The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

“So what are you guys doing this June 12?” Rafi asked Ricky and Maya while they were having their breakfast near the airport. Ricky and Rafi who came to visit the Lims decided to fetch Maya from her early morning flight.

“Are we supposed to do something?”

“Aba oo naman. It’s Independence day. It’s another reason to celebrate.”

“So? Ano naman ngayon if it’s Independence day? How will we celebrate? Pupunta kami ng Luneta to sing Lupang Hinirang?” Ricky sarcastically replied.

Maya was just observing her husband and his best friend. She’s always amused whenever they try to annoy each other.

“Ano ka ba Chard. Ang corny mo talaga! I bet nahihiya na si Maya sa mga sinaunang jokes mo. I mean celebrate… kayo ni Maya. Kami kasi ni Chard, my very own mabait at sobrang gwapong Chard, we have this independence day celebration. Yun independent kami from each other, magkahiwalay kami ng lakad every June 12. Like last year, he went out with his dad to play golf, kami naman ni mommy nya went out to shop. This year I’m planning to have my spa day with my friends then he will have a karaoke night out with his sessionista friends. It feels great and liberating. Try nyo.”

“We don’t need it Rafi. I’m sure Maya prefers to stay with me on that day. There are surely more fun activities to do ‘together’on independence day. Right Sweetheart?” He stressed on the word together then he winked at his wife who was, unfortunately for Ricky, actually considering Rafi’s suggestion.

“Alam mo, mukhang maganda nga yan sweetheart. Try natin. Magkanya kanya tayong lakad sa independence day.”

“What? No! Hindi pwede!”

“Ang oa mo Chard! It’s not like buong araw kayong hindi magkikita ni Maya. Atsaka it’s healthy for a married couple’s relationship. You give each other space and time to breathe.”

“Rafi it is healthy for your relationship with your husband kasi palagi mong inaaway yun tao. He needs freedom from you kahit isang araw lang. I bet he prays that everyday should be independence day.” Then he laughed.

“Of course I don’t! I am a very loving wife and we have a very harmonious relationship. Atsaka wag ka ngang kontrabida Richard Lim. Maya wants it so pagbigyan mo na. Right Maya?”

“You really want it sweetheart?”

“Oo Ricky. Subukan natin. Mukha namang masaya eh.”

“You think so? You really like it? Mas masaya if magkasama tayo on that day.” Ricky was not happy at all with Rafi’s suggestion. He was so looking forward to a special day with his wife on Independence day. He planned to take her out and have a movie date since they both have no work. The kids have no classes as well so they could stay with Sky and Sunshine. He had everything planned already until his best-friend/ beast friend suggested her silly way of ‘Independence day’ celebration to Maya.

“Subukan lang natin Ricky. Sige na please.”

Rafi was grinning. She knows Ricky would give in to Maya’s wish.

While shaking his head, smirking ang giving his sharp stare at Rafi, Ricky sighed deeply and agreed. “Okay fine!”

“Yes! Thank you sweetheart!” Then she stood up from her seat and hugged her husband unmindful of the stares of the customers who were also having their breakfast.


Independence day.

Both were preparing for their ‘separate’ dates. Maya was fixing her husband’s collar.

“Sweetheart bakit doon kayo pupunta nina Emman? Why don’t you just have dinner somewhere else then spend the night na lang talking to each other.” He suggested because the idea that Maya will be spending her evening with Emman, Josh, Edz, Ruby and her other FA friends at a karaoke bar didn’t sit well with him.

Maya promised him that she’s just excited for the karaoke part and that she wont take any alcoholic beverages because of what happened to her during that ‘wine-tasting’ mishap years ago.  Ricky can’t help but still get worried of the possible dangers inside any bar.

“Ang boring naman nun sweetheart atsaka di ba walang pakialamanan? Promise hindi naman ako iinom at si Emman di rin naman yun umiinom. I will be safe.”

“Why did we even listen to Rafi.” He sighed again.

“Hep hep! Gusto ko to atsaka tama si Rafi. Healthy to sa relationship ng mga mag-asawa.”

“Our relationship is very healthy and we don’t need this.”

“Sssshhh… reklamo reklamo. Tara na at baka malate na tayo.” Then Maya dragged her poor husband out of their bedroom.


Ricky accompanied her to the said karaoke bar and didn’t leave until Maya shooed him away.

“O sige na sweetheart okay na kami dito. Punta ka na sa gimik mo with friends. Matraffic pa naman baka mahuli ka.”

“Ah no. I’ll just be at the sports bar dyan sa tabi nito. Nandun na sina Ryan. We will play darts.”

“Ano??? Sweetheart naman. Di ba sabi natin kanya kanya.”

“Oo nga kanya kanya. I will be with Ryan and you will be with Emman. Atsaka hindi naman ako makakampante so that’s my decision and it’s final.”

“Okay pero promise hindi mo kami pupuntahan dito ha at wag kang mangungulit sa phone.”

“Promise. O Emman ikaw na bahala dito kay Maya. Josh, Edz, Ruby aalis na ako. Enjoy your night guys.” He kissed Maya’s forehead and stood up to leave.

“Bye Mr. Lim!”


An hour later, Maya got distracted after checking her phone. Engineer Yamagutchi just posted several photos of the LAS engineers playing darts. One of the pictures unintentionally showed Ricky at the background talking with an obviously drunk Stephanie.

“Uy roomie okay ka lang? Ikaw na ang kakanta o!”

“Ah eh… Emman pwedeng samahan mo  muna ako?”

“Ha? Saan? Magrerestroom ka? Naku Maya hindi ako pwede sa girls restroom kahit prettier pa ako than most girls dyan.”

But Maya wasn’t laughing. In fact she didn’t even hear what Emman said.

“Uy roomie!”


“O ano bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?”

Without explaining it to Emman, she stood up and excused herself and Emman from their companions.

She dragged him towards the sports bar where Ricky and the LAS engineers were spending their night. She spotted a corner table where she could clearly see Ricky but where he won’t be able to see her because of the dim lights of the bar. They sat and ordered soda.

“Roomie nakakahiya yun ginagawa natin. Tara na. Magagalit si Sir Chief Ricky nito eh.”

“Wag ka ngang maingay Emman. Samahan mo lang ako. Atska wala siyang karapatang magalit. Kung may pwedeng magalit, ako yun!”

“Naku roomie unreasonable ka na. Atsaka look behave naman si sweetheart mo.”

They could see Richard talking to Atty. Ryan now. Kalmado na sana si Maya when she saw Stephanie approaching Richard again. She’s holding a wine glass and was staggering towards Richard and Ryan. She was really drunk. She even tripped and was lucky that Richard was fast enough to catch her. Oh well if Stephanie was lucky, Richard clearly isn’t if we base it on Maya’s reaction. Her brows were furrowed, her face red with anger. “Roomie relax. Hindi naman kasalanan ni Sir Richard yun.” But Maya wasn’t listening to Emman. She was about to approach her husband when she saw him stand up and assist Stephanie. Then he led the drunk woman outside the bar.

Maya and Emman just stared at each other.

“Roomie baka naman papasakayin lang ni Sir Richard sa taxi. Kalma ka muna ha. Hintayin na lang natin si Sir Richard dito.”

Maya just kept quiet. She also didn’t want to make a scene. She decided to wait for her husband.

“Atty Ryan asan Chief?” Maya and Emman could hear the Engineer Yamaguchi.

“Hinatid na muna si Stephanie kasi medyo lasing na.”

“Naku lagot si Chief.” It was Sonny this time.

“Nandun naman si Fred sa parking. Ihahatid lang ni Chief kay Fred.” Atty Ryan replied but Maya didn’t hear it anymore for she already stood up and hurriedly left the bar.

Emman followed her.

“Roomie kalma ka lang please.”

“Emman iuwi mo na ako.”

“Roomie magagalit si Sir Richard nyan eh. Halika na balik na tayo kina Edz tapos tawagan mo na lang si Sir Richard.” Emman suggested.

When Maya stared back she already had nanlilisik na eyes and was evidently very angry. “Emman uuwi na ako. Kung hindi mo ako ihahatid, ako na lang uuwing mag-isa.”

Emman didn’t have any choice but to give in to his roomie’s request to be brought home. She even turned off her phone and requested Emman to do the same after he informed Edz, Josh and Ruby that he needs to bring Maya home because of an emergency.


After assisting Stephanie to Fred’s car at the parking, he returned to the bar and enjoyed playing darts with the engineers. He called Maya but wasn’t able to contact her for her phone was turned off. He thought that she turned her phone off because she wanted to enjoy her night. Not wanting to disturb his wife, Ricky decided to just enjoy his bonding with the LAS guys and just wait for his wife’s call once she decides to go home.

It was already 3 am and he already texted her several times without getting any reply so he decided to fetch her from the bar where he left her. He was surprised when he was informed that the group already left as early as 12:30 am.

Worried that something might have happened to his wife, Richard frantically called Emman’s phone which he also didn’t answer. He couldn’t contact Maya as well.

He finally called home and was relieved to learn that his wife was already home. He was unaware of why she left him and went home ahead of him. He thought that she just wanted him to enjoy his night.


It was already 3:30 in the morning when Ricky arrived.

The house was dark and quiet. Everyone was asleep.

Though he didn’t enjoy the day much, he was still happy for allowing his wife to enjoy with her friends.

He was very tired as well and he’s looking forward to being with his wife. Their simple cuddles would be enough to remove the stress of the day.

He opened their bedroom door but was surprised to find it locked. He tried it again but it was still locked. Maya never locks their bedroom.

Ricky scratched his head. He thought that maybe Maya accidentally locked it.

He softly knocked.

She didn’t open the door.

He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Sweetheart I’m home.”

She still didn’t open it but sent him a message. “Wag kang papasok dito. Ayan yung unan at kumot sa labas. Sa labas ka matulog. Ayaw kitang makita.”

He was surprised at her message.

He knocked again but she still didn’t open the door.

Then he even saw the pillow and blanket.

He’s totally clueless of any wrongdoing to might have caused his wife’s anger.

But  he’s not angry at her. He’s not  annoyed even though she went home ahead of him. He’s not upset even though he’s tired and he badly needed to rest now.

He suspects that something might have happened.

He got the pillow and blanket and laid them on the floor just outside their bedroom.

Then using his phone he took his picture with his puppy dog eyes while hugging the pillow and sent it to her. “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.”

Of course naguilty ang Maya when she saw the picture. She also got worried na makita ng mga bata yun daddy nila.

She opened the door.

Ngiting successful naman si Ricky. He knows that di sya matitiis ni Maya but uh oh she looked so upset.


