PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 5

PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 5

“Your name is Philip Tang?” Amor asked him. She couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Yes that’s my name. Why do you seem so surprised?”

“That’s your Chinese name, right? But your Filipino name is Carlo…”

“I am Philip and that is the only name I use. I don’t have a Filipino name. Why?”

“I thought you were someone else.” The guy whom she saw minutes ago and who is now in front of her looks exactly like Carlo. She was confused and disappointed too.

Maybe she had too much to drink that she could already see Carlo in someone else.

But no. She was certain that it was him and she even resorted to drinking when she got embarrassed awhile ago when she smiled at him and he gave her a blank and curious stare.

She was sure of it until he insisted that he isn’t.

Then came the realization that maybe he was telling the truth that he wasn’t Carlo.

Maybe he had amnesia.

Maybe he didn’t want her to recognize him.

Or absurd may it seem, it is also possible that he may also be in an undercover mission against the governor.

“Miss?” She was jolted back to her senses.

“Ah eh… I’m sorry Mr. Tang. I just thought you were someone.. someone I’d been longing to see again.” It was an unnecessary line but she wasn’t able to control herself from blurting that out.

“Oh I see. Well, now that you know who I am, I believe that I also should know who you are. May I get your name?”

“Ah… I’m sorry, it slipped my mind… I’m Amor Powers, Mr. Tang.”

“Ohh! You have a very lovely name. Suits a very exquisite lady like you.” He smiled with exactly the same lopsided smile as Carlo’s.

She shyly blushed at his compliment.

“So can I invite you to join me. The governor already left and you shouldn’t be by yourself.”

“No thanks. I think I better go home now.” She politely declined and was about to get her phone to call Roma Christie when he suddenly stopped her.

“Let’s have a few more drinks. The night is still young. Besides I’m also alone. I could use some company.”


“Please Amor. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” He convinced her and she agreed.

“Okay. I owe you one tonight anyway.” She smiled at him.

“You don’t owe me anything. I just want someone to talk to. It’s Christmas and its rather lonely to be by ourselves. I assume you were supposed to be spending the night here at the party with the governor?”

She just nodded her head.

“The governor is your….”

“Friend. He is a friend from way back. I was proposing a business to him.” She answered before he could even finish his question.

“I see.”

“So this Carlo, is he someone special?”

She hesitated for awhile, sipped from her glass then answered.

“Yes he is.”

“Oh! He is a boyfriend?”

“No! No! He is not. I… I met him also at Christmas last year. He sort of helped me, saved me” then she shyly glanced at him, “just like what you did awhile ago.”

“Really? So it’s a habit of yours to be a damsel in distress on Christmas?” He tried to joke.

She smiled. “I guess so. And I always get to be saved by two guys looking exactly the same. It’s weird. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and Carlo turn out to be superheroes of Christmas, like Batman or Superman?” Then she chuckled at her own joke. He just stared at her not getting what she meant.

She turned red seeing his reaction. Talk about too much humiliation for the night.

She covered her face with her hands, “I’m sorry that was a joke.”

He just smiled.

“Okay. Maybe you’re lucky. So this Carlo, where does he live?”

“He owns a chain of hotels all around the Philippines, the Asuncion Group of Hotels. I met him at his hotel near NAIA. He lives near the place too.”

“If you know his place, why don’t you just pay him a visit?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m embarrassed? I hid from him. After our encounter, I thought I don’t deserve his friendship. He is a good man. He has a daughter while my life was a mess that time.”

He just drank his wine, not knowing what to say.

She still continued. Maybe the wine she took made her talkative and uninhibited.

“Carlo has glasses unlike you. He also seemed nicer than you. He is cool. He is charming…” then she giggled.

“Oh. Why? How do you find me?”

She stared at him, thinking of what to say… “Hmm…. You look strict, stern, scary, serious… Ohh too many s’s to describe you, maybe it means I should shut-up” then she giggled again.

Philip was getting amused already. At least his night is becoming more interesting.

After a few more drinks, they decided to call it a night. Amor is tipsy and he also needs to stop or else he wouldn’t be able to drive to the hotel where he is staying.

“Amor, where is your car?”

“Ah eh… Wait I’ll call my secretary.”

She was fumbling for her phone trying to dial the number of Roma Christie when suddenly her phone died. Her battery is drained.

“Oh my God!”

“What’s the matter?”

“My battery got drained.”

“You can use my phone.” He offered.

“I don’t know my secretary’s number.” She was panicky now.

“Hey don’t worry. I think I can drive you home. Just give me directions. I’m not too familiar with the streets here.”



Philip was able to reach Amor’s house after more than an hour. It didn’t help that she was incoherent as she was already drunk from the wine she took. He needed to stop the car at least three times to be able to wake her up and ask the directions.

