Feb 1 is AvonCHERISH with Jochard launch

Let’s kapit bisig on February 1, 2016 to celebrate our fave Love Team on their new endorsement as Avon launches their new product,  Avon CHERISH.


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Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 2

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile – 2

Maya was stunned. She couldn’t react for she was drawn to the forceful kiss of this handsome but very drunk guy.

Lino and Mang Lem stood frozen too.

As he slowly disengaged from the kiss, the guy had a silly grin on his flushed-from-intoxication and flushed-from-the-kiss face.

He doesn’t even know why he felt warm all of a sudden after kissing the talkative yet very lovely lady in front of him.

“There! Now you stopped talking and those lips of yours are….”

“Pak!” a solid punch went straight to his jaw that caused him to lose his balance and go staggering on the floor.

“Bastos!”A red and very angry Maya de la Rosa hit the stranger with full force. She was about to give a kick to the guy on the floor when Lino and Mang Lem stopped her.

“Uy Maya wag!”

“Maya tama na!”

Mang Lem helped the guy stand up.

“Eh ang bastos naman kasi.”

“Hey hindi ako bastos and what did you do that for? Why did you hit me?” he was caressing his jaw. “That was solid. Ang sakit nun ha!”

“Bagay yan sa’yo! Pwede ba Mr. Bastos umuwi ka na.”

“I’m not bastos… and it’s your mouth’s fault.. it enticed me to be kissed. Ang galaw kasi.”

Then he grinned again which angered Maya all the more that she kicked his shin and was about to kick his groin which made him panic..

“Hey wag! Not there!” He shouted. Alarmed. His chinky eyes suddenly rounded in fear.

“Yan ang bagay sa mga kagaya mo.” Maya couldn’t calm down. She was shaking in anger.

“Miss, sayang ang lahi ko if I won’t be able to have children if you kick me there.” He said while shielding it from her.

“Ang mga tulad mo hindi dapat magka-anak. Kawawa ang magiging anak at asawa mo.”

“Hey wag kang magsasalita ng ganyan, maraming manghihinayang if hindi dadami ang lahi ko. Who knows baka we’ll end up together sige ka. Hindi tayo magkakaanak and you won’t enjoy making babies either if I would be decapacitated. Baka this meeting of ours is what is called serendipity. Baka we will really end up together.” His eyes were glassy from being drunk yet there was the naughty glint as he admired the lady in front whom he finds so attractive.

“WE WILL NOT!” and she delivered the kick she was supposed to deliver earlier right into that spot between his legs which caused him to curl up in pain and once again fall on the floor.

“Hala ka Maya! Ang sakit kaya nun.” Lino was grimacing as he could imagine the pain Maya’s kick must have caused their drunk customer.

“Tama yan sa’yo!” She was still glaring at the man curled up on the floor, eyes burning with anger.

“You are so violent Miss. Nakakatakot ka.” He managed to comment while still holding his groin.

“Lino pakikuha na ng taxi etong lalaking to at ipahatid mo na sa bahay nya at baka kung ano pa ang magawa ko.”

But as Lino was on his way out to get a cab, two policemen entered the establishment.

Mang Lem dialed the police station earlier  for protection when their customer was already becoming insistent and wouldn’t stop demanding for additional drinks.

Mang Lem managed to help their customer get seated on one of their cushioned seats as the two policemen approached where Maya and the customer was.

“Ma’m, Ser ano pong problema?” one of the policemen inquired.

Mang Lem was the one who answered. “Okay na po. Kanina kasi makulit na etong customer namin pero okay na po Ser. Kung pwede ipahatid na lang namin sa inyo kasi lasing na. Baka maaksidente or makaaksidente pa sa daan.”

As the two policemen were trying to guide him to stand up, the customer pushed them, not wanting to be touched or helped.

“I can take care of myself. Keep your hands off me. Wag nyo akong hawakan.” Being helped by two policemen didn’t sit well with him and it gave an additional bruise to his ego after being beaten single-handedly by the lovely lady in front of him.

“Ser tulungan na namin kayo. Mukhang napuruhan yata kayo eh.”

“I said keep your hands off me or I will call the cops.” he was staggering yet was trying to stand on his own.

“Cops na po kami Ser at nakakaistorbo na po kayo. Ihatid na po namin kayo sa bahay nyo. Ano po yun address nyo?”

“And why would I give my address to strangers?” His voice rose. He was now very drunk. The effects of alcohol is being more visible.

“Ay ser kung hindi nyo po ibibigay yun address nyo, mapipilitan po kami na dalhin kayo sa presinto para antayin na bumaba yun kalasingan nyo. Dun na po muna kayo magpahinga tapos bukas po, ihahatid namin kayo.”

“Ikukulong nyo ako? Ano bang kaso ko?

“Ay hindi po Ser. Hindi namin kayo ikukulong. Dun lang kayo magpapalipas sa opisina namin kasi delikado kung magmamaneho kayo at di rin namin alam kung saan kayo pwedeng ihatid.” The policeman patiently explained.

Maya was smirking and shaking her head, annoyed at the drunk customer.

