Can We Start Over Again 1


Now here’s the edited version using my favorite characters, Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim.


Maya rushed outside their building. He needs to stop Richard. She could at least allow him to stay in her place for awhile as they call some hotels where he could stay.

It’s the holiday season and it would be difficult for him to get a room. It was winter and she was worried for him. Her guilt was eating her up. Her love and concern for him, which she tried to deny was forcing its way to the surface.

This is the person whom she cared for all these years. This is the person she grew up with. This is the guy whom she entrusted her heart with and the same person who broke it to pieces. But she wouldn’t dwell on it now. Her immediate concern is to run after him and offer her place to him.

She ran a few blocks outside her place. She knew that he would probably try to hail a cab or get a bus. There was only one place where he could be.

Then there he was. Sitting by his lonesome on the bench at the bus stop. He seemed unmindful of the cold weather but his bag was atop his lap, maybe it at least gave him a little shield from the chilly breeze.

He didn’t even notice her sitting beside him. He was in deep thought.

“Ricky….” she said in a soft voice. She was also embarassed on how she acted earlier, on how insensitive she had been especially after finding out that Richard had been waiting for her since morning.

But he didn’t seem to hear her.

She tentatively touched his arm to let him know that she was there.

“Ricky… ahh.. ano.. naiwan mo yun jacket mo.”

He slowly turned to face her and she wasn’t prepared to see the redness of his eyes, which she wasn’t even sure if it was from anger or from crying.

He retrieved the jacket from her hand.

“Thank you. Sige na pumasok ka na. Malamig na dito. You wouldn’t withstand this kind of weather.” he noticed that she wasn’t wearing the coat she had earlier.

“Ah.. eh… dun ka na sa loob. Wala ng bus ng ganitong oras. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na wala kang hotel room. Hindi ko rin alam na kanina ka pang umaga naghihintay sa’kin.”

“Okay lang ako dito Maya. I’m sure I would be able to get a cab.”

“Please Ricky… halika na sa loob.”

“I don’t want to disturb you and your visitor. Sige na pumasok ka na.”

“Ricky naman eh. Ang sama sama na ng pakiramdam ko sa nagawa ko kanina. Hayaan mo naman akong bumawi kahit sa ganitong paraan. At tumawag na yun kaibigan ko. Hindi na daw siya pupunta dito.” she lied.

He stared at her then nodded his head. He badly wanted to talk to her anyway.

He wanted to find out why they drifted apart, why she shunned him from her life.

He can’t help but remember the happy years they had together…

“Uy Ricky bakit ang sungit mo? Kanina ka pa sa phone ganyan. Hindi ka makausap nga matino. May problema ka ba?”

“Wala Maya. Just don’t mind me.”

“Ha?! Anong don’t mind you. Siyempre worried ako. Ano ka ba! Ano ba kasi ang problema mo? Bakit parang asar na asar ka?”

“Nothing. Wala naman. I’m just having a bad day. That’s all.”

“Bakit may sakit ka ba? Masama yun pakiramdam mo?” Maya suddenly got so worried. She was feeling Ricky’s forehead which made him all the more annoyed.

“Stop that Maya. Okay lang ako sabi.” Then he stood up leaving Maya alone at their canteen.

Richard Lim, 14 and Maya dela Rosa, 12 goes to the same school. They are childhood friends. Maya was still in grade school while Richard is a Sophomore but they practically grew up together.

Their fathers Roberto Lim and Arturo dela Rosa used to be members of a jazz band while their mothers Esmeralda and Teresita were also into music having joined different choral groups in their younger years.

Maya and Richard themselves were already making their own name after having won various competitions as a duo. They continued their parents musical legacy.


That same afternoon, Maya found Richard waiting for her outside her classroom. They usually go to school and also go home together. Maya just finished doing a group project with her classmates that’s why she stayed longer than the rest of her classmates.

“Ricky sorry. Inulit kasi namin yun scrapbook na project namin kasi mali pala. Naghintay ka tuloy ng matagal.”

“It’s okay Maya. Tara na. Uwi na tayo. Mag-aalala na yun si Nay Tere. Asan na yun bag at baunan mo?” He smiled a bit.

“Nandito na yun bag ko. Yun baunan naman nasa loob na. Salamat pala sa sandwich na ginawa ni Tita Esmie. Ang sarap nya Ricky. Bukas ulit ha!” she smiled giddily. Richard’s mom Esmeralda always makes sandwiches for both of them while Maya’s mom also includes Richard in the snacks she prepares for her daughter.

“Oo ba! Tuwang tuwa nga si mom kasi nasasarapan ka sa mga sandwiches nya na sobrang daming dahon. I wonder how you enjoy eating those.” he wanted plain ham and cheese sandwich without vegetables while Maya on the other hand enjoys anything with lettuce and tomatoes on it.

“Masarap kaya yun at healthy pa.”

“Oo na . Masarap na. Sinabi mo eh. Halika na. Let’s go. Baka abutan pa tayo ng ulan.”

Since their school was only a ten minute walk from their homes, the two usually walks to and from school.

“Hey, sorry pala kanina.”

“Huh? Bakit ka naman nagsosorry?”

“Kasi sinungitan kita. Pikon na pikon lang kasi talaga ako.”

“Wala yun. Alam ko namang may iniisip ka lang. Ano ba kasi yun? Pwede mo namang ishare sakin.”

“Ano kasi, si dad. He wants to accept a job offer in Australia. Triple daw yun dagdag ng sahod.”

“Oh so you mean aalis kayo dito?”

“Hindi kami ni mom. Si dad lang. I don’t want that to happen Maya. Tatatlo na lang nga kami, aalis pa siya.”

“Hala! Oo nga. Kumbinsihin nyo na lang ni Tita si Tito Roberto. Malungkot nga naman na lilipat sya.”

“Kailangan raw kasi. Medyo marami kasi silang binabayaran kasi yun relative ni mom sa Manila, she’s been sick and sina mom and dad yun nagpapagamot sa kanya.”

“Naku Ricky eh kung tulungan kaya natin sila?”

“And how are we going to do that? We are living only on the allowance they give us.”

“Di ba nga sabi ni coach Jeffrey may singing contest yun isang TV station in the Philippines and they are coming over two weeks from now for the auditions. Sali tayo Ricky. Malay mo manalo tayo. Malaki yun premyo. The winner gets one million each tapos may bahay at car pa at marami pang ibang premyo. We might win. Nanalo na kaya tayo sa ibang contests. Let’s try it Ricky.”

“Eh Maya how can we rehearse medyo malapit na rin yun exams. Hindi yun papayag si nanay mo.”

“Konting rehearsal lang naman ang kailangan kasi we have our contest piece naman. Yun na lang ang gamitin natin. Game ako Ricky. Atsaka gusto ko rin matulungan si Nanay.”

“That’s a good idea. We could just rehearse after reviewing for the exam. Sa bahay nyo na lang para maturuan pa tayo ni Nanay Tere ng ibang techniques.”

“Sige. Naku excited na ako. Medyo ilang months na rin tayong walang sinasalihan.”

“Sana payagan tayo. We could ask coach Jeffrey’s help na din.”

“Sigurado naman papayagan tayo nyan kasi matataas naman ang grades natin. Oh well ako oo, malay ko sa’yo.” Maya teased.

“Excuse me! Mataas kaya ang grades ko. And I’m also on top of my class.”

“Confident talaga ang bestfriend ko ha!”

“Siyempre. At ikaw naman Maya dapat top of your class ka rin para parehas tayo.”

“Aysus ang yabang… oo naman! Top 1 nga ako at daig kita kasi 3rd ka lang.”

And the banters of the two began. This was a normal sight. Their bond had been so strong since they practically grew up together.

Who would have thought of what would happen to them in the future…



Oa na kung oa pero iba pa rin talaga.

Ayan… Better!


Can We Start Over Again (Prologue)

A/N : I posted this already using their movie names but I am more comfortable using Maya and Richard as character names and I’m sure most of you already associate those names to ‘kilig’ and ‘goodvibes’.

After using their recent character names ‘Frank and Chinggay’,  I’m returning to using Maya and Richard again.

Sorry for the delay of the other stories’ updates. Been very busy the past weeks. But I will finish all stories. Hindi ko kayo bibitinin. Medyo matatagalan lang pero tatapusin ko.

Again thank you for reading and for your patience in waiting for the updates. Thank you too for taking time to leave comments. I appreciate them all.


“Maya…” He was behind her and his voice startled her.”

She turned around and it was indeed him. She wasn’t just imagining his voice. Richard had a wide smile when Maya finally faced him.

“Ricky anong… paanong… anong ginagawa mo rito?” her face registered surprise but it didn’t have that happiness or excitement he was expecting to see.

“Uhm I asked your Nanay Tere for your address. I actually begged her.” he gave a soft chuckle trying to mask the sadness he instantly felt after seeing her expression.

“Kumusta ka na?” he continued.

She didn’t greet him but instead did what she deemed right at the moment.

“Gabi na Ricky. Pagod na ako. Mula umaga yun pasok ko. It’s already late and we both need to rest besides it would be inappropriate to invite you inside while I’m expecting someone to visit me.”

“Maya please. I just want to see you and talk to you. It’s been years. I’ve been looking for you all these years. Please just give me at least 10 minutes. I need to talk to you. This won’t take long.”

“Ricky hindi nga pwede. Kailangan ko nang maghanda kasi may bisita nga ako.”

She needed to lie if that would be the only way to deter him from insisting that she talk to him.

His face fell, a sudden wave of pain, regret, hurt, loss engulfed him that his eyes suddenly burned as tears found its way to the surface, and without uttering another word, he just nodded his head to express his approval of what she said and turned to leave. He didn’t want to appear pitiful in front of her.