She woke up when they reached her place.

“Oh we’re here.” She hurriedly fixed herself and went out of his car even before he reached the passenger side.

She just assisted her by holding her elbow and lower back while she was fishing for her keys.

“Here let me assist you.” He took charge of opening her gate.

“I’m okay here Philip. Thank you. Drive safely.”

But before she even closed her gate, she tripped.

Philip decided to assist her inside her house.

“Are you alone here? Where is your secretary? Your family? Your helpers?” He curiously asked.

“You ask a lot. I don’t have a family, my staff is on vacation. It’s Christmas and they needed to be with their families.” She tried to explain while also trying her best to act sober.

“This means you’re alone on Christmas eve? I don’t even see anything prepared on your table. This is how you’re gonna spend it?”

“I’m used to it besides I never expected that vicious Claudia to show up. The governor and I, we’re supposed to join some friends tonight. But unfortunately the plan failed.”

She was holding her head obviously suffering from hangover.

He took the initiative help her lie on the sofa and even found a washcloth and a basin which he filled with warm water. He used it to wipe her face, neck, arms. He can’t just leave her alone.

She needs to be sober before he leaves.

It is unsafe for a woman to be left drunk and on her own.


Philip woke up. It is 4 in the morning and he needs to call his father. He must have been waiting for his call.

He got up, dialed his number.

It was answered after a couple of rings.

“Wǒ zhīdào zài nǎlǐ kěyǐ zhǎodào wǒ de xiōngdì. (I know where to find my brother.)”

“Fēicháng hǎo er zi. (Very good, Son.)”

He ended the call and gazed at the sleeping form on his bed.

He leaned over and softly gave her a kiss at her exposed shoulder.

She just stirred but remained asleep. She must have been exhausted.

He smiled and shook his head.

He realized that she is indeed very beautiful.

She is glowing after what happened between them.

Last night was special. She didn’t hold back. They mutually decided to spend a night together just to relieve each other’s loneliness.

It must have been the wine that made her say yes.

He would have stopped if she refused, but she didn’t. She just made it clear that there would be no strings attached. He agreed. He didn’t want any complications too. His life had been with too many problems from his business to his dad, to his brother, his mom and even his job.

He doesn’t need a woman right now. He doesn’t need to complicate his life just like she also doesn’t want to complicate hers.


14 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 5”

  1. Ohmigod! Naunahan pa ni Philip si Carlo! hihi *peace* So si Carlo ba yung tinutukoy na kapatid ni Philip? Thanks for this po! Sana may kasunod na po agad. 😁

  2. Omg! Me nangyari sa kanila? Grabe mabilis c Philip ha…pero tama b intindi ko magkapatid c Carlo at Philip base sa. conversation nun mag ama? Parang ang puso ko bet c Carlo pero asan na cya? Hinahanap din cya ni Amor..sana magkita na cila

  3. Sandali lang Timmy review hin ko lang parang ang bilis, Philip ang nauna Kay Carlo. Pano na si Carlo. Oh Amor. Sino ba sa kanila? Nalilito ako. Pero exciting. Who will win the Heart?

  4. Amor is longing for Carlo, Christmas Eve again and now it’s Philip Tang. Strict, stern, scary, serious according to Maya. Pero concern si Philip ayaw nyang iwan si Amor mag isa. Pero dala na rin ng kalasingan, Kaya may nangyaring di inaasahan.
    Carlo or Philip Who will be the right Man for Amor. Thank you Ms. Timmy.


  6. oh no, bumigay si Amor kay Philip? paano na si Carlo? getting more intense, d ko rin alam kung para kanino ako, pwede bang balik na lang ako kay Richard? hahahaha

  7. Ms. Timmy up date to the Max pls. Can’t wait for the next meeting of Amor And Carlo. Now that something happen between Amor and Phillip. What if ma in love din si Phillip Kay Amor kagaya ni Carlo.
    Hay Ms. Timmy sino kaya ang mas Masarap mag mahal? The Cool a Guy or the Dragon syndicate?
    Amor kanino ka kaya ma iinlove.
    Thank you Ms. Timmy bec. Of your story naiibsan ang pananabik ko Kay Richard at Maya Kasi mga story mo pang teleserye ang peg. Kahit di every day ang up date. Nakaka inlove at exciting. Sa lahat ng story mo Kahit Iba Iba,so interesting, lahat may pinag huhugutan. Ito parang love triangle.
    Sa SAFE REFUGE Iba naman. Pang level up ng BCWMH , pero andun yung kilig. In love na si Richard Kay Maya. Wag lang panira ng moment si James.

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