PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 13 (Finale)


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Here goes….


Carlo had been selflessly taking care of Amor and Sunshine. After that dinner and talk they had, Amor had finally accepted everything. It would be easier to move on and she still has Sunshine to think about anyway.

For the past years, they have been like a normal happy family.

Amor was always inspired to do something for the people she loves. She made it a point to take good care of them. It was his way to ease her loneliness brought about by missing Philip.

“The biggest drug organization in Shanghai finally fell in the hands of the joint operations of the interpol and FBI.  The leader Han Lee was discovered to have been running his illegal operations in various countries despite being held in the QinCheng prison.”

The news in CNN brought relief to Carlo Asuncion.

This was what he’s been waiting for. He now can finally move forward. Amor and Sunshine would finally have a family.

They are finally safe.

He wasted no time to push through with the wedding. It had been long overdue and now that everything is cleared, he knew he owes it to the woman he’s always been in love with all these years.


The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

“Ate do i have to throw the flowers like this?”

“Yes baby. Pero slowly ka lang sa paglakad ha so you wouldn’t trip.”

“I will be careful Ate.”

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.


The wedding a few weeks ago had been a very happy event..

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.

For many years Philip always suffered. He grew up without his mother’s loving care. He grew up with his father and was forced against his will to continue their illegal business.

Life had been so hard for Philip.

He never had a normal childhood and after he got separated from his brother and mother, he resented both for a couple of years until he finally accepted his fate of being left with his father.

Philip had been quiet for the past days already and Lily knows the reason.

Though her Boss had never talked about it, she very well knew that his heart always belonged to the doe-eyed lady who never failed to make him smile when they were together in Shanghai.


Lily had someone in the event who reported everything to her.

Her Boss Philip wanted to know everything despite the pain he felt. He’s happy for his brother and Amor and it’s not anybody’s fault that things turned out that way. It was their fate.

What’s important now is that his daughter would grow up with a normal family and that the only love of his life would have someone to take care of her, someone without a bad past, someone who’s not flawed. Amor deserves his brother and only Carlo could make her happy. Only Carlo could give her everything she deserves and needs.



Philip was still inside his room when Lily knocked. He spent most of his time alone in his room for the past days. He should have been happy with the transfer of Han Lee and his men to . a prison in the States. His transfer would mean that Philip is finally safe and free. But he never felt excited about it. He doesn’t have anyone to be with anyway and they all knew that he’s dead.

“Boss…” Lily suddenly cut in his reverie. She was doing her regular visit to her Boss Philip. He was still housed in a mansion with two helpers, and around 5 guards. It was a part of his program

She found him reading a book in his bedroom but he was a total mess – unmade bed, he’s still in his pajamas, coffee cup which is still filled with coffee but obviously made hours ago….”

“Yes Lily?”

“Boss are you okay? Maysakit ka? Ang kalat ng kwarto mo. I’ll ask them to clean it. Please stay at the other room first.”

“I’m okay Lily. I just got so preoccupied reading my book.” there was annoyance in his tone.

“But Boss you have visitors.”

“If they’re from the Interpol or police again kindly tell them that I’m not feeling well.”

“Boss… it’s not them…

Lily hasn’t finished what she was saying when they heard voices outside his room.

Then suddenly his door opened and Carlo carrying 3 year old Sunshine came in. He was beaming. Sunshine upon seeing her dad hurriedly went down her Tito Carlo’s arms and ran to her dad. She embraced the surprised Philip, who in return hugged his daughter tightly.

“Daddy! You really look like Tito Carlo po.” his daughter’s small fingers were poking his face.

“Hello my dear brother.” Carlo went near him to also give him a hug.

“What? How?…” Was all he could say.

“Long story Philip but we have all the time to talk about that. You’re free now Philip. I am very happy.”

“Tito Carlo will daddy come with us and mommy?” Sunshine’s tiny voice asked.

“Yes baby. Daddy will come with us, right daddy?” and Carlo again gave his brother a warm smile.

“I’m confused here. You knew I was alive? How?”

“Boss I’m sorry.” It was Lily. “All these years I’ve been in contact with Sir Carlo, Miss Amor and your dad. I believe it was the right thing to do Boss.”

“All these years?”

“Yes Philip. I’ve been monitoring you too. And Amor…  she’s the one who has been sending you clothes, food, books… and yes that one you’re reading… she spent hours in the bookstore choosing that one. Maganda ba?”

“Carlo.. I don’t know what to say.. Well congrats… I mean I’m happy for you and Amor, for your wedding. Lily told me…I wanted to give you something.. but…”

“It’s okay Philip. I’m beyond happy with the wedding. Finally it happened. But I think you also deserve to be happy and someone certainly deserves it too…” then he smiled again.

Then came in Amor who was shyly smiling at Philip.

Carlo gathered Sunshine in his arms and carried her outside the room. Lily already went out ahead of them

“Let’s leave mommy and daddy first Sunshine okay…”

The little girl just nodded and smiled.


“Philip…I .. I missed you.”

“Amor..” now Philip’s tears had made it’s way down his cheeks. He had to use every ounce of self control not to cry but he couldn’t help it. They were both silently crying as they held each other in a tight embrace.

When they disengaged, he sat down and Amor sat atop his lap. She was wiping Philip’s tear-streaked cheeks with her fingers.

“You look thin Philip. Hindi mo kinakain yun mga pinapadala ko?”

“I’m eating them Amor. Sana nalaman ko na it was from you.”

Then she gently held his face and caressed his cheeks, his eyes, his nose…”Namiss ko ang mukhang to. You are a really lousy actor in pretending to be a jerk you know that?”

“I was a jerk.”

“No you are not Mr. Tang. You are the most loving, selfless, kind-hearted, and handsome person I know.”

“Just like Carlo..”

“Carlo is different… You guys are different.” she smiled still staring a Philip while still seated on his lap.

Upon realization, Philip suddenly stood up and made Amor stand as well.

“Dun na tayo sa labas. It’s inappropriate to be staying here alone together.”

“Inappropriate? We already have a daughter Philip.”

“Amor, my brother is a kind person but I still know my boundaries”

“Mr. Tang kung ano ano ang sinasabi, halika magbihis ka na para makalabas na tayo dun. I’ll help you…” then before Philip could protest, Amor was already able to remove his shirt. She was now choosing his clothes inside his cabinet…”Ang kalat naman ng gamit mo. Di you love these clothes? Pinili ko to and alam kong bagay sila sa’yo. Here wear this one para hindi masyadong mahalata na payat ka. Naku, papatabain kita Mr. Tang.”

“Hey ako na. Nakakahiya. Mauna ka na dun.”

“Sige na Philip, I’ll wait here. I dont want you out of my sight.”

“Amor naman eh…” then he finished changing his clothes.

“Halika ka na nga sa labas para makilala mo pa yung ibang kasama namin.” Amor held Philip’s arms as if not wanting to let go. Philip felt uneasy but he just allowed her. He’s sure that his brother won’t take it against them.

As they went out the garden area of the mansion,  Carlo was there, his daughter Abby, Lily, Sunshine…

“Philip I want you to meet my wife, Cecilia. You know her di ba? Finally we were able to renew our vows. Tapos eto yun daughter namin si Abby. and a little buddy in there.” Cecilia is 3 months pregnant.

There was a shocked expression in Philip’s face. All the while he thought that it was Amor whom Carlo married.

“What could I say… Congratulations Carlo, Cecilia… I am so happy really… Abby  you’ll be a wonderful Ate again. Even si Sunshine ate na rin…”

“C’mon Philip, all these time you thought kami ni Amor di ba?” Carlo was teasing him.

“Naku Philip, never kami  nyan bagay ng kakambal mo. It was always his wife whom he’s been constantly thinking about.”

“Yes and si Amor naman hindi matigil kakatingin ng old pictures nyo Philip.”

