Stay My Love – 5

Stay My Love – 5

Richard was left staring at the door when she stormed out of his office. He was also surprised with her reaction. He thought she was a very strong woman and he didn’t expect when she suddenly seemed vulnerable and about to cry. She was really embarrassed to find out that he was the hardware’s owner.

Though Richard felt good and proud with it, he suddenly felt very guilty.

“O Ricardo nakausap mo na siya?” It was Manang Fe. She just arrived from the market.

“Ah eh oo na po Manang.” He stood up and was about to to assist Manang Fe.

“Wag na. Kaya ko na to Ricardo. Anong sabi nya? Pinatawad ka ba?”

He couldn’t totally lie to Manang Fe so he gave a safe answer. “Medyo po Manang. Sige labas na po ako.”

“Teka anong medyo? Mukhang mabait yun sigurado akong patatawarin ka nya kung nagsorry ka? Nagsorry ka ba talaga?”

“Oo nga po Manang but of course pinagsabihan ko rin about what she stole. Tapos ayun tapang tapangan that she wanted to meet the owner. When she found out it was me, nagwalk out. It’s no longer my fault Manang.”


“What Manang? As I said nagsorry na ako. Let’s not talk about her. Basta I’ve done what you asked me to do. Sige na po ipagpapatuloy ko na yun ginagawa ko.”

Then he hurriedly left Manang Fe alone in his office. He wanted to avoid being asked about her encounter with the lady a few minutes ago.

Manang Fe disappointedly shook her head. Her ward was really stubborn.


“Lino bumalik ba yung estudyante na pumunta dito nung isang araw?” Richard asked the moment he arrived that day.

“Yun magandang babae po Kuya Richard?”

He smirked, annoyed at Lino’s description of the lady who’s been occupying his thoughts.

“Yung estudyante Lino.”

“Yun nga po. Yun magandang babaeng kinausap nyo. Hindi naman po nagawi dito. Bakit po ser? Type nyo no?”

It was rare for Richard to show interest towards a woman so Lino teased him.

He didn’t react but just left. Lino just smiled.

He entered his office and sat for a while.

Three days had passed since he talked to her. He was expecting her to come back and retrieve the bag she left. He expected her to return for it but she never came back.

Normally, he wouldn’t bother himself with these things, normally he wouldn’t care but he was engulfed with guilt that he really wanted to see and talk to her again and genuinely say sorry when he’s given the opportunity.

Her bag was inside his drawer. He kept it there. He never opened it for he knows that it would be wrong to do so. He was certain that she would come back for it anyway.

He opened his drawer and retrieved her bag. It was a simple pink handbag with kitten designs. He was staring at her handbag. He knew that he shouldn’t open it but he was curious to know her name.

Three days after talking to her in his office, she still haven’t returned to get her bag. Maybe she was so embarrassed with what happened. He felt guilty for being such a jerk.

He opened her bag and there he saw it. Her school id with the name ‘Maya dela Rosa’.”

Richard couldn’t believe what he just read. He closed his eyes thinking that his mind must be playing tricks on him but when he opened it again, it was indeed ‘Maya’ written on her id and he was even drawn to her picture. She looks like a younger version of his late wife.

Richard felt like he was in a trance. He couldn’t explain what he felt. Then a cold breeze suddenly engulfed him. Maybe he was even feeling things now.

“O Ricardo bakit parang namutla ka na dyan? May sakit ka ba? Magkape ka na muna bago mo umpisahan yun trabaho. Kung masama ang pakiramdam mo magpahinga ka na lang dito. Wag ka nang magbubuhat ng mabibigat.” Manang Fe was concerned. Richard looked pale and unwell.

“I’m okay po Manang. Alis muna ako Manang.” Then he stood up and with Maya’s bag, he hurriedly stormed out of his office.”

Manang Fe was left wondering what happened to Richard. She didn’t notice the handbag he was carrying. He never mentioned about it to Manang Fe.


“Dean may naghahanap po sa inyo.” Jerry, the school guard in Maya’s school, accompanied Richard Lim to the principal’s office.

“Ah Kuya Jerry sino….”

“Good morning Ma’m. I am Richard Lim. Taga dyan po ako sa hardware sa harap ng school.” Richard immediately introduced himself to the grey haired dean.

“Ah ikaw pala si Mr.Lim, our very generous benefactor. Naku I’m honored po na makilala kayo.” The dean shook his hand then dismissed their guard. “Sige po Kuya Jerry. Ako na bahala. Salamat.” Richard also smiled at the guard.

“Upo ka ho dito Mr. Lim. Naku nakakagulat naman at napadalaw kayo. Si Manang Fe at Liza kasi ang kilala namin. Mabuti naman at finally nakilala kita. Ako pala si Mrs. Zenaida Belmonte, ako ang Dean ng College of Nursing. Yun other building yun College of Engineering at si Eng. Gutierrez naman ang Dean nila. Naku ang dami dami ko nang sinabi. Pasensya na po kayo. Ano ho pala ang pakay nyo?”

“Dean Belmonte I’m also honored to meet you. Our business will always be supportive of your school’s programs. Sina Manang Fe po ang bahala dun. Right now I’m looking for a student of your school. I encountered her a few days ago. Her name is Maya dela Rosa.”

“Oh si Maya.” The dean smiled upon the mention of her name. “Isa sya sa top students namin. Masipag, matalino. She’s a working student and assigned siya sa library. She is a scholar here kaya 50% lang ang binabayaran nya na tuition fees. Actually Mr. Lim isa siya sa nakikinabang ng mga tulong na binibigay ninyo at ng iba pang very generous donors ng school. Marami silang mga very promising, bright yes financially challenged students ng school. Si Maya naman her parents are trying their best to support her kaso masipag yun bata kaya she still applied sa scholarship program. Makulit at masayahin yun si Maya. Ay teka Mr. Lim, napakwento na akong masyado. Ano po pala ang kailangan nyo kaya Maya dela Rosa?”

Richard wasn’t able to respond at once for he was still digesting everything the dean said. So she was not just some spoiled, bratty student he thought and even hoped she is. He didn’t want her to have traits which might make him be fond of her. He’s already disturbed with her sudden intrusion to his boring life and he refuses to allow it. It is not right.