“Wag mo akong masweetheart sweetheart Ricardo!”

Naku hindi lang upset si Maya. She’s mad! She’s actually ballistic whenever she calls him by that name.

“Why are you mad? What did I do?”

“At nagtanong ka pa talaga!”

“Of course kasi wala naman akong alam na reason why you should get mad at me. Ako nga dapat yun magtampo kasi iniwan mo ako sa bar.” He calmly told her.

“Dapat ka talagang iwanan dun kasi mukhang sobrang busy ka sa pag-akbay akbay dun sa Stephanie. At sinamahan mo pa talaga. Siguro kung saan pa kayo pumunta.” She is getting teary-eyed now out of anger and he’s also getting upset with what she’s accusing him of.

“Hey hindi ko siya inakbayan because I wanted to. I did it because she was drunk and she even tripped.”

Tama naman. She saw how Stephanie tripped and was luckily caught by her husband.

Pero tahimik pa rin siya. She just stared at him.

He continued…

“Atsaka hinatid ko lang siya kay Fred who was waiting for her at the parking area. He wasn’t able to go inside the bar anymore because naka-hazard lang yun kotse nya. He couldn’t find a parking slot.”

She continued to stare at him but her tears are threatening to fall now.

Upset na rin si Ricky at her accusations but when he saw her trying her best not to cry naawa na siya kay Maya.

“Sweetheart do you think magagawa ko yun sa’yo?”

Naku umiyak na nga ang Maya.

“Hey stop crying. Wala namang reason to cry. Wala naman akong ginawa. I was just being helpful there kasi ako lang yun hindi uminom sa kanila. Ako lang yun pwedeng tumulong kay Stephanie. Dapat nga proud ka sa’kin kasi I was being a gentleman there. Don’t cry na Maya.” He then engulfed her in his embrace which she allowed.

Maya had mixed feelings of jealousy, anger at herself for how she acted and also embarrassment at what she did to her poor husband. She hugged him tighter but was still silently sobbing.

“Hey look at me.” He held her face. “Okay na tayo ha? I’m sorry if I made you upset with what I did kanina. I promise lalayuan ko na siya.”

Then in a very small voice kasi she’s embarrassed nga of how she acted, “Sorry din Sweetheart. Kasi naman eh….”

“Hey enough na. Okay na tayo. It’s not my fault and it’s not yours as well.” He assured her to remove her guilt.

“I’ll just take a shower and change. Okay na tayo ha!”

She just nod her head. Then proceeded to their bed.

After a few minutes Ricky joined her donning his pajama. They cuddled.

“Next time I would never agree to spending June 12 separately.”

“Ako rin Sweetheart. Sorry ulit.”

“Don’t say sorry. Hindi nga tayong dalawa ang may kasalanan for what happened today.”

“Eh sino naman?”

‘Sino pa eh di si Rafi!”

And for the first time, Maya agreed with what Ricky said about his best friend. “Tama sweetheart, si Rafi nga ang may kasalanan ng lahat!”

“Let’s not talk about her anymore sweetheart.  Let’s celebrate now, the Mr. and Mrs Lim style. Let’s celebrate ‘dependence’ day.” He naughtily winked at her.

“Mas gusto ko yan sweetheart!”

Then he covered themselves with their big brown comforter which perfectly covered both of them but unfortunately wasn’t able to drown his wife’s giggles and whatever noise he would elicit from her later.

Happy 12th of June Mr. and Mrs. Lim!



The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

“Rafi what will I do there?” Richard Lim was talking to his best friend Rafi on the phone. He didn’t notice that his wife was already inside his home office as he was so busy turning down Rafi’s request.

“Chard naman eh. Sige na. Si Hon kasi can’t sing eh. May sore throat siya and he already committed himself to serenade the candidates of the Daragang Magayon beauty pageant. Ikaw na lang kumanta sa kanila. Two songs lang naman. Sige na Chard.”

“Rafi I’m busy with LAI atsaka may mga new instructors kami for interview. I have to personally talk to them. Ang kulit mo naman. Sabi ko nang hindi ako pwede.”

Maya carefully sat on Ricky’s cushioned chair. She’s amused watching him running his hand thru his hair, trying his best to say no to Rafi. Maya knows how persistent Rafi is and she couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s dilemma.

“So you really won’t help me? Kahit mapahiya si Richard ko kasi hindi siya makakapunta sa commitment nya? Kakayanin ng kunsyensya mo yun?”

“Hey don’t blackmail me with that Rafi. That’s not gonna work. Humanap na lang kayo ng ibang pwedeng kumanta. And please stop bullying your poor husband. Kaya siya nagkakasakit because you always make him miserable.” Then he laughed.

“Ewan ko sa’yo Chard. Bahala ka na nga.” Then Rafi ended the call. Ricky was still laughing. He felt so good having been able to successfully decline Rafi’s request. It felt good because he hardly escapes Rafi’s pangungulit.

He was still so proud of himself. He felt so good then he turned around only to find Maya staring angrily at him, with brows furrowed and lips in a thin line.

Now he’s in trouble. “Sweetheart kanina ka pa?” He said in a soft guilty voice. He knows Maya hates it when he treats Rafi rudely though it’s really how they were even before she became Richard’s wife.

She’s obviously infuriated.


“Ano yun narinig ko? Tuwang tuwa at tawang tawa ka pa na may sakit yun asawa ni Rafi?”

“Ah… eh… no. Hindi yun yun tinatawanan ko. We were just…”

“Nakakainis ka. How could you? Nakikiusap na sa’yo yun tao kasi may sakit yun asawa nya tapos hindi mo na nga pinagbigyan aba pagtatawanan mo pa.”


But she continued to angrily stare at him which prompted him to dial Rafi’s number.

“O ano naman Richard Lim?” Rafi said the moment she answered his call.

“Okay Rafi. I will do it.”

The moment he ended the call, he glanced at his wife and was relieved to see her smiling and giving him her ‘im-so-proud-of-my-husband look’.

“Okay ka na sweetheart?” He asked making sure that he’s now forgiven.

“Okay na okay!” she said as she went to him for an embrace and a kiss which made him pause and close his office door for that kind of kiss would definitely lead to something else.


“Maya!” Rafi surprised her with a visit at her Time Airways office.

“Rafi anong ginagawa mo dito? Wala kang pasok?”

“I have work but I really want to bring you this. Niluto ko yan with of course my husband’s help. Gusto lang kasi naming magpasalamat for helping me convince Chard to take my husband’s place dun sa event next week.”

“Naku Rafi wala yun. Ano ka ba! We are always here for you ni husband mo. Atsaka si Ricky binibiro ka lang nun. Papayag naman talaga siya.”

“Yeah right. Naku Maya wag mo nang pagtakpan si Chard. Ayaw naman talaga nun. Alam ko naman that you were the one who convinced him. Nahihiya tuloy ako. He will be interviewing LAI applicants pa mandin. Babawi na lang ako promise.”

“Rafi ano ka ba! Walang problema yun kasi I will take Ricky’s place. I will be the one to interview the applicants.”

“Mabuti naman kundi lagot ako kay Chard. Naku thank you talaga Maya. You’ve always been a lifesaver to me and my husband.”

“Kumusta na pala siya?”

“Okay naman na kaso he still can’t sing. Pinagbawalan muna ng doctor. He was so worried kasi wala nga kaming makuhang papalit sa kanya in serenading the candidates. Si Chard lang naman talaga ang pwede kasi same ang genre ng songs nila and secret lang at wag nating aminin sa kanilang dalawa ha Maya, sila lang naman ang super gwapo at bagay sa mga ganung events. I’m sure the ladies there would be so kilig.”

Rafi was giddily imagining her husband and her best friend and yes the girls would definitely be so kilig to be serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya was surprised. She wasn’t aware that it’s a beauty pageant. She thought Ricky would be singing in a corporate event because Rafi’s husband frequents corporate shows.

She could imagine what Rafi said and she hates the idea of Ricky serenading beautiful ladies.

“Maya okay ka lang?” Rafi immediately noticed the change in her mood.

“Ah eh oo.” Then she paused and asked Rafi, “ Rafi serenade? Saan ba yan?”

“Hindi nakuwento ni Chard? Maya he will be singing at the Daragang Magayon Pageant. He will serenade the candidates.”


“May problema ba?”

“Ah eh wala naman Rafi pero…”

“Oh you’re worried that Chard will be surrounded by more than a dozen lovely ladies? Maya your husband would never…”

“Rafi hindi yun. May tiwala naman ako kay Ricky. Yun mga babae lang yun wala akong tiwala.”

Natawa si Rafi. She knows how jealous Maya gets whenever ladies would be overly friendly towards her husband.

“Samahan mo na lang si Chard para wala kang problema atsaka para makaunwind naman kayo. You can leave the kids with me kasi wala naman akong work then.” Rafi suggested.

“Nakakahiya naman yun Rafi. Atsaka dapat kung pumunta ako dun eh may role ako.”

“Alam ko na. I can ask my friend, who organized the event, to make you a judge tutal you’ve been exposed to lovely flight attendants naman whom you train di ba? You are very much qualified to be a judge.”

“Talaga Rafi?”

“Oo naman. Sige I’ll talk to them then tawagan agad kita.”

“Thank you Rafi!”

“I should be the one thanking you Maya. Halika na let’s eat at lalamig na yang dala ko.”


Richard and Maya just arrived from work and the invitation for the pageant and the plane tickets had been delivered by Rafi earlier that day. It was handed to him by Manang Fe.

He was reviewing it and was surprised to see Maya’s name as one of the judges. “Kasama ka din sweetheart?”

“Oo eh. Si Rafi kasi…”

But he already hugged her. “Shhhhh wag ka nang magpalusot. Just say that you want to be there kasi maraming magaganda dun. Nagseselos ka lang eh.”

“Uy hindi ah! Ang yabang mo sweetheart! Hindi talaga!”


“Hindi no! Gusto ko lang pagbigyan si Rafi. Wala naman sa’kin yun ah!”

“Defensive! Ayaw mo lang akong ishare sa iba eh.”

“Ang yabang mo Ricky ha! Nakakainis ka!”

“Hep hep baka kung saan na naman yan mapunta ha Maya! Ricardo! Magkakapikunan na naman kayo tapos magtatampuhan tapos hindi kakainin ng dinner at magkukulong sa kwarto ng buong araw kinabukasan. Tigilan nyo na yan. Maliliit pa yun kambal!”

“Manang Fe!” Namumula si Maya, while Ricky had his goofy grin.

“Ano? Kayong dalawa alam na alam ko na yun mga pinagagawa nyo. Lalo na ikaw Ricardo. Naku makapasok na nga sa kusina.”

