Complications : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 12)

Amor brought Carlo to their attic and showed him the picture of Richard Lim.

Carlo was holding the photograph with trembling fingers. It had the same message in Nanay Fe’s picture of Maya dela Rosa.

He stared at Amor with eyes full or worry and fear. Amor’s eyes also mirrored the same apprehension he has.

He gathered her in his arms.

“I wasn’t even aware that picture has been here for the longest time Carlo. The day I saw you at the bank, I was led here by a force I don’t even know. That’s when I realized that the face occupying my dreams really existed before. May Richard Lim pala talaga and hindi ko alam kung bakit nasa ancestors ko ang picture na yan.”

Carlo even hugged her tighter, afraid that Amor might also suddenly fade like Maya dela Rosa in his dreams.

“Amor, may picture din si Nanay. Picture naman ni Maya dela Rosa.”

“Carlo anong nangyayari? Why do we look like them? Sino sila?”

“Hindi ko rin alam Amor pero si Nanay, pwede kong tanungin si Nanay. Ikaw? Bakit may photograph ni Richard Lim na nakatago sa mga gamit nyo? Is he related to your family?”

The moment he mentioned about the possibility of Amor being related to Richard Lim, Amor recoiled, a sense of guilt engulfed her.

It may be possible that she was indeed related to the man in the picture. Just a couple of minutes ago, she made love to the person who looked exactly like him.

She extricated herself from Carlo’s embrace but sensing her worries, he didn’t let go. He engulfed her tighter in his arms and kissed her forehead.

“I know what you’re thinking Amor. Whoever Richard and Maya was, they lived during the 1800s. They were long gone more than a century ago. They couldn’t dictate what we’re feeling towards each other so please let’s stop worrying.”

“Pero Carlo pano kung kamag-anak nga natin sila? Oh my God! We even slept together!”

“Hey… There’s nothing wrong with what we did.”

Amor was now worried.

“To shed light to this mystery, I will ask Nanay about the picture. She may know something about Maya dela Rosa. But Amor, whatever she would reveal, it won’t change what i feel for you.”

“Carlo natatakot ako. What if we’re related? What if attracted lang tayo sa isa’t isa dahil kina Richard at Maya? What if they are just guiding us to feel what we are feeling now? Paano if bigla na tayong magising at hindi na natin kilala ang isa’t isa? Or wala naman pala tayong gusto sa isa’t isa bilang tayo? Paano kung bawal….”

He stopped what she was about to say.

“If that happens, which I doubt it would, let’s just stare into each other’s eyes because deep inside I am sure we will find ourselves and deep in our hearts we will find what we truly feel for each other. Let’s trust each other.”

“But Carlo we don’t even know what we have. Ano bang meron tayo? We just spent a night together. Maybe we’re just emotional awhile ago, maybe nadala lang tayo ng pagkakataon. Baka…”

“No! Don’t say that. When you accompanied me when my father died, I got to know you more. That’s when I felt that you’re special. I even told you that I want to know you better.”

She just nodded her head.

Carlo, having felt the eerieness in that attic, held Amor’s hand and led her back to the bedroom.

They just laid beside each other. Both of them are in deep thoughts of what mystery lies ahead.

Both of them are hoping that they are indeed free to love each other as Carlo and Amor.

Two days after…

Amor was hosting a dinner party at her home for the orphanage she was supporting.

She invited Carlo but he went home to Benguet. He wanted to visit his mother and ask her about their connection to Maya dela Rosa. He told her that he needed to clear things once and for all for them to freely love each other.

As the dinner party progressed, Amor got to meet the other benefactors of the orphanage.

She got to meet Leandro Natividad who is the head of an accounting firm based in Manila who was also planning to put up a firm in Punta Verde. The guy made sure to be invited to the dinner party for he wants to meet the very famous and influential, Amor Powers who will definitely be of great help in his future plans in Punta Verde.

Also at the dinner party were the brothers, Eduardo and Diego Buenavista, who, despite Amor’s obvious efforts to avoid them, were still relentless in pursuing her for their own political and business gains.

Amor was getting bored pretending to enjoy the party with these people. She knows they only wanted to be affiliated with her for her influence, money and power.

The kids of the orphanage, which made Amor enjoy the party have gone home already and now she was forced to pretend to be having fun with these people she considers hypocrites and users.

She also misses Carlo so much and couldn’t wait any longer to talk to him even on the phone so she asked to be excused from the party for a few minutes. She told her guests that she needs to make an important phone call.

She successfully got away from the party and chose to make the call at the garden where few people from catering were still busy cleaning the area. This was where the kids enjoyed the food and games few hours ago.

“Hi Amor. Kumusta naman yung party? I miss you.”

“Carlo, it was fun and the kids were great. The grown-ups are those I can’t stand.”

He chuckled on the other line. He was aware of what she meant.

“Hey be a good host, okay? Besides ginagawa mo to para sa mga bata.”

“Yes I know but I am bored here and I really miss you already.”

“I miss you too. Uuwi na rin naman ako in 3 days. I guess Nanay will already agree in moving there.”

