Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile 8

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“Good Morning Maya.”

Maya was surprised to find Richard very early inside her apartment donning an apron while cooking some breakfast of sinangag, omelette, tocino and pandesal.

She immediately covered herself with the towel she brought as she was about to go to the bathroom. She was suddenly conscious that she was still in her pajamas while Richard was already dressed for work, but yes, wearing an apron.

It was just 6 in the morning. She even thought that she was early. She woke up early because she promised to cook breakfast for the two of them.

“Good Morning. Richard ang aga mo. Paano ka nakapasok?”

“Si Emman. I called him last night and told him about my plan. Ayun pinapasok ako kanina. He went for a jog nga pala. Sabi nya mauna na tayong kumain.

“Ah ganun ba?”Maya couldn’t believe that Emman left her alone with Richard and even allowed him to cook. She was already embarrassed.

Noticing her sudden unease, Richard said, “Sige na you do what you have to do na muna. Ako na bahala dito.” He gave her his trademark smile of his that never fails to give her butterflies in her stomach.

“Ah eh sigurado ka?” She didn’t want to leave Richard alone cooking breakfast but she needs to change into something more presentable. She was wearing her favorite old and tattered Mickey Mouse pajamas.

“Yes. Masarap akong magluto Maya. Magugustuhan mo to for sure. Sige na ligo and bihis ka na so we could go to work na after we eat breakfast.”

She left Richard to take a shower and prepare for the day.


They are now on their way to work…

“Richard, di mo naman kailangan pumunta sa bahay at magluto. Masyado kang mapapagod nyan. Di ba sabi ko sayo ako yun maghahanda ng almusal kanina.”

“Why? Hindi mo nagustuhan? Hindi ba masarap?”

“Siyempre gusto at sobrang sarap! Kaya lang mapapagod kang masyado. Ang aga mong pumunta tapos nagluto ka pa. Hindi ka naman sanay sa ganun eh. Sa bahay nyo nga may tagaluto kayo.”

“But I wanted to do it Maya. Gusto kong iparamdam sa’yo how I want to take care of you.”

“Ehhh nakakahiya naman kasi. Alam ko na ikaw ang pinagsisilbihan parati tapos ngayon…”

“Gusto ko yun ginagawa ko Maya. Please allow me. I want to show you how special you are. Masaya ako to do it.”


“Ganito na lang, I’ll take care of our breakfast then ikaw bahala sa merienda.” Richard suggested.

“Sige na nga. Makulit ka rin.”

“See papayag ka rin naman pala. Atsaka ngayon ko lang maibibida yun cooking skills ko. At ngayon lang may nagsabing masarap akong magluto.”

“Kasi po yun ang polite thing to do.”

“What polite thing to do?”

“Siyempre yun to appreciate what a person does.” Then she laughed.

“So hindi nga masarap?!?” His chinky eyes turned big and sad.

“Uy binibiro lang kita. Ikaw talaga! Masarap nga! Atsaka syempre masarap kang magluto kasi nag culinary school ka di ba?”

Richard had mentioned to her that he went to a culinary school without his parents’ knowledge. It was actually his hobby to cook but he never got to do it until now.

“Yes I studied pero malay ko ba kung masarap.” He looked sad now. Mukhang di ni Maya nagustuhan.

“Uy nagbibiro nga lang ako Mr. Lim! Masarap nga sabi. Naubos nga namin ni Emman di ba? Atsaka di yun palabreakfast si Emman pero naubos nya. Masarap nga. Wag ka nang magtampo. Di ka pa nasanay sakin.”

He glanced at her then smirked, sumimangot. Still not believing her.

“Ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang mukha mo? Ang cute cute mo pa naman. Dapat smile ka para lumabas yun pamatay na dimples mo.” She further teased. Lagot kasi sya at nagtampo si Ricky.

He ignored her and changed the topic.

“Later pala I’ll fetch you around 8. Antayin mo ako. Then well watch a movie.”

“Ay wala man lang lambing yun pagkasabi. Pero sige antayin kita mamaya. 7:30 yun labas namin ni Emman so tamang tama yun para makapagprepare na din ako. Sa bahay ka na lang namin antayin.”

“Okay.” His bland reply.

Maya hid a smile. Matampuhin pala si Mr. Lim. She finds it amusing pero of course she needs to think of how she can make it up to him.

They are now parked in front of Maya’s work.

“Dito na tayo Maya. Have a great day.” He just smiled but his eyes still mirrored sadness. He wants to kiss her din goodbye pero alam nya that Maya doesn’t want it. Baka mas sumama yun loob nya if she rejects him.

“Hindi ka na bababa? Hindi mo ako ihahatid sa loob?”

“Okay. Halika na.” He automatically went out of his car and accompanied Maya inside the restaurant where she’s working.

“Good morning Maya! Good morning Mr. Lim!” Lino cheerily greeted them.

It was still early but the place was already filled with customers.

James and Edz also greeted the couple.

“Richard magalmusal ka muna.” James even suggested.

“Lagot naalala ni Richard yun breakfast. Panira naman to si Sir James.” Maya mumbled to herself.

“Ah no. Hinatid ko lang si Maya. I have to go now.”

“Ah ganun ba. Sige Richard. Salamat sa paghatid dito sa makulit naming kasamahan.” James commented which earned laughter from his other employees and customers as well.

The restaurant of James has this homey feel and everybody felt like family. This is one thing which Richard loves about the place. This is why he frequently spends his time here.

“Sige na. I have to go. Thanks again for inviting me for breakfast James. Maya I’ll see you later.”

Then Richard turned to leave.

“Ricky wait!” Maya mustered courage for this. Kailangan nya talagang bumawi.

“Yes?” He turned around again and saw Maya running towards him.

“Nakalimutan mo naman yung pabaon ko.”

“Pabaon? Pero wag na Maya. May food naman sa office.”

“At sinong nagsabing food. Mas masarap sa food yun pabaon ko.”

Then without waiting for his reply, Maya held Richard’s nape and gave him full kiss right in front of everyone inside the restaurant.

Richard was pleasantly surprised he couldn’t react for a second but eventually gave back the kiss with equal intensity. It took about a minute. They didn’t mind if people are watching them. Gusto lang ni Maya na makabawi.

When they stopped to catch their breath both were flustered and both were smiling into each other’s eyes.

Maya then whispered to his ear, “Sorry na. Siguro naman with that kiss, hindi ka na magtatampo.”

With that Richard gathered her for a hug then kissed her temple. He also whispered back. “Hindi na. I love you. See you later.”

“Ehem ehem… pwede sa labas nyo na gawin yan. Nangiinggit kayo sa mga gaya ko eh.” It was Lino who broke the ice.

Maya and Richard just sheepishly smiled.


Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile 7

Catherine was still in bed when her phone rang.

“Hello. Sino no?”

“Cath! Si Gie! Nakausap ko yan si Richard kanina. So ano kiss and make-up na ba? Baitaan mo ako girl. Asan kayo ngayon?”

“Ha?! Wala naman si Richard dito. Bakit pupunta raw ba?”

“Ay akala ko nandyan kasi nagmamadli yun umalis after ko naikwento yun sa LAS party. Baka naghahanda yun. Ikaw asan ka ba?”

“You woke me up. Nasa condo lang ako.”

“Naku girl you better prepare. Ayaw mo namang abutan ng ganyan ni Richard. Oh well. pwede rin naman pala para…” then she giggled.

“Oo nga, mas okay yun ganito para deretso na di ba?” then she Catherine giggled as well.


For the past days, Maya busied herself with work. She needs to keep her mind off Richard.

After her visit to his office, she had been expecting him to text her, call her or even visit her but he didn’t do any of those.

“Maya kain na muna tayo. Di ka na naman nagbreakfast sa bahay.” Edz was calling Maya who was busy cleaning the tables.

They have fewer customers today as it was holiday and there were no employees from the nearby offices.

“Sige na Edz, di naman ako nagugutom.” she was still busy wiping the table that she didn’t see Edz’ reaction to the person who just entered the restaurant.

“So you’re not eating regularly again.” Richard’s voice made Maya stop what she’s doing and stand frozen to where she was.

Her heart was beating fast, she was suddenly relieved that after days of not visiting or even calling, Richard was here. Maya was excited, her hands were cold and only her pride kept her from turning and giving Richard the hug she’s been longing to give.

“Uy Maya ayan na yun hinahanap mo ng mga nakaraang araw.” Lino who entered with the tray of glasses had that teasing look on his face.
Maya glared at him.

“Good morning Maya. Di ka man lang ba haharap sakin? Here I have flowers for you.” Richard after seeing Edz and Lino’s face totally got the whole picture and he was beyond happy to learn that Maya had missed him too.

“Ah eh. Good morning Richard. Napadalaw ka. Teka tapusin ko muna to. Salamat sa flowers. Mamaya ko na kunin.” She was still avoiding his gaze.

James who was seated at the counter was just observing them and was amused by everything he saw. He then joined in…

“Sige na Maya, I’m giving you your day off today. Alam ko namang namiss mong masyado si Mr. Lim. Aba eh namiss namin yun mga ngiti mo at masayahin mong mukha ng mga nakaraang araw so sige sumama ka na sa kanya para naman pagbalik mo yun masayahing Maya ka na ulit.”

“At para hindi ka na iyak ng iyak gabi-gabi.” teased Lino more.