Manang Fe left them elbowing each other, blaming each other kasi napagalitan tuloy sila ni Manang Fe.


It was the much awaited Coronation Night and Maya was fixing her husband’s coat backstage.

“Sweetheart kinakabahan ako. What if I jumble my lyrics? What if masintunado ako?”

“At bakit ka naman masisintunado at magkakamali sa lyrics?”

“Siyempre ang gaganda kaya ng kakantahan ko. I’ll surely get distracted.” He teased which earned him Maya’s angry stare and a pinch at his side.

“Ouch! Biro lang sweetheart! Of course I might get distracted kasi I’ll be performing in front of you.”

“Umayos ka!”

“Yes Mrs. Lim!”

Then he kissed her just in time before she was introduced onstage as one of the pageant’s judges.


The lovely candidates were now parading their evening gowns while being serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya can’t help but feel so proud of her husband. Unmindful of some flats in his song, she had her eyes focused on Ricky who she considered the best singer in the whole world (hehe!). She also felt giddy whenever he glances her way. They would exchange silent messages through their stares and smiles.

In the middle of the song though, Ricky sang a little longer to a particular candidate, candidate number 8. Maya easily noticed it and couldn’t help but get slightly annoyed. She made a mental note to observe candidate number 8.

The pageant successfully ended with Candidate  #7 being crowned as Daragang Magayon 2017 and Candidate #6 being the first runner-up.


They were on their way to the hotel and Rafi was on the phone with Ricky. Maya was just listening to her husband while her head was leaning on his shoulder. She couldn’t hear Rafi though.

“Oh my God Chard ang galing mo kanina. I was watching the livestream and admittedly, you did great!” Rafi was praising her best friend.”

“Yeah right Rafi! You’re just saying that kasi napasubo ako sa’yo. My hands were so cold up there sa stage kanina. I thought hihimatayin ako.”

“Hindi naman halata na kinabahan ka. You were even confidently sintunado up there.” Rafi giggled.


“Biro lang Chard! Oh well kahit naman nasintunado ka it went unnoticed naman kasi the audience were all staring at you.”

“Because they find me handsome.” Ricky proudly said.

“Ewan ko ba? Bulag ata yun mga tao dun just like your wife.”

“Rafi one more and I would never do you a favor even if you beg in the future.” Pikon na siya and Maya was amused to see him pikon.

“Oh that’s a strong statement. Pero seriously Chard, thank you talaga. Successful yun pageant and you guys contributed a lot to its success.”

“Yeah fortunately everything went on smoothly. The people were also very warm and accommodating. Kung wala lang kaming pasok, I would have preferred to stay longer. Marami palang magagandang lugar dito”

“Maybe next time you could plan a vacation with the kids. O teka pala, I was just curious bakit hindi nakapasok yun candidate #8. I was actually rooting for her.”

“Actually ako rin. She was stunning and she did well in her question and answer as well. She’s a very charming lady.” Richard carelessly blurted out, forgetting that he would definitely get in trouble with his wife.

“Charming mo dyan Ricardo! Lagot ka kay Maya kapag narinig ka. Where is she ba?”

He automatically glanced at his wife who’s still leaning on his shoulder but whose eyebrows are now furrowed.

When he didn’t answer, Rafi continued, “Alam mo nahalata kita dun sa pag-serenade mo sa candidates. You stayed a little longer kay number 8. Kaya ata hindi nanalo kasi minalas sa pagkanta mo.” Then Rafi giggled again but the giggles didn’t last long for realization hit her. “Oh my God Chard! Hindi nanalo si Candidate #8 because Maya didn’t let her win. Ikaw kasi kinantahan mo nang matagal. Lagot ka Chard. It’s your fault she didn’t win. I heard that she’s the favorite candidate dyan. Lagot ka. Pinaselos mo kasi si Maya, ayun tuloy hindi nanalo si #8” Rafi further teased.

“You’re ridiculous Rafi! I don’t think that even happened!” he glanced at his wife again while saying this but of course her face is hidden from him. He was not aware that Maya is turning into a tigress.

“Bahala ka pero ako alam ko that you were obviously interested dun kay 8. If nahalata ko malamang si Maya rin.”

“I am not!” he said in a loud voice which made Maya remove her head from his shoulder and lean on the car window instead.

“Sige na Chard. Goodnight! Thank you again and goodluck sa pagsuyo kay Maya.” Rafi was laughing now and she ended the call before Ricky could even answer back.

He ended the call and gave his wife a nervous, guilty look. Rafi was right, he found candidate number 8 pretty but that’s just it. He’s a normal guy who admires beauty after all. Oh well maybe Rafi’s observation about Maya isn’t true at all. His friend has this way of making him feel guilty but he should act normal. He smiled at Maya who was just blankly staring at him.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?”

“Ang lakas ng boses mo. Masakit sa ulo.” But she already looked angry while saying this.

“Sorry. Si Rafi kasi. She was insisting that…”He paused because he realized that what Rafi said may be true after seeing Maya’s reaction.

“Insisting what?” Nakataas na yun eyebrows ni Maya.

“Sweetheart naman eh. Nakakatakot ang hitsura mo. Are you mad?”

“Takot ka? Guilty ka?”

“Yes. No!  I mean yes natatakot ako sa hitsura mo. You look like the volcano here, yun Mayon. You look like sasabog sa galit. But no I’m not guilty of anything. What would I be guilty of ba?” He smiled sweetly at her and tried to reach for her but Maya just ignored his attempt for a hug.

“Eh ano nga yun iniinsist ni Rafi?” She asked again so he had no choice but to tell her.

“Kasi sweetheart Rafi was insisting that I paid extra attention dun sa candidate number 8 kaya she didn’t win. Rafi was insinuating that naasar ka sakin kaya ayun hindi tuloy nanalo yun number 8. Isn’t Rafi ridiculous?” He was grinning but he abruptly stopped when he saw Maya’s reaction.

“Mabuti pa si Rafi napansin niya.”

“Oh God! Sweetheart so totoo nga?”

“Ricardo tig two seconds lang yun ibang candidates pero dun sa kanya you lingered for six seconds! You were staring at her for six seconds!”


“Siguro attracted ka sa kanya no? Siguro you want to get to know her better.”

“Of course not! Hindi naman siya kagandahan. She looked plain and…” palusot ni Ricky.

“Eh bakit ang tagal mo sa kanya?”

Lagot! Buti na lang smart si Ricky. “Ah eh… I’m Chinese sweetheart remember? I stayed a little longer dun kay number 8 kasi lucky yun number 8 sa mga Chinese. Yun lang yun. It’s the number not the candidate.”

“Talaga?” Maya is aware that nagpapalusot lang si Ricky and she actually finds him adorable when he acts scared of her. She just loves it kapag sinusuyo siya ni Ricky.

“Yes! Yun lang yun. Alam mo naman that you’re the only apple of my eye and I could never and would never stare at anyone else like the way I do to you.”

“Hmmm nagpapalusot ka lang eh.” But Maya was now smiling and allowing herself to be engulfed in her husband’s embrace.

“No of course not. You want mamaya sa hotel room I’ll spend the entire night staring at you?” Ricky suggested in his overly sweet voice.

Of course Maya naughtily quipped as well. “Stare lang?”

Ricky chuckled. “Of course stare and a lot more Mrs. Lim.”

Then they comforted each other with their tight hugs and occasional kisses unmindful of the hotel driver who couldn’t contain his kilig as well.




The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Atty Ryan : Gym Bodies? Gym Buddies?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Atty Ryan : Gym Bodies? Gym Buddies?

A/N : Namiss ko si Atty. Ryan.

In Ricky’s home office aka principal’s office:

“Brod samahan mo na ako. Makakatipid kasi if dalawa tayong magsisign-up. The second person gets to pay only 50% of the registration fee.” Atty Ryan was convincing Ricky to join him. He wanted to be a member of the newly opened gym near LAS. His panyero owns it kaso nahihiya siya to go there alone that’s why he’s inviting Richard.

“Brod I don’t need to go to the gym. I’m a busy person.” Ricky doesn’t want to.

“Brod at our age, we need to be more fit. We need to burn more calories kasi bumabagal na yun metabolism natin. Atsaka you don’t exercise. I bet you don’t even jog or walk. Yun pool nyo nga nilulumot na  ata kasi ayaw mo man lang lumangoy. Ang alam mo lang eh bahay – kotse – office. You need to be more active brod.” Makulit si Ryan.

“And who says I’m not active. Brod for your information, I get to burn lots of calories daily! And I do it with a more enjoyable and may i add extremely pleasurable activity with my wife. I don’t need to pay those high gym fees.” Ricky bragged.

“May gym equipment kayo dito?” Atty. Ryan got curious. He wanted one for their home din kasi. Papatulong siya sa brod nya bumili.

“Wala. Who needs gym equipment. Kami lang ni Maya. We do our exclusive-for-the-bedroom exercise daily. As in walang palya. That’s the reason why I’m fit, very healthy, very happy, very agile. Same goes for my wife. She’s also very healthy, glowing, very happy. No gym equipment needed just ourselves, just our own equipment.” Then he grinned. Natawa sa pinagsasabi nya. “Ikaw ata ang fragile ngayon Brod.” He couldn’t stop grinning. He teased his friend.

“Whoah nahiya naman ako sa inyo ni Maya brod! At nang-inggit ka pa talaga. Alam mo namang  two months wala si Ivy sa bahay. Iba ka Mr. Richard Lim. Nagpakasal ka lang aba yumabang ka na. Tsk!” Ryan pretended to be annoyed.

Ricky was still laughing. Naisahan nya si Ryan now. Between the two of them kasi, Ryan is the arrogant one, the sweet talker, more outgoing, the sociable one. Ryan would always be the one teasing him kaya he felt good to be able to do it to his friend for a change.

“Kaya naman pala gusto mong maggym kasi wala si Ivy. Naku brod you really need a release.” Dagdag pa ni Ricky.

“Naku brod nilalayo mo yun usapan. Basta isasali kita dun sa gym.  Ako na lang magbabayad kung ayaw mong mabawasan yun laman ng wallet mo. Alam ko naman kuripot ka, nagpapalusot ka lang na you don’t want to go to the gym.”

“Bahala ka. Basta I don’t need to go there ha. Atsaka baka magalit si Maya kapag pumunta ako sa gym. Alam mo na. Maraming mga girls na nagpapapansin sa mga lugar na ganyan.”

“Ano naman akala mo sa sarili mo brod? Yuppie at pagkakaguluhan? Hoy Engineer Richard Lim may I remind you that we’re both middle aged men who would just go to the gym to be able to keep up with our activities with our wives. Pampalakas resistensya para di tayo mapahiya sa mga misis natin. Yun lang yun.”

