PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 13 (Finale)


At talagang matatapos ko ata to.

Pero hindi pa rin ako natutuwa kasi hindi ko nabasa yun fast talk ng PhilMor kagabi. 😦

Here’s the final installment.

You know that you’re my favorite Boss @IamPhilipTang. Ano man ang kalabasan nito, peace pa rin tayo ha.

Ang swerte lang talaga ni Madam @AmorDJPowers  and @ImCarloAsuncion thanks for being such a gentleman.

Here goes….


Carlo had been selflessly taking care of Amor and Sunshine. After that dinner and talk they had, Amor had finally accepted everything. It would be easier to move on and she still has Sunshine to think about anyway.

For the past years, they have been like a normal happy family.

Amor was always inspired to do something for the people she loves. She made it a point to take good care of them. It was his way to ease her loneliness brought about by missing Philip.

“The biggest drug organization in Shanghai finally fell in the hands of the joint operations of the interpol and FBI.  The leader Han Lee was discovered to have been running his illegal operations in various countries despite being held in the QinCheng prison.”

The news in CNN brought relief to Carlo Asuncion.

This was what he’s been waiting for. He now can finally move forward. Amor and Sunshine would finally have a family.

They are finally safe.

He wasted no time to push through with the wedding. It had been long overdue and now that everything is cleared, he knew he owes it to the woman he’s always been in love with all these years.


The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

“Ate do i have to throw the flowers like this?”

“Yes baby. Pero slowly ka lang sa paglakad ha so you wouldn’t trip.”

“I will be careful Ate.”

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.


The wedding a few weeks ago had been a very happy event..

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.

For many years Philip always suffered. He grew up without his mother’s loving care. He grew up with his father and was forced against his will to continue their illegal business.

Life had been so hard for Philip.

He never had a normal childhood and after he got separated from his brother and mother, he resented both for a couple of years until he finally accepted his fate of being left with his father.

Philip had been quiet for the past days already and Lily knows the reason.

Though her Boss had never talked about it, she very well knew that his heart always belonged to the doe-eyed lady who never failed to make him smile when they were together in Shanghai.


Lily had someone in the event who reported everything to her.

Her Boss Philip wanted to know everything despite the pain he felt. He’s happy for his brother and Amor and it’s not anybody’s fault that things turned out that way. It was their fate.

What’s important now is that his daughter would grow up with a normal family and that the only love of his life would have someone to take care of her, someone without a bad past, someone who’s not flawed. Amor deserves his brother and only Carlo could make her happy. Only Carlo could give her everything she deserves and needs.



Philip was still inside his room when Lily knocked. He spent most of his time alone in his room for the past days. He should have been happy with the transfer of Han Lee and his men to . a prison in the States. His transfer would mean that Philip is finally safe and free. But he never felt excited about it. He doesn’t have anyone to be with anyway and they all knew that he’s dead.

“Boss…” Lily suddenly cut in his reverie. She was doing her regular visit to her Boss Philip. He was still housed in a mansion with two helpers, and around 5 guards. It was a part of his program

She found him reading a book in his bedroom but he was a total mess – unmade bed, he’s still in his pajamas, coffee cup which is still filled with coffee but obviously made hours ago….”

“Yes Lily?”

“Boss are you okay? Maysakit ka? Ang kalat ng kwarto mo. I’ll ask them to clean it. Please stay at the other room first.”

“I’m okay Lily. I just got so preoccupied reading my book.” there was annoyance in his tone.

“But Boss you have visitors.”

“If they’re from the Interpol or police again kindly tell them that I’m not feeling well.”

“Boss… it’s not them…

Lily hasn’t finished what she was saying when they heard voices outside his room.

Then suddenly his door opened and Carlo carrying 3 year old Sunshine came in. He was beaming. Sunshine upon seeing her dad hurriedly went down her Tito Carlo’s arms and ran to her dad. She embraced the surprised Philip, who in return hugged his daughter tightly.

“Daddy! You really look like Tito Carlo po.” his daughter’s small fingers were poking his face.

“Hello my dear brother.” Carlo went near him to also give him a hug.

“What? How?…” Was all he could say.

“Long story Philip but we have all the time to talk about that. You’re free now Philip. I am very happy.”

“Tito Carlo will daddy come with us and mommy?” Sunshine’s tiny voice asked.

“Yes baby. Daddy will come with us, right daddy?” and Carlo again gave his brother a warm smile.

“I’m confused here. You knew I was alive? How?”

“Boss I’m sorry.” It was Lily. “All these years I’ve been in contact with Sir Carlo, Miss Amor and your dad. I believe it was the right thing to do Boss.”

“All these years?”

“Yes Philip. I’ve been monitoring you too. And Amor…  she’s the one who has been sending you clothes, food, books… and yes that one you’re reading… she spent hours in the bookstore choosing that one. Maganda ba?”

“Carlo.. I don’t know what to say.. Well congrats… I mean I’m happy for you and Amor, for your wedding. Lily told me…I wanted to give you something.. but…”

“It’s okay Philip. I’m beyond happy with the wedding. Finally it happened. But I think you also deserve to be happy and someone certainly deserves it too…” then he smiled again.

Then came in Amor who was shyly smiling at Philip.

Carlo gathered Sunshine in his arms and carried her outside the room. Lily already went out ahead of them

“Let’s leave mommy and daddy first Sunshine okay…”

The little girl just nodded and smiled.


“Philip…I .. I missed you.”

“Amor..” now Philip’s tears had made it’s way down his cheeks. He had to use every ounce of self control not to cry but he couldn’t help it. They were both silently crying as they held each other in a tight embrace.

When they disengaged, he sat down and Amor sat atop his lap. She was wiping Philip’s tear-streaked cheeks with her fingers.

