The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Lim kids : Holy Week


“Mom ako na po ang magdrive ng van so you and dad could rest sa byahe ” Luke volunteered as they were about to visit various churches for the Visita Iglesia. The whole family was looking forward to this trip. Ricky and Maya were also excited to be exposing the twins to the religious activities they usually do. Now that the twins are four, they could already understand the importance of going to church, praying and being with the family in Lenten season.

Joma is driving the car where Manang Fe, Sabel, Doris and Leah will be riding.

“Sigurado ka Luke? Okay lang sayo?”

“Yes mom. Atsaka alam kong pagod si dad after his visits to the hangars in Clark and Paranaque and also his supervision of the construction of the LAI museum. Tingnan nyo po si dad naidlip na nga sa sofa while waiting for us.”

“Oo nga. Kawawa naman ang daddy nyo. Tama ka nga anak, ikaw na lang magdrive para makatulog siya sa byahe kahit saglit.”

Maya pitied her husband who seemed really tired. She feels very blessed to have him as a husband and father of the kids. Ricky never failed in all obligations he had for the family. Not only that, they’re not only well provided for but she and the kids have been constantly showered with love and time from him. Maya couldn’t help but get teary eyed just thinking of it.

“Uy si mom naiiyak ka na naman.” Luke noticed.

“Ikaw talaga Luke, pinansin mo agad. Sobrang saya ko lang kasi ang swerte nating lahat sa daddy nyo.”

“Oo naman po mom, swerte tayo kay dad at swerte din kami ng mga kapatid ko at ni dad sa’yo.” Then the eldest Lim child proceeded to engulf their mom in a very tight hug.

Ricky had been very busy with work lately. They were rushing the completion of the LAI museum as they plan on inaugurating it in time for LAI’s 2nd year anniversary.

He also just arrived last night after helping in the repair of some planes at the Clark hangar. Some of his engineers were already on leave because of the Holy Week and they didn’t anticipate the sudden increase of the planes from their new client, Cebu Pacific, to be repaired this week. Ricky had to personally check the progress of his engineers and since they lacked manpower, he took the place of some of his engineers who were on leave.

Ricky arrived around 3 in the morning after spending 3 days in Clark. He made sure he’s home for they were scheduled to visit the churches today. The kids would be disappointed if they would postpone it.

“Mommy we’re ready!” Abby with the twins Sky and Sunshine and their nannies Doris and Leah were all set. They had bags for the twins’ milk, extra clothes and toys so they won’t be bored during the travel and also clothes for they will be staying in a rented place in Ilocos.

“O handa na pala. Asan na si Nikki?”

“I’m here na mommy. I just checked the lights and if there are plugged appliances or chargers in Kuya’s room. Makakalimutin kasi si Kuya lately.”

“Thanks Niks. Love you!” Luke winked at his sister then added, “Pero oo nga pala dapat ingat kasi summer. Oh ready na lahat?”

Ricky, heard the noise and now woke up. “Aalis na ba tayo?” He stood up.

“Okay na lahat sweetheart. Si Luke na muna magdridrive para makapagpahinga ka muna. Mamaya palit na lang kayo.” Maya voiced out Luke’s suggestion awhile ago.

Ricky didn’t argue coz he was really tired and it wouldn’t be safe to force himself to drive.


They were on the way to the first church. The kids had been singing nonstop inside the car while Sky and Sunshine tried to imitate their Ate Nikki and Ate Abby and Kuya Luke. Ricky who couldn’t sleep anymore because of the kids bantering and laughter just leaned closer to his wife. Simple cuddles and embrace with her never fail to remove his stress and always seem to energize his tired body. Maya moved closer to him as well while they both enjoyed watching the kids. Nikki, who was seated in front, was in charge of the music to the dismay of Luke.

“Dad, Mom bakit po tayo every Holy Week we visit churches eh yun mga classmates ko, like Bettina, they always travel to other countries at yun iba naman nasa beach?” Abby curiously asked.

“Abby Holy Week should be our time with God. Hindi eto time para mamasyal. Atsaka it was to commemorate G’s sufferings kaya parang it’s not right to celebrate.” Nikki replied.

“Masama pala yun ginagawa nila Ate?”

It was Ricky who replied. “Kids, other families kasi are reunited during Holy Week kasi most of them work and live far from each other. Bihira silang magkakasama kaya they take the opportunity to travel together, go to beaches on Holy Week. Hindi naman masama yun. Besides they still celebrate Holy Week wherever they are. They pray, reflect, also visit churches like us.”

“Oo mga anak. Marami kasing families na yun mga daddy or mommy nila eh sa ibang bansa nagwowork at tuwing Holy Week sila nakakauwi. Malungkot sila kasi magkakahiwalay sila kaya nagbobonding sila sa mga ganitong panahon.” Maya added.

She continued…

“At tayo naman lagi tayong magkakasama kaya now is our time for Visita Iglesia. Wag na tayong makikisabay sa mga families na bihirang magkita kita. Ibigay na natin yun slot natin sa kanila.”

“And we could easily travel kahit hindi Holy Week, di ba Mom? Dad?” Luke joined in.

“Yes we could easily do that.” Ricky replied.