They enjoyed that simple celebration – of Philip’s freedom, of Carlo and Cecilia’s wedding, of their new baby and simply celebrated being one solid and happy family.


“So Mr. Tang are you happy? Ang lungkot mo kanina pagdating namin ha.” Amor asked Philip.

They were having coffee at the veranda of the mansion. He would still be staying for a few more days until all his papers are cleared.  Amor and Sunshine were with him. Carlo’s family already left for the States where their dad was already living. It was Amor’s staff Roma Christie and Peter who took care of everything in the States.

They would be following as well.

It would be safer and they also wanted to be close to each other. The brothers decided that it’s about time that their kids stay close to each other.

“I’m very happy Amor. Thank you. Akala ko I would be living alone. I thought I’m not capable of being loved by the only woman whom my heart beats for.”

“Hey… di ba I told you before that I chose  to be with you. Kahit naman ng alam kong patay ka na, you’ve always owned my heart, wala namang iba.”

“I know that. Thank you for giving me Sunshine. Thank you for never giving up kahit ano pa mana ng nakaraan ko…”

“Philip… what’s not to love? Ako nga dapat magpasalamat that you’ve also accepted my past.  Mahal na mahal kita Mr. Tang.”


“You’re doubting me?”

“No but prove it…” then he gave her a naughty smile.

“Ay naku Mr. Tang we can’t. Dun tayo matutulog with Sunshine, di ba?”

“Then why don’t we do it now before sleeping with Sunshine. The couch is big Amor and no one comes here. Nandun sila sa quarters sa baba.”

“Ano ka ba Philip!!! Baka mauna na naman ang baby nyan. Dapat kasal muna.”

“Pwede namang sabay gaya nina Carlo, di ba?”

“Mr. Tang kasal na dati sina Carlo. They just renewed their vows.”

“Ang dami mo namang excuses. Ayaw mo lang yata.”

“Siyempre gusto!”

He grinned naughtily… “Let’s go then. Tapos pagdating nating ng States, let’s get married at once..”

“Gusto ko yan Philip. I’d love to be your wife. Pero magpropose ka naman ng maayos ha.”

“Yes Amor but now let’s take care of other immediate concerns muna”

And he easily scooped a surprised shrieking Amor in his arms and went to the direction of the guestroom just beside his bedroom.

They couldn’t do it on the couch kasi baka magising si Sunshine.


Finally they were back in each other’s arms


A/N  : Happy ending yan ha!







PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 12


At dahil nagloloko pa rin ang aking twitter app (na hindi na nakakatuwa!), another update….


Carlo immediately proceeded to the veranda where Amor was. He just arrived from China.

“Carlo how was the flight?”

“May turbulence lang ng konti pero it was manageable. I just took Advil kanina kasi medyo sumakit yun ulo ko.”

“Magpahinga ka na muna.”

“Ah no. I’m fine. Ikaw? How do you feel now? Okay ka na?”

“Okay na ako Carlo. How was your business trip?”

“It was the usual. I have a few pasalubongs pala for you and Shine. Si Abby nauna nang buksan yun kanya dun sa kotse. Di na kasi ako nakapagikot kaya sa duty free ko na lang binili.”

“Ikaw talaga. Nag-abala ka pa.”

“Wala yun. Maiba pala ako Amor, can we have dinner tonight? I mean sa labas?”

“Oh bakit? What’s the occasion? Have you closed a deal or something?

“Wala naman. i just want to treat you to dinner. We had a rather stressful week and I believe that we needed this break.”

“Sige Carlo. Hindi ko naman hihindian yan. Dami ko na kayang atraso sa’yo.”

“Amor… why do you keep saying that?”

“Carlo kasi naman you are always there for us even if you don’t have to.”

“Stop saying that. You are my family now. This is the least I can do for Philip. Hayaan mo na ako.”

“Sige Carlo. Dinner tayo tonight.”

And there he saw it again. That sad eyes of Amor whenever they talk about Philip.

“Sige tonight then. I’ll fix my luggage lang then balik ako.”

Carlo vowed to honor his promise to his brother’s only love. He would give Amor the family she and Sunshine deserves.


“Carlo, nandun na sa opisina mo yun annulment papers. Have you talked to Cecilia about your decision? ”

“Yes Ryan. Thank you for taking care of it.”

“So final decision mo na yan?”

“Oo na. What about my other request? Yun tungkol kay Amor at Sunshine?”

“May kinausap na ako tungkol doon. They could help us.”

“Thank you Ryan.”

“Mahal mo talaga ang mag-ina ng kapatid mo ah.”

“Yes. But my main reason is to make my brother happy.”

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he is happy Carlo. I’m sure he is.”

Then he ended his conversation with Ryan to call another number.

“Tāmen xiànzài yǒu tuō wěi wǒ jǐ gè xīngqí” (They have been tailing me for weeks)

“Míngtiān wǒmen huì fāxiàn shuí pài tāmen” (Tomorrow we will find out who sent them)

“Nǐ shuō nǐ de liánxì rén? (Have you spoken to our contacts?)

“Shì. Wǒmen jiāng zhǐ gēngxīn nǐ” (Yes. We will just update you.)

“Hǎo.” (Good.)

Then he ended the call as well and proceeded to have lunch with Amor and Abby


In a remote village in China…

“Have you sent the money to Kevin’s family?”

“Yes Boss. I personally transferred it yesterday.”

“How about my grave. Did you have it cleaned?”

“Someone was there again a few days ago.”

“Argh!!! Carlo again!!! Double his security. I am sure Han Lee’s men will take revenge on the family. Carlo is the only one they know who’s alive.”

“Why don’t you just inform him that you’re alive Boss? That would stop him from visiting your grave.”

“It will be riskier. It was the organization they want. They thought that Carlo knows about it.”

“But he does know about it. I found out that he’s been in contact with the Shanghai police.”


“He’s moving your assets and donating it to foundations for charity. I guess he made a deal with the police.”

“When did you find out about this Lily?”

“Just yesterday Boss. Kevin’s sister, works in one of the foundations which is regularly supported by your brother’s “Ray of Sunshine” project. It’s the name of your daughter Boss.”

“Yes I know Lily. Yes I know.” He felt his heart constrict at the mere mention of his daughter.

“I have to go now Boss. I gave instructions to the guards already.”

“Thank you Lily. You be safe okay. Give my letter to dad. And please take care of Kevin’s family. I owe my life to him.”

“Don’t worry Boss. They’re well taken cared of.”

Philip Tang had been an asset of the Shanghai Police and  is now under a sort of witness protection program.

He helped in apprehending Han Lee, the leader of biggest smuggling and drug syndicate. They were a former part of the organization but when it started to peddle women and children, Philip decided that he wanted out. His father Roberto was already old and as much as he despised him, his father needs to be safe and this is the only way for them to buy his and his father’s safety.

He paid a hefty price though. He couldn’t and shouldn’t get in touch with his own brother anymore and he couldn’t see his child and the mother of his child.

When he visited Carlo, that was the time they staged his and his father’s death with the help of the joint operations of the Philippines and Shanghai police.

It went on as planned and even his brother was contacted to make it more realistic. Carlo knew that he and their father have died.

Unfortunately someone indeed died that night. Kevin, Philip’s right hand man, had been accidentally shot by one of the policemen. The bullet was supposed to hit Philip though and Kevin shielded him.


Carlo and Amor were on their way to have dinner. She had been quiet throughout the whole ride and Carlo just allowed her.

He knows that the recent discovery of Philip’s death would take her more time to heal

He remembered the first time he visited her.

“Philip!!!” Di ka nagsabi na bibisita ka. I could have fetched you at the airport.” Then she proceeded to give him the tightest hug and kiss.

“Amor, my brother sent me. It’s me Carlo.”


Carlo knows that Amor loves his brother. The moment she flung her arms around him, knowing that he was Philip during the first time he visited her, clearly showed how Amor loves Philip more than him.