Maya’s eyes grew wide. She was blushing already from all the teasing she got from Lino and now even her boss, James even joined in the teasing as well.

She just helplessly stared at Edz who was also grinning.

“Your boss already allowed you to go, tara na Maya. Get your things. May pupuntahan tayo.” It was Richard who downplayed the whole teasing now for he was very much aware that Maya is already uncomfortable. He was amused but he didn’t want it at her expense.

“Ah eh sige. Kunin ko muna sa loob yun gamit ko.” She hurriedly left without even staring at him and Richard was left still holding the flowers.

Richard just smiled and shook his head. If during the past days, he thought that Maya didn’t even care and that he wasn’t even important to her. Today confirmed that he was wrong. Maya was also obviously affected by his absence. It made him very happy.


The two friends spent the day having lunch and he even brought Maya to the hangar in Clark where he just checked the engineers for a few minutes and spent the rest of the day visiting places with Maya.

“Ang ganda pala dito Richard.” He brought Maya to Nayong Pilipino and some of the parks at Clark. They enjoyed strolling while catching up on the days they haven’t seen each other.

“I was really sad ng hindi kita nakita for the past days, weeks na nga pala. I can’t even concentrate sa work.” He said as they were on their ride back to Manila.

“Huh? Mukhang di naman eh.”

“I was and I’m also unable to eat properly. Sabi nga ni Mama nangayayat daw ako.”

“So kasalanan ko pa kung bakit nangayayat ka at hindi kumain ng maayos?” Due to her guilt, naluluha na siya. Richard was quick to notice.

“No! Hindi! Kasalanan ko. It’s my fault kasi pinatagal ko pa to. It’s my fault kasi tiniis kita when all I wanted was to see you everyday.

“Eh sorry din. Di ko naman talaga alam na yun Jeff na yun pala yung ano… basta!”

“Yes Jeff Macavinta was a friend and business colleague pero he did something unethical sa negosyo. I won’t discuss it na kasi it’s not important to waste our time on him. Yes siya din yun fiancé ng former girlfriend ko na si Catherine, the one you saw at the LAS party. But if you ask me if I’m still affected by what they did, yes I am, kasi it was such an insult that he replaced me with a friend who also happened to be the same person who betrayed LAS. It was more on the betrayal that still pisses me off. But about Catherine, if you ask me if I still miss her or think of her, I would say no, I don’t. I honestly don’t even think of her anymore. It surprises even me kasi we’ve been together ng matagal pero I don’t know. Bigla na lang nawala lahat ng naramdaman ko sa kanya, even the memories. Come to think of it, wala naman akong maalala na maganda at masasayang memories with her. Maybe it’s because we really didn’t have any.”

She just stared at him, unable to say anything from everything she heard.

He noticed her silence so his free hand searched for hers and held it. She just allowed him.

“Let’s not talk about her na lang. Ikaw what kept you busy the past weeks?”

Then Maya started telling him about her friends and how she spent her time at work…


When they arrived from Clark they still had dinner that night. Richard really missed her that he didn’t want the night to end.

“Ang dami nating nakain Richard! Hindi natin nahalata kasi grabe yun kuwentuhan natin.”

Maya couldn’t believe that they were able to eat that much. They have been eating, talking, laughing, having fun the whole day.

“Ah oo nga and its late. Midnight na pala. Halika na I’ll bring you home. Grabe we really missed doing this. O bukas I’ll bring you to work ulit ha. Antayin mo ako. Then dun na tayo magbreakfast sa restaurant nyo.”

“Naku wag na dun. Ipagluluto na lang kita. Dun na lang tayo sa amin kumain. Aalaskahin na naman kasi nila ako. Kahit si Sir James sumasali na rin. Nakakainis talaga ang mga yun.”

“Naaaliw lang sila sa’yo. Honestly I like your friends. Sana maging friends ko din sila. Even your boss is quite cool.”

“Ay oo masaya talaga yun samahan namin sa restaurant. Si Sir James mula ng magumpisa ng negosyo hanggang ngayon hinding hindi namin iniwan kasi napakabait nyang tao.”

“I could see that. Eh ako Maya, hindi mo rin ba ako iiwan?”

“Huh? Anong klaseng tanong yan?”

“It’s a serious question Maya.” He was staring at her intently that Maya got conscious already.

“Kapag mabait ka, hindi kita iiwan. Eto kung ano anong pinagsasabi. Huy bakit nakatulala ka dyan? Hala naimpatso na ata sa dami ng kinain.” She joked just to break the tension that was suddenly caused by Richard’s stare.

He was actually nervous too but he needs to ask her now. He wouldn’t want to waste anymore of their time.

“Can i court you Maya?” Richard tried to calm his nerves, his beating heart when he asked her.

Maya’s doe-shaped eyes questioningly stared at him. She couldn’t speak.

“Huy Maya? Are you okay?”

“Ah eh… Anong sabi mo?” Aligaga na siya. Her hands were cold and fidgety. She wasn’t expecting him to say it.

Richard held both of her hands while looking into her eyes.

“Sabi ko, can I court you?” His eyes bore into hers.

All she could say was “Nagbibiro ka ba? Wag mo nga akong niloloko Richard. Naparami ka lang ng kinain kung ano ano na ang sinasabi mo.” She was self-conscious already and was affected by his stare.

“Do I look like nagbibiro? I’m serious Maya. I’ve always serious when it comes to you.”

“Eh… Richard… ano.. anong… kainis naman to..”

Knowing that he made her uncomfortable, Richard said in a soft voice, “Hey sagutin mo lang yun question ko. Can I court you? Okay lang ba?”

She was already blushing and trying her best to calm her heart and steady her hands.

“Ayaw mo ba?”

“Siyempre gusto!” She said in a louder than normal voice.

“Ang tagal tagal ko na kayang hinihintay na tanungin mo yan sakin.” She was embarrassed at what she just said. Di nya napigilan, nahiya siya and turned really red.

Richard’s eyes grew wide.

“Really? Oh my God Maya!!! Ang tagal ko nang gustong itanong yan. I was just so scared that you would get mad, na akalain mo that I’m taking advantage of your kindness. You made me so happy today!!!”

Then he proceeded to engulf her in a very tight hug.

Maya was caught off guard and couldn’t react and when Richard realized that he may have angered her, he instantly released her.

“Sorry. Sorry Maya. I just got carried away. Naku baka ma-flying kick mo na naman ako.”

“Sira! Halika nga dito.” And it was her who now hugged the very happy Richard.




Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile 6

The worried face of Maya was evident and she was in deep thought when her friend Emman arrived.

Emman just came from work and he was inviting Maya to accompany him to do his groceries. He was talking but Maya didn’t seem to notice him, like he wasn’t there, like he was invisible. Her sad eyes were also staring into space.

“Huy Maya! Kanina pa ako dito, kanina pa ako nagsasalita, hello! Bakit ang lungkot lungkot mo dyan?”

“Ay Emman!.. Ano? May kailangan ka? Gutom ka na ba? Kumain ka na dyan. Nagluto na ako. Ano may pupuntahan tayo? Ay teka… Yun laundry mo pala hinatid ni Ate labandera kanina… tapos yun…”

“Hep-hep! Ang daming sinasabi! What’s wrong ba? Parang wala ka sa sarili mo. Hindi pa ba kayo nagkabati ni Mr. Lim?” Emman knows that Maya was supposed to talk to Richard Lim and explain her side and also say sorry.

“Eh Emman.. di ko naman nakausap.”

“Ha? Hindi ka hinarap? Lagot ka Maya! Sinasabi ko na nga ba. Yan kasi. Madalas kasing magsalita bago magisip eh. So tuloy tuloy na ang paghihiwalay nyo as friends?”

“Emman! Hindi naman ganun. Umalis na ako habang tinatawag siya ni Miss Liza. Hindi ko pa kayang harapin. Nahihiya ako kay Richard.”

“Wait! Ibig mong sabihin hindi naman kayo nagkausap?”

“Ano ba yan Maya! Naku ha ang swerte mo kayang maging kaibigan ng isang Richard Lim, mabait, corny madalas pero funny minsan, cowboy na kahit ganun siya eh game kahit saan mo dalhin, at don’t forget yun effort nya sa pagkuha ng iyong forgiveness. Aba Maya, kung minsan talaga masarap kang batukan.”

“Emman! Nag-aalala na nga ako, dadagdag ka pa. Eh nakakahiya kasi. Baka hindi nya lang ako pansinin.  Atsaka baka busy siya. Basta Emman!”

“Oh sige busy na siya kung busy. Eh ikaw anong excuse naman ang meron ka at wala ka sa sarili mo dyan? Kanina pa kaya kita kinakausap.”

She just heaved a sigh, then she sadly stared at Emman.

“O ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang face mo? At may malalim na buntong hininga ka pang nalalaman.”

“Eh kasi Emman, galit ata talaga. Ni hindi man lang tumawag or nagtext kahit alam nyang pumunta ako sa office nya.” She had a downcast expression.

“Yan kasi. Alam mo Maya, dapat ata gawin mo din yun ginawa ni Mr. Lim noon, yun pagsuyo nya sa’yo. Remember yun inaraw araw ka nyang dalawin sa resto tapos araw araw din may flowers. Ganun!”

“Ay ano! Ayoko nga! Ano siya sinuswerte? Nakakahiya Emman ha!”

“Aysus ang arte! Ano bang mas mahalaga, yun pride mo or yun kaibigan slash crush slash dream guy mong si Mr. Richard Lim.” Emman was teasing her already.