“Oh that’s great. Have you asked her about the photo already?”

“Hindi pa. Humahanap pa ako ng tyempo. She was very emotional the past days and baka magtampo siya sakin. But don’t worry. I will get to the bottom of this.”

“Okay Carlo. You take care of yourself there.”

“Yes Amor. Sayang sana nandito ka. Ang lamig pa naman dito. I could use a hug right now.”

“Ikaw talaga. We had much hugging already before you left. Kulang pa ba yun?”

“It will never be enough when it comes to you Amor. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Stop that Carlo! I’m already feeling uneasy here and I still have many guests waiting for me inside.”

He chuckled and she shyly smiled like she was really in front of him.

She vividly remembered the night they shared and the day after that.

They can’t seem to want to be apart that both ended up cancelling all their appointments the following day after their first night together.

Amor even instructed her staff to leave her alone at home that day. She wanted to be be free that day. She wanted to enjoy every minute of it with the man she already fell in love with, Carlo.

She was still remembering the things that she and Carlo did when she was jolted back to the phone conversation they were having.

“Bakit natahimik ka Amor? Is anything wrong?”

“Ah nothing. I just remembered our time together days ago.” She absentmindedly blurted out and felt embarrassed all of a sudden.

She was usually a very calculated and cerebral person but with Carlo, her heart seemed more dominant.

He grinned at the other line. His thoughts were also suddenly brought back to the night and day she was talking about. He felt hot all over imagining the things they did.

“God Amor! You really make me want to run to you and have more of those moments.”

“Let’s end this conversation now Carlo. I think I look flushed just talking about it. This is not the appropriate place pa naman. Mamaya na lang when I’m already in bed ituloy natin ang ganitong usapan.”

“Amor! You’re such a tease. You’re making me suffer here.”

“Bye Carlo.”

Before he could say anything more, she ended the call.

Amor couldn’t wipe the silly grin off her face and Carlo needs a very cold shower despite the very cold weather of Benguet.


On her way back to her guests, Amor met the person in charge of the catering. She was accompanied by Amor’s friend, Betty Mae.

“Amor teka lang. May gusto akong ipakilala sa’yo.”

Amor was still playing her conversation with Carlo on her mind that she didn’t notice Betty Mae at once.

“Huy Amor! At sino naman ang iniisip natin at hindi matanggal ang mga ngiti sa labi mo?” Then she whispered close to her ear.. “Si Eduardo yan no?”

“Of course not!” She countered in a higher-than-usual voice.

“Hey wagas ka naman kung makareact!”

“He is the least of my concerns Betty Mae. And please stop teasing me to him. We are over years ago already. At hinding hindi ko na gugustuhing balikan pa ang nakaraan.” She was clearly upset.

“O sige I’m sorry. Di na kita tutuksuhin sa kanya. Gusto ko lang ipakilala sa’yo yun head ng catering na nagpakain sa nating lahat ng sobrang masasarap na putahe.”

She calmed down and gave the woman, who was quietly waiting to be noticed, an appreciative smile.

“Amor meet Cecilia Macaraeg. She owns the canteen and catering business sa bayan.”

“Magandang gabi po Miss Powers. Maraming salamat po at nabigyan kami ng pagkakataon na magcater dito sa inyo. Napakalaking bagay po nito sa negosyo namin.”

“Oh Ms. Macaraeg. Napakasarap ng mga inihanda nyo. Maraming salamat din at nabusog kaming lahat lalo na yung mga bata.”

“Salamat po at nagustuhan nyo yun naihanda namin.”

“Oo naman. Masarap kang magluto at hindi tipid sa mga sangkap. Dati rin kasi akong nagluluto kaya alam ko. Well, sasabihin ko yun secretary ko na kayo na rin ang kunin sa mga susunod pang mga parties at ano pa mang mga salo-salo na gagawin dito.”

“Naku maraming salamat po Miss Powers.”

Cecilia was even teary-eyed when presented with the opportunity. Her new catering business really needed it.

“O sige Ms. Macaraeg. Maraming salamat ulit. I need to go back to my visitors.”

Betty Mae accompanied Cecilia while Amor went back to her visitors.


It was already 2 in the morning when Amor finally got ready for bed. She just finished her shower and was now under her thick comforter. She was about to sleep when her phone rang. Upon seeing Carlo’s name, she smiled and took the call.

“Carlo umaga na ah. Gising ka pa rin?”

“Hindi ako makatulog eh. Kasi di ba sabi mo itutuloy natin ang usapan natin kanina.”

She blushed.

“Carlo ano ka ba!” She was giddy and really affected already even by just the mere mention by Carlo of what she promised a few hours ago.

He also smiled at the other line. He was also in bed, about to sleep but he couldn’t help but think of Amor.

“So Amor, where were we?” He teasingly asked…

“Carlo ano ka ba!!!”

Then both their rooms at the separate locations they are in, became witness of their naughty conversations with ocassional giggles, groans, moans, some cussing and laughter.

They indeed can’t get enough of each other.

