PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 6

PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 6

She stirred and slowly opened her eyes. She realized that she is not in her room and definitely not on her bed.

It is already late in the morning as she checked her phone. She had many missed calls and messages.

It is Christmas. Her staff, Roma Christie, Peter and her only best friend Betty Mae had greetings for her. She smiled. Despite having no family to share Christmas with, she still had a best friend and some loyal staff.

Then her thoughts drifted to the man she met last night. She was drawn to him for he looked exactly like Carlo Asuncion, the guy who also saved her Chirstmas of last year, the guy who, for some unknown reason, never left her thoughts and maybe her heart as well, despite that one encounter they had.

She thought Philip was the complete opposite of the charming and seemingly nice guy Carlo. He seemed fierce, straightforward and stern as well. She thought he was someone she would despise after that reaction he gave her when she smiled at him thinking he was Carlo.

But she had been wrong. Philip saved her last night from the vicious Claudia Buenavista when she made a scene to embarrass her and the helpless and indecisive governor couldn’t even protect her. Oh well, she didn’t expect him to protect her anyway just like years ago when he couldn’t even stand up for her.

And that’s not the only thing Philip did. He even kept her company and made sure he got home safely as she was drunk last night. She may be intoxicated but she was very much aware of how he assisted her, get her into comfortable sleepwear and even took care of her. For her entire life, no one ever did that for her. No one did go that extent without being paid. That meant a lot to her. And maybe that was the reason why she got all emotional and decided to share a night with him.

He wasn’t the one who suggested it, she wasn’t the one either. It just came out. Maybe due to the lonely circumstances they both were in, being Christmas, or maybe because they have established a level of comfortability already last night.

She remembered that she woke up in the middle of the night to find herself cured of her hangover. She saw him leaning on her sofa by the living room with eyes closed. He seemed tired.

She was just supposed to wake him up and ask him to sleep in her guest room. But the moment he opened his eyes and stared at hers, something ignited. A force pulled them together. Some inexplicable energy made them gravitate towards each other which eventually led them to spend the night in each other’s arms. She was still giddy at the thought. She didn’t feel any regret at all. And he was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He pleased her, made her feel loved and well taken cared of even just for the night.

She knows that before they both decided to be in each other’s arms, she was the one who has to remind each other that there would never be strings attached to what they were about to do. She made it clear to him that they would just do it for they both needed each other last night, that’s all. He readily agreed and even suggested that they go to his place for he said that it would be improper for them to do it in hers. She didn’t think anymore but just followed what he said.

She loved being with him. She couldn’t shake that image of him smiling at her, those strong arms which engulfed her last night and made her feel that she was safe and secure, those hands which knew very well how to please her, how to stroke and caress and oh that lips which felt so good on hers. It still made her heart thump just recalling it. She smiled at the thought and it made her blush.

While still recovering from her memories of last night, the bathroom’s door opened and emerged a freshly showered Philip.

Amor tightly held on to the blanket, being well aware that she was still bare underneath. She shyly smiled at him.

“Slept well?” He said as he kissed her lightly on her forehead. “Merry Christmas Amor! I tried to cook something for us to share. It is not much but I’m sure it’s edible. I’m starved. You do what you need to do first and just follow me in the kitchen. I have prepared your change of clothes already. It is right there.” He pointed towards her folded clothes by the chair and also a towel for her to use.

“Thank you Philip. Sige na. I will follow. Shower muna ako.” She tried to avoid his gaze for it was affecting her already. It didn’t help that he was wearing a plain white shirt with his loose cotton pants.

He smiled. He knows she is shy and he definitely didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable. He left her to do her morning, or rather noontime, as it was nearing lunch time already, rituals.

As he was nearing the door, Amor managed to speak.

“Philip, thank you for everything last night. Thank you for helping me, keeping me safe and taken cared of. I never expected you to do it.”

“It was the right thing to do. I’m sure someone there would have done the same if I wasn’t around.”

“No, no one could have done that. Thank you. That meant a lot.”

“Don’t mention it.” He smiled at her and stared directly at her eyes.

She just smiled, now blushing as his stare affects her already.

He added, “Thank you too. You were wonderful last night.”

She blushed more, avoided his gaze and shyly replied, “You were wonderful too.”


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Sir, you will love the news I will tell you.” Liza excitedly entered his boss’ Carlo’s office.

“Yes Liza?”

“I already know of Ms. Amor Powers’ whereabouts.”

“Really!?” His eyes grew wide in excitement. He had been looking for her for the past 18 months.

“Yes Sir. My friend in immigration finally got hold of her travel documents.”

“Oh thank you Liza. Will you know where she is now? Is she here in the Philippines?”

“No Sir, according to the documents, Amor Powers is now residing in Shanghai, China.”

A/N Short lang muna ha! Happy Holidays!


10 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 6”

  1. Naloka na ako sa syory na ito…complicated pa sa tunay nanhuhay ni Amor at Carlo! Now kay Phillip pa! Waaaaaa Ms Timmy ..anyway MErry Christmas ka addiks…

  2. Happy Holiday Ms Timmy,thank you sa new update nila Carmor at Philmor very exciting nman at both of them got hook with her,take care and looking forward to the one.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  3. Ay patay kang bata ka? Papasok na uli sa eksena c Carloe nandyan na c Philip. Magkapatid pa ata cla….enubayan! Kay ser chief ka na lang Amor…ha ha ha…merry Christmas ms Timmy

  4. Have a blessed morning Merrier Christmas Ms.Malts.
    Pano yan nauna na si Phillip.
    Kawawang Carlo, excited pa naman. Amor Sinong pipiliin mo?
    Thank you again Ms. Malts how I miss them so much.
    Pls. The more up date the merrier.
    Thank you for the love

  5. Bitin and kakaloka ang story hahaha…..looking forward sa encounter of the three exciting and thrilling..Thanks Ms.Timmy and Merry Christmas!

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