Be Careful With My Heart

Be Careful With My Heart

July 9, 2017

It’s been five years since the showing of the very first episode of the undisputed phenomenal series of ABS-CBN and Ms. Jeany, the head of the unit responsible for the series, threw a party to celebrate the highly successful show.

She sent invitations weeks ago and even instructed everyone to enter the venue of the party in their serye character just like what they did in the Fairytale Wedding and After Wedding Party. She thought that it would make the celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Every member of the BCWMH family, from the actors to the staff and even utility personnel were excited to finally have the chance to see each other after the show ended.

The show was very special to them and every member behind the serye had wonderful memories of the show.

BCWMH gave them a steady source of income for two years and four months.

It started the careers of the showbiz newcomers then but famous actors now – Luke, Nikki, Nicolo, Inigo, Joni, Joey and Chesca.

It also made the stand-up comediennes Sabel and Doris famous which opened lots of opportunities for them in other shows as well.

BCWMH also opened opportunities for independent film and theatre actors like Emman and Leah.

The show also became instrumental in creating a name for Ms. Jeany’s unit, which eventually earned them more projects. Every time people finds out that they were the same team behind Be Careful With My Heart, people would never fail to praise them for the show and be grateful to the point that they support any project the unit does to show their gratitude.

The show made Richard Lim the very famous actor and bankable endorser he is now. Richard Lim became a highly in-demand actor. He was given more projects after playing the role of the very much loved and revered Ser Chief. He starred in movies, had guested in some TV shows, he even had an album with another Chinito guy. His businesses flourished and also benefitted from BCWMH as people would normally support his business endeavors whenever they learn that their most loved Ser Chief owns it. Richard was very much aware of what the show did to him and he was truly grateful. He never failed to show how thankful he was by constantly mentioning it. This attitude of his endeared him to most of his fans. They see him as someone who knows how to look back from where he came from and someone who had his feet planted to the ground. He remained humble and approachable.

Maya dela Rosa became noticed now. Her talent was now being appreciated. She had been around the business for many years already but only after she took on the role as the positive, bubbly and very loving wife of Ser Chief, did she become noticed by the network. She was now regarded as one of the pillars of the Star Magic which was formerly dominated by other actors. She was given many projects as well and many endorsements too. The show also influenced her personal life. She became a better person because of the show and because of those she worked with in the show. Everyone positively influenced each other.

Even those who played support roles in BCWMH were given projects after it ended. Nanay Teresita, Tatay Arturo, Don Roberto, Dona Esmeralda, Manang Fe, Cho were given seryes one after the other.

Kute got into government service.

All the writers and staff of the show had a steady source of income as Ms. Jeany ensured that they will always be part of every project her unit handles.

The original singer of the theme song of the serye was also very thankful that his song skyrocketed in the sales when it was used as the serye’s OST.

BCWMH opened many opportunities for everyone.


“Direk Jett nagkita ulit tayo.” The good-natured soft-spoken Director was the first to arrive at the venue of the party. He was met by Ms. Jeany. They were actually together almost every day because of their ongoing series.

“Maagang natapos yun taping ng The Better Half eh. Gusto rin nga nilang makisali sa party.” He joked. “Asan na yung iba? Mukhang napaaga nga ata ako.”

“Okay lang. At least may kasama na ako. Sila Panching at Bon nandito na kanina pero pinakiusapan kong bumili ng miniature cakes para sa mga bata.”

“Masaya to Jeany. Masaya at makikita ulit natin sila. Malalaki na sigurado yun mga bata. Yun mga teens naman natin matured na. I’m excited to see them.” The director quipped.

“Ako din. It’s been years but hindi ko pa rin malimutan yun masayang samahan natin.” The unit head added.

They went on reminiscing about the great times they had while doing the show.

“Direk Jett! Ms. Jeany! We are back!!!” The funny and well-loved triumvirate of the Lim household chorused upon entering the venue. Behind them was the guy who played Joma who was escorting Manang Fe.

“Ang ingay nyo talaga Sabel, Doris at Leah.” Manang Fe pretended to act like her role in the series which got everybody laughing.

“Masungit si Manang Fe kasi wala si Mang Anastacio.” Joma also joked which earned him a pinch from Manang Fe.

Ms. Nel and the writers were also in attendance and they were relentlessly praised for the success of the show. Everyone believes that the well-written and thought off script of the show was the reason for its success.


“Wala pa ba si Direk Melvyn?” Direk Jett was looking for his co Director.

“Naku Direk baka matagal pa yun. Alam mo naman he’s still using his old volkz.” Joma commented which made everyone laugh.

They were noisily chatting in groups. The staff had a small group, the older cast were also talking to each other and the teens as well.


“Hi Niks!”

“Hi Nicolo? How’s your mom?”

“Ayun lumalaban pa rin. Salamat sa mga prayers nyo ha! It meant a lot.”

“Nicolo we’re like family di ba? Kasama nyo kami ni Tita sa battle nya.” She assured her former LT who even became her bestfriend.

Nicolo tried his best not to show the inner struggle he was having. His voice was already shaky. “Thank you Niks.”

Nikki gave him a tight hug to comfort him.

Luke, Louie and Inigo also arrived together with Joey, Aira, Joni, Amiel, Stacey and the other teens of the show. They happily chatted which also made Nicolo forget even momentarily what his family is going through.

They were all updating each other of their present projects and they even vowed to constantly see each other even after the party.


Finally the leads arrived:

Richard had to fetch Maya and also the kids who played their twins Sky and Sunshine. They followed Ms. Jeany’s request to be in their show’s character and they gamely played it.

“Naku late kayong dalawa. Kanina pa kami dito.” Kute teased Richard and Maya who just arrived at the party. They brought wine and more food and gifts for everyone.

“Eto kasi si Sweetheart and tagal. Ayaw lumabas ng bedroom. Ayaw akong pakawalan sa bed.” He naughtily joked which earned more teasing from their companions and which made his partner turn crimson.

“Naku bunso ah! Baka mamaya may mas bunso pa kina Sky and Sunshine.” Kute added.

“Kute ha!” she managed to say.

“Ano? Totoo naman. Atsaka Maya dela Rosa, malalaki na rin naman tong kambal. Pwede nang sundan.” Kute continued to tease them and Richard gamely joined.

“See sweetheart agree si Kute. I told you dapat sundan na yun kambal because malalaki na sila and they’ll eventually go to school. Malungkot na sa bahay, wala nang babies. Oh well ikaw pala yun baby ko.” He acted so sweet that she was already blushing.

“Tumigil ka nga. Sumosobra ka na! Ikaw rin Kute! Tara na nga kain na tayo. Gutom na ako. Ang tagal kasi nito ni partner.”

They were all having a blast teasing each other like they used to before.

They celebrated the anniversary of the show and they celebrated the years of friendship as well.


“Ms. Jeany do you think they’ll make us continue the series? Open-ended naman yun last episode natin eh.” Richard got curious.

“Maybe. Hindi ko alam. If ever, would you guys still do it?”

“Of course! Basta ba sama sama pa rin tayo.” He readily agreed.