“Kaya ang swerte swerte natin na family kasi lagi tayong magkakasama. I love you so much mommy and daddy yow! I love you too gwapo na Kuya Luke, little sister Abby and our cutie patootie kambal Sky and Sunshine!” Nikki exaggeratedly commented.

“Ang OA mo Niks!”

“I’m telling the truth Kuya! We are so blessed kaya. We don’t get to feel lonely like those who have parents working abroad.”

Maya and Ricky just meaningfully glanced at each other. They are enjoying times like these. They are indeed blessed to have each other and to have wonderful, loving kids. Life has always been very good to them. Ricky just kissed his wife on her forehead as they continue to cuddle beside each other while Sky’s head was on his mom’s lap while he was playing with his toy robot. Sky was very much like his dad, malambing, tahimik and very clingy to his mom.


“Mommy why is Jesus lying down? Why may blood? Why is he inside the glass?” Sunshine was asking questions nonstop about the Santo Entierro she saw after their visit to the Vigan Cathedral, the last church for the day.

The family will be spending the night in a rented villa in Ilocos Norte so they could resume their visit to the churches the following day.

Maya nudged Ricky, silently asking for help in explaining to their 4 year old daughter.

Ricky tried to hide his grin as he watched his helpless wife. He then explained it simply for Sunshine to understand,

“Papa Jesus is lying down and he had blood because every time a person does something bad he is hurt. Yun wounds nya dahil sa mga sins natin. Kapag bad tayo, Papa Jesus is sad. Nasasaktan siya.”

“Kapag hindi ni Sunshine keep yun toys nya, sad si Papa Jesus?” Sunshine asked.

“Yes at kapag nagaaway kayo ni Sky sad din si Papa Jesus.” Ricky further explained.

“Daddy Sky get cupcakes. Sad din Papa Jesus?” Sky who was again on his mom’s lap suddenly sat and joined.

“Yes Sky kaya you should be a good boy and you also Sunshine should be a good girl to mommy, daddy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki, Ate Abby, Kuya Joma, Manang Fe, Ate Sabel, Ate Doris and Ate Leah. Lahat tayo dapat good para hindi na sad si Papa Jesus.” Ricky further explained which seemed to convince and really made the twins understand. Maya winked at him, admiring how he simply explained the Lenten message to their two youngest kids.

“Sorry daddy, mommy. Sky will not eat Sunshine’s cupcakes anymore.” The boy had the worried look on his face. He looked as if he would cry.

“Oh Sky, don’t cry. Say sorry to Sunshine and promise not to do it again.” It was Maya who calmed the worried boy.

“Sorry Sunshine. I won’t eat your cupcakes. I won’t draw on your books. I won’t hide your pillow. I won’t put whiskers on your doll.” Sky was admitting all that he did to his sister. The three elder Lim kids were all trying to control their laughter. Even Maya and Ricky was amused and also couldn’t help by laugh at the action and expressions of their little boy.

“Okay Sky. Just don’t do it again.” Sunshine replied and hugged his brother. The scene made Maya teary-eyed and made her kiss her husband on his cheek. She was beyond happy. Ricky gathered her closer and kissed her forehead as well.

“Kuya daig ka pa ni Sky. Say sorry to me too…” and the banter of the three elder kids now started. Ricky and Maya just shook their head and smiled.


That night in their room…

“Tulog na yung mga bata?” Ricky just got out the bathroom and was now in his pajamas.

“Yun kambal tulog na. Napagod yun kanina. Yun tatlo ayun nakikipaglaro ng cards kina Joma at Sabel. Maaga pa naman kaya di ko na muna sinabihang matulog.”

“It’s okay sweetheart. Let them enjoy na muna. Hindi naman natin kailangan magmadali bukas. Our rented place is very near the churches we will be visiting. Sina Doris at Leah?”

“Nandun yun dalawa sa kwarto ng kambal. Pinasamahan ko kasi baka biglang magising. Maninibago yun kasi hindi tayo sa bahay.”

As Maya settled beside Ricky, she can’t help but remember the day’s events.

“Nakakatuwa yun mga bata sweetheart. Imagine kahit sina Luke at Nikki kasa kasama natin. Yun ibang mga bata na kaedad nila mas gusto na sumama sa mga kaibigan nila.”

“That’s because they are happy sweetheart. They wouldn’t want to leave the house and they always want to spend time with us kasi masaya sila and you take really good care of them, of me…” Ricky said as he stared lovingly at his wife.


“It’s true. Alam mo bang everytime I drive to work, I always hope na matapos agad yun araw so I could be with you and the kids. You just don’t know how happy you make me sweetheart. Thank you ha.”

“Ricky naman eh. Ako rin kaya. Gusto ko lagi kitang kasama. Gusto ko palaging kasama yun mga bata.” Then she suddenly got teary-eyed. She gets this way whenever she feels overwhelmed by the love of her husband. ” Nagpapaiyak ka na naman eh. Kainis ka.” Then she hid her face by burying it on his chest.

“Iyakin ka lang talaga.” He tried to tease her which earned him a pinch on his side.

But seriously sweetheart, nakakatuwa yun kambal. They are already very curious with anything they see and experience.” Ricky suddenly got serious.