“Sige na po mga chief, dalhin nyo na po yan at kailangan na naming magsara. Kanina pa dapat kami nakauwi eh istorbo naman tong manyakis na to.” Maya was still very angry.

The customer stared at her again and smiled naughtily.

This infuriated Maya even more. “Chief ikulong nya na nga yan. Ako ang magrereklamo. Bastos ang taong yan. O pwede na yang rason para ikulong di ba?”

The customer, still not removing his chinky yet tipsy eyes from Maya as he addressed the policemen…

“Sige ikulong nyo na ako. I won’t protest. I don’t give a damn if you detain me the whole night or even the whole week or even the whole year. I don’t have a home to return to anyway. Besides I don’t regret having kissed her. It made me forget all the bad things that happened to me the past weeks. It’s the first time I felt good or rather excited in weeks. So i just don’t care.” then he smiled again while recalling the kiss she gave the lady in front of him.

“Maniac! Pervert! Bastos!” Maya was about to hit him again but the policemen prevented her from doing more harm.

Mang Lem and Lino held Maya’s arms too. They know that a very angry Maya could be lethal.

The policemen led the customer to their waiting patrol car.

They left with the drunk Chinito customer who wouldn’t stop talking about what he felt kissing the lovely lady he met.


“Maya nakakatakot ka naman. Kawawa yun tao.” Mang Lem said as he was locking the front door of the restobar.

“Naku Mang Lem dapat lang yun sa kanya. Konti nga lang yun ginawa ko.”

“Konti pa yun Maya eh halos di na makatayo yun tao sa sipa mo. Lagot ka kapag nahimasmasan yun at nagdemanda.” Lino joined in.

“Eh di magdemanda siya. Siya nga tong bastos. Nanggigigil ako Lino!”

“Kalma ka lang. Wala na yun tao eh. Atsaka gwapo naman at malinis. Mabango. Magalit ka kung napakapangit at napakabaho yun humalik sa’yo.” Lino grinned.

“Gusto mo atang isunod sa nasipa ko Lino?” Maya warned.

“Ay hindi naman Maya. Wag namang ganyan. Ang sa akin lang naman eh hindi ka naman lugi sa kanya. Ang gwapo kaya. Lasing lang pero gwapo at mukhang mayaman. Parang tinamaan nga ata sa’yo eh.”

“Isa pa talaga Lino. Ikaw ata ang gustong matamaan.”

“Ang sungit mo naman Maya. Atsaka wag mo nga akong tinatakot. Kakampi mo ako.” Lino explained.

“Lino tigilan mo na yan si Maya. Matagal tagal na rin nyang hindi nagagamit ang pagiging black belter nya sa karate. Sige ka.”

“Naku salamat sa pagpapaalala Mang Lem. Tatahimik na po. Maya peace tayo ha.”

“Ewan ko sa’yo Lino. Tara na nga uwi na tayo. Mang Lem kayo na pong bahala rito.”

“Sige Maya, Lino. Ingat kayo.”

“Sila ang mag-ingat kay Maya” Lino commented.


Maya was seething in anger as she laid down in bed in her small apartment just a few minutes drive from her workplace.

She couldn’t forget the scene earlier.

Lino was right. The guy looked handsome. He dressed well. He seemed like an educated person. He also smelled good despite being drunk. But he is still a pervert she told herself.

But it could have been worse if another customer, who is exactly the opposite of their customer earlier, kissed her.

She couldn’t seem to forget the kiss he gave her.

She was touching her lips.

She couldn’t understand why she felt something when he kissed her.

As if he had awakened something in her.

If circumstances of their meeting were different, she might even have a crush on him or even wished that he would kiss her.

He really looked so good even if she denied it.

His face wouldn’t leave her thoughts and even thinking of the kiss gives her goosebumps.

But she knows she should be mad.

The guy got something very sacred from her.

The guy stole her very first kiss and Maya dela Rosa is totally pissed.


Next Chapter:

“I’m really sorry Ms. de la Rosa. I wasn’t myself that night and I might have said things that offended you. I also did something I am so embarrassed of.” Mr. Richard Lim was pleading for Maya to forgive him.

“Okay na. Sige makakaalis ka na po Sir. Marami pa po kasi akong trabaho.”

“I don’t think you have forgiven me already. Galit ka pa eh.”

“Hindi na nga Sir. Atsaka wala na rin naman akong magagawa. Kahit galit ako, eh nangyari na yun at di na natin maibabalik. So oo na po, pinapatawad na kita.”

His face was apologetic and he really regretted what he did. 

He was so embarrassed of what he did. 

Her forgiveness means a lot to him.

He wanted her to wholeheartedly give it to him.





Traces finale will follow. Di ko pa kasi natatapos. Can’t think of how to end it.  Pero isusunod ko na yun.

Naaliw lang sa twitterserye of PhilCarMor, which I find very amusing and entertaining and medyo busy din sa personal life that’s why I wasn’t able to regularly update.

Please bear with me na lang.

Thanks for reading pa rin kahit bitin and delayed kadalasan. (yun ff ha!)

Have a great day everyone.






Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 1

A/N Since patapos na yun Traces…

Para sa may favorite ng song na to.

“Edz kilala mo ba yan?”