“Ako rin. I will never trade what we had in BCWMH for anything.” Maya also agreed.

Ms. Jeany was very happy and proud that the positive vibes of the show had been adapted by everyone who became part of it.

She’s hoping to do the show again, that is if we veiwers would still want it.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Join us in reminiscing the show in twitter using the hashtag #BCWMHAlwaysInOurHearts

Kapit Bisig!


Can We Start Over Again – 14

Can We Start Over Again – 14

Richard arrived at the Dela Rosa residence after a long drive. It was close to midnight but he didn’t hesitate to knock on their door. He just wanted to make sure that Maya was home.

He’s been worried already when he couldn’t contact her. Maya didn’t call him either, like what she told Liza she’d do.  It’s so unlike her and he’s really distressed as many scenarios were already playing in his mind.

Nanay Teresita opened the door and was startled to see Richard. She craned her neck expecting to see her daughter but was confused when she didn’t see her. “Richard si Maya?” She questioned the anxious-looking Richard who greeted her with a kiss on her cheek.

He treats Nay Teresita  like his own mom and they were very close even when Maya was away.

She led Richard inside their home.

“Nay yan din ang reason why I’m here. Maya went to the office earlier today. Unfortunately I was out. My secretary told me that umalis si Maya after an hour to meet a friend. She promised to return to the office and she even told Liza that she’d call me. But I couldn’t contact her. I tried calling Tatay Arturo kanina pero he wasn’t answering too.”  Worry was etched on his face.

Nanay Teresita got worried as well. All she knew was that Maya will be visiting Richard and that she will surprise him.  She never mentioned any friend aside from him.

“Teka tingnan ko yun telefono. Hindi ko pa naman pinapansin yun. Yun Tatay Arturo mo may dinaluhang convention kaya hindi yun makakasagot sa tawag. Ayun nga sobrang pagod kaya tulog na tulog. Naku Maya asan ka bang bata ka?” Nanay Teresita frantically searched for her phone inside their bedroom.

She was relieved to find messages from Maya informing her of the exact same thing she told Richard’s secretary but Nanay Teresita knows that something was amiss. She knows her daughter so well. She dialed her number while returning to the living room where Richard was waiting.

“Maya nak? Asan ka ba?” She blurted out the moment Maya answered the call.

Relief was etched on Richard’s face the moment he heard Nanay Teresita talking to Maya on the phone.

“Nay yun tinext ko sa’yo. Yun na po yun. Saka ko na lang ipapaliwanag.” She couldn’t admit to her mother what she found out and how hurt she was. She knows that her mother is close to Richard and his parents.

“Maya akala ko si Richard ang pupuntahan mo?”

“Nay wala siya doon atsaka… basta Nay. Saka ko na lang ipapaliwanag. Kapag tumawag si Richard dyan sa inyo, bahala na po kayong magpaliwanag. Hindi ko na muna siya kakausapin.” Then she stifled her sob which didn’t escape her mother.

“Maya kung ano man yan, ikaw na ang magpaliwanag kay Richard. Nandito sya. Kanina pa to nagaalala sa’yo.” Nanay Teresita handed the phone to Richard not allowing Maya to avoid talking to him which Nanay Teresita suspects her daughter was doing. She felt that something happened which compelled Maya to avoid  Richard.

“Maya! Where are you? I’m sorry wala ako kanina. I felt so bad to have missed your visit. Akala ko babalik ka? I waited for you. Tinawagan rin kita. Where are you? Masaya ako that you’re home. Are you just visiting or is this what you told me?” He was excited that he talked nonstop.

“Ricky hindi ko pa sigurado. Sasabihin ko na lang kapag nagkita tayo. Sige na gabi na kailangan mo nang magpahinga.” Her lackluster reply didn’t escape him but he ignored it.

“When are we going to see each other? I’ve already blocked the rest of the week. I’m all yours.” He still sounded excited despite Maya’s reaction on the other line.

“Hindi mo na kailangang gawin yun. Hindi ko pa sigurado kung kailan tayo magkikita. May mga aasikasuhin pa ako. Sige na Ricky. Pahinga ka na. Thank you sa pagpunta dyan kay Nanay. Dyan ka na matulog kasi delikadong magdrive. Late na.” Her voice couldn’t hide the sadness and hurt she felt. Even the sound of her voice betrayed what she felt. He could tell that something was bothering her.

“Are you okay? Why do you sound like you cried? Do you need me there?”

“Wag na Ricky. Dadamayan ko na muna etong kaibigan ko. Nalungkot lang ako sa kwento nya. Pupuntahan na lang kita kapag okay na siya.”

“Maya you’re making me worry here. I don’t even know where you are or kung sinong friend yan? Can you at least tell me?”

“Ricky wag na. I’m okay. Kaya ko naman ang sarili ko. I’ll just call you kapag free na ako. Wag kang mag-alala. I’ve survived Manila. Kakayanin ko naman dito sa New York.”

“So you’re in New York? Asan ka nga Maya? Tell me. Pupuntahan kita. I won’t bother your friend. Please just tell me where you are. Hindi ako mapapakali nito. I know something’s wrong. Please tell me.” He was pleading already.

He disliked being left in the dark on what’s happening to her.

“Ricky naman eh. Mapilit ka naman. Kaya ko na ang sarili ko.”

“But Maya …”

“Can you at least give me privacy. I also have my own life, you know. Sige na Ricky. Bye.” Then she ended the call, not allowing him to say more.

The annoyance in her tone was evident and it left Richard clueless as to why she acted that way. He was also hurt that he seemed unimportant to her.

Teresita dela Rosa just stared sadly at the handsome man she already treats like her own son.

“Nay alis na po ako. These flowers are for Maya pero sa inyo na po.” He tried his best to act normal not wanting to worry Maya’s mother.

“Dito ka na lang magpalipas ng gabi Ricky. Tawagan mo na lang sila mama mo.”

“Wag na po Nay. I also need to be at the office early tomorrow. Mukhang okay naman po si Maya. Wag na kayong mag-alala. Tatawag na lang raw sya sa akin. Mukhang may dinadamayang kaibigan. Hindi nga sinabi kung sino. Hindi naman siguro boyfriend.” He even tried to joke.

“Wala naman akong alam na may boyfriend si Maya, Richard. Sigurado ako kaibigan lang kung sino man yun.”

He just smiled then bade goodbye to Nanay Teresita.


After she left Richard’s building, Maya decided to check-in at a nearby hotel. She couldn’t roam around looking pitiful and distraught at what she learned.

She tried to recall her past conversations with Richard and she realized that he had always been fond of Rafi.

She couldn’t help but compare herself to Rafi again.

She regretted not paying much attention to him when he was still very vocal of his care and concern for her.

She made him wait until he already found someone else to take her place.

Maya sent messages to her mother, not wanting to upset her.

She just needed a few days to clear her mind and at least calm her heart.



Richard was searching for any clues about Maya online after he failed to contact her weeks after that one phone conversation they had the day he went to her place.

He saw  these about her:

“Maya dela Rosa retires from showbiz to join her boyfriend.”

“James and Maya – expecting to be parents soon!”