“Oo nga sweetheart. Malalaki na yun kambal. Kahit nga sa school nila sobrang matanong daw sabi ni Teacher Me-Anne.”

“Malalaki na sila… it means pwede nang sundan. Pwede na natin umpisahan ang project to have a baby bunso.” then he wiggled his eyebrows.

Nanlaki ang mata ni Maya. “Sweetheart! Behave ka nga! Semana Santa! Eto talaga!”

“Why? What did I do? What did I say?” He feigned innocence.

“Maang maangan ka pa dyan!” She slapped him lightly.

“Uy sweetheart ang sabi ko we’ll start our goal to have baby bunso and I meant including it in our prayer intentions as we visit the remaining churches tomorrow. Ikaw sweetheart ha! You’re getting naughty. You really can’t get enough of me ha! Even sa Holy week talaga!”

Pikon si Maya pero namula siya sa hiya. “Nakakaasar ka. Yun naman talaga yun pahiwatig mo eh.” Then she again pinched Ricky’s side.

“Aray sweetheart. Hindi pwede tonight. Stop tempting me by yang mga kurot kurot na yan. That always leads somewhere you very well know.”he again wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Ricky!!! Kainis ka!!! Behave ka kasi!!!”

Then not wanting his wife to be further pikon kasi baka magalit ng tuluyan, Ricky just gathered her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

“Biro lang sweetheart. Ikaw naman. Let’s sleep now para may energy ulit tayo bukas.”

Maya snuggled closer to her husband enjoying the warmth and security brought by his embrace as they drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.


A blessed and meaningful Holy Week to all my fellow JoChard and bcwmh fans. Every lesson learned from our fave serye always makes us want to be a better person like every member of the Lim family, Lim household, the bcwmh family. They may not be aware of it but yes, simple lessons from the show had great effect on many of us.

Thanks for reading again my simple take on how our fave Lims spend their Holy Week.


PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 10

“Carlo nasaan ako?” Amor woke up a few hours after Manang Fe left. Carlo was watching TV while seated at the sofa in the hospital room.

“You’re awake. Kumusta ang pakiramdam mo?” He immediately stood up and went to Amor, concern all over his face.

When he saw Amor’s questioning stare he further explained.. “You’re in the hospital. Dinala ka namin kasi nawalan ka ng malay kaninang umaga. Tapos binigyan ka ng doctor ng gamot so you just slept the whole day. How do you feel?”

“Okay naman ang pakiramdam ko. Carlo si Sunshine. Kailangan na nating umuwi.” She was getting upset and worried that she was in the hospital and Sunshine was not by her side.

“Amor, Sunshine is okay. Inaalagaan siya ni Leah at Manang Fe. Don’t worry about her. Magpahinga ka muna at magpalakas para bukas makauwi na talaga tayo.”

She just stared at him. She was teary-eyed.

“Hey okay si Sunshine. Wait. tawagan ko sa bahay para makita mo.”

He automatically called home and instructed Leah to do facetime so Amor could see her baby.

She had been calm after seeing Sunshine asleep in her crib with Manang Fe, Sabel, Leah and even Abby with her in the nursery.

She managed to smile and told Carlo that she was hungry.

Carlo prepared the food Manang Fe brought earlier.

“Carlo ako na. Kaya ko na yan.”

“Ako na. You just stay there. Mabilis na to. Mamaya you have to drink your medicine na rin.”

She just nod her head, too weak to argue.

After finishing her food,  Amor requested Carlo’s assistance as she needs to go to the bathroom. She was still groggy from the medicines given her.

“Rest ka na ha. I’ll just make a phone call.” Carlo said as Amor already settled in bed after brushing her teeth and washing her face.

“Sige Carlo. Okay na ako dito. Baka may kailangan kang puntahan, okay lang sakin.”

“No. ill just be outside the door. Tatawagan ko lang si Liza. Medyo mahina yun signal dito sa loob ng kwarto.”

“Okay lang Carlo. Sige na.”


Carlo was on the phone for about ten minutes. He called Liza and informed her that he can’t attend his meetings tomorrow. He also gave instructions regarding the delivery of the new paintings for their hotel in Tagaytay.  He was supposed to personally supervise the deliveries and installation but after what happened to Amor, he needs to delegate the task to his trusted staff.

He also called home to check  on the kids  Sunshine and Abby and is relieved that they are sleeping already.

He returned inside the room  and found Amor, trying to wipe her eyes and hide it from him. She had been crying.

“Amor…what’s wrong?”

“Wala to Carlo. Sige pahinga ka na.”

“Amor…Hey tell me.”

She was just staring at him but she could no longer control the tears and she broke down in front of Carlo who automatically gathered her in his arms.

“Amor? May masakit ba? Do you want me to call the doctor?”

But she ignored his question and instead asked him what  has  been in he mind eversince she saw the pics in Carlo’s office.”Bakit inilihim mo sa akin? Bakit hindi mo sinabi yun tungkol kay Philip?”

Carlo wasn’t surprised because he was aware that Amor already knew. He just doesn’t know how to answer her. He doesn’t know how to comfort her. He could imagine what Amor feels and no words or hug could remove the pain of losing the father of her child.

