The Heart Never Forgets 24 – Epilogue

Maya and Ricky were seated at the veranda of their son’s, Fr. Luke Andrew Lim’s, room in his convent.

Luke is now a parish priest of San Isidro, a town which is an hour drive from their home in San Nicolas.

They were leisurely watching the sunset which was one of the nicest views in Fr. Luke’s room.

Luke was still saying his last mass for the day so they decided to just wait for him in his room.

Abby was busy preparing food with the other helpers at the convent. They were there for Luke’s birthday.

The family arrived yesterday and attended the first mass that Luke celebrated.

Both Ricky and Maya were very proud of their son. Despite what happened to them years ago, Luke grew up to be a fine man, well-loved by people for his humility despite everything he has accomplished. He always tells people that he is what he is because of his wonderful parents. He always includes them in his homily.

Abigail Ruth Lim owns a preschool now which specializes in Music and Arts. She was inspired by her mom’s former profession. It was just near their home in San Nicolas.

Abby decided to just have a business closer to their home. She didn’t want to be far from her mom and dad.

It was the same reason Luke had when he was asked to choose between a parish abroad and the one near their hometown.

Both Abby and Luke knows what their parents had gone through. They were aware how lonely both their mom and dad was during their childhood, growing up without siblings. This is the reason why they both decided to be near their parents. Besides why would they try to find happiness in faraway places when they have abundance of it in their home.

“Sweetheart alam mo, kung hindi nagpari si Luke, siguro marami ring ipinakilala yan sa bahay.”

“I don’t think so Sweetheart. Bata pa lang siya, he had a calling already.”

“Eh kahit naman may calling, kapag may dumating na nagpapatibok ng puso, eh daig ang ‘calling’. Ikaw nga di ba?”

Ricky now faced his wife.

“Sweetheart let me clear that. I was in love with you before I entered the seminary. You just chose to leave me kaya hayun, napasok ako sa seminary. Hindi ko naman ata calling yun. I was the one who called for help kasi nga I was mending my broken heart.” He teased her.

“Ay sweetheart idinahilan mo na naman ako. Ang cute mo kapag ganyan ka. At manang mana sa’yo sa ganyan si Sky.” She lovingly pinched Ricky’s cheeks.

Ricky kissed her on her head while they are still leaning alongside each other.

“Ay teka asan na ba sina Sky?” Maya asked and right on cue, a flashy red sports car parked in front of the convent which is just below the veranda.

Their younger son, the adorable, charming and ladies’ man Sky emerged from the car.

He immediately looked up to where he knows his parents were and flashed them a beaming, charming smile with matching wink.

“Naku sweetheart ayan na naman ang binata mo. Naku baka sa isang to magka apo tayo ng maaga.”

“It’s okay with me. Nakakamiss na rin ang may bata sa bahay. Atsaka we can support him naman if ever.”

“Sweetheart 18 pa lang ang anak natin. Naku ikaw talaga!”

“Ay oo nga pala. I forgot 18 pa lang si Sky. Sa dami ba naman kasi ng naging girlfriends ng isang to. Siguro masaya din yun ganyan no?”

“Ang alin?”

“Yun maraming girlfriends. I never get to experience that. What was it like kaya?”

Maya frowned and pouted her lips.

“Hey.. I’m just saying what if. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na gusto ko ng ganyan. Besides why would I look for more when I have the very best beside me.” He chuckled then he engulfed her in a tighter hug.

“Ewan ko sa’yo…”

They were still sweetly bantering when the their children joined them at the veranda.

It was Sky who immediately hugged and kissed his mom. He was a mama’s boy and was very proud of it.

“How’s my very beautiful and sobrang sexy na daig pa ang curves ni Beyonce na mommy? Flowers nga pala mom.” Sky handed Maya a beautiful bouquet of roses while giving her a very tight hug.

“Naku bumabawi ka lang kasi late ka. Sky talaga! Binola mo pa si mom.” Abby joined in.

“Hindi Ate no! That is so true. Sexy naman talaga si mommy, tanungin mo pa si dad. Atsaka I was late kasi dumaan pa kami sa bayan. I bought pasalubongs for you.” He proudly stated.

“Hindi naman ikaw yung bumili ng pasalubong Kuya Sky. Ako kaya yun inutusan mo. You were just there sa may magazine stand nagpapacute sa mga girls.” Their youngest, 16 year old Sunshine protested.

“Sunshine, I was training your purchasing skills. You should thank your Kuya nga.” Sky lovingly hugged Sunshine.

“O ano naman ang mga pinabili mo kay Shine? Lahat kami dapat meron.” It was Luke now.

Sky excitedly gave the pasalubongs. He was late in going to San Isidro for he and Sunshine still had their classes so they arrived just today. Sumunod na lang sila.

Their mom and dad together with Abby arrived yesterday and spent time with Luke visiting places and also friends in San Isidro. They had made new friends in the town for Luke was a very much loved parish priest of the town. Richard and Maya also continuously supports the government programs of the town and their business Lim Holding Inc. is the biggest benefactor in most projects and programs for the people of San Isidro.

“Eto for mom, scarf. Sa’yo naman Ate Abby here’s a cute pen pamalit dun sa nawala kong lucky pen mo.”

Both appreciatively thanked Sky.

“Eto naman sa’yo Kuya Luke…”

Sa kamamadali ni Sky, nagkamali siya ng ibibigay kay Luke, he handed him an FHM mag.


“Ay sorry kuya. That’s mine. Etong songhits pala sa’yo.”

“Songhits?! Ang kuripot mo talaga! At bakit songhits?”

“Kuya, kasi mga luma yun kinakanta mo so dapat bagong songs naman. Atsaka wala talaga akong budget kasi naubos na yun allowance ko. Hihingi pa lang kay dad, right my handsome at kamukha kong daddy?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his dad.

“Of course Sky. Mamaya ibibigay ko yun allowance nyo ni Sunshine. Eh what did you have for me?” Ricky finally joined in the banters of their kids.

“Dad share na lang tayo sa magazine. It’s really really really very good.” He naughtily teased his dad.

“Naku Sky idadamay mo pa si dad sa kalokohan mo. Halina kain na nga tayo. The table is set.” Abby now stated.