Si Carlo at Amor yan ha! Not Ricky and Maya.

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Facing the Unknown : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 11)

As they lay in bed wide awake after the precious moment they shared, both were occupied with thoughts of Richard and Maya.

Carlo couldn’t believe it when he heard Amor saying the name of Richard, the same name of the guy who is Maya’s husband in his dreams. How she knew about Richard baffled him.

He also couldn’t understand why he said Maya’s name when he was totally aware that it was Amor who was in his arms. He was very sure of that.

Amor is wondering why Carlo called her Maya, the woman who is Richard’s wife in her dreams.

They both couldn’t understand why at the heat of the moment they blurted out different names and it felt so natural. They both felt comfortable in each other’s arms, like they’ve known each other for a very long time and were familiar with every touch and every response they elicited from each other.

“Carlo?” Amor broke the silence engulfing both of them. She was cradled in his arms, her head on his chest. They were still naked under the sheets.

Carlo smiled then brought his lips on her forehead for a kiss.

“Aren’t you sleepy yet? You have to rest. Sorry naistorbo kita tonight.”

She turned her head to gaze at him. She was confused on what she was feeling or on what he was feeling. He had the same worried look on his face. It was the same look she saw when she found him at her living room a few hours ago.

“Hindi naman ako inaantok. Ikaw? You look tense and worried. Are you bothered with what happened?” She was suddenly embarrassed that she might have sent some signals to him that’s why they ended up in her bed.

“No! No I’m not. Of course not Amor. That’s a very special moment we shared. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Thank you for sharing it with me. Ikaw nagsisisi ka ba?”

Even though he was compelled to rush to Amor’s place because of his dream, Carlo really wanted to see Amor and make sure she was safe. He was very concerned of her.

When he saw Amor and found out that she was indeed okay, he wasn’t able to control himself that he kissed her which led to their ending up in bed.

He was surprised to find out that Amor haven’t been with any other man. He felt privileged that he was her first.

“No Carlo. Ginusto ko naman yung nangyari. I haven’t done this but I never regret what I did. I am happy that it was with you.”

The he smiled at her and gave her another kiss, now on top of her head.

She smiled in return but it was her turn to be worried. Who was Maya and Richard and why do they keep coming up in her life and now she even heard Carlo mention Maya.



“Sino si Maya?”

He was at loss of what to say. What will he tell her? He might sound silly if he disclose who Maya is. But it would have been worse for Amor to think that he thought of a certain Maya while they were making love. He didn’t want her to feel like a replacement for someone else.

“Amor, can I tell you a secret? And please don’t laugh at me or find it absurd the way I already find it to be.”

“Huh? Oh… okay lang Carlo. What is it?”

He searched for any negative emotion in her eyes and he found none. He continued.

“For the longest time, there was this woman haunting my dreams. It usually happens while I was asleep then it came to a point that I even think of her while I’m awake. Her name is Maya dela Rosa. It started during my college years. She would always occupy my mind and I would find myself spending several minutes even hours thinking about her even though I don’t know who she is.”

He glanced at Amor and saw her intently staring at him and listening to what he was saying.

He was finding if very difficult to continue as it seemed he was baring an innermost secret to her.

“My thoughts about Maya dela Rosa were all pleasant and I don’t understand why she gives me immense joy. I don’t have answers why I am so drawn to someone I don’t even know. I bet you find it weird.”

“Carlo, I don’t find it weird at all.”

“Amor, when I saw you at the bank, I never expected that you were our biggest client. I never thought that your name was Amor Powers because you look exactly like the woman in my dreams. You look exactly like Maya dela Rosa.”

Amor’s eyes rounded in surprise.

She knows Richard Lim is the husband of Maya dela Rosa, and that Richard Lim looks exactly like Carlo but she doesn’t know that she also looks like Amor. It scared her.

Seeing the look in her face, Carlo got worried.

He held her tighter and gave her the comfort and warmth they both need.

Amor remained quiet. Her thoughts were in disarray. She was confused now.

“Hey, I’m sorry if i scared you but please be assured that when we made love, I am very sure that it was you in my arms. Don’t feel bad please. I’m really attracted to you Amor. You are very special to me. ”

Her doe-shaped eyes just stared at him.

“Alam mo, napanaginipan ko na naman si Maya kanina and it wasn’t pleasant. She was lifeless that’s why I rushed here. I want to make sure you are safe, you are okay. Hindi ko nga alam kung pano ko nahanap ang bahay mo.”

She now smiled at him.

“You believe me?”

“Oo Carlo, I do. I never doubt anything you say.”

“So why do look worried? Will someone get mad? Are you with someone?”

He thought that her worries was brought about by her being in a relationship. He was in one anyway but he will be addressing that problem soon.

“Ah hindi. Wala. I’m very much single Carlo. Wala naman akong time for a relationship. Baka ikaw.”

He didn’t answer her but he just held her tighter and let out a sigh.

Amor also wanted to bare her secrets to him so she stood up and dragged him from the bed. They just covered themselves with a robe for Amor and boxers for Carlo.

Amor led him to their attic.