“Mr. Lim? Naku! Teka bakit po? May kasalanan ba or problema si Maya sa inyo?” The dean worriedly asked.

“Ah no! Hindi po. She just went to our store for an interview maybe for one of her subjects but she forget her bag. I’m here to return it to her.”

“Akala ko po… pwede mo naman pong iwanan yun bag nya dito tapos kami na lang magbibigay para wag na kayong maabala.”

“No! I mean I need to give it personally, gusto ko rin kasi siyang makausap. Would that be okay?”

“Wala pong problema. Teka lang po at ipapatawag ko si Maya.” Then the dean left him to have her assistant call Maya.

After a few minutes Dean Belmonte returned with someone who introduced herself as Maya’s class adviser.

“Mr. Lim wala po si Ms. Dela Rosa. Itinakbo po kasi sya nung isang araw sa ospital pagkatapos nyang himatayin sa classroom.”

“What?!? How is she now? Asan sya?” Richard suddenly stood up with a very worried expression.

“Alam po namin inuwi muna sya ng magulang nya sa probinsya nila.”

“Bakit? What happened to her? Anong sakit nya?”

“May sakit po sa puso si Maya and bawal sa kanya ang sobrang pagod, stress at matinding emosyon. Siguro dahil sa exams nastress sya. Sabi naman ng mga kaibigan nya, nagpapahinga lang naman po sa probinsya nila. Baka next week makapasok na yun.” Maya’s teacher calmly informed the upset Mr. Lim.

Dean Belmonte saw his worried expression too. “Wag po kayong mag-alala. Pag pumasok na po si Maya sasabihin namin na gusto nyo syang makausap.”

He calmed down a bit. “Thank you. I have to go. Please just tell her to call me here once she returns to school.”

Then he gave his calling card to the dean, thanked them and left.

He also left the dean and Maya’s class adviser baffled with his sudden visit and urgency to see their student.


Preview for the next chapter:

“Nak may bisita ka.”

“Anong ginagawa mo dito????”

“Hey calm down… Maya… Please will you calm down. Makakasama sa’yo ang stress.”

“Alam mo naman pala. Bakit pumunta ka dito?”


Stay My Love – 4

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Stay My Love – 4

The following day, Maya left their boarding house early. Even if her class for that day is at 10 am, she left around 9 while Emman and Edz were still preparing for their classes.

She was determined to go back to the hardware and return the colored hooks she absentmindedly took.

She never wanted to be accused with ‘shoplifting’, so despite the very high possibility of seeing her ‘former crush but now abhorred’chinito ‘kargador’, Maya went back to the hardware with the intention of returning the hooks and maybe also be able to complain about her experience with one of the workers.

She also wanted to get back at him anyway by telling the owner of his rude attitude. She still couldn’t get over how he treated her.


“Good morning po kuya.” Maya greeted the jolly guy who was smiling at all the passersby while he was opening the hardware’s roll up doors.

“Good morning Ma’am. Pasensya na po, sarado pa kami. 30 minutes pa bago kami magbukas. Itinaas ko lang to para makapaglinis ako.” It was Lino, one of Richard Lim’s workers.

“Ah kuya, hindi naman po ako bibili. Gusto ko sanang makausap yun boss nyo. Parating na ba siya? Okay lang bang makausap siya?”

Before Lino could answer, Manang Fe appeared behind Maya. She just arrived as well but she already heard what Maya said.

“Ah eh ineng bakit mo gustong makausap yun boss namin?”

Maya was startled by the voice behind her but her face remained smiling as she was faced by an old lady with a very warm smile and caring face. She immediately remembered her Mamang in her so she also smiled back.

“Good Morning po. Kasi ano po.. Uhm may irereklamo lang sana ako.”

Manang Fe’s face turned serious. “Irereklamo? Tungkol saan?”

“Pwede po sa loob ko na lang ikwento? Baka marinig po tayo ng ibang tao eh.”

Maya was also concerned that other people who would hear her might think negatively of the business.

Her concern was only the chinito guy and not the entire business. It would be unfair for the owner of the hardware and his other employees to be affected by one employee’s mistake.

Sensing the serious tone from the lady, Manang Fe knew that this is not a simple complaint like a product replacement, wrong deliveries or even erroneous specifications in their sold hardware materials.

She knew that the lady’s concern needs her full attention.

“O sige. Pasok na muna tayo. Aayusin ko muna etong mga dala dala ko.”

She led Maya inside their airconditioned office. She just sat on one of the cushioned chairs.

The office was clean and folders were neatly piled on top of a table. It had a clean, fresh, minty scent probably from the owner’s perfume. The office a not one usually expects from a hardware.

She thought that the owner must be a woman.

After settling her things inside the hardware’s inner office, Manang Fe returned and sat in front of her, Maya began to share her concerns.

“Ako po pala si Maya dela Rosa.”

Manang Fe had a shocked expression then slowly her lips curved into a smile.

“Tawagin mo na lang akong Manang Fe. Ako ang namamahala dito. Yun boss namin wala ngayon kasi may mga importante syang inaasikaso. Kung ano man ang gusto mong iparating sa kanya, pwede mong sabihin sa akin. Ipaparating ko sa kanya kung ano man ang reklamo mo. Ano ba yun iha? Tungkol ba sa produkto namin, sa presyo, damage ng produkto? May warranty naman lahat ng produkto namin iha, walang problema sa mga ganyan.”

“Naku Manang hindi po tungkol sa produkto kundi tungkol sa isang tauhan nyo dito. Dapat po sabihin nyo sa boss nyo na pagsabihan sya or kung marami na siyang nagawan ng katulad ng ginawa nya sakin eh dapat sisantehin na siya. Makakasama po siya sa negosyo nyo. Sikat pa naman ang hardware na to. Ang usap usapan kasi ay mapagbigay masyado yun mag-asawang may-ari nito at maraming charities at foundations na sinusuportahan.”

“Oo naman iha, mabait talaga at matulungin si Sir. Pero sino namang empleyado ang tunutukoy mo para mapagsabihan ko mamaya. Siya ba?” Manang Fe was pointing towards Lino.