He was hurt and tired. He felt lost, like all the excitement he felt the whole day in anticipation of seeing her, left his whole being.

With slumped shoulders and downcast face he proceeded to the visitor’s area where he had been waiting for her for almost 14 hours already.

He retrieved his bag and left, too anguished to even spare a glance at the receptionist and guard.

The ladies in the lobby witnessed the whole scene and their hearts went out to him.


Maya was trying her best not to cry and be affected by his sudden appearance.

It took all her strength to ignore him, to act as if he didn’t matter to her because as much as she denied it, Richard Lim has always been in her mind almost everyday.

He continued to invade her thoughts and even her heart even after she decided to leave and sever any connection with him.

He looked tired, she noticed. He also looked weary and lonely the moment she rejected him and denied him entry from her unit.

Earlier, when their eyes met, she saw hope in his, excitement like he couldn’t wait to engulf her in his arms, like he couldn’t wait to be with her, talk to her. But that look on him scared her. She worked hard to put up the walls around her heart when it comes to him. She refused getting hurt again. She intentionally hurt him so he would leave her alone.

That’s the only way to forget him, that’s the only way to make him stop bothering her.

She was still in deep thought when she heard a knock on her door. She immediately opened it, half expecting that it was him and half hoping that it wasn’t.

“Miss dela Rosa your friend forgot his coat.” the receptionist Lily, a Puerto Rican handed her Richard’s coat.

“Oh thank you Lily. It’s freezing outside. Did he arrange for a cab? What time did he arrive?” She tried to ask. She was suddenly worried that Richard obviously, had to walk the streets of New York in the very cold winter night.

“My shift started around 7am but the logbook showed that Mr. Richard Lim arrived at 6:15 in the morning.”

“What?” Maya couldn’t believe that Richard arrived a few minutes after she left in the morning. He waited many hours for her.

“Yes and he just stayed at the lobby the whole day. He didn’t want to leave because he said, you might arrive earlier. He said he wanted to be there once you arrive. He said it’s a surprise.”

Maya couldn’t utter a word.

Lily continued…

“Ms. Dolan offered him lunch but he just accepted the coffee we gave him. He said he was too excited to even eat.”

“Did he write where he stays? His address? Did he write it?” She was now feeling guilty after finding about the effort Richard exerted just to see her.

“He didn’t have one. He said he went here straight from the airport. We thought he was a relative of yours Miss dela Rosa. He was carrying a bag when he arrived and the coat I just gave you.”

With what she heard from Lily, Maya didn’t think twice anymore. She needs to run after him.

“Thank you Lily. I have to go after him.”


What do you guys think? Okay naman si Frank and Chinggay pero I’m leaving their names sa movie na lang nila. I prefer Maya and Ricky pa rin in my stories. I hope okay lang sa inyo.

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Captain James and Attorney Ryan : Manipulative Love

A/N:  Siya ang only Ryan na love ko, si Atty Ryan Molina and he rightfully owns the name.


“I guess you better choose this one Attorney. This one suits you and your lifestyle. You can fold it and store it in the compartment of your car or you can even place it inside your bag. Pwede kang gumawa ng five minutes kahit sa work. Kahit sa RTC pwedeng dalhin yan.” James Ventura could be heard convincing someone.

“Eh maganda rin ba naman yan? Matibay ba yan? Baka naman hindi nyan kayanin ang bigat ko.” It was Attorney Ryan.

“Of course! One hundred percent guaranteed na matibay yan and it would achieve the best results.”

“Pero ayoko namang makita ni Ivy na gumagamit ako nyan. Magagalit yun at iisipin na sobrang gastos. Alam mo naman si Misis ubod ng kuripot.”

“Kaya nga it’s better to choose this one para madali siyang itago kung ayaw mong malaman ni Ivy. She wouldn’t know it. Malalaman na lang nya when she reaps the results.”

Tawanan sila.

“I like that! Yan ang parte na gusto ko. Reaping the results!” It was Ryan again.

Then the two men continued laughing.

Richard was surprised to hear James Ventura’s voice inside the conference room of the Lim Aviation Institute. What surprised him more is that he is talking to Atty Ryan Molina and laughing with him. The two men seemed to be getting along. It annoyed Richard. Richard hated that aside from his wife, James is now friends with his best friend Ryan.

Captain James Ventura, Maya’s boss in Time Airways also works as a part time instructor at the Lim Aviation Institute. He loves imparting his knowledge to aspiring pilots that’s why he applied much to the resentment of Richard Lim.

Richard, despite his objection to hiring James, couldn’t do anything or go against his wife’s request to have James in their company. He also admits that James Ventura is indeed a great asset to LAI for he is one of the most sought after instructors of the school.

Richard promised Maya that he will be civil with James but he also promised himself never to be close to James. He still loathes the guy so much.

But now the guy is slowly inching his way inside Richard Lim’s circle – first his wife, his kids, then his LAS and LAI employees and now even his best friend, Ryan Molina.

He hated it so much.

He entered the conference room with furrowed brows and stern, serious look.

“O brod nandito ka na pala. Good morning to you!” Ryan cheerily greeted him.

He just nod his head and proceeded to settle on his cushioned CEO chair totally ignoring James.

“Good morning Mr. Lim. You are cranky today. I am sure what I am offering Atty Ryan here would remove that mood you are in at the moment. Nakakatanda pag masyadong mainitin ang ulo natin.” James boldly commented. He is very much aware that Richard doesn’t like him that much but he really enjoys annoying Mr. Lim.

“Why are you here Mr. Ventura? I believe you have a class at this time.”

“Hep hep Mr. Lim, I was having a class but Engineer Yamagutchi interrupted it. Pinakiusapan ako. He needed my students for a demo. Ngayon lang kasi ata available yun eroplano na gagamitin nila for the demo.”

“Okay but why are you here?”

“Ay brod ako yun nagpapunta kay James dito. Interesado kasi ako dito sa product niya. Halika tingnan mo to. Bagay to sa’yo brod.” Gumatong pa si Ryan sa asar na asar na Mr. Lim.

Mukhang buddies na si James and Ryan sa pangaalaska sa kanya and naiinis na talaga siya.


It was his 12th day of doing the routine using the gym equipment he asked Liza to buy from James.

Richard secretly bought the gym equipment which had been the favorite topic of his LAS and LAI employees, of his wife’s FA friends who wouldn’t stop talking about how effective the gym equipment is in achieving the toned body they dreamt of which made their respective partners love them more, and of Ryan who bragged about his body’s improvement after using it.

Ricky was busy doing the last few minutes of his exercise when he heard someone trying to open their basement’s door.

He was surprised to fnd out that it was Maya. She never goes to the area for she’s not too fond of the dark and enclosed spaces. She had with her some garden tools which she used hours ago. She’s there to return the tools.

“O sweetheart nandito ka pala? Akala ko nandun ka sa office mo. Atsaka bakit pawis na pawis ka at wala kang pantaas? Naku baka pulmunyahin ka nyan.” Maya was very surprised to find Ricky inside their basement and suddenly got worried seeing her husband topless and very sweaty. Their basement isn’t well ventilated. She grabbed the towel hanging on Ricky’s shoulder and hurriedly wiped his face, neck, arm, chest before Ricky could even protest.

“Maya stop it, ako na.”

“Eh basang basa ka na nga hindi ka man lang magpunas kaya ako na. Ano ba kasing ginagawa mo dito at bakit ang dilim. Bakit walang ilaw?”

Sa kamamadali ni Richard, he turned off the lights so Joma, whom he thought was the one knocking at the basement door, wouldn’t see the gym equipment he was using.

Maya entered before Richard could even block her way.

“Wag na sweetheart, akyat ka na sa bahay, susunod na ako dun. Madumi rito, madilim. May inaasikaso lang ako.” Richard isn’t very good at keeping secrets and he’s very transparent whenever he is hiding something from his wife. Maya easily sensed it.

“Teka, bakit ba ayaw mo akong papasukin? May tinatago ka ba? Ano ba kasing ginagawa mo dito?” Then she turned on the lights and saw the gym equipment Richard was using.

He just shook his head. He couldn’t do anything anymore. His wife already found out his little secret.

“Nagwoworkout ka Sweetheart!!!! ” Maya shrieked and went to hug the now annoyed-yet-waiting-and-ready-to-be-teased husband of hers.

“Maya stop! Ang lagkit lagkit ko at ang dumi ko pa. I don’t smell good! After kong magshower you can hug me to your hearts content. ” He was trying his best to avoid being engulfed in his wife’s arms. Nahihiya siya kasi he was really sweaty after doing the workout for nearly an hour.

But Maya wont be stopped. “I don’t care Sweetheart! Halika na payakap ako. Atsaka lagi ka namang mabango kahit pa anong ginagawa mo. Kahit pawisan ka pa or galing ka sa work or kahit na sa hangar. Ikaw ha! Paayaw ayaw ka pa eh bibili ka rin naman pala ng produkto ni James.”

Then she resumed hugging her helpless husband who couldn’t do anything but smile and just exert every ounce of self restraint from reacting to what Maya is doing.

“Sweetheart akyat ka na dun. I’ll just finish here then susunod na ako.” He was pleading now. Maya should leave or else…

“Dito lang ako sweetheart. Panonoorin kita.”

“Maya naman eh.”

“Ricky naman eh.”

He couldn’t do anything so he just folded the equipment so he could store it.

“O bakit nililigpit mo na? Di ka pa naman ata tapos ah?”

“Tapos na ako. Nagliligpit lang ako when you arrived.” He lied.

“Talaga? Eh bakit ang dilim dilim? Atsaka bakit hindi na lang kasi sa kwarto mo ginagawa yan. Ang init init dito.”