“What are we doing here?”

She just kept mum and slowly revealed to Carlo the same photograph of Richard Lim.

Desperate Moves : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 10)

Carlo drove to Amor Powers’ house.

He didn’t mind if he was just in his sleepwear.

All he was concerned of was to see Amor and make sure that she was safe.

The dream he had was so real that he can’t shake off his mind the lifeless body of the woman, named Maya dela Rosa who looked exactly like Amor.

He didn’t know her house but some unseen force led him to drive right into her exact address.

The moment he arrived, he hurriedly went out of his car and furiously rang the doorbell.

A guard opened the gate.

“Sir ano po ang kailangan nyo?”

“Pwede kong makausap si Miss Powers? It is very important. Please tell her that Carlo Asuncion is looking for her.”

“Ay sir madaling araw na po. Tulog na po si Ms. Powers.”

“Please. Kailangan ko lang malaman na okay siya.”

“Sir, papagalitan po ako kung iistorbohin ko si Ms. Powers.”

“I’ll take the blame. She knows me. Please. Nakikiusap ako.”

Another guard joined.


Unknown to them, Amor Powers was actually awake for she was also unable to sleep.

She heard the commotion by her gate as she was at her veranda the moment Carlo parked his car.

She didn’t know that it was him so she just left her guards to deal with her unexpected visitor.

There were only two persons who could have visited her at that time and it couldn’t be Carlo. He doesn’t know where she lives.

It might be the governor, Eduardo Buenavista or his brother Diego Buenavista.

These two have been visiting her to ask favors for their business and political bid even in unholy hours for she ignores them during office hours.

The governor was trying to use his charm to make Amor agree in supporting his reelection bid. He was a former lover of Amor.

His brother Diego on the other hand, was Amor’s former suitor. He also would like to ask help for his business.

Amor was fully aware that the Buenavista brothers wanted to be affiliated with her for their own interests.

She just allows them. She needed them anyway for her investments and she needs them for her planned vengeance.

Her deep thought was interrupted when she heard her butler Peter arguing with a very familiar voice .

“Kailangan kong makausap si Amor!”

“But Sir it is already 4 am and Ms. Powers is probably asleep.”

“Can someone just check on her. I just need to know that she’s okay.”

Carlo’s voice sounded desperate.


Then from the terrace of her home…

“Peter, let him in. He is a very good friend of mine.”

The moment Carlo heard Amor’s voice from her veranda, a wave of relief swept over him.

“Sir pasok na po kayo. Sorry I was just following Ms. Amor’s instructions.”

“I understand.”

Peter led Carlo in the house while Amor hurriedly donned a robe to meet her unexpected visitor.

She met Carlo already in her living room being escorted by Peter and 2 guards.

She dismissed Peter and then her guards and asked to be left alone with Carlo.

His face registered relief yet the trace of fear was still evident.

“Carlo what brings you here at this time? Napakalate na. Or should I say napakaaga…”

Then without saying anything Carlo just hugged her very tight wanting to feel her against him, wanting to be assured that she was indeed alive and safe in his arms.

As they broke the embrace, she gazed at his face and tried to ease the worry and fear etched on it by caressing his cheeks with one hand then the other was on his shoulder easing the tension.

As he was staring directly at her eyes, she saw something else. She saw the desire that has been brewing for quite sometime which she tried to ignore.

Then Amor was caught off guard when Carlo suddenly crashed his mouth on hers, giving her a scorching kiss. He coaxed her to respond and then she did. This went on for a few seconds until both of them were gasping for air.

As they disengaged, he searched her face to see any signs of anger, protest and disdain, but there was none.

“Amor… sorry…”

But before he could continue she gave him a deep kiss conveying the message that she wasn’t mad at what he did.

She held his hands and led him to her own bedroom.

Both were silent, neither of them saying anything. They just went on with whatever they are feeling at the moment. Both of them decided to give in to what’s gonna happen and refusing to back out from it.

Carlo and Amor made sweet, passionate love at that wee hours of the morning.

They explored each other, discovered the depths of their being.

And as they reached their ultimate goal, both uttered at the same time….



Both froze at the names they blurted out.

Fear suddenly registered in their eyes but Carlo readily embraced Amor. He wanted her to feel secure.

They will talk about whoever Richard or Maya was but not this time.

All he wanted was Amor in his arms.

That was all that mattered for now.


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Love Will Lead You Back : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 9)

Carlo dialed Amor’s number first thing in the morning.

“Hello Carlo. Napatawag ka. I’m impressed. You really start your day very early.”

Carlo hasn’t slept the entire evening that the moment the first ray of sunrise shone on his window, he dialled Amor’s number.

“Oh I’m sorry Amor. Did I wake you up?”

He felt embarrassed all of a sudden when he glanced at his watch on top of his bedside table and it showed that it was just five in the morning. He forgot that sunrise is early in Benguet.

“Yes you did but it is nice to wake up hearing your voice. It energizes me, makes my day alive and brighter.”

Then she giggled.

He felt hot all of a sudden despite the very cold weather in his hometown.