“Ah hindi po siya.” Maya briefly looked at Lino then scanned the display area which her eyes could reach to look for the person she was referring to.

“Siya ba iha?” Manang Fe now pointed to Bugoy who just entered the hardware.

“Hindi po siya Manang Fe. Yung singkit po na nakasalamin at ang dugyot dugyot ng hitsura. Siya po yung may napakagaspang na ugali.” She found herself getting red out of anger as she recalled what he did to her.

“Ah siya ba? Ano bang ginawa sa’yo?”

Then she started telling the old lady of what the chinito guy did to her.

“Ah si Ricardo talaga. Pagpasensyahan mo na iha. Suplado talaga yun at masungit pero mabait yun.” Manang Fe had an incredulous expression but eventually smiled. She tried to hide her smile.

“Ricardo pala yun pangalan. Ang sama po ng ugali nya. Sinigawan at ipinahiya ako sa mga tao. Sana makarating po sa may-ari nitong hardware. Wala pa po ba siya? Gusto ko po siyang pagsabihan sa harap nyo.”

“Ah hindi yun papasok ngayon. Hayaan mo iha, ipaparating ko sa may-ari at pagsasabihan ko rin na humingi ng sorry sa’yo. Bumalik ka dito bukas para makaharap mo sya.”

“Ay okay po yun Manang. Babalik talaga ako bukas. Grabe talaga sya.”

“Ako na ang humihingi ng pasensya ha iha! Pero bukas si Ricardo ang ihaharap ko sa’yo.”

Before Maya left, she remembered her main purpose for visiting the hardware, and that is to return the colored hooks.

“Ah eh Manang, ibabalik ko rin po eto. Sa galit at asar ko po kasi kahapon, hindi ko namalayan na natangay ko na. Hindi po ako shoplifter ha! Baka akalain nyo po nagdadahilan lang ako.”

“Hindi ko naman naisip na gagawin mo yan iha. Basta bumalik ka bukas para naman makaharap mo yun boss naman at maiparating ng personal yun mga sinabi mo kanina.”

“Opo Manang. Babalik talaga ako. Maraming salamat po.”

Maya left with a smug look on her face. She was looking forward to seeing him ask for her forgiveness tomorrow. She felt triumphant already with the thought that the rude chinito’s boss would definitely reprimand him.


That evening Manang Fe was convincing Richard to ask forgiveness for his rude attitude towards Maya. She intentionally didn’t mention her name for she knows very well that it would be harder to convince Richard once he finds out that she has the same name as his wife.

“Manang hindi ko naman siya kailangang harapin. Tama na yun that we didn’t charge her with theft for getting the hooks.”

“Hesusmaryosep Ricardo! Wag mo ngang ipapantay yun kasalanan na nagawa mo sa aksidente nyang pagdala ng mumurahing sabitan na yan. Hindi kita pinalaki para mambastos ng babae. Sigurado akong hindi nagugustuhan ng asawa mo ang nakikita nya na inaasal mo ngayon.” Manang Fe let out her sermon to her ward and Richard knows that she wouldn’t stop until he does what she wants him to do.

Manang Fe was really disappointed with him. She knows that Richard vowed to avoid women at any cost after his wife died but it doesn’t mean that he should be rude as well.

“Wag na po kayong mahighblood Manang. Sige bukas kakausapin ko.” Then he proceeded to hug the person he loves most, the only family he’s got.


“Aba abot tenga ang mga ngiti!” Emman was observing Maya who was preparing to go to school.

“Siyempre naman Emman! Maganda ang araw ko ngayon! Dapat laging naka-smile para maraming blessings! Atsaka magsosorry na sakin si chinito ngayon.” She was fixing her hair and very much pleased with how she looked. She was actually excited that the chinito would finally ask for her forgiveness.

“Aru! Yan pala ang dahilan kung bakit napakasaya. Akala ko naman school related.” Emman was teasing her.

“Aba Emman importante to! Pagkatapos nyang yurakan ang pagkatao ko…”

“Hep hep hep… Ang OA Mayabels! Hindi ka lang pinagbigyan sa ‘interview kuno’ mo, niyurakan talaga ang pagkatao mo? Malay mo suplado talaga. O kaya mahiyain sa babae, o kaya gaya ko! Oh my pink gosh! May kasamahan kaming gwapo at matipuno at chinito… I kennat Mayabels!” Emman was exaggeratedly making some funny ‘beki’ expressions. He was so amused at what he thought.

“Hoy hindi siya gaya mo! Lalaking lalaki yun. Masungit nga lang at walang modo. Sige na nga. Mauna na ako. See you in school later roomie! Gisingin mo na si Edz at baka ma-late kayo.” Then she hugged Emman.

“Sige na roomie. Enjoy your tête-a-tête with your ex-future-crush!”

“Ewan ko sa’yo Emman!” Then she left.


It was Manang Fe who met her at the entrance of the hardware. She saw Maya approaching so she welcomed her.

“Good morning po Manang.”

“Good morning rin sa’yo iha. Halika muna sa opisina. Dun mo na hintayin si Ricardo. Inaayos lang muna nya yun listahan ng orders. Susunod na rin sya.”

As she was being led to the office, she caught a glimpse of the person they were talking about. He was indeed busy writing on what seemed to be a notebook while checking on the supplies.

She waited alone inside the office. Manang Fe left her. She needs to go to the market to buy ingredients for the meal she will be cooking for the day. Manang Fe made sure that Richard and their employees always gets to eat properly everyday.

Maya was wondering if the owner will arrive as well. She also wanted to meet the owner. Her vengeance would be sweeter if he apologizes to her in front of the owner. She smiled at the thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the chinito guy suddenly entered the office.

“Gusto mo raw akong makausap?” He said without any greeting of hi or good morning.

He was staring into Maya’s eyes, also trying his best not to look affected. She indeed looks like his late wife.

Maya just stared back. She was expecting him to be apologetic but he didn’t seem to be such.

“Ano miss? Akala ko ba may gusto kang sabihin sa akin?” He asked again.

Now she’s incensed. The nerve of this guy, she thought.