“Maya de la Rosa, biglang nagretiro sa pagaartista upang pagtuuanan ang pagbubuntis sa anak nila ni James Ventura.”

“James Ventura keeps his silence about Maya dela Rosa.”

These and a few more articles appeared.

Richard didn’t realize that he was already clenching his fists.


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Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Wardrobe Disagreement

Kwentong Maya & Ricky :  Wardrobe Disagreement

“You’re wearing that?” Ricky blurted out when Maya opened the door of the condo she shares with Emman. His brows were furrowed. He’s obviously in a bad mood.

Maya doesn’t want to spoil her day so she didn’t mind his mood. She even joked about it.

“Mukhang masama ang gising natin Sir Chief ko. Ang sungit mo naman. Wala man lang goodmorning ah!” She was smiling.

He didn’t smile but instead shook his head and smirked. He did greet her good morning though and also kissed her cheek.

Noticing that his mood hadn’t changed, Maya joked again, “Sir Chief masungit ka pa rin? Siguro natraffic ka no? O kaya may pasaway na driver kang naencounter. O kaya hindi nga nginitian ni Ate Guard dyan sa baba?  Huy ano?”

He just sighed in frustration that Maya didn’t realize the reason for his bad temper.

Maya continued, “Sabi ko naman kasi sa’yo wag mo na akong ihahatid. Pwede naman akong magpasundo sa shuttle ng Time Airways eh. Sina Edz nga nagpasundo rin. Gumising ka pa tuloy ng napakaaga. Dapat natutulog ka pa kasi alam kong late ka nang nakauwi kagabi at pagod ka sa daming eroplanong inayos ninyo.” She even babbled nonstop which annoyed him more.

“Maya hindi ako natraffic, wala akong pasaway na driver na naencounter, hindi ako sinungitan ng guard ninyo, hindi ako pagod at hindi ako antok, I am asking you if you’re wearing that.” He’s pointing to her cream shorts which exposed her slender, flawless legs.

Tumawa pa si Maya. “Di pa ba obvious  Sir Chief? Suot ko na nga, magtatanong ka pa.” Then she giggled pa. Parang nakakaloko.

Tiger mode na talaga siya. He’s just sharply staring at her, not saying anything.

But Maya just laughed at him, amused at his expression. “Ang sungit! Ano nga ang problema mo? Eto bang suot ko? Ayaw mo nito?”

He rolled his eyes which made Maya laugh harder. “Naku hindi bagay sa singkit mong mata ang ganyan. So eto ngang damit ko ang problema mo?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Naku ang dami mo pang pasakalye. Sinabi mo na lang sana na ayaw mo ng suot ko. Ikaw talaga Sir Chief.”

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Sir Chief hindi mahuhurt ang feelings ko kasi hindi ako katulad mo na pikon at matampuhin.”


“Oo na. Magpapalit na.”

Then she left a relieved Sir Chief alone in their small living room to change her clothes.


On the way to the Time Airways office where her  co-Fas will be waiting for her,

“Sir Chief bakit mo ako pinagbihis? Pangit ba yung damit ko?” She was curious. Di pa rin nya gets why. Or maybe she’s just pretending na di nya gets.


“Baduy ba yun hitsura ko?”


“Pangit legs ko?”

“Of course not!”

“Eh bakit nga?”

Of course won’t admit that he didn’t want other guys admiring Maya’s legs.

He won’t admit that he’s getting jealous just imagining other guys admiring his girlfriend.

“Mainit. Baka umitim and legs mo.”

Natawa si Maya. “Ibig mong sabihin Sir Chief magsusuot ako ng pantalon kahit sa pupuntahan naming beach resort?” She stared at him incredulously.

“Yes. You better not swim. It’s not safe for your skin.”

“Huh? At bakit pa ako pupunta ng beach kung hindi lang naman ako mageenjoy sa dagat. Atsaka Sir Chief hindi naman ako katulad mo na natulog lang nung pumunta tayo ng mga bata sa Subic. Tapos nakapajama ka pa.” She was laughing as she recalled that incident where Richard had been incessantly teased by the kids and his parents for walking around the beach in his pajamas.

They were on a vacation then and Nikki and Sabel packed shorts for him and a pajama for sleeping. Since he refused to wear shorts, he just used his pajama during their entire stay.

Pikon na naman si Sir Chief. “Basta don’t wear shorts on the beach.”

“Ay hindi pwede Sir Chief! Pagtatawanan naman ako nyan nila Eds at Emman kung lalangoy ako na nakapants.”

“Wag ka ngang magswimming. You can just stay sa cottage. Mabuti kung private resort yun pupuntahan nyo.”

“Sige pero sabihin mo muna yun totoong reason kung bakit?”

“Di ba nag sinabi ko na. Your legs will be exposed. Iitim yan.”

“Yan talaga ang dahilan?”  Nangungulit si Maya because she knows the real reason why ayaw ni Ricky na nakashorts sya and she already feels kilig.

“Okay fine! I don’t want other guys staring at your legs.” He admitted.

Maya was so giddy. She loves seeing her Sir Chief acting possessive and jealous. “Nagseselos ka?”

“Of course not! Ayaw ko lang.”

“Sus ayaw pang aminin. Don’t worry Sir Chief ko. Hanggang tingin lang naman sila.” Then she whispered to tease him more, “Hindi naman nila pwedeng hawakan.” She giggled.


“Binibiro lang kita Sir Chief. Kalma ka nga. Focus ka lang sa pagdrive.”

“How could I? Ang kulit mo!”

“Eh ikaw eh, ang cute mong magselos.”

“Hindi nga ako nagseselos.” Ricky denied it.

“Oo kaya.” Maya insisted.

“Hindi nga!” Ayaw talagang umamin ni Ricky.

“Oo!” Of course Maya is Maya.

“Hindi!” Deny pa rin ni Ricky.

“Hindi.” Maya used a different tactic.

“Oo!” Nalito si Ricky.

“Sabi ko na nga ba nagseselos ang Sir Chief ko.” Tuwang tuwa siya that she won.

“Hey I’m not! You just tricked me.”

“Trick trick! Halika nga pakiss!”

Then Maya gave her jealous boyfriend a lingering kiss on his cheek which, of course, diffused his hot temper.

Nagshorts pa rin ba si Maya?

Of course hindi,  kasi hindi na siya tumuloy sa swimming.

She preferred to spend her day with the kids and her Sir Chief instead of joining her co-FAs in their short vacation.

Can We Start Over Again – 13

Can We Start Over Again – 13

Maya bumped into Liza on her way out of the building. “Ms. Maya aalis ka na po?”

“Ah yes Liza. Aalis na muna ako. Tumawag kasi yun friend ko and I’ll meet her first. Wala pa naman si Richard. Babalik na lang ako.” She tried her best to sound normal, not wanting Liza to notice the chance in her voice and not wanting her notice any change in her expression.

“Naku sayang naman po Ms. Maya. I’m sure malulungkot yun si Sir Richard kapag nalaman nyang pumunta at naghintay ka sa kanya tapos umalis ka. Maiinis yun. Miss na miss ka na nun eh.” Liza added which at least lessened the pain Maya was feeling.