“Speak for yourself Ryan.” He was still grinning, having a blast with their conversation. Confident siya kasi naman he really feels good and feels strong despite his age. Effective talaga yun daily exercise nila ni Maya.

Nagpipilitan pa sila when Maya arrived.

She kissed Ricky even in front of Ryan. They were already comfortable being sweet in front of their close friends, Ryan included.

She also gave Ryan her customary beso.

“Sweetheart you’re early. I was supposed to fetch you in an hour pa ah.”

“Naku Sweetheart pinauwi na kami ni Ms. Calandra kasi cancelled yun mga flights this afternoon. May sira daw kasi yun runway kaya closed muna. Kahit tuloy yun dapat meeting namin eh cancelled na rin. Bukas daw resumption ng flights. Ayun nagkakagulo na sila sa airport.”

Ryan commented“Naku grabe ang perwisyo nyan. Pero buti na lang Maya nandito ka na. Ikaw na lang magkumbinsi dito sa asawa mo. Ang hirap kasing mapa-oo.”

Ricky was just smiling. He’s very confident that Ryan won’t be able to convince Maya as well.

“Para sa ano yan Ryan? Umoo saan?”

“May bagong gym kasi yun kaibigan ko na malapit sa LAS. Iniimbitahan ko sana si Ricky na sumali para naman may kasama ako at para na rin sa health nya. Okay yun di ba Maya?” Ryan was hopeful.

Ricky was just shaking his head at his friend’s persistence. Natutuwa sya that even si Maya kinoconvice nya when he very well knows that Maya wouldn’t agree because she’s not fond of having workout sa mga gym.

Or so he thought….

“Maganda yan Ryan. Ricky sumali ka na. Makakatulong yan para mas maging fit ka. Para na rin sa resistensya mo. Bagay yan kay Ricky, Atty Ryan. Hingalin kasi to tapos mabilis pa makatulog kapag gabi. Sige na Sweetheart tutal  kasama naman si Atty. Ryan. Ako nga gusto ko rin kung papaya si Ricky na sumali rin ako.” Maya was talking nonstop, oblivious to her now tahimik at mas lalong sumingkit sa inis na husband.

Then Maya needed to leave to answer  a phone call…

“Agile pala, very healthy, very fit brod ha!” It was now Ryan who was teasing him.

“Oo na sasali na ako sa gym mo na yan, tigilan mo lang ako.” Seryoso na si Ricky. Pikon na agad siya.

“Okay okay. Wala naman akong sinasabi.” He stopped na kasi pikon na si Ricky.

“Goodbye Ryan. I would have a word with my wife now to remind her of what she was saying kanina. Bye.”

“Aba at talagang sapilitan mo akong pinapauwi.” Ryan was really about to leave pero natawa pa rin sya with how Ricky acts whenever he’s pikon.

“Magkita na lang tayo sa LAS bukas.”

“O siya. Ingat brod ha. Baka marupok na yan.” He was grinning as he still commented before he left.

Ricky smirked. Asar sya at naisahan na naman siya ni Ryan.


That night…

Sa bedroom…

“O bakit ganyan ang mukha mo sweetheart?” Maya was smiling sweetly at her husband, unaware that her husband was angry with what she told Ryan.

“Wala. Let’s sleep.”

“Ha? Sleep na agad?”

“Oo kasi di ba yun ang sabi mo kay Ryan. Di ba sabi mo hingalin ako at antukin. Well I’ll prove na tama ka so halika na let’s sleep.”

“Sweetheart nagtampo ka sa sinabi ko kanina? Uy sorry na. Hindi ko naman sinasadya yun eh. Atsaka honest lang naman ako.” She was hugging her husband from behind.  Nilalambing ang masungit na Ricky. She’s even burying her face sa side ng neck ni Ricky.

Pero hindi effective. He just stared at her then sighed.

“Ricky naman eh. Sorry na. Nakakainis naman to. Para yun lang.”

“Huy Maya, hindi yun ‘yun lang’. You hurt my ego. Ipinahiya mo ako kay Ryan. Baka akalain nya eh I’m a failure in that aspect.”

“Failure saan?” clueless na naman si Maya.

“Failure in my duties to make you a very happy woman inside our bedroom.” Seryoso si Ricky. Nagtampo talaga siya.

Maya on the other hand, got shy with what her husband said. She blushed. Then while avoiding his gaze kasi hiya sya. “Hindi ka failure Sweetheart. Very happy nga ako. Ikaw ang best sa ganun in the whole world.” She covered her face with a pillow which Ricky removed.

“How would you know na ako yun best eh ako lang naman ang asawa mo? You’re just saying that para mabawasan atraso mo. Binobola mo lang ako.” Pakipot pa si Ricky.

“Hindi ah. Hindi ako marunong mambola atsaka the best ka kasi nga lagi akong excited kapag malapit nang gumabi.” Shy at kilig ang Maya.

Naalert ears ni Ricky. “You mean you’re looking forward to it din?”

“Oo kaya halika na start na tayo?” Si Maya talaga oo!

Napalunok na lang si Ricky. Feisty pala si Maya.

He really needs to go to the gym to keep up with his wife. Maybe they should really go together.

Naku ang magsweethearts na to.

Who wants to join them? (sa gym ha!)



The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi and Mr. Poon : The Chinito Crooners on Tour – More or No More?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi and Mr. Poon : The Chinito Crooners on Tour – More or No More?

At the Lim mansion, Rafi and her husband, the other Richard, Mr. Poon, decided to spend the night with Ricky and Maya. They will be on an early flight to Iloilo tomorrow for their Chinito crooners album tour.

After being convinced to sing in the charity concert of Rafi’s husband Mr. Poon, a few months back, Richard Lim had been invited to have a collaboration for Mr. Poon’s album and concerts as well. He enjoyed singing and it became his favorite hobby. He does not only have the opportunity to do what he enjoys but he gets to help Rafi and her husband’s charitable causes through their series of shows.

Surprisingly people are noticing him. His employees in LAS and LAI had been calling him ‘The Singing CEO’ ‘Chief Crooner’ ‘The Singing Chief’ and they were relentlessly teasing their boss. Richard Lim was really enjoying his new found hobby and he also enjoys being with his new friend, Mr. Poon. It was also his way of getting to know his best friend Rafi’s husband better.

“Ricky inumin mo nga kasi to. Ang tigas naman ng ulo mo.” Maya was already getting impatient with her husband.

“Chard hon, please drink this na rin.” Rafi was also asking her husband to drink the ginger brew or salabat Maya asked Manang Fe to make for their ‘crooners’.

“Wag na Sweetheart. It doesn’t taste good.” Ricky complained.

“Rafi, hon, masyadong maanghang. Mas masisira lalamunan namin nyan.” Mr. Poon complained as well.

“Ricky sige na. Bukas nyan baka wala kayong boses eh nakakahiya sa mga supporters nyo. Pupunta pa naman sila sa Iloilo para lang manood tapos di pala kayo makakakanta.” Maya was trying to convince Ricky despite his protests.

“You said it. Pupunta sila para manood, di naman para makinig.” He joked, wanting to tease his wife.

“Alam mo hindi nakakatawa ang biro mo.” Serious si Maya. “Bilis na habang mainit pa to.”

But Ricky still didn’t drink the salabat.

Rafi’s husband, the other Richard refused to drink his salabat too.

“Alam nyo you and Ricky here are ‘parang-bata’ . Nakakainis na kayo.” Rafi was also getting impatient with her husband.

“Honey we don’t need that. Nasa condition naman ang boses namin.” Mr. Poon protested.

“That’s true Rafi and besides namaos lang naman kami because ang daldal nyong dalawa ni Maya. Kuwento kayo ng kuwento, di tuloy namin naipahinga mga boses namin”, Ricky said as well.

“So kasalanan pa namin?” Si Rafi ulit.

“Inumin nyo na. Effective to kasi ito ang pinaiinom ni Mamang noon sa akin para gumanda boses ko.” Maya proudly stated.

Ricky chuckled, “Yun boses mo epekto yan ng salabat? Mas lalo kong hindi iinumin yan.”

Tiningnan na siya ng sharp ni Maya pero patuloy pa rin si Ricky…”And besides we can take care of ourselves. Di nyo na kami kailangan pang asikasuhin. Ang kukulit nyo eh.”

Nanlaki ang mata ng wives nila, umusok din ang ilong and both walked out on them leaving the two Richards laughing.

“Lagot tayo. Mukhang napikon yung dalawa.” Mr. Poon voiced his concern.

“No. Hindi yan. For sure konting lambing lang yan bago matulog and they will be fine.” Richard was confident as he already knows the weakness of both Maya and his best friend Rafi.

“Ah yes. Si Rafi hug, kiss at konting serenade lang katapat nyan.” Si Mr. Poon naman.

“Si Maya naman sasayawan ko na lang sa bedroom mamaya.”

Then both men laughed again.

Pero sorry sila at narinig sila ng dalawa.

And of course, alangan naman magpatalo sina Rafi at Maya.

“Hmp! Konting kiss, hug at serenade pala ha!” Rafi was so pissed off with what she heard.

“Lagot ka talaga Ricardo! Sayaw pala ha! Hmp pasasayawin talaga kita hanggat kailanganin mo nang magFlanax sa sobrang sakit ng katawan mo.” Maya was fuming mad as well.


The following morning Ricky and Chard were suprised to see their wives busy playing with the twins, Sky and Sunshine.

They were supposed to leave in an hour pero mukhang di pa rin nagaasikaso sina Maya and Rafi.

As the two guys were approaching, Rafi made an eye signal to Maya.

Yes, since they were so annoyed with the stubbornness of their husbands, they decided to make them pay for it and make them realize that they are indispensable.

Ayan na si Ricky who kissed the twins then immediately back-hugged his wife while kissing her cheek. “Sweetheart why are you still here? Di pa kayo nakahanda ni Rafi? We will be late for our flight.”

Follow din si Mr. Poon pero he just kissed Rafi sa cheek, shy to be overly sweet in front of the Lims, “Hon ligo at bihis ka na. We have to leave in an hour.”

They were ignored by their wives.

Maya continued to play toy blocks with Sky while Rafi naman was combing the hair of Sunshine’s barbie doll.

Lagot yun two Richards. Galit yun mga asawa nila. They glanced at each other with worried expressions.

“Sweetheart wag ka nang magtampo. We were just joking last night.” Panunuyo ni Ricky.

“Honey, pikon mo naman. Halika na magprepare na tayo. Baka maiwan tayo ng eroplano.” Si Mr. Poon naman.