“Excuse me Manong! Kayo po ang may atraso sa’kin!” She stood as she felt so small compared to him while she was sitting down.

“Excuse me?” Richard was also adamant on his stance. When Manang Fe convinced him to apologize, he was ready to do so but when he saw her face to face again and got reminded of his wife, he immediately put his defenses up again. He didn’t want to be civil with the lady who looked like his wife. For him, she was temptation and she was a test of his loyalty to his wife.

She was fuming mad now. “Walang modo ka talaga! Sana dumating na yun boss nyo. Sabi ni Manang Fe makakausap ko yun may ari. Siya na lang hihintayin at kakausapin ko. Bumalik ka na doon sa trabaho mo!”

He grinned which angered Maya more. But when he saw tears welling up in her eyes out of anger, he toned down a bit.

“Okay okay… If this was when I didn’t agree to have an interview and answer your survey the other day, then I sincerely apologize. I was just not in my best element that day.”

“Hindi naman yun eh. Okay naman sakin if hindi ka pumayag pero yun sungitan at sigawan mo ako, grabe yun ha!”

“Hey hindi ako sumigaw. Tumaas lang ng konti yun boses ko pero hindi yun sigaw… Pero sige if that was shouting for you, then I also apologize for that. So okay ka na?”

She just nodded her head a bit appeased with his apology. He sounded sincere and his soothing voice again awakened her fondness of him.

“So tapos na akong magsorry, siguro it’s your turn to do so.” He added.

“Huh? At bakit naman ako magsosorry?”

“Miss you took something from our store without paying for it. That was a grave offense.”

“Ibinalik ko naman ah! Atsaka kasalanan mo kung bakit nadala ko yun. Alam ni Manang Fe yun kwento at naintindihan nya yun rason ko.”

“Your offense seemed lighter kasi hooks lang yan. What if nasa jewelry shop ka and you accidentally took a very expensive pair of earings? Would or should you easily be forgiven?”

“Excuse me Manong Instik, kung jewelry shop ang negosyo nyo, hindi naman siguro kayo tanga para ilagay ang mamahaling hikaw sa lugar na madaling mapulot ng mga customers.” she argued back.

“But still, whatever reason you give me, it’s still getting things you haven’t paid for, plain and simple. Shoplifting pa rin yun. Pero since sabi mo rin kay Manang Fe na alam mong mabait yun may ari, I’ll let you off the hook for taking the hooks. You’re forgiven.”

He doesn’t usually engage in conversations but for some strange reason beyond his control, he found himself getting engrossed in his argument with the feisty yet pretty lady in front of him. He enjoys watching her face getting more agitated while arguing with him. He found himself alive again at this very moment.

“Hindi ako sayo nagsosorry Manong Intsik. Sa boss nyo ako….” then realization hit her. He was the owner of the hardware. The way he spoke, his ease inside the office which showed that he owned it… Maya was further embarrassed. Her face turned crimson. She needs to run away now.

Richard just sat on his desk watching her. He was enjoying every reaction she made. He also enjoyed seeing her red with embarrassment. She was all feisty awhile ago and he even apologized but it felt so good to have the last laugh. Now this lady won’t be bothering him again for sure.

“May sasabihin ka pa?” He asked again.

Maya just turned her back and rushed out of the hardware.


Preview for the Next Chapter :

He was drawn to her handbag. He knew that he shouldn’t open it but he was curious to know her name.

Three days after talking to her in his office, she still haven’t returned to get her bag. Maybe she was so embarrassed with what happened. He felt guilty for being such a jerk.

He opened her bag and there he saw it. Her school id with the name ‘Maya dela Rosa’.”

Stay My Love – 3

Stay My Love – 3

“Lino a little to your left.” Richard was guiding one of their helpers, Lino, who was hanging the signage which bears the details about their big sale. They always have a promo on the month of his wife’s death anniversary. It is Richard’s way of  honoring his late wife, who had always been generous and very charitable when she was still alive.

“Eto po kuya Chard?” Lino yelled from the rooftop of the building.

“There better! Okay na yan Lino! Bumaba ka na pagkatapos mo.”

“Ricardo nakahanda na yun agahan ninyo. Almusal muna kayo bago nyo ituloy yun ginagawa nyo.” Manang Fe appeared behind him.

“Mamaya na po Manang. Uminom na rin naman ako ng kape kanina atsaka tapusin ko na muna isalansan yun mga galon ng pintura. Di daw papasok si Bugoy kaya gawin ko na muna.”

“Naku kay Lino mo na ipagawa yan. Hindi ka na bumabata Ricardo. Baka bumigay na ang buto at likod mo sa kakabuhat nyan. Atsaka bakit puno ng grasa yun damit mo?”

“Manang malakas ako. Stop worrying about me. Wala naman na akong ibang gagawin. I don’t want to be useless. Hayaan nyo na ako. Atsaka etong grasa, inayos ko kasi yun truck kanina, medyo nadumihan. Promise ako ang maglalaba ng T-shirt na to. Wag ka nang mangunsumi dyan.” Then Richard smiled and hugged his nanay-nanayan, Manang Fe, who was actually the only person he considers family.

“Naku! Dadaanin mo na naman ako sa mga akap akap na yan. Basta pakatapos nyan, magpalit ka ng damit at kumain. Ang dumi mong tingnan. Buti na lang gwapo at mabango ka kasi kung hindi matuturnoff yun mga customers sa’yo lalo na yung mga babae. Suplado ka na nga, masungit na tapos ang dumi pa ng damit mo. Magpalit ka mamaya.” Manang Fe joked.

Richard didn’t like it. His face turned sour and he became quiet all of a sudden and Manang Fe knows the reason. Manang Fe’s longtime teasing of entertaining other girls never fails to destroy Richard’s mood.

“Naku Ricardo kahit magalit ka pa sakin uulit-ulitin ko pa rin na kailangan mo nang bawasan ang pagiging suplado mo. Kailangan mo nang maghanap ng makakasama mo. Tumatanda na ako at wala nang magaalaga sa’yo kapag sumunod na ako kay Maya. Aba ang tagal na kaya nyang pagluluksa mo. Sugurado akong pikon na si Maya habang nakikita nyang ganyan ka pa rin. Kung ikaw ba yun unang kinuha, gugustuhin mo bang habangbuhay na magmumukmok at magluluksa si Maya? Kaya kung ako sa’yo….”