Amor could be playful, naughty and such a tease but he knows that’s just it.

He shouldn’t put more meaning to it. Not now when the mystery of Maya dela Rosa is haunting him.

“Hey Carlo nandyan ka pa ba? I was just joking. I know its sad and empty there and I’m just trying to make you smile.”

“No Amor. It’s okay. I just checked the time. Maaga pa nga pala. I’m so sorry I disturbed you.”

“Walang problema. I’m about to get up anyway. So kumusta na kayo dyan? How is your nanay?”

“She’s still coping pero naaawa ako sa kanya. Sanay siya to have tatay around. Magkasama kasi sila sa lahat ng bagay.”

“Kakayanin nya yan Carlo basta nasa tabi ka nya. You really should bring her with you here in Punta Verde. So teka nga pala, why did you call? You need something ba aside from hearing my voice?”

“Ah eh Amor, I was just returning your call. Why did you call kanina?”

“Huh? I didn’t.”

“Yes you did around 3 am. I took the call but you sounded different. Tapos binaba mo na agad. When I called you back, your phone was turned off already.”

“No Carlo, I didn’t.”

“Oh. Baka nga you just accidentally dialled my number.”

“Ikaw Carlo ha! You missed me that much na at kung ano ano na ang naiisip mo.”

“You’re funny Amor.”

“I’m just trying to lighten your mood. Medyo I could sense kasi that something is bothering you. Maybe I could help?”

“Ah wala naman. Malungkot lang at namimiss si tatay.”

He indeed missed his tatay but the real reason why he was bothered was Maya dela Rosa and her resemblance to Amor and why did she call him and address his as Richard and tell him to come back to her.

“Masasanay ka rin Carlo. When you get busy with work, you will forget the pain. That worked for me.”

“Yes it would but it won’t leave at all especially when you get reminded of it even in small things. The pain of losing tatay will never leave me.”

“Yes. I know. It’s just like love. Two persons destined to be together will always find their way back to each other despite distance, despite time. Love will lead them back to each other no matter how long it takes.”

Amor couldn’t stop herself from saying what she just blurted out. Its like someone wanted her to say those words.

But Carlo answered…

“Yes Amor I am sure of that. Soulmates will always find each other. Do you think we are soulmates Amor?”

She was taken aback.

“Ikaw talaga, palabiro ka rin eh.”

“No Amor I’m serious. I mean these little accidental meetings, me being so drawn to you, we click, we get along. Its seems so….”

Amor cut him off…


“Yes it is. Do you feel that too?”

“Baka naman nagkataon lang Carlo. Maliit lang ang Punta Verde. Di malayong magkita tayo.”

“Maybe. Sige Amor I won’t take much of your time. I’m sure you are a very busy person.”

“Okay Carlo. Say hi to everybody from me especially to Nanay Fe.”

As soon as they ended the call, Amor checked her called numbers and Carlo was right. She indeed called him at 3:05 in the morning.


“Hindi ako iiwanan ni Richard. Nangako siya Lino.”

“Maya maghanda ka na. Pupuntahan natin yun bangkay ni Richard. Iwanan na muna natin si Rico sa Lola nya.”

Maya prepared to go with Lino to retrieve Richard’s remains.

Nanay Teresita pitied her daughter.

She and Richard just got married a year ago and they just had their son Rico.

Richard was a leader of the Filipino soldiers battling the Spanish troops.

He was unfortunately killed trying to defend the civilians who were being maltreated by the Spanish troops.

Maya lost the will to live when her husband died.

Every single night she went to bed crying, longing for her husband.

Nanay Teresita was there for her.

Whenever her daughter couldn’t do her role as mother to Rico, she would take over.

She knows that her daughter’s fragile heart couldn’t take the loss of the most important person for her.

She would lock herself in her room and get busy writing letters and looking at photographs of her husband.

Then one night, Nanay Teresita decided to bring her food inside her room for she refused to eat the whole day.

She saw atop her daughter’s table the pictures and the letters.

Her heart was crushed but not as much as when she found the lifeless body of her daughter Maya.

Nanay Teresita’s scream was heard at the dead of the night.




Carlo woke up in cold sweat, heart pounding and facing a very upset Cecilia.

“Walanghiya ka Carlo! Sinong Maya! Kaya pala ni hindi ka tumatawag sa akin. Ni ayaw mo akong tabihan! Walanghiya ka!”

She was already hitting her boyfriend, Carlo.

He was still recovering from his vivid disturbing dream that he didn’t even notice that Cecilia was with him in his room.

Carlo just arrived from Benguet and Cecilia visited him in his place.

She tried to make it up to him by preparing a special meal.

She wanted to make amends for her inability to even be with him during his tatay’s death.

Carlo accepted her peace offering. She was still his girlfriend anyway but he refused any chance of getting intimate with her.

Cecilia stood up, grabbed her bag and stormed out of Carlo’s room and out of his house in the middle of the night.


Carlo couldn’t shake the image of the lifeless Maya dela Rosa from his mind.

He found himself getting worried of Amor.