“Babalik naman ako Liza.” She simply said.

“Sige po Ms. Maya. Sasabihan ko si Sir Richard na pumunta ka at babalik ka. Pwede ko pong mahingi yun number nyo just in case he asks for it?”

“He has my number Liza. Atsaka tatawagan ko na lang siya.”

“Sayang talaga yun surprise nyo sa kanya. Ang tagal naman kasi ni Sir Richard.” Liza was really disappointed as well.

“Okay lang yun. I’ll just call him. I’m sure Richard is busy. Hindi rin naman niya alam that I’ll visit him. Thank you ha.”

“Naku wala naman akong naitulong. Si Sir Richard naman kasi ngayon pa talaga natagalan bumalik. Sige po Ms. Maya. I’m very honored to meet you po. Napakaganda nyo talaga. I am a fan of yours and I always watch your movies and teleseryes. Si Sir ganun din.” Liza added.

Maya smiled. At least Liza made her feel good with what she said.

“Thank you Liza. Thank you din for taking good care of Richard. I have to go na talaga. Bye.” She even gave Liza a hug.

She managed to keep her emotions at bay while in front of Liza.

But the moment she left the building where Richard’s office is located, Maya could no longer control herself from crying.

She walked aimlessly along the busy streets of Manhattan.

She could no longer think straight. Her eyes were blinded by the tears she tried so hard to contain.

The reason why she came home was to focus on her life.

She wanted to start building a life with the people important to her.

She enjoyed her showbiz life but she already fulfilled all her dreams career-wise.

She realized that no fame, no awards, no glamour and no wealth could give her the happiness her heart searches for.

She vowed to prioritize her goals and think of her future, the future she thought would include him.

He was the main reason why she quit her career.

She wanted a life here with him, build a family with him.

But she found out that she could no longer be part of his life.

Someone was already making him happy.

Someone far better than her was in his life.

She couldn’t compete with her, not with the woman in Richard’s life.

Not with someone who is sophisticated, an achiever, someone as successful as him.

She felt so unworthy even of his attention.

He deserves someone like Rafi Alcantara.

She doesn’t deserve him.

She doesn’t even have a college degree.

She is only an actress, an entertainer.


“Why are you smiling Liza?”

Richard arrived thirty minutes after Maya left. Liza met him with her teasing smile.

“Sir someone visited you kanina. A very lovely lady was here.” Liza added then couldn’t help but be giddy for her boss.

But Richard doesn’t want being teased. He gave Liza an annoyed look.

“Liza sumimangot na naman ang boss mo. Naku Chard ha! The more you react that way, baka mapagkamalan ka na naming gay.” Rafi joked.

“Stop it you two. I have no time for nonsense at kung sino man na bisita yan let’s keep it in a professional level. I don’t want being teased.”

“Ay ang sungit!” Rafi was still laughing.

“Sino bang pumunta dito Liza?” He was now impatient.

“Sir calm down. Alam nyo naman na hindi lulusot sa akin ang kung sino lang. Mahihirapan sila to get an appointment with you. Sir, your best friend was here. Ms. Maya was here kanina pero umalis muna. Ang ganda pala nya sa personal at sobrang bait.”

Richard couldn’t believe what he heard. His face beamed with happiness and excitement at what Liza said. He can’t contain what he felt. He’s smiling from ear to ear but the smile turned into a frown when he realized that Maya already left.

“Oh my God Chard umuwi si Maya! Maybe this is what you’ve been waiting for, the one she mentioned remember? Maybe she’ll be staying for good. Tamang tama yung pagcheck natin sa bahay nyo.” Rafi couldn’t contain her excitement as well. She was so happy for her friend.

“Where is she now Liza? You should have told her to wait for me. Sana tinawagan mo ako.”

“I tried to call you Sir pero unattended yung phone nyo.”

He realized that he forgot to charge his phone.

Liza added, “Babalik daw siya Sir so don’t worry.”

He now smiled when Liza mentioned that Maya will be back. “Liza san daw siya pupunta?”

“Sir, Ms. Maya said that her friend called her. She said that may pupuntahan daw siyang kaibigan but she will be back. I asked for her number pero meron ka naman daw pong number nya.”

Aligaga na si Richard. He’s excited, nervous, and very happy. He’s overwhelmed that Maya visited him.

“Alam mo Chard, this gives you time to freshen up. Aba galing tayo sa labas. You should change your clothes and look your best.” Rafi suggested.

Then she instructed Liza as well, “Liza free mo na ang schedule ng boss mo for this afternoon and the following days. I’m sure they have lots of catching up to do.” Rafi suggested.

“I already did Ms. Rafi. Pagkaalis ni Ms. Maya I already rescheduled Sir Richard’s meetings to next week. Yun bukas naman I already requested your secretary Minerva to insert it in your schedule. Kayo na lang Ma’m Rafi ang kumausap sa clients ni Sir Richard tomorrow.”

“Sure no problem. Wag lang nating iistorbohin tong Sir mo. Hindi na nga mapakali akala mo first time manligaw.” Then Rafi laughed then added, “Ay oo first time nga talaga pala nyang manligaw.”

Then both ladies were laughing at him.

“Stop it Rafi or else I won’t introduce you to Maya.”

“You’re so grumpy. Sige ka you won’t look handsome in front of her. Binibiro ka lang namin pikon ka na agad. Sige na freshen up at magbihis ka na.”

“Wait Liza I need to order flowers. Can you do it for me?”

“Ako na Chard. I will personally choose the flowers for you. I don’t trust these online florists. Sunflowers yun favorite ni Maya right?” Rafi volunteered.

“Yes Rafi. Thanks!”

“Anything para wag kang maging matandang binata Chard.” Then she laughed at him. Liza was also laughing. They both were so supportive of Richard Lim’s lovelife.

“Can you both leave me now? Mang-aasar pa kayo. Sige na I’ll better prepare now.”

Both Rafi and Liza left Richard who proceeded to take a shower in his own bathroom inside his office.


The flowers had been on his table for more than five hours now.

It was already 7pm and Richard had been waiting for Maya for hours already. He couldn’t contact her number.

Rafi already left. She wanted to wait for Maya but she had a date with her fiancé, Charlie.

Liza insisted to stay for she pitied her boss who had been so excited to see Maya dela Rosa for the past hours but who’s now looking very much worried.

Just an hour ago, Richard instructed her to cancel the dinner she reserved at a nearby restaurant then he ordered her to go home. She couldn’t argue with her boss anymore.

He tried to call Maya’s parents but they were not answering their phones as well.

If he was excited hours ago, now that excitement turned to worry especially when he was unable to contact both Maya and her parents.

After a few more minutes, Richard decided to go to Maya’s house.



“Are you okay? Why do you sound like you cried? Do you need me there?”

“Wag na Ricky. Dadamayan ko na muna etong kaibigan ko. Nalungkot lang ako sa kwento nya. Pupuntahan na lang kita kapag okay na siya.”

“But Maya …”

“Sige na Ricky. Bye.” Then she ended the call, not allowing him to say more.

Teresita dela Rosa just stared sadly at the handsome man she already treats like her own son.