“Amor, I can’t tell you. Binilin nya na wag nang  sabihin sa’yo. Philip wanted you and Sunshine to be safe.”

“Safe? Bakit ba? Ano ba ang nangyari? Why was he always talking about my safety?”

“Amor, you wouldn’t understand. Alam mo naman na I also just met my brother. We’ve been estranged for 43 years. Di ko rin alam. I couldn’t answer you because I don’t know what to say.”

“Pero ano ang nangyari sa kanya? Did he get sick? May nakaaway ba siya? Nabaril ba sya? Nung nasa China kami, nabaril siya pero mistaken identity daw. Naulit yun?” She was crying while asking him questions but Carlo couldn’t break the promise he gave his brother.

Philip made him promise that whatever happens to him, he wouldn’t let Amor or anyone else know about it anymore. He also made Carlo promise to love Amor and treat their child as his own.

Amor wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t been careless to leave the pictures in his office.

“Amor…”was all he could say.

“He’s unfair. Your brother is unfair. Was I not that important na basta na lang nya akong binalewala. I know where I stand and we talked about it. Okay lang naman sa akin na we weren’t committed to each other. Pero …” then she sobbed louder.”

“Amor hindi ganun yun. Philip had his reasons. Alam nya na yun ang makakabuti sa’yo, sa anak ninyo.  Kapag nalaman mo, alam nyang masasaktan ka.”

“Pero nasaktan na ako Carlo. You just don’t know gaano kasakit not to be able to see and talk to him for the last time. Hindi mo alam gaano kasakit na hindi ko na siya maipapakilala sa anak namin.”

“Amor, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Hindi mo naman dapat nang malaman. I should have been more careful. Tama si Philip. He was right when he said that you would be affected once you find out.”

He was still hugging her. He’s now seated beside her in the hospital bed to be able to give her the comfort she needs.

“I love him Carlo. Mahal ko si Philip. Mahal na mahal ko siya. Takot lang akong sabihin yun sa kanya kasi alam kong hindi nya magugustuhan yun. Pero when we had out baby, I was waiting for the time na masabi sa kanya that I love him. Di ko na iniisip kung magagalit siya or kung ano ang magiging reaction nya. I just want to tell him I love him pero ngayon, hinding hindi ko na yun masasabi sa kanya.” then her sobs became louder that she was even trembling.

“My brother loves you so much. Philip loves you so much Amor. That’s his reason for keeping everything about himself away from you. He had a complicated life, which I also don’t know much about.  Pero when he unexpectedly paid me a visit after 43 years of being apart, you were the main reason he did it. Ganyan ka kamahal ng kapatid ko. Please know that.”

“Kung mahal nya ako, bakit nya ayaw nyang ipaalam sa akin ang nangyari sa kanya. I need to visit his grave Carlo. Gusto kong makita kung saan sya . Marami akong gustong sabihin sa kanya.”

“Amor my brother  loves you. He did things out of the ordinary, things he shouldn’t be doing because he loves you. Sige I’ll arrange so you can visit him pero for now you have to rest and regain your strength. Sige na.”

She tearfully stared at him. She was at  least  able to let out the pain and burden she’s been feeling. She nod her head and settled in bed. Carlo fixed her blanket and pillows then caressed her hair. “Everything will be okay Amor. I’ll make sure of that. ”

“Salamat Carlo sa lahat ha. Salamat. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. Hindi mo naman kailangan gawin to pero hindi mo kami pinabayaan ni Sunshine.”

“Amor, you’re my family now. Kayo ni Sunshine pamilya na kayo namin ni Abby and I will do everything I can to protect both of you.”


“Sige na. We should rest para makauwi na tayo bukas.”


Carlo made a  very important decision. He needs to do it soon for Amor and her baby. Amor needs someone to take care of her and Sunshine, someone who could give her a secured family life. She deserves to be happy. He will give her that.

“Liza, please book me a flight to China tomorrow.”

“But Sir, di ba in two weeks pa yun scheduled visit nyo?” Liza who takes care of his plane tickets and hotel accommodations reminded him.

“I need to go there earlier Liza. Also please call Atty. Ryan. I need to talk to him.” he further instructed  Liza.

“Ah Sir, Atty Ryan has a seminar today and tomorrow but he already brought the annulment papers for you to read. That’s the folder on top of your table Sir.”

“Okay Liza.Thank you. Tawagin na lang kita if I need something.”

“Okay Sir.”



He is at this place again. He’s been visiting regularly for several months now.

Unknown to Amor and everyone else, this is Carlo’s reason for always visiting China.

But he prematurely visited this month.

After what happened to Amor, he knows that he must make a big decision for Amor and her baby’s sake. He must give her the family she needs, the happiness she deserves.

He needs to ask his permission.

He lit the candles he brought and sat on the grass beside the grave.

He spent a couple of minutes praying.

He also needed guidance in whatever he was bound to do. He is certain that it is the best decision to make.

While touching the engraved name on the tombstone…

“Wǒ yào wèi nǐ zuò zhège  Philip.”

“I need to do this for you, Philip.”