“Hoy Emman ang boses mo! Hindi ko crush at dream guy si Richard ha! Eto nakakainis. May makarinig nga sa’yo!”

“See affected ka! Ang arte arte kasi. Halika na nga magdinner na tayo at baka malipasan ka na ng gutom sa kakaisip dyan kay Mr. Lim.”


“Ewan ko sa’yo in denial kong bestie! Paayaw ayaw pero gusto naman. Pakipot pa. Yan tuloy parang mapupurnada pa and shiniship kong loveteam.

“Emman naman eh…”

“Kain na nga tayo at gutom na talaga ako.”


Richard is having a few drinks by himself in his condo. He was tempted to call Maya when he found out that she visited him, but his pride prevented him from doing so.

He wasn’t sure if Maya was really unaware of who Jeff Macavinta was or if she was just making fun of him and was really that insensitive to his feelings.

Maybe he was not that important to her. He also realized that ever since they became friends, it he who was always excited, he was the one who always pursued her.

He had focused his time and attention on her and he didn’t even know if he was even important to her too. He’s no longer sure if Maya was just kind enough to keep up with him so as not to hurt his feelings.

He felt insecure and he felt that he was wasting her time already. Maya could enjoy her time with other friends if he didn’t waste her time, if he wasn’t around all the time. Maybe Maya’s jokes were her subtle way of discouraging him from bothering her.

Maybe what she said at the party about his ex was also her way of pushing him away from her.

He wants to see her badly but his pride was preventing him from doing so. He shouldn’t fall deeply for her because he believes that Maya wont reciprocate his feelings. And he wouldn’t be able to take it when she turns him down.

He decided to just focus on work from now on.


It’s been two weeks and Richard tried his best to remove Maya from his mind. He wants to see if he could survive without her. The past weeks when they were together everything seemed so rosy, he was so happy. He wanted to be that way without depending on her. Women have always been the center of his life even before, his motivation in what he does. Catherine was when they were still together and now Maya. It doesn’t seem right anymore so he decided to distance himself from her.

“Mr. Lim, may kausap pa po si Atty. Ryan. He’ll be with you in a while.” Atty. Ryan’s assistant Roy informed him.

“It’s okay Roy. I’ll just wait here.” He said as he sat on the sofa in Ryan’s vast office. He also picked the morning paper and was about to read the front page when…

“Richard! Nice to chance upon you here.” A women’s voice distracted him.

Josephine, Catherine’s friend proceeded to give Richard a beso. Richard was polite enough to allow her.

“Good morning. You’re meeting Ryan?”

“Ah oo. I’ll get him kasi as our legal counsel dun sa case ng company namin. Ibibigay ko lang etong records para mapag-aralan nya. Ikaw?”

“LAS matters as usual.” was his short reply.

He wasn’t really comfortable with Catherine’s friends and Josephine or Gie was one of those but he couldn’t do anything. He was stuck with her while waiting for Ryan.

“Maiba ako, Ikaw talaga ang dami mong gimik, pero effective naman sya Richard. Very effective.” Gie was giggling.

He raised his eyebrow while he stared at her. He was clueless on what she’s talking about.

Seeing his reaction, “Yun pagpapaselos mo kay Catherine! Mukhang affected nga siya. So okay na ba kayo? Yun loka lokang yun di na ako tinawagan. Sabagay I’m sure busy siya sa’yo. Alam mo naman yun kapag kasama ka nakakalimutan ang lahat ng kaibigan nya.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Naman to si Richard. Doon sa party ng LAS. Alam mo bang antagal tagal ni Cath magpaganda dun sa ladies room kasi nga magpapapansin sa’yo. Ikaw naman talagang tiniis mo ah. And you even left. Grabe ka magpaselos. Pero confident naman siya that kahit sino pang girls dyan ang iparada mo sa kanya, it will always be her in the end. So kumusta na? Basta kasama ako sa bridal entourage ha!”

Gee continued…

“Sino ba kasi yun kasama mo? Maganda siya ha pero alam ko naman na hinding hindi mo ipagpapalit yun kaibigan ko dun. She seemed so innocent, so young. Pero when you left with her, talagang umiyak si Cath at nagyaya ng umuwi. Grabe ka talaga.” She was laughing.

Just when Richard was about to react to what Gee had been saying, Atty Ryan joined them.

“Oh Brod maaga ka. Akala ko mamaya pa tayo pupunta sa hangar.” Atty. Ryan was surprised to see Richard early in his office.

Ryan was  fully aware that Richard usually spends time having breakfast with his new friend Maya at this usual hour so he was surprised to see him.

“Brod let’s just reschedule. May aasikasuhin lang akong importante.”

“Oh Owkayyyy… kay Maya na naman ba yan?” Ryan was teasing him, he was smiling.

“Basta Brod I’ll just call you later.”

Then Richard left the two without even saying goodbye to Josephine.

“Talaga tong si Richard aligagang masyado kay Maya.” Ryan commented.

Ryan was aware of the break-up of Richard and Catherine. He saw how insulted and betrayed his friend was when Catherine decided to choose Jeff Macavinta, one of Richard’s friend and business rival over him. He was there when his friend was nursing his broken heart and bruised ego and he was with him on his nightly drinking spree until such time when he couldn’t keep up with him anymore because his wife Ivy was already complaining.

That was the time when Richard started to spend his time alone drinking at the place where Maya works.

“Maya? Sinong Maya?” Josephine was curious.

“Yun kaibigan ni Richard. Yun kasama nya sa LAS party. She’s Maya and she keeps my friend happy.”

“Naku Ryan ha! Kontrabida ka sa lovelife ni Cath at Richard. Alam mo namang sila yun meant to be, eh sinusuportahan mo pa si Richard sa mga diversions nya. Atsaka after malaman nya yun mga ginawa ni Cath ng party, I’m sure pupuntahan na nya yun ngayon.” Gee was confidently grinning.

She believes that Richard is on his way to Catherine now.

She knows that Richard Lim would be forgive her friend after learning that she made an effort for him at the LAS party. She was sure that they would be back in each other’s arms.

Ryan hoped that Richard would really leave Catherine for good this time. In their many years as friends, he saw how Catherine used Richard. How she manipulated him into giving her whatever she wanted -jewelries, travels abroad, and designer clothes as well.

Now that Richard has Maya, he hopes that his friend would totally forget Catherine

Richard had been positively changed by Maya. He’d never seen his friend so happy and he didn’t want Catherine to ruin him again.


Richard stopped by the florist on his way to the real person who owns his heart.

“Mr. Lim I’ve already prepared the very special flower arrangement for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Very lucky lady  Mr. Lim?”

“No, I’m the one who’s very lucky.”

And with a big smile on his face he drove towards where his heart leads him.



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Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 5

“Richard baka di ka pala sanay kumain sa ganito tapos pinagbibigyan mo lang ako.” Maya wanted to make sure that it is okay for Richard to eat bananacue and goto. She was preparing his food by adding kalamansi and patis.

“Maya I could eat anything. Stop treating me na parang hindi marunong kumain ng mga ganyan.”

“Eh bakit madalas ka bang kumain neto? Alam ko naman na sa busy mo sa trabaho, wala kang time magexplore sa mga ganitong lugar. Baka masira sikmura mo sa mga ganitong pagkain kasi hindi sanay.” She countered.

“Yes I don’t normally go to places like this. I don’t have time kasi pero hindi ibig sabihin I don’t like it or di ako kumakain ng mga ganito. It’s just that I don’t have someone to accompany me. I dont have someone to enjoy this place with.” he said while stealing a glance at Maya who seemed to be affected with the last line he said.

While trying to hide her blushing face. Maya proceeded to buy Coke to go with the goto and bananacue they were eating.

They were at the Luneta Park. Richard called Maya a few hours ago and invited her to have some snacks. He told her he’s hungry and can’t eat alone. Actually he really wanted to see her. He needs to see her. He needs her positive vibes on a stressful day.

The meeting with the LAS engineers drained his energy and his patience was even tested when the equipment needed for the Clark hangar of LAS had to be returned to the suppliers for replacement.

He needed a break so he called Maya. He knows that it is her day off from work.

Maya agreed but insisted on choosing the place and be the one to pay for everything they will eat.

He relented just to make her accept his invitation.

Maya brought Richard to the food stalls along Luneta. She always wanted to visit Luneta but her friends Emman and Edz always preferred to go to malls during their rest day. Now that Richard invited her, Maya took the opportunity to bring him here. It would be a different experience for Richard she thought.

They didn’t even notice that they have consumed a good amount of different kinds of street food. Both were enjoying each other’s company.

The drive to the hospital and to Maya’s home a few weeks ago had been the start of a new friendship between Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim. Despite the not-so-good first encounter they had, Maya and Richard are now good friends. Richard never gave up on earning Maya’s forgiveness for what he did.

That very first night when Maya allowed him to bring her home was followed by numerous visits to her workplace, daily invitations for snacks, dinner or lunch, small gifts for Maya.

Richard was always excited to see her and though she was stubborn to admit it, she really enjoys his presence.

“Ang sarap pala mamasyal dito. We should go here often.” Richard commented while they were seated at one of the benches at the park.

“Di ba sabi ko sa’yo magugustuhan mo dito. Ang saya di ba? Maganda pa yun mga tanawin.” She was so happy to have brought him here and releievd that Richard really enjoyed. She thought he wouldn’t love the food but he actually did and he ate a lot.