Can We Start Over Again – 12

Can We Start Over Again – 12

The concert celebrated the career of Maya dela Rosa.

Amidst the loud cheers of the audience and her fans, amidst the praise and accolades she got from her management and bosses, Maya dela Rosa’s was happiest because Richard was there.

She didn’t feel the exhaustion from the rehearsals, she no longer felt the pressure of trying to outdo all her other performances because performing in front of the person she considered her pillar, her constant supporter and adviser, everything seemed easy for Maya.

And Richard Lim was the proudest that night.

He had witnessed every single performance of his bestfriend in concerts, movies, TV series, endorsements and all other possible projects. Without her knowledge, Richard would always watch all her projects through DVDs or livestreaming or any way possible. He even had a DVD compilation of all her works and CD collection of all her songs.

And tonight he have seen and experienced the reason why the network needed to celebrate the career of the illustrious Maya dela Rosa.

Maya’s family was not able to attend but she didn’t feel alone because Richard was with her.

He loved watching how Maya was with everybody.

It is indeed difficult not to love this lady whom his heart beats for.

Despite what she had attained, she’s still funny and still very simple. She charms everybody with the way she is.

She’s close to her fans and she’s comfortable mingling with them.

She’s also very respectful to her bosses even if she reached the status she has now.

Richard witnessed all of it and he admired her more.


At the ‘After Concert Party’ Richard was chatting with Maya’s manager Buboy when she sat beside him.

“Nak successful yun concert mo!” Her manager proudly declared while hugging his alaga.

“Oo nga Mother Buboy! Nairaos natin yun show. Naku thank you talaga. Napakasaya ko.”

“Hmmm masaya ba dahil sa show or dahil dyan sa katabi mo.” He even teased her.

“Intrigera ka Mother ha! Pero oo naman masaya ako dahil dumalaw to si original partner at bestfriend ko. Thanks Ricky ha!”

Richard just smiled. He was beginning to like Maya’s circle of friends. They weren’t that bad after all.

“O mabuti pa mauna na kayong umuwi Maya. Mukhang gagabihin pa tong mga kasamahan natin. Ako na ang bahala. Magpahinga na kayo.”


On their way home to her newly built mansion, Maya and Richard were at the backseat of her car. She was leaning on his shoulder.

“Ikaw ha pasurprise surprise ka pa! Pinaiyak mo ako sa harap ng mga tao. Nakakahiya!!!”

“I wanted to be here on your special day. Atsaka ikaw rin naman pinaiyak mo rin ako.” He wasn’t even ashamed to admit it to her.

“Naku Ricky ang iyakin natin pareho.” She giggled.

“Pero wag na wag nating mabanggit kina mama.” He added.

“Ay naku oo wag na wag nating babanggitin at hindi naman yun titigil sa pang-aasar.” She agreed.

They were just enjoying being in each other’s arms that night.

Everything felt right. This is what she wanted. She doesn’t need fame and wealth anymore. She wants to be happy. Being here with him is what makes her so happy.



“Would you consider coming home with me? I mean trying a life dun sa atin?”

“Oo naman. Nandun kayong lahat eh. Nandun lahat ng importanteng tao sa buhay ko.”


“Oo Ricky. Matagal ko nang gusto kaso alam mo na habang padami ng padami yun mga offers na projects sa akin, mas nahirapan akong tumanggi.”

“Well you should think of yourself too. I hope you would consider going back home.”

She stared at him, nodded her head, smiled then resumed leaning on his chest now. She even had her arms encircled on his waist.


“Anak totoo ba?” Teresita asked the moment Maya answered her call. She was surprised to learn that Maya already talked to her management. She already decided to leave showbusiness.  Auntie Fe informed Teresita.

“Si Auntie Fe talaga! Gusto ko sana kayong sorpresahin eh. Pero opo Nay. Uuwi na ako dyan. Gusto ko na kayong makasama ni Tatay. Babawi rin ako kina Tito Roberto at kay Tita Esmie. Magkakasama na po tayo.” She happily said.

She was very excited.

“Anak napakasaya nang balita na to. Namiss ka na namin dito.”

“Kayo din nay miss na miss ko. Pati na rin sina Tito at Tita.” Nay Tere already noticed that for the second time Maya failed to mention Richard.

“Teka kanina ka pa. Kami lang talaga ang namiss mo at gusto mong makasama?” her Nanay teased. She knows her daughter so well.

“Siyempre si Ricky po. Si Nanay talaga.” She was shy all of a sudden. “Uuwi na po ako sa isang linggo pero wag nyo na po munang sabihin kila Ricky. Gusto ko rin silang sorpresahin.”


Maya was impressed to find out about Richard’s work in New York.

He works for a famous architectural firm whose portfolio brags of many successful projects with prominent personalities including celebrities.

She was so proud to find out that Richard is part of the company.

“Ms. Dela Rosa, Mr. Lim just went out for lunch. He will be here shortly. Can I offer you something?” Richard’s secretary Liza escorted her inside Richard’s vast office at the topmost floor of their building.

She knows that Maya is very close to her Boss.

She would always hear about her from her Boss’ and his parents’ conversation.

Sometimes Richard would even instruct Liza to buy a magazine, DVDs, CDs or record a show with Maya in it.

She’s already a big fan of Maya back then but admired her more when she came face to face with her.

Liza was surprised when she met Maya in Richard Lim’s office. She looked far from being a famous celebrity. She dressed simply in jeans, white shirt, sneakers and a backback. She also had a ready smile on her face.

Liza instantly liked her. She now knows the reason why Richard loved this lady so much.

“Ah no. Kumain na ako. Thank you na lang Ms. Liza. And just call me Maya.” She smiled at the very welcoming secretary.

“Ay hindi po pwede. I’ll just call you na lang po nang Ms. Maya pero call me naman pong Liza.”

“O sige na nga. Go back to what you’re doing na Liza. I’ll just wait for Richard here.”

Since she had work to do, Liza left Maya inside Richard’s office but made sure that she had magazines to read to keep her entertained.

Thirty minutes have passed but Richard hasn’t returned yet. Liza checked on Maya.

“Naku Ms. Maya wala pa si Mr. Lim.  Hindi rin sinasagot yun phone nya.”

“Okay lang Liza. Hindi naman ako naiinip kasi ang dam mong nilabas na magazines.” She was smiling.

Liza worriedly asked. “Ms. Maya is it okay that I leave you muna? Maglulunch lang muna ako sa baba. My husband kasi is waiting for me to have lunch with him. I can’t call him to cancel kasi naiwan na naman ata nya yun phone nya sa office. He just works nearby too kaso we make it a point to spend lunch together.”

“Oh yes Liza. No problem. I’ll just stay here. Go ahead have your lunch.”


The moment Liza left, Maya settled herself on one of the couches outside Richard’s office. She preferred to wait for him there as it would be a bit intrusive to stay inside his office without his knowledge.

She started reading a magazine then she overheard people talking.

“I bet your boss is very excited with the house already. The team will do the interiors next week.” a blonde guy was talking to a group of employees who were still gathered together. They seemed to have just finished having lunch.