Next Chapter:

At the Qincheng Prison, a maximum security facility located in Changping District, Beijing, China, the leader of the once organized and feared smuggling syndicate was in his quarters reading a very thick book when someone approached him.

In a whisper…

“Carlo Asuncion visited the grave two days ago.”

“It was not his schedule of visit yet. He goes there every 25th of the month. Our men must have been mistaken.”

“There was no mistake. It was confirmed. Our men even took pictures. Do you want them to do something about it?”

“No. Just leave him alone for now.”

“Do you want him monitored? His business seems to be doing well. Do you want our men to  check on it?”

“No. I said leave him alone for now. I will give instructions on what to do but now is not the time to do that.


PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 9

“Jose Mari!  Sabel!  Leah! Tulungan nyo ako. Si Ma’m Amor nyo!”

Leah, Abby’s former nanny, who now is Sunshine’s nanny was cleaning the baby bottles when she heard Manang Fe’s hysterical scream.

Earlier Amor was seen with her baby Sunshine at the veranda. The baby was cooing and Amor seemed happy playing with her.

Sunshine’s crib was also at the veranda. Amor and her baby usually stays at there  every morning.

Manang Fe was instructing Sabel on the meals to be cooked.

Abby was busy playing with her dolls at the garden where Jose Mari was trimming the grass.

The day was normal and when Amor greeted everyone earlier, she seemed okay.

So when Manang Fe found her unconscious, she was screaming for help, calling Leah, Sabel and Jose Mari.

Good thing that the baby was asleep when Manang Fe saw her mom slumped on the cushioned seat.

She frantically dialled Carlo’s number who was having a meeting with his hotel staff.

Carlo’s daughter Abby was also so worried of her Tita Amor .

Jose Mari and Manang Fe rushed Amor to the hospital while Leah and Sabel were left with the kids.

Amor’s staff Roma Christie and Peter were no longer staying at her house, the house Philip provided her. They were back in the States to manage the chain of department stores Amor Powers owns.

Since Philip made sure that she and their baby had everything they need, Amor decided to donate all profits of her business to the foundation / charity groups she had been supporting.

After giving birth to Sunshine, Amor made sure to have everything in order, her investments, business. What’s important to her is their baby.

She only wished for a simple life with her daughter and her dad, even though she knew that he could never be with them.

Carlo, as requested by Philip, also lives with them together with his daughter Abby but he maintained a safe distance. He knows that his brother owns Amor Powers’ heart and all he could do was to be there for her.


“Mr. Asuncion, your sister-in-law is suffering from Postpartum depression. She hasn’t been eating lately then she lacks sleep too. Since wala yun husband nya, the people at home should give her extra attention. May kasama ba sya sa bahay?”

“Yes doc. Meron. Marami kami sa bahay. I didn’t notice any changes in her because she was always her jolly self at home. But i will bear in mind what you said. I’ll make sure to be attentive and to always have someone with her.”

“I think ayaw lang nya kayong mag-alala sa kanya. She pretended to be okay. Pero buti naman at we were able to detect it. You can bring her home tomorrow. Dito na muna sya tonight so she can rest. Who is taking care of her baby?”

“She has a nanny doc and we also have a very efficient and trusted household staff.”

“Okay Mr. Asuncion. May ipapainom lang sa kanyang gamot mamaya. You try to let her eat. Kung pwede samahan nyo na muna. She needs to regain her energy na rin. Bukas may kakausap sa kanya then she can go home.”

“Okay doc. Thank you.”

The doctor left Carlo alone while Amor was asleep.

As Carlo was staring at the sleeping form of the woman who once captured his heart he couldn’t help but feel sad for his twin, Philip.

He never realized that life had been so cruel to his brother.

Philip Tang and Carlo Tang had been separated when they turned five. Their mother Esmeralda who was married to one of the biggest syndicate leaders in Shanghai, China, Roberto Tang, planned on escaping her husband and bringing the twins with her to the Philippines. But on the day that they were about to leave, Roberto’s men intercepted their car and was able to retrieve one of the twins. That was Philip.

Their mom escaped with Carlo and they were helped by some kindhearted Filipinos in the embassy. They were able to go home to the Philippines safely.

But life in the Philippines wasn’t easy for Carlo and his mom. They struggled just to be able to survive. It was more difficult because they don’t have any relatives.

The friends who promised to help his mom, avoided them when they found out that she was hiding from her husband.

Esmeralda was a secretary of Roberto Tang in their business in the Philippines. Roberto Tang also owns some legitimate business to cover for his illegal ones. They stayed in the Philippines for 3 years but had to return to China to manage  their main branch. When they needed to leave, Roberto brought Esmeralda to China because they were already having a baby. He accidentally got Esmeralda pregnant. But he loved her and even married her.


“Carlo, kumain ka na muna.” He was suddenly interrupted by Manang Fe who just arrived.

“Ay Manang, good evening. Mamaya na ako kakain. Busog pa ho ako.”

“Naku basta mamaya kumain ka. Ayoko ng mga nagkakasakit. Gagaya ka rin kay Amor na di kumakain. Eto tinola yan para sa kanya tapos ikaw ipinagluto ka ni Sabel ng beef steak kasi request mo yan kanina di ba?”