She was wondering why he had to do his workout in this place when he can just set up the foldable equipment inside their bedroom. It looks like it wont take so much space anyway.

“Basta mas gusto ko dito! Ang dami mo namang tanong sweetheart. I’m just comfortable doing it here.”

“Comfortable eh ang init init nga dito atsaka ang daming tools at mga gamit. Masikip! Makalat din.”

“Tsk! Kulit mo naman eh.”

“Bakit nga Ricky? Bakit ayaw mo dun sa kwarto? Siguro may ginagawa ka na masama no? Siguro may tinatawagan ka na dapat hindi ko marinig.” She was just teasing him but nagworry si Ricky so napaamin siya.

“Kasi nga I don’t want you or anyone to find out that I’m working out.”

“Huh? At bakit naman?”

“Kasi nga I wanted to surprise you. Gusto ko makita mo na lang yun results.”

“Ganun? So para pala sa akin yun pagworkout mo?”

“Of course! Para kanino pa nga ba?” He’s now smiling. Talo sya sa pangaasar at pangungulit ni Maya so he might as well play along na lang.

She again shrieked excitedly and with a naughty glint in her eyes.”Love na love mo talaga ako at dahil dyan may reward ka sakin!”

“Reward? Is that what I think it is?” He was getting excited too. Naalert yun ears nya when Maya mentioned about his reward.

“Oo naman! Yun favorite mo! Pero bago yun, pahawak nga sweetheart. Tingnan ko kung effective yun workout.” Then she again touched his abs, biceps, chest. “Effective nga sweetheart!”

“Halika na nga. Let’s go up.” He said as he put on his white shirt.

“Sige tapos magshower ka na para maibigay ko na ang iyong reward.”

Excited na si Ricky.

That evening inside their bedroom.

Maya just finished taking a shower. She saw her husband watching a tv show she knows he’s not even fond of.

Ricky was sulking.

She smiled. She knows the reason.

“O sweetheart bakit yan ang pinanonood mo?”

He just glanced at her, turned off the TV then settled on his side of the bed turning his back on her.

“O bakit? Bakit mo naman pinatay? Tinatanong lang naman kita. Di ko naman sinabi na patayin mo yun TV.”

“It’s late. I’m tired. I wanna go to sleep. Let’s go to sleep.” He replied without even sparing her a glance.

“Ganun? Matutulog ka na? Sayang naman yun pagkukuskos ko sa shower tapos tutulugan mo lang pala ako.” She pretended to sound disappointed but Ricky didn’t take the bait.

Asar na asar sya kay Maya when he found out that the reward she was talking about and he was so looking forward to was just a bowl of champorado and tuyo.

He remembered how excited he was while taking a shower after his workout and after her teasing him sa basement. He was expecting to be rewarded generously with their very own ‘you and me time’. He could still remember how his expectant face turned sour when he found a bowl of champorado inside their bedroom while Maya was all dressed up as she needed to do the groceries with the kids.

Lagi siyang inuuto ni Maya and he hated it. He hated himself actually kasi lagi nyang pinagbibigyan si Maya.

Tahimik pa rin si Ricky.

Naguilty naman si Maya. She remembered finding him working out at their basement and realized the effort her husband is doing for her. Sabi nga ni Ricky para sa kanya yun pagwoworkout nito.

“Uy sweetheart pansinin mo na ako.”

“Maya it’s late. Matulog na tayo!”

“Eh hindi pa nga ako inaantok.”

“Inaantok na ako Maya! Close your eyes and close your mouth para antukin ka na rin. Goodnight!” Then he covered his ears with a pillow.

But Maya wouldn’t give up. Actually she was just teasing Ricky with the reward kanina kasi like him, she was also looking forward to their ‘you and me time’. Naexcite rin sya after seeing her husband’s toned body sa basement kanina and she wanted to be engulfed in his arms.

She removed his pillow.

“Maya naman ang kulit mo!”

“Mamaya ka na kasi matulog.”

“I’m tired. Napagod ako sa workout kanina. I’m also very sleepy. Matulog na tayo please.” He was begging. Ayaw na nyang mauto ni Maya, which he was sensing na gagawin na naman nito. Maya is in her pangungulit mode at pangaalaska mode and whenever she’s like this natatakot si Ricky sa panguuto na gagawin na naman ni Maya sa kanya. Ayaw nyang mabitin. Ayaw din nyang madagdagan ang asar kay Maya so he chose to just go to sleep.

Pero Maya continues to disturb him.

“Ang daya mo naman sweetheart! Nakakaasar ka na!”

Lagot! There’s that Maya tone now that he couldn’t distinguish if totoong asar or if she’s just bluffing.

Mas mahihirapan sya kasi mahirap suyuin si Maya.

So without giving in completely, he faced her but with a ‘pretending to still be sleepy and naistorbo’ expression on his face.

“At bakit ako naging madaya? Bakit ka naaasar kung inaantok ako?”

“Eh alam mo naman na eh. Maang maangan ka pa!” She countered, still in her ‘tampo’ face.

“Ano nga?” Now he’s loving it. He would make his wife beg and grovel.

“Madaya ka kasi ikaw nakaexercise tapos ako tutulugan mo lang. Akala ko ba dapat we would do everything together?” She was sulking.

“Maya gabi na mageexercise ka pa? Atsaka naligo ka na di ba?” Alam ni Ricky what Maya pertains to as ‘exercise’ pero he pretended not get it. Maya kasi is still not comfortable saying the term for their nightly (or even daily) husband and wife ritual. Shy pa rin siya.

And now mas namula siya sa hiya when Ricky seemed to be thinking of another exercise while siya nakafocus sa gusto nyang mangyaring exercise. Her ears and cheeks and face are now turning red. Di na rin sya nagsasalita. Naiiyak na rin siya. Yes. Totoong tears are forming in her eyes now.

Patay si Ricky!

Alert bells again!

Baka tuluyang mapikon si Maya.

Baka mamaya nyan hindi siya pagbigyan nito.

Baka hindi siya pagbigyan ni Maya for weeks like the last time he teased her. Si Maya pa naman can do without their ‘you and me time’ for weeks while siya, isang day lang na di nila magawa, he becomes grumpy and cranky agad.

That’s why, magpapatalo na naman siya, as usual.

“Hey I’m just kidding. Halika na nga! Ikaw kasi eh.” He gathered his now quiet and very embarrassed wife in his arms while talking to her in a voice she loves so much.

Hindi naman siya pumalag. She loves it when ‘bumabawi’ si Ricky. Pero sa hiya, she can’t stop her tears.

“Sweetheart it was just a joke. Don’t cry.” Worried na siya.

“Ikaw kasi eh. Alam mo namang hindi ako sanay na ako yun ano… tapos nagpapapilit ka pa!” He was amused but di sya nagpahalata kasi mas mapipikon si Maya.

“Kaya nga. Sorry na. Ikaw naman kasi ang nagumpisa eh. You teased me dun sa reward. Binitin mo ako kanina.”

“Hindi ah! Huy Ricky wala akong alam sa pinagsasabi mo!”


“Wala nga!” She vehemently denied.

“Sige na. Sinabi mo eh. Let’s not waste our energy sa pagtatalo. Let’s waste it na lang sa more enjoyable activity.” Then Ricky wiggled his eyebrows naughtily.

“Wala nga akong kasalanan Ricky. Wag ka ngang mambibintang.” She wouldn’t let go of it.

“Ssshhh… Stop na sweetheart. Wag mo na akong awayin. Or better yet, awayin mo na lang ako sa bed.”

Then he attacked his shrieking wife with kisses before she could utter another word.


“James!!!” Maya was excited to see Captain James at the conference room at the LAI building.

“Mayabels!!! Oh mukhang tuwang tuwa ka na makita ako ha!”

“Siyempre naman! Ikaw talaga!”

Maya was running towards James and readily hugged her best friend. Richard who was trailing behind while talking to someone on his phone saw it and just smirked.

Atty Ryan, Liza, Minerva, Engineer Yamagutchi, Engineer Gutierrez and Sonny saw Ricky’s reaction and they all hid their smiles. They were aware that Richard Lim hates Capt. James Ventura so much but he loves his wife more that’s why he couldn’t show his resentment for James whenever Maya is around.

Everyone was now settled at their respective chairs at the conference room while waiting for Richard to finish his call.

Maya was seated beside Liza and across James.

The LAS and LAI officers and instructors will be having a meeting to discuss the upcoming anniversary of both companies. James being a part of the LAI was in attendance as well.

“Mayabels wala kang flight today?” James was asking her.

“Siyempre wala. Kung meron eh di wala sana ako dito. Ikaw talaga James.”

“Ang pilosopo mo talaga Maya.” James grinned.

“Depende sa kausap ko. Kapag ikaw, oo.” She also grinned which made Ricky all the more annoyed.

“Pero seryoso James, salamat ha.” Maya was thanking James.

Naalerto si Ricky. Patay! He knows what his wife is thanking James for. Lagot siya kasi no one knows that he also purchased that workout equipment from James.

It was only Liza who knows it kasi si Liza ang bumili for him. But he couldn’t stop his tactless wife. He couldn’t end his very important call either.

He just prayed that the heavens would be on his side and Maya would stop talking pero ayaw ng heaven pumanig sa kanya so….

“Salamat dun sa binili ni Ricky sayo James. Ganado yan mag work out at tingnan mo naman ang katawan!” She was so proud of her husband who wears a body-hugging polo shirt, she insisted him to wear kahit may meeting pa to. It emphasized his toned body kasi and she was very proud of it.

All eyes were directed towards Richard Lim, who automatically turned red after Maya said those words to James.