“Yes Mr. Smith. Mr. Lim is very satisfied with it. I was with him when he visited.” Another guy, also an American answered.

“He spent a fortune on it, the McKenzie team is really the best. Mr. Lim instructed me to assign the best people from our group to do his house.”

“He is very impressed Sir.”

The moment the guy arrived, the employees huddled together began talking.

“What is Mr. Smith talking about Colin?” A girl employee who seemed Latina asked.

“It’s a big secret so no one should know about it.” The guy Colin replied.

“Hey we’re a team here. We’re just curious because Mr. Lim had been so focused with that house lately.” The lady prodded.

“Okay but please keep this among yourselves and please no teasing. Don’t tease Mr. Lim about it.”

“Spill it already Colin.”

“Okay okay… Mr. Lim is building a house for his fiancée. Ladies don’t let this out or I might lose my job. He said it’s a surprise. He gave instructions never to tell anyone especially in the office.”

Maya’s heart was beating fast when she heard it. This could mean that Richard is really planning a future for both of them.

Then another lady replied. “Oh my God! Ms. Rafaela is one lucky woman.”

“She really is.” The guy Colin affirmed what the lady said.“Oh my God we will indeed witness a wedding very soon! I better begin to work on my diet. I’m sure Mr. Lim will invite all of us.” Another lady joined in.

“I’m sure he will.” Colin replied again.

The Latina lady added, “Oh that’s why they’re been frequently going out together. I bet they’re busy with the wedding preparations as well.”

“Sure they are. I chatted with Mr. Lim’s driver and he mentioned that Mr. Lim will be showing Ms. Rafi a very special surprise today. That may be the house.” The girl sounded giddy.

“Oh my God I am so excited. Mr. Lim deserves nothing but the best and Ms. Rafi is the best for him.” Another girl joined.

Then Colin spoke again, “Yes they are a perfect match. They look so good together and they obviously enjoy each other’s company.”

“Isn’t it cool, Mr. Lim once mentioned that Ms. Rafi have beaten him in school almost every year but now it is his heart that beats for her.” Colin added.

“Oh my God Colin, you’re being cheesy.” Then the employees went on teasing each other and went on talking about other topics in the office.


Maya didn’t realize that her cheeks were already wet. She had been crying silently.

She knows Rafi Alcantara as Richard have told her everything about his former classmate who also works in the same firm with him. She knows that he is fond of her but she wasn’t aware that Richard likes Rafi romantically.

Maybe it was Rafi he wanted.

Maybe she just assumed that he likes her.

Maybe he just treats her like a sister, like family and what he said about asking her to come home and be with them just meant coming home to her family.

She needs to leave now.

She can’t face him right now.

She might say things she might regret and might ruin their friendship.

She needed to clear her mind.

Maya stood up and grabbed her backpack. She just got the pasalubong she brought for him inside her backpack and laid it on his table.

Wearing her dark shades, trying her best to smile at everyone she meets and trying her best to act unaffected, Maya dela Rosa quietly left the office of Richard Lim with a very heavy heart.

One Fine Day – 9 (Epilogue)

One Fine Day (Epilogue)

There was a loud knock on his door.

Richard Lim covered his ears.

But the knock became a banging sound.

He begrudgingly removed the pillow then checked his watch on his bedside table.

“Ang aga! Si Doris na naman talaga! Sisisantehin ko talaga to eh.”

But as much as he wanted to ignore the person who disturbed his sleep, the knock is becoming louder that it might disturb his neighbors.

He went straight to his door.

“Richard kakagising mo lang?”

“Corrine what are you doing here this early?” There was surprise on his face. He didn’t expect to see his ex-wife on his doorstep.

Then a little girl came to hug and kiss him. He carried her.


“How’s my little princess? Go on find Gus in daddy’s room. I’ll talk to mommy first.”

Then the little girl scooted towards his bedroom.

He returned his attention to his ex-wife who looks very annoyed right now.

“Richard ngayon yun field trip ni Sunshine. Napagusapan na natin to hindi ba? Ano ka ba naman?”

“Ngayon ba yun? I thought it would be next week.”

“Nakakaasar ka naman. Ngayon yun. Supposedly next week kaso nagpalit ng schedule. Hindi ka pa nakaready. I have to leave now kasi mahuhuli na kami sa flight.”

“Okay. I’ll take care of it. It’s only 5:30.” He said. He’s not in the mood to argue with Corrine.

“Richard kailangan mo pang paliguan at bihisan si Sunshine. She needs to be ready by 6:30 kasi susunduin sya dito ng Mommy ng classmate ni Sunshine. Napakiusapan ko siya na sunduin na lang si Shine kasi malapit naman sila dito. Para wag ka nang mahirapan.”

“Corrine I can take care of Sunshine. I don’t need help from anybody.”

“Nasabihan ko na. Wag ka nang kumontra.  At please lang don’t try to piss her off. Kaibigan ko sya. Here’s her number. Her name is Maya dela Rosa.”



“Huy Sweetheart gising. You’re having a bad dream. Ricky!”

He abruptly sat and stared at her. Fear all over his face. He hugged her tightly as if wanting to make sure that she’s real and indeed with him.

“Ricky what’s wrong? Teka ikukuha kita ng tubig.” She tried to leave but he didn’t allow her. “Don’t leave. Just stay here.”

When he had calmed down, he released her. Relief was now seen on his face.

“Okay ka na? Nananaginip ka lang. Whatever it is that made you that scared, hindi yun totoo, okay.” She was assuring him while her hands were on both sides of his face.

“God I’m glad that it’s just a dream, a nightmare even. Hindi ko kakayanin if totoo yun.”

Now she got worried. She didn’t know what he dreamt of. “Bakit ba sweetheart anong napanaginipan mo?”

“I dreamt of the day we met. Si Corrine, she was knocking on my door, she left Sunshine then she told me that she asked you to fetch Sunshine….”

She stopped what he was saying, “Eh hindi naman bad dream yun sweetheart. That’s the memorable day we met. Siguro you dreamt of it kasi we are celebrating that today. It’s been a year since that crazy day we met.” She protested.

“Yes memorable pero…”

“Pero hindi pa tayo?” she continued what he was about to say.

“Oo and it means walang assurance na magiging tayo.” That was what scared him.

“Sweetheart kahit naman ulit-ulitin pa natin yun araw na yun, everything that happened led us to get to know each other, appreciate each other and”, she shyly added, “love each other.”

He smiled, a genuine smile, devoid of fear this time. “And I love you so much Maya dela Rosa Lim. You are exclusively mine and I am exclusively yours.” Then he planted a kiss on her lips, fear and apprehension gone.

After spending a couple of hours assuring each other of the love they can’t just express through words, both are now engulfed in each other’s arms under their comforter.

“I am really thankful for that day Ricky. Siguro kung hindi kita nakilala, my life would still be the same. Ako pa rin yun Maya na ang routine sa everyday life ay  work, Sky, bahay. Thank you ha!”

“Me too. If I haven’t met you, I would still be the guy with no direction in life. A guy who looks forward to spending few days with Sunshine kasi yun lang ang time that I have someone with me dito sa bahay.”