The family proceeded to the dining area where they will now celebrate another fun dinner together.

They are celebrating Luke’s birthday but this scene was a very common sight in their family.

Amidst everything that they went through, Richard and Maya had been blessed with wonderful kids and a blissful married life.



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The Heart Never Forgets 23 – Finale


I know I promised… but the owner of this story requested for this version. I can’t say no to her.

It’s the reason why antagal ko bago mapost ito. Di ko rin kasi kinaya…

๐Ÿ˜ข Here goes…


Nine years after Maya and Richard tied the knot…

At Northwest Hills Montessori.

It was Luke’s highschool graduation and Richard, Maya together with their 8 year old daughter Abby was proudly watching with the other parents.

Luke graduated at the top of his class and was accepted in a scholarship abroad.

The ceremony was ongoing and the couple were talking in hushed voices.

“Mabuti yung anak natin, walang girlfriend na maiiwan. Hindi yan mahihirapan magdesisyon na umalis o hindi.”

Richard was teasing Maya.

“Malay natin baka meron pala.”

“Sweetheart we always do guy talk ni Luke at wala naman siyang binabanggit. He is so focused in his studies. Hindi yan madidistract ng kung ano-ano.”

She made a sad face. She was also teasing him.

“So distraction pala ako sa’yo noon?”

He chuckled then gathered her closer to him.

“Ikaw talaga. Of course hindi. I meant that wala pang nahahanap si Luke like his mom kaya matatagalan pa yan magseryoso sa paghahanap ng girlfriend. No one will compare to you sweetheart.”

“Sus binobola mo lang ako. Iba naman yun sinasabi mo kanina.”

“Ganun yun! Iba lang yun interpretation mo.”

Then they both smiled at their banters. There was really never a dull moment between them.

Even Luke who was now 16 is so used to seeing his parents being sweet with each other.

Abby just watched them shaking her head.

They were all proud of Luke. He in return was so grateful to have been blessed with their wonderful parents.


The family spent the whole school break in Manila after Luke’s graduation.

They have a house there which was regularly maintained by their trusted staff. They usually stay there during short visits in Manila for vacation and even business.

They enrolled Abby in a summer dance, singing and acting workshop for she wanted to be like her kuya too.

Luke, on the other hand would accompany his sister in her classes. He wanted to stay with her for he will be leaving for his studies abroad soon.

The family was with Sabel and Joma for the entire stay.


Ricky was driving along SLEX on his way to Batangas.

He will be attending the house warming of his friend Ryan.

Maya couldn’t make it for she’s been feeling sick since last night. Luke was with Abby and they were accompanied by Joma for Abby’s classes.

The night before..

“Sweetheart wag ka na lang pumunta. You better rest. Ako na lang ang mageexplain kay Ryan.”

“Pero Sweetheart, di ba nakakahiya na wala ako dun bukas? Kaya ko naman. Pagod lang to at hindi siguro sanay sa Manila.

“No sweetheart. Ryan and Ivy will understand. Atsaka we need to go to the doctor pagdating ko. Baka you’re pregnant that’s why you’re having those symptoms. Very early morning na lang ako pupunta kina Ryan. Magpapakita lang ako then uwi ako ka agad. I’m excited to know if may kasunod na si Abby.” He teased her.

“Naku Mr. Lim, how I wish, pero baka kabag lang to or sa kinain ko. Or pwede nga sa pollution dito sa Manila.”

“Whatever it is, tomorrow, uuwi agad ako then we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Sige sweetheart para di ka na magworry, we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Good. Salamat naman at hindi matigas ang ulo mo ngayon Mrs. Lim.” Richard chuckled. Maya was always stubborn when it comes to her health.

“Hindi naman ah! Lagi naman akong sumusunod sa’yo.”

“Hmmm o sige na at baka mag-argue pa tayo. You better rest na. I’ll check on the kids.”

“Aba extra sweet ka ngayon sweetheart. May check the kids kang nalalaman ngayon ha.”

“I’m always sweet. I always check them too kaso I could feel na nahihiya si Luke when I do it, binata na talaga anak natin. Sige na at gusto ko lang munang kausapin sina Luke and Abby. I’ll join you in a while.”

Richard left their room while Maya settled on their bed.


Maya was sound asleep when her cellphone kept ringing nonstop.

She forced herself to answer it. It was an unknown number and it was just five in the morning.

Ricky was no longer beside her. He must have left already as he said he would be very early going to Batangas.

It took few more rings before she answered her phone.


“Hello. Si Mrs. Maya Lim po ba ito?”

“Yes ako nga. Sino po sila?”

“Ma’m ako po si SPO2 Jeff Macavinta. Yun asawa nyo po, si Mr. Richard Lim kasalukuyang isinusugod sa ospital ngayon. Naaksidente po yun kotse nya.”

Blood drained from Maya’s face, her heart pounded fast, she can’t speak.

“Ma’m sa Asian Hospital po siya dadalhin kasi yun ang pinakamalapit sa pinangyarihan ng aksidente. Ma’m?”

“Ser kumusta po ang lagay ng asawa ko?” She finally found her voice.

“Hindi ko po masasabi pero mainam po na mapuntahan nyo kaagad.”


Luke accompanied his mom to the hospital where his dad was rushed. Joma drove them. Abby and Sabel were left home. They didn’t wake Abby for they were rushing to the hospital.

Maya and Luke was ushered to the waiting area. Richard was at the ER being treated. The policemen who were at the accident scene were also there but they allowed her privacy first.

After an hour of waiting, the doctor came out and approached Maya.

“Mrs. Lim your husband wants to see you.”

She hurriedly entered the ER with Luke and was shocked to see how Richard looked. There was still a lot of blood and his lower body was covered.

Maya was already crying…

The doctors obviously just allowed his request to see his wife.

“Sweetheart I’m glad you’re here.”

His bloodied and scarred hands tried so hard to hold hers despite the excruciating pain he was feeling. Maya held it.


“Hey sweetheart, wag mong papabayaan sarili mo ha at ang mga bata. I want you guys to be happy. Luke come here.”

“Dad.” Luke was silently crying behind his mom.

“Luke you take care of mommy and your sister. I’m sure you guys will be fine.”

