One Fine Day – 9 (Epilogue)

One Fine Day (Epilogue)

There was a loud knock on his door.

Richard Lim covered his ears.

But the knock became a banging sound.

He begrudgingly removed the pillow then checked his watch on his bedside table.

“Ang aga! Si Doris na naman talaga! Sisisantehin ko talaga to eh.”

But as much as he wanted to ignore the person who disturbed his sleep, the knock is becoming louder that it might disturb his neighbors.

He went straight to his door.

“Richard kakagising mo lang?”

“Corrine what are you doing here this early?” There was surprise on his face. He didn’t expect to see his ex-wife on his doorstep.

Then a little girl came to hug and kiss him. He carried her.


“How’s my little princess? Go on find Gus in daddy’s room. I’ll talk to mommy first.”

Then the little girl scooted towards his bedroom.

He returned his attention to his ex-wife who looks very annoyed right now.

“Richard ngayon yun field trip ni Sunshine. Napagusapan na natin to hindi ba? Ano ka ba naman?”

“Ngayon ba yun? I thought it would be next week.”

“Nakakaasar ka naman. Ngayon yun. Supposedly next week kaso nagpalit ng schedule. Hindi ka pa nakaready. I have to leave now kasi mahuhuli na kami sa flight.”

“Okay. I’ll take care of it. It’s only 5:30.” He said. He’s not in the mood to argue with Corrine.

“Richard kailangan mo pang paliguan at bihisan si Sunshine. She needs to be ready by 6:30 kasi susunduin sya dito ng Mommy ng classmate ni Sunshine. Napakiusapan ko siya na sunduin na lang si Shine kasi malapit naman sila dito. Para wag ka nang mahirapan.”

“Corrine I can take care of Sunshine. I don’t need help from anybody.”

“Nasabihan ko na. Wag ka nang kumontra.  At please lang don’t try to piss her off. Kaibigan ko sya. Here’s her number. Her name is Maya dela Rosa.”



“Huy Sweetheart gising. You’re having a bad dream. Ricky!”

He abruptly sat and stared at her. Fear all over his face. He hugged her tightly as if wanting to make sure that she’s real and indeed with him.

“Ricky what’s wrong? Teka ikukuha kita ng tubig.” She tried to leave but he didn’t allow her. “Don’t leave. Just stay here.”

When he had calmed down, he released her. Relief was now seen on his face.

“Okay ka na? Nananaginip ka lang. Whatever it is that made you that scared, hindi yun totoo, okay.” She was assuring him while her hands were on both sides of his face.

“God I’m glad that it’s just a dream, a nightmare even. Hindi ko kakayanin if totoo yun.”

Now she got worried. She didn’t know what he dreamt of. “Bakit ba sweetheart anong napanaginipan mo?”

“I dreamt of the day we met. Si Corrine, she was knocking on my door, she left Sunshine then she told me that she asked you to fetch Sunshine….”

She stopped what he was saying, “Eh hindi naman bad dream yun sweetheart. That’s the memorable day we met. Siguro you dreamt of it kasi we are celebrating that today. It’s been a year since that crazy day we met.” She protested.

“Yes memorable pero…”

“Pero hindi pa tayo?” she continued what he was about to say.

“Oo and it means walang assurance na magiging tayo.” That was what scared him.

“Sweetheart kahit naman ulit-ulitin pa natin yun araw na yun, everything that happened led us to get to know each other, appreciate each other and”, she shyly added, “love each other.”

He smiled, a genuine smile, devoid of fear this time. “And I love you so much Maya dela Rosa Lim. You are exclusively mine and I am exclusively yours.” Then he planted a kiss on her lips, fear and apprehension gone.

After spending a couple of hours assuring each other of the love they can’t just express through words, both are now engulfed in each other’s arms under their comforter.

“I am really thankful for that day Ricky. Siguro kung hindi kita nakilala, my life would still be the same. Ako pa rin yun Maya na ang routine sa everyday life ay  work, Sky, bahay. Thank you ha!”

“Me too. If I haven’t met you, I would still be the guy with no direction in life. A guy who looks forward to spending few days with Sunshine kasi yun lang ang time that I have someone with me dito sa bahay.”