“Opo Manang. Ako na bahala dyan. Sasabayan ko na lang si Amor kumain pag gising nya.”

“Ano palang sabi ng doctor? Anong sakit nya?” Manang Fe was really worried.

“Stressed lang po dahil first time mommy. Pero okay naman daw po.”

“Ay mainam naman. Sobrang alala ko kanina.

“Eto pala, nakita ko to na hawak ni Amor kanina. Dinala ko na kasi baka importante at baka hanapin nya.” Manang Fe handed what seemed like a  journal to Carlo.

“Salamat po Manang. Si Sunshine at si Abby po kumusta sila?”

“Okay sila. Wag kang mag-alala. Yun anak mo, hayun nagbabantay din sa pinsan nya. Gustong tulungan si Leah at Sabel. Ayan may dala akong gamit mo. May pamalit kang damit at may pang-opisina na rin. Di ko naman kasi alam na makakauwi na si Amor bukas. Si Joma nagpapark ng kotse. Si Jose Mari naman binilin ko na siya muna ang magbabantay sa bahay.”

“Salamat pero pwede na po kayong umuwi Manang. Mas kailangan kayo ng mga bata. Hindi ako kampante na wala kayo doon.”

“Pero pagod ka na sa trabaho. Pwede kang matulog dyan sa sofa tapos ako na lang magbabantay hanggang gumising si Amor.”

“Wag na po Manang. Kaya ko na po dito. Sige na po. Tawagan nyo na lang ako pagkauwi nyo.”

“Sige uuwi ako pero magbihis at kumain ka na muna. Hindi pwedeng iwanan si Amor dito habang nasa banyo ka.”




I went to my OB for the ultrasound this morning. Carlo accompanied me. We are having a baby girl Philip!

I’m sure you would be very happy. You’ve always wanted a girl.

I hope that you’re with me when the doctor gave that very happy news.

I miss you so much. Alam ko naman that we agreed to this set-up but if I could have it my way, I want you here. I want to see you getting excited with our baby.  I know you are. I know that wherever you are, naiisip mo pa rin kami.

Your brother had been so helpful. I couldn’t thank him enough but I miss you so much.

I know we talked about this even before. I know we told each other to find happiness when the time comes to part ways. I’m trying Philip, for our baby, but I can’t, I can’t be happy without you.

Sorry for not keeping my promise to be strong on my own. The truth is I could feel that something is wrong. I tried to ask your brother but maybe you’ve instructed him not to say anything.

I really miss you and I pray that you would call me one day. I just need to hear your voice to know that you’re okay, you’re safe.




I didn’t sleep last night. Our baby girl is quite an acrobat. Maybe she wants to go out already. Maybe she wants to make it easier for her mom to look for her dad. She wants to see you. I want to see you.




I had a bad dream last night. I’m so worried. Please let me know that you’re okay. I won’t bother you with anything. I don’t even mind if you have a family already. Please just let me know that you’re okay.




Happy Birthday!

I never found out when  your birthday was but Carlo celebrated his today so Happy Birthday too to my Knight, My Hero, the one who gave me the greatest gift ever. I pray that all your wishes come true. I hope you are safe and happy.

I baked a cake for both of you.

Take care wherever you are.




Carlo brought me to the hospital this morning. He’s so paranoid. He thought I would be giving birth already so here I am at the hospital room waiting for my delivery schedule. I decided to undergo CS because the doctor said our baby is so big and it would be safer for both us.




Sunshine just slept tonight. I wanted to sleep too but I’m afraid that she’d wake up and cry. She’s bigger now and she reacts to my voice. She has your eyes.




Our baby will be Christened next week. I’m wondering who I’ll get as godparents. Of course her uncle Carlo will be her ninong. Your friend Verna? Can we get her too? She sent me flowers and visited me in the hospital when I gave birth. I just don’t know where to contact her.

Sunshine is growing up so fast. She’s my life. I can’t thank you enough for her.




You’re unfair. What happened? Did you get sick? May kalaban ka ba? I knew something was wrong before when you got shot but you made sure to keep everything a secret. I’m sure you also instructed Carlo not to tell me.

But why Philip?

All my hopes of letting you meet our baby girl is now gone.

I wasn’t even able to say my final goodbye.

I wasn’t even able to tell you how thankful I am for having known you.

I wasn’t able to show you how important you were, how special you were to me.

I wasn’t even able to tell you that I already love you the moment I found out that we were having a baby.

Yes Philip I love you, not Carlo, not anyone else.

All these time I was hoping that the day will come that I’ll be able to see you again.

I’ve been praying that kahit isang araw lang, we could be a complete family with our daughter.

Kaya pala di ako mapakali. This explains why I was always having those bad dreams, the gnawing pain in my stomach.

I saw the pictures at the funeral when I was looking for Carlo’s book at his office. Kung hindi ko pa nakita, hindi ko pa malalaman.

I will ask Carlo to allow me to visit you. I’ll bring our daughter. I’ll bring all her pictures.

You’re really unfair. You told me that you will never leave no matter what. You told me that though we’re apart I’ll just tell Carlo and he’ll be able to give my messages to you.