“Sweetheart wag ka ngang magsasalita ng ganyan.”

“Sweetheart listen to me. I love you so much don’t forget that. We had so many wonderful years already. That’s more than enough for us. Please let my love be your guide in finding happiness kahit wala na ako. Promise me Maya… I love you so much sweetheart… I’m sorry pero I can no longer be with you…kakayanin nyo alam ko yan. Please don’t deprive yourselves of the happiness you deserve.”

Maya was not saying anything. She was just crying. Luke was too.

“Give me a hug sweetheart.” Ricky finally requested.

Maya gave him a kiss and a hug. While still in an embrace… Richard’s hand loosenedโ€ฆ.

The machine beeped….

The doctors scrambled towards him and tried their best to resuscitate him.


“Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa’yo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mon’g bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong susundin
Sa takbo sakdal, liwanagan ang daan
Yakapin mong bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
‘Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin

Ikaw ang siyang pag-ibig ko
Asahan mo ang katapatan ko
Kahit ang puso ko’y nalulumbay,
Mananatiling ikaw pa rin

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa iyo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mo’ng bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin”

The song was hauntingly sang by the San Nicolas choir as Richard’s coffin was carried by the clergy who were his former classmates in the seminary.

Father Francis celebrated the mass.

Luke and Abby was seated beside their mom and James, Rafi, Liza, Joma and the very frail Manang Fe were all seated at the front with the family.

“It is not how short or long our life is but how meaningful we lived it… that’s what’s more important. Our dear Richard lived his life to the fullest…”

Maya was unable to hear the rest of what Father Francis has to say for she already fainted..


“Mommy! Mommy!” tiny fingers were poking her face.

“Sky don’t disturb Mommy. She is still sleeping.”

Maya could hear her daughter Abby.

Then she felt that Abby was near her.

Now she’s the one waking her up.

“Mommy! Mommy! You’re having a bad dream again. You are crying. Mom please wake up!”

She was startled by Abby’s worried voice so she woke up but she was still crying.

“Mom, bakit po? Are you okay? Is something wrong?”

Maya was trying her best to stifle her sobs since her youngest son, Sky was already curiously staring at her. Sky really looks like Ricky.

“Wala anak naalala ko lang ang daddy nyo. Namimiss ko siya.” Then she cried again…

“Ay si Mommy ang oa. Sinundo lang ni dad si Kuya sa airport akala mo naman ilang days di nagkita. You’re so cheesy mommy.”

Maya was confused with what she heard.

While still processing in her mind what her daughter said, their bedroom suddenly opened as Luke who just arrived from the States entered with beaming smiles.

“Mommy!!! I missed you!” Luke gave her a big hug then kissed her forehead and proceeded to kiss Abby and Sky too.

Ricky was behind Luke, lovingly watching his family.

He went near Maya to give her a kiss only to notice her puffy eyes and very red nose.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He worriedly asked.

Maya didn’t say anything. She just gave Ricky a very tight embrace wanting to feel that what is before her very eyes right now is real.


Yes Ricky is well. He didn’t go to Ryan’s housewarming and he chose to stay with Maya who looked very sick when he woke up that morning.

And yes she was indeed pregnant that time.



Para both parties mapagbigyan…

My friend Amy, whose story I used,requested me to show a glimpse of what really happened.

But of course I can’t take it in my heart to have a sad ending for our most loved Ricky and Maya kaya i changed the last part of the story.

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The Heart Never Forgets 22

“We’re losing a lot of blood!”

“The blood pressure is going up!”

“Call Dr. Gonzaga. He should be here right now.

Doc Gallardo was frantically shouting orders at his team.

Dra. Madrigal was with him.

At the corner of the hospital, Luke was worried. He was engulfed in Manang Fe’s hug.

“Anak magiging okay ang lahat.”

“Si dad…”

He saw his dad rushing towards them.

He came straight from the airport.

He went to Manila yesterday for a supposed closing of a deal today for Lim Holdings, their business which he is now handling eversince he and Maya got married.

Earlier this morning he was called back to San Nicolas by Manang Fe and Luke.

He was badly needed.

Maya was rushed to the hospital.

The moment he arrived at the hospital he gave his son a warm embrace and carried him. He could see the worry on his face.

Maya was going into labor.

“Manang kumusta si Maya?”

“Nasa delivery room pa. Biglaan eh. Kanina nagbreakfast kami ng biglang sumakit yun tiyan nya.”

“Pero she’s not yet due to give birth. Is she okay.”

Richard was very worried.

“Antayin natin yun doktor, Ricardo.”

After an agonizing 4 hours of waiting, Dr. Gallardo, their family doctor, together with their obstetrician Dra. Madrigal and Pediatrician Dr. Gonzaga finally met with Richard.

“Congratulations Mr. Lim.”

“How’s my wife? How’s my daughter?”

“Maya is resting right now. She will wake up later. But you can see her.”

“My daughter? How is she? She’s just 7 months.”

It was Dr. Gallardo who answered sensing Richard’s apprehension.

“Your daughter is in the incubator Richard. She’s doing great. She must have been so excited to come out that’s why lumabas na kahit kulang pa sa buwan.”

“But they’re fine doc? No complications?”

“No complications Richard. Your wife and daughter are both doing well. Hindi namin expected that Maya is going into labor but when may excessive bleeding kanina, we realized that your baby girl really wanted to see what’s out her mommy’s tummy. Adventurous din malamang like Maya.”

He smiled now. Relieved with what their doctor told him.

Luke was beside him.

“Luke you will be a kuya now. Tutulungan mo sina mom and dad sa pagalaga kay baby bunso ha.” Doc Gallardo said as he ruffled Luke’s hair.

“Yes Tito Doc.”

Luke was now smiling. The little boy was so worried earlier when his mom was rushed to the hospital especially that his dad wasn’t around.

Now they are all relieved and very happy.

Manang Fe decided to go home and leave Richard and Luke. She needs to prepare food for them and she also needs to prepare Luke’s and Richard’s things since they will definitely be staying with Maya.


Richard was staring at the sleeping form of his wife. Oh how he loved her so much. Just the thought that she is with him and that he could take care of her, love her is enough to make him emotional all of a sudden.