He also remembered  how sad she was when he relayed Philip’s message of not wanting to do anything with her and their child anymore.

He remembered her sad face when he lied, as instructed by Philip, about Philip being married already.

And of course he will never forget what just happened few days ago when Amor found out about his brother’s death.

He needs to end her misery.

“Carlo?” Amor’s voice broke the deafening silence inside the car.

“Yes Amor?”

“Do you think Sunshine would want to meet her dad when she grows up?”

“Amor everything will be fine. We could work things out.”

“Salamat Carlo.”

“Let’s just enjoy tonight, okay?”



Next Chapter :

A few years after…

The wedding march was playing and the bubbly 3 year old Sunshine was smiling to everyone as she marched towards the altar with the basket of flowers she was proudly carrying.

She had been practicing it for many days already with her Ate Abby.

Abby was the maid of honor. And she was teary eyed already as she saw how happy her father was.

Carlo was in his three piece suit, looking all radiant and handsome. He is a very proud groom.

Amor was excited as well. She had been preparing for this very special occasion.

But someone, somewhere had been sitting alone on his chair thinking of what-ifs and what could have been if he was just a normal guy.

A lone tear found its way down his cheek.


A/N : Boss @IamPhilipTang  I’ve fulfilled my promise now. You’re no longer 6 feet under. Kaso kawawa naman si Carlo. He’s been good to Madam Amor. What ending would you want ba Boss? Promise ko lang naman dapat alive ka di ba?

The Oddventures of Philip Tang and Amor Powers : The Gere-iatric Mr. Tang


This is a one-shot, spin-off story of Ricky and Maya’s Adventures and Misadventures but this stars the famous twitterserye characters of @IamPhilipTang, @ImCarloAsuncion and @AmorDJPowers.

To the avid followers and readers of the PhilMor / CarMor twitterserye, I’m sure you are very much familiar with the amusing and very entertaining (sometimes SPG🙈) characters I’m referring to. If not, you are missing all the fun.

Now here goes…


“You make me feel so young.
You make me feel there are songs to be sung,
Bells to be rung,
And a wonderful fling to be flung.

And even when I’m old and gray,
I’m going to feel the way I do today
Because you make me feel so young.”

Philip Tang was smiling widely in front of his bathroom mirror. He was singing (with a little bit of dancing) Frank Sinatra’s ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’.

His lower body was covered by a towel and he spent hours, yes hours, shaving, fixing his hair and admiring his looks.

He was even winking at his own reflection. “You really look good Mr. Tang! Really really good!!! Every man would envy you! Say goodbye Richard Gere, Philip Tang is here!” he told his reflection.

“Philip, here’s the suit your brother sent. Pinakuha na nya kay Kevin para makapagbihis ka na. He’s still at the florist getting the flowers.” his mother Esmeralda shouted just outside his bathroom door. She had to because her son was singing so loudly that he didn’t seem to hear her.

“Please just put it there Ma. Thank you! Love you!” he shouted back.

His mother just shook her head and smiled. Between her twin sons Carlo and Philip, Philip was more like their father, good in business, strict, stern while Carlo was the easy-going one like her, who enjoys staying at their strawberry plantation in Benguet, who’s into farming, orchid cultivation and also a pet hobbyist. Carlo and his family lives in their mansion in Baguio with his wife and teenage son.Both the 45 year-old twins were close to their mother and also father.

But though Philip was more exposed to people, being the famous businessman that he is, Carlo is more sociable than him. Carlo had a fair share of girlfriends in his teenage life and he was already married at the age of 25. Philip on the other hand, never had a girlfriend in his entire life and even during their prom before, his date was a cousin.

Their father Roberto was already concerned about his son that’s why over a family dinner years ago, he asked Philip about his sexual preference. Philip assured them that he is not what they think he is but he also revealed his secret problem, and that is his fear being committed or even fear of approaching women. At first they all laughed about it, finding Philip’s dilemma absurd but as years passed and Philip reached the age of 30 without a single girlfriend at all, they understood the gravity of his problem.

That’s the reason why his family couldn’t be blamed when they were all excited when they heard Philip talking about a certain woman he saw at the convention. He called his parents who were in Europe for a vacation and his brother Carlo who was in Baguio, where he lives with his family, to share his news. One trait of the Tangs is they always communicate with each other despite the distance and their stature. Amidst their serious facade is a warm, oh well eccentric at times, close-knit family.

After Philip shared about Amor Powers and his intention to get to know her, his parents cut short their European vacation and Carlo immediately flew to Manila.

It was like a celebration for them and funny as it may seem but they wanted to give Philip their full support on this.

“Son here’s the perfume I was telling you about. Philip?” It was now his dad Roberto who was knocking at his bathroom door.

“Pa pakilagay na lang po sa kama. Thank you.” He again shouted.

“Bilisan mo na dyan. Your mom said you’ve been there for more than 3 hours already.

“Yes pa. I’m just rehearsing my speech.” he lied.

Oh well he was really rehearsing but not a business speech but the lines he would tell Amor once he meets her. He and his brother had been rehearsing those lines over and over the night before and he was really confident that he would be able to pull it off.

After a few more minutes of talking to himself, practicing his lines and admiring his looks, Philip removed the towel and went into the shower to take a bath.


“Lily stop staring at me.” He told his secretary who had the awed expression on her face as she was staring at her boss.

“Boss bakit…”

“You don’t have to say it Lily. I know. I know.” he said with that smug look on his face. He really felt so good with his new image.

Lily just hid her smile while Kevin, his bodyguard and driver also smiled. They didn’t want spoil the very good mood of their boss.

“Kevin are we there yet? Ang tagal mo namang makarating. The closing ceremonies might have been finished by now. Baka the party has already started. Wala na akong maaabutan doon.”

“I’m on it Boss. In five minutes we’ll be there.” his driver assured him.

“Good! Lily were the flowers sent earlier?”

“Yes Boss. We also made sure it was sent anonymously as you’ve instructed and the card you made was included.” Lily answered him.

“Very good. Thank you.” then he got his mirror and again checked his looks and smiled widely again.

They were inside a limousine which was traversing the streets of Makati. They were on their way to the venue of the closing ceremonies of the recently held convention for the top businessmen of Asia.

Philip Tang, being the owner of the chain of hotels, casinos and theme parks in Manila and Macau was a highly esteemed member of the group.

After the week-long activity, tonight would be the closing ceremonies. A night of dancing, drinking and having fun was also to cap the said event. It would be a great opportunity to meet the attendees and talk about anything other than business.

Philip Tang was one of the eligible bachelors to be attending the event. He attends yearly but he just usually gives his speech and leaves his secretary to attend on his behalf.

He was the admired, revered and respected President and CEO of Tang Games and Entertainment, which ironically is far from his personality. He was never game and never indulged in having a good time. It’s all business, work, meetings and making money for him.

Many women were swooning over him. They always thought that Philip Tang was a great catch. Some would even go out of their way to get his attention but Philip remained aloof, distant and as many would say “suplado”.

Little did they know that as much as he wanted to be close to women, he can’t. He doesn’t know how to interact with women in matters other than business, until 3 days ago when he laid his eyes on one of the participants of the event, Amor Powers.

Amor Powers , the President-CEO of Powers Malls and Cinemas was a first time participant. It used to be her dad, Edward Powers attending the yearly event as she was formerly based in the US. When she returned to the Philippines after her further studies in the States, she took over their business.

When Amor Powers took the stage to discuss about the success of their business, all eyes were on her and this included the ever-elusive, Mr. Philip Tang.

Philip Tang couldn’t remove his eyes from Amor the moment he saw her up that platform giving her speech until she finished her speech and even the time when she mingled with the other participants. He badly wanted to go near her, introduce himself but he can’t. He just can’t.