How could you do this?

You’re really unfair. Sana naging masama ka na lang sa’kin. Sana you showed me you didn’t care.

But Philip, I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you smile, your voice, your smell, your touch. I’ll miss everything about you. Nakakainis ka.



These were some of the entries of Amor’s journal which she was holding on to when Manang Fe found her unconscious at their veranda.

The last entry was written last night. It had smeared inkblots in it which meant that she had been crying while she wrote it.

He had been so careless to just leave the pictures in his table. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if something serious happened to Amor after finding about the pictures.

He remembered that Amor had been so quiet last night. He didn’t pry because he thought she was just tired taking care of Sunshine. Despite having a nanny, Amor is a hands-on mom.

He would have failed his brother if something happened to her and their baby.

When Philip surprised him with a visit several months ago, Carlo didn’t now what to feel but as they were together inside a room, not talking to each other,  he heard his brother on the phone. He assumed that it was their father on the other end.

“Have you contacted your brother?”

“No pa. It’s better to leave him alone. Let’s not drag him into our lives anymore. He is living a peaceful life.

“I’m with Kevin, I’m taking care of something very important….

That meeting made him agree to his brother’s request of taking responsibility for Amor and their baby.




Next Chapter

He is at this place again. He’s been visiting regularly for several months now.

Unknown to Amor and everyone else, this is Carlo’s reason for always visiting China.

But he prematurely visited this month. 

After what happened to Amor, he knows that he must make a big decision for Amor and her baby’s sake. He must give her the family she needs, the happiness she deserves.

He needs to ask his permission.

He lit the candles he brought and sat on the grass beside the grave.




Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 5

“Richard baka di ka pala sanay kumain sa ganito tapos pinagbibigyan mo lang ako.” Maya wanted to make sure that it is okay for Richard to eat bananacue and goto. She was preparing his food by adding kalamansi and patis.

“Maya I could eat anything. Stop treating me na parang hindi marunong kumain ng mga ganyan.”

“Eh bakit madalas ka bang kumain neto? Alam ko naman na sa busy mo sa trabaho, wala kang time magexplore sa mga ganitong lugar. Baka masira sikmura mo sa mga ganitong pagkain kasi hindi sanay.” She countered.

“Yes I don’t normally go to places like this. I don’t have time kasi pero hindi ibig sabihin I don’t like it or di ako kumakain ng mga ganito. It’s just that I don’t have someone to accompany me. I dont have someone to enjoy this place with.” he said while stealing a glance at Maya who seemed to be affected with the last line he said.

While trying to hide her blushing face. Maya proceeded to buy Coke to go with the goto and bananacue they were eating.

They were at the Luneta Park. Richard called Maya a few hours ago and invited her to have some snacks. He told her he’s hungry and can’t eat alone. Actually he really wanted to see her. He needs to see her. He needs her positive vibes on a stressful day.

The meeting with the LAS engineers drained his energy and his patience was even tested when the equipment needed for the Clark hangar of LAS had to be returned to the suppliers for replacement.

He needed a break so he called Maya. He knows that it is her day off from work.

Maya agreed but insisted on choosing the place and be the one to pay for everything they will eat.

He relented just to make her accept his invitation.

Maya brought Richard to the food stalls along Luneta. She always wanted to visit Luneta but her friends Emman and Edz always preferred to go to malls during their rest day. Now that Richard invited her, Maya took the opportunity to bring him here. It would be a different experience for Richard she thought.

They didn’t even notice that they have consumed a good amount of different kinds of street food. Both were enjoying each other’s company.

The drive to the hospital and to Maya’s home a few weeks ago had been the start of a new friendship between Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim. Despite the not-so-good first encounter they had, Maya and Richard are now good friends. Richard never gave up on earning Maya’s forgiveness for what he did.

That very first night when Maya allowed him to bring her home was followed by numerous visits to her workplace, daily invitations for snacks, dinner or lunch, small gifts for Maya.

Richard was always excited to see her and though she was stubborn to admit it, she really enjoys his presence.

“Ang sarap pala mamasyal dito. We should go here often.” Richard commented while they were seated at one of the benches at the park.

“Di ba sabi ko sa’yo magugustuhan mo dito. Ang saya di ba? Maganda pa yun mga tanawin.” She was so happy to have brought him here and releievd that Richard really enjoyed. She thought he wouldn’t love the food but he actually did and he ate a lot.

“You were right. At maganda talaga ang tanawin.” He said while staring at her which made Maya blush again. She was getting uneasy and she can’t control feeling giddy whenever he stares at her in a certain way.


“Maya can I invite you sa party ng company sa Saturday?” He asked her while driving her home.

“Party? Eh Richard hindi naman ako sanay sa mga ganyan. Atsaka wala naman akong kilala.”

“Ako. I’m there and I won’t leave your side. Sige na. I’ll be bored if wala ka dun. I need someone to entertain me. Sige na please.”he glanced at her and she saw his puppy dog eyes.

“Sus! Dadaanin mo pa ako sa mga ganyan mo. At gagawin mo pa akong entertainer. Ewan ko sa’yo Richard!”

“Sige na Maya. You can ask me any favor din samahan mo lang ako sa party.”