Their story was not at all rosy. There have been lots of challenges. Fate, people and useless assumptions got in their way.

But they were given a second chance and he vowed to himself never to waste the chance given them.

Maya also never failed to assure him of her love, her commitment to him.

She never failed to make him happy and now that happiness is again magnified a hundredfold. She gave him another child, now a daughter.

He felt so complete and his heart couldn’t contain it that his tears are silently flowing at his feeling of immense joy.

Luke was sleeping on his dad’s lap and Richard was caressing the top of the boy’s head lovingly.

God has indeed been very good to him, to them. He couldn’t ask for more.

As he was adoring his sleeping wife, he couldn’t help but reminisce the first year they were together as a family.


“Oo Maya uuwi ako agad. I’ve already booked a flight.”

“Salamat James. Pero pwedeng humirit? Can you stay a little longer para sa kasal namin.”

“Wow! That fast Maya? Wala ng engagement period?”

“Eeeh James we’ve wasted many years already and time is of importance.”

“Naku Maya ang sabihin mo you can’t wait to get your hands and and other body parts on your husband.”

“Tumigil ka nga James. Nakakahiya ang mga pinagsasabi mo.”

“Sus nahiya ka pa eh may Luke na nga kayo atsaka alam ko naman na excited kayo pareho.”

James’ chuckle on the other line could be heard.

“Tumigil ka nga! Nakaloudspeaker po ako at nandito sa tabi ko si Chard. Nakakainis ka James!”

“Oh di mo naman sinabi agad. Sorry sorry you know me, binibiro lang kita Maya. Hi Richard! Congrats pare! Congrats to both of you.”

“Thank you James.”

“Atsaka sorry. Sanay lang talaga akong biruin si Maya. Baka you didn’t like it. Pasensya na. Masaya kasing asarin yan si Maya kasi pikon.”

“Oh I love it too, especially that she’s blushing right now.”

He chuckled and James did too on the other line.

“Chard! Pagtutulungan nyo pa ako ni James.”

Richard just gathered her in his arms as they continued to talk to James, discussing their plans about the annulment and the upcoming wedding.


As promised, James arrived to help nullify his marriage with Maya.

Richard and Maya was thankful for all the help James did.

He was instrumental in helping the two return to each other’s arms and Maya and Richard would never forget that.

He also helped his aunt, Mother Elena make ammends with what she did.

Though it was unintentional on her part for she was unaware that Maya was pregnant then, she still played a major part in Maya’s decision to leave Richard.

She wanted to talk to the two and James made that possible.

“Maya I don’t know what to say but I really am sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I couldn’t even imagine what you went through.”

“Tinulungan nyo naman po kami ni Luke Mother Elena ng mga panahon na kami lang ni Nanay ang magkasama. Hindi po namin makakalimutan yun.”

“Yes Maya, but had I not discouraged you and Richard, hindi sana kayo pareho nahirapan. I could never forgive myself for doing that.”

It was Richard who hugged Mother Elena now as she was overcome with guilt and remorse.

“Mother okay na po. At nagpapasalamat ako na hindi mo pinabayaan ang mag-ina ko. I will forever be grateful for that. Everything happened for a reason. It made us realize that despite everything, our love is stronger and could conquer whatever gets in our way. Hindi namin kayo sinisisi Mother.”

James and Maya was happy that finally Richard and Mother Elena got to clear things.

Between Maya and Richard, it was Richard who held a little grudge on Mother Elena but as Maya explained what happened to him, how Mother Elena took care of her and Luke, he easily forgave her and was even thankful for taking care of Maya and Luke.

“Thank you Richard. You’re a really good person. Your grandpa will always be proud of you. I’m very proud of you. Lumaki ka kaya sa’min sa Northwest Hills.”

“Oo naman po Mother, hindi ko makakalimutan ang Northwest Hills. It took care of me and taught me what i need to learn and most importantly it is where I found this wonderful woman beside me.”

Maya got embarrassed. She’s not yet used to Richard being sweet in front of other people, most especially Mother Elena.

“Wag ka nga Chard.”

“Why? Totoo naman and I’ll never get tired saying that.”

“Sige na kayong dalawa at baka hindi ko kayanin ang mga pinagsasabi nito ni Richard baka tumaas ang alta presyon ko.”

They all had a laugh and shared a few more stories before bidding each other goodbye.


The Heart Never Forgets 21

Richard basked in the warmth of the hug his son gave him. He held him tighter. His son’s small arms tried to embrace him too.

“Luke daddy loves you so much. I hope its okay with you that I’m your dad”, he said while still embracing Luke.

He felt his son nodding his head.

Then as he disengaged from the embrace he stared at his son’s teary face.

“Luke don’t get mad at daddy and mommy. We love you so much. I’m so happy right now holding you like this.”

He wiped his son’s tears then Luke wiped his tears too in return.

“Hindi naman po ako galit.” The boy said in his small voice.

“But you’re sad kaya mom and dad is worried.”

“Baka po you won’t like me.” Luke’s eyes which was like his mom’s stared at him.

“Luke don’t say that. I already liked and loved you even when I was just Tito Ricky. All the more now that I found out that you are my son. I love you so much and daddy is very proud of you.”



The merry-making continued but Luke was still quiet. He would laugh at jokes by Joma and would play with the other kids but he would avoid Richard.

“Chard ipasok ko na si Luke. Patulugin ko na muna.”

“Okay Maya.” He felt dejected by Luke’s reaction.

Inside the room, Luke was still quiet but he was extra clingy to his mom. He requested for his mom to stay in the room and not leave while he’ll be taking a shower.

Maya had prepared his pajamas while Luke was inside the bathroom to clean up and brush his teeth.

As Luke was getting ready for bed, Maya took the chance to talk to her son.

“Anak, galit ka sa akin?”

“Hindi po.”

“I’m sorry. Mommy wasn’t brave to tell Tito Ricky that you are his son before. I’m sorry anak. I was scared din to tell you.”

“Mommy what if he doesn’t like me?”

“Anak he loves you. He was so happy when he found out.”

“Paano si daddy James?”

“Si daddy James ang nagsabi kay Tito Ricky. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to have a daddy who will always be here.”

“Hindi na po aalis si Tito Ricky?”