A sense of panic engulfed him.

He grabbed his keys and drove towards the house of Amor Powers.


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Vague Clarity : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 8)

“No Richard please don’t leave! We need you. Our son needs you. We can hide so they won’t know where you are. Please don’t go to that war.” She was pleading.

“But Maya our country needs me. I will be back as soon as the war is over. I love you and our son so much and I don’t want our son growing up in this kind of world. I need to do something to achieve that elusive peace.”

“I won’t be able to take it if may mangyari sa’yo. I will die Richard.”

“Don’t say that. Everything will be okay. No matter what happens I will be back. If I won’t find you here, I will search for you no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. I will be back for you my love.”

They shared a warm, tight embrace then Richard kissed his son who was sleeping in his mother’s arms.

He gathered his things then joined the group of men who will be embarking in the war.

Maya dela Rosa was left crying while holding their son.

Five days after..

“Maya! Maya!” Their friend Lino was shouting.

As soon as Maya opened their door, Lino handed Maya a very familiar bag. It was her husband’s bag.

“Maya wala na si Richard. Kasali siya sa mga sundalong nahuli at pinagbabaril ng kalaban. Nakuha na yun katawan nya. Kailangan mong sumama sakin para maiuwi dito ang labi ni Richard.”

“No! Hindi! Hindi ako iiwan ni Richard! Nangako siya sakin Lino. Nangako siya.”

Amor woke up in the middle of the night sweating, heart beating fast and also teary eyed from the dream she had.

She again dreamed of Richard Lim but this time the dream included a woman whose face was hidden from her. There was also a son.

If her previous dreams of Richard Lim was just him calling a certain Maya dela Rosa, the dream Amor just had showed that Richard had a wife and a son and he was killed in the war.

Amor was so affected that she couldn’t stop crying.

Her dreams of Richard Lim had been recurrent after he met Carlo Asuncion who looked exactly like the man in her dreams.

Carlo was just about to go to bed after having a few drinks with Joma and their neighbors when he heard the subdued sobs of his Nanay Fe.

Worried that his mother might have been crying by herself, Carlo silently entered his mother’s room with the intention of comforting her.

He found Nanay Fe asleep but crying in her sleep. He went near her. He saw his mother holding a photograph so close to her heart.

His heart swelled to know how his nanay misses his tatay so much. It would definitely be hard for her to continue living without him.

He pulled up a blanket over her and she moved which caused the photograph she was holding to fall.

Richard retrieved it and got the shock of his life when he read the message at the back of the photograph.

“I will find you Richard, I will never stop. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please come back to me. – Maya dela Rosa (March 1890)”

With trembling fingers, he turned the photograph.

He held his breath and froze as he saw the picture of Maya dela Rosa.

Her doe-shaped sad eyes staring back at him.

He felt the cold wind and a shiver down his spine.

Now, Maya dela Rosa is not just some figment of his dream.

She really existed and his Nanay Fe definitely knows her.

This explains why she acted differently towards Amor.

Not wanting to upset his nanay, he returned the photograph to its original position in her hand.

He would ask her about it but not now, not after losing tatay Anastacio.

He doesn’t want to upset his nanay.

He left her room and slowly closed her door.


It was already 3 in the morning when Carlo finally went to bed but sleep evaded him.

He couldn’t get the picture out of his mind.

It doesn’t make sense.

Are their family related to Maya dela Rosa?

Who is Maya dela Rosa?

Why does she invade his dreams and even his heart?

Then his musings were interrupted by a phone call.

He carefully hit the answer button not caring to know who called.

Then a strangled, pleading and very familiar voice was heard.

“Richard come back to me.”

Before he could even reply, the call ended and when he checked who the caller was, it was Amor Powers.


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A Treasure in the Paddies : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 7)

After five days, Tatay Anastacio was finally laid to rest.

Carlo needed to stay a little longer for his Nanay. He needs to help her adjust without his Tatay Anastacio. Maybe he could even convince her to come with him to Punta Verde.

Amor wanted stay longer but she was needed at Punta Verde the soonest time possible.

The governor would be attending a conference abroad and she needs to meet with him before he leaves.

Besides she could feel a sense of animosity from Carlo’s mother.

For her five days stay, she was able to talk to Carlo’s Nanay Fe once.

She wanted to talk to her to at least learn about their ancestors.

She was sure that whatever mystery the portrait of the man named Richard Lim, who looks exactly like Carlo has, Nanay Fe may have the answers.

She badly needed to find out.

But now is not the proper time. Nanay Fe was avoiding her.

She may be overcome with grief and she wanted to be left alone that’s why Amor didn’t insist on talking to her.

She also probably wasn’t used to meeting women his son brings home.

Well she had been informed by the neighbors that she was the first woman whom Carlo brought home to meet his mother. They even thought that she was his girlfriend.

They were surprised to learn that they were just friends, as Carlo claimed to his Nanay and to his neighbors.


“Thank you Amor for being here. It meant a lot.”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to thank you for welcoming me despite my sudden intrusion. I loved it here. People are warm. It’s far from our busy life in Punta Verde.”