“Aba brod bumili ka rin?” The grinning Ryan teased Richard who just shook his head.

“Let’s start the meeting now!” He ended the call, just ignored the teasing stares and firmly commanded that the meeting be started.


Sa car, sa parking. Ricky is still seething in anger kaya di pa nya pinapaandar yun kotse…

“Sorry na sweetheart! Proud lang naman ako kanina.”

“You shouldn’t be talking about us sa kahit sino lang kasi.”

“Hindi naman sila kahit sino lang. Mga kaibigan na natin sila. Atsaka proud lang naman ako sa’yo. Dapat nga matuwa ka, di ba?”

“Napahiya ako dun!”

“Kasalanan mo kasi. Sana sinabi mo sakin na hindi alam ni James na ikaw yun ibinili ni Liza.”

“Ako pang may kasalanan?” Nanlaki mata ni Ricky.

“Oo kasi naglihim ka sakin.”

“I wanted to surprise you masama ba yun?”

“Oo nga gusto mo akong isurprise pero isa pang reason mo eh ayaw mong ibaba ang pride mo kay James kaya kinakarma ka!”


“Kasi di ba kapag sinusungitan mo si James napapahamak ka palagi.”

“Ikaw ang nagpapahamak sa akin!” Agitated na si Ricky for real at alam ni Maya that she can’t use her pakonsiyensya way out of it.

So in her serious (yes totoong serious na siya this time) tone….

“Sweetheart sorry na talaga. Alam ko naman na pinagbibigyan mo palagi yun kakulitan ko kahit asar na asar ka na. Alam ko na grabe ang pasensya mo kapag pinipikon at binibiro kita. Alam kong kahit hindi ka sanay sa mga kalokohan ko, sinasabayan mo rin ako. Alam ko ang lahat ng yun sweetheart. At alam ko na ginagawa mo ang lahat ng yun dahil mahal na mahal mo ako. Mahal na mahal rin kita Ricky. Sobra! At ang swerte swerte ko talaga na magkaroon ng pinakapasensyoso, pinakamabait, pinakamapagmahal, pinakagwapo, pinakamabango, pinakamakisig, pinakamatalino…” He just stared at her while she’s talking about his attributes.. “at pinakamamahal ko sa buong mundo na natatakot akong magalit sa akin ng tuluyan.” Napasmile sya sa last line ni Maya but he didn’t say anything yet kahit na she already melted his angry heart with what she has been saying kanina pa.

He just stared at her. She stared back with her very worried and sorry face. Ayaw naman talaga nyang saktan si Ricky. She loves him so much kaya totoong worried sya.

Ricky saw this si he gathered her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

Without saying anything, he started the car and drove home.

Maya felt relieved pero she promised herself na she won’t go overboard in teasing Ricky and she should also think before saying anything especially in front of James and Ryan.

She knows better now that Ricky is still the serious, stern and highly respected Mr. Richard Lim of the Aviation industry. Babawi siya dito.

Ricky on the other hand couldn’t stop thinking of how much he loves his wife, that despite all the mishaps, embarrassment she caused him, he can never be mad at her.

The mere thought of her brings a smile to his face.

Arghh love! Yes he really loves his wife so much.



Ang haba na pala nito pero tinatamad na akong tanggalin yun unnecessary parts. Pasensya na if its boring and redundant. Pwede na muna to while di ko pa ma update yun refuge.

The Proud Mr. Lim

A/N  This is a very old bcwmh episode-inspired fic I chanced upon sa files ko. I’ll post it anyway while wala pa akong time to update the other stories. Pantawid post muna.


2 days before the launch of the new Lim Aviation Services hangar in Clark.

After dinner at Emman’s condo.

Maya: SC, wag na lang kaya akong sumama tutal wala naman ang mga bata.

SC: I’m there! Isn’t that enough reason for you to go? Pasosolohin mo ako? Bakit kelangan pa na nandun mga bata? Atsaka I was looking forward to attending this event together, yun tayong dalawa without the kids.

Maya: Eh Sir Chief…

SC: Maya!


They’ve been arguing about this for days already. Richard wants Maya to be with him at the launch of the new LAS hangar in Clark.

He’s been waiting for an occasion to introduce Maya to his associates and friends and the hangar launch is the perfect venue to do it. He’s very excited. After the kids’ approval, he wanted to introduce Maya as his girlfriend to the whole world. He’s so proud of her and he feels like the luckiest man alive to have her by his side.

Maya felt so special when Richard told her that he’s bringing her to the hangar launch. It made her feel so much a part of Richard’s life especially when he told her that he would introduce her to his friends, business partners, associates and all the bigwigs of the aviation industry.

She was initially overjoyed when Richard invited her.

That night after Richard told her about it, she excitedly called Nanay Teresita and Kute. They were all happy for Maya being able to experience this kind of event with Richard. They were assured that he indeed loves Maya and is so proud of her. And they were also thankful that Richard made true his promise that he will take care of her and make her feel important and special.

Maya: Kute, naku ano kayang isusuot ko? Ano kayang magandang ayos ng buhok ko? Kaso wala naman magaayos sa akin kasi aalis na kami this weekend para mas mapaghandaan yun okasyon. Ako na lang ang magaayos ng sarili ko dun. Naku Kute ninenerbyos ako. Pano kung pangit yun damit ko? Pano kung pangit yun make-up ko? Pano kung maputol ang takong ng sapatos ko habang naglalakad kami ni Sir Chief? Kuteeeee…..

Kute: Uy ano ka ba? Kumalma ka nga. Pag ganyan ka kaaligaga, mas lalo kang papalpak nyan. Tanungin mo na lang si Sir Richard kun ano ang dapat isuot at dapat na ayos para naman alam mo. Eh sanay naman siya nyan. At dapat yun damit nyo mejo terno para naman magandang tingnan kapag naglalakad kayo ng magkatabi. Atsaka bunso, pag kakain ka doon, hinay hinay lang ha. (Kute was teasing her)O siya, matulog ka na. Kaya mo yan bunso. Nasa tabi mo naman si Sir Richard. Hindi ka nya papabayaan Goodnight na Maya.

Maya: Kute naman eh! O cge na nga. Ako na ang bahala. Goodnight sa inyong lahat!

Despite the reassurance from Kute and even from Richard, she can’t help but make a big deal out of this first ever social gathering she’s attending with him now as a couple. What makes it more difficult is that it’s the launch of his new hangar meaning he’s the host of the said event. This means she’ll be expected to entertain the guests in the said occasion.

Though her people-skills are exemplary, she knows it very well that this event would either pave way for her acceptance in Richard’s circle of friends, colleagues and associates or would lead to her rejection.

She knows that her boyfriend would also be judged once he parades her in front of other people.

What people would say about him scares her more than what they would say about her. He loves Richard so much that she didn’t want to embarrass him.

That evening before going to bed, she dialled Richard’s number.

Maya: Hello SC, matutulog ka na?

SC: Im still here sa baba. May tinatapos lang ako. Akyat na ako after im done. Ikaw di ka pa ba inaantok?

Maya: SC hindi ako makatulog.

SC: Gusto mo kantahan kita para makatulog ka? (he was teasing)

Maya: SC naman nagbibiro pa. Nag-aalala kasi ako sa hangar launch. Ano ba isusuot ko? Anong ayos ko? Dapat ba akong magmake-up? Sino sino ba yun nandun? Sir Chief kinakabahan ako.

SC: Women. (shakes his head) You can wear anything Maya. You’ll look good in any dress. Wag mo na problemahin yan.

Maya: Sinasabi mo yan kasi hindi ka naman magsusuot eh. And hindi mahirap sa’yo pumili ng damit. Andaya mo SC. Naku pano ba to?

SC: Maya don’t stress yourself too much. I’m there kaya dont worry. Atsaka I trust your taste in what to wear and even how to look. Alala mo nung prom? Ang tagal ko kayang nakarecover after seeing you dun sa entrance ng venue ng prom. I was speechless nung nakita kita dun. You were the most beautiful person there. Just be yourself. And don’t leave my side. We’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. (he said reassuringly)

Maya: Naku SC, si Nikki yun pumili ng prom dress at si Emman yun nagayos sa akin.

SC: Yes, si Nikki pumili but you were looking at that dress daw for the longest time so parang ikaw pa rin pumili. And you can just fix your hair the way Emman did it. You’re beautiful kahit anong dress pa yan, maganda ka.

Maya: Sir Chief….

SC: Sige na Maya. You need to rest na. Kailangan ko na rin tapusin to para makatulog na rin. We both have to be up early for your flight bukas.

Maya: Ay oo nga pala. Sorry SC naabala ko yun ginagawa mo.

SC: Maya stop saying that.

Maya: Ang alin SC?

SC: Na nakakaabala ka. I never regard you as such. Hinding hindi ka abala sakin.

Maya: Sorry naman SC. Busy ka kasi eh kinulit pa kita kaya ayun naabala ka.

SC: (with an audible sigh) Hay Maya…

Maya: Sige na SC. (she sounded sad, as if she did something wrong)

SC: Maya…

She was anticipating a litany of sermon from SC so medyo malungkot na takot yun boses nya.

Maya: Sir Chief?

SC: Wala ka bang nakakalimutan?

Maya: Ah eh? Di na ako magwoworry. Magiging okay yun hangar launch, hindi ako nakakaabala….

SC: (impatiently) Not that one!

Maya: Eh ano SC?

