistant Kevin.

She was off-limits to Philip’s room for a week and only Philip’s secretary, Lily and his best friend, Verna had been relaying information about his condition to her.

They told her that Philip was accidentally shot after he was mistaken for someone else.

What she didn’t know was that Philip has been shot by one of their business rivals.

She didn’t pry anymore. What’s important is that he is safe and he’s recovering.


“Yes Kevin. Please prepare the house in Manila. I will send someone to assist you there.”

There was a pause as he was listening to the other person on the line.

“No. I would just ask Lily to accompany her. I am busy with very important matters. Just make sure that she would be comfortable there. Once done, I will check the house myself through a video call.”

There was a pause again.

“Also hire the services of Jose Mari. I need a driver I can trust. Contact Manang Fe too. Amor needs company there.”

There was another pause.

“Okay that’s good, I need things done by Friday. She flies home to Manila on Saturday.”

Amor couldn’t believe what she heard. Last night Philip and his dad seemingly had an argument but she didn’t want to meddle and ask Philip about it. She is very much aware that he values his privacy.

But she heard her name being mentioned. She must be the reason for the argument. When she asked Philip, he assured her that it was just about the business. She didn’t tell him that she heard her name mentioned in what looked like a heated argument between the father and son.

But Amor wasn’t also aware that what she heard would be leading to her separation from the father of her unborn child.


Amor is already back in the Philippines. Philip asked his secretary Lily and trusted assistant Kevin to take charge of everything.

He made sure that his former nanny in China, Manang Fe, who lives in the Philippines with her son Jose Marie would be the one to accompany Amor in the house he provided.

He wanted to be with her but she wouldn’t be safe. Her safety is more important than his feeling of longing for her.

Amor made it clear anyway that theirs is just a bond because of their child, nothing more. But he is obviously hurting. Everyday without Amor became more difficult, more painful.

He thought that not seeing her would eventually make him forget her.


“No Amor, I have very important things to do here. Manang Fe would just accompany you.”

“Alam ko naman yun Philip. I just hope na sana we could do  Skype tonight? Kung free ka?”

“What for? Manang Fe would take care of your needs. Just tell her. And it would be unfair for Stephanie if  we continue to talk. She needs me here. You understand that don’t you?”

It was the second time he mentioned Stephanie. The first time was when he made her the reason why he can’t accompany her to the Philippines. This is the second time he mentioned her.

“Gusto ko lang naman sana…”she was trying her best to stay calm but he didn’t allow her to continue what she’s saying.

“Sige na I’m busy right now. Take care of yourself and your baby.” he hurriedly ended the call now even waiting for her reply.”

Amor couldn’t help but feel hurt, ignored. She missed him. She just wants to hear his voice and hoped that she could also see him through Skype tonight. What hurt her most was Philip’s ‘your baby’ remark. He obviously didn’t like the baby anymore.

She couldn’t help the tears that are now making their way down her cheeks. She went back to her room afraid that Manang Fe would see her.

In the comforts of her bed, she cried.

“Why are you trying to make yourself look bad? Why are you so determined to earn her hatred? You will have a child for Christ’s sakes Philip?” Verna is getting frustrated with her bestfriend.

She just heard Philip being a jerk while talking to Amor on the phone.

Philip took another sip from his glass. His eyes mirrored pain and sadness.

“I don’t want her to fall for me. I want her to realize that we have no future together.”

“So you are pushing her away? You wanted her to despise you? But Philip what you are showing her is not the real Philip! You are not like that! You are not that cold-hearted, uncaring and irresponsible person she thinks you are now.”

“Trust me Verna. It is better this way. This will be good for both of us.”

“Then what? You want her to raise your child on her own? You want your child to experience that? You’ve been through hell growing up with only your dad Philip. You know that.”


“It’s no use talking to you. If you want Amor and your child to suffer, it’s up to you. I just hope your child wouldn’t have the same very lonely childhood as yours.”

He didn’t say anything but just gripped his glass forcefully that if Verna wasn’t there, he wouldn’t control his hand and crush it.

“I have to go Philip. Please promise that that would be your last glass. I wanted to stay and keep you company but Tomas called me already. I need to leave now.”

“Yes Verna. And thank you. I really appreciate you being here.”

Verna hugged her friend.

“Hey lots of people care about you. If you just allow Amor in here” she points to his heart, “she could help you Philip. She could save you.”

“Goodbye Verna. It’s getting late.”

“Okay. Okay. But please don’t do anything stupid Philip. Please? You have two persons who will need you. Don’t forget that.”

“Yes I won’t.”

The moment Verna left, Philip got his phone and opened the gallery. His eyes were fixed on the picture of the only woman who made his heart beat faster, the woman who made him realize that life could be beautiful, the woman he’s in love with.

“I miss you. I love you and our baby. I hope you know that. I hope you realize that I just couldn’t say it to you. I hope you feel it Amor.”


Amor Powers couldn’t force herself to eat. The phone call she had with Philip confirmed her suspicion that he was indeed committed to someone else.