“Hindi Maya pero ilang gabi na yang umiinom dito. Napansin namin ni Emman ng isang araw kasi kami yun nagserve ng order nya. May kasama siya that time. At girl ang bango bango nya. Type mo ano? Ang cute kaso mukhang lasenggo.”

“Ikaw talaga Edz. Hindi ko type no! Nagtatanong lang ako kasi nakailang bote na yan. Baka mamaya sa sobrang kalasingan makalimutan ng magbayad.”

“Ikaw talaga Maya yan pa talaga naisip mo.”

“Aba siyempre! Ayoko ng mangyari yun dun sa isang customer na ako yun nagbayad ng lahat ng nainom. Nag-iipon ako ng pamasahe pauwi ng San Nicolas Edz. Baka mabawasan pa.”

“Eh hindi ka naman pinapabayad ni Sir James. Inako mo lang naman.”

“Naku Edz kawawa naman sina Sir. Ambait na nga nila sa atin. Atsaka kasalanan ko rin naman kasi nasabihan na ako ni Sir na wag nang bigyan ng orders eh, bigay pa ako ng bigay. Basta ayoko ng maulit yun. Baka yang Chinito na yan ganun din ang gawin.”

“Maya alam ko naibigay na nyan yun card nya bago pa siya mag order kaya safe tayo sa kanya. Bayad na yun lahat ng nainom at maiinom nya.”

“Naninigurado lang Edz.”

“Maiba ako. Uuwi ka ng San Nicolas? Uyyy… siguro nandun si Simon. Bumaba ba ng barko?”

“Wala! Ikaw talaga! Atsaka hindi naman ako uuwi kung si Simon lang naman. Uuwi ako kasi birthday ni Nanay at nagusap kami ni Kute na isorpresa siya ng konting salo-salo.”

“Ganun ba? Eh teka nagkalabuan ba kayo ni Simon? Parang hindi ka man lang excited kapag siya ang pinaguusapan.”

“Ewan ko ba Edz. Wala naman kasi akong nararamdaman ni kahit konting spark sa kanya eh.”

“Spark? Ano ka lucis? Hoy Maya dela Rosa 25 ka na! At si Simon stable na yung tao. Mabait, magalang, gwapo at mahal na mahal ka. Ano pa bang hinahanap mo?”

“Naku Edz ikaw pala ang nakakakita ng lahat ng qualities nya eh ikaw na lang kaya ilakad ko sa kanya.”

“Maya ano ka ba!”

“Naku Edz. Wala sakin yun. Sa totoo lang gusto ko ng makahanap ng iba si Simon para tigilan nya na ako. Naaawa na kasi ako sa kanya eh hindi ko naman matumbasan ang pagtingin nya sa’kin. Sige na Edz ilalakad kita sa kanya.” Maya was feeling giddy at the thought.

Simon Corpuz was her childhood friend in San Nicolas. When they reached college, Simon started courting her and she had always reminded him that she just treats him as a very good friend but Simon was persistent. Since their families were very good friends, Maya didn’t have the heart to completely turn him down.

“Atsaka Edz crush mo rin naman siya di ba? Halata ko kaya. Mas excited ka pa nga tuwing siya ang topic.”

“Maya hindi ah!” Edz vehemently denied but she was already turning red from Maya’s teasing.

“Okay lang sakin yun. Ano ka ba Edz! At syempre naman hindi ako papayag na mapunta kung kanino si Simon. Mahal ko rin kaya yun kahit na kaibigan lang.”

“Oo na Maya, ikaw talaga! Bilisan na natin at end na ng shift natin. Si Emman sasabay din daw sa atin eh.”

“Ay naku Edz nakiusap ako kay Sir James ng overtime ngayon eh. Kaya mamaya pa ako matatapos.”

“Ha! Mag-isa kang uuwi mamaya? Delikado Maya atsaka malakas yun ulan. Dapat umaga ka na lang nagpaschedule ng additional hours mo.”

“Eh Edz mahina sa umaga. Wala ring tips yun customers. Kapag gabi kung minsan nakakaswerte tayo ng isang libo. Naku malaki yun ah!”

“Ewan ko sa’yo Maya. Ikaw na lang kaya magdala ng kotse ko. Tutal madali naman kaming makakasakay ni Emman.”

“Wag na Edz. Marami namang taxi nyan mamaya. Sige na. Maghanda na kayo ni Emman at alam kong pagod na pagod ang isang yun. Ang dami nya kayang niluto sa kitchen. Halos lahat specialty kasi nya yun orders kanina.”

“Sigurado ka Maya?”

“Oo naman ako pa!”


Maya was arranging the wine glasses. She had 30 minutes more before she ends her overtime.

“Maya kaya nyo na ba ni Lino dito? Tumawag na kasi si Ma’m Inah nyo. May lagnat si Lance at kailangan naming dalhin sa hospital. Pwede na rin nating isara kaso may tatlo pang customers. Baka magreklamo ang mga yan.”

“Ay opo Sir James. Kayang kaya na namin. Mukha namang mababait ang mga customers natin. At kung may manggugulo, kaya na yan ni Mang Lem.”