“You were right. At maganda talaga ang tanawin.” He said while staring at her which made Maya blush again. She was getting uneasy and she can’t control feeling giddy whenever he stares at her in a certain way.


“Maya can I invite you sa party ng company sa Saturday?” He asked her while driving her home.

“Party? Eh Richard hindi naman ako sanay sa mga ganyan. Atsaka wala naman akong kilala.”

“Ako. I’m there and I won’t leave your side. Sige na. I’ll be bored if wala ka dun. I need someone to entertain me. Sige na please.”he glanced at her and she saw his puppy dog eyes.

“Sus! Dadaanin mo pa ako sa mga ganyan mo. At gagawin mo pa akong entertainer. Ewan ko sa’yo Richard!”

“Sige na Maya. You can ask me any favor din samahan mo lang ako sa party.”

“Talaga? Sigurado ka?”

“Oo I promise. Ano bang papagawa mo sakin?”

“Pag iisipan ko muna pakatapos ng party.”

“Oh this means pumapayag ka? Yes! Thank you Maya!” Then he suddenly stopped his car at the side of the road and hugged her tight.

“Hep! Hep! Grabe ka naman makayakap. Baka gusto mong….” She was surprised with his move that she pushed him to create a distance.

“Sorry Maya! I just got excited! Sorry!” He was worried that she might have been offended again.

“Eto naman, hindi naman ako galit! Oo na sasamahan na kita. Eto talagang kaibigan ko.”


“Maya is something wrong?” Ricky worriedly asked as he saw Maya uneasy in her chair. She just ate a small amount of the food in her plate.

In a whisper, not wanting to attract attention from others in their table, Maya replied, “Ricky medyo sumama yun pakiramdam ko. Pwede bang mauna na akong umuwi?”

“Ha? Why? What’s wrong? Ano ang masakit sa’yo? Do you want me to bring you to the hospital? Ano? Maya?” Ricky was already frantic.

“Ssshhh! Kalma ka nga Ricky. Ok lang naman. Kailangan ko lang talagang maunang umuwi.”

Richard sensing that Maya indeed wants to go home stood up and assisted her. “Halika ihatid na kita.”

“Wag na Ricky kaya ko naman.”

But Richard was already holding her hand as he announced to those at their table that he and Maya had to leave.

He instructed Liza to take charge of their guests at the party.

“Sige na bumalik ka na dun Ricky. Okay na ako dito. Marami namang taxi.” She said the moment they were out of the venue.

“No ihahatid kita. Alin bang masakit sa’yo. We have to drop by the hospital first.” He was holding her hand as he led her to the parking area.

“Ricky ok na sabi. Bumalik ka na sa loob. Hahanapin ka ng mga bisita mo.”

“Liza can take care of them besides hindi naman ako mageenjoy ng hindi ka kasama.”

“Ricky mag-eenjoy ka. Effective yun show natin. Mukhang apektado yun ex mo. Balik ka na dun. Go for the kill!” She tried to act like she was happily encouraging him.

He couldn’t understand a thing she was saying.


Earlier, at the Lim Aviation Services party, Maya arrived with Richard. Despite being the host of the party, Richard made it a point to fetch Maya and go to the party together.

They were met by his business partners, employees. His parents Roberto and Esmeralda Lim were in attendance.

Richard proudly introduced Maya. He was beaming with pride having her beside him. His mom Esmeralda was obviously amused at her son. She never saw Richard this happy.

As the party progressed Richard momentarily left Maya to answer a phone call from one of his engineers in their Clark hangar who seemed to have some important matters to discuss with him. Maya was left at the table with Liza and Minerva, Richard’s trusted secretary and assistant.

“Liza asan ba yun ladies room?” Maya needed to freshen up.

“Ma’m Maya samahan ko na po kayo. Nandun kasi sa likod.” Liza offered to accompany her but Maya declined.

“Wag na Liza. Kaya ko naman. Dito ka lang at baka kailanganin ka ng boss mo atsaka wag mo naman akong tawaging Ma’m. Maya na lang. Hindi kaso ako kumportable. O sige punta na ako sa restroom. Pakisabi na lang kay Richard.” Then without waiting for Liza’s reply, Maya proceeded to the ladies room.

She hasn’t entered yet when she heard Richard’s name being mentioned by someone inside.

“Cath have you seen the lady Richard is with? Mukhang tuwang tuwa yun ex mo sa kanya ah.” one lady said.

“Alin yun kasama ni Ricky? Gie naman. I’m sure she’s just one of his diversions. Alam mo naman si Ricky, everytime nagkakagalit kami ang tendency nya palagi eh gumanti at humanap ng kung sino-sinong babae sa tabi-tabi.” Then they both laughed.

“But Cath akala ko talagang break na kayo. Pano na yun proposal ni Jayjay?”

“Hindi naman kasi yun totoo. I just bluffed Richard Lim para magpropose na sya sa’kin. Eh hindi tumalab.” Then she laughed.

“Yan kasi. Alam na alam mo namang mahal na mahal ka ni Richard eh you were being a brat to him. Kung ano-ano pa ang demands mo. Pa’no yan. Ni hindi ka nga ata napansin kanina. Hindi ka man lang nilapitan. Naku Catherine, kapag nagsawa sa kakasuyo sa’yo yan si Richard Lim, magsisisi ka. Mukhang bagay pa naman sila ng kasama nya.”

“That girl?! Oh c’mon Gie! Sa tingin mo ipagpapalit ako ni Ricky sa naive and inexperienced -looking girl na yun. At you saw her clothes di ba? She seemed so conservative. Alam mo naman si Ricky, medyo you know…” then she giggled and the woman named Gie also joined her.

“Basta I’m sure libangan lang siya ni Ricky at mamayang gabi pupunta na naman yan at dun magoovernight sa condo ko.” The lady named Catherine confidently stated.

“O siya. Sinabi mo. Let’s go na nga. Okay na yun face mo. I’m sure your ex will get mesmerized when he sees you.”

“I’m sure of that. And please stop saying ex kasi hindi pa naman kami break. I would say cool off lang lang.”

“Cool off eh sinabihan mo nga na nagpropose si Jayjay. ”

“Wag ka na ngang kumontra. Halika na.”

Maya, sensing that the women were about to go out, hid herself until they left the ladies room.

She heard the whole conversation. She was hurt but she knows that she shouldn’t be.

Richard was just a friend to her and she also considers him just a friend. She thought that maybe he brought her to the party to make his girlfriend jealous. That could be his reason why he pleaded for her to join him. She shouldn’t make a big deal out of it but instead help him and his ex patch things up. She decided that she will continue being a good friend to him and give whatever help he needs.

After a few minutes in the ladies room, Maya went out to find Richard waiting for her outside.

“Hey antagal mo naman Maya. I was looking all over for you.”

“Ah eh, alam naman ni Liza na nandito ako.”

“Umalis saglit si Liza kasi she had to follow up the tokens for our guests. Hindi pa daw kasi nadeliver. We need to give them at the end of the party. You’re okay? Nageenjoy ka ba?” He softly asked.

“Oo naman. Ang saya ng party at yun mga engineers nyo grabe magbiro. Lalo na yun Japanese.”

“Ah si Engineer Yamagutchi. Yes he’s really funny but also the best in his job. Tara punta na tayo sa table natin ng makakain na tayo. I’m starving.”

He led her to their table where Minerva, Richard’s parents and Richard’s friend Atty Ryan Molina was also seated. Liza joined them too

Richard was so attentive of her. He even scooped some food on her plate which embarrassed Maya.

“Richard kaya ko na. Wag na.” But she caught the woman who was at the ladies room awhile ago staring at them so she just allowed Richard. She thinks that it was a part of his plan.

But as the party went on, she felt uncomfortable with the sharp gaze and insulting laughter of Richard’s ex and her companion. It also didn’t help that Richard seemed not to notice them or was just pretending that he didn’t.

That’s the reason why she requested to leave.


“What? Show natin? Apektado? Go for the kill? What are you talking about Maya?” He was really clueless.

“Yun ex mo! Mukhang naiinis sya ng makita kang may kasamang iba. Ibig sabihin nun eh may feelings pa sya sa’yo. Kaya effective yun plano mong paselosin siya. Aba nakakaproud din yun sa akin ha! Imagine pinagselosan ako ng ganung kagandang babae.” She exaggeratedly acted like she was so happy for him, like it was fine for her to be used to make his ex jealous. She was even laughing.

But Richard wasn’t amused at all.

“Akala mo yun ang reason why inimbita kita? You were thinking I brought you here to make her jealous? Iniisip mo na ginamit kita?” He looked hurt and upset.

Natigilan si Maya.

“Ah eh hindi ba ganun yun plan mo? ”

“Maya I invited you because I wanted you by my side. She wasn’t even expected at the party and I’ve instructed Liza not to invite her but she invited herself and I couldn’t do anything about it. Whatever she’s doing there, kung inis man siya o hindi, kung sino man ang kausap nya, I don’t care. Nakalimutan ko nga na she was there. I’m enjoying myself with you para mapansin ko pa na nandun sya.”

Maya was quiet. She couldn’t react to everything Richard said and he seemed angry.

“Halika na. Ihatid na kita.”

Sensing the sudden change in Richard’s mood, Maya kept quiet as they left the venue.

Richard was still quiet and Maya was already feeling bad for what she said, what she assumed. Richard was obviously mad.