“Manang please…” he pleaded.

Manang Fe shook her head but she changed the topic knowing that Richard is already upset. “Basta pumasok ka na dun pagkatapos nyo dyan. Sina Liza, Joma at Simon kumain na. Kayo na lang ni Lino and di pa nakain.”

“Okay Manang.”


“Emman, ako na lang kasi. Wag ka nang sumama.” Maya and Emman were arguing already. Maya told her friend or her intention to go to the hardware and buy some stuff for her room.

“Naku Maya, pumaparaan ka pa dyan. Gusto mo lang ma-sight si pogi. At ano namang bibilhin mo dun? Aber?” He raised his brows and folded his arms.

“Basta Emman! Mga anik anik! Wag ka nang makulit.”

“Naku girl hindi natin kilala yun inistalk natin. Malay mo serial killer, manyakis or magnanakaw ng halik! Eeehhhh iskeyri!!!”

“Huy tumigil ka nga Emman! Ang oa nito. Atsaka di naman nya alam na crush ko sya. Bibili lang nga ako. Gusto ko lang makita kung okay sya kasi di ba wala siya kahapon. Ewan ko ba pero hindi ako mapalagay kahapon. Yun parang nagaalala talaga ako. Baka nagkasakit siya, baka naaksidente sya kakabuhat ng mga paninda sa hardware, baka may sakit yun asawa or anak… Ay erase erase! Single pa yun. Ang bata pa nya para magkaroon ng asawa.”

Emman couldn’t help but laugh at Maya’s silliness. “Ay grabe concerned masyado! Atsaka connected? Nakakaramdam ng pinagdadaanan ni chinoy hardware man? Ewan ko sa’yo Maya. Oa na yan girl sinasabi ko sa’yo.”

“Ay basta Emman! Hayaan mo na lang ako.”

“Naku girl malala na ang tama mo dyan ha! O sige pumunta ka nang mag-isa mo. Basta don’t forget to bring your cellphone. Tapos kapag may ginawang bad tawagan mo agad ako at sumigaw ng ‘help!’ para marescue kita.”

“Ay ewan ko sa’yo Emman! I’m sure ang isisigaw ko ay ‘love ko na siya!'” Then Maya giggled. Kilig na kilig sya.

“Baliw ka na talaga girl! O sya gora na and meet the hardware chinito man of your dreams.”

Then Maya left Emman at their boarding house. She was really determined to see the her crush.


“Who are you?!!! What are you doing?!!!”

Richard Lim’s voice startled the young lady peeping thru the glass window of his inner office.

Richard went inside his office to get the orders for the bathroom tiles when he realized that the teenager, whom he earlier saw choosing some hooks at their display shelves actually followed him and stopped by his office door. She’s craning her neck trying to get a glimpse of something or someone in his office.

“Aba umiinglish siya at ang ganda ng boses.” Maya muttered giddily to herself when she heard the voice of the guy who was the purpose of her visit. She was very impressed when she heard him speak. She never expected his voice to be that way.

When she didn’t see him yesterday, Maya decided to visit the hardware and buy some hooks that she could use in her room. It’s the only excuse she could think of to see her crush. But when she saw him and now hearing his voice, her heart somersaulted and she forgot the alibi she initially thought of.

“Ah eh, ah eh… uhm… ano kuya. May survey lang. Pwede ka bang interviewhin?” Maya shyly asked the very good looking chinito who’s obviously irked to be disturbed from his work. Despite his shirt full or grease and grime, Maya couldn’t help but appreciate up close his very handsome features. His chinky eyes, nose, thin lips, flawless white skin, his perfect set of teeth, his fit body and his sexy, deep voice made Maya’s heart beat so fast that she thought she would faint. If the object of their stalking was already very handsome from afar, she wasn’t prepared from seeing him face to face. Maya was already blushing, so giddy being in front of him.

“Interview? Para saan?” He was also surprised to be facing a lovely lady.

For the past years he avoided any encounter with the opposite sex. He believes that he will be hurting his wife so he avoided any encounter with women. He even resigned from his work after Maya died. He decided to just put up his hardware business which had been very successful for many years.

If Maya’s heart somersaulted when she saw her good looking crush, Richard’s heart also skipped a beat when he saw the lady in front of him. But he hated the feeling. He shouldn’t even acknowledge it. He shouldn’t find any girl other than his wife attractive.

Maya who was now trying her best to be composed despite what she is feeling, managed to come up with reasons for her being there.

“Ah eh konti lang po kuya na tanong, uhm… ano lang po, tungkol sa pagtratrabaho nyo dito, tungkol sa pamilya nyo, kung mataas ba magpasweldo ang boss nyo, kung insured naman kayo kasi delikado yun trabaho nyo ha! Kung nagbabayad ba yun boss nyo sa SSS, Philhealth at Pagibig. Mga ganung tanong lang kuya. Pwede po ba?” Maya was hopeful that he would say yes.

But Richard was already upset at himself for allowing the lady to have some effect on him. He hated it.

“Hindi pwede! Sa iba na lang. Nagbibilang ako ng tiles dito. I don’t need to be distracted. Nakakaistorbo ang mga walang kabuluhang survey survey na yan. Ibang tao na lang ang istorbohin mo sa mga kalokahang ganyan!” He raised his voice then he turned his back on the lady whose doe shaped eyes reminded him so much of his wife.

Maya was suprised with the reaction of the chinito guy. He was rude and very far from the image she pictured. She was also very embarrassed being shouted at especially that there were other customers in the hardware whose eyes automatically turned to her direction.

“Ano miss? Hindi ka pa aalis?” He continued…

Maya turned red, not of giddiness anymore, but out of anger. She never met a person as rude and as ungentlemanly as the guy in front of her. What made it worse is that she admired him and even made him a part of her daily ‘fantasy’.