“Ikaw talaga. Tingnan mo nga antok na antok na si Mang Lem. O sige ha. Inayos ko na yun earnings for today so safe kayo. Hindi kayo mahoholdup.”

“Sir James talaga nanakot pa.Sige na po. Kaya na namin dito. At sana okay lang po si Lance.”

Maya, Edz and Emman had been the first employees of James and Inah Ventura’s Cafe-Resto-Bar. James and his wife started their business beside the Time Airways office where his wife used to work as an stewardess, three years ago.

The business had been good but the place they were renting was eventually used for expansion of the Time Airways office. James and his wife decided to transfer to a more busy area in Ortigas where call centers and other offices and condominiums would certainly bring more customers.

Their three very loyal employees, Maya, Emman and Edz stayed with the couple. They were treated so well and they were properly compensated that they never thought of leaving. Now after three years and still going strong, they have added Lino, Ruby, Joshua and Mang Lem in their employ.

The business operates as a restaurant and coffeeshop from 5 am till 8pm then adds drinks from 8 pm til 1 am for those customers who wanted to end the night with a a bottle or beer or glass of wine.

It was a jazz- themed cafe resto-bar so their customers are not those noisy-riotous kind but mostly professionals who just wanted to unwind.


“Maya yun isang customer dun sa may pinto nakikipagdiskusyon kay Mang Lem.” Lino worriedly reported to Maya who was getting her stuff. They were closing for the day.

“Ha! Sino dun? Lumabas na lahat ng customers kanina di ba? May pinapasok ulit si Mang Lem?”

“Kasi Maya nakalimutan ng isang customer yun cellphone nya kaya pinapasok ulit ni Mang Lem.

Mang Lem was their guard. He was a serious looking yet very lovable man in his 60’s and he served the Ventura’s as their driver for many years. He was hired by James as their night guard. Bugoy, the younger guard is incharge during the day.

“Ah teka Lino papakiusapan ko na lang.”

“Maya mahinahon lang dapat ha! Baka magkagulo.” Lino was worried already.

“Ano ka ba Lino! Ako pa! Sige ako ang bahala. Papakiusapan ko lang.”

Maya saw Mang Lem patiently explaining to the Chinese customer whom she and Edz were talking about hours ago.

“Sir, sarado na po kasi kami. Hindi na pwedeng mag-order ng isa pang bote.”

“Pero Manong isa na lang. I just need it to clear my head tonight. Kahit magbayad na lang ako sa abala na madudulot ko.” The guy was also pleading and does not seem to be one who wants trouble.

“Sir, nakarami na po kayo delikado na rin po kung magmamaneho pa kayo.”

“No kaya ko pa!”

This was when Maya interrupted.

“Sir, sarado na po kasi kami and we also need to rest. Kung gusto nyo po ihahatid kayo ni Lino sa sasakyan nyo or ikukuha namin kayo ng taxi. Marami na po kayong nainom Sir.”

He was startled with another voice talking behind him. He was so frustrated and he badly wanted to have another drink as he felt that the previous ones he took didn’t even do its purpose of drowning his consciousness.

As he turned towards where the other voice came from, he was met with pair of doe-shaped eyes, very lovely face and lips, which distractingly, doesn’t stop moving.

He was about to open his mouth to argue some more but the lady beat him to it again.

“Atsaka Sir, dapat hindi kayo naglalalasing. Paano yan kung maaksidente kayo or makaaksidente kayo. Kung ano man ang rason nyo sa pagiinom, hindi yun sapat para ipagwalang bahala ang kapakanan ng ibang tao. Paano kung makasagasa o kaya makabangga kayo ng isang padre de pamilya, asawa o anak? Di nyo man lang naisip yon? Basta gusto nyo lang magpakalasing, ganun lang?

He was already getting dizzy with the alcohol intake he had and now a headache is slowly creeping in with the nonstop blabbering of the lovely lady in front of him. With the desperate need to shut her off, he held her face with both hands and roughly forced his lips onto hers.




Next Chapter:

“I don’t give a damn if you detain me here the whole night or even the whole week or even the whole year. I don’t have a home to return to anyway. Besides I don’t regret having kissed her. It made me forget all the bad things that happened to me the past weeks. It’s the first time I felt good or rather excited in weeks. So i just don’t care.”

“Maniac! Pervert! Bastos!” 

It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve 2 (Finale)

It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve 2

After the song ended, Richard found himself humming it while caressing his wife’s face, her hands, her hair. He badly wanted her to react to his touches but she remained unresponsive.

Finally exhaustion caught up with him and he fell asleep only to be awaken after about two hours by the tiny fingers of his son poking his cheeks.

“Sky nagising na tuloy si daddy mo. Pagod yan. Let him sleep apo.”

But Richard already woke up.

“Okay lang po Nay. Kailangan ko na ring gumising. Umaga na pala.”

“Richard mukhang wala ka na namang tulog nyan anak. Pahinga ka na muna. Isasama ko na lang si Sky sa chapel dyan sa baba kasi magsisimba muna ako.”

“Wag na po nay. Dito na lang si Sky. Maglilikot eto dun. Okay na po ako. Ill just take a quick shower. Kaya pa po ba maghintay ng mga 10 minutes or maguumpisa na po yun mass?”