“I’m glad you loved it here. I hope I could bring you here next time on a happier circumstance, Amor.”

“I would love to Carlo. I’ll look forward to that.”

The two bid each other goodbye but not before exchanging phone numbers.


Since Amor wasn’t so fond of riding a chopper especially without Carlo with her, she decided to have her driver fetch her from Benguet.

She went home to Punta Verde bringing with her the happiness and contentment she found at the mountains of Benguet.

Even though she wasn’t able to find the answers she was searching for, the five days she spent with Carlo made her appreciate him more.

She can’t explain it but the few days spent with the man she barely knew seemed to be the happiest for her, it seemed familiar like it already happened in the past.

She could feel that certain connection and vowed to herself that she will do her best to find out what this connection is all about.


“Ang tagal mo na dyan di ka pa ba uuwi? Aba Carlo hindi ka man lang tumawag. Anong gusto mong palabasin?”

“Cecilia please, I am tired. If you will call to rant, I’d rather end this.”

“Aba at ikaw pa ang pagod pagkatapos mong magbakasyon.”

“Hindi ako nagbakasyon. Namatay si Tatay.”

He ended the call without even waiting for a response from his girlfriend.

Cecilia felt guilty all of a sudden.

The past days that Carlo didn’t contact her,
all she thought of was that he was having a good time, maybe enjoying with other girls.

She didn’t even notice how sad he was the last time they talked.

She wasn’t sensitive enough to know what he feels. She had been so selfish.

Cecilia met Carlo in one of the business summits in Punta Verde.

She needed a loan to put up her restaurant business and Carlo’s bank provided it.

The relationship was smooth sailing but she wanted more.

She wanted commitment but Carlo seem uninterested in bringing what they have to a higher level.

That’s when she started having doubts on his feelings for her.


“Anak saan mo nakilala si Amor? Bakit kasama mo siya dito?”

“Nay, kliyente po namin siya sa banko.”

“Matagal mo na siyang kakilala?”

“Hindi po Nay. Humigit kumulang isang linggo pa lang.”

“Nobya mo ba siya?”

“Nay hindi po. Pero nagugustuhan ko siya. Sobrang yaman at sikat nya pero kita nyo naman, mapagkumbaba, nakibagay siya sa mga kasamahan natin dito. Sobrang laki ng pangalan nya sa Punta Verde.”

“Kung hindi mo nobya at magiisang linggo pa lang kayong magkakilala bakit sumama sya sayo dito?”

“Nakasabay ko siya sa eroplano tapos nakita nya siguro yun lungkot ko. Hindi ko rin alam Nay. Nagulat din ako pero nagpapasalamat sa malasakit nya. Likas na mabait lang talaga ata siya. At Nay hindi ko maipaliwanag ngunit mukhang kilala ko na siya noon pa. Kamukha siya ng napapanaginipan ko.”

“Naku Carlo kung ano-ano na ang naiisip mo. Magapahinga na tayo.”

“Sige Nay. Goodnight po.”


As Nanay Fe retired to her room, memories of the past came back.

She remembered the day she and her husband found Carlo wrapped in a thick cloth, inside a basket as they were walking near the rice paddies of Itogon.

“What is Amor’s connection to him. Why does she look exactly like the woman in the picture, the woman who lived in 1890 as her picture stated.” Nanay Fe had these questions as well.

She and Anastacio found Carlo in 1968. She and her husband had been wondering about the significance of the pictures found with him inside the basket. They couldn’t be his parents because they lived almost a century before Carlo was born.

As he grew up and they saw the semblance he has with the man in the picture, she and Anastacio decided to just keep the past a secret.

Until she met Amor.


“How are you Ms. Powers? Have you returned to Punta Verde? I miss having you around here.”

He sent her a message but instead of replying with a text, Amor called him.

“Hello Carlo. Yes I’m in Punta Verde now. How’s everything there? How’s Nanay Fe? How are you?”

“It’s sad here now. But we’ll get used to it. I’ll try to convince Nanay to come with me to Punta Verde. How about you Amor? How are you? I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

“Grabe ka Carlo, isang araw pa lang naman tayong di nagkikita miss mo na agad ako?”

“Of course, I miss the woman who made me smile ng mga panahon na sobrang lungkot ko.”

“Well thank you and I miss you too. I also miss the man who made me feel at peace, and made me appreciate the beauty of life.”

“Really? I did that?”

“Yes. Masaya dyan sa inyo. I love your place.”

“Yun place lang?”


“Seriously, I would see you when I return to Punta Verde. Let’s have dinner or something.”

“Anong something?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Ewan, ikaw ano bang naiisip mo?”

He smiled on the other end, getting giddy with their conversation.

“I don’t know if you will agree with what I have in mind.”

“We’ll see when you get back here. Goodnight Carlo. It was nice talking to you.”

“Goodnight Amor. Dream of me.” He joked.

Then barely a whisper she replied…

“I always do.”


Puzzle : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 6)

“Nay!” Carlo screamed as his Nanay Fe lost consciousness.