“You look thin Philip. Hindi mo kinakain yun mga pinapadala ko?”

“I’m eating them Amor. Sana nalaman ko na it was from you.”

Then she gently held his face and caressed his cheeks, his eyes, his nose…”Namiss ko ang mukhang to. You are a really lousy actor in pretending to be a jerk you know that?”

“I was a jerk.”

“No you are not Mr. Tang. You are the most loving, selfless, kind-hearted, and handsome person I know.”

“Just like Carlo..”

“Carlo is different… You guys are different.” she smiled still staring a Philip while still seated on his lap.

Upon realization, Philip suddenly stood up and made Amor stand as well.

“Dun na tayo sa labas. It’s inappropriate to be staying here alone together.”

“Inappropriate? We already have a daughter Philip.”

“Amor, my brother is a kind person but I still know my boundaries”

“Mr. Tang kung ano ano ang sinasabi, halika magbihis ka na para makalabas na tayo dun. I’ll help you…” then before Philip could protest, Amor was already able to remove his shirt. She was now choosing his clothes inside his cabinet…”Ang kalat naman ng gamit mo. Di you love these clothes? Pinili ko to and alam kong bagay sila sa’yo. Here wear this one para hindi masyadong mahalata na payat ka. Naku, papatabain kita Mr. Tang.”

“Hey ako na. Nakakahiya. Mauna ka na dun.”

“Sige na Philip, I’ll wait here. I dont want you out of my sight.”

“Amor naman eh…” then he finished changing his clothes.

“Halika ka na nga sa labas para makilala mo pa yung ibang kasama namin.” Amor held Philip’s arms as if not wanting to let go. Philip felt uneasy but he just allowed her. He’s sure that his brother won’t take it against them.

As they went out the garden area of the mansion,  Carlo was there, his daughter Abby, Lily, Sunshine…

“Philip I want you to meet my wife, Cecilia. You know her di ba? Finally we were able to renew our vows. Tapos eto yun daughter namin si Abby. and a little buddy in there.” Cecilia is 3 months pregnant.

There was a shocked expression in Philip’s face. All the while he thought that it was Amor whom Carlo married.

“What could I say… Congratulations Carlo, Cecilia… I am so happy really… Abby  you’ll be a wonderful Ate again. Even si Sunshine ate na rin…”

“C’mon Philip, all these time you thought kami ni Amor di ba?” Carlo was teasing him.

“Naku Philip, never kami  nyan bagay ng kakambal mo. It was always his wife whom he’s been constantly thinking about.”

“Yes and si Amor naman hindi matigil kakatingin ng old pictures nyo Philip.”

They enjoyed that simple celebration – of Philip’s freedom, of Carlo and Cecilia’s wedding, of their new baby and simply celebrated being one solid and happy family.


“So Mr. Tang are you happy? Ang lungkot mo kanina pagdating namin ha.” Amor asked Philip.

They were having coffee at the veranda of the mansion. He would still be staying for a few more days until all his papers are cleared.  Amor and Sunshine were with him. Carlo’s family already left for the States where their dad was already living. It was Amor’s staff Roma Christie and Peter who took care of everything in the States.

They would be following as well.

It would be safer and they also wanted to be close to each other. The brothers decided that it’s about time that their kids stay close to each other.

“I’m very happy Amor. Thank you. Akala ko I would be living alone. I thought I’m not capable of being loved by the only woman whom my heart beats for.”

“Hey… di ba I told you before that I chose  to be with you. Kahit naman ng alam kong patay ka na, you’ve always owned my heart, wala namang iba.”

“I know that. Thank you for giving me Sunshine. Thank you for never giving up kahit ano pa mana ng nakaraan ko…”

“Philip… what’s not to love? Ako nga dapat magpasalamat that you’ve also accepted my past.  Mahal na mahal kita Mr. Tang.”


“You’re doubting me?”

“No but prove it…” then he gave her a naughty smile.

“Ay naku Mr. Tang we can’t. Dun tayo matutulog with Sunshine, di ba?”

“Then why don’t we do it now before sleeping with Sunshine. The couch is big Amor and no one comes here. Nandun sila sa quarters sa baba.”

“Ano ka ba Philip!!! Baka mauna na naman ang baby nyan. Dapat kasal muna.”

“Pwede namang sabay gaya nina Carlo, di ba?”

“Mr. Tang kasal na dati sina Carlo. They just renewed their vows.”

“Ang dami mo namang excuses. Ayaw mo lang yata.”

“Siyempre gusto!”

He grinned naughtily… “Let’s go then. Tapos pagdating nating ng States, let’s get married at once..”

“Gusto ko yan Philip. I’d love to be your wife. Pero magpropose ka naman ng maayos ha.”

“Yes Amor but now let’s take care of other immediate concerns muna”

And he easily scooped a surprised shrieking Amor in his arms and went to the direction of the guestroom just beside his bedroom.

They couldn’t do it on the couch kasi baka magising si Sunshine.


Finally they were back in each other’s arms


A/N  : Happy ending yan ha!







13 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 13 (Finale)”

  1. Finally !!’ So happy at both twins are with the love of their life Carlo💛Cecilia and of course Phillip❤️ Amor …..what a wonderful way to end this story ……thankee again Ms Timmy ❤️💛💙

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this Ms. Timmy! Finally! Kasama na ng twins ang mga pinakamamahal nila… Mahal na mahal mo talaga si taTang. Kahit pikon at corny (🙊 sa twitter pala yon 😅) Thank you po ulit! The Oddventures naman. 😁

  3. hehehe sabi ko na nga ba, at least may happy ending din si Carlo and kung tutuusin, mas mabuti na ma build muli ang complete family ni Carlo para sa kanilang anak. happy ending indeed 👏👍👌


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