SC: (stressing every line)”Good Night!” “Sweet dreams!” “I love you!” That! (he was rubbing his forehead)

Maya: Ah yun ba, hihihi! Ikaw kasi tinatakot mo ako. Akala ko principal’s office uli. O eto. Good Night! I love you mahal kong SC! Dream of me! (she was giddy saying those lines)

SC: (was smiling this time) Ang sarap hearing those from you. Nakakawala ng pagod. And yes I’ll dream of you tonight. Just like all the other nights. (he intended to say the last line to himself but unfortunately Maya heard it)

Maya: Talaga you dream of me? Ano ako sa dream mo SC?

SC: (to himself) Naku Maya, stop it or I won’t be able to sleep.

Maya: Uy SC, ano nga?

SC: Yung mermaid ka with Abby. Yun sa zoo na you’re pretending na di ka takot ka sa ahas. Those dreams. (hoping she believes him)

Maya: Nightmare naman yan SC, hindi sweet dreams, hihihi!

SC: Matulog ka na nga. Baba mo na phone.

Maya: (gusto pa nya maglambing at makikulitan kay Richard) Ikaw muna.

At binaba nga ni Richard yun phone.

Maya: (to herself) Ay binaba talaga! Eto talaga si SC, kahit kelan…. (she was smiling though)

Their conversation at least lessened her worries about the hangar launch.


Maya: Eh Sir Chief, hindi ako confident sa napili kong damit. Atsaka anong sasabihin ko sa kanila. Paano ako makikipagusap sa mga bisita mo?

SC: Maya, bisita natin. You’ll be fine! They will like you. Atsaka you just have to focus on me para you won’t worry much na.

Maya: Huh? Paano naman mawawala ang pagaalala ko pag nagfocus ako sa’yo?

SC: Kasi di ba you said na ako ang pinakakinakatakutan ng mga tao. If you survived me, you’ll definitely survive all the guests at the event kasi all those guests malamang takot sakin. (he was smiling at her) O basta ill pick you up early tomorrow para maaga tayong makarating sa Clark. I need to check on the equipment pa kasi kahapon lang yun nadeliver. Mag pahinga ka na.

Maya: (resigned look in her face) Sige SC. Goodninght. Ingat sa pagdrive. I love you. (she tried to hide her worries with her smile)

Richard hugged and kissed her on the lips lightly. They now automatically do this as a habit, a greeting. Maya was already used to it.

SC: (tilting her chin so that she stares at him. Smiling his sweetest smile) Dont worry na ha! I will take care of you there. (then plants another kiss at her forehead now)

Maya smiles and nods her head and leads Richard out the condo.


They drove to Clark following day.

Richard spent the ride excitedly talking about the hangar and the plans of LAS for the rest of the year. Maya was confidently talking about what she thinks of Richard’s plans. She sometimes objects and offers her ideas. Having worked at Time Airways and having been exposed to the airline industry for some time, she can now join in these kind of discussions with Richard. Richard was so proud listening to her. She came a long way from the lady whom he met few years ago, the lady who bargained herself to being a nanny just to be allowed to go to school. He’s beaming with pride on what she had become.

They talked about anything and everything while occasionally singing together when a familiar song pops up in the car radio.

They never run out of things to talk about, trivial or otherwise.

Even with the long drive, Richard didn’t feel tired upon reaching their destination. He felt recharged and even hoped that the drive to Clark should have taken a longer time. He loves Maya’s company and wanted more time together.

LAS booked hotel rooms for the guests, staff and even for Richard and his kids at the nearby hotel. Maya and Richard decided to drop their things at the hotel and freshen up after the long drive.

Around lunch time, they are now at the LAS office, which is just beside the new hangar.

At the pantry of the LAS office in Clark.

Maya was on her way to reheat the food she cooked in the condo. Richard wanted to just buy food but Maya insisted on cooking something healthy. She and Richard will be having lunch at his office. She stopped on her tracks when she heard a group of women conversing.

Catherine: Mr Lim brought his girlfriend pala. I wonder how she’ll look like sa event.

Girl 1: You know her na ba?

Catherine: Well, Atty Gie and I saw her once. She was having lunch with Mr Lim at the same resto we’re in.

Girl 2: Maganda ba?

Catherine: Okay lang. Hindi ko masyadong pinansin kasi hindi ko naman alam na they were on a lunch date. And after being briefly introduced, Atty Gie told me na yaya siya ng bunso ni Mr. Lim. Shes from the province daw. Siguro pumunta ng Manila para magapply na katulong.

Girl 1: Talaga? Naku ang taas naman ng natupad na pangarap ng girl na yan. Grabe si Mr. Lim talaga yun target nya. At nakuha nga nya.

Girl 2: Naku baka nagayuma si Mr. Lim
(Tawanan sila)

Catherine: Hmmm… baka nga. I heard na Mr. Lim loves her coffee at hindi siya umiinom ng timpla ng iba. Baka talaga.

Girl 1: Hahaha! Ewan ko girl. Iba and tingin ko. Baka naman gusto lang ni Mr. Lim ng someone to keep him company when he’s lonely. Ano sa tingin nyo? Di ba yun ibang lalaki, mas gusto yun inexperienced. Mas challenging daw yun ganun.

Catherine: I don’t think so. Mr. Lim has a reputation of not playing around so baka companionship lang gusto nya. Atsaka if he wants to have someone on lonely nights, bakit hindi na lang yun dating umaaligid sa kanya, yun Stephanie. Mas mapapaligaya naman nun si Mr. Lim

Girl 2: Kasi girl, mas madaling idispatsa si naïve probinsiyana kesa dun sa Stephanie. Takot lang yun si Mr. Lim na mapikot ni Stephanie. Takot din yun sa inyo ni Atty. Gie. Baka pikutin nyo din.
(tawanan ulit sila)

Catherine: Naku humanda siya sa launch. Sa daming mga sosyal at alta na dadalo, im sure nakakaawa yun girl na yun. Ewan ko lang kung kayanin nya makipagsabayan sa event na yun.

Girl 2: Naku girl, bigyan mo kaya ng role. Yun impromptu speech para mapahiya in front of the guests at infront of Mr. Lim

Catherine: Aynaku di pwede girl. Mahahalata yun ni Mr. Lim at magagalit yun. Baka itigil nun yun kontrata sa company natin. Mahirap na. LAS is our largest client. Buti nga at connected sa kanila si Atty Gie. The event is stressful enough for her so tama na yun.

Girl 1: Goodluck sa kanya.
(tawanan ulit)

Maya heard enough. She turned to make her way back to Richard’s office when she bumped into Liza who’s also on her way to the pantry.

Liza: O Maya, bat di ka tumuloy?

Maya: Ah eh, Liza, may nakalimutan ako sa office ni Sir Chief.

Maya was unaware that Liza had seen her standing for a few minutes outside the pantry and that she saw her wiping her eyes furiously. Liza was sure that Maya was wiping her tears.

She went to the pantry and saw Catherine and two of her staff laughing. Liza was certain that whatever those women were talking about, it was harsh enough that even the ever bubbly and positive Maya couldn’t even take.

Back at Richard’s office.

SC: Maya let’s eat. (he was getting the food containers from Maya) Upo ka na. Ako na bahala nito.

Maya: (trying to hide her hurt and pain after hearing the conversation at the pantry). Ay ako na SC. Kuha ka na lang ng plato. Nanjan yun disposable plates na binili natin. Wait maghuhugas na lang muna ako ng kamay sa banyo mo.

She placed the food at the table and hurriedly excused herself and went to Richard’s washroom to fix herself and make sure that her eyes are not puffy when they stare at her SC.

They are now eating. Completely unaware of what happened, Richard excitedly briefed her of the program that would take place at the hangar launch. She tried her best to sound enthusiastic. She doesn’t want to be a reason for Richard to be upset. He doesn’t need another stressor at the moment.

After lunch.

SC: Maya, stay here na muna. You can rest dito sa couch. Or if not you can tour the office and the different departments. Try to see who’s sleeping on their jobs, tapos isumbong mo sakin. (he was kidding) Puntahan ko lang si Engr. Yamaguchi dun sa hangar.

Maya: Ah ok SC. Dito na lang ako. Nap lang ako.


He returned after 2 hours and saw Maya blankly staring at the ceiling. She didn’t even notice him. He felt that something is wrong. He went to Liza outside his office.

SC: Liza, lumabas ba si Maya kanina.

Liza: Ah Sir, she just stayed at your office. I offered her merienda kanina but busog daw siya.

SC: May pumasok ba sa office. Was she able to talk to someone? Did she say anything to you? Bakit parang wala siya sa mood?

Liza: Sir, no one entered your office. I was here the whole time you were at the hangar. Kanina pa si Maya nakahiga sa couch. But I think I know why she’s like that…


Richard had Catherine and her staff called at his office.

Catherine: Good afternoon Mr. Lim. (smiling seductively)

Richard had his back on them, standing while staring at the glass window of his 7th floor office. He was gritting his teeth, eyes slitting in anger.

SC: (angrily) Sit down!

Catherine and her staff was certain that he was furious so they hurriedly sat themselves.

Catherine: Mr. Lim is there any problem with the….
(He cut her off)

SC: I hired your company because Atty Gie vouched of your professionalism, your company’s morals.

Catherine: Mr Lim….???

SC: I would never tolerate any company who does business with us to insult Ms. De la Rosa. Insulting her means you’ve insulted me too. (he was really mad this time)

Catherine: But Mr. Lim we never…..

SC: My secretary told me what you said and did at the pantry.

Catherine: (guiltily, bowing her head) Sorry Mr. Lim. What we did was unacceptable. How can we make it up to you?

SC: Just leave. This would be the last time I hear from you and your company. I am personally cancelling all our pending transactions with you. You are no longer handling the anniversary of LAS and I would personally see to it that you be blacklisted from all events of the aviation organizations I’m heading. I already called Atty Gie and informed her about this. You may go now. I believe that your company have been paid in advance for this event.