Amor readily assisted him in carrying Nanay Fe. They settled her in a sofa and made sure she feels comfortable.

Nanay Fe’s companion in the house whom they send to school, Leah, immediately brought ammonia and a glass of water.

They applied first aid to Nanay Fe while some of their neighbors were nervously watching.

Carlo’s friend, Joma, whom he depended on checking his parents while he was away already drove to fetch a doctor nearby.

Nanay Fe regained consciousness after a few minutes to everyone’s relief.

Carlo hugged her. His eyes full of worry.

“Nay ano pong nangyari sa’yo?

“Nahilo lang ako anak. Sa pagod siguro ito.”

She tried to appease her son while avoiding Amor’s face.

Carlo and Amor didn’t suspect anything unusual.

Carlo was convinced that sadness, fatigue and lack of sleep caused his Nanay to faint.

Even the doctor whom Joma fetched gave the same reasons.

They decided to let his Nanay rest in her room first.

She relented not wanting her son to worry.

Amor noticed that Nanay Fe was avoiding her but she dismissed any negative thoughts.

She may have been surprised to see a woman with her son and mothers tend to be possessive of their sons.

She really did intrude without warning anyway.


Since it was already afternoon when they arrived, Amor decided to help in the kitchen.

“Amor you don’t have to do this. You are our visitor.”

“Carlo please don’t treat me like a visitor or I won’t be comfortable in my stay here.”

“But you don’t need to cook. We are using the old way of cooking. Kahoy ang gamit nila. Yun ang gusto ni Nanay. Baka mahirapan ka.”

“I was a cook before. I was a caregiver. I was a janitress. Don’t underestimate me. I did a lot of things before I reached what I am now. So relax ka lang Carlo. I can definitely cook without burning your house.”

Carlo couldn’t do anything and just allowed her.

She easily mingled with everyone in Carlo’s household.

Carlo was all the more intrigued of her.


Nanay Fe stayed in the room but couldn’t sleep.

The events were too much for her.

Losing Anastacio broke her heart. It would mean a complete change in her life from now on.

Meeting a very familiar face of the past gave her the eerie feeling.

She opened her drawer and retrieved a vintage box underneath the stack of beddings.

She carefully opened it.

Inside were antique jewelries, old letters and old photographs.

It was a picture of a woman who looks exactly like Amor.

At the back of the photograph was a message.

“I will find you Richard, I will never stop. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please come back to me. – Maya dela Rosa (March 1890)”

Then she retrieved another photograph.

It was the same photograph kept in Amor Power’s attic. The photograph of the man who looks exactly like her son.

The photograph in which was written…

“Maya, I will be back after the war. Take good care of yourself and our son. I love you. -Richard Lim, 1890.”

Nanay Fe held both pictures close to her heart.


Most people were resting while Amor and Carlo were talking while staying with tatay Anastacio.

“Masaya ang mga tao dito sainyo. Life is not complicated unlike Punta Verde.”

“Oo, masaya kami dito. I always stay here kapag stressed na akong masyado sa negosyo, sa trabaho.”

“So you don’t have siblings?”

“None. I’m an only child. I’m sure malulungkot si Nanay kapag bumalik na ako sa Punta Verde.”

“Well you can bring her with you. Hindi mo siya pwedeng iwanan dito.”

“Pipilitin ko.” He gave he a smile then continued.

“Ikaw Amor, matagal ka na sa Punta Verde? I mean you’ve been our client for many years but I haven’t seen you until yesterday.”

“I just arrived from the States recently. My staff manages our business.”

“I see. So i assume your family is left in the States.”

“Ah no. I don’t have a family. I live by myself. I am alone.”

He was surprised. How can be someone so beautiful, so kind-hearted be alone.

He shyly asked.

“You mean you don’t have a husband or a boyfriend perhaps?”

She shook her head and gave him a sad smile.

“I don’t have time for that. With my busy schedule, it would be unfair for any man I would be with. Why are you looking at me like that?”

He was staring at her, surprised at what he learned. He also felt his heart skip when he learned that she was uncommitted.

“I just find it strange that someone as beautiful as you would be living alone.”

“Oh well, thank you for the compliment but it was my choice Carlo. I don’t think I could live with anyone. I value my solitude.I enjoy doing things alone and besides the male population are mostly jerks.”

He winced and she smiled.

“Oh well of course with some exemption and you must be part of that.”

“Well, thank you. But seriously, if we didn’t meet this way, I mean in a time like this, I would have already expressed my fondness of you. I might be expressing that I find you so beautiful and I’m drawn by your personality. I might even pursue you.”

“Oh you’re fast, Carlo Asuncion.”

She smiled timidly also getting excited with their conversation.

“I’ve always been fast. I don’t like wasting precious time.”

“Well that makes the two of us. I also don’t waste time either. But I also find it uncomfortable to hear you saying those things in front of your father’s wake.”

He chuckled.

“I’m sorry. But seriously, would you allow me to? When we go back to Punta Verde?”

“We’ll see Carlo. We’ll see.”

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