“Sus tumigil ka nga. Very successful ka kaya. Famous ka pa. Nahiya nga ako that hindi kita nakilala, I was not even aware that you’re that billboard guy of LAS. Akala ko nagfefeeling gwapo ka lang when you allowed women to take pictures with you.”

“Ah yes and I felt hurt. My ego was bruised. Hindi mo man lang ako nakilala.” He exaggeratedly pretended to be hurt.

“Naku mahal kong asawa, you should be happy kasi it means hindi ako tumitingin sa mga gwapong guys. It means you are very lucky kasi sa’yo ko lang ibinaling yun pagtingin ko.”

“Yes I am indeed lucky, blessed even. Thank you for that day and thank you for coming to my life.”

Then he kissed her again, to show how grateful he is for having her in his life.


“Kumusta yun bakasyon nyo?” It was Corrine talking on the other line.

“Okay naman Corrine. Ayun si Ricky learning to surf. I’m at the cottage right now. Ang init na kasi. Mabuti si Ricky kahit magbilad, mabilis bumalik yun kulay.” Maya was talking to her friend, who was her husband’s ex-wife on the phone.

“Ay oo sinabi mo pa. Maswerte ang lalaking yan kasi hindi umiitim. Hindi naman ba pasaway?”

“Hindi Corrine. Richard is perfect. Maybe since alam na nya yun mga pagkukulang nya.”

“Mukha nga. Actually he is a very good person Maya. We’re just not for each other. Pero Maya ha, kapag may ginawang hindi maganda si Ricky, sabihan mo sya. Wag kang tutulad sa akin na kinimkim yun sama ng loob. He wasn’t even aware  how I was feeling and I realized that it was unfair for him too.  Kaya pag-usapan nyo if ever you have some petty arguments of disagreements.”

“Oo naman Corrine, thank you din ha for watching over Sky and Chadchad for us.”

“Ano ba kayo. I’m enjoying the kids. Si Chadchad panay naman tulog.” Richard Jr. is Maya and Richard’s 6 month old baby.

Corrine volunteered to watch over the kids after she gave them her belated wedding gift of a three day vacation in a resort in Siargao. Corrine knows that Maya loves the beach and that Richard wanted to learn surfing so that’s the perfect gift she could think of.

“Si Sky hindi ba makulit?”

“No he is playing with Sunshine. Pero tahimik sila kasi tulog nga daw si Chadchad. O sige na Maya. I won’t take much of your time. Nagtext na yung asawa mo. Iniistorbo daw kita.”

Corrine ended the call and Maya was surprised to see he husband staring at her with brows furrowed, holding his cellphone, annoyed to see her on the phone.

“Oh bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?” She was laughing at him.

“Di ba we agreed not to accept calls.” Tampo talaga siya.

“Sweetheart si Corrine yun. Nagkwento lang tungkol sa mga bata.”

“Kahit na. She can take care of the kids atsaka hindi naman emergency yun tawag nya. Ilang minutes nabawas sa precious time natin oh!” He was even showing her his watch.

“Nakakatawa ka Ricky. Ang possessive mo. Few minutes lang yun. ”

“Kahit na.”

“Ang sungit naman ng asawa ko. Sige na po. Promise I won’t take any calls. Sa’yo lang ang 100% attention ko.”

He smiled then carried her to their cottage where he planned to enjoy their much needed vacation the Mr and Mrs Lim way.

“Sweetheart! San mo ako dadalhin?”

“Sssshhh quiet! Dun tayo sa room. Ayoko na magsurf sa labas. Mainit dito. I prefer to surf inside our room. Malamig dun. May aircon!” He winked naughtily at her.

“Ricky ano ka ba! Kung ano man ang binabalak mo, maliit pa po si Chadchad.”

“Don’t worry, Corrine can always take care of our kids, kahit ilang kids pa ang pabantayan natin sa kanya.”

So yes from that one fine day, Richard and Maya already got married, had a son and had the greatest time of their lives.


A/N : Pwede na to ha! Iba na to sa movie. I just tried to grant your requests.


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