This handicap of his, his fear of women had been detrimental to his social life for years but he was never bothered by it until that day when he badly wanted to introduce himself to Amor Powers, the day when he wanted to take a shot to get to know the woman who caught his attention and maybe his heart.


“Ms. Powers you look tired. Would you want me to bring you home now?” Peter, Amor Powers’ assistant and driver suggested as he noticed his boss seemingly bored and sleepy. They were attending the closing ceremonies of the week-long business convention.

“No Peter. It would be rude to leave. I could still manage. Maybe we could stay until the start of the party. Mabilis lang tayo then we could go home.”

Amor Powers was seated beside Peter. She preferred to have her assistant with her as she couldn’t stand men trying to get close to her. For her, men are both distraction to her goals and destruction of what she had already achieved. She was never interested and was aloof to men, by choice.

In the entire duration of the convention, many tried to get her attention, many tried to be friends with her. She’s been polite enough to give them a nod and a smile but she wouldn’t engage in a conversation. She just doesn’t want to until she laid her eyes on the President -CEO of the Tang Games and Entertainment, Mr. Philip Tang.

She had heard women talk highly of the man and she just laughed knowing that he wont pass her taste but when she saw him, that suddenly changed.

The man is really handsome. His lopsided smile, jet-black hair and chinky eyes made him all the more attractive. He seemed aloof though and not very sociable but Amor prefers it than those men who kept on bothering her during the convention.

He is articulate and intelligent as seen in the way he delivered his speech about his business and the way he answered questions with clarity and coinfidence. He was also charismatic that he was able to get the attention of all those attending the convention. Everyone listened intently to him then.
Amor shook her head and smiled when she realized that she was thinking about a man. This wasn’t normal as she never got attracted to anyone. But she felt giddy when she remembered him. Too bad, the person she had been thinking of wasn’t around. The closing ceremonies and party would have been ‘interesting’ if he was here.

Then she stared at the flowers which was sent by someone who calls himself ‘Richard Gere’. She cringed imagining that it might be from a DOM-type guy who was also a participant in the convention.

Maybe the guy picked up her joke during her speech.

“I want to devote my time to business, to my parents and to myself. Men are just a waste of time,” she giggled then added, “oh well unless they look like Richard Gere.” This was part of her speech. The guy definitely got the idea from it.


“Boss we’re here.” Kevin interrupted his Boss who seemed like memorizing something.

“Okay Kevin. You and Lily could just stay close but please don’t make it obvious that I have company. ”

“Sure Boss.”

Then Philip Tang alighted from his limo and strode towards the entrance of the event.

He was ushered to his table and he could feel that people were staring at him. This was normal and he was used to it.

But as he was walking towards his table, his eyes were scanning the area trying to search for the very reason why he attended in the first place.

“We’re glad that you finally joined us Philip. We’ve been missing you for five years.” Mr. Molina one of the officials in the said event welcomed Philip.

“I decided to give it a try.” Philip replied.

Then as the other women participants joined them in their table, they all gasped when they saw Philip.

“Mr Tang you look…”

“Don’t say it..” Philip cut whatever Verna, one of their associates, has to say

“…different” Verna finished in a whisper.

As the party progressed, Philip was already bored and disappointed that all his preparation was for nothing.

He was planning to just finish his dinner and leave until he saw the very reason he was here.

Amor Powers was seated at another table with some ladies and her assistant. She was not aware of Philip’s presence as well. She had been discreetly looking for him too but she didn’t see him.

Philip suddenly got excited again and his heart thumped fast at the mere sight of her. Nervousness hit him again but he should do this. He must meet her. He prepared for this.

Gathering all courage, Philip stood and excused himself from everyone at their table.

Fixing his suit, he confidently strode towards Amor Powers.

But halfway on his way to Amor, he suddenly forgot the lines he would be telling her, the lines he’d been rehearsing. His mouth suddenly turned dry and his palms became sweaty.

He needs to calm himself first. He didn’t want to spoil their first meeting so he went the opposite direction towards the restroom.


“Uhm Hello Ms. Powers. I am Tang, Philip Tang. Argh!!! That sounds like a lousy James Bond introduction.”

“Oh Hello there Ms. Powers! You are so sexy like me.. Gahhh!!! That sounds so ungentlemanly.”

“Miss Powers, you look powerful! God that sounded stupid.”

“Hello there! I saw you glowing from afar and your glow attracted me to come to you. Ahh that’s so fairytale-ish!”

“Your hair looks great Ms. Powers just like mine…. Damn!!! I should have written the pointers Carlo gave me.”

Philip was inside the restroom rehearsing in front of the mirror.

He was nervous and all the confidence he has awhile ago just left him. He’s a total mess now.

He dialed his brother’s number.

“You’ve done it?? How was it? Are you with her now?” the excited Carlo was asking him nonstop.

“No Carlo. I forgot my lines. Can you recite them for me? I’m inside the restroom now.”


The moment Philip went out the restroom after a quick tip from his brother, his eyes darted towards the table where Amor but she was no longer there.

He later found out that Ms. Powers had left the venue already.

Annoyed and angry at himself, he decided to leave as well.

Still feeling upset for disappointing his parents and brother, Philip asked his driver to leave him at the nearby bar, just a few minutes ride from the venue of the event. He asked Kevin to bring Lily home first then change the car and fetch him. He lied that he needed to meet someone very important.

Actually he badly needed a drink.


Amor Powers decided to have a few drinks before proceeding home. She met with a college friend at the same bar where Philip after she left the party. Peter was just outside, in his car waiting for her instructions. She didn’t want to appear like she’s being chaperoned. The person she was meeting was a girl anyway.

When her friend went ahead of her, she was supposed to get her phone to call Peter but decided that she needs another drink for a good night’s sleep. She scanned the area and saw a lone figure by the bar. The men seemed harmless by his looks. She decided to just go to the counter and order her drink there.


Philip was having his 3rd glass of scotch when he felt someone beside him. To his surprise and shock it was Amor Powers.

She just smiled at him the moment their eyes met. She doesn’t seem to remember him.

“Hi.” Was all he could say.

Amor just nod her head as she drank her wine. After finishing it and was in the act of paying for her drink, Philip hurriedly fumbled for his wallet that his nervous hands made it slip from his fingers and fall.

It was Amor who immediately hopped from her seat and who dove to get the wallet in the floor. She handed it to Philip. He was so embarrassed but he managed to smile.

“Let me pay for your drink.” He offered Amor and to the bartender he added. “Her drink is on me.”

Amor didn’t want to embarrass the seemingly jittery man more that she no longer argued.

But as he was sort of looking for some sort of card from his wallet as the bartender was waiting for him, Amor decided to take charge.

“They don’t honor senior citizen’s card here. Ako na lang po magbabayad. My treat.” Then Amor smiled at him while paying the bartender.

“What!??” A furious sounding Philip Tang glared at Amor.

“Shhh… kalma po kayo. Your blood pressure. Ako na lang po lo. You don’t have to argue with the establishment if they don’t honor your card. Hayaan mo na sila. These employees are tired and they are just following orders from their boss.”


“Hey okay lang po yon, you see my father ganyan din po sa inyo. He won’t eat or drink anywhere na hindi honored yun senior citizen’s card nya. That’s why I usually go with him for situations like this.”

Philip was red not only with embarrassment but also with anger. How dare she mistook him for a ‘lolo’.

With a louder than usual voice, he cut what Amor was saying.

“Excuse me Ms. Amor Powers, I am not an old man. I am Philip Tang and we attended the same convention together.”

Horror, shock and embarrassment was written on Amor’s face. She didn’t make eye contact with the man earlier so she didn’t see his face, but now she realized that it was indeed Mr. Philip Tang. And oh boy he was indeed angry.

“Ah eh you can’t blame me. Puno po kayo ng uban. Nung nasa convention kayo itim naman yan eh. Mabilis pala pumuti.You should have dyed your hair black. Anyone would have thought the same way as I did.” She tried to explain.