Both husbands were trying to hug their wives.

“Ano nga Rafi yun sabi ni Ricardo?” Maya was asking Rafi.

“I remember him saying ‘we can take care of ourselves. Di nyo na kami kailangan pang asikasuhin’ yun ang sabi nya.” Rafi answered Maya.

“Rafi naman eh. You’re not helping. Ginatungan mo pa si Maya.” Ricky glared at his bestfriend. Mr. Poon just shook his head and smiled. He’s actually enjoying the banters of the three.

“Excuse me Ricardo! Hindi kasalanan ni Rafi. Ikaw na nga yun may atraso ikaw pa yun may ganang magalit sa kanya.” Naniningkit na rin eyes ni Maya sa asar.

Lagot! He had to stop it or else baka mahuli talaga sila sa flight. So with his pamatay na smile showing his dimples, he stared at his wife lovingly. “You look so hot pag galit ka sweetheart. Mukhang i’d rather stay home than do the concert with Chard.” Then he winked.

Maya was caught off guard. Expected nya is magexplain si Ricky at magsorry pero the nerve he say that in front of Mr. Poon. Okay lang kay Rafi kasi close naman sila, but with Mr. Poon around, she got embarrassed. She blushed at what he said. Kahit asar syempre kilig sya especially when Ricky said it in his soft voice with matching pa-cute.

“Tara na nga Rafi maghanda na tayo.” Umiwas na si Maya kasi she felt that she was all red with kilig.

Of course they were just teasing their husbands. Hindi naman nila matitiis na di asikasuhin yun crooners nila.


The show was successful.

Their CDs were sold out and the crowd obviously enjoyed their song numbers, spiels and even the meet and greet where they usually sign the purchased CDs and have pictures taken with their supporters and the promoters of the charity show.

Though the Lim Aviation Services CEO is not used to singing and being surrounded by screaming fans, Richard Lim have always been an eager listener and learner to Mr. Poon’s tips and coaching. He’s learning how to be a performer and now he’s getting really good at it.

He’s also endearingly humble and he always tells the audience that he’s not a very good singer that’s why they love him. He also makes an effort to show how grateful he is to their supporters.

“Grabe pare, marami ka ng fans! Some travelled all the way from Manila, some from Davao just to support our show. Wala akong masabi. At may tarp pa sila.” Mr. Poon said in disbelief. He was pertaining to a group of ladies who flew from Manila and Davao just to support their show. He saw them waving a ‘Singing Chief’ tarpaulin that’s why Mr. Poon knew that it was Ricky’s fans.

Naalert ang Maya. “Nageffort silang bumyahe at may tarp pa?”

Lagot na naman si Ricky.

“Mga kakilala siguro yun ni Liza sweetheart kasi I mentioned to her that we will be having a show in Iloilo.” palusot ni Ricky when he saw Maya’s eyes turning to slits kahit di naman sya singkit.

“Oh kilala sila ni Liza? Kaya pala nataranta kayo ni Chard to sign their CDs and have pictures taken. You appeared so worried for them.” Rafi commented which earned Ricky’s sharp stare to her as well.

“Rafi we were just worried kasi baka maiwan sila ng flight nila. They mentioned kasi na lilipad sila pabalik Manila after the show. Of course we were also concerned. You won’t easily have dedicated and very loyal supporters like them. Some would only be there when you’re on top. Just like our LAS employees who remained loyal to me when I was removed as president of LAS, people who remain with you through thick and thin are those people whom you should value. Remember sina Minerva, Sonny and Engr. Yamagutchi? Di ba they chose to join me at LAI kahit alam nilang hindi secured ang career nila with our new company. Same rin sila ng mga supporters namin ni Chard.” Explained Ricky.

“Oh yes, I remember. Yun ibang employees nyo sa LAS lumipat ng JJ Aviation ng nagkakaproblema na yun LAS, pero sina Minerva talaga super loyal.” It was Rafi. She also knows what Richard went through that time.

Pero mukhang wala sa LAS or LAI ang mind ni Maya. She was not listening to Ricky. Di kasi sya comfortable that may mga fans na si Ricky. She’s imagining them screaming his name, hugging him and even just trying to have pictures with him. She didn’t like what she’s imagining.

Mr. Poon immediately saw her expression.

“Guys I think we should order now. Gutom na ako.” Mr. Poon saved his friend. As much as he enjoys watching the banters of the three ayaw naman nyang magkapikunan sila. Besides they were here to have dinner and celebrate the successful show they had.


Now sa Lim mansion, a day after the successful show…

“Sweetheart next month daw sa Baguio naman ang show namin. I’m excited already. Maybe we could bring the kids with us even sina Manang Fe. Pwede na tayong magbakasyon.” Ricky was looking forward to their next show.

Maya just stared at him poker faced. Hindi na siya natutuwa.

“O bakit? What’s with the face?”

“Alam mo Ricky, dapat ata tigilan mo na pagsama sama kay Chard. Kaya naman na niya yun. Dapat ata magconcentrate ka na lang sa LAS at LAI. Si Nikki na lang pasamahin natin at si Nicolo.”

“Bakit naman? I thought gusto mo na kumakanta ako. Di ba you said you love my voice?”

“Sinabi ko lang yun sweetheart para di mahurt yun feelings mo pero hindi ka naman masyadong maganda kumanta. Actually mas mainam na sa akin at sa mga bata mo lang iparinig yun boses mo.”

Actually she was just discouraging her husband because selos na sya sa attention he is getting from strangers who attend their shows.

“My voice is that bad?” Ricky pretended to get hurt. He was also teasing Maya kasi alam na alam nya what she’s up to. Ilelevel up din nya ang acting para makunsyensya si Maya. Dinagdagan nya ng matching sad face then quiet na rin siya. He wasn’t even facing Maya. Then a few minutes later he left her to go to the twin’s bedroom.

Maya felt guilty. “Ano ba naman Maya. Sa kakaselos mo nasaktan na tuloy si Ricky.” She said to herself.

She followed him at the twins room. Sky and Sunshine were already sound asleep. She whispered so as not to wake the twins,”Sweetheart tulog na tayo.”

“Mauna ka na Maya.” He answered in a low voice as well.

“Sweetheart alam mo namang hindi ako makakatulog kapag hindi kita katabi di ba?”

“Hindi pa ako inaantok. You go ahead na.”

“Ricky naman eh. Wag ka nang magtampo.”

“Who wouldn’t be. You said pangit yun boses ko. That’s insulting Maya.”

“Uy hindi ah. Sabi ko lang hindi masyadong maganda. Iba naman yun sa pangit.”

“Mabuti pa yun ibang tao, they appreciate my singing. Yun mismong asawa ko hindi na nga maappreciate tapos pinipintasan pa.” Tampo pa rin siya.

Maya hugged him. “Ikaw kasi eh. Ang charming mo kapag kumakanta ka. Ang dami tuloy kinikilig sa’yo.”


“Anong so? Siyempre ayoko nun. Baka mamaya kiligin ka sa kinikilig sa’yo tapos…” Her voice became different kasi naiiyak siya sa scenarios playing in her mind.

“Nagseselos ka lang nilait mo pa boses ko.”

“Ikaw kasi eh. Nakakainis ka. Nagpapacute ka pa while singing.” Naiiyak na talaga siya. She’s pikon with herself at nahihiya na siya kay Ricky sa pagiging oa nya.

Ricky saw it and as much as he was amused at his wife, ayaw naman nyang nagtatampo to. “Sweetheart hindi ako nagpapacute. I am cute na talaga. Actually handsome nga is the appropriate way to describe me. Wag ka nang magselos at umiyak dyan.” Then he kissed her forehead while she was trying to stop herself from crying.

“Sige hindi na ako sasama kay Chard sa mga shows nya. I’ll just support their foundation by donating na lang. Promise kayo lang ng mga bata makakarinig ng hindi masyadong magandang boses ko.”

“Ricky naman eh.”

“Shhh… I know you just said to discourage me. Ang selosa naman ng asawa ko. I love it.”

She just slapped his arm lovingly.

“Let’s go to bed? Baka kung patuloy tayo maguusap dito, magising ang kambal.”

“Eh di pa ako inaantok Ricky.”

“Good. I have more time to prove to you my talents.” Then he grinned mischievously.

“At ano na namang talents yan?”

“Ano pa eh di singing and pagpapacute na rin.” He winked at her.

“Gusto ko yan sweetheart!” She giggled as she snaked her arm on Ricky’s waist while they’re on their way to their bedroom.

Sabagay mas mainam na sa room na lang nila magconcert si Ricky.

Ano kayang genre ng songs nya? 😂

A/N wholesome yan ah! Baka mamaya iba na naman iniisip nyo sa bedroom concert. Kayo talaga! Maghoholyweek na po!😇

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : What’s In A Name?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : What’s In A Name?

– Just a short pang goodvibes post.-😸😊

Ricky was at their veranda when he heard his wife.

“Sige kaya mo yan! Push!” Then after a few seconds, “Yan very good! Ang brave mo talaga! Awww ang cute nyo.” Then she was giggling. She sounded so happy.

Nabother si Ricky. What on earth is his wife up to this time.

Dali daling bumaba mula sa veranda si Ricky to go where his wife is.

Naabutan nya to sa cat house with gloves in her hand and with bloodied blankets on the floor.

“Sweetheart what’s that?” Nanlaki eyes nya sa nakita.

“Sweetheart ssshhhh nanganak si Harmony. Halika tingnan mo pero wag ka maingay ha.”

So tiningnan naman ni Ricky and he saw five new kittens.

When he turned to look at his wife, she was already staring at him with wide-eyed excitement waiting for what he would say.

“Ang gaganda nila no sweetheart?” Maya was beaming. Super happy siya that even yun eyes nya kumukutikutitap.

But Ricky didn’t say anything and instead of smiling he even smirked then shook his head.

Dali daling siyang hinatak at inilayo ni Maya para di siya makita ni Harmony.

“Ano ka ba sweetheart mastress sa’yo si Harmony naglalabor pa naman. Bakit naman ganyan ang hitsura mo?”

“Stress? Naglalabor? You’re absurd sweetheart! Pusa lang yan.” Ricky was already laughing at his wife, amused at what she said.

Maya covered his mouth with her other hand, yung walang gloves. “Ssshhhh Ricky naman ano ba! Magdudulot ka ng emotional scar sa kittens Kawawa naman. They would feel unwanted.”

“Emotional scar? Unwanted? Ano yan tao? You’re really funny sweetheart.” Then he chuckled again.