“Hindi pa. 30 minutes pa bago yun mass. Sige na anak, maligo at bihis ka na muna.”

Then Richard proceeded to take a shower and get ready for the day. It was his son Sky’s birthday too.


“Daddy Sky’s playmates will be here?” his 3 year old son looked excited.

“No Sky. You and your  playmates will have your birthday party at home tomorrow. Now with daddy and mommy ka muna. New year kasi and your friends needs to be with their mommies and daddies muna. Later we will have our small celebration here. Lola Nanay will buy a cake and also balloons. You want that little buddy?”

“Yes daddy. Sky wants balloons. Sky wants big cake and cupcakes too. We will have those daddy.”

“Yes little buddy.”

While Ricky was  with Sky, who was drinking his milk  on the spare bed…

“Nasaan ako? Anong ginagawa ko dito?”

Richard stood frozen upon hearing the voice he missed so much. It took him awhile before he recovered and slowly faced his wife.


“Richard anong ginagawa ko dito at bakit nandito ka?” an agitated Maya was angrily staring at him.

“Maya, finally gising ka na…”

“Umalis ka Richard! Ayaw kitang makita. Umalis ka dito.” She was hysterical now.

“Maya please calm down.”

“Gusto ko si Nanay. Lumabas ka na Richard please…”

With Maya shouting, Sky suddenly sat on his bed. The little boy was suddenly surprised to see his mommy shouting. It was his first time to see his mommy awake.

Richard was trying to calm Maya by hugging her but she was pushing him.

“Daddy?” Sky who saw what was happening got worried to see what his mommy is doing to his daddy.

“At sino yan? Anak mo? Anak nyo ng Alexandra na yun. Kaya pala…” Then she sobbed openly and was inconsolable. She was shaking that Ricky got worried so called for the attending nurses and doctors.

“Umalis ka Richard. Ayaw kitang makita. Please, umalis na kayo ng anak mo.”

“Maya… but Sky is our son.”

“Umalis ka na please. Hinding hindi na ako maniniwala sayo.”

The doctor who was attending to Maya advised him to just leave the room so as not to further agitate his wife.


Nanay Teresita arrived at the hospital to find Richard at the bench outside Maya’s room.

His eyes were puffy and red. Sky was lying down with the boy’s head on his daddy’s lap.

Teresita got worried.

“Richard anong nangyari? Bakit mugto and mata mo? Si Maya? Anong nangyari kay Maya?” She was near crying too.

“Gising na po si Maya Nay.”

“Ha? Diyos ko! Salamat na man.”her tears now flowed. “Eh bakit nandito kayo ni Sky? Dun na tayo sa loob.”

“Kayo na muna po Nay. Susunod na lang kami.”

“Naku hindi pwede. Samahan mo ako sa loob.”

“Her doctors and nurses are inside. Pinaalis nya po ako. ” he said while his voice was choking and he was trying his best to hold back his tears.

“Ano? Bakit?”

“Sige na po Nay. Maya needs you inside.”

“Hindi maaaring ako lang. Ikaw ang asawa. Dapat nandun ka.”

“Baka po makasama sa kanya pag nandun ako.”

A puzzled Teresita couldn’t understand.

Richard added. “Galit po siya sakin Nay.”

Teresita rushed to enter her daughter’s room leaving Richard who was now unable to control his sobs.


He was shaking as he was trying so hard to contain himself so as not to scare his Son.

But the boy who was still lying on his lap while drinking his bottle of milk, reached for his daddy’s cheeks with his tiny fingers trying to wipe the tears that was flowing.

“Daddy sad?”

“No Sky. Daddy is very happy that Mommy is awake.”

“Mommy angry at Sky Daddy? Mommy dont want to see Sky? Sky a bad boy Daddy?”

Alarmed at what he heard his son thinks, Richard tried to explain to his son in a way that his young mind would understand. “No! Of course not! Liittle Buddy Mommy is not angry. Mommy loves you. ” He hugged their son very tight.

His son added. “But you said Mommy is galit to at Daddy.

“No Sky. Mommy is just confused because she was sleeping for a long time. Mommy needs to meet Sky first, jut like when you met your playmate, Sunshine remember? She doesn’t know you yet but when Mommy finds out how good and loving you are, of course Mommy will want you to be with her.”

“And also gwapo daddy, like you.”

That made Ricky smile and momentarily forget the hurt he felt when Maya asked him and their son out of her room. “Yes little buddy you are gwapo like daddy.”

Then the boy’s worried face now lit up, was relieved. “Mommy will like Sky too Daddy?”

“Yes Sky. Mommy will.” He then hugged his son very tight.


“Maya…” Nanay Teresita hurriedly hugged her daughter. She was crying as she was so overwhelmed that her daughter is finally awake.

The doctors and nurses left the room to give the family some privacy. Medication was already given to calm her.

“Nay… bakit po ako nandito?  Wala na yun baby ko?  Namatay yun baby ko. Dahil kay Richard nawala yun baby namin.” then she was quietly sobbing again.

“Anak anong pinagsasabi mo?  Buhay ang baby nyo.”