“My hair is black! I dyed it gray!”

“What? Why? Lahat po gustong umitim yun buhok tapos kayo gusto ng mala-uban look?” There was genuine wonder in her face.

“God!!! Because I wanted to look like Richard Gere!!!”

“Richard Gere?”

“Yes the Hollywood actor you seemed to be so fond of.”

Then Amor realized – the flowers, his look, this man desperately wanted to get her attention. There’s no problem with that coz she was also very attracted to him when she first saw him.

“Oh Mr. Tang, you didn’t have to do that. I just say that to ward off men. But I don’t care if you don’t look like him. As long as you’re not a jerk, which I assume you are not, you could still get to know me.” Then she smiled sweetly at Philip who was still trying to calm himself.

Then Amor offered her hand to introduce herself formally. “Hello Mr. Tang, I’m Amor Powers. It’s great to have a very interesting first meeting with you.”

Then Philip smiled this time. He shook her hand.

“Nice meeting you Amor. Can I call you Amor? And please do call me Philip.”

“Okay Philip then. I’m really sorry awhile ago. You see, hindi ako tumingin sa mukha mo. I just noticed your hair. I would have recognized you if tiningnan kita sa mukha. I’m really sorry.” She was genuinely apologizing.

“It’s okay Amor. At least I didn’t have a hard time trying to get your attention.”

“Indeed! I wouldn’t have noticed you too. It was indeed a very interesting first meeting Philip.”

They spent a couple of minutes more before deciding to leave. Philip was able to invite Amor to dinner for the following day.

He walked her to her car.

“Thanks for the wonderful evening Ms. Powers.”

“Thank you too Mr. Tang.” then she added, “Hindi mo ako niloloko ha? Hindi talaga yan ang normal hair color mo ha?”


“I’m just kidding Philip. I’m just kidding! I’m looking forward to our dinner tomorrow.”

“Me too. Goodnight. Call me when you get home.”

“I will.” Then she casually went near him to give him a kiss on his cheek.

Seeing his surprised reaction, Amor just caressed the part she kissed and smiled again. “Goodnight again Philip.”

“Go… goodnight Amor.”

A/N : Nahirapan ako dito. It’s easier to do a Ricky and Maya version. Nakakatakot kasi si Boss @IamPhilipTang. Baka masamurai ako.

Anyway Boss and Madam @AmorDJPowers pagpasensyahan nyo na to.

PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 11

“Where is Mr. Asuncion? Bring me to him!” a loud voice was heard just outside Carlo Asuncion’s office.

Carlo was preparing to leave as it was already 9 in the evening and he needs to tuck his daughter Abby into bed. He never failed doing it as it was one of his ways to bond with his only daughter.

When he and his wife Cecilia got separated, Abby used to have a schedule as to when she’ll be with her dad and when she will be with her mom. It went on for about a year but when Cecilia got a job in Chicago, she left Abby with him. They just visit Cecilia from time to time and the couple remained civil for their daughter’s sake.

Carlo usually reads  Abby a story then they talk about the happenings of the day. They would talk about her school, lessons, playmates, teachers. They would also sing some nursery rhymes and just have daddy-daughter fun until she falls asleep.

Since his office was situated at their main hotel which was  just a few blocks from his house, he doesn’t have any problem with the traffic and he could easily go to and from the work to his home. He would have lunch and  dinner with Abby but he returns and stays until 9 in his office. He sometimes returns when his staff calls him for some emergencies which they fail to handle.

Liza, Carlo’s ever loyal secretary for many years now usually stays until the time her boss leaves the office. It wasn’t a problem for her since she also lives in a nearby condo unit also owned by the Asuncion Chain of Hotels. Liza and her parents had served Carlo’s family for many years. Her parents were the first employees of Carlo’s stepfather , Mr. Arturo Asuncion when he was just starting his hotel business. Together with Carlo’s mother Esmeralda, Arturo managed to expand their business into one of the country’s top chain of  hotels, which now also engaged in real estate and building skyscrapers all over the Philippines and with Carlo’s business and management skills and vision, he was able to maintain their position in the business and was even able to expand it. He was a respected Boss and highly admired businessman.

“Wala po yun Boss ko. Umuwi na po sya.” the scared voice of Liza could be heard inside Carlo’s office.

He got alerted and retrieved his caliber 45 weapon which he kept in his vault just behind the bookcase in his office, when his office door was forcibly opened. A masked man with a gun pointed at Liza’s lower back, entered the room.

“Who the hell are you!” Carlo shouted as he was also pointing his weapon at the stranger who didn’t say anything but just stared at him under his masked face.

“Let my secretary go.If it’s me that you want, let her go!”

But the stranger just stared at him as if glued to the floor, the grip to his gun wasn’t as firm either and it took Carlo a few seconds to subdue the man who didn’t even fight back, take his gun and remove his mask.

“Oh my God Sir!” Liza had the shocked expression as she stared at the person who looked exactly like her boss.

Philip Tang just stood there staring at his brother.

Carlo, upon realization that it was his twin whom he brought down to the floor, assisted him to stand up but he maintained the blank expression on his face.

“Liza please leave us alone. Go ahead and tell them to eat ahead of me.”

“But Sir…”

“Just go Liza!” Carlo had to raise his voice so his secretary would just follow and not ask questions anymore.

The moment Liza left, Carlo shut his office door and locked it. He didn’t need any interruption.

He angrily stared at Philip who just stood staring at him, observing him.

“Why are you here Philip? What are you doing here?!” there was hatred and anger in his tone.

“You…you look great Carlo.”

“I’m sure you didn’t come here to admire my looks Philip Tang!”

“No. I didn’t. I just don’t know where to start. Ahhh…” Philip was overcome with  emotions upon seeing he brother he wanted to be with, the brother he’s been longing to see  for many years that despite the hatred and anger he could clearly see, Philip just hugged him tightly.

Carlo didn’t react but he didn’t push him away either. He just stood there.

“Let’s cut the crap Philip. My daughter needs me so if you have anything important to say which made you come here….”

“Carlo could you at least calm down. It took me a lot of courage to be here…”

“I could see that. Maybe whatever reason you have is far more important than our own mother!”


“Our mother died Philip and you weren’t even there.”

“Carlo, mom died when we were ten. What was I supposed to do? Visit her on my own? You knew what our father was like.”

“You should have found a way.”

“I did Carlo, I did when I was 16, I tried to find you, I wanted to visit our mother’s grave, I wanted to see my only brother.”

Philip continued…

“I saw our mom’s grave. I was able to visit her but when I tried to find you, I realized that you already had a stable and peaceful life with your new father. I saw how he took care of you, gave you a very good education. I saw how happy you were and it comforted me to know that if he took you as his own son, he must have cared for and loved our mother so much. I decided not to show myself to you anymore. You were happy. I didn’t want to disturb your life. I didn’t want to get in the way of things. Dad ordered me to find you but I was certain that you were better and safer without us.”

“How did you know I was happy? How were you so certain that I didn’t want to see you or our dad?”

“You wouldn’t want anything to do with him Carlo. I am sure you won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing Carlo. Honestly I feel so unworthy to be given your attention, your time. I wouldn’t be here if it’s just for me or dad…”

“What are you saying?  Stopping talking in circles Philip. You’re wasting my time.”

“I’m not here to force you to want me or accept me. It’s too late for that Carlo. I wouldn’t bother you if I had someone else I could entrust my child with.”

“What!!!?? Why me?? Where’s the mother? Or shall I say, who’s the unlucky woman?”

Philip just patiently took all the hurtful words and resentment of his brother. He needs him. His child and the mother of his child needs Carlo.

“The unlucky woman knows you. She speaks highly of you. She thought I was you when we met.”

“What are you saying?”

“Amor Powers is having my baby.”