“Hoy Ricky kahit pusa sila may feelings sila at nararamdaman nila kapag hindi sila gusto ng tao. Kaya hindi malapit sa’yo kasi lagi mo silang sinusungitan.”

“I’ll just give them food babait yan sa akin at sa kahit sino. Hindi yun dahil sa you smile at them.” He countered.

Pero no time to argue si Maya because she’s not sure if may lalabas pang kittens kay Harmony. Hindi siya makafocus kasi kinukulit siya ni Ricky.

“Naku sweetheart pasok ka na nga sa bahay. Wag mo na nga kaming istorbohin. Inaaway mo na naman yun babies namin nina Nikki at Abby.”

“Now I’m emotionally scarred and I feel unwanted.” He exaggeratedly feigned hurt.

“Orte orte mo sweetheart. Dun ka na nga at aayusin ko muna dito.”


That night sa bedroom…

“Nakakatuwa si Harmony sweetheart! Ang cute at lahat healthy sina Celeste, Josephine, Stephanie, Consuelo at Catherine.”

Lumaki ang eyes ni Ricky.


“Oh bakit? Ang oa naman ng reaction mo.”

“Why did you name the kittens after them? That’s so mean!”

“Anong mean? Dapat nga pasalamat sila kasi kahit asar ako sa kanila ginamit ko pa names nila sa new kittens.” Ooopss she slipped there. She shouldn’t have mentioned na asar sya.

“Asar ka kina Stephanie, Celeste, Atty Jie, Consuelo at Catherine? Why?” He wasn’t aware of it.

“Eh slight lang naman.” Paiwas si Maya.

“Bakit nga?”



“Kulit mo naman Ricky.”

“Maya…’ He’s now serious.

“Kasi nagseselos ako sa kanila. Pero konti lang ha!” There she said it.

“At bakit ka naman magseselos sa kanila? I never had any relationship or even had slight interest in any of them.”

“Sus wala raw pero lagi namang ginagamit yun mga names nila sa fanfics.” Tampo si Maya.

“Huy Mrs Maya Lim hindi ko kasalanan na sila yun names na ginagamit ng writers. They don’t mean anything to me. You’re cute. Nagselos ka talaga? Eh if nagselos ka bakit mo pa ginamit na names yun?” Natuwa ang Ricky.

“Oy sweetheart wag mayabang. Sabi ko konti lang. Atsaka para masanay ako sa mga pangalan na yan at wag nang mainis kapag naririnig ko.”


“Oo! Di ba kapag paulit ulit mong maririnig, masasanay ka na. Atsaka sa love kong kittens ginamit yun names kaya di ko na magagawang maasar.” She explained.

May point nga naman. Ricky was really amused at the foolish and funny ideas of his wife. Eccentric nga si Maya at times but he loves this side of her.

He drew her closer to him. She rested her head on his chest.

“Pero sweetheart baka naman magalit sila kapag nalaman nila that you named your kittens after them. Alam mo na, your intentions might be misinterpreted.” He voiced his concern.

“Sweetheart, hindi naman sila pumupunta dito. Hindi naman nila malalaman. Atsaka hindi ko na papalitan yun names at di mo na ako makukumbinsi pa.” She said with finality.

“Okay di ka naman magpapatalo eh.”

“Talaga!” Then she giggled. Talo na naman nya si Ricky.

“Eh kung lalaki ang kittens pwede ba ako din ang magbigay ng names nila?” Ricky asked with a mischievous smile.

“At bakit ganyan ang ngiti mo sweetheart? Ano naman ang ipapangalan mo?”

Then he leaned closer to her ears and whispered something that made Maya laugh so hard while slapping him. “Ang sama mo sweetheart! Ayoko nga! Tunog mabaho naman yun pangalan. Kawawa yun kitten.”

Then they both laughed at the joke that only the two of them knows about.

A/N Ano ba naman kasing pangalan yan Ricky? Ayaw ko na ring alamin. 🙉🙊😅😂

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Sunshine : You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Sunshine : You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine

“Ricky naman kasi, kasalanan mo to!”

“Why me?”

“Eh ikaw yun nagpakain ng ice cream sa mga bata.”

“I asked your permission at pumayag ka. That means may kasalanan ka rin.

Sunshine came home from school coughing while Sky is in his grumpy mood.

Maya and Ricky fetched the five year old twins from their pre school and dropped by the ice cream parlor to have some ice cream when Sunshine requested it. Ayaw pumayag ni Maya at first but Ricky joined the twins while they begged her in their puppy dog pleading eyes.

Tuwang tuwa si Sunshine because her favorite strawberry flavor was available while nagsusungit si Sky kasi naubusan na ng Cookies and Cream which is his favorite.

“Hep hep nagsisihan pa kayong mag-asawa. Parehas kayong may kasalanan kaya tigilan nyo na ang pagdidiskusyon. O eto yun gamot Maya. Bihisan mo na muna yung mga bata. Tapos pakainin ko mamaya ng niluto kong sopas.” It was Manang Fe who was able to end the bickering of the couple.

When Manang Fe left them…

“Ikaw kasi Ricky, napagsabihan tuloy tayo ni Manang.” Nagumpisa na naman ang Maya.

“Why me? Ikaw kaya ang malakas ang boses dyan. Narinig tuloy tayo ni Manang Fe.” Ricky argued back.

Then they heard Manang Fe’s not-so-distant voice, “Tigilan nyo na yan.”

Both Maya ang Richard giggled like kids being scolded by their parents.


While changing Sunshine’s clothes, the little girl who’s as talkative as her mom suddenly said, “Mommy you should come with us ni daddy and Sky sa park tomorrow.”

“Anak Mommy can’t. May work si Mommy and early ako pumupunta ng work.”

“Si Daddy is also working but why can he still play with us sa park?”

Ricky was lying beside Sky, who was now asleep. He smiled at his wife and daughter, amused at their conversation. Maya smiled back at him.

“Shine, Daddy owns the company that’s why he can go to work anytime.”

Tampo ang Sunshine, “It’s unfair. The mommies sa park always talk about Sky and Daddy. Di nila ako pinapansin. Dapat nandun ka rin Mommy para may kakampi ako.”

“The mommies talk about Daddy? Why? Anong sinasabi nila about Daddy baby?” She was suddenly curious.

Naalert ang ears ni Ricky.

“The mommies sa park, they will always go near Daddy and Sky like this tapos…” Sunshine was demonstrating to her Mommy, “some would give daddy sandwich. Yun isang mommy naman would give him coffee.”

“Uh-oh, this is not good…” Sa loob-loob ni Ricky who is now carefully leaving the bed so as not to wake Sky up.

“Continue baby…” Maya was urging her daughter to continue, with eyebrows slightly raised, while glancing at Ricky.

“… they will always say… Ang gwapo ni Sky, mana sa Daddy. May dimples si Sky parang si Daddy. Smile ka nga Sky… O Richeeeerd smile ka din, see magkamukha talaga kayo, hihihi!!… I hate it mommy!” Sunshine was even imitating the mommies at the park.

Lagot! Like-Bert-of-Sesame-Street-eyebrows na ang Maya. This is really not good!

“Then yun Mommy ni Bettina, she would always ask daddy about some songs.”

“Some songs baby?” Tanong ulit ni Maya.

Pinagpapawisan na si Daddy ng malamig. Lagot talaga siya kay Maya.

“She would ask… Richeeeeerd do you know this song??? Tapos she would share her earphones with Daddy.” Non-stop ang Sunshine.

Before she could say more…

“Baby you better sleep now. It’s getting late.” Dali dali ni Ricky kinuha si Sunshine while Maya was just observing him, same pa rin yun eyebrows and now may sharp stare pa to match it.

Ricky just avoided it. Patay malisya ba.


Thirty minutes later…

Sa bed na yun dalawa…

Tahimik si Maya. This meant only one thing. Galit siya!

“Haynaku! Eto na naman ang pagsusuyo kay Maya na mas mahirap pa than closing a deal for Lim Aviation Services.” Sa loob loob ni Ricky.

“Sweetheart….” Ricky started.

Umupo si Maya sa bed. Arms crossed, chin up, eyebrows raised, waiting for Ricky’s palusot, este explanation pala.

“Nakakatakot ka naman Sweetheart. Listen to me first. Let me explain.”

“Natatakot ka? Guilty ka?”

“Yes! I mean no! Nakakataranta ka naman sweetheart eh. I mean natatakot ako na magalit ka, pero I’m not guilty of anything. Behave kaya ako and it’s not my fault that those mommies are being friendly. Alangan naman iwasan ko sila. That would be ungentlemanly.”

Nakikinig lang si Maya, still with a poker face.

Ricky continued, “yun coffee and sandwiches naman, hindi ko naman iniinom at kinakain. I bring it with me in the office and give them to Liza.”

No reaction pa rin si Maya. She’s just staring at him.

Continue ulit si Ricky, “tapos yun sa earphones, mahilig lang sa music yun mom ni Bettina. She was just asking the title of the song. Atsaka malayo naman yun gap even if she share her earphones with me. Ganito kalayo ang gap sweetheart.” He even tried to demonstrate how it looked.

Maya still didn’t react. But deep inside she was already trying her best not to laugh at her husband. Aliw na aliw sya kay Ricky. He looked so cute trying to explain himself. She enjoys it so much.
“Sweetheart hindi ko naman talaga kssalanan…” Ricky again started.

“Inaantok na ako. Matulog na tayo.” Maya said without smiling at him, without reacting to anything he said.

Ricky sighed. In his mind, “Galit pa talaga ang asawa ko. Yun mga mommies naman kasi.” He never wanted to make his wife feel bad.

“Sweetheart sorry na. Sige kahit sa tingin ko wala naman akong kasalanan, i still want to say sorry.”

Tumalikod lang si Maya.


“Ricky ang kulit mo. Matulog na tayo.”

“Eh you’re still mad. Ayokong galit ka sa sa’kin. Please, kausapin mo naman ako.” Paglalambing ni Ricky.

But after a few minutes, he heard Maya snore. Nakatulog na to… or so he thought.

Ricky stared at her sadly, still blaming himself for making Maya feel bad.

He just kissed the top of her head, her forehead, then the tip of her nose. “Kahit di mo na marinig kasi tulog ka na sweetheart, i want to say it again, I’m very sorry. I love you. and I can’t stand it na galit ka sa’kin. I love you so much Maya.” He gave her a light kiss on her lips then fixed her blanket.

He stood up and left their room.

The moment Ricky left, Maya got a pillow and screamed on it. Kilig na kilig pa rin siya sa gestures ni Ricky. And she is very sure that her husband will do anything para suyuin sya.

Gustong gusto nya na sinusuyo sya ni Ricky because he becomes overly sweet. Excited siya sa mga surprises ni Ricky just to earn her forgiveness.