“No anak, he will stay with us if okay sa’yo.”

“Mommy you love him?”

“Sobra Luke and he loves me too, he loves you. Mabait siya and hindi nya kasalanan na hindi nya alam. It is mommy’s fault.”

The boy gave a small smile.

“Mom anong itatawag ko sa kanya? Dad or papa?”

Maya hugged her son knowing that he finally showed some acceptance.

“You can call him dad or even papa, its up to you.”

“Eh si daddy James po?”

“Daddy James will always be a dad to you. O di ba nadagdagan pa siya. Dalawa na ang daddy mo.” She tried to make the mood light.

Luke slept with his mom hugging him.

But as soon as Maya slept, the boy sneaked out of his room to call his daddy James.


Luke didn’t want to disturb his mom so he decided to make a call outside the room. He knows everyone was sleeping already.

When he wasn’t able to call his daddy James, Luke stayed in the cottage and cried.

He loved his Tito Ricky but he doesn’t know him. He was just a new friend to him.

He stayed there until his dad saw him.


Maya woke up very early but Luke was no longer beside her. She wasn’t aware that her son went out last night at actually slept with his dad.

She hurried to seek for Luke worried on where he must be.

When she went out of their room, she heard the most beautiful sound she never gets tired of hearing, her son’s giggles and chuckles.

She saw Richard and Luke together with Joma and Fely’s kids playing patintero by the beach. They seemed so happy. It warmed her heart knowing that they are okay now.

“Maya halika join us.” Richard called her.

After a few more minutes of playing, they were called by Manang Fe to have their breakfast.

Richard and Luke went to wash their hands. Maya was surprised at the sudden closeness of Luke to his dad.

Richard caught her expression and he just winked at her.

Before starting breakfast, Richard led the prayer then gave his message to the very special people with him at the moment.

“Thank your for the warm welcome. Thank you at hindi nyo pinabayaan ang bahay at mga negosyo ni lolo, natin. Wala man akong pamilya, madami namang naging kapalit. Nandyan kayong lahat. Manang Fe salamat sa pagaruga, pagalaga, pangungunsumi at pagtyaga sakin, Mang Anastacio at Mang Lem salamat at tumayo kayong parang tatay ko. Liza, I can’t thank you enough for keeping everything in order. Joma, Sabel, Doris salamat sa pagaalalay nyo kina Manang Fe. Maraming salamat sa inyo. At dito din sa despedida na naging welcome party nyo.”

They all approached to hug him.

Richard added.

“Ngayon naman, may surprise din ako sainyo. Gusto kong ipakilala si Maya bilang future wife ko.”

She was beside him and his arms were draped on her shoulders while Luke was on his other side. She blushed and felt embarrassed at his announcement.

A lot of teasing and congratulatory messages followed.

He continued.

At ipapakilala ko din, ang aking anak, anak namin ni Maya, si Luke.

Everyone was surprised. Manang Fe immediately hugged the little boy. She was overwhelmed.

“Sinasabi ko na nga ba. Tama yun hinala ko.” She said while in tears.

Everybody was happy. Luke finally accepted his dad. They even got a call from James who was dying for updates from them. James promised to come home to settle the annulment so Maya and Richard could get married the soonest time possible.

After the weekend together, Richard brought Maya and Luke to Father Francis.

She didn’t like the idea at first. She was apprehensive on how he would react but Richard assured her that everything will be okay.

It was Richard who first entered Father Francis’ room at the convent. Maya and Luke stayed at the visitors area. Visitors especially ladies can’t be allowed to enter the priest’s private quarters.

“Ricky you’re really back!”

Father Francis gave him a big welcoming hug.

“So naasikaso mo na?”

“Opo Father. Maayos naman pong lahat.”

“Ano na ang balak mo? Akala ko you will still stay there in Rome at di lang tutuloy sa ordination.”

“Father may sudden changes sa plan eh. I found out that the son was mine and her husband even suggested annulment.”

He was beaming.

Father Francis on the other hand was surprised.

“What? So you’ll pursue her? You’ll marry her?”

“Yes Father. And kayo ang napili namin to officiate our wedding. In fact kasama ko sila. Ipapakilala ko po. I’m really very happy.”

Father Francis couldn’t react anymore. He was also excited to meet this woman who turned Richard Lim’s life around.

He was just by the door when he saw Maya and Luke.

“Oh my God! Si Maya and Luke?”

He gathered both in his arms.

“I don’t know what to say. Kanina may agam agam pa ako when you said you’re getting married. Pero ngayon naku, I’m accepting the invitation to officiate it.”

“Salamat po Father.” was all Maya could say.

“Luke, kaya pala ang galing ng batang to manang mana sa daddy nya.”

“I’m happy for you Richard. I’m now assured that you’ll be in good hands.”

“Si Father talaga.”

“So kelan ang kasal? Ay teka, kailangan muna ang masinsinang usapan. Since I’ll be your wedding priest, you need to have a one on one seminar under me. Para naman masermonan ko kayong dalawa.” He was joking but he indeed would love to hear the story of the two and give them his advice and guidance as well.

The Heart Never Forgets 20

After sharing their very first kiss after 7 years, both disengaged with very contented smiles.

Richard embraced her and kissed her forehead. Her arms encircled his waist.

“I never imagined that this could still happen Maya. I am very happy right now.”

“Ako din Chard. I’m very happy. Hindi ko inakala na maaakap kita ng ganito.”

“At mahahalikan din?” He teased.

“Oo.” She shyly admitted.

He smiled and shook his head amused at how awkward yet giddy they felt at this very moment.

“Me too Maya. Hindi ko inakala na I could still find you and be with you.”

She slid her palms to his and was comforted by the warmth it brought her.

Both were overwhelmed.

“Halika dun sa loob ng bahay. Ano ang gusto mo? Magluluto ako. Magcelebrate tayo.” She was excited.

“No. Wag na. Let’s just go out. Ipapasyal ko kayo ni Luke.”

She got worried.

“Chard, baka may makakita sa atin at kung ano ang isipin ng mga tao.”

“Bakit naman? We hang out naman before di ba when we were practicing for the school concert?”

“Kahit na.”