He was still seething in anger as the ladies left his room.
He was blaming himself. He insisted that Maya should be with him during the hangar launch despite her apprehension and objection in attending the said event. He promised that he would take care of her. He promised that everything would be okay.

Maya didn’t know anything about what Liza saw, what Liza told Richard and about Richard firing his events organizer a day before the event. Richard instructed Liza to accompany Maya to the hangar to see the new aircrafts being maintained by LAS. It was his excuse so that Maya wouldn’t witness his anger as he lashed at Catherine and her staff. He vowed to himself that he would never get mad at anyone while Maya was around kasi yun ang alam niyang pinakaayaw ni Maya.

At the hangar.

SC: Maya!

Maya: O SC akala ko may meeting ka. Tapos na ba?
Liza saw SC and she excused herself to go back to the office.

SC: Uh hmm. Tapos na. Come here.

He gathered Maya in his arms, hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

SC: Im glad you’re here. Nawawala ang pagod ko just hugging you. (he is smiling at her)

Tumalikod si Maya, suddenly shy that her SC is publicly displaying his sweetness in front of his engineers and other LAS employees.

SC hugged her from behind while resting his chin on her shoulder.

Maya: SC nakakahiya. Ayan yung mga engineers mo o.

SC: Bakit nakakahiya. Actually they’re thankful kasi at least hindi ako masungit while you’re here. (he kissed her cheek)

Maya: Nakakarami ka na ha! (kinikilig na siya)

SC: You’re confusing me Maya. Kapag sweet ako ayaw mo, kapag hindi naman nagtatampo ka. Which do you prefer ba talaga?

Maya: Siyempre sweet kaso wag dito. Andaming tao. Nakakahiya nga.

SC: Sige sa hotel room na lang tayo. Tara! (he’s smiling mischievously, teasing Maya)

Maya slapped Richard’s arm

Maya: Tumigil ka nga SC. Ayoko ng mga ganyang biro ha! (she was blushing na din)

SC: (hugging her again. Maya facing him) I was just teasing. Ikaw kasi, kanina ka pa walang imik. I miss the talkative Maya (smiles at her)

Maya: (smiling at him) Pagod lang siguro sa byahe SC. Mamaya ok na ako.

On their way to the hotel. Mang Lem was driving. They were on the backseat. Maya snuggling beside Richard.

Maya: Sir Chief…

SC: Hmmmm?

Maya: Thank you.

SC: For what?

Maya: Kanina. Sa pagpapakilala sakin. Sa pagtatanggol sakin. Sinabi ni Liza na nagalit ka dun sa sexy events organizer mo dahil sa mga sinabi nila sa pantry.(she was teary eyed now) Di mo naman dapat sinisante. Pinagsabihan mo na lang sana.

SC: Maya you don’t have to thank me and no, I won’t tolerate those kind of people to be associated with me and our company.

Maya: Shhhh, patapusin mo muna ako.

Maya: Thank you for making me feel so important. Yun mahal na mahal mo ako. Ramdam ko yun Sir Chief. Ang swerte swerte ko talaga. (She was crying now, overwhelmed with the emotion she’s feeling)

Richard glanced at her. Held her hand and kissed it.

SC: I’m luckier than you, Maya. I’m very lucky that you chose me despite my age, despite having kids. You can easily pursue your dreams, choose any guy who doesn’t have bigger responsibilities than I do, choose a guy your age who can easily do things that people your age does, but you chose me.

SC: And I’m a damn lucky man that you chose me!!!
He looks at her lovingly misty-eyed, kisses the back of her hand longer this time.

SC: I love you so much Maya. Thank you very much for coming to my life.









My Safe Refuge – 11

My Safe Refuge 11

Richard and Maya’s friendship progressed as days, weeks, months passed. Though they never labeled the ‘more-than-friends-less-than-lovers’ relationship they have, they are both aware of how important and special they are to each other.

Richard would regularly visit Maya by himself and sometimes with Nikki.

They would spend their weekends on some secluded resort with the kids or have unplanned picnics at Maya’s backyard.

Richard and Maya would have movie dates and dinner dates on random days as well.

Maya enjoys his company and she already knows that she is in love with Richard but was just scared to commit herself.

She doesn’t know how to start telling him about James. For once, in many years, she felt loved, cared for and she didn’t want to put an end to it by confiding to him about James. She doesn’t want to take the chance of telling him about James for the fear that it might be a reason for Richard to stop whatever they have now. She would eventually tell him but believes that it’s not the proper time yet. Besides they are just friends right now.


“Maya, did you enjoy?” Richard asked as they were driving home after attending the wedding of his cousin. They had to travel for four hours from the venue of the wedding but Richard doesn’t feel tired because Maya is with him. He in fact, hoped that there would be traffic once they enter Manila so he could spend more time with her.

He brought Maya with him as his parents were in China and couldn’t be present at the wedding. He attended on their behalf.

Ever since his wife died, Richard had always declined wedding invitations but having Maya with him now made him agree. It was his mother who actually invited Maya and she readily agreed.

“Oo naman Ricky. Ang ganda ng pinsan mo. She’s really very happy. Yun husband nya napakabait din.”

“Yeah she’s really happy. Sana talaga they would have a blissful married life. My cousin kasi always has this ideal family picture in her mind even when she was younger. Sana she won’t be disappointed.”

“Hindi naman ata Ricky. Atsaka mukhang mabait naman yun napangasawa nya.”

“Maya sometimes people aren’t what they seem to be. I’m just worried. Siguro kasi parang kuya na ako ng pinsan ko. Many marriages kasi aren’t as perfect as they seem to be. Mukhang okay sa labas pero inside their homes is a different story. Gaya ko. I wasn’t a very good husband before. Lagi akong wala. I only stayed home often and became attentive to my wife and kids when we found out that she was sick, just a few months before she died.”

Richard painfully recalled his shortcomings on his marriage. The regret and guilt was evident on his face and it prompted Maya to reach for his arm to console him.

“Ricky whatever happened, I’m sure your wife understood you. I’m sure na kung ano man yun naging pagkukulang mo noon, pinagsisihan at pinagbayaran mo na sa pamamagitan ng pagiging mabuting daddy sa mga anak ninyo. Alam yan ng asawa mo kahit nasaan man siya.” She wanted to make him feel good, to dispel the cloud of guilt and regret that she could sense from him. She was wondering if James would be able to reach the same kind of realization too. She hoped and prayed that he does.

Richard’s free hand took hers and slowly brought it near his chest causing her to lean a bit towards him. Since the car was on a full stop, he had the chance to stare into her eyes. “Thank you Maya. What you said meant a lot.” With the intensity of his gaze, Maya suddenly felt herself blushing. Richard saw this and made him instinctively focus on her lips. He was tempted to again feel her soft lips on his when suddenly the honking of several vehicles was heard.

The stop light turned green so he had no choice but to direct his gaze back to the road and retract his right hand from hers.

He shook his head while smiling, like a little boy caught from doing a wrong, naughty act.

Maya, on the other hand, also couldn’t help herself from smiling and blushing as well.

She diverted her gaze to her car window hoping that the passing scenery would distract her from the loud beating of her heart and the giddiness she couldn’t control whenever Richard tries to be sweet or whenever he stares deep into her eyes.

“Let’s go for coffee first?” He suddenly suggested as they saw a coffeeshop near a gasoline station.

“Ah eh, sige. Okay lang sakin. Para naman makapagpahinga ka. Ang haba ng byahe natin. Mag unat-unat ka na muna.” They already drove for a little over two hours.


Richard ordered a plain brewed coffee while Maya, who wasn’t much of a coffee drinker ordered a vanilla milkshake which was also being served at the coffeeshop. They both had cheesecake as well. They were seated at the secluded corner of the coffeshop. Ricky already knows that Maya prefers to stay away from the crowd so he chose the seat without waiting for her to request for it.

“Maya, pasensya na sa pagdradrama ko kanina ha?” He realized what he did and suddenly felt embarrassed especially that he’s been so open about his personal life to her while she remained clammed up about hers. He realized that the reason could be that Maya hates talking about personal stuff.

“Ano ka ba wala yun. I feel honored na pinagkakatiwalaan mo ako Ricky. I’m sure din na alam mong nandito lang ako if you need someone to talk to.” She gave him her warm, assuring smile that never fails to warm his heart.

He smiled back at her as he drank his coffee.

“Alam mo, I never thought I would find someone like you, someone na makakasama kong magkape ng ganito, someone na tawang-tawa sa mga corny jokes ko.” He said as he looked at her.

“Nandyan kaya yun buong family mo at nakikinig naman sila sa jokes mo. Si Tito Roberto naman, nakakasama mo magkape tuwing umaga…”

“Yeah pero napipilitan lang silang tumawa sa jokes ko whereas ikaw, talagang bentang-benta sa’yo. Atsaka iba naman yun kasabay mong magkape yun daddy mo sa ganito. Ang layo nun Maya ha!”

“Eh parehas lang yun.”she was again being uncomfortable with his melting stare and his voice so she tried to veer to a lighter topic. “Atsaka pano ka naman nakakasiguro na mabenta nga yun jokes mo sakin?” She was trying to laugh.

“Alam ko because you are very transparent Maya. Alam ko na tuwang tuwa ka sa jokes ko. Alam ko rin that I have a certain effect on you and masayang masaya ako dun Maya. Do you know that laging kang namumula at jittery when you’re with me?”

“Eh Ricky siyempre di naman ako sanay na may kaibigan na lalaki. Siguro ganun lang yun. Ikaw naman binibigyan mo ng meaning yun. Atsaka rosy cheeks talaga ako.” She jested as she defended herself.