“Sus tumigil ka nga. Very successful ka kaya. Famous ka pa. Nahiya nga ako that hindi kita nakilala, I was not even aware that you’re that billboard guy of LAS. Akala ko nagfefeeling gwapo ka lang when you allowed women to take pictures with you.”

“Ah yes and I felt hurt. My ego was bruised. Hindi mo man lang ako nakilala.” He exaggeratedly pretended to be hurt.

“Naku mahal kong asawa, you should be happy kasi it means hindi ako tumitingin sa mga gwapong guys. It means you are very lucky kasi sa’yo ko lang ibinaling yun pagtingin ko.”

“Yes I am indeed lucky, blessed even. Thank you for that day and thank you for coming to my life.”

Then he kissed her again, to show how grateful he is for having her in his life.


“Kumusta yun bakasyon nyo?” It was Corrine talking on the other line.

“Okay naman Corrine. Ayun si Ricky learning to surf. I’m at the cottage right now. Ang init na kasi. Mabuti si Ricky kahit magbilad, mabilis bumalik yun kulay.” Maya was talking to her friend, who was her husband’s ex-wife on the phone.

“Ay oo sinabi mo pa. Maswerte ang lalaking yan kasi hindi umiitim. Hindi naman ba pasaway?”

“Hindi Corrine. Richard is perfect. Maybe since alam na nya yun mga pagkukulang nya.”

“Mukha nga. Actually he is a very good person Maya. We’re just not for each other. Pero Maya ha, kapag may ginawang hindi maganda si Ricky, sabihan mo sya. Wag kang tutulad sa akin na kinimkim yun sama ng loob. He wasn’t even aware  how I was feeling and I realized that it was unfair for him too.  Kaya pag-usapan nyo if ever you have some petty arguments of disagreements.”

“Oo naman Corrine, thank you din ha for watching over Sky and Chadchad for us.”

“Ano ba kayo. I’m enjoying the kids. Si Chadchad panay naman tulog.” Richard Jr. is Maya and Richard’s 6 month old baby.

Corrine volunteered to watch over the kids after she gave them her belated wedding gift of a three day vacation in a resort in Siargao. Corrine knows that Maya loves the beach and that Richard wanted to learn surfing so that’s the perfect gift she could think of.

“Si Sky hindi ba makulit?”

“No he is playing with Sunshine. Pero tahimik sila kasi tulog nga daw si Chadchad. O sige na Maya. I won’t take much of your time. Nagtext na yung asawa mo. Iniistorbo daw kita.”

Corrine ended the call and Maya was surprised to see he husband staring at her with brows furrowed, holding his cellphone, annoyed to see her on the phone.

“Oh bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?” She was laughing at him.

“Di ba we agreed not to accept calls.” Tampo talaga siya.

“Sweetheart si Corrine yun. Nagkwento lang tungkol sa mga bata.”

“Kahit na. She can take care of the kids atsaka hindi naman emergency yun tawag nya. Ilang minutes nabawas sa precious time natin oh!” He was even showing her his watch.

“Nakakatawa ka Ricky. Ang possessive mo. Few minutes lang yun. ”

“Kahit na.”

“Ang sungit naman ng asawa ko. Sige na po. Promise I won’t take any calls. Sa’yo lang ang 100% attention ko.”

He smiled then carried her to their cottage where he planned to enjoy their much needed vacation the Mr and Mrs Lim way.

“Sweetheart! San mo ako dadalhin?”

“Sssshhh quiet! Dun tayo sa room. Ayoko na magsurf sa labas. Mainit dito. I prefer to surf inside our room. Malamig dun. May aircon!” He winked naughtily at her.

“Ricky ano ka ba! Kung ano man ang binabalak mo, maliit pa po si Chadchad.”

“Don’t worry, Corrine can always take care of our kids, kahit ilang kids pa ang pabantayan natin sa kanya.”

So yes from that one fine day, Richard and Maya already got married, had a son and had the greatest time of their lives.


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One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

“Mommy I’m hungry.” Sky was complaining. It was already late but they haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Maya’s mind was so preoccupied that she forgot to drop by the grocery to buy the ingredients for their dinner and she wasn’t even able to buy their other needs.

She was planning to cook tinola for dinner as it was rainy and she knows that a delicious hot soup is perfect for the kind of weather. It is also good for Sky. She was sure that her little boy was very tired after running, jumping and playing the rough soccer game.

Since she wasn’t able to do her groceries as planned, she had to make do with what’s inside her fridge. Luckily she had ingredients for spaghetti which she knows is also Sky’s favorite.

That’s what she’s cooking now.

“Yes anak madali na to. Maluluto na yun spaghetti in a few minutes. Watch ka na muna ng favorite cartoons mo.” Maya shouted from the kitchen.

“Okay po Mommy.” Sky yelled back.

The show Sky was watching was so loud that they need to shout to be heard.


The kitchen of Maya dela Rosa at the moment was far what we imagine her to have.

There were unwashed plates and glasses on the sink.

Her stove had spilled spaghetti sauce all over it.

The empty boxes and plastics of spaghetti, hotdogs, cheese and sauce were on top of the kitchen table. Even the peelings of the onions and garlic didn’t make their way to the trash bin yet.

She was jittery, jumpy that day.

She was clumsy too.

Maya didn’t want to admit that it was because of the person she met and spent her few hours with that day.

Just thinking about Richard Lim already disrupted her routine.

She’s trying her best to dismiss her thoughts of him.

Actually it was not only her who was seemingly affected by Richard Lim’s presence.

She realized that even the ladies they met would shyly stare at him.

Some would even smile.

Some of the mommies at the kids’ school would also steal glances him.

Richard Lim was undoubtedly a very charming guy and too bad that he is aware of it.

He knows that he is handsome and that people find him attractive.

He obviously charms women all the more by the way he talks to them, the way he smiles, the way he flashes his lopsided smile.

“Kainis ka Mr. Lim! Grrrr!!! At mas kainis ka Maya! Ano ba umayos ka nga!” She was having a conversation with herself. She’s berating herself for being vulnerable to Mr. Lim’s charms.

But what she felt was normal.

It wouldn’t be a problem as long as she doesn’t entertain it or expect something to prosper from it.

“Tama isang araw lang naman. Hindi ko na rin naman siya makikita. Naku Maya hindi pwede kung ano man yan. Tigilan ang kilig kilig na yan.” She continued to have her inner conversation.

She could even feel the butterflies in her stomach.

As much as she wanted to avoid him, she can’t help but blush by just playing the day’s events in her mind again.

She was still in the middle of preparing their dinner while having thoughts of Richard Lim when a knock on her front door was heard.

She thought that it was her neighbor. Aling Ibing would probably give her the mails and bills. Her kind neighbor took it upon herself to receive any correspondence for Maya dela Rosa.

Being sure that it was just Aling Ibing, Maya didn’t bother to make to fix her hair and cover her messy shirt. She didn’t mind making herself look presentable anymore.

With a ready smile for her neighbor, she opened her door.

It was Richard Lim.

Both were surprised to see each other.