“You son-of -a…” then Carlo landed a straight punch to Philip’s face which caused the latter to lose his balance.

“Carlo, it is you whom she loves. Amor needs you. We.. we  just stayed close to each other for our unborn child but we were never together except for that one night.”

“What makes you think that I’ll just easily carry your responsibility? What makes you think I would want to clean your mess?”

“Amor is not a mess and our child is not either. If I could, I would fight for her..”

“Then why don’t you do it? Why try to pass her on to someone else? I never thought you’re a coward Philip.”

“This is the bravest thing I’ll be doing in my entire life Carlo. Believe me, it is. I’ll bravely face my days without Amor and our child because it is the best thing for them. It is my only way of keeping them safe.”

“I can’t understand you…”

“Please Carlo, just promise me, not as a brother but as the kindhearted, loving, giving person I know you are, please promise me that you’ll take care of them.”

“How sure are you that I could easily take responsibility for them? How sure are you that I’m capable?”

“Because I know that you have a daughter, your wife left for the States, you have a comfortable home, a loyal and very kind staff. Amor and our baby needs that kind of security, normalcy.”

“And you?”

“I’ll walk away. She doesn’t love me anyway and she doesn’t know what I really feel for her. It’s easier that way.”

Carlo is still confused of what his brother Philip was saying but he could see the urgency of his request. Philip wouldn’t beg if it’s not serious.

Philip retrieved an envelope from his jacket.

“Those are the things you need to know – Amor’s address, the baby’s needs everything is taken cared of. You don’t have t worry of anything. Just be by her side Carlo, please….”

Philip’s face of despair and worry moved Carlo to decide right there and then. He didn’t think twice anymore of whether to accept or decline  his brother’s life-changing request.

“What if she doesn’t want me there?”

Philip’s relief clearly showed on his face. A small smile emerged as well.

“She wants you more than me. She needs you.”


“I have to leave now. This will be the last time I’m showing myself to you. I wouldn’t bother Amor and our child either. Thank you Carlo.”

Carlo didn’t say more. He just stared back at his brother.

As Philip was about to leave, he got his wallet and retrieved a picture. It was the only picture he has of their mother and his twin brother. The picture was taken in a studio which their mother made as a reason to be able to escape from their father when the twins were young. Ironically the picture was left with Philip but the two important persons with him in the picture had left him.

“This is the only remembrance I had of you and mom. Dad burned all your pictures when you guys left. He didn’t know I had this all these years. Keep it. Maybe remember me with it. I love you brother. Goodbye.”

And without waiting for Carlo to say anything, Philip wore his cap and hurriedly left.


A few minutes after Philip Tang left Carlo Asuncion’s office, gunshots were heard near the hotel.


Carlo closed his eyes as he was trying his best not to cry as he reminisced that encounter with his brother.

He was on his flight back home to the Philippines after he visited China.

“Are you okay?” An old lady maybe in her 70’s who was seated beside Carlo noticed his uneven breathing that she had to ask him.

“Yes. I am. I just remembered my twin brother.”

“Oh!  Where is he?is Is he okay?”

“He left.”


At the Qincheng Prison, a maximum security facility located in Changping District, Beijing, China, the leader of the once organized and feared smuggling syndicate was in his quarters reading a very thick book when someone approached him.

In a whisper…

“Carlo Asuncion visited the grave two days ago.”

“It was not his schedule of visit yet. He goes there every 25th of the month. Our men must have been mistaken.”

“There was no mistake. It was confirmed. Our men even took pictures. Do you want them to do something about it?”

“No. Just leave him alone for now.”

“Do you want him monitored? His business seems to be doing well. Do you want our men to check on it?”

“No. I said leave him alone for now. I will give instructions on what to do but now is not the time to do that.

“But I thought we should get back at him for what his father and brother did?”

“Not now. Not yet.”

Han Lee, Robert and Philip Tang’s business rival had everything planned. Someone has to pay for his incarceration and since Robert and Philip are  no longer around, the only living Tang had to pay, and that is Carlo Asuncion.


Next Chapter:

Carlo vowed to honor his promise to his brother’s only love. He would give Amor the family she and Sunshine deserves.

“Carlo, nandun na sa opisina mo yun annulment papers. Have you talked to Cecilia about your decision? ”

“Yes Ryan. Thank you for taking care of it.”

“So final decision mo na yan?”

“Oo na. What about my other request? Yun tungkol kay Amor at Sunshine?”

“May kinausap na ako tungkol doon. They could help us.”

“Thank you Ryan.”

“Mahal mo talaga ang mag-ina ng kapatid mo ah.”

“Yes. But my main reason is to make my brother happy.”

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he is happy Carlo. I’m sure he is.”





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Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile 7

Catherine was still in bed when her phone rang.

“Hello. Sino no?”

“Cath! Si Gie! Nakausap ko yan si Richard kanina. So ano kiss and make-up na ba? Baitaan mo ako girl. Asan kayo ngayon?”

“Ha?! Wala naman si Richard dito. Bakit pupunta raw ba?”

“Ay akala ko nandyan kasi nagmamadli yun umalis after ko naikwento yun sa LAS party. Baka naghahanda yun. Ikaw asan ka ba?”

“You woke me up. Nasa condo lang ako.”

“Naku girl you better prepare. Ayaw mo namang abutan ng ganyan ni Richard. Oh well. pwede rin naman pala para…” then she giggled.

“Oo nga, mas okay yun ganito para deretso na di ba?” then she Catherine giggled as well.


For the past days, Maya busied herself with work. She needs to keep her mind off Richard.

After her visit to his office, she had been expecting him to text her, call her or even visit her but he didn’t do any of those.

“Maya kain na muna tayo. Di ka na naman nagbreakfast sa bahay.” Edz was calling Maya who was busy cleaning the tables.

They have fewer customers today as it was holiday and there were no employees from the nearby offices.

“Sige na Edz, di naman ako nagugutom.” she was still busy wiping the table that she didn’t see Edz’ reaction to the person who just entered the restaurant.

“So you’re not eating regularly again.” Richard’s voice made Maya stop what she’s doing and stand frozen to where she was.

Her heart was beating fast, she was suddenly relieved that after days of not visiting or even calling, Richard was here. Maya was excited, her hands were cold and only her pride kept her from turning and giving Richard the hug she’s been longing to give.

“Uy Maya ayan na yun hinahanap mo ng mga nakaraang araw.” Lino who entered with the tray of glasses had that teasing look on his face.
Maya glared at him.

“Good morning Maya. Di ka man lang ba haharap sakin? Here I have flowers for you.” Richard after seeing Edz and Lino’s face totally got the whole picture and he was beyond happy to learn that Maya had missed him too.

“Ah eh. Good morning Richard. Napadalaw ka. Teka tapusin ko muna to. Salamat sa flowers. Mamaya ko na kunin.” She was still avoiding his gaze.

James who was seated at the counter was just observing them and was amused by everything he saw. He then joined in…

“Sige na Maya, I’m giving you your day off today. Alam ko namang namiss mong masyado si Mr. Lim. Aba eh namiss namin yun mga ngiti mo at masayahin mong mukha ng mga nakaraang araw so sige sumama ka na sa kanya para naman pagbalik mo yun masayahing Maya ka na ulit.”

“At para hindi ka na iyak ng iyak gabi-gabi.” teased Lino more.

Maya’s eyes grew wide. She was blushing already from all the teasing she got from Lino and now even her boss, James even joined in the teasing as well.

She just helplessly stared at Edz who was also grinning.

“Your boss already allowed you to go, tara na Maya. Get your things. May pupuntahan tayo.” It was Richard who downplayed the whole teasing now for he was very much aware that Maya is already uncomfortable. He was amused but he didn’t want it at her expense.

“Ah eh sige. Kunin ko muna sa loob yun gamit ko.” She hurriedly left without even staring at him and Richard was left still holding the flowers.