She is sure that he will surprise her with a breakfast in bed and some flowers too. And he will surely insist in bringing her to the office instead of just allowing her to take the Time Airways service.

Kilig na kilig sa excitement si Maya that she slept with a smile on her face.



Maya woke up excited for whatever her husband planned for the day. Sure na sure siya na babawi si Ricky.

She slowly stood up, expecting a breakfast on their small table inside their bedroom pero walang breakfast. There was also no flower or note. Pasimple siyang naghanap ng note sa bedside table ni Ricky pero she can’t find any.

“Sigurado sa bathroom mirror may note yun” she told herself.

Pagpasok niya wala rin and she even saw that basa na yun bathroom, which meant naligo na si Ricky.

Medyo naaasar na si Maya. The expected surprise didn’t happen.

Still hoping that maybe her husband decided to have the breakfast surprise at their veranda, dali dali naman siyang pumunta doon. There was no breakfast by the veranda as well and the house was surprisingly quiet.

Manang Fe saw her. “Gising ka na pala Maya. Nakahanda na yun almusal sa baba. Ipinagluto ka ni Sabel ng daing na bangus at may kamatis din.”

“Ah sige po Manang. Magbibihis na muna ako tapos mag-aalmusal na po. Manang asan po yun mga bata?” It was just 7 am and she couldn’t hear any of the voices of the five Lim kids.

“Magkakasama sila ni Ricardo. Isinama kasi niya yun kambal. Sumabay na sina Luke, Nikki at Abby sa daddy nila. Kasama rin sina Leah at Doris. Yun van yun dinala nila. Nandyan si Joma. Sabi ni Ricardo magpahatid ka na lang kay Joma kasi baka late ka na daw magising at di na makasabay sa service.”

“Po? Saan ba sila pupunta?”

“Nakapajama naman yun kambal at di pa naman nakasuot pang-opisina si Ricardo. Baka sa park lang sila pakatapos ihatid sina Luke, Nikki at Abby.”

“Ah okay po Manang. Sige magbibihis na po ako.”

Now she’s really angry. Nahopia na nga sa expected nyang surprise, aba bumalik pa sa park at napakaaga pa.


Maya arrived in Time Airways in a bad mood. Though she’s trying her best to act the same bubbly, positive person she is known for, she couldn’t mask her annoyance and anger at her husband lalo na at di man lang nagtext or call si Ricky. “Hmph! Makikita mo mamaya Ricardo! Outside the room ka!” She said to herself.

Maya was on her way to Ms Calandra’s office to get her flight schedule for today. Before she even entered, she could already hear giggles from someone who sounded like Sunshine. When she entered, it was indeed Sunshine. The little girl was talking to Ms Calandra.

“Sweetheart you’re here!” Ricky immediately went near her for a kiss.

“Good morning po Ms. Calandra.” She greeted her boss then turned to Ricky. “Ricky anong ginagawa nyo dito?”

Before Richard could answer, Ms Calandra spoke, “Okay na Maya. Edz will take over your flight for today and tomorrow. Sumama ka na sa mag-aama mo.”


“Sweetheart, sorry but I talked to Ms. Calandra kasi di ba Sunshine misses you especially dun sa park. Nakiusap ako na kahit today lang makasama ka namin sa park.”

“Yes Maya and since your little girl here has the same convincing powers as yours, pinapayagan na kita at dinagdagan ko pa ng isang araw para hindi naman unfair kay Sky.”

“Naku naman po, nakakahiya! Ricky bakit mo naman ginawa yun?”

“Sweetheart namimiss ka na kasi namin ng mga bata.”

“Naku Maya it’s okay. Atsaka Mr. Lim here promised free maintenance of all Time Airways planes for one month. Naku kahit nga one week pwede kitang payagan.”

“Two days is okay Ms. Calandra. Thank you very much.” Ricky smiled at Maya’s boss.

Maya wasn’t able to say anything. Nagulat siya sa ginawa ni Ricky. At siyempre natuwa.

“Sige na Maya. You go now. Siyempre di ko naman matitiis ang aking inaanak na si Sunshine.” Then Ms Calandra kissed Sunshine. Si Sky nandun kay Leah and grumpy kasi nagising ng maaga.


After leaving Time Airways, they ate at their favorite fastfood chain. The twins enjoyed the pancakes, while Maya, Ricky, Doris and Leah had full breakfast meals.

“Ano to sweetheart? Bakit mo naisipan to?”

He laughed, “It’s my different kind of surprise. Kasi alam ko naman na you’re expecting it kanina paggising mo at I’m sure nahopia ka.” He chuckled louder this time. “Naghanap ka ng breakfast in bed at flowers for sure. And I’m sure hinalughog mo yun room to look for my sorry note.”

Tiningnan nya si Ricky ng masama, to try to hide her pagkapahiya. “Kainis ka sweetheart! Pero oo! Umasa ako kanina.” Then she giggled while covering her face.

“You’re so cute. Hindi ko ginawa yun kasi it’s very common already. Atsaka you already know my every move. Hindi na talaga surprise yun. Atsaka…”


“Gusto kong mahopia ka din ng slight. Di mo kaya ako pinatulog kagabi sa kakaworry. You’re so mean to me sweetheart.”

She slapped her husband lightly, “kaya ka gumanti?”

He just grinned at her then she pinched his nose. “Kulit mo Ricky!”


After their breakfast Ricky drove towards the park. Maya just remained quiet. Slightly annoyed sya kasi nga yun mga sinabi ni Sunshine.

The moment the car stopped, Sunshine and Sky, with Doris and Leah trailing behind them, ran towards the see-saw and swing. The twins were squealing happily. Ricky and Maya were walking towards them hand in hand. They were both enjoying watching their kids.

Then the mommies walked to meet them. They were smiling.

“Richeeerddd pakilala mo naman kami sa very beautiful wife mo.” The youngest of the mommies said.

Nagblush ang Maya. Nahiya.

“Okay mommies, please meet my wife Maya. Kung ang twins at yun mga panganay ang stars namin, eto naman si Maya is my Sunshine who never fails to make my day bright kahit gaano pa kagloomy ito.” He said proudly which earned a malambing na kurot from Maya. Siyempre kilig na kilig ang Maya, her slight jealousy forgotten.

“Awww ang cheesy ni Richard…” All the mommies were kilig.

“Hi Maya. Welcome dito sa bonding area ng babies natin.”

Each one of the mommies gave Maya a beso which she graciously received. She’s beginning to like the mommies na.

“Hay salamat naman at si Maya ang nandito ngayon. Richard makikilala na namin sa wakas ang favorite topic mo sa mga kwentuhan natin.” One mommy said.

“Yes and at last we have someone na for sure fun makausap. Kasi etong si Richard tipid magsalita kapag hindi ang wife or kids nya ang topic.”

“Ay hindi naman.” Defensive si Ricky.

“Oo kaya! That’s the reason why we’re all excited to meet her.” Another mommy said.

“O sige na Mr. Lim. Leave mo na si Maya and the twins here. We will have our mommy talk.”

“What? Papaalisin nyo ako? No!” He complained but after the mommies pangungulit, he relented and instead played with the twins.


That night sa bedroom.

“Alam mo Sweetheart ambabait ng mga mommies sa park.” Maya commented as she was cuddled by Ricky. They were about to sleep.

“Tapos sweetheart nakakatuwa pa silang kausap. Ang dami nilang kuwento.”

“Eh kagabi lang halos galit ka sa kanila. Then now all praises ka.”

“Sino naman ang hindi magagalit lalo na at si Sunshine ang nagkwento kung paano ka tratuhin ng mga mommies. Syempre di ko naman sila kilala pa.”

“Eh now that kilala mo na?”

“Gusto ko na silang maging kaibigan sweetheart.”

“What about me? Pwede ko rin ba silang maging kaibigan?” Ricky was teasing her.

“Hmmmm… pagiisipan ko muna. Ayoko kayang ishare ang napakabango, napakakisig at napakagwapong asawa ko.” She even made gigil sa arms ni Ricky.

Enjoy naman siyempre si Ricky. “Makikipagkaibigan lang naman, di mo naman ako ishashare.” He countered.

“Ah basta akin ka lang,” Maya was just actually teasing him, “at walang pwedeng magenjoy na tingnan ka or pisilin tong arms mo or panggigilan tong dimples mo…” Maya was already tickling Ricky.

“Sweetheart stop it. Ang kulit mo.”

“Wag ka ngang magreklamo Ricky. Your Sunshine would want to make you very happy tonight.” Then she naughtily winked at the excited at napalunok na lang na Ricky.


A/N Ano ang ginawa? Ano pa eh di nagusap. Madaldal si Maya di ba? Kayo talaga.


“The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : Happy Valentine’s Day TigeRRRR Lim”

“The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : Happy Valentine’s Day TigeRRRR Lim”

Maya was all smiles as she entered the mansion. The kids -Luke, Nikki, Abby, even Sky and Sunshine together with their yayas Doris and Leah all gathered around her. They were all happily welcoming the new addition to their memorial park gang – a new kitten Maya found abandoned at a gasoline station just a few hours ago.

The new kitten whom they named ‘Courage’, was introduced to the rest of the feline gang who occupies a big area of the Lim Mansion, much to the annoyance of the head of the house.

Everyone had their attention towards the round eyed, malnourished kitten that they failed to notice the chinky eyed tiger who also entered a few minutes after Maya did. He directed his gaze at everyone flocked around the kitten. He’s totally pissed.

Feeling ignored, he proceeded to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He badly needed it to cool down his temper.

“O Ricardo nandito na agad kayo? Nakabili na kayo ng mga panregalo sa mga empleyado ng LAS at LAI?”

“No Manang. Si Liza na lang papagawin ko nun.” He said in a serious voice, trying his best not to sound rude in his response to Manang Fe.

“Eh teka kala ko ba mag dadate din kayong mag-asawa? Di ba….”

“Hindi na natuloy Manang. Meron na naman kasing istorbo.” He shook his head as he imagined that cute little kitten his wife and kids were now so fond of, the cute little kitten which destroyed the special day he excitedly planned to be spending with his wife.


He didn’t elaborate anymore. He didn’t want to say more knowing that with his temper, he might blurt out words he’ll be regretting later. “Sige po Manang. Doon lang ako sa office. I’ll just check my emails. They don’t need me anyway.” He said with bitterness in his tone then left the kitchen.