“Don’t worry too much Maya. I won’t allow na malagay kayo ni Luke sa alanganin.”

“Alam ko naman yun.”

“Yun naman pala. For now, magprepare na kayo ni Luke at ipapasyal ko kayo. We won’t tell anyone as long as hindi pa natin naaayos ang lahat. I just want to spend time with both of you.”

Maya relented. She wanted to spend time with Richard too especially now that the hope of being together is getting clearer. She would not think of his vocation, her marriage with James and other complications yet. All she wants right now is to be with him and their son.


Richard brought Maya and Luke to their beach resort.

Yes the resort where they created Luke.๐Ÿ˜Š

The resort was well maintained and it remained operational even if Richard wasn’t around.

The resort had been opened to the public but usually it was rented for family events and company gatherings.

All of Richard’s family businesses have been flourishing despite his absence. His grandfather was really blessed with a competent and trusted staff who were actually like family already.

The proceeds of the businesses were used to finance all the charities and foundations they support. They were also used as source of fund for the expenses of the staff and household.

Liza with the guidance of Manang Fe manages all the businesses of the Lims. Mang Lem oversees the farm with the help of Joma. They actually grew up in with the Lims already and out of love and respect to Don Roberto and Richard, they made sure that everything is well taken cared of.

They regularly call Richard to update him and for his final say on important decisions.

When he arrived he was so impressed on how they managed to retain all the businesses, they even improved and embarked in new ventures.

He couldn’t ask for more. Everything was doing well in the home front then now…

Maya is with him and they even have a son.

Richard Lim is the happiest person at the moment.

“Chard ang ganda na dito. Sainyo pa rin to?”

“Yes Maya. Sila Manang, they manage it. Well magagaling yun staff. Actually mga alaga ni lolo before, malalaki na sila at sila na rin namamahala dito. You liked it?”

“Oo naman. Siguro magandang magretreat dito kesa doon sa pinuntahan natin.”

“Ah where you slipped?”

She slapped him lightly.

“Pinaalala mo pa.”

Then she shyly averted her gaze. She remembered the reason why she slipped and became embarrassed all of a sudden.

“O Bakit?”

“Wala. Naalala ko lang kung bakit naslide ako nun.”

“Oh? Bakit ka nga ba nagslide. From what I know, antok at pagod ka that time. You were even a little bit grumpy then. Masungit.”

“Kayo kasi ni Rafi. Akala ko you were courting her. Naasar ako kasi she is married and I thought you were too.” She was blushing now.

He raised his eyebrows amused at what she was saying.

“Naasar or nagselos?” He teased her.

She didn’t say anything but just avoided his gaze.

He gathered her in his arms again.

“Oh my God Maya. Why haven’t I noticed?”

He regretted not having seen the signs of her jealousy. He was so busy trying to control what he was feeling for her that he totally missed the glaring evidence that she was still in love with him.

“Ang importante ay nandito ka na sa tabi ko, sa tabi namin ni Luke. Ang saya ko Chard.”

“Parehas tayo.” He held her hand and brought it to his lips.

“Halika na let’s go to Luke. Pa set up na rin natin kila Joma yun barbeque. Manang Fe will be arriving later. You want to spend the night here? They have a live band kapag gabi.”

“Ah eh gusto ko sana kaso hindi pa nila alam? Paano yan? Nakakahiya ata.”

“Bakit naman? Besides they know we are very good friends anyway. Sige na Maya para maenjoy naman ni Luke yun very significant place for him.” He smiled.

She understood what he meant and shyly smiled.

“Ikaw talaga. Sige payag na ako pero wala kaming dalang damit eh.”

“Can we ask Leah to prepare it? Samahan na lang siya ni Joma.”

They both decided to spend the night at the resort. Leah went back to the house to prepare clothes for Maya and Luke.


Since it was on a weekday, there were few guests on the beach.

Luke happily swam together with his dad while Maya just watched them by the shore.

It was such a heartwarming scene before her eyes. She can’t help but regret the years wasted for not telling him the truth.

She vowed to herself that she will do everything to make up for the years lost.

After over an hour Luke got tired and asked his mom if he could go inside and play with his tablet.

Maya agreed and Richard led them to the cottage he asked Manang Fe to prepare for them.

“Maya you and Luke can rest here. Complete naman yun gamit sa bathroom and may snacks din sa fridge. I’ll just stay dun sa labas. Antayin ko rin sina Joma.”

“Sige Chard, thank you.”

“Thanks Tito Ricky.”


“Si Luke?”

“Nakatulog na. Napagod yun kasi bihira naman magswimming. Hindi sanay.”

Richard was seated at the sofa of the cottage.

It was actually a villa type made of coconut and shells. It had 3 bedrooms each with a bathroom. The villa has complete facilities, a kitchen, a dining area and a living room. At the back of it was a covered pool for guests who preferred to take a dip indoors.

“Come here Maya.” He asked her to sit beside him.

Maya took the empty space beside him and comfortably leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Chard so paano yan? Hindi ka na babalik sa Rome?”

“Nagpaalam na ako Maya. I also resigned from my job. I teach kids kasi there. Okay naman sila with my decision.”

“Eh ikaw, okay lang sayo na hindi ka na magiging pari?”

“I’m very happy with my decision Maya. I wanted to be a priest but knowing that you’ve always owned my heart, and i also own yours, I don’t think I would be able to be a good priest. Hindi ko mabibigay yun buong sarili ko. Even kung wala si Luke, and I’ve learned that you still love me and pwede pa rin tayo, I would still choose you. I could help naman even if I’m not a priest.”

She stared at him.

“Oh why are you looking at me like that?”

She is misty eyed.

“I just want to memorize your face. Kasi ngayon matitingnan kita ng hindi lang sa picture.”

He held her hand and placed it on both his cheeks.

“You can stare at me all you want. Ako din, it’s your picture that kept me company all these years Maya. At least ngayon hindi rin lang picture.”

He kissed her forehead.

“Chard paano natin sasabihin kay Luke?”

“We can tell him together. I hope he will be happy to know that I’m his dad. I would love that very much.”

“Baka magalit sya sakin. Baka magalit siya na naglihim ako sa kanya.”

“Luke is a sensible boy. I’m sure he will understand. Let’s do this together.”