Richard just smiled and shook his head. If during the past days, he thought that Maya didn’t even care and that he wasn’t even important to her. Today confirmed that he was wrong. Maya was also obviously affected by his absence. It made him very happy.


The two friends spent the day having lunch and he even brought Maya to the hangar in Clark where he just checked the engineers for a few minutes and spent the rest of the day visiting places with Maya.

“Ang ganda pala dito Richard.” He brought Maya to Nayong Pilipino and some of the parks at Clark. They enjoyed strolling while catching up on the days they haven’t seen each other.

“I was really sad ng hindi kita nakita for the past days, weeks na nga pala. I can’t even concentrate sa work.” He said as they were on their ride back to Manila.

“Huh? Mukhang di naman eh.”

“I was and I’m also unable to eat properly. Sabi nga ni Mama nangayayat daw ako.”

“So kasalanan ko pa kung bakit nangayayat ka at hindi kumain ng maayos?” Due to her guilt, naluluha na siya. Richard was quick to notice.

“No! Hindi! Kasalanan ko. It’s my fault kasi pinatagal ko pa to. It’s my fault kasi tiniis kita when all I wanted was to see you everyday.

“Eh sorry din. Di ko naman talaga alam na yun Jeff na yun pala yung ano… basta!”

“Yes Jeff Macavinta was a friend and business colleague pero he did something unethical sa negosyo. I won’t discuss it na kasi it’s not important to waste our time on him. Yes siya din yun fiancé ng former girlfriend ko na si Catherine, the one you saw at the LAS party. But if you ask me if I’m still affected by what they did, yes I am, kasi it was such an insult that he replaced me with a friend who also happened to be the same person who betrayed LAS. It was more on the betrayal that still pisses me off. But about Catherine, if you ask me if I still miss her or think of her, I would say no, I don’t. I honestly don’t even think of her anymore. It surprises even me kasi we’ve been together ng matagal pero I don’t know. Bigla na lang nawala lahat ng naramdaman ko sa kanya, even the memories. Come to think of it, wala naman akong maalala na maganda at masasayang memories with her. Maybe it’s because we really didn’t have any.”

She just stared at him, unable to say anything from everything she heard.

He noticed her silence so his free hand searched for hers and held it. She just allowed him.

“Let’s not talk about her na lang. Ikaw what kept you busy the past weeks?”

Then Maya started telling him about her friends and how she spent her time at work…


When they arrived from Clark they still had dinner that night. Richard really missed her that he didn’t want the night to end.

“Ang dami nating nakain Richard! Hindi natin nahalata kasi grabe yun kuwentuhan natin.”

Maya couldn’t believe that they were able to eat that much. They have been eating, talking, laughing, having fun the whole day.

“Ah oo nga and its late. Midnight na pala. Halika na I’ll bring you home. Grabe we really missed doing this. O bukas I’ll bring you to work ulit ha. Antayin mo ako. Then dun na tayo magbreakfast sa restaurant nyo.”

“Naku wag na dun. Ipagluluto na lang kita. Dun na lang tayo sa amin kumain. Aalaskahin na naman kasi nila ako. Kahit si Sir James sumasali na rin. Nakakainis talaga ang mga yun.”

“Naaaliw lang sila sa’yo. Honestly I like your friends. Sana maging friends ko din sila. Even your boss is quite cool.”

“Ay oo masaya talaga yun samahan namin sa restaurant. Si Sir James mula ng magumpisa ng negosyo hanggang ngayon hinding hindi namin iniwan kasi napakabait nyang tao.”

“I could see that. Eh ako Maya, hindi mo rin ba ako iiwan?”

“Huh? Anong klaseng tanong yan?”

“It’s a serious question Maya.” He was staring at her intently that Maya got conscious already.

“Kapag mabait ka, hindi kita iiwan. Eto kung ano anong pinagsasabi. Huy bakit nakatulala ka dyan? Hala naimpatso na ata sa dami ng kinain.” She joked just to break the tension that was suddenly caused by Richard’s stare.

He was actually nervous too but he needs to ask her now. He wouldn’t want to waste anymore of their time.

“Can i court you Maya?” Richard tried to calm his nerves, his beating heart when he asked her.

Maya’s doe-shaped eyes questioningly stared at him. She couldn’t speak.

“Huy Maya? Are you okay?”

“Ah eh… Anong sabi mo?” Aligaga na siya. Her hands were cold and fidgety. She wasn’t expecting him to say it.

Richard held both of her hands while looking into her eyes.

“Sabi ko, can I court you?” His eyes bore into hers.

All she could say was “Nagbibiro ka ba? Wag mo nga akong niloloko Richard. Naparami ka lang ng kinain kung ano ano na ang sinasabi mo.” She was self-conscious already and was affected by his stare.

“Do I look like nagbibiro? I’m serious Maya. I’ve always serious when it comes to you.”

“Eh… Richard… ano.. anong… kainis naman to..”

Knowing that he made her uncomfortable, Richard said in a soft voice, “Hey sagutin mo lang yun question ko. Can I court you? Okay lang ba?”

She was already blushing and trying her best to calm her heart and steady her hands.

“Ayaw mo ba?”

“Siyempre gusto!” She said in a louder than normal voice.

“Ang tagal tagal ko na kayang hinihintay na tanungin mo yan sakin.” She was embarrassed at what she just said. Di nya napigilan, nahiya siya and turned really red.

Richard’s eyes grew wide.

“Really? Oh my God Maya!!! Ang tagal ko nang gustong itanong yan. I was just so scared that you would get mad, na akalain mo that I’m taking advantage of your kindness. You made me so happy today!!!”

Then he proceeded to engulf her in a very tight hug.

Maya was caught off guard and couldn’t react and when Richard realized that he may have angered her, he instantly released her.

“Sorry. Sorry Maya. I just got carried away. Naku baka ma-flying kick mo na naman ako.”

“Sira! Halika nga dito.” And it was her who now hugged the very happy Richard.




Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile 6

The worried face of Maya was evident and she was in deep thought when her friend Emman arrived.

Emman just came from work and he was inviting Maya to accompany him to do his groceries. He was talking but Maya didn’t seem to notice him, like he wasn’t there, like he was invisible. Her sad eyes were also staring into space.

“Huy Maya! Kanina pa ako dito, kanina pa ako nagsasalita, hello! Bakit ang lungkot lungkot mo dyan?”

“Ay Emman!.. Ano? May kailangan ka? Gutom ka na ba? Kumain ka na dyan. Nagluto na ako. Ano may pupuntahan tayo? Ay teka… Yun laundry mo pala hinatid ni Ate labandera kanina… tapos yun…”

“Hep-hep! Ang daming sinasabi! What’s wrong ba? Parang wala ka sa sarili mo. Hindi pa ba kayo nagkabati ni Mr. Lim?” Emman knows that Maya was supposed to talk to Richard Lim and explain her side and also say sorry.

“Eh Emman.. di ko naman nakausap.”

“Ha? Hindi ka hinarap? Lagot ka Maya! Sinasabi ko na nga ba. Yan kasi. Madalas kasing magsalita bago magisip eh. So tuloy tuloy na ang paghihiwalay nyo as friends?”

“Emman! Hindi naman ganun. Umalis na ako habang tinatawag siya ni Miss Liza. Hindi ko pa kayang harapin. Nahihiya ako kay Richard.”

“Wait! Ibig mong sabihin hindi naman kayo nagkausap?”

“Ano ba yan Maya! Naku ha ang swerte mo kayang maging kaibigan ng isang Richard Lim, mabait, corny madalas pero funny minsan, cowboy na kahit ganun siya eh game kahit saan mo dalhin, at don’t forget yun effort nya sa pagkuha ng iyong forgiveness. Aba Maya, kung minsan talaga masarap kang batukan.”