“Richard, sorry na. Mali na ako. Wag ka nang magalit. Huy…”

He just stared at her and she saw his sullen face.

She added again, “Kasi naman hindi mo naman sya nakwento sakin kaya di ko alam…”

But before she was able to say more, Richard parked the car at the side of the road.

“She’s not that important to be part of our conversations Maya. Di ko na naisip na kailangan kong sabihin sa’yo because I was always having so much  fun whenever I’m with you. But if you want to know about her, yes she was my girlfriend for 2 years but she broke up with me three months ago and she’s getting married to a friend of mine. Yes yun ang reason why I’ve been drinking every night at your place of work. I loved her that much but when I met you, you turned my life around and made me totally forget about her.”


“I enjoyed being with you Maya. The first encounter we had, when I did something wrong to you, hindi ako natahimik nun. Sobrang masama yun pakiramdam ko knowing that I’ve offended you. When you accepted my apology, i was really thankful but what made me happiest is when we became friends. Sa halos 2 months natin as friends, there was never a dull moment with you Maya. I was always looking forward to seeing you. When we’re together, halos ayokong matapos yun oras. You always make me smile. You make me feel good kahit anong sama pa ng araw ko. Then this party? I was excited to invite you kasi gusto kong makilala ka nina Mama at Papa at I would like to introduce you to all my colleagues who were wondering why I’ve been having the positive disposition lately. I wanted to show them the reason for my being happy which also affected them kasi nabawasan daw yun kasungitan ko.”

She was just staring at him. She felt sorry for what she thought of him. She doesn’t even know what to say.

“I invited you because I want you by my side. Gusto ko na kasama kita when I celebrate my accomplishments, yun success ng LAS. Gusto ko na maipadama sa’yo how happy I am that you’re with me. Using you to spite my former girlfriend never crossed my mind Maya.”

“Richard I’m sorry na. Wag ka nang magalit. Nahihiya na ako sa pinagsasabi ko. I’m sorry mali yun mga naiisip ko. Kasi… basta sorry na.”

He nod his head. “Hindi naman ako galit. Nagtatampo lang kasi inisip m na gagawin ko yun sa’yo.”

“Sorry na nga. Babawi ako para wag ka nang magtampo.”She smiled brightly at him which made Richard smile now.

“Really? Paano ka naman babawi?” he was smiling now.

“Dun sa bahay. Papakainin kita ng ginawa kong salad. Dadalhan sana kita kanina kaso party naman yun pupuntahan natin kaya di na ako nagdala. Pero since di ka naman kumain ng marami sa party, sa bahay na lang. Okay na ba yun?”

“Anything Maya. Basta ikaw, kahit ano pa yan.”

“So I’m forgiven na? Di ka na galit?”

“Hindi nga ako galit. Nagtatampo lang.”

“Talaga ha!”

“Oo nga! Kulit!”

“Sige na nga paakap na lang sa matampuhin kong kaibigan.” Then Maya proceeded to hug Richard, a move which surprised him too.


At Maya’s place while having salad, Richard and Maya were watching the sports news when an actor-athlete’s face suddenly flashed on TV.

Maya was watching intently while Richard had the annoyed look on his face.

After his feature on TV, Maya giddily explained to Richard who that celebrity is.

Richard just listened poker-faced. But Maya didn’t notice it but continued talking.

“Ang galing talaga nyang si Jeff Macavinta. Top businessman na nga, may napakagandang fiancee pa. Maswerte sila sa isa’t isa. Alam mo ba Ricky, yun fiancee nya raw eh umuwi pa galing ng New York para samahan siya dito.” Maya was blabbering nonstop while Ricky was just nodding his head once in a while and trying his best to smile.

“Maya I have to go ahead. Balikan ko na dun sa party kasi ako magbibigay ng awards ng employees at tokens sa guests.” He said the moment Maya finished talking about his fave celebrity. He didn’t even comment on what Maya said.

“Ay oo nga pala. Sige Richard. Salamat sa paghatid. Ingat ka ha! Tawagan mo na lang ako mamaya or bukas.”

“Yes Maya and thank you for being with me.”

Richard left but Maya was totally unaware of Richard’s mood when he left.


“Ano ka ba naman Maya! Si Jeff Macavinta ay yun kinasuhan ng kumpanya ni Richard Lim. Nagnakaw ata sila ng designs ng eroplano. Yun ang narinig ko sa balita.” Emman couldn’t believe that Maya wasn’t aware about Jeff Macavinta and Richard Lim’s rivalry.

“Atsaka Maya yun Jeff na yun lang naman  ang umagaw  sa girlfriend ng kaibigan mo.” Edz added.

“Ha!? Naku kaya pala bad mood ulit si Richard ng umalis sya.”

She was talking to her friends when they arrived and the topic drifted to the celebrity athlete.

“Lagot ka Maya. Magsorry ka na kaya.” Edz suggested.

“Oo magsosorry ako pagtawag nya mamaya or bukas.”

But he didn’t call that night.

He didn’t call the following day.

He actually didn’t call her for the rest of the week which was unusual because he calls Maya daily and visits her at work daily too.

Maya knows galit na nga si Richard.


With the goal to ask forgiveness, Maya bravely went to Richard’s office.

“Liza busy ba si Mr. Lim?”

“Hindi naman po Ma’m Maya. Teka sabihin ko na nandito ka.”

“Ah eh… wag na. Wag mo nang sabihing dumaaan ako. Gusto ko lang makasiguro na wala siyang sakit at okay lang siya.”

“Okay naman po si Sir. Nasa opisina lang siya parati at bihira lumabs ng mga nakaraang araw.”

“Sige Liza, alis na ako. Wag mo nang sabihin na dumaan ako.”

“But Ma’m Maya , Sir Richard pays me to tell him everything. Teka lang tawagin ko.”

But the moment Liza disappeared to inform Richard of her presence, Maya hurriedly left his building premises. She doesn’t know how to face him.

“Where is she Liza?”

“Sir nandito lang po kanina. Ayaw nga nyang ipasabi na dumaan siya kaso tinawag pa rin kita.” Liza was worried that her boss might get mad at her.

Richard remained silent and just shook his head.

“Ok na Liza. I’ll just call her.” He assured his secretary who seemed upset that Maya already left without waiting for him.”



Next Chapter:

“Can i court you Maya?” Richard was nervous when he asked her. 

“Ang tagal tagal ko na kayang hinihintay na tanungin mo yan.” 




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Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 4

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 4

Richard Lim was again waiting for Maya dela Rosa the following day. He didn’t enter the restaurant but just stayed inside his parked car in front of the establishment.

The moment Maya de la Rosa arrived, he immediately saw her and hurriedly gathered the bouquet of flowers he had at the back of his car.

He saw Maya carrying what seemed to be a heavy bag so he tried to help her but she dismissed him.

“Wag na po Mr. Lim. Kaya ko na. Mas maaabala ako kung tutulong pa kayo.”

“This bag you are carrying is heavy. Ako na.”

“Eh heavy pala, akin na kasi.”

But he already successfully got the bag from her and even accompanied her inside the restaurant.

“Mr. Lim okay na po. Salamat!” She said sarcastically. She was not amused to see him at the start of her day.

Her seemingly happy disposition he saw earlier, when she still wasn’t aware of his presence, suddenly turned into annoyance. Her brows were furrowed and he could say that she was trying her best to be polite with him. He just dismissed it and gave her the bouquet of flowers he bought for her.

“Here. This is for you Ms. Dela Rosa.” He had a tentative smile while giving her the flowers.

She could no longer control herself as she didn’t like the attention they are now getting from the early customers of the restaurant.

“Mr. Lim hindi ko tatanggapin yan. Ibigay mo na lang sa iba.”

“But Ms. Dela Rosa, I had this made especially for you. I even personally chose the flowers”

“Bakit sinabi ko ba na bigyan mo ako ng bulaklak?” Her voice is already an octave higher.

“No… but…” he doesn’t know what to say to an agitated lady in front of him.

“Wala akong sakit para bigyan ng bulaklak. Hindi rin tayo close para bigyan nyo ho ako nyan.”

“Ms. dela Rosa, this is my peace offering. Please just give me 10 minutes. We need to talk.”

“Busy po ako at mahalaga ang oras ko hindi kagaya nyo na may oras sa paglalasing.”
He cringed at what she said.

He wasn’t a drunkard.

It only started when he learned that his ex-girlfriend, whom he was still so much in love with, got engaged to another friend.

But his ex was the least of his concerns now.

He is determined to make it up to the lady he violated, he disrespected.

He would do whatever it takes for him to earn her forgiveness.

And bringing flowers is one way to soften any lady’s heart, he thought. But he was wrong.

Maya dela Rosa gave the flowers to Lino even while he was still around. She even told Lino to throw it.

But that didn’t deter him from his intention of earning the forgiveness of Maya dela Rosa.

If he’s lucky, he might even earn her friendship as well.


“Grabe ka naman Maya. Ang ganda kaya nung flowers tapos ipinatapon mo na naman lang.” Emman who already had an exaggerated horrified look on his face even frowned at his best friend.

“Oo nga medyo oa na ata yan inis mo kay Mr. Mabango at Mr. Pogi na si Mr. Lim. Pang limang araw na yang flowers na yan ha at palagi mong ipinapatapon. Mukhang mamahalin pa naman yun mga flowers.” Edz commented.