“Salamat ha.”


“Kasi di mo ako sinumbatan sa paglihim sayo.”

“I know you had your reasons Maya. I respect your reasons. What’s important is we are given the chance to correct all our wrong decisions.”

“Ambait mo Chard alam mo yun?”

“Maya I’m doing this hindi dahil mabait ako. I do this because I love you. I love you so much. Kayo ni Luke.”

Then unable to control herself, Maya cupped Richard’s face and kissed him tenderly pouring her love for the only man whom she loved in her entire life.

“Mom you’re kissing Tito Ricky?”

A bewildered boy witnessed her mom kissing his Tito Ricky, the person he is so fond of.



The boy alternately stared at them with confusion.

Richard held Maya’s hand tightly as they both face the most important person to them, their son Luke.

She immediately went to Luke’s side and hugged him.

“Anak… Mom and Tito Ricky, we want to tell you something very important.”

The boy was still staring at Richard. His young mind couldn’t comprehend what he saw. He was still engulfed in his mom’s hug.

Maya carried him and they sat beside Richard on the sofa.

“Anak… Tito Richard… he is your real daddy.”

Luke looked at both of them alternately then without saying anything, he just cried and hugged his mom.

Richard was alarmed. Luke mustn’t have taken it positively.

The boy remained hugging his mom, not letting go.

Richard decided to leave the two by themselves. He needed some fresh air too.


It was already evening and Manang Fe, Joma, Sabel, Doris, Leah, Liza, Mang Lem, Felt and her kids were all in a celebratory mood.

They were happy with Richard’s decision to stay for good. They weren’t aware of Maya’s role in that decision yet.

Manang Fe on the other hand already suspected something but chose to wait for Richard tell her.

Maya and Richard decided to lessen their closeness while in front of Luke.

After their confession to Luke, the boy had been quiet and distant to him. He would be extra clingy to his mom.

He remained polite though. He would play with Fely’s kids but would immediately go to his mom once he sees her. He wouldn’t smile or acknowledge Richard at all.

Richard understood how it must have been hard for Luke to take all of these.

They’ve been close, but its entirely different now that he learned about his real dad.

He doesn’t know what’s in his son’s mind.

He hopes Luke’s thoughts weren’t unpleasant.


It was already late and everyone retired to their own rooms. Ricky couldn’t sleep so he decided to walk around, to clear his mind as well.

Then as he neared one of the small cottages at the resort, he heard sobbing sounds and found his son Luke, sitting by himself.

He immediately darted towards his son worried.


Then with the same doe-shaped eyes as his mom the boy stared at him and cried.

He threw himself to his dad and was immediately engulfed in Richard’s hug.


“Oh Luke.”

Right there at the small cottage by the beach, a new relationship started, that is the relationship of the father and his son.


The Heart Never Forgets 19

“Ricardo bakit naman madalian ang alis mo? Di man lang tuloy kami nakapaghanda.”

A very upset and annoyed Manang Fe was fixing Richard’s clothes.

“Manang emergency po kasi. Kailangan ko talagang makabalik doon at makausap si Father Santi.”

“Hindi ba pwedeng ipagpaliban yan?”

“Hindi na po Manang. Mas makakabalik ako agad dito kapag naasikaso ko lahat sa Rome. Kailangan ko na talagang makausap si Father Santi.”

“Makakabalik dito? Babalik ka pa?”

A hopeful smile was seen in Manang Fe’s face. This stopped her from ranting.

Richard hugged her from behind. Nilambing nya si Manang Fe coz he knows how sad she felt when she knew about his flight tomorrow.

“Opo Manang babalik ako kaya wag ka ng magalit. Dito na ulit ako. Makikita nyo na ako palagi.”


He was on an early flight to Manila and since there’s only one flight from San Nicolas, he was sure that James will be on the same flight. He wanted to talk to him and fix things asap.

True enough James was there.

When they landed in Manila, they spent an hour discussing about the possible annulment and what both their plans for Maya and Luke are.

It was decided that Richard will fix everything in Rome first. He will resign too from his teaching jobs and turnover all his unfinished projects.

James needs to go back to his work as well but he promised to come home if he will be needed by both Maya and Richard.


“Hi Luke. How are you? How’s mom?”

He called Luke the moment he arrived in Rome.

“Tito Ricky! Okay naman po kami ni mom. She’s cooking spaghetti. I requested it kasi.”

The little boy chuckled. He teared up just hearing his son laugh. He gripped his phone tightly trying to control his tears from falling and trying to control his voice from breaking.

“Asan ka po Tito Ricky? Punta ka dito sa bahay. Eat tayo ng niluluto ni mom.”

That did it. He could no longer control himself that he allowed his tears to flow. He was trying so hard to normalize his voice and stop sniffling but the boy already heard it.

“Tito Ricky, okay ka lang po? You sound like may sipon ka po. Wait I’ll call mom.”

Before he could stop Luke, he already left the phone to call his mom.

“Chard you’re sick daw sabi ni Luke.”

“Hindi naman Maya. Sipon lang.” He lied.

“Naku uminom ka ng maraming tubig at magpahinga ka agad. Papuntahin mo dito si Joma. Nagluto kasi ako ng spaghetti kasi Luke topped his class. Padalhan kita.”

“Maya wala ako jan. Nakabalik na ako dito sa Rome.”

“Ha! Okay. Akala ko kasi dadaan ka pa do to bago ka umalis.”

Her voice turned sad.

“Babalik naman ako. May kailangan lang asikasuhin. O sige Maya. Congrats kay Luke. Hug him for me. You guys take care.”

He abruptly ended the call for he can’t control his emotions anymore.


It’s been a month after Richard left.

“Tito Ricky!” Luke hurriedly met him by their gate.

The boy leaped in his arms. He carried Luke and he hugged the boy tightly.

They were on the phone daily when he was still in Rome.

Richard makes is a point to call his son. They talk about piano, school, toys, Maya and anything they could think of. Maya never suspected anything. She was beyond happy that Luke is in constant communication with his dad.

Maya was surprised to see him.

“Hi Luke! I got some goodies for you. Go inside na muna and ask yaya Leah to prepare it.”