Maya was surprised for she didn’t expect him to show up on her front door.

Richard was surprised because of Maya’s appearance. Sunshine on the other hand kissed her Tita Maya and joined Sky who was very excited to see their visitors. He also kissed his Tito Richard.

When the kids were no longer with them, he voiced out what’s on his mind.

“What happened to your shirt?” He asked as he saw some sauce on it.

Richard Lim’s eyes registered disbelief as he was face to face with an unkempt Maya dela Rosa. Her hair was tied messily and she smelled of the food she was cooking. It was far from what he expected she’ll look like even at the confines of her own home.

“Ah yun spaghetti sauce natapon.  Nagluluto kasi ako tapos ang gulo ni Sky.” Of course she lied.

Sky had nothing to do with her mishaps in their kitchen.

It was actually Richard who should be blamed.

It was his fault because he is causing havoc to her dormant heart. But of course she couldn’t and wouldn’t tell him that.

When Richard wasn’t able to speak at once and just continued to stare at her, Maya quipped, “Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Lim but I’m not the neat, tidy, orderly person you think I am.”

“That’s not a problem at all Ms. Dela Rosa. I like this side of you more.” He told her as he now smiled sexily while he was approaching her like a predator eyeing his prey.

“Mr. Lim!” His approach excited and scared her at the same time.


“Anong ginagawa mo?”

“May ginagawa ba ako?” He teased.

“Mr. Lim!”

He just smiled while continuing to approach the nervous yet excited Maya dela Rosa.

“Mr. Lim are you flirting with me?” She asked this time.

“Do you want me too?” he further teased as she now had her back against the wall and was caged by Richard who was in front of her now. He’s already invading her personal space but she felt excitement rather than anger.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Teka nga at nagluluto ako ng dinner. Dito na kayo kumain.” It was her final attempt to diffuse the tension from what he was doing.

She was successful as Richard allowed her to escape.

He followed her to the kitchen though.

“Okay laugh all you want at my kitchen’s appearance.” She said even before he voiced his observation.

“I wasn’t saying anything.”

“But you were about to.”

“No I wasn’t. As a said a while ago, I like this side of you more. It makes you more reachable, more normal, more human.”

“Bola! Takot ka lang na wag pakainin ng dinner eh.” She joked to lighten the mood.

“Yun din.” He chuckled then added as he was checking on the food she was preparing, “Mukhang masarap to eh. We already had sandwich for dinner but I would not say no to this.”

“Kaya umupo ka na dyan at magbehave para matapos ko na ang ginagawa ko.”

“Yes Ms. Dela Rosa.”


While Maya was cooking, Richard called a local pizza parlor and ordered pizza to go with their spaghetti.

They all had a hearty dinner.

The kids enjoyed the food and the parents enjoyed each other’s company.

“Kids dun na muna kayo sa room. Sky let Sunshine watch your cartoons.” Maya suggested after

The kids happily went to Sky’s room.

Richard helped Maya cleaning up the mess at her kitchen.

He even took charge of her trash. After washing his hand, he joined Maya who was now resting at her sofa. She was really tired from the onslaught of different emotions for the day.

“Thank you Mr. Lim.”


“Sa pagtapon ng basura.”

He laughed. “Akala ko kung para saan.”

“At para saan naman ako dapat mag-thank you?”

“For visiting you.” He teased her again.

“Ikaw talaga palabiro kang masyado.” She avoided his eyes. Then she added, “Teka bakit nga pala kayo napadalaw? Do you need me to watch over Sunshine tomorrow? Okay lang sa akin. I have no work and the kids will surely enjoy playing here.”

He turned serious and held her gaze. She didn’t avoid his eyes anymore because it would be very obvious that she’s getting affected by him. She didn’t want to appear vulnerable to his charms.

“I am serious. I went here to visit you.”

“May lagnat ka ba?” She tried to joke but he ignored it.

With his eyes still focused on her, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?

“Do you want to kiss me right now?”

“I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t.”

Then with Maya deciding to submit herself to his charms, Richard Lim slowly bent his head and aimed for her lips.

Maya closed her eyes but before his lips touched hers, she slightly pushed him, “Wait!”

“What? Why?” Disappointment was seen on his face.

“Ano bigyan mo naman akong time mag-ayos at magbihis.”

“Mag-ayos at magbihis?” He didn’t get what she’s saying.

“Mr. Lim ayoko naman na ganito ang hitsura ko. Mabilis lang promise.”

“I don’t mind how you look or what you’re wearing.” He assured her.

“I mind Mr. Lim.” So before he could protest some more Maya stood up and rushed to her bathroom.

She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, gargled some mouthwash, picked a nice pair of shirt and shorts, put a light makeup on and even had a hard time choosing what lipstick to use. She is not sure if Mr. Lim prefers strawberry or cherry flavors on her lips.

She shook her head as she realized what she’s doing or how excited she was.

But she didn’t mind.

She wanted to take the chance with him. If it works out then fine, if it doesn’t at least she tried.


After more than an hour inside her bathroom, she proceeded to where Richard was staying and found him already asleep on her sofa.

She checked her watch and saw that it was already 1 in the morning.  She was disappointed to find him sleeping.

She was excited but he slept on her.

But it was her fault. Now she’s laughing at how ridiculous she had been preparing for a simple kiss.

Shaking her head, she proceeded to check on the kids. She found both of them asleep. Richard must have tucked them in. Even the TV was turned off, the light has been dimmed and both kids were under cozy blankets.

“I decided to let Sunshine sleep with Sky. Okay lang ba? The kids are tired kasi. ”

His voice surprised her. Her heart raced again by merely hearing his voice.

He’s awake and peering at the kids’ door.

“Ah eh… o..okay lang. Akala ko tulog ka na.” She managed to say.

“Naidlip lang. Ang tagal mo kasi.”


He just smiled then reached for her hand. She allowed him.

They left the kids bedroom and gently closed the door.

They were now standing at her living room, staring at each other.

“So are we going to continue what we’re supposed to do kanina?” He asked her. He wanted to be sure that she’s still okay with it.

“Mr. Lim naman, naligo at nagbihis at nag-ayos ako tapos tatanungin mo yan!” She blurted out, unable to control herself.

He laughed then gave her a hug. He also kissed the top of her head as he was amused at how she’s acting.

After disengaging from the hug, he gently held her blushing face.

He then bent his head again to kiss her.

“Mr. Lim wait!”

“What is it this time Ms. Dela Rosa?” he’s now starting to get annoyed.

“Ano kasi… pangit naman that we’re going to kiss pero you still call me Ms. Dela Rosa and I still call you Mr. Lim.”

“Yun lang pala. Okay. Now can you please stop talking and let me do what I have to do, Maya?”

“Okay Richard.” she shyly smiled at him.

The sound of their first names being uttered by the other intensified what they’re feeling at the moment.

Richard Lim kissed Maya dela Rosa and she accepted it without any inhibitions and without allowing herself to hold back.


That one fine day they spent together with their kids led to greater days for Richard, Maya, Sunshine and Sky.

~ the end ~

A/N : This is adapted from the movie so hanggang dito na lang talaga to.