“Maniniwala na talaga ako na the more you hate, the more you love, este, the more na obvious na he’s your crush.” Emman again added.

“Oy hindi ah! Tigilan nyo nga ako. Kung gusto nyo sainyo na lang yun bulaklak. Ipakuha nyo kay Lino dun sa basurahan.”

Pikon na si Maya as her friends were tag-teaming her.

After that day, when he personally gave Maya the flowers, which unfortunately ended up being thrown, Mr. Richard Lim had been sending various kinds of flowers to Maya’s work place every single day.

It was his driver Joma who was delivering the flowers as Mr. Lim had been busy with work lately.

All these flowers ended up in the trash bin as well.

Though she really wanted to keep the flowers, Maya couldn’t do it coz she will surely get a lot of teasing from her friends.

Mr. Lim’s efforts have been effective in gaining her forgiveness already. In fact she was getting giddy when she remembers that kiss he gave her.

But she is stubborn and didn’t want to admit it. Her pride keeps her from sending a thank you note or even a text message to her regular flower sender.

Everytime Richard Lim sends flowers to her, he tells Joma to ask her for any message for him. He even provides a blank note, a pen and he even regularly attaches his calling card.

He doesn’t care if she throws them with the flowers as well.

But no. Maya doesn’t throw the note and the calling cards that comes with the flowers.

When no one watches, she discreetly retrieves it from the trash and keeps it then reads it over and over again in the confines of her bedroom.


Saturday evening, Valentine’s day.

The restobar was filled with customers and the whole team were so busy tending to orders and making each of their loyal patrons enjoy their stay to celebrate Valentine’s. They even hired an acoustic band to sing the song requests of the customers.

Emman and Edz were at the kitchen preparing the dishes being ordered when Lino came in.

“Emman nandyan yun pinsan mo. Emergency raw.”

“Ha! Hala bakit?” Emman frantically ran towards the entrance of the restobar where his cousin Jona was waiting.

It turned out that Jona’s son, Migs, met an accident and since she was hard up on cash, she needed Emman’s help for the hospital bills. Emman was short in cash as well so he was forced to borrow from Maya and Edz. He could easily replenish it since they will have their salaries in the next two days.

“Uy Maya maraming salamat talaga ha! Promise ibabalik ko agad pagkakuha ko ng sweldo.” Emman was teary eyed as he thanked Maya profusely. His nephew Migs was only 4 and he was so worried of him.

“Ano ka ba Emman. Wag mo na munang isipin yun. Sige na. Samahan nyo na ni Edz si Jona. Ako na ang bahala rito. Ayan may pinahanda rin si Sir James na pagkain para kay Migs. Tapos dumaan ka dun sa kanya kasi may ibibigay daw siya. Sige na Emman. I text mo ako kung anong hospital para makasunod ako pagkatapos ng trabaho dito.” Maya has concern written all over her face. She loves kids since she has a nephew of her own, Cho, who’s the son of her only sister Cristina Rose.

“Maya okay ka lang dito? Sa hospital ka na lang namin hintayin?” Edz asked again. She needs to go with Emman since her ATM card was left at her apartment. She needs to get it to be able to withdraw cash for Emman.

“Oo Edz. Marami naman kami atsaka nandyan si Sir James. Kayang kaya na namin rito.”


It was already 1 am and he was already getting sleepy when he saw her emerging from the restobar alone. He immediately got out of his car. And she immediately saw him. She reverted to her ‘annoyed-of-him’ front again.

“At ano na naman ang ginagawa mo dito Mr. Lim?” She said in a raised voice.

“Ah eh…I was hoping to invite you out… for coffee sana earlier kanina. I thought you will be out early.” He sheepishly replied.

“Sa tingin mo sasama ako sayo? Atsaka Mr. Lim di ba may kape rin kami dito?”

“Well, pwede namang iba na lang. If you don’t want coffee, sa ice cream shop, or tea house, or donut shop. Anywhere you like.” He was really nervous and he doesn’t even know why Maya de la Rosa has that effect on him.

“Mr.Lim salamat na lang sa imbitasyon mo pero nagmamadali ako. Wala akong panahon makipagkulitan.” Then she was flailing her arms to hail a taxi completely ignoring him.

“Hatid na kita sainyo. Mahirap maghanap ng taxi ngayon.” He volunteered but Maya pretended not to hear and continued extending her arms to hail the cabs passing by.

He sighed and just stared at her.

She was getting frustrated. It’s past 2am already and at 2:30 her other workmates and boss James will find out that she’s still looking for a cab. They were volunteering earlier to bring her to the hospital where Emman’s nephew was confined but she was too adamant to decline. Maya never liked getting favors from anyone.

Sensing her frustration, Richard offered again. “Ms.dela Rosa, halika na. Ihatid na kita. It’s getting late and you need to rest after a long day’s work. I’m sure pagod na pagod kayo sa dami ng customers nyo. Gusto ko lang makabawi sa napakalaking atraso ko sa’yo. Please?”

She stared at him and saw sincerity in his eyes.

He added, “And I won’t do anything foolish. Hindi ako nakainom at takot rin kaya ako na masipa mo ulit.”

That made her smile a bit. He liked that. She was softening up  already.

“Halika I’ll bring you home. Saan ba yun bahay nyo?”

“Sige pero walang kapalit ha! Ikaw ang nagpumilit.”

“Of course wala. Ako nga yun may atraso di ba?”

She nodded her head.

“Sige payag ako pero hindi ako sa bahay magpapahatid. Sa St. Luke’s. Nakaconfine kasi yun pamangkin ng katrabaho ko. Okay lang ba sa’yo?

“No problem Ms. dela Rosa. Anything mapatawad mo lang ako.”

He gave her his lopsided smile which caught her heart off-guard.

She wasn’t able to stop herself from giving him a smile as well.

“Ayan marunong ka naman palang ngumiti.” He was staring at her.

“Pwede sa daan ka lang tumingin Mr. Lim. Baka mamaya nyan maaksidente tayo.”

“Oo na po Ms. dela Rosa. And please just call me Richard.”

“Hindi ko gagawin yan Mr. Lim at wag nang magpumilit at baka mag-expire yun kabaitan ko sa’yo.”

“Okay I’ll be quiet na”


When they arrived at the hospital, Maya thanked Richard and asked him to leave. She didn’t want her friends to find out that he accompanied her.

“No I’ll just stay here. I’ll wait for you. Di ka naman pwedeng mag-stay sa hospital without your things. Sige na. I’ll just take a nap.”

“Ang kulit mo! Bahala ka na nga dyan kung umagahin ako sa taas. Wag mo akong sisisihin.”

“No I won’t. Sige na hinihintay ka na ata nila.”

But Richard Lim was right. Maya couldn’t stay in the hospital. Emman was no longer there. He went home to their province to ask his parents to ask for additional cash.  Edz already went home. Jona and her husband were left with their son Migs and Maya is not that close with Emman’s cousin. It would be awkward to stay for the night.

She wasn’t able to contact Edz and Emman because her phone went dead even before she finished her shift in the restobar.


Before proceeding home Richard suggested to have coffee. Maya agreed for she knows that he needs it so he can stay awake while driving.

As they were waiting for their orders…

“Why are you such a man hater?”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Excuse me Mr. Lim. Wag mong idadamay yun iba. Isa lang ang hated ko at ikaw yun.”

“Di ba I said sorry already? Why do you hate me that much?”

She just stared sharply at him.

“Okay okay. I get it. Dahil sa kiss. Ganito na lang para you won’t feel na lugi ka. Gantihan mo na lang ako by doing that to me also. At least quits na tayo.” He maintained a serious innocent-looking face

He was amused with Maya already.

“Eh siraulo ka pala talaga!”

“Hey hey! I don’t get it why you women always talk about equality. You say that everything a man does, a woman could also do it. Pero sa ganitong pagkakataon it is always a man’s fault. Di ba it’s logical na para makaganti ka sa akin, eh di just kiss me too. Quits na tayo.”

He was trying so hard to hide his smile.

He knows that the moment Maya decided to take his offer for a ride to the hospital then on her way home, she had already forgiven him. She just wouldn’t admit it.



Next Chapter:

“Miss Liza busy ba si Mr. Lim?”

“Hindi naman po Ms. dela Rosa. Teka sabihin ko na nandito ka.”

“Ah eh… wag na. Wag mo nang sabihing dumaaan ako. Gusto ko lang makasiguro na wala siyang sakit at okay lang siya.”

“Okay naman po si Sir. Nasa opisina lang siya parati at bihira lumabs ng mga nakaraang araw.”

“Sige Ms. Liza, alis na ako. Wag mo nang sabihin na dumaan ako.”

“But Ms. dela Rosa, Sir Richard pays me to tell him everything. Teka lang tawagin ko.”

But the moment Liza disappeared to inform Mr. Lim of her presence, Maya hurriedly left his building premises. She doesn’t know how to face him.





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Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 3

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile – 3

“Grabe talaga Edz, Emman kung nakita nyo yun lalaki, malamang maaawa kayo. Nasapul ng sipa ni Maya dito oh.” Lino was animatedly demonstrating to Edz and Emman what happened the night before. Edz had the look of worry on her face, worry for her friend Maya, while Emman cringed imagining how it must have hurt being hit by a solid kick by Maya.

“Eh Lino bakit nasipa ni Maya? Nanggulo ba? Si Mang Lem anong ginawa? Si Maya naman kasi. Sinabihan ko nang wag magovertime ang tigas ng ulo.”