“Well maybe that’s how you feel pero ako, do you know that parang may roller coaster sa tiyan ko whenever we’re together?”

“Ganun?!!! Ibig sabihin nasusuka ka kapag kasama ako????” She feigned disbelief and hurt as she was really scared as to where their conversation was heading to. No matter how hard she tried to add humor to their conversation, Richard remained serious.

But he suddenly got worried that he must have offended her. “No Maya what I mean is…”

She saw his worry so she stopped him. “Ricky naman binibiro lang kita. Seryoso mo!”

“Ikaw kasi eh. Ninenerbyos na nga ako mas lalo mo pa akong tinatakot.”

“Ninenerbyos ka rin?” She asked in disbelief.

“Sobra Maya. I may seem calm outside but gooey inside.”

“Ay parang chocolate lang!” She joked again but it still didn’t deter Richard from saying what’s in his mind and heart.

“Why do you always avoid it when I try to be serious? Marami akong gustong sabihin sa’yo Maya. I want to open what’s in my heart to you. I want you to know how special and important you are to me. Gusto kong ipaalam sa’yo that you make me look forward to waking up each day. I don’t ask you to also feel the same way as I do pero sana you won’t stop me. Alam ko naman that I could not be the same as the person you lost. Alam kong you’re still in the process of healing pero Maya please allow me to express what I feel for you kahit walang kapalit. Masaya na ako dun.”

She felt shy. “Ricky hindi sa ganun. Hindi rin lang kasi ako kumportable. Hindi ako sanay sa ganito. Masaya ako na kasama kita, di ba sabi mo nga na transparent ako, totoo yun Ricky, masayang masaya ako kapag magkasama tayo. Sa mahabang panahon, naramdaman ko ulit kung paano ako pahalagahan. Kaya lang what if hindi ko kayang suklian yun nararamdaman mo. What if I’m not the person you think I am? What if hindi ko pa kayang ibigay yun buong puso ko sa’yo?”

“Maya okay lang naman ako sa kung anong meron tayo. What we have now, whatever you call it, I am happy with it. Hindi naman kita pinipilit. Just being with you is more than enough to make me happy. I just don’t understand why you always avoid it when I make my intentions known to you. May magagalit ba? You said it makes you feel uncomfortable. Why? You want me to stop what I’m doing?”

“Hindi! Hindi naman sa ganun Ricky. Natatakot lang ako na nahuhulog na ang loob ko sa’yo, na bawat araw mas nahihirapan akong pigilin yun kung ano man. Basta Ricky alam mo na yun!” She tried to avoid his eyes, too embarrassed with what she just confessed.

Richard was very happy. She may not have said it outright but she actually admitted that she also felt something for him. He felt that someone is preventing her from giving her whole heart. He knows that it is her late husband and he can’t help but feel envious of the guy who occupies a big space in Maya’s heart. But he is very happy and with Maya’s shy admission, he vowed to earn her love in the best way he can.

They arrived in Manila two hours after. They made an effort not to talk about what they discussed in that coffeeshop. Richard didn’t want to make Maya feel more uncomfortable than what she already felt. He tried to dwell onto safer topics like the kids, business, music, movies even politics.

Maya on the other hand was aware of Richard’s effort to make her feel at ease and it made her admire him more, love him more.

As they stopped in front of Maya’s gate…

“Maya thank you for accompanying me.”

“Ricky thank you at ininvite nyo ako. Pakisabi na lang sa mama at papa mo.”

“Sana hindi ka nainip sa kasalan kanina.”

“Mukha ba akong nainip? Ikaw talaga! Masaya ako Ricky na mawitness yun kasal ng pinsan mo. Sige mauna na ako. Di na kita yayayain magkape at late na ha! Mag-ingat ka sa pagdrive at tawagan mo ako kapag nasa bahay ka na.” She couldn’t help but feel concerned as he would still drive another 30 minutes to reach his house.

“Opo mam!” He jested.

“Ikaw talaga! Sige na. Goodnight.” She opened her car side but Richard still rushed to assist her in going down. He waited until she was able to open her gate.

“Sige na Ricky. Okay na ako. Ayan na si Manang Fe.”

“Sige Maya goodnight.”

Richard drove home with a big smile in his face. Despite driving for hours, he didn’t feel tired. He enjoyed every minute of being with Maya.


They went on with their usual routine – the usual late at night calls, the regular visits to Maya’s home, the movie dates and dinner dates, the simple daily messages of checking each other’s day. The relationship they had was going strong and despite not having a label to it, they were both mutually aware of how important they were to each other.

“Thank you po Tito Richard! Bye Nikki! Bye Ms. Stephanie!” Luke jumped out of Richard’s vehicle one afternoon when he brought him home. Maya was just smiling and not saying much when she saw a female occupant in the passenger seat beside Richard.

“Wait Luke! I’ll get your bag.” Richard scrambled to get out of the vehicle to assist Luke but the boy already alighted the car.

Richard still went down and the woman also followed. “Maya this is Stephanie. Auntie siya ng classmate nila Luke. She lives near our house kaya isinabay ko na. Steph si Maya, kaibigan ko. Siya yun mommy ni Luke.” The woman extended her hand which Maya took.

“Good afternoon Maya.” She gave her a smile.

“Good afternoon.” She also replied then told Richard, “Ricky salamat sa paghatid kay Luke. Sige na kayo at baka gabihin kayo.” She wanted to dismiss them right away for an unpleasant feeling is slowly getting in her and the last thing she wanted was for Richard to notice it.

“Sige Maya. Tawagan kita mamaya.” Richard said. She just nodded her head and Richard and Stephanie went back to the car. With a last smile to Maya, Richard drove away from Maya’s house.


“Luke anong activity nyo sa school today? May meeting yun parents?” She asked Luke while they were doing his homework.

“Wala naman po Mom. Why po?”

“Ah kasi why did Ms. Stephanie visit the school?”

“Pinatawag po kasi yun parents ni Iñigo, yun classmate namin ni Nikki, kasi inaway niya po yun isa naming classmate na si Nicolo. Wala yun parents niya kaya si Ms. Stephanie na lang.”

“Close sila ni Tito Richard?” Maya couldn’t help but ask about Stephanie’s closeness to Richard even forgetting to ask about Luke’s classmates.
“Siguro po close sila kasi makwento naman po and mabiro yun si Ms. Stephanie. Pinakain nga muna nya kami ng ice cream and spaghetti dun sa harap ng school bago kami umuwi. Tawa ng tawa si Tito Richard sa jokes nya.” The boy was happily recalling totally unaware that his mom was already getting upset with it.

“Ice cream? Di ba nya naisip na baka ubuhin kayo ni Nikki? Did you drink water afterwards?”

“Yes po mommy and Tito Richard made me eat konting ice cream lang po kasi baka daw magalit kayo. Tumikim lang po ako dun sa kinakain ni Tito Richard. He ordered orange juice for me tapos spaghetti and yun cupcakes po.” Luke explained. He knows that his mom doesn’t easily allow him to have ice cream for he easily catches colds. Maya calmed down a bit, aware that she’s overreacting as a result of the pangs of jealousy she feels.

Seeing someone else with Richard and finding out, from Luke, that she made him laugh gave her a very unpleasant feeling which she didn’t deny as jealousy.


Preview of the Next Chapter

“This is my wife Maya dela Rosa- Ventura and our son Luke Andrew dela Rosa Ventura.” James draped his arm around Maya’s shoulders.

She was trying her best to act calm as she didn’t want to cause any commotion.

“Maya is this true?” a very surprised Richard was asking her, hoping that she would deny it.

“Oo Ricky siya ang daddy ni Luke.”

Then James left with Maya and Luke leaving the distraught Richard Lim behind.

My Safe Refuge – 10

A/N : This was supposed to be posted July 9 for bcwmh’s anniversary while I’m on a  hiatus kaso I privately posted it pala. Now that I’m back, here’s Chapter 10.

After a week na yun kasunod ha. Dami lang ganap sa family and work and I really can’t find time to update the stories and even visit twitter kasi whenever I do so, wala na akong natatapos na gawain kasi im drawn to anything related to our fave couple.

Eto na… 


After Richard left, Maya guiltily went to Luke and hugged her son.

“Anak akala ko tulog ka na?”

“Nagising po ako when I heard you and Tito Richard. Mom si tito Richard po…”

But Maya couldn’t bear hearing anything from her son regarding what he feels with what he saw so she defensively replied…

“Anak wala naman yun. Wala naman kami ni Tito Richard. It was just a friendly kiss. Gumalaw lang ako kaya he accidentally kissed me.”

“Pero mom …”

“He’s just mommy’s friend. And we were just saying goodbye because we had fun kanina sa dinner. Let’s not talk about him na anak. Gabi na. You need to sleep. Halika let’s go to bed.”

Maya was hell bent in convincing Luke that there’s nothing between her and his Tito Richard but the truth is she is really convincing herself.

She wants to condition herself that there’s nothing to her and Richard for she doesn’t feel worthy of his attention, his love.

She also feels the need to set everything straight with James first.

But how can she do it when the episode of James in her and their son’s life is marred with violence and pain. How can she even thread the path of making things right when she doesn’t even have the courage of facing James and standing up for herself and Luke.

She knows her husband too well and right now she doesn’t want to disturb the peaceful life she and her son is starting to enjoy. Maybe when Luke gets older, she might find the courage to face her husband, but for now she just needs to be contented with the life she and Luke is enjoying by themselves.

If this means sacrificing the feelings she’s starting to develop for Richard, she’s willing to do it for the sake of her son and of Richard as well. He doesn’t deserve being involved in her chaotic life. He’s a very good person, a very selfless friend and he doesn’t deserve someone whose life is complicated like her.