“Emman! Nag-aalala na nga ako, dadagdag ka pa. Eh nakakahiya kasi. Baka hindi nya lang ako pansinin.  Atsaka baka busy siya. Basta Emman!”

“Oh sige busy na siya kung busy. Eh ikaw anong excuse naman ang meron ka at wala ka sa sarili mo dyan? Kanina pa kaya kita kinakausap.”

She just heaved a sigh, then she sadly stared at Emman.

“O ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang face mo? At may malalim na buntong hininga ka pang nalalaman.”

“Eh kasi Emman, galit ata talaga. Ni hindi man lang tumawag or nagtext kahit alam nyang pumunta ako sa office nya.” She had a downcast expression.

“Yan kasi. Alam mo Maya, dapat ata gawin mo din yun ginawa ni Mr. Lim noon, yun pagsuyo nya sa’yo. Remember yun inaraw araw ka nyang dalawin sa resto tapos araw araw din may flowers. Ganun!”

“Ay ano! Ayoko nga! Ano siya sinuswerte? Nakakahiya Emman ha!”

“Aysus ang arte! Ano bang mas mahalaga, yun pride mo or yun kaibigan slash crush slash dream guy mong si Mr. Richard Lim.” Emman was teasing her already.

“Hoy Emman ang boses mo! Hindi ko crush at dream guy si Richard ha! Eto nakakainis. May makarinig nga sa’yo!”

“See affected ka! Ang arte arte kasi. Halika na nga magdinner na tayo at baka malipasan ka na ng gutom sa kakaisip dyan kay Mr. Lim.”


“Ewan ko sa’yo in denial kong bestie! Paayaw ayaw pero gusto naman. Pakipot pa. Yan tuloy parang mapupurnada pa and shiniship kong loveteam.

“Emman naman eh…”

“Kain na nga tayo at gutom na talaga ako.”


Richard is having a few drinks by himself in his condo. He was tempted to call Maya when he found out that she visited him, but his pride prevented him from doing so.

He wasn’t sure if Maya was really unaware of who Jeff Macavinta was or if she was just making fun of him and was really that insensitive to his feelings.

Maybe he was not that important to her. He also realized that ever since they became friends, it he who was always excited, he was the one who always pursued her.

He had focused his time and attention on her and he didn’t even know if he was even important to her too. He’s no longer sure if Maya was just kind enough to keep up with him so as not to hurt his feelings.

He felt insecure and he felt that he was wasting her time already. Maya could enjoy her time with other friends if he didn’t waste her time, if he wasn’t around all the time. Maybe Maya’s jokes were her subtle way of discouraging him from bothering her.

Maybe what she said at the party about his ex was also her way of pushing him away from her.

He wants to see her badly but his pride was preventing him from doing so. He shouldn’t fall deeply for her because he believes that Maya wont reciprocate his feelings. And he wouldn’t be able to take it when she turns him down.

He decided to just focus on work from now on.


It’s been two weeks and Richard tried his best to remove Maya from his mind. He wants to see if he could survive without her. The past weeks when they were together everything seemed so rosy, he was so happy. He wanted to be that way without depending on her. Women have always been the center of his life even before, his motivation in what he does. Catherine was when they were still together and now Maya. It doesn’t seem right anymore so he decided to distance himself from her.

“Mr. Lim, may kausap pa po si Atty. Ryan. He’ll be with you in a while.” Atty. Ryan’s assistant Roy informed him.

“It’s okay Roy. I’ll just wait here.” He said as he sat on the sofa in Ryan’s vast office. He also picked the morning paper and was about to read the front page when…

“Richard! Nice to chance upon you here.” A women’s voice distracted him.

Josephine, Catherine’s friend proceeded to give Richard a beso. Richard was polite enough to allow her.

“Good morning. You’re meeting Ryan?”

“Ah oo. I’ll get him kasi as our legal counsel dun sa case ng company namin. Ibibigay ko lang etong records para mapag-aralan nya. Ikaw?”

“LAS matters as usual.” was his short reply.

He wasn’t really comfortable with Catherine’s friends and Josephine or Gie was one of those but he couldn’t do anything. He was stuck with her while waiting for Ryan.

“Maiba ako, Ikaw talaga ang dami mong gimik, pero effective naman sya Richard. Very effective.” Gie was giggling.

He raised his eyebrow while he stared at her. He was clueless on what she’s talking about.

Seeing his reaction, “Yun pagpapaselos mo kay Catherine! Mukhang affected nga siya. So okay na ba kayo? Yun loka lokang yun di na ako tinawagan. Sabagay I’m sure busy siya sa’yo. Alam mo naman yun kapag kasama ka nakakalimutan ang lahat ng kaibigan nya.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Naman to si Richard. Doon sa party ng LAS. Alam mo bang antagal tagal ni Cath magpaganda dun sa ladies room kasi nga magpapapansin sa’yo. Ikaw naman talagang tiniis mo ah. And you even left. Grabe ka magpaselos. Pero confident naman siya that kahit sino pang girls dyan ang iparada mo sa kanya, it will always be her in the end. So kumusta na? Basta kasama ako sa bridal entourage ha!”

Gee continued…

“Sino ba kasi yun kasama mo? Maganda siya ha pero alam ko naman na hinding hindi mo ipagpapalit yun kaibigan ko dun. She seemed so innocent, so young. Pero when you left with her, talagang umiyak si Cath at nagyaya ng umuwi. Grabe ka talaga.” She was laughing.

Just when Richard was about to react to what Gee had been saying, Atty Ryan joined them.

“Oh Brod maaga ka. Akala ko mamaya pa tayo pupunta sa hangar.” Atty. Ryan was surprised to see Richard early in his office.

Ryan was  fully aware that Richard usually spends time having breakfast with his new friend Maya at this usual hour so he was surprised to see him.

“Brod let’s just reschedule. May aasikasuhin lang akong importante.”

“Oh Owkayyyy… kay Maya na naman ba yan?” Ryan was teasing him, he was smiling.

“Basta Brod I’ll just call you later.”

Then Richard left the two without even saying goodbye to Josephine.

“Talaga tong si Richard aligagang masyado kay Maya.” Ryan commented.

Ryan was aware of the break-up of Richard and Catherine. He saw how insulted and betrayed his friend was when Catherine decided to choose Jeff Macavinta, one of Richard’s friend and business rival over him. He was there when his friend was nursing his broken heart and bruised ego and he was with him on his nightly drinking spree until such time when he couldn’t keep up with him anymore because his wife Ivy was already complaining.

That was the time when Richard started to spend his time alone drinking at the place where Maya works.

“Maya? Sinong Maya?” Josephine was curious.

“Yun kaibigan ni Richard. Yun kasama nya sa LAS party. She’s Maya and she keeps my friend happy.”

“Naku Ryan ha! Kontrabida ka sa lovelife ni Cath at Richard. Alam mo namang sila yun meant to be, eh sinusuportahan mo pa si Richard sa mga diversions nya. Atsaka after malaman nya yun mga ginawa ni Cath ng party, I’m sure pupuntahan na nya yun ngayon.” Gee was confidently grinning.

She believes that Richard is on his way to Catherine now.

She knows that Richard Lim would be forgive her friend after learning that she made an effort for him at the LAS party. She was sure that they would be back in each other’s arms.

Ryan hoped that Richard would really leave Catherine for good this time. In their many years as friends, he saw how Catherine used Richard. How she manipulated him into giving her whatever she wanted -jewelries, travels abroad, and designer clothes as well.

Now that Richard has Maya, he hopes that his friend would totally forget Catherine

Richard had been positively changed by Maya. He’d never seen his friend so happy and he didn’t want Catherine to ruin him again.


Richard stopped by the florist on his way to the real person who owns his heart.

“Mr. Lim I’ve already prepared the very special flower arrangement for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Very lucky lady  Mr. Lim?”

“No, I’m the one who’s very lucky.”

And with a big smile on his face he drove towards where his heart leads him.



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