PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 12


At dahil nagloloko pa rin ang aking twitter app (na hindi na nakakatuwa!), another update….


Carlo immediately proceeded to the veranda where Amor was. He just arrived from China.

“Carlo how was the flight?”

“May turbulence lang ng konti pero it was manageable. I just took Advil kanina kasi medyo sumakit yun ulo ko.”

“Magpahinga ka na muna.”

“Ah no. I’m fine. Ikaw? How do you feel now? Okay ka na?”

“Okay na ako Carlo. How was your business trip?”

“It was the usual. I have a few pasalubongs pala for you and Shine. Si Abby nauna nang buksan yun kanya dun sa kotse. Di na kasi ako nakapagikot kaya sa duty free ko na lang binili.”

“Ikaw talaga. Nag-abala ka pa.”

“Wala yun. Maiba pala ako Amor, can we have dinner tonight? I mean sa labas?”

“Oh bakit? What’s the occasion? Have you closed a deal or something?

“Wala naman. i just want to treat you to dinner. We had a rather stressful week and I believe that we needed this break.”

“Sige Carlo. Hindi ko naman hihindian yan. Dami ko na kayang atraso sa’yo.”

“Amor… why do you keep saying that?”

“Carlo kasi naman you are always there for us even if you don’t have to.”

“Stop saying that. You are my family now. This is the least I can do for Philip. Hayaan mo na ako.”

“Sige Carlo. Dinner tayo tonight.”

And there he saw it again. That sad eyes of Amor whenever they talk about Philip.

“Sige tonight then. I’ll fix my luggage lang then balik ako.”

Carlo vowed to honor his promise to his brother’s only love. He would give Amor the family she and Sunshine deserves.


“Carlo, nandun na sa opisina mo yun annulment papers. Have you talked to Cecilia about your decision? ”

“Yes Ryan. Thank you for taking care of it.”

“So final decision mo na yan?”

“Oo na. What about my other request? Yun tungkol kay Amor at Sunshine?”

“May kinausap na ako tungkol doon. They could help us.”

“Thank you Ryan.”

“Mahal mo talaga ang mag-ina ng kapatid mo ah.”

“Yes. But my main reason is to make my brother happy.”

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he is happy Carlo. I’m sure he is.”

Then he ended his conversation with Ryan to call another number.

“Tāmen xiànzài yǒu tuō wěi wǒ jǐ gè xīngqí” (They have been tailing me for weeks)

“Míngtiān wǒmen huì fāxiàn shuí pài tāmen” (Tomorrow we will find out who sent them)

“Nǐ shuō nǐ de liánxì rén? (Have you spoken to our contacts?)

“Shì. Wǒmen jiāng zhǐ gēngxīn nǐ” (Yes. We will just update you.)

“Hǎo.” (Good.)

Then he ended the call as well and proceeded to have lunch with Amor and Abby


In a remote village in China…

“Have you sent the money to Kevin’s family?”

“Yes Boss. I personally transferred it yesterday.”

“How about my grave. Did you have it cleaned?”

“Someone was there again a few days ago.”

“Argh!!! Carlo again!!! Double his security. I am sure Han Lee’s men will take revenge on the family. Carlo is the only one they know who’s alive.”

“Why don’t you just inform him that you’re alive Boss? That would stop him from visiting your grave.”

“It will be riskier. It was the organization they want. They thought that Carlo knows about it.”

“But he does know about it. I found out that he’s been in contact with the Shanghai police.”


“He’s moving your assets and donating it to foundations for charity. I guess he made a deal with the police.”

“When did you find out about this Lily?”

“Just yesterday Boss. Kevin’s sister, works in one of the foundations which is regularly supported by your brother’s “Ray of Sunshine” project. It’s the name of your daughter Boss.”

“Yes I know Lily. Yes I know.” He felt his heart constrict at the mere mention of his daughter.

“I have to go now Boss. I gave instructions to the guards already.”

“Thank you Lily. You be safe okay. Give my letter to dad. And please take care of Kevin’s family. I owe my life to him.”

“Don’t worry Boss. They’re well taken cared of.”

Philip Tang had been an asset of the Shanghai Police and  is now under a sort of witness protection program.

He helped in apprehending Han Lee, the leader of biggest smuggling and drug syndicate. They were a former part of the organization but when it started to peddle women and children, Philip decided that he wanted out. His father Roberto was already old and as much as he despised him, his father needs to be safe and this is the only way for them to buy his and his father’s safety.

He paid a hefty price though. He couldn’t and shouldn’t get in touch with his own brother anymore and he couldn’t see his child and the mother of his child.

When he visited Carlo, that was the time they staged his and his father’s death with the help of the joint operations of the Philippines and Shanghai police.

It went on as planned and even his brother was contacted to make it more realistic. Carlo knew that he and their father have died.

Unfortunately someone indeed died that night. Kevin, Philip’s right hand man, had been accidentally shot by one of the policemen. The bullet was supposed to hit Philip though and Kevin shielded him.


Carlo and Amor were on their way to have dinner. She had been quiet throughout the whole ride and Carlo just allowed her.

He knows that the recent discovery of Philip’s death would take her more time to heal

He remembered the first time he visited her.

“Philip!!!” Di ka nagsabi na bibisita ka. I could have fetched you at the airport.” Then she proceeded to give him the tightest hug and kiss.

“Amor, my brother sent me. It’s me Carlo.”


Carlo knows that Amor loves his brother. The moment she flung her arms around him, knowing that he was Philip during the first time he visited her, clearly showed how Amor loves Philip more than him.

He also remembered  how sad she was when he relayed Philip’s message of not wanting to do anything with her and their child anymore.

He remembered her sad face when he lied, as instructed by Philip, about Philip being married already.

And of course he will never forget what just happened few days ago when Amor found out about his brother’s death.

He needs to end her misery.

“Carlo?” Amor’s voice broke the deafening silence inside the car.

“Yes Amor?”

“Do you think Sunshine would want to meet her dad when she grows up?”

“Amor everything will be fine. We could work things out.”

“Salamat Carlo.”

“Let’s just enjoy tonight, okay?”



Next Chapter :

A few years after…

The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.


A/N : Boss @IamPhilipTang  I’ve fulfilled my promise now. You’re no longer 6 feet under. Kaso kawawa naman si Carlo. He’s been good to Madam Amor. What ending would you want ba Boss? Promise ko lang naman dapat alive ka di ba?


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  2. so sad for Kevin huhuhu and also, I feel sorry for Carlo, kahit hindi ko pa na read iyong finale, I have a guess na parang hindi si Amor at Carlo ang magkakatuluyan dahil buhay si Philip and happy na naayos na ang buhay nya

  3. Thank you Ms. Timmy for the update. Dun muna ako sa finale. Kinakabahan ako sa ending. As much as Tatang is very popular, I’m with Carlo on this one.

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