Richard arrived at Luke and Nikki’s school an hour earlier than the dismissal time. He met a customer who ordered hardware supplies near the school and their meeting ended earlier so he was here waiting for Nikki inside his car while playing some random music from his playlist.

His thoughts went to Maya.

He couldn’t forget what happened a week ago. He’s been blaming himself for it. Now Maya doesn’t even reply to his messages anymore.

He missed their daily messages of good morning and goodnight, the daily reminders about what the kids need in school, whatever significant happenings the kids did in school, the jokes he usually sends her, her messages full of concern especially when she talks about his daughter Nikki.

He misses all of those. He only had himself to blame. He was aware that she was vulnerable yet he took advantage of the situation.

Now she doesn’t even reply to his messages even if he’d been profusely asking for forgiveness. She also doesn’t answer his calls.

When he left Maya’s house after Luke witnessed them kissing, Maya only sent one message to him. ‘Richard, wag mo nang sunduin si Luke bukas please.”

He sent her a message to find out if what Luke saw caused a problem between the mother and son but Maya didn’t reply. He tried to call her but his calls were unanswered. Even when he tried to send her the usual messages, he never received any reply from her.

That made him realize that it could have caused a big problem between Maya and Luke and he felt so bad about it.

While waiting for Nikki in his car, he saw her from afar talking and laughing with Luke. Luke was also laughing and Richard is relieved that Luke didn’t take what he saw against Nikki.They were really having fun from what he saw.

After a few minutes, Nikki went to him and asked permission. She will be practicing her song number for a school activity. It meant her dad had to wait a little longer.

While waiting for Nikki, Richard decided to stroll along the school premises. This was when he saw Luke who was seemingly waiting for his Yaya Leah.

He was unsure if it would be right to approach the boy or whether Maya would be mad if he does.

He was just standing and staring from afar when Luke suddenly glanced at his direction. The boy immediately gave him a genuine smile and ran towards him to give him the customary pagmamano.

“Tito Richard may practice pa po si Nikki.” Luke offered the information.

“Yes Luke, she told me kanina. Wala pa si Yaya Leah?”

“Wala pa po. She knows kasi 4:30 pa yun labas ko. May meeting po kasi yun teachers kaya earlier kami pinalabas.”

“I see. Uhm… It’s still early and matagal pa yun si Nikki, can we have merienda? Dyan lang sa harap ng school.”

“Baka po hanapin ako ni Yaya pag dumating na siya.”

“Magpapaalam tayo sa guard. We’ll ask her to tell your yaya that you’re with me. Is that okay?” Richard offered a solution. He really needs to talk to Luke.

The boy smiled and Richard proceeded to talk to the school guard to tell Luke’s yaya Leah and his daughter Nikki to wait for him and Luke.

Richard had a tuna sandwich while Luke requested for his favorite, spaghetti. They also ordered milkshakes and fries.

Richard couldn’t help but feel thankful to Maya for whatever explanation she told her son. There was not a trace of hatred nor anger from Luke at all. But he knows he needs to explain things to the boy.

“Luke, how’s school?”

“Okay naman po Tito. Nikki and I both had a perfect score in Math kanina.”

“That’s very good. I’m sure your mommy will be very proud of you.”

“Opo. I want her to always be proud of me.” Then the boy smiled.

Richard couldn’t help but admire the boy in front of him. He thinks maturely for his age. Despite losing a dad, Luke still seemed a happy normal boy and a very loving kid to his mom as well.

“Luke… what you saw the other day, when i was … “, he was finding it hard to verbalize it to Luke.

“When you were kissing my mom po?” It was Luke who continued it for him.

“Yes Luke. I hope you weren’t mad at me or your mommy.”

“Hindi naman po ako galit Tito Richard. Nagulat po pero hindi po ako galit kasi napakabait nyo po sa amin ni Mommy.”

“Thank you Luke. Akala ko kasi you got mad because your mommy doesn’t talk to me anymore. How is she?”

“Okay naman po si Mommy.” then the boy further asked, though he seemed hesitant, “Tito Richard why did you kiss Mommy po?”

“Luke, well, you know when people like someone, you enjoy their company, you want to show them how you feel kaya you either hug them or kiss them. Lagi mo rin silang gustong kasama. That’s what I feel for your mom. I kind of like her, I even love her already. I love both of you. I want to take care of you, I want to make you and your mommy happy like how you and your mommy make me and Nikki and Abby happy too.”

Luke smiled at him. He seemed happy with what Richard said.

Richard continued…

“I hope that it’s okay with you Luke.”

“Tito Richard I like you for mommy din po.” the boy shyly said in a soft voice.

Ricky beamed with what the boy said. It gave him such relief to know that Luke isn’t mad at him.

The little boy added…

“But Tito Richard, I don’t want to see mommy get hurt. I don’t want to see mommy cry.”

“Luke I won’t do that to your mom.” He promised the little boy who never failed to amaze him by his maturity despite his very young age.


“Good afternoon Maya. Idinaan ko na si Luke at Leah.” Richard had a tentative smile, unsure whether Maya would be okay with him bringing Luke home.

“Richard di ba sabi ko di mo naman kailangan na sunduin or ihatid si Luke. Sobra sobra na ang abala nito sa’yo.”

Maya was surprised to see Richard when he opened their gate. She stopped communicating with him after that kissing incident.

Richard brought Luke and Leah after his heart to heart talk with the boy.

“Tito Richard thank you po. I’ll go inside na po. Nikki bye!” Luke waved goodbye to Nikki and gave Richard a hug before entering their house.

“Ricky pwedeng last na tong paghatid mo kay Luke? Alam kong kinakain rin nito ang oras mo. Negosyante ka Ricky. Alam kong importante ang oras sa’yo.”

“Maya you weren’t answering my calls and text messages. I really need to see you.”

“Ricky busy lang ako…”

But he knows she’s just making up excuses.

“I’m sorry if what I did may have caused a problem. I didn’t regret what I did but I’m sorry if it could have caused a problem between you and Luke. Hayaan mo na akong makabawi. Let me make it up to you. Please just allow me. Etong simpleng paghatid at sundo kay Luke lang ang kayang gawin ko. Masaya ako to be able to do this for Luke.”


“Maya wala naman akong hinihinging kapalit sa ginagawa ko. I’m really just fond of Luke. Alam mo naman girls yun mga anak ko and I’m excited to know what it feels to care for a son. Atsaka friend ko si Luke.”

“Friend? Sus at kelan mo naman naging friend yun anak ko?” Now she tried to joke to veer away from going back to the kissing topic.

“The first time na nakita ko siya sa school. Remember when hindi kayo makontak ng school at kailangan ni Luke makauwi kasi baka bumaha? I remembered calling him Andrew then.”

“Ah Luke Andrew kasi full name nya. Siguro the teacher found the name Andrew better kaya yun ang tinawag sa kanya during his first few months in school. Buti naman at nasanay na sila sa Luke now.”

“Kahit Luke man yan or Andrew your son is really a great kid Maya.”

“Kaya nga I’m so proud of him. Mawala man ang lahat sa akin Ricky, wag lang si Luke. He’s my most precious blessing. Siya lang, kumpleto na ako.”

Richard is happy that at least Maya seemed okay already. He hopes that the communication lines would be open between them again.

“I know that Maya kaya bukas susunduin ko ulit siya at wala nang kumontra. Atsaka I’m happy that Nikki gets excited going to school kasi magkikita sila ni Luke.”

“Sus palusot ka pa. Sige na Ricky. Uwi na kayo at inip na yan si Nikki. Salamat ulit.”

“Okay na tayo Maya ha! Promise you won’t ignore my calls and messages anymore.”

“Oo promise hindi na. Sige. Ingat kayo.”


Driving home, Richard had that smile on his face while humming the song his daughter was playing on their car radio.

“Daddy I missed Tita Maya. Sana I can again spend more time with her and Luke. Pwede po yun daddy?”

“Yes Nikki, Daddy will work on it.”


Preview for the Next Chapter:

 “Why do you always avoid it when I try to be serious? “

She felt shy. “Ricky hindi sa ganun. Hindi rin lang kasi ako kumportable. Hindi ako sanay sa ganito. Natatakot rin ako…”

“Maya wala ka namang dapat ikatakot.”



Since I need to attend to some important stuff sa aking personal na buhay, I’ll be away for a month so I’m leaving you with this chapter which I scheduled to be posted in time for bcwmh anniversary.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

To everyone behind the show – the hardworking cast, staff, crew, guests, the advertisers who supported the show, the fans who not only supported the show out of kilig but who wholeheartedly made the lessons of bcwmh a part of their lives – para sa ating lahat ang tagumpay na narating ng bcwmh, ang tagumpay na nakaukit na sa mga puso natin that no matter how others try to twist the truth, try to make us believe that bcwmh is just some other show, we all know deeply in our hearts what the show achieved and how it affected us.

And yes, our fervent wish is a continuation of it. There are many lessons yet to be explored in the lives of our dear Lim family. Why try to experiment with other seryes when they already had the perfect ensemble of cast and crew, well-written and value-laden story showcasing positivity in families, youth and Filipino culture which were all part of bcwmh?  I watch TV shows to be entertained and not stressed with all those hair-tugging, slapping, screaming, killing, slapstick humor etc.

We’re just asking for 45 minutes of good vibes, is that too much to ask?

The success of TABH is an indication of how we missed our fave Maya and Ser Chief. Deny it, some will surely do, but that’s a fact. The bcwmh phenomenon still works wonders to all who has been a part of it.

Again Happy Anniversary bcwmh!

Thank you very much GMOunit!

Thank you Maya and Serchief