“Nangulit yun customer kasi gusto pang uminom eh pasarado na nga kami. Tapos…” but before Lino could say more Maya already arrived and gave him a warning glare.

“Ang tsismoso mo naman Lino. Atsaka bakit maaga ka? Mamaya pa ang shift mo di ba?” Maya said as she settled her things in her locker.

“Si Maya talaga. Sinusungitan mo na naman ako.” complained Lino.

“Ang daldal mo kasi. Sa totoo lang, hindi nakakatuwa.” Maya obviously was still in a bad mood.

She wasn’t able to sleep properly last night. She can’t forget what happened and she was still pissed.

“Maya relax ka lang. Ang init ng ulo mo. Ano ba kasing nangyari? Edz wanted to hear it from Maya herself.

She regretted leaving her behind last night. Even if Maya wasn’t hurt, Edz couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“Wala Edz, okay na. Naturuan ko na ng leksyon yun bastos na customer. Teka dumating na ba si Sir James?” Maya tried to change the topic and sensing her annoyance, Edz didn’t insist on it anymore.

“Wala pa eh. Pero okay na ata si Lance kasi tinawagan ako ni Sir kanina para iremind yun orders at narinig ko na sa background si Lance. Mukhang makulit na naman.

“Salamat naman. Alalang alala yun si Sir James kagabi. Edz kumusta kanina? Marami bang customers? Si Emman kasi kailangan nyang magluto ng orders ng callcenter dyan sa tabi natin. May seminar sila at tayo ang kinuha na magcater ng lunch nila. Kakayanin ba natin? Sana walang masyadong customers kasi baka kulangin tayo ng staff.”

“Kaninang breakfast Maya medyo marami pero kakayanin naman natin kahit maraming pumasok kapag lunch. Parating na rin ata si Sir James eh. Si Emman tapos na rin yun mga ibang dishes nya so kaya natin to.” Edz assured her.

“Sige kaya yan!” Maya agreed.


They were busily serving their customers when suddenly the same guy Maya encountered last night entered the restaurant. He looked freshly showered and he was wearing a pink long sleeves which matched his pants and shoes and he undoubtedly looked so handsome. The guard in charge during the day, Bugoy wasn’t familiar with him so he didn’t prevent the customer from getting in.

He was standing as if searching for someone when Edz readily met him and assisted him towards a vacant table. Edz knew that he was their regular customer during the night but she wasn’t aware that he was the same guy Maya was so angry with.

Some of the girls in the restaurant were discreetly glancing at him and gushing.

He just sat and smiled at Edz while checking the menu. After ordering and when Edz left, his eyes resumed scanning the place, looking for the lady from last night.

Richard Lim was there to apologize.


“Maya another order of Emman’s lasagna at yun iced tea natin para dun sa napakagwapo at napakabangong customer natin.” Edz was giddy while handing over the order slip to Maya and Emman.

Maya decided to help Emman in the kitchen since her foul mood might annoy their customers.

Even James got worried of her when he learned of what happened last night. He just calmed down when he learned that Maya literally brought the customer down on his knees. But after what happened, James had additional security measures in mind already.

“Hay naku Edselyn, sino na naman yan? Ikaw talaga napakaraming crush.”

“Naku Maya baka kung makita mo makipag-agawan ka pa sa’kin. Customer natin siya palagi pero tuwing gabi lang. Naalala mo yun….”

Before Edz could finish Lino came rushing in.

“Naku Maya nandyan yun bastos na customer na humalik sa’yo kagabi!”

Edz and Emman had shocked expressions. They didn’t know the entire story so they weren’t aware that the customer kissed Maya. They didn’t even know which customer.

This enraged Maya, who, without thinking twice barged outside of the kitchen and right towards the table where Richard Lim was seated.

Richard Lim immediately stood up when he saw Maya approaching him. He tentatively smiled at Maya whose brows were furrowed and fist clenched on her sides.

“Miss can we talk?” he had that remorseful look on his face.

Maya didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to make a scene so she grabbed the customer’s hand and dragged him towards the storage room at the back of their kitchen. She even closed the storage room so that Emman, Edz and Lino won’t be able to hear them.

Emman, Edz and Lino couldn’t do anything. They were no match to an agitated Maya. James was clueless to what’s happening for he was inside his office reviewing orders and deliveries.

“Sir di pa po ba malinaw na hindi na kayo pwede dito. Siguro po kung may delikadeza kayo at alam nyong nakaagrabyado kayo ng tao, dapat hindi na kayo pumunta pa dito.”

“Miss don’t call me Sir. My name is Richard Lim. Just call me Richard. I am here to apologize. I didn’t see you so I decided to order and eat while waiting for you.”

“Sir kung talagang sorry kayo eh sana hinintay nyo na walang masyadong tao at hindi yun uupo pa kayo at ano? magsosorry ka sa harap ng maraming tao tapos kapag hindi ka pinatawad, ako yun masisira, yun negosyo ng boss namin yun masisira? Okay rin po kayo no?”

“Hey Miss hindi ganun. Please calm down.”

“Paano ako kakalma pagkatapos ng ginawa mo kagabi. Alam nyo gustong gusto kong ulitin yun ginawa ko kagabi sa asar ko sainyo.”

“Hey wag ha! Pero Miss I’m really very sorry. I wasn’t myself last night and I might have said things that offended you. I also did something I am so embarrassed of.” Mr. Richard Lim was pleading for Maya to forgive him.

“Okay na. Sige makakaalis ka na po Sir. Marami pa po kasi akong trabaho.”

“I don’t think you have forgiven me already. Galit ka pa eh.”

“Hindi na nga Sir. Atsaka wala na rin naman akong magagawa. Kahit galit ako, eh nangyari na yun at di na natin maibabalik. So oo na po, pinapatawad na kita.”

His face was apologetic and he really regretted what he did.

He was so embarrassed of what he did.

Her forgiveness means a lot to him.

He wanted her to wholeheartedly give it to him.

“Miss, I’m really sorry. I haven’t done anything like that in my entire life. I was just so drunk and wasted.”

“Kaya nga Sir, okay na po. Umalis na kayo kasi nakakaabala kayo sa trabaho ko.”

“You haven’t sincerely forgiven me yet.”

“Hindi naman ganun kadali yun Sir. Siguro kapag hindi na kita makita sa restaurant namin, yun ang time na makakalimutan ko na ang galit at inis ko sainyo at mapatawad ko na kayo.”

“But Miss…”

“Makulit din ho kayo eh. Wala na akong gustong sabihin pa. Paulit ulit na po kayong nagsosorry pero hindi naman po pwede na dapat ibigay ko na agad yun kapatawaran.”

“I understand. Sana lang you won’t remain mad at me for long.” He looked dejected.

“Nandun na siguro yun order ninyo Sir. Don’t worry safe po yun at kahit inis ako sa inyo, hindi nabawaan yun quality ng inorder nyong pagkain.”

“That didn’t cross my mind Miss. Never. And if you are really nauseated with what I did, isipin mo na lang that it was your boyfriend who kissed you. At least mababawasan yun asar mo.” He sincerely suggested.

He thought it would help.

But what he said angered Maya more.

With that very angry look, Maya opened the door and with every ounce of self-restraint she just gestured Mr. Lim to go out which he easily understood.


Richard still the ate food he ordered but he was very much aware of the glances thrown at him by Maya’s co-workers. They were not pleasant glances.

It was his fault and he must suffer the consequences.

Richard Lim is a big boss of his company, the Lim Aviation Services.

He was respected, loved and everyone he knows only had good things to say about him.

He never had any enemies in his personal life or even in business.

He was a gentleman and he highly respected women.

These were the reasons why he could also not forego what he did.

That’s why he was highly affected that someone despised him so much.

It was the first time he acted ungentlemanly and he couldn’t forgive himself.

“Edz bakit ba kasi galit pa si Maya eh nagsorry na naman sa kanya yun customer?” Ruby was whispering to Edz but it was loud enough for Mr. Lim to hear.

“Shhh Ruby wag kang maingay. Mas magalit pa si Maya nyan eh.”

“Sayang kasi Edz. Regular customer natin yan atsaka ang gwapo kaya.”

Emman who was also whispering joined them “Kasi po Ruby, ninakawan nya ng halik si Mayabels!”

“Ha!? Hala! Kaya pala. Naku hindi talaga siya mapapatawad nun lalo na’t wala pa namang first kiss si Maya.” Ruby now understood why their friend was very angry at their customer.

Emman and Edz just gave Ruby their ‘now you should understand’ look.

Richard heard it and it worsened his guilt. It made him feel like a complete jerk.

Now he needs to exert much effort to make it up to the lady whom he finds extremely attractive, intriguing and different.


Next Chapter:

“Wala akong sakit para bigyan ng bulaklak. Hindi rin tayo close para bigyan nyo ho ako nyan.”

“Ms. dela Rosa, this is my peace offering. Please just give me 10 minutes.”

“Busy po ako at mahalaga ang oras ko hindi kagaya nyo na may oras sa paglalasing.”

He cringed at what she said.

He wasn’t a drunkard.

It only started when he learned that his ex girlfriend, whom he was still so much in love with, got engaged to another friend.

But his ex was the  least of his concerns now.

He is determined to make it up to the lady he violated, he disrespected.

He would do that whatever it takes for him to earn her forgiveness.