When Luke left to go find his yaya Leah, Richard approached a dumbfounded Maya who was glued to where she was standing.

He stared at her and with all the love he was feeling, he gave her a very tight hug.

He had tears in his eyes when he disengaged from the hug. He stared at her eyes…

“Why didn’t you tell me Maya?”


“Why didn’t you tell me about Luke?”

Then she bowed her head, her misty eyes avoiding his gaze.

He held her face gently and wiped the tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Chard. I’m very sorry. Gusto ko namang sabihin pero… pero…”

Then she cried.

He gathered her in his arms.

“It’s okay Maya. Nandito na ako. I won’t leave you and Luke.”

In between sobs, she asked.

“Pano mo nalaman?”

“James. He went to my place before he left. He gave me your box.”

She was surprised and embarrassed as well. She knows then contents of the box bared her life to him.

He noticed it.

“Thank you Maya. Thank you for Luke. Thank you for those letters. Thank you for all the memories you had in that box. I could relive the early years of our son which I missed with that.”

Then she slowly gazed at him with her doe-shaped eyes brimming with happy tears.

He smiled.

Both of them with eyes welling with tears, he slowly claimed her lips and kissed her with the longing, love he felt for her. He hopes for the wonderful future together.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Mom you’re kissing Tito Ricky?”

A bewildered boy witnessed his mom kissing his Tito Ricky, the person he is so fond of.



The boy alternately stared at them with confusion.

Richard held Maya’s hand tightly as they both faced the most important person to them, their son Luke.

The Heart Never Forgets – A note on the story

A note on the story

I wrote this story when Be Careful with my Heart was still being shown, last months of 2013 to be exact. I never intended to post this.

I got my inspiration from the story of my friend Amy and her husband Nick.

Earlier this year, as i was fixing my files, i saw this story again together with my other bcwmh files – pics, videos and some stories i tinkered on. I read her story and I told my friend that her very moving journey deserves to be shared.

She agreed thats why i decided to revise, edit and post it para hindi naman masyadong heavy. It was also sort of a catharsis for me since I was also affected by her life.

Baka may lessons din na makuha from their story. Sana.

Since I so love the characters of Richard and Maya and since the show helped me when I was so sad for my friend, I decided to write their story using Richard and Maya in their place.

Yes. Amy and Nick are Maya and Richard in the story. And Luke was their son Archie.

They encountered the same ups and downs like Richard and Maya of the fanfic but in the end they also found their way to each other and spent a happy and blissful life with their son.

I won’t include the details of their real story na out of respect for both of them. Ayaw din naman nya. 3/4 of the one I wrote naman are really true.

They were together for almost 9 years until binawi na ni Bro si Nick. He died in a car accident last 2013. Yes when ongoing yun show. Kaya nga big help talaga ang bcwmh to forget sadness even for few minutes a day lang.

We were kidding each other nga na pinahiram lang sakanya si Nick kasi nga he was about to be a priest before.

But my friend said that she was very grateful that they were given a chance to be a family and spend their time together with their son, albeit, a very short-lived life together.

Now her son will be graduating in college and my friend is now taking charge of the businesses her husband left with their true to life dependable staff they consider as family. She stopped teaching already.

Si James? Well he is our friend, John. Same yun kwento nya sa story but he is not a pilot but an engineer in Dubai. He frequently visits my friend pa rin. I asked him and Amy if hindi ba pwedeng sila na lang, their answer was Nick could never be replaced and they love and respect him so much to do that. No hindi sila nagkatuluyan ng true Rafi. Rafi is already married but very good friends sila. Single pa rin si James, gusto nyong makilala? Joke! Ipapasubo yun friend.

Si Mother Elena? She really exists din but di naman siya aunt ni James in real life. At siya talaga reason why naglihim si Maya. (Sinisi talaga. Hahaha!)

The true Maya has no nanay tere. Siguro part of her bad decisions came from the fact that she has no loving mom who took care of her. At siguro kaya nalito na rin ako kung saan ko isisingit si Nanay Tere sa story. I realized na missing na siya sa last chapters I posted.

Asan ako sa story? Aba siyempre hindi ko isasali sarili ko. Pero isa ako sa super kinulit ng Richard ng story ng pinagtaguan siya ni Maya. I honestly didn’t know where she was then kaya abswelto ako.

Sad? Yes but life was still good to them. They also have their son who grew up like his dad.

You wonder why hindi nakilala ng dad yun anak nya? Hindi naman po kasi sila singkit like Richard Lim na madali madistinguish eh. Seriously, he looks more like his mom when he was younger. Now, aba kamukha na ni dad nya. Kaya parang lagi lang naman ni Amy nakikita si Nick.

And my friend said, the memories they shared could sustain her until they see each other again. Huhuhu…

Thanks for reading and sorry if pinaiyak ko kayo.

And yes. Amy is okay now. In fact she sometimes reads stories here and is amused with your comments. Yun son pala nila is Nicolas (di ba connect din sa San Nicolas ng bcwmh) ang name but medyo slow ang daddy for he never realized it. Sabagay he doesn’t use the name naman at napakalayo ng nickname nya na Archie (very sly ang mom.. tsk!) But yes pagong din yun daddy ng slight, hahaha!

Sad to say hindi bcwmh adik ang friend ko kasi she doesn’t have time to watch TV eh. She buried herself in work. But pipilitin ko talaga to be one of us (parang cult lang๐Ÿ˜).

She also insists na mas gwapo yun asawa niya kay Richard Lim. Owwkayy… Sige na nga pagbibigyan ko tutal I used their story naman eh, hehehe! โœŒ

Well, I’m just trying to lighten the mood kasi as I said mabigat at hindi careful sa heart ang story nila.

I was supposed to post this after ko matapos yun Richard and Maya version kaso I prefer na happy and good vibes yun last few chapters ng story and if I’ll post this in the end, aba eh di malungkot yun last part.

And yes, iba yun magiging takbo ng R & M version of this story.

Buti pa si Maya at Ricky may happy ending at may forever.๐Ÿ˜Š

I’m supposed to post this tonight but since dalawa na napost ko today, I’ll schedule this for 9:30 tomorrow that is if hindi pumalpak ang wp.

Thanks again for reading. Good eve/ day!