“Ang sungit! Mapagalitan ka sana ng boss mo. Magpapatulong lang naman. Pwede namang sabihin ng maayos na hindi ka pwede. Siguro kaya hanggang ganyan na lang ang trabaho mo kasi masama ang ugali mo. Hindi ka aasenso nyan. Gwapo ka sana pero natatakpan yan ng sama ng ugali mo. Sana nandito yun boss mo para nalaman nya kung gaano kasama ang ugali ng tauhan nya.” Maya said as she left the hardware. She was obviously very angry at how the chinito guy treated her.

Ricardo ano yun? Bakit iritable ka na naman? Sino yung kausap mo?” Manang Fe came out of their inner office when she heard Richard raise his voice. Manang Fe wasn’t able to see Maya anymore.

“Nobody Manang. Just a pesky teenager who wants to waste my time.” he shook his head, smirked and proceeded to resume checking the delivered tiles. He needs to take his mind off the lady he encountered. He refuses to acknowledge that she somehow affected him. It is wrong.

“Naku Ricardo bawas bawasan mo ang pagsusungit mo na yan.”


“O Maya bakit galit na galit ka? Aba umiyak ka? May nangyari? May ginawa sya sa’yo?” Emman’s eyes widened.

Maya came home all fired up. She was really mad that she even cried because she was embarrassed at what happened to her and so disappointed that she wasted her time and even allowance on the chinito guy who turned to be so unworthy of her attention.

“Ang sama ng ugali nya Emman! Pangit rin pala siya kapag malapitan. Kasing pangit ng ugali nya! Mabalian sana sya ng buto! Naku nakakaasar talaga!”

“Ay aba umiba yun ihip ng hangin? Bakit ba? Kwento na girl!”

“Naku Emman, hindi na siya dapat pagsayangan ng oras.”

Then she stood up to proceed to her room with the intention to rest and calm herself.

But being calm is far from happening for what she saw atop her table suprised her. She got scared and all the more embarrassed and annoyed at herself.

On top of it was a boxed set of colorful hooks she took from the hardware. Out of anger, she left in a hurry without realizing that she’s still holding the set of hooks she was supposed to buy. She didn’t pay for it.

She was disturbed with the idea that she seemed to have shoplifted it.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Tawagin mo na lang akong Manang Fe. Ako ang namamahala dito.”

“Naku Manang dapat po sabihin nyo sa boss nyo na sisantehin yun isang tauhan nyo dito. Makakasama siya sa negosyo nyo. Sikat pa naman ang hardware na to. Ang usap usapan kasi ay mapagbigay masyado yun magasawang may-ari nito at maraming charities at foundations na sinusuportahan.”

“Oo naman iha, mabait talaga at matulungin sila Sir. Pero sino namang empleyado ang tunutukoy mo para mapagsabihan ko mamaya. Siya ba?” Manang Fe was pointing towards Lino.

“Ah hindi po siya. Yung singkit po na nakasalamin at ang dugyot dugyot ng hitsura.”

“Ah si Ricardo.” Manang Fe hid her smile.

“Ricardo pala yun pangalan. Ang sama po ng ugali nya. Sinigawan at ipinahiya ako sa mga tao. Sana makarating po sa may-ari nitong hardware.”

“Hayaan mo iha, ipaparating ko sa may-ari at pagsasabihan ko rin na humingi ng sorry sa’yo. Bumalik ka dito bukas para makaharap mo sya.”

“Ay okay po yun Manang. Babalik talaga ako bukas. Grabe talaga sya.”

“Ako na ang humihingi ng pasensya ha iha. Pero bukas si Ricardo ang ihaharap ko sa’yo.”

Maya left with a smug look on her face. She was looking forward to seeing him ask for her forgiveness tomorrow. She felt vindicated already with the thought that the rude chinito would definitely be reprimanded by his employer.

Stay My Love – 2

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It’s only 6 in the morning but the boarding house where Maya, Edz and Emman were staying was already filled with non-stop stories and laughter. They had a very special visitor that day.

“Grabe ang dami nyong kwento. Baka mahuli na kayo sa klase nyan. Basta Maya anak wag mong kaliligtaan yun gamot mo. Kahit na mahal yan, pipilitin ni Nanay at Tatay na bilhin yan kaya alagaan mo rin ang sarili mo. Kumain ng maayos at wag magpapagod. Mag-iingat palagi anak.”

“Si nanay naman birthday ko nagsesenti. Opo maingat po ako at umiinom ako ng gamot. Magaling naman po ako nay. Wag nang masyadong mag-alala. Aabot po ng maraming kaarawan ang anak ninyo.”

“Aba dapat lang Maya! Atsaka magiging nurse ka pa. Magkakaroon ng asawa at mga anak. Magkakaroon kami ng tatay mo ng marami apo.”

“Ay ‘nay advanced masyado? Naku wala pa sa isip ko yan. Kayo talaga. At opo magiging nurse ako at papatayuan ko kayo ni tatay ng magandang bahay at malaking restaurant. Si nanay palaging worried. Nakakaasar.”

“Kasi naman ‘nak napakalayo ng eskwelahan mo. Kung pwede lang eh dito na kami ng tatay mo titira para lang mabantayan at maalagaan ka namin.”

“Naku nay wag namang ganyan. Ayoko yun tinatrato akong parang lampa at mahina. Basta okay na okay ako. Wag kayong mag-alala atsaka ayan po sina Emman at Edz. Ang kukulit kaya nyan sa pag-aalaga sa akin. Wag nang mag-alala at malungkot nanay kong napakaganda na tulad ko.”

“Ikaw talaga Maya. Payakap na nga anak.”

It was Maya’s 18th birthday and Nanay Teresita visited her daughter at her boarding house in Manila. She does it every weekend but since it was her daughter’s birthday, Nanay Teresita showed up at the boarding house on a Thursday. She wanted to be with Maya on her special day. She also brought her allowance and her washed/ ironed school uniform and clothes. Teresita also does the weekly groceries with her daughter whenever she visits. Nanay also brings her daughter’s maintenance medicines for her heart. Maya has a weak heart and she already takes medicine daily to ensure that her heart would be okay.

“O Emman, Edzelyn kain na muna tayo ng almusal. May dala rin akong suman sa latik dyan na alam kong paborito nyo. Mamayang tanghali kakain tayo sa labas. San nyo ba gusto?”