“Wag nyo na pong pagtakpan si Richard Nay. Wag nyo na pong itago sakin. Kung nag-aalala kayo na makakasama sa akin yun katotohanan, alam ko na rin naman. At hinding hindi ko sya mapapatawad.”

“Maya.. mukhang nalilito ka pa sa mga pangyayari. Magpahinga ka na muna.”

“Gusto ko nang umuwi sa San Nicolas Nay. Makikipaghiwalay na ako kay Richard. Dun na lang ako sa atin.”

“Maya. Makinig ka sa akin anak. Tumingin ka sa mata ko. Hinding hindi nagsinungaling si Nanay kahit kelan. Alam mo yan Maya.”

“Nay… ”

“Makinig ka Maya. Makinig ka muna kay Nanay.”


“Hindi nawala ang anak nyo ni Richard. Yun bibo, makulit at cute na batang kasama nya, siya yung anak nyo. Siya si Sky.  Actually birthday nya ngayon Maya. Isinilang mo yun bata ng kulang sa buwan ng ikaw ay naaksidente. Pagkatapos mo siyang ipanganak, naging comatose ka at natulog ka ng tatlong taon.”

She just stared at her mother with disbelief on her face.

“Nasa sa’yo yan kung hindi ka naniniwala. Pero ang masasabi ko lang, kung ako sa’yo hinding hindi ko pagdududahan ang pagmamahal ng asawa mo.”


After a few hours, Maya finally called for Richard and Sky. Her Nanay Teresita was finally able to make her understand some of the events that happened for the past three years. Though she was still confused, she decided it’s best to talk to Richard and also meet her son.

She was also nervous to meet their son. She felt guilty for how she acted earlier.

Nanay Teresita was holding her apo’s hand while Richard quietly stood behind them. He wanted to hug his wife badly but he isn’t sure now if Maya would even want him near her.

“Sky? Come give mommy a hug. ”

The boy’s face lit up upon hearing his name. He automatically directed his gaze at his daddy.

“Daddy mommy knows Sky. Mommy called Sky.” The boy was smiling brightly as if so happy to hear his name uttered by his mom.

Ricky’s eyes automatically brimmed with tears. He could not contain the emotion he is feeling. “Yes Sky. Mommy can say your name  because Mommy is awake now.” He lovingly replied to their son.

Sky’s very young mind of three still doesn’t understand why his mom slept for so long. He was just so happy that his mommy knows him and he was so elated that she even uttered his name.

“Go on little buddy. Give mommy a hug.”

Nanay Teresita quietly left the family.

Sky excitedly went to his mom who engulfed him in a very tight hug. Richard was just silently watching the two people he loved so much, more than his life.

Maya was caressing her son’s face, as if wanting to memorize every part of it. She also planted many kisses on her son’s face which delighted the little boy so much.

She directed his gaze at Ricky who was just watching them. He was so careful not to upset Maya.

He is very sure, from her reaction when she woke up, that she still harbors too much hatred and anger towards him.

As much as he wanted to engulf her in his arms and let her feel how much he missed her, Ricky knows that it is best to let Maya adjust and slowly understand everything that has happened to her.

Maya on the other hand, have figured out some of the significant events that has happened to her, her husband and their son for the past three years as Nanay Teresita gave her a glimpse of those already. Though she still couldn’t forgive Ricky for that incident at the airport, which still seemed like it just happened yesterday,  she could see the worry, pain, hurt in her husband’s eyes when she asked him to leave her few hours ago.

She felt guilty.


But before she could say more, Nanay Teresita arrived with the nurses and doctors to do the tests on Maya.

Ricky had decided to leave Nanay Teresita with the doctors. He volunteered to be the one to buy Sky’s balloons and cake.

He needs to breath from roller coaster of emotions he’s been dealing with. Their son also needs his attention and it would be a good excuse to leave the hospital.

Maya is in good hands anyway.


Maya had been cleared by the doctors after running some more tests to be certain that she is fully recovered from her coma.

She was with her nurse as Nanay Teresita was talking to Maya’s doctors.

It was afternoon and Ricky and Sky were still out buying stuff and preparing for the boy’s birthday.

Richard decided to have a celebration in the hospital instead of the intimate dinner they initially planned.

He wants to have a sort of celebration for Maya’s recovery and “waking up” with all the doctors and hospital personnel.

For the past three years, the hospital had been his wife’s and also his home and he wanted to show how he appreciated everything they did for his wife.

“Ma’m happy new year po!” The nurse who had been taking care of her and also her husband couldn’t contain her happiness to see that her patient for 3 years, Maya Lim is now awake. She is also emotional.

Maya who was still overwhelmed with all the information she was slowly discovering, smiled at her.

“Ikaw ba yun nurse ko?”

“Opo Ma’m. Ako po si Lindsay. Magmula ng ipinanganak nyo si Sky, ako na yun naging nurse nyo.”

“Maraming salamat Lindsay.”

“Tungkulin ko po Ma’m atsaka hinahangaan ko po yun pamilya nyo, yun tatag ni Mr. Lim. Mabuti naman po at gumising na kayo. Sa tatlong taon, limang beses lang po yan si Ser umalis ng hospital. Bilang na bilang namin kasi ayaw na ayaw nyang mawala ka sa paningin nya. Baka raw magising ka at hanapin siya. Ay idagdag natin yun pagalis nya ngayon, pang-anim po.”


