PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 8

PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 8


This is not in any way related to the Philip – Amor – Carlo twitterserye. Ibang kwento to. Nauna to before the twitterserye so any similarity, aba eh yun tatlo yun copycat. Joke lang! Hehehe! I so love the twitterserye and crazy it may seem pero I can imagine them while reading those exchange of tweets. Why is it so effective? Siguro kasi sila yun characters. Replace their names and I don’t think it would have the same effect.

Now here’s Chapter 8


Amor de Jesus Powers had been staying with Philip Tang in China for 5 months now.  For the whole duration of her stay, she never found out what business Philip’s family is engaged in.

He never mentioned it so she presumed that he didn’t want to share information about it or never wanted her getting involved in it.

When she decided to be with him, Philip just requested one thing from her and that is to severe, though temporarily, all her connections to her staff and friends. He said it’s for their safety. She didn’t ask why. All she wanted that time was to be with him for their baby’s sake.

With her loyal and very capable staff, she entrusted all her businesses and investments. She just asked to be away for a year.

She didn’t mention her pregnancy. They thought that she was doing volunteer work in some African country which she already did before.

They weren’t aware that she was going to China. She promised Philip and she made sure not to break that promise.


Their relationship had no label, no commitment towards each other. They made each other aware that the only link they have is their unborn child.

But despite not having that normal kind of relationship, Philip never made her feel alone. He was always attentive to her. He never failed in providing her needs, made sure to know what she wants. Despite his position in their organization, Philip tried his very best to have time for Amor and their baby. He would make sure to be home by dinner and never leave without checking on her first in the morning. The whole day would also be spent calling her.

She felt important. She felt special. She felt loved. And though she tries to fight it, Philip Tang is slowly occupying her heart.

Everything was going on smoothly until that night when Philip came home bloodied and with bodyguards assisting him.

They did not bring him to the hospital but had a private doctor to look after him.

Amor wasn’t allowed near him. It was strictly ordered by Philip’s father not to let anyone near him but only his doctor and assistant Kevin.

She was off-limits to Philip’s room for a week and only Philip’s secretary, Lily and his best friend, Verna had been relaying information about his condition to her.

They told her that Philip was accidentally shot after he was mistaken for someone else.

What she didn’t know was that Philip has been shot by one of their business rivals.

She didn’t pry anymore. What’s important is that he is safe and he’s recovering.


“Yes Kevin. Please prepare the house in Manila. I will send someone to assist you there.”

There was a pause as he was listening to the other person on the line.

“No. I would just ask Lily to accompany her. I am busy with very important matters. Just make sure that she would be comfortable there. Once done, I will check the house myself through a video call.”

There was a pause again.

“Also hire the services of Jose Mari. I need a driver I can trust. Contact Manang Fe too. Amor needs company there.”

There was another pause.

“Okay that’s good, I need things done by Friday. She flies home to Manila on Saturday.”

Amor couldn’t believe what she heard. Last night Philip and his dad seemingly had an argument but she didn’t want to meddle and ask Philip about it. She is very much aware that he values his privacy.

But she heard her name being mentioned. She must be the reason for the argument. When she asked Philip, he assured her that it was just about the business. She didn’t tell him that she heard her name mentioned in what looked like a heated argument between the father and son.

But Amor wasn’t also aware that what she heard would be leading to her separation from the father of her unborn child.


Amor is already back in the Philippines. Philip asked his secretary Lily and trusted assistant Kevin to take charge of everything.

He made sure that his former nanny in China, Manang Fe, who lives in the Philippines with her son Jose Marie would be the one to accompany Amor in the house he provided.

He wanted to be with her but she wouldn’t be safe. Her safety is more important than his feeling of longing for her.

Amor made it clear anyway that theirs is just a bond because of their child, nothing more. But he is obviously hurting. Everyday without Amor became more difficult, more painful.

He thought that not seeing her would eventually make him forget her.


“No Amor, I have very important things to do here. Manang Fe would just accompany you.”

“Alam ko naman yun Philip. I just hope na sana we could do  Skype tonight? Kung free ka?”

“What for? Manang Fe would take care of your needs. Just tell her. And it would be unfair for Stephanie if  we continue to talk. She needs me here. You understand that don’t you?”

It was the second time he mentioned Stephanie. The first time was when he made her the reason why he can’t accompany her to the Philippines. This is the second time he mentioned her.

“Gusto ko lang naman sana…”she was trying her best to stay calm but he didn’t allow her to continue what she’s saying.

“Sige na I’m busy right now. Take care of yourself and your baby.” he hurriedly ended the call now even waiting for her reply.”

Amor couldn’t help but feel hurt, ignored. She missed him. She just wants to hear his voice and hoped that she could also see him through Skype tonight. What hurt her most was Philip’s ‘your baby’ remark. He obviously didn’t like the baby anymore.

She couldn’t help the tears that are now making their way down her cheeks. She went back to her room afraid that Manang Fe would see her.

In the comforts of her bed, she cried.

“Why are you trying to make yourself look bad? Why are you so determined to earn her hatred? You will have a child for Christ’s sakes Philip?” Verna is getting frustrated with her bestfriend.