Sabel, who was just listening the whole time, afraid when she saw how upset Richard was, finally asked Manang Fe, “Manang ano po bang nangyari kay Sir Richard? Bakit parang tigre na naman yun. Ang saya saya pa lang nya kanina. Nagpaplantsa pa nga nung damit nya kasi may espesyal daw silang pupuntahan ni Mrs. Chief ngayong Valentine’s. Anyare dun?”

“Naku Sabel wag na nating pakialaman yun mag-asawa. Halika na, maghanda na lang tayo ng masarap na ulam kasi dito pala kakain sina Ricardo at Maya.”

“Ay sige po Manang. Pasasarapin ko po talaga para mabawasan ang init ng ulo…”

The Richard arrives again. Natahimik si Sabel.

“Manang si Joma po?” He asked with an angry tone.

Joma who was drinking coffee at their quarters immediately rushed to the kitchen when he heard his name.

“Nandito po ako Sir. May ipapagawa po kayo?”

“Joma bakit walang gas yun kotse kanina? Di ba it is our rule na dapat full tank yun mga sasakyan bago iparada sa bahay?” He was really mad that he needed an outlet. Joma was the convenient outlet for his outburst. Joma, for him, was the reason why they needed to stop by the gasoline station. He was the reason why they came across that kitten.

“Sir kasi po sumakit yun tiyan ni Ma’m Nikki kahapon ng pauwi na kami kaya dumeretso na agad kami sa bahay. Tapos may inutos rin po si Mrs. Chief na gawin doon sa higaan ng mga kuting kaya di ko na po napansin yun oras. Sorry po Sir.”

He couldn’t argue with Joma’s explanation especially that it was his daughter’s painful stomach which caused Joma not to drop by the gasoline station on their way home. Even if Maya didn’t ask him to do something for the kittens, it would also be very impractical for Joma to go out and drive a good 30 minutes just to have the car’s tank filled up with gasoline. It wasn’t Joma’s fault either that he chose to drive the Benz which was for the kids than his usual BMW.

After staring at the worried Joma, he just said… “Next time sasabihan mo ako kung may gas o wala yun dadalhin naming sasakyan ni Maya. Kung di sana kami nagpa gas eh di hindi sana nya mapupulot yun istorbo.” He mumbled the last line but Joma, Sabel and Manang Fe still heard him.

Then he left again.

“Galit si Sir Richard Manang? Bakit ano po bang istorbo? Huy Joma ano yung sinasabi ni Sir?”

Then Doris came in with a smile on her face. “Kacute ng bagong kuting!!! Kaso payat pa at may sugat. Naku may bago na namang dagdag sa koleksyon ng mga bata at ni Mrs. Chief.”

Joma, Manang Fe and Sabel just stared at Doris knowingly. So that’s the reason for the anger of the head of the house.


“Oh my God Chard ganyan kakunot ang noo mo at ganyan ka kasungit dahil sa bagong kitten?” Rafi was laughing at her best friend. She saw him online so she took the chance to ask if the ordered chocoliquor cakes she sent already arrived.

“Wag mo akong umpisahan Rafi. I’m really pissed right now.”

“Whoah!!! Ang sungit nga! Hoy Richard Lim you should be happy that your wife and kids are animal lovers. It means they are good persons.”

“Excuse me Rafi! Do you know the meaning of overdoing things? of abusing the kindness and patience of other people?”

“At sino naman ang inaabuso nila? Ikaw? Naku kitten lang yun. Akala mo naman kung tigre ang inuwi ng asawa mo. Oh well may tigre na pala sa Lim mansion.” Then she laughed which angered Richard more.

Richard have prepared for this day. He put a lot of effort to make it extra special – dinner at her favorite restaurant, tickets to her favorite comedy bar and a room at their favorite hotel to spend the night together. He even had the room prepared for a romantic mood. Flowers, wine and even candles already await them and Liza had fixed everything for him.

He was really very excited.

He didn’t tell her all these because he wanted to surprise his wife. It is Valentine’s day and though he repeatedly told Maya that they don’t need to celebrate it as everyday was already like Valentine’s day for both of them, he wanted to make this as an exception. This year’s Valentine’s coincided with his being named businessman of the year. They were supposed to celebrate his award. It was extra special for him.

Many events happened and he and his family have gone through a lot.

He met challenges, problems after being removed as president of LAS, to singlehandedly putting up LAI to being begged to return and save LAS again.

It was something he wants to celebrate with his wife, his pillar, his support during those dark days or his career. He couldn’t have done it without the support, encouragement, trust and most of all love from his wife.


“Maya pwede ba kitang makausap?” It was Manang Fe. As much as she admires Maya’s love for abandoned kittens, she couldn’t ignore the fact that it is already affecting Richard.

Manang Fe knows how excited Richard was for this day. She also knows everything Richard had Liza prepare for this special day.

Maya smiled sweetly at the elderly woman whose warmth and love had been a source of inspiration to her and to her husband.

“Ano po yun Manang?”

“Dun tayo sa veranda Maya.”

As Maya saw how serious Manang Fe looked, she immediately gave the kitten to Luke and asked Doris and Leah to watch over the twins.


“Maya natuloy ba yun pagkain nyo sa labas ni Ricardo?” Manang Fe wanted to find out from Maya what really happened.

“Naku Manang hindi na po kasi hindi naman pwede yun kuting sa restaurant. Atsaka Manang okay lang naman kay Ricky na dito na lang magdinner kasi at least makakatipid kami at kasama pa namin yun mga bata. Hindi naman namin kailangan mag celebrate ng Valentine’s day kasi hindi naman mahilig si Ricky dun. Baka napipilitan nga lang siya na lumabas kami. Everyday naman valentine’s sa amin.” Then she smiled, kilig while imagining how sweet Ricky is every single day.

“Okay lang kay Ricardo?”

“Opo.” Maya was quick to reply.

“Pa’no yung mga inihanda nya? Pinakansela nya lahat kay Liza?”


“Maya, maliban sa Valentine’s day, espesyal kay Ricardo ang araw na to at gusto nya na ipagdiwang kasama ang pinakaespesyal na tao sa buhay nya.”

Maya wasn’t aware of it. Akala nya simple Valentine’s dinner lang ang pupuntahan nila ni Ricky. She felt bad. She felt guilty for ignoring him.

Manang Fe continued…

“Hindi ko alam kung ano ang mga inihanda ni Ricardo. Si Liza ang nakakaalam ng mga yun pero Maya nakita ko kung gaano kasaya yun asawa mo na makasama ka. Wag mo namang bigyan ng dahilan para sumama ang loob nya.”

Maya saw that Manang Fe was disappointed in her. “Manang sorry po. Babawi po ako kay Ricky. Promise po yan.”

“Sige Maya. Ikaw na bahala. Alam mo naman na kung pano alisin yun tampo ng asawa mo.”

“Sorry po talaga Manang at salamat sa pag gabay sa amin.” Then she hugged the elderly woman who’s already like a mother to her and to Ricky.

She wasted no time in calling Liza and she found out that her husband had instructed Liza to reserve a table in her favorite restaurant, buy tickets for a stand-up comedy show where they once sang an impromptu duet years ago and book them a room in one of those five star hotels near the very memorable Manila Bay.

She asked Liza if Richard had cancelled those already but found out that he didn’t.

She requested Liza not to do so once Ricky calls her to cancel everything.

She also told Liza what happened for her to understand and be a participant in whatever should happen tonight.

Maya is determined to make up for all her shortcomings to Ricky.

Babawi siya.



She found Ricky in his home office engrossed in his laptop. He didn’t even notice that she entered, or he pretended not to notice her. Galit nga talaga si Ricky.

“Sweetheart…” She called him again.

Not even sparing her a glance Ricky just replied, “What is it? I’m busy.” Then he smirked.

Maya went behind him then hugged him while her chin was atop his shoulder. “Sorry na sweetheart. Naawa at naaliw lang naman ako dun kay Courage. Pero ayun ibinilin ko na siya kay Kuya Joma. Promise hindi na ako lalapit sa kanya ngayong gabi.”

Nilalambing niya si Ricky who remained cold and unresponsive to her embrace and kisses on his cheek and even neck.

“Stop that Maya. I’m busy.”

“Busy daw. Hindi naman ah!” Then she tried to open the sites Richard was accessing in his laptop. Natawa siya. “Busy nga sa solitaire at minesweeper at ano to?” She saw a simple dart board online game where you could personalize the center with pictures of someone or something you wanted to hit. At ayun picture ng one of her previous kittens ang nakalagay. Maya already saw it before Ricky was able to hide it. Pero di siya nagalit. Natawa siya. “Naku kahit talaga sa mga munings namin nagtatampo ang napakagwapo kong asawa. Sorry na nga po from them and from me. Kausapin mo na ako ng maayos Ricky. Please…” Then he hugged him even tighter kahit nakakangawit na yun position nya behind him. “Uy… Sweetheart…”

He sighed. Maiisahan na naman siya and as usual bibigay rin naman siya. He couldn’t stay angry at Maya. Hell he’s not even angry. Nagtatampo lang siya. Nahurt yun feelings nya. “Eh ikaw eh.” He managed to say.

Maya kissed him again then moved his swivel chair so he could face her. She sat on his lap. Then she cupped his face. “Sorry na po Mr. Lim.” Then she planted a soft kiss on his lips which he readily accepted.

He commented after, “So kiss lang okay na?”

“Of course hindi kaya tumayo ka na dyan Ricky kasi itutuloy na natin yun date natin.”


After the dinner and the stand up comedy show and yes after their ‘pag-uusap at you and me time the Ricky and Maya way’ they are now cuddling each other in their hotel room…

“Nakabawi na ba ako Sweetheart? Di ka na nagtatampo?”

“Hindi na pero next time para pansinin mo ako, maghahanap ako ng cat to get your attention. Mas mahal mo pa ata sila sa akin eh.” He pretended to be tampo pa rin.

“Grabe naman to! Hindi no! Maawain lang ako sa mga abandoned kittens.”

“Eh sa abandoned husband di ka naaawa?” He said this still with the matching tampo face.

“Patawa ka Ricky! Abandoned ka dyan! Pero seryoso. Di ba sabi mo to get my attention maghahanap ka ng cat. You don’t have to. Nakahanap na ako ng cat. Hindi lang simpleng cat but a Tiger and he got my full attention. Ikaw yun sweetheart!” Then she giggled unable to contain her kilig from what she said.

“If that’s the case… Rawwwrrrr Mrs. Lim!” Then he attacked his wife again ala tiger style.

A/N Ano na naman ginawa? Nag play zoo ata!🙈 Ewan ko ba dyan sa dalawa. Lahat na lang. 😂

Happy Hearts day! Kahapon to dapat kaso waley ang net sa kinaroroonan ko these days so pasulPost sulPost lang muna. 😂