“Opo Ma’m. Ang sabi sa amin ni Mrs. dela Rosa umalis lang po si Ser para pumirma ng mga papeles sa banko, nung magspeech saanniversary ng kumpanya nyo, ng sinalubong at inihatid nya sina Dona Esmeralda and Don Roberto sa airport ang ng nagpacheck up siya sa Heart Center. Dun kasi siya inirefer ng doctors dito.”

“Heart Center?” Maya worriedly asked.

“Ah si Mr. Lim po kasi kung minsan yun blood pressure hindi stable. Pero dont worry po Ma’m. Inaalagaan po nya yun sarili nya. Hindi naman po malubha. Siguro stressed lang si Sir at sobra lang kasi nya kayong namimiss. Gabi gabi nga po nya kayong kinakausap at kinakantahan eh.”

Maya was just staring at Lindsay.

“Ay sorry po Ma’m. Palakwento po kasi talaga ako. Kasi naman po sa tatlong taon, gustong gusto kong marinig yun boses nyo. Masayang masaya po talaga ako.”

“Walang problema Lindsay. Salamat ha.”


The day ended. Everyone was tired Sky celebrated his birthday at the hospital with all the doctors, nurses and staff .

Nanay Teresita decided to bring Sky home with her and leave the couple alone. They needed time for themselves.

She knows that Ricky wanted to be alone with Maya so badly.

That evening after the nurse had finished checking on her, Maya was quietly observing her husband who was busy fixing the spare bed on their hospital room. He was already getting ready for bed.

Ricky never initiated a conversation with Maya for he knows that she was still mad at him and was just trying to act okay because of their son Sky and because Nanay Teresita was around.

He didn’t want to upset her.

Ricky was already lying down with an arm covering his eyes.


His heart leaped at his wife’s mention of his name especially that she uttered it without the same hatred and anger it had this morning

“Maya? You need something?” He abruptly stood up to find that Maya was not lying down but was seated on her bed.

She was staring at him lovingly and it made him want to run to her and hug her with all his might but he was still tentative on what to do.

“Ricky I need a hug…”

And that’s it, he wasted no time in giving in to the hug he wanted so badly to give his wife.

“I missed you Ricky. I’m so sorry. Sorry at di ko man lang naalagaan si Sky. Sorry at pinaalis kita kanina. I’m sorry. Alam ko na nasaktan kita. Naikwento nila lahat yun mga ginagawa mo habang tulog ako. Ricky… sweetheart… I’m sorry.” she was crying.

“Sssshhh… don’t say sorry Maya. Wala kang kasalanan. It was just fate playing a cruel joke on us pero ok na I’m glad that you’re back. I missed you so much Sweetheart.” he was hugging her.

“Ricky sinabi nila sakin na hindi ka umalis sa tabi ko. Paano kung di ako nagising? Papabayaan mo na lang ang sarili mo? ”

“Natakot ako Sweetheart. Hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko had you left me and our son. You scared me Maya. Don’t do that again please. Di mo alam how excited i get with every movement of your finger, a movement of your eyes, every sound you make… i felt so hopeless, helpless Maya. Hindi ko alam how to live anymore….”

But before he could say more, Maya lovingly held his face and gently planted a kiss on his lips. It’s her way to calm his restless heart and her way of conveying her love for him.

Today is a new beginning for them and they both vowed to  face every challenge, every hardship that would come their way with open communication and trust towards each other.

Three years is long enough already to prove the commitment her husband has to her and Maya promised to cherish the chance to make things  right.




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It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve 1

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It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve 

“Sir Happy New Year po. Sali po kayo sa amin. Nandun po sila doc. May konting salo salo lang for the New Year.”

The nurse who had been taking care of his wife is already worried of the man who never left the side of the woman who has been comatose for quite sometime now.

The man with tired and somber face just nodded his head and sadly smiled at the nurse to acknowledge her greeting.

Just this morning, she had checked his blood pressure and he was given medication. He was weak but still she could see him trying his best to be strong for his wife.

“Sige na. I’ll just stay here. Okay lang ako. Please tell the doctors and your companions Happy New Year.”

“Ah sige po. Pero Sir kailangan nyo na rin pong magpahinga. Mahina pa po kayo at yun blood pressure nyo hindi pa rin stable.”

“Okay lang ako. I will rest in a while.”

“Sige po Sir. Tawagan nyo na lang po ako if you need something.”


But before the nurse left, another nurse entered the room with food for him.

“Sir eto po, konting handa lang po kasi nagsalo-salo kami doon sa nurse’s station.”

He was so moved with the gesture that his eyes automatically turned misty.

“Sige pakilagay na lang sa table. Thank you.” He tried his best to smile. He didnt want the two nurses to feel bad.

“Happy New Year po ulit Sir.”

They they left him with his wife.


Richard Lim sat at the chair beside his wife’s bed. He was lovingly staring at the woman who meant the world to him. He was gently caressing her face.