He didn’t directly confess of his relationship but he mentioned a certain Stephanie whom, he said, needs him more that’s why he can’t accompany or even visit her in the  or even talk to her more often.

No matter how she pretends that it is okay with her, that she is not affected, she honestly hurts so much.

When she decided join Philip in China, upon his insistence, she already witnessed how great a person he is.

During the early months of her stay with him, he’s been a responsible father to their unborn child. He made sure that she is well

Despite not having a clear relationship together, he’s always been there every single day. He never failed to show how concerned he was.

And those were the reasons why it was never easy to forget him



“It’s 3 in the morning. What is is Kevin?” He’s been nursing a bad hangover from all the liquor he had and when he was just about to sleep the incessant call from his assistant forced him to answer his phone.

“Sir, our contacts in the police said that they have zeroed in your location in the Philippines. They said they had a visual of you last week and had been following you since then. I’m confused since I know you never left China.”

His hangover totally disregarded, he bolted from his bed.

“What?!? When did you get this information? Is it confirmed?”

“Yes Sir. They were certain and they have been ordered to apprehend you when they have all the legal documents in order. This may take another week. Sir have you been to the Philippines without my knowledge?” His right hand man wanted to make sure.

Kevin has been aware that the woman special to his Boss, Amor Powers is in Manila but he knows that his boss won’t do anything stupid to endanger himself and her as well.

But he still had to make sure. Philip Tang had been doing things he doesn’t normally do ever since he met Amor Powers and Kevin wants to know that travelling without his and the security’s knowledge isn’t one of those.

“No Kevin. I did not. I’m in my place right now.”

“Then their Intel must have been wrong. They may have mistaken you for someone else. The way they relayed the information made me believe that it is really you whom they found.”

“It is not me Kevin but I need you to do something very important and I don’t want any of the security knowing about this. Are you still in your usual place?”

“Yes Sir. I’m here safe and sound.”

“Okay, I want you to use your tourism connections to arrange a tour to the Philippines for a 6 kids aged 12 to 14. They are easier to travel. You can choose from any of our supported foundations. Give any reason you can think of, arrange a visit to museums, anything. Book a flight for them and include only one female staff of the foundation. Make sure that nobody else knows. Make sure to have another empty slot for me.”


Next Chapter:

“Have you contacted your brother?”

“No pa. It’s better to leave him alone. Let’s not drag him into our lives anymore. He is living a peaceful life.




PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 7


Amor finished taking a shower and was drying her hair with a towel when she went out the bathroom to find Philip setting up a breakfast table inside the bedroom.

He smiled at her and she automatically tightens her hold on her bathrobe.

“Oh you haven’t changed yet. Akala ko nakabihis ka na. I’m sorry. Maiwan na muna kita. Just call me if you have changed. Magulo yun kitchen so I thought it’s better to have breakfast or rather brunch here in the room.”

They were staying a Philip’s hotel suite which he usually occupies whenever he stays in Punta Verde for his business concerns.

The moment Philip stepped out of the room, Amor wasted no time changing into the clothes Philip prepared for her.

She didn’t know how he did it or who did it for him , but Philip had a new set of clothes for her to wear.

The moment she finished changing into her clothes, she sought for Philip and they had breakfast together.

“So you’re just leaving for Shanghai soon Philip?”

“Not yet. I still have business matters to attend to. How about you? Will you be busy these coming days? Can we at least still see each other again?” He gave a hopeful smile. He enjoyed her company and though he is not in any position to find someone to get emotionally attached to, he can’t help but be drawn to the beauty in front of him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Philip. I have a complicated life and I am not ready to see someone, if that’s what you meant. But I really had a great time with you. It’s just that I don’t want you involved in my messy life.”

“Oh I see. Maybe some other time then.” He gave her another smile while trying to hold her hand that’s on the table.

She allowed him and smiled in return. They just disregarded the electricity they both felt when his hand was over hers. They really don’t need complications at the moment.


It’s been a month after spending Christmas together and despite having agreed not to complicate things, Philip was relentless in making his attraction for Amor evident. He’s been sending her messages which she never replied to and made calls which she never answered.

Amor only called him once and that was to thank him after he sent her flowers on New Year but other than that, she never made an effort and even avoided any communication with him.

“Philip, everything is in order. We will be leaving in three days. At last, we will be back in China. I never enjoyed dealing with politicians here especially that Governor Buenavista. I don’t even understand why we have to support him.” His business associate Verna had been talking to Philip who was not at all focused to what she’s been saying.

“And one thing more. Your dad called me and asked if we had found a house to purchase in Manila. He wants it done asap. I didn’t tell him of the property we checked. I thought you would want to be the one to do that.”

“Hey you’re not listening. What’s troubling you? or who’s troubling you?”

“Philip!!!” an impatient Verna had to raise her voice to get his attention.

“Ah no one. Don’t mind me.” he just replied while his thoughts were still on Amor.