She just heard Philip being a jerk while talking to Amor on the phone.

Philip took another sip from his glass. His eyes mirrored pain and sadness.

“I don’t want her to fall for me. I want her to realize that we have no future together.”

“So you are pushing her away? You wanted her to despise you? But Philip what you are showing her is not the real Philip! You are not like that! You are not that cold-hearted, uncaring and irresponsible person she thinks you are now.”

“Trust me Verna. It is better this way. This will be good for both of us.”

“Then what? You want her to raise your child on her own? You want your child to experience that? You’ve been through hell growing up with only your dad Philip. You know that.”


“It’s no use talking to you. If you want Amor and your child to suffer, it’s up to you. I just hope your child wouldn’t have the same very lonely childhood as yours.”

He didn’t say anything but just gripped his glass forcefully that if Verna wasn’t there, he wouldn’t control his hand and crush it.

“I have to go Philip. Please promise that that would be your last glass. I wanted to stay and keep you company but Tomas called me already. I need to leave now.”

“Yes Verna. And thank you. I really appreciate you being here.”

Verna hugged her friend.

“Hey lots of people care about you. If you just allow Amor in here” she points to his heart, “she could help you Philip. She could save you.”

“Goodbye Verna. It’s getting late.”

“Okay. Okay. But please don’t do anything stupid Philip. Please? You have two persons who will need you. Don’t forget that.”

“Yes I won’t.”

The moment Verna left, Philip got his phone and opened the gallery. His eyes were fixed on the picture of the only woman who made his heart beat faster, the woman who made him realize that life could be beautiful, the woman he’s in love with.

“I miss you. I love you and our baby. I hope you know that. I hope you realize that I just couldn’t say it to you. I hope you feel it Amor.”


Amor Powers couldn’t force herself to eat. The phone call she had with Philip confirmed her suspicion that he was indeed committed to someone else.

He didn’t directly confess of his relationship but he mentioned a certain Stephanie whom, he said, needs him more that’s why he can’t accompany or even visit her in the  or even talk to her more often.

No matter how she pretends that it is okay with her, that she is not affected, she honestly hurts so much.

When she decided join Philip in China, upon his insistence, she already witnessed how great a person he is.

During the early months of her stay with him, he’s been a responsible father to their unborn child. He made sure that she is well

Despite not having a clear relationship together, he’s always been there every single day. He never failed to show how concerned he was.

And those were the reasons why it was never easy to forget him



“It’s 3 in the morning. What is is Kevin?” He’s been nursing a bad hangover from all the liquor he had and when he was just about to sleep the incessant call from his assistant forced him to answer his phone.

“Sir, our contacts in the police said that they have zeroed in your location in the Philippines. They said they had a visual of you last week and had been following you since then. I’m confused since I know you never left China.”

His hangover totally disregarded, he bolted from his bed.

“What?!? When did you get this information? Is it confirmed?”

“Yes Sir. They were certain and they have been ordered to apprehend you when they have all the legal documents in order. This may take another week. Sir have you been to the Philippines without my knowledge?” His right hand man wanted to make sure.

Kevin has been aware that the woman special to his Boss, Amor Powers is in Manila but he knows that his boss won’t do anything stupid to endanger himself and her as well.

But he still had to make sure. Philip Tang had been doing things he doesn’t normally do ever since he met Amor Powers and Kevin wants to know that travelling without his and the security’s knowledge isn’t one of those.

“No Kevin. I did not. I’m in my place right now.”

“Then their Intel must have been wrong. They may have mistaken you for someone else. The way they relayed the information made me believe that it is really you whom they found.”

“It is not me Kevin but I need you to do something very important and I don’t want any of the security knowing about this. Are you still in your usual place?”

“Yes Sir. I’m here safe and sound.”

“Okay, I want you to use your tourism connections to arrange a tour to the Philippines for a 6 kids aged 12 to 14. They are easier to travel. You can choose from any of our supported foundations. Give any reason you can think of, arrange a visit to museums, anything. Book a flight for them and include only one female staff of the foundation. Make sure that nobody else knows. Make sure to have another empty slot for me.”


Next Chapter:

“Have you contacted your brother?”

“No pa. It’s better to leave him alone. Let’s not drag him into our lives anymore. He is living a peaceful life.





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  1. does Phillip had a brother ??????! And the police thouhgt it was him ???? ms Timmy this is getting more exciting I”m just sad of whats going on between Amore and Phillip I just hope that Amor knows how much Phillip loves her 😔😔😔……I cant hardly wait for the next chapter please pleaae Ms Timmy 🙏🙏🙏


  3. Philip Tang is in illegal business? omgee, pero inlababo kay Maya, esta kay Amor pala hehehe, same question din ng mga sis dito, paano na si Carlo?

  4. Thank you Ms. Timmy for the update! It seems like either way, someone will get hurt. I like both of them for Amor now since Philip really cares and who’s very much in love with her. Masakit ba ‘to Ms. Timmy?

  5. action ang peg? hahhaha…gulo ng love triangle nato…naguguluhan ako kung sino ba tlaga ang for Maya sa kambal…si Philip ba o si Carlo?? hmmm….thnx for the update and God bless!

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