“Sweetheart, happy new year!” He gently kissed her forehead then held her hand tightly while kissing it reverently showing how much he misses her.

“Alam mo, this morning, Emman and Edz visited you. May dala silang mga snow globes from other countries na napuntahan nila. Edz said favorite mo raw kasi ang mga ito. They wanted to spend New Year’s here but they have a flight sweetheart.”

“Si Emman, he was so funny because one time raw while doing the demo in the plane, he realized that there was this actor, Coco Martin, on his flight. Ayun di daw siya makaconcentrate and he was sweating profusely daw. ” Richard was forcing himself to laugh at the stories he was telling her.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t mask the sadness he felt knowing that his wife couldn’t hear him and wouldn’t respond to him.

“Si Nanay ayun umuwi kasi dapat raw may tao sa bahay kapag New Year. Nandun si Tatay Arturo and Sky is with them. They will be back later.

Sky – The moment he mentioned Sky’s name, his eyes automatically got misty. It is their three year old son’s birthday today.

Three years ago, when his wife met at accident, he was seven months pregnant with Sky.

He couldn’t forget the vivid events that took place three years ago, which never ceases to haunt him in his sleep and even while awake.


It was December 31 and he should be home with his wife to prepare for the New Year.

Richard and Maya had been married for a little over a year during that time. They were with Manang Fe, his long time nanny. They were living in their mansion in Pasig which, is now where Maya’s parents had been staying ever since she slipped into a coma.

Richard never stayed home since then.

Three years ago, morning of December 31, Richard couldn’t fly back to Manila.

He was in Cebu that time meeting some investors for his newly opened “Sky Aviation School in Cebu”.

Due to bad weather, his flight had been delayed.

Maya was seven months pregnant that time and she had been extremely moody, emotional and easily upset. Ricky understood her and he had been very understanding of his wife’s mood but that certain day, he’s had enough that instead of just listening to his wife’s rants over the phone, he argued back.

Due to exhaustion, frustration that his flight had been delayed, worry for his pregnant wife and the need to be home and be with her, Ricky instead got into an argument with Maya while on the phone.

His plane was able to leave at the later part of the day. Unknown to him, his wife took a cab to see him at the airport. She has been extremely jealous of Alex. She learned that one of the investors who showed interest in Sky Aviation School was the father of Richard’s ex-girlfriend Alexandra.

It was the reason of their argument and instead of understanding his wife, Ricky even engaged in it. Maya was extremely upset, irrational and emotional but since she couldn’t force their driver Joma to accompany her to the airport since Ricky gave instructions that Maya shouldn’t be allowed to go out due to her condition, Maya sneaked out and hailed a cab instead.

Richard’s plane landed around 8 pm and he was actually relieved to finally be back home and be able to celebrate New Year with his wife.

He was able to realize that he was at fault and he needs to make it up to his wife. He even called a florist to deliver sunflowers to his wife right in time or the New Year’s celebration.

He was excited and he missed her badly.

Three days in Cebu is long enough that he missed her so much already.

However, in that same flight , Alexandra was with Richard. No it wasn’t intentional. Alex was supposed to be in yesterday’s flight with her father but her dad asked her to stay and wait for some business-related documents to be signed by their partners in Cebu.

Alex remained a good friend of Richard and though Maya was so jealous of her, Richard remained civil and friendly with her. He didn’t see anything wrong with it besides he loves his wife so much. Alex has also been very vocal of her admiration for Richard and his wife. Alex has a fiancee already and even informed Richard that he and Maya is invited to her wedding which will happen very soon.

Richard was with Alex as they both proceeded to Joma who was there to fetch Richard. Since Alex didn’t have someone to fetch her, Richard offered her a ride home. It was the right thing to do.

Little did he know, Maya was in the area to witness all of these- him helping Alex with her luggage, him escorting Alex to where Joma was waiting for them.

The moment Alex settled at the back seat of his car,  an angry and furious Maya approached a very surprised Richard.

She was unreasonable and though Alex joined in explaining things to Maya, she just walked away from her husband.

Maya rushed  towards the direction of the parked taxicabs at the airport

A very worried Richard ran after her but since she was blinded by tears and was aimlessly running to get away from her husband, Maya didn’t notice the approaching car…..

A familiar song playing on the radio in Maya’s room, interrupted his thoughts.

Don’t look so sad,
It’s not so bad you know.

It’s just another night,
That’s all it is.
It’s not the first,
It’s not the worst you know,
We’ve come through all the rest,
We’ll get through this.

We’ve made mistakes,
But we’ve made good friends too.
Remember all the nights we spent with them?
And all our plans,
Who says they can’t come true?
Tonight’s another chance to start again.

It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Let’s make it the best.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
It’s just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we’re through this New Year
You’ll see, will be
Just fine.

We’re not alone, we’ve got the world you know.
And it won’t let us down, just wait and see.
And we’ll grow old, but think how wise we’ll grow.
There’s more you know, it’s only New Year’s Eve.

It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Let’s make it the best.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
It’s just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we’re through this New Year, you’ll see, will be
Just fine.

As he was listening to the song, Richard was silently crying…

“Sweetheart please wake up. I miss you so much already. Please naman Maya.”


Bukas yun sunod.

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