Be Careful With My Heart

Be Careful With My Heart

July 9, 2017

It’s been five years since the showing of the very first episode of the undisputed phenomenal series of ABS-CBN and Ms. Jeany, the head of the unit responsible for the series, threw a party to celebrate the highly successful show.

She sent invitations weeks ago and even instructed everyone to enter the venue of the party in their serye character just like what they did in the Fairytale Wedding and After Wedding Party. She thought that it would make the celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Every member of the BCWMH family, from the actors to the staff and even utility personnel were excited to finally have the chance to see each other after the show ended.

The show was very special to them and every member behind the serye had wonderful memories of the show.

BCWMH gave them a steady source of income for two years and four months.

It started the careers of the showbiz newcomers then but famous actors now – Luke, Nikki, Nicolo, Inigo, Joni, Joey and Chesca.

It also made the stand-up comediennes Sabel and Doris famous which opened lots of opportunities for them in other shows as well.

BCWMH also opened opportunities for independent film and theatre actors like Emman and Leah.

The show also became instrumental in creating a name for Ms. Jeany’s unit, which eventually earned them more projects. Every time people finds out that they were the same team behind Be Careful With My Heart, people would never fail to praise them for the show and be grateful to the point that they support any project the unit does to show their gratitude.

The show made Richard Lim the very famous actor and bankable endorser he is now. Richard Lim became a highly in-demand actor. He was given more projects after playing the role of the very much loved and revered Ser Chief. He starred in movies, had guested in some TV shows, he even had an album with another Chinito guy. His businesses flourished and also benefitted from BCWMH as people would normally support his business endeavors whenever they learn that their most loved Ser Chief owns it. Richard was very much aware of what the show did to him and he was truly grateful. He never failed to show how thankful he was by constantly mentioning it. This attitude of his endeared him to most of his fans. They see him as someone who knows how to look back from where he came from and someone who had his feet planted to the ground. He remained humble and approachable.

Maya dela Rosa became noticed now. Her talent was now being appreciated. She had been around the business for many years already but only after she took on the role as the positive, bubbly and very loving wife of Ser Chief, did she become noticed by the network. She was now regarded as one of the pillars of the Star Magic which was formerly dominated by other actors. She was given many projects as well and many endorsements too. The show also influenced her personal life. She became a better person because of the show and because of those she worked with in the show. Everyone positively influenced each other.

Even those who played support roles in BCWMH were given projects after it ended. Nanay Teresita, Tatay Arturo, Don Roberto, Dona Esmeralda, Manang Fe, Cho were given seryes one after the other.

Kute got into government service.

All the writers and staff of the show had a steady source of income as Ms. Jeany ensured that they will always be part of every project her unit handles.

The original singer of the theme song of the serye was also very thankful that his song skyrocketed in the sales when it was used as the serye’s OST.

BCWMH opened many opportunities for everyone.


“Direk Jett nagkita ulit tayo.” The good-natured soft-spoken Director was the first to arrive at the venue of the party. He was met by Ms. Jeany. They were actually together almost every day because of their ongoing series.

“Maagang natapos yun taping ng The Better Half eh. Gusto rin nga nilang makisali sa party.” He joked. “Asan na yung iba? Mukhang napaaga nga ata ako.”

“Okay lang. At least may kasama na ako. Sila Panching at Bon nandito na kanina pero pinakiusapan kong bumili ng miniature cakes para sa mga bata.”

“Masaya to Jeany. Masaya at makikita ulit natin sila. Malalaki na sigurado yun mga bata. Yun mga teens naman natin matured na. I’m excited to see them.” The director quipped.

“Ako din. It’s been years but hindi ko pa rin malimutan yun masayang samahan natin.” The unit head added.

They went on reminiscing about the great times they had while doing the show.

“Direk Jett! Ms. Jeany! We are back!!!” The funny and well-loved triumvirate of the Lim household chorused upon entering the venue. Behind them was the guy who played Joma who was escorting Manang Fe.

“Ang ingay nyo talaga Sabel, Doris at Leah.” Manang Fe pretended to act like her role in the series which got everybody laughing.

“Masungit si Manang Fe kasi wala si Mang Anastacio.” Joma also joked which earned him a pinch from Manang Fe.

Ms. Nel and the writers were also in attendance and they were relentlessly praised for the success of the show. Everyone believes that the well-written and thought off script of the show was the reason for its success.


“Wala pa ba si Direk Melvyn?” Direk Jett was looking for his co Director.

“Naku Direk baka matagal pa yun. Alam mo naman he’s still using his old volkz.” Joma commented which made everyone laugh.

They were noisily chatting in groups. The staff had a small group, the older cast were also talking to each other and the teens as well.


“Hi Niks!”

“Hi Nicolo? How’s your mom?”

“Ayun lumalaban pa rin. Salamat sa mga prayers nyo ha! It meant a lot.”

“Nicolo we’re like family di ba? Kasama nyo kami ni Tita sa battle nya.” She assured her former LT who even became her bestfriend.

Nicolo tried his best not to show the inner struggle he was having. His voice was already shaky. “Thank you Niks.”

Nikki gave him a tight hug to comfort him.

Luke, Louie and Inigo also arrived together with Joey, Aira, Joni, Amiel, Stacey and the other teens of the show. They happily chatted which also made Nicolo forget even momentarily what his family is going through.

They were all updating each other of their present projects and they even vowed to constantly see each other even after the party.


Finally the leads arrived:

Richard had to fetch Maya and also the kids who played their twins Sky and Sunshine. They followed Ms. Jeany’s request to be in their show’s character and they gamely played it.

“Naku late kayong dalawa. Kanina pa kami dito.” Kute teased Richard and Maya who just arrived at the party. They brought wine and more food and gifts for everyone.

“Eto kasi si Sweetheart and tagal. Ayaw lumabas ng bedroom. Ayaw akong pakawalan sa bed.” He naughtily joked which earned more teasing from their companions and which made his partner turn crimson.

“Naku bunso ah! Baka mamaya may mas bunso pa kina Sky and Sunshine.” Kute added.

“Kute ha!” she managed to say.

“Ano? Totoo naman. Atsaka Maya dela Rosa, malalaki na rin naman tong kambal. Pwede nang sundan.” Kute continued to tease them and Richard gamely joined.

“See sweetheart agree si Kute. I told you dapat sundan na yun kambal because malalaki na sila and they’ll eventually go to school. Malungkot na sa bahay, wala nang babies. Oh well ikaw pala yun baby ko.” He acted so sweet that she was already blushing.

“Tumigil ka nga. Sumosobra ka na! Ikaw rin Kute! Tara na nga kain na tayo. Gutom na ako. Ang tagal kasi nito ni partner.”

They were all having a blast teasing each other like they used to before.

They celebrated the anniversary of the show and they celebrated the years of friendship as well.


“Ms. Jeany do you think they’ll make us continue the series? Open-ended naman yun last episode natin eh.” Richard got curious.

“Maybe. Hindi ko alam. If ever, would you guys still do it?”

“Of course! Basta ba sama sama pa rin tayo.” He readily agreed.

“Ako rin. I will never trade what we had in BCWMH for anything.” Maya also agreed.

Ms. Jeany was very happy and proud that the positive vibes of the show had been adapted by everyone who became part of it.

She’s hoping to do the show again, that is if we veiwers would still want it.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

Thank you for the wonderful memories!

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