“Jollibee!” Maya was quick to reply even before Emman and Edz voiced out their suggestion. The two would have preferred South Curves for Maya’s special occasion.

“Jollibee talaga ‘nak? Aba debut mo! Kahit na wala tayong bonggang party eh di naman ako papayag na fastfood ang pupuntahan natin. Ano yan kiddie party?”

“Nay naman. Sige na po. Atsaka healthy naman yun rice meals nila. Dun ko po gusto.” She argued. She didn’t want to miss seeing her crush especially on her birthday.

Edz and Emman hid their grin. They very well know that it’s Maya’s stalking day again. As much as they thought their friend was getting obsessed with the chinito guy, they didn’t want to spoil her birthday.

“Oh sya! Sige mamayang lunch dyan na lang tayo sa Jollibee pero mamayang gabi sa South Curves tayo. Aba di naman ako papayag na lumuwas ng Maynila para kumain lang sa fast food na meron din naman sa San Nicolas.”

“Thank you nanay! Love na love talaga kita.” Maya hugged her mom.

“O sige na pumasok na kayo at baka mahuli kayo sa klase. Eto may mga biskwit ako na galing San Nicolas. Baunin nyo.”

The three excitedly got the local delicacies from San Nicolas. They really love it whenever Nanay Teresita visits. Maalaga talaga siya, like Maya.

“Yehey! Love ka talaga namin Nay Tere!” Emman and Edz hugged their friend’s mom.


“Uy Maya okay lang yan. Baka may ibang ginawa lang siya or baka inutusan ng boss or baka may sakit.” Edz tried to appease her upset friend.

Yes the very reason why she wanted to stay at the fast food, the reason why she chose that particular seat like she always used to, the reason for her extra excitement on her birthday, didn’t show up. A different guy emerged from the hardware’s entrance when the truck of hardware materials arrived. Her heart sank and she hardly smiled as they finished lunch.

Well of course her mother’s visit is another story. She was always happy when her mother visits but her day would have been complete if she caught a glimpse of her crush.


“I should have ordered the flowers days ahead Manang.” Richard was still upset while driving on their way home.

“Ricardo kahit anong bulaklak yan basta galing sa’yo matutuwa si Maya. Roses nga ang favorite nya pero mas importante sa kanya yun nagbibigay. Mas importante ka. Masaya yun sigurado ako. At alam kong pagtatawanan ka nya kapag nakita nya ang hitsura mo. Masyado kang pikon dahil lang sa tulips ang naibigay mong bukaklak. Aba mas mahal kaya yun sa rose.”

“It’s not the cost Manang…”

“Ricardo, alam ko namang hindi yun bulaklak ang isyu mo. Taon taon, tuwing sasapit ang araw na to ganyan ka. Last year yun kotse yun kalaban mo, nung nakaraan yun hardinero, tapos nung mga lumipas na taon kung ano ano ang napapansin mo. Tama na anak. Nagpapahinga na si Maya. Panahon na rin naman para sumaya ka. Maraming taon na ang lumipas. Wag mo namang ipagkait sa sarili mo yun kaligayahan na maaari mong mahanap. Pakawalan mo na siya. Pakawalan mo na yun lungkot dyan puso mo.”

“Manang Fe I can’t. I refuse to. I cannot love and I cannot live my life. I just can’t. Not without her.”

Yes,18 years ago, Richard and Maya met an accident. Maya died in his arms and Richard never forgave himself. He refused to live from that day until now. It was only Manang Fe and their employees of who kept him going on.

But yes, he is living, without really ‘living’.


Preview for the next chapter:

“Hindi pwede! Sa iba na lang. Nagbibilang ako ng tiles dito. Wag kang istorbo!” Then he turned his back on the lady whose doe-shaped eyes reminded him so much of his wife.

“Ang sungit! Mapagalitan ka sana ng boss mo.” Maya said as she left the hardware. She was obviously annoyed at how the chinito guy treated her.

“Ricardo ano yun? Bakit iritable ka na naman? Sino yung kausap mo?” Manang Fe came out of their inner office when she heard Richard raise his voice. Manang Fe wasn’t able to see Maya.

“Nobody Manang. Just a pesky teenager who wants to waste my time.”


PS: Idea came from the movie ‘Chances Are’


Stay My Love – 1

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“Maya halika na mahuhuli na tayo sa subject ni professor sungit.”

“Wait lang Edz, ganitong time dumadating yun deliveries sa hardware nya.” Maya was focused on the hardware shop just across their favorite fast food chain.

She and her friends Edz and Emman usually stay at the same spot every Thursdays and Fridays, the scheduled days for the weekly deliveries for the old RM hardware. The three friends would observe, stalk and gush over the good looking Chinese ‘kargador’ of the said hardware across the street whom they find very attractive.

“Haynaku Maya at talagang ginawa mo nang favorite pastime ang pagstalk dyan sa singkit na boy ng hardware na yan. Atsaka girl nakakahiya. Kanina pa tayo dito sa fast food eh isang large fries lang yun inorder nating tatlo tapos ilang basong free water na ang laman ng aking tummy. Nawiwiwi na ako! Tara na kasi!” Emman impatiently said.

“Emman magCR ka na muna dyan. Wag nga kayong makulit. Gusto nyo rin naman to eh! Atsaka tayong tatlo kaya ang may crush sa kanya.” Maya retorted without looking at her friends.

“Maya ten minutes na lang yun break oh maglalakad pa tayo papuntang school. Mahuhuli na tayo nyan eh. May orals pa naman today. Kapag tayo bumagsak kay Ms. Belmonte…”

“Ssshhhh!!! Ang ingay mo Edz! Ayan na yun truck ng semento. Lalabas na siya!!!!” Maya excitedly shrieked which caused the other customers to glance at their table.

Edz and Emman joined her as they gawked on the person they’ve been waiting for.

“Oh my gee Mayabels!!! Ang kisig kisig nya sa white vneck shirt nya!!!”

“Oo nga at kahit yun paa nya mukhang ang linis linis! Amputi Maya!”

They watched as the guy carried the bags of cement from the truck to the hardware.