He couldn’t bear the thought of just leaving without even saying goodbye. Though he’s been aware that Amor didn’t want anything to do with him, he can’t make himself adhere to what she wants. He needs to see her for the last time. Maybe she wont hide from him this time. He’s visited Amor’s house twice but she never faced him. Maybe now that he’ll be leaving, she might make an exception from her rule and eventually see him.

“Philip, you’ve been out of focus lately. May I know why? Oh God, I shouldn’t have left you here alone during the holidays. May problema ba?” Verna again asked but Philip just shook his head.

“Okay I won’t ask anymore. Just call me in my room if you need anything. We had a long day and I need to rest.”



The day before his flight, Philip was again at Amor Power’s gate.

“Mr. Tang, Ms. Powers had instructed us to not accept any visitors.”

“Just tell her that I need to see her before I leave for China tomorrow.”

“I would tell her but I don’t think it would make any difference. Ms. Powers is resting. She couldn’t be disturbed. She didn’t even see the governor who also visited her awhile ago.”

But as Peter was explaining to Philip, Roma Christie came rushing.

“Peter, please ask the driver to prepare the car. We need to bring Ms. Powers to the hospital!”

“Mr. Tang, I’m sorry but as you can see there’s an emergency.” He closed the gate leaving Philip outside. But Philip just stayed rooted to where he was standing. He was aware of the commotion inside Amor’s house and though it was clear that he wasn’t welcome, he didn’t leave. He wants to make sure that Amor is okay. He didn’t want the sound of her frantic secretary. It seemed serious enough for her to act that way.

Unfortunately for Amor but fortunately for Philip, her car wasn’t starting. Maybe it was because her driver, Mang Anastacio isn’t as calm as he was before. He was already old and maybe he couldn’t handle the panic anymore.

Philip ended up bringing a very sick Amor to the hospital. Since she was too weak to even talk, it was Roma Christie who guided Philip towards the hospital.


“Congratulations! You are having a baby!” Dra. Galero excitedly announced to Amor who was now resting on her hospital bed.

Roma Christie and Peter had to buy something from the pharmacy since it wasn’t available in the hospital.

Amor couldn’t speak, couldn’t react.

What made matters worse was that Philip is in the same room as she is.

He insisted to accompany her and since he was too weak to argue, she just allowed him.

“Ms. Powers, you are 6 weeks pregnant. Here are the results.”

With trembling fingers and overcome by emotions she couldn’t explain whether fear, disgust, regret, happiness or excitement, she took the results from the doctor.

Philip just stood glued to where he was standing. He, just like Amor, couldn’t react to what the doctor said.

He was sure that it was his baby. Their baby.

And though he was so worried by the life-changing news, the over-all feeling of pride and happiness engulfed him.


“Son, I am happy that finally you are giving me a grandchild but we all know that this shouldn’t be happening.” Roberto Tang was seriously talking to a sullen Philip in their home office.

Philip insisted on bringing Amor with him to China. He couldn’t leave her alone in Punta Verde. Since she realized that she was actually happy for the blessing of having a baby, though the circumstances aren’t perfect for her and for Philip, she just agreed. She needs to think of the baby’s welfare and the chaotic life she has in Punta Verde is definitely not good for the baby.

His father didn’t object but he also didn’t hide his disappointment. They had many pressing concerns to attend to and having a pregnant woman will surely get in the way.

But Philip vowed to take care of Amor and their baby. Despite being non-committal to each other, he is a man of dignity and he will never avoid responsibility from what he did. Besides, his heart had been rebelliously beating for her since the night they spent together. And though he was sure that Amor never felt the same, he couldn’t stop his restless heart from falling for her.

“Now what are we going to do with your brother?” his father’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“I’ll be on it Pa. I just need to make sure Amor and our baby gets settled here. I just need to make sure she’s fine, they’re fine.”

“But they will never be at peace here. Our place is never safe for a wife and child. You know that! You should have been very careful.”

“I’m sorry pa.”

“You should be!”


In the Philippines, Carlo Asuncion just finished presenting the plans of expanding his business to the Board. He was reviewing some papers when his secretary entered his office.

“Sir, you will love the news I will tell you.” Liza excitedly announced.

“Yes Liza?”

“I already know of Ms. Amor Powers’ whereabouts.”

“Really!?” His eyes grew wide in excitement. He had been looking for her for the past 18 months.

“Yes Sir. My friend in immigration finally got hold of her travel documents.”

“Oh thank you Liza. Will you know where she is now? Is she here in the Philippines?”

“No Sir, according to the documents, Amor Powers is now residing in Shanghai, China.”

“What is she doing there? I thought she was based in the States?”

“From what I gathered Sir, she was there with her new husband.”


If he was ecstatic with Liza’s news awhile ago, now his face turned gloomy and he couldn’t even hide his disappointment.

“Sir? Would I do something? Do you want me to try to contact her?”

“No need Liza. I’ll be the one to do it. Thank you for the information.”

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