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 2

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile – 2

Maya was stunned. She couldn’t react for she was drawn to the forceful kiss of this handsome but very drunk guy.

Lino and Mang Lem stood frozen too.

As he slowly disengaged from the kiss, the guy had a silly grin on his flushed-from-intoxication and flushed-from-the-kiss face.

He doesn’t even know why he felt warm all of a sudden after kissing the talkative yet very lovely lady in front of him.

“There! Now you stopped talking and those lips of yours are….”

“Pak!” a solid punch went straight to his jaw that caused him to lose his balance and go staggering on the floor.

“Bastos!”A red and very angry Maya de la Rosa hit the stranger with full force. She was about to give a kick to the guy on the floor when Lino and Mang Lem stopped her.

“Uy Maya wag!”

“Maya tama na!”

Mang Lem helped the guy stand up.

“Eh ang bastos naman kasi.”

“Hey hindi ako bastos and what did you do that for? Why did you hit me?” he was caressing his jaw. “That was solid. Ang sakit nun ha!”

“Bagay yan sa’yo! Pwede ba Mr. Bastos umuwi ka na.”

“I’m not bastos… and it’s your mouth’s fault.. it enticed me to be kissed. Ang galaw kasi.”

Then he grinned again which angered Maya all the more that she kicked his shin and was about to kick his groin which made him panic..

“Hey wag! Not there!” He shouted. Alarmed. His chinky eyes suddenly rounded in fear.

“Yan ang bagay sa mga kagaya mo.” Maya couldn’t calm down. She was shaking in anger.

“Miss, sayang ang lahi ko if I won’t be able to have children if you kick me there.” He said while shielding it from her.

“Ang mga tulad mo hindi dapat magka-anak. Kawawa ang magiging anak at asawa mo.”

“Hey wag kang magsasalita ng ganyan, maraming manghihinayang if hindi dadami ang lahi ko. Who knows baka we’ll end up together sige ka. Hindi tayo magkakaanak and you won’t enjoy making babies either if I would be decapacitated. Baka this meeting of ours is what is called serendipity. Baka we will really end up together.” His eyes were glassy from being drunk yet there was the naughty glint as he admired the lady in front whom he finds so attractive.

“WE WILL NOT!” and she delivered the kick she was supposed to deliver earlier right into that spot between his legs which caused him to curl up in pain and once again fall on the floor.

“Hala ka Maya! Ang sakit kaya nun.” Lino was grimacing as he could imagine the pain Maya’s kick must have caused their drunk customer.

“Tama yan sa’yo!” She was still glaring at the man curled up on the floor, eyes burning with anger.

“You are so violent Miss. Nakakatakot ka.” He managed to comment while still holding his groin.

“Lino pakikuha na ng taxi etong lalaking to at ipahatid mo na sa bahay nya at baka kung ano pa ang magawa ko.”

But as Lino was on his way out to get a cab, two policemen entered the establishment.

Mang Lem dialed the police station earlier  for protection when their customer was already becoming insistent and wouldn’t stop demanding for additional drinks.

Mang Lem managed to help their customer get seated on one of their cushioned seats as the two policemen approached where Maya and the customer was.

“Ma’m, Ser ano pong problema?” one of the policemen inquired.

Mang Lem was the one who answered. “Okay na po. Kanina kasi makulit na etong customer namin pero okay na po Ser. Kung pwede ipahatid na lang namin sa inyo kasi lasing na. Baka maaksidente or makaaksidente pa sa daan.”

As the two policemen were trying to guide him to stand up, the customer pushed them, not wanting to be touched or helped.

“I can take care of myself. Keep your hands off me. Wag nyo akong hawakan.” Being helped by two policemen didn’t sit well with him and it gave an additional bruise to his ego after being beaten single-handedly by the lovely lady in front of him.

“Ser tulungan na namin kayo. Mukhang napuruhan yata kayo eh.”

“I said keep your hands off me or I will call the cops.” he was staggering yet was trying to stand on his own.

“Cops na po kami Ser at nakakaistorbo na po kayo. Ihatid na po namin kayo sa bahay nyo. Ano po yun address nyo?”

“And why would I give my address to strangers?” His voice rose. He was now very drunk. The effects of alcohol is being more visible.

“Ay ser kung hindi nyo po ibibigay yun address nyo, mapipilitan po kami na dalhin kayo sa presinto para antayin na bumaba yun kalasingan nyo. Dun na po muna kayo magpahinga tapos bukas po, ihahatid namin kayo.”

“Ikukulong nyo ako? Ano bang kaso ko?

“Ay hindi po Ser. Hindi namin kayo ikukulong. Dun lang kayo magpapalipas sa opisina namin kasi delikado kung magmamaneho kayo at di rin namin alam kung saan kayo pwedeng ihatid.” The policeman patiently explained.

Maya was smirking and shaking her head, annoyed at the drunk customer.

“Sige na po mga chief, dalhin nyo na po yan at kailangan na naming magsara. Kanina pa dapat kami nakauwi eh istorbo naman tong manyakis na to.” Maya was still very angry.

The customer stared at her again and smiled naughtily.

This infuriated Maya even more. “Chief ikulong nya na nga yan. Ako ang magrereklamo. Bastos ang taong yan. O pwede na yang rason para ikulong di ba?”

The customer, still not removing his chinky yet tipsy eyes from Maya as he addressed the policemen…

“Sige ikulong nyo na ako. I won’t protest. I don’t give a damn if you detain me the whole night or even the whole week or even the whole year. I don’t have a home to return to anyway. Besides I don’t regret having kissed her. It made me forget all the bad things that happened to me the past weeks. It’s the first time I felt good or rather excited in weeks. So i just don’t care.” then he smiled again while recalling the kiss she gave the lady in front of him.

“Maniac! Pervert! Bastos!” Maya was about to hit him again but the policemen prevented her from doing more harm.

Mang Lem and Lino held Maya’s arms too. They know that a very angry Maya could be lethal.

The policemen led the customer to their waiting patrol car.

They left with the drunk Chinito customer who wouldn’t stop talking about what he felt kissing the lovely lady he met.


“Maya nakakatakot ka naman. Kawawa yun tao.” Mang Lem said as he was locking the front door of the restobar.

“Naku Mang Lem dapat lang yun sa kanya. Konti nga lang yun ginawa ko.”

“Konti pa yun Maya eh halos di na makatayo yun tao sa sipa mo. Lagot ka kapag nahimasmasan yun at nagdemanda.” Lino joined in.

“Eh di magdemanda siya. Siya nga tong bastos. Nanggigigil ako Lino!”

“Kalma ka lang. Wala na yun tao eh. Atsaka gwapo naman at malinis. Mabango. Magalit ka kung napakapangit at napakabaho yun humalik sa’yo.” Lino grinned.

“Gusto mo atang isunod sa nasipa ko Lino?” Maya warned.

“Ay hindi naman Maya. Wag namang ganyan. Ang sa akin lang naman eh hindi ka naman lugi sa kanya. Ang gwapo kaya. Lasing lang pero gwapo at mukhang mayaman. Parang tinamaan nga ata sa’yo eh.”

“Isa pa talaga Lino. Ikaw ata ang gustong matamaan.”

“Ang sungit mo naman Maya. Atsaka wag mo nga akong tinatakot. Kakampi mo ako.” Lino explained.

“Lino tigilan mo na yan si Maya. Matagal tagal na rin nyang hindi nagagamit ang pagiging black belter nya sa karate. Sige ka.”

“Naku salamat sa pagpapaalala Mang Lem. Tatahimik na po. Maya peace tayo ha.”

“Ewan ko sa’yo Lino. Tara na nga uwi na tayo. Mang Lem kayo na pong bahala rito.”

“Sige Maya, Lino. Ingat kayo.”

“Sila ang mag-ingat kay Maya” Lino commented.


Maya was seething in anger as she laid down in bed in her small apartment just a few minutes drive from her workplace.

She couldn’t forget the scene earlier.

Lino was right. The guy looked handsome. He dressed well. He seemed like an educated person. He also smelled good despite being drunk. But he is still a pervert she told herself.

But it could have been worse if another customer, who is exactly the opposite of their customer earlier, kissed her.

She couldn’t seem to forget the kiss he gave her.

She was touching her lips.

She couldn’t understand why she felt something when he kissed her.

As if he had awakened something in her.

If circumstances of their meeting were different, she might even have a crush on him or even wished that he would kiss her.

He really looked so good even if she denied it.

His face wouldn’t leave her thoughts and even thinking of the kiss gives her goosebumps.

But she knows she should be mad.

The guy got something very sacred from her.

The guy stole her very first kiss and Maya dela Rosa is totally pissed.


Next Chapter:

“I’m really sorry Ms. de la Rosa. I wasn’t myself that night and I might have said things that offended you. I also did something I am so embarrassed of.” Mr. Richard Lim was pleading for Maya to forgive him.

“Okay na. Sige makakaalis ka na po Sir. Marami pa po kasi akong trabaho.”

“I don’t think you have forgiven me already. Galit ka pa eh.”

“Hindi na nga Sir. Atsaka wala na rin naman akong magagawa. Kahit galit ako, eh nangyari na yun at di na natin maibabalik. So oo na po, pinapatawad na kita.”

His face was apologetic and he really regretted what he did. 

He was so embarrassed of what he did. 

Her forgiveness means a lot to him.

He wanted her to wholeheartedly give it to him.





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