“Grabe ang lakas lakas siguro nya. Ambigat kaya ng bag ng semento.” Emman commented.

“Atsaka mukhang mabango pa rin. Mukhang hindi man lang pinagpapawisan.” Si Edz naman.

“Ay edz naamoy mo? Grabe to!”

“Alam mo ang kontrabida mo talaga Emman! Atsaka mukha naman talagang mabango kahit nakawhite shirt lang sya.”

“Oh well true! Pero mas bet ko if aalisin nya yun white shirt nya, di ba? Hindi na siya mapapagod maglaba ng white shirts at of course maibibida nya ang kanyang body na I bet daig pa yun mga nag gygym.” Emman naughtily commented.

“Uy Maya halika na. Ubos na yun mga bag ng semento. Papasok na yan sa hardware at tayo ay dapat na rin pumasok ng school.”

“Wait lang!”

Then the object of their stalking glanced their way after signing what appeared to be a delivery receipt.

“Naku tumingin siya!!! At ngumiti sa akin ng pamatay na tabinging smile! Ang gwapo talaga!!!” Kilig na kilig si Maya.

“Huy ilusyunada! Hindi naman ikaw tinitingnan nun. Nagawi lang dito yun paningin sa’yo na nakatingin? Atsaka malamang malabo ang mata nun kasi nakasalamin di ba?”

“Ang kontrabida mo talaga Emman! Tara na nga! Sapat na sapat na yun baon kong kilig hanggang next week at di mo masisira ang araw ko Emman!”
Maya and her friends gathered their things and left the fast food chain to return to their school which is just a few blocks away from where they are.


“Ricardo magpahinga ka na muna. Dapat kasi hinintay mo na si Lino para tulungan kang magkarga ng mga semento na yan.”

“Okay lang ako Manang. Atsaka nagpapagaling pa yun si Lino sa trangkaso nya.”

“O siya! Palitan mo na muna yang damit mo at nadumihan na. Kumain ka na rin dun. Nagdala ako ng paborito mong adobo.”

Richard hugged his Manang Fe. “Salamat po Manang. Di ko alam kung paano ako kung wala ka.”

“Naku binola mo pa ako. Sige na. Kain na dun at baka malipasan ka na naman ng gutom.”


As the three friends were now on their way home from school, they still couldn’t help but talk about the Chinese good looking guy at the hardware.

“Alam nyo girls nasasayangan ako dun kay gwapong chinito.”

“Huh? At bakit naman sayang ha Emman?”

“Kasi yun hitsura nya, artistahin at mabihisan lang siya ng maayos, my god daig pa nya yun mga nakakurbata sa Makati.”

“Ay true yan Emman. Atsaka may tindig! May confidence. Simple nga lang manamit at ganun lang yun trabaho nya.” Edz had this ‘panghihinayang’ look.

“Ano naman ang masama sa trabaho nya? Marangal naman yun kahit na boy or kargador lamang siya. Kayo talaga! Hindi masama kahit na janitor, kargador, driver or kahit na anong trabaho basta marangal.”

“Naku Mayabels umiral na naman yan pagiging ganyan mo! Alam naman namin yun kaya lang sayang ang kanyang looks. Ako I’m willing to offer for free my makeover services for cutie pie chinito guy! Pwede natin siyang bihisan at maaari siyang madiscover gaya ni Carrot Man or Gasoline Man.” Then Emman giggled. He was so excited with his idea.

“Ay masaya yan Emman. Bet ko din yan. Di ba Maya nakakatuwa if mapipilit natin si singkit na mahgbihis, magayos at magpose for a selfie. Tapos post natin sa Facebook, sa Instagram at sa Twitter. Masaya to!” Si Edz naman ay very excited sa idea.

Tawa naman ng tawa si Maya. Her friends are really silly.

“Dali isip tayo ng itatawag sa kanya if ever.”

Alternately the Emman and Edz blurted what suggestions they thought of.

“Semento man!”

“Pako man!”

“Alambre man!”

“Yero man!”

“Kahoy man!”

“Pintura man!”

“Gutter man!”

“Alulod man!”

“Tubo man!”

“Jalousie man!”

“Oy Maya ikaw naman magbigay ng suggestions mo. Ang kj mo!”

“Pangit naman ng suggestions nyo! Eto ang maganda… ‘Maya’s man!'” Then she laughed. Tuwang tuwa sya sa naisip nya while her two friends raised their brows at her.

“Haynaku Edz, wala na. Inangkin na ni Mayabels! O sya sayo na tutal need naman ng iyong weak heart ng magaalaga. Maghahanap na lang kami ni Edz ng sarili namin.”

“Kayo talaga! Ay pinagdiskitahan nyo na naman ang aking puso. Magaling na to no. Atsaka may gamot naman at healthy ang kinakain ko.”

“Healthy? Healthy na pala yun fries ngayon. Naku Maya kami ang malalagot kay Tita Teresita nito eh.”

“Kayo talaga! Mas nagaalala pa kayo sakin. Dali na Emman planuhan na natin yun ‘project chinito makeover’.”

Then the three resumed their happy bantering about the guy who’s unaware that he’s the favorite pastime of the three friends.


“Richard mauna na kami pare.” Ryan said while patting his shoulder.

He just nod his head too anguished to reply.

“Chard get some rest. Maya is in a better place now.”

“Thank you Rafi.”

“Anak tayo na. Gumagabi na. Wala na yun lahat ng tao. Magpahinga ka na. Hindi pa magaling yun mga sugat mo.”

“Manang Fe…..”

“Ricardo halika na.”

Richard was only 22, his wife Maya was only 20.

They were on their way to have dinner at an expensive restaurant. Richard saved a part of his monthly salary just to be able to treat his wife to a very special dinner.

They would celebrating their first wedding anniversary when a drunk driver crashed head on to their newly bought car, the car which Richard strived so hard to buy. He wanted to make his wife comfortable. He wanted her to enjoy the life she would have experienced if she didn’t elope with him while she was still in college.

Her parents disowned her and it was only when they got married that her parents accepted their daughter again. Now they lost her and Richard couldn’t stop blaming himself.




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