“Talaga? Sigurado ka?”

“Oo I promise. Ano bang papagawa mo sakin?”

“Pag iisipan ko muna pakatapos ng party.”

“Oh this means pumapayag ka? Yes! Thank you Maya!” Then he suddenly stopped his car at the side of the road and hugged her tight.

“Hep! Hep! Grabe ka naman makayakap. Baka gusto mong….” She was surprised with his move that she pushed him to create a distance.

“Sorry Maya! I just got excited! Sorry!” He was worried that she might have been offended again.

“Eto naman, hindi naman ako galit! Oo na sasamahan na kita. Eto talagang kaibigan ko.”


“Maya is something wrong?” Ricky worriedly asked as he saw Maya uneasy in her chair. She just ate a small amount of the food in her plate.

In a whisper, not wanting to attract attention from others in their table, Maya replied, “Ricky medyo sumama yun pakiramdam ko. Pwede bang mauna na akong umuwi?”

“Ha? Why? What’s wrong? Ano ang masakit sa’yo? Do you want me to bring you to the hospital? Ano? Maya?” Ricky was already frantic.

“Ssshhh! Kalma ka nga Ricky. Ok lang naman. Kailangan ko lang talagang maunang umuwi.”

Richard sensing that Maya indeed wants to go home stood up and assisted her. “Halika ihatid na kita.”

“Wag na Ricky kaya ko naman.”

But Richard was already holding her hand as he announced to those at their table that he and Maya had to leave.

He instructed Liza to take charge of their guests at the party.

“Sige na bumalik ka na dun Ricky. Okay na ako dito. Marami namang taxi.” She said the moment they were out of the venue.

“No ihahatid kita. Alin bang masakit sa’yo. We have to drop by the hospital first.” He was holding her hand as he led her to the parking area.

“Ricky ok na sabi. Bumalik ka na sa loob. Hahanapin ka ng mga bisita mo.”

“Liza can take care of them besides hindi naman ako mageenjoy ng hindi ka kasama.”

“Ricky mag-eenjoy ka. Effective yun show natin. Mukhang apektado yun ex mo. Balik ka na dun. Go for the kill!” She tried to act like she was happily encouraging him.

He couldn’t understand a thing she was saying.


Earlier, at the Lim Aviation Services party, Maya arrived with Richard. Despite being the host of the party, Richard made it a point to fetch Maya and go to the party together.

They were met by his business partners, employees. His parents Roberto and Esmeralda Lim were in attendance.

Richard proudly introduced Maya. He was beaming with pride having her beside him. His mom Esmeralda was obviously amused at her son. She never saw Richard this happy.

As the party progressed Richard momentarily left Maya to answer a phone call from one of his engineers in their Clark hangar who seemed to have some important matters to discuss with him. Maya was left at the table with Liza and Minerva, Richard’s trusted secretary and assistant.

“Liza asan ba yun ladies room?” Maya needed to freshen up.

“Ma’m Maya samahan ko na po kayo. Nandun kasi sa likod.” Liza offered to accompany her but Maya declined.

“Wag na Liza. Kaya ko naman. Dito ka lang at baka kailanganin ka ng boss mo atsaka wag mo naman akong tawaging Ma’m. Maya na lang. Hindi kaso ako kumportable. O sige punta na ako sa restroom. Pakisabi na lang kay Richard.” Then without waiting for Liza’s reply, Maya proceeded to the ladies room.

She hasn’t entered yet when she heard Richard’s name being mentioned by someone inside.

“Cath have you seen the lady Richard is with? Mukhang tuwang tuwa yun ex mo sa kanya ah.” one lady said.

“Alin yun kasama ni Ricky? Gie naman. I’m sure she’s just one of his diversions. Alam mo naman si Ricky, everytime nagkakagalit kami ang tendency nya palagi eh gumanti at humanap ng kung sino-sinong babae sa tabi-tabi.” Then they both laughed.

“But Cath akala ko talagang break na kayo. Pano na yun proposal ni Jayjay?”

“Hindi naman kasi yun totoo. I just bluffed Richard Lim para magpropose na sya sa’kin. Eh hindi tumalab.” Then she laughed.

“Yan kasi. Alam na alam mo namang mahal na mahal ka ni Richard eh you were being a brat to him. Kung ano-ano pa ang demands mo. Pa’no yan. Ni hindi ka nga ata napansin kanina. Hindi ka man lang nilapitan. Naku Catherine, kapag nagsawa sa kakasuyo sa’yo yan si Richard Lim, magsisisi ka. Mukhang bagay pa naman sila ng kasama nya.”

“That girl?! Oh c’mon Gie! Sa tingin mo ipagpapalit ako ni Ricky sa naive and inexperienced -looking girl na yun. At you saw her clothes di ba? She seemed so conservative. Alam mo naman si Ricky, medyo you know…” then she giggled and the woman named Gie also joined her.

“Basta I’m sure libangan lang siya ni Ricky at mamayang gabi pupunta na naman yan at dun magoovernight sa condo ko.” The lady named Catherine confidently stated.

“O siya. Sinabi mo. Let’s go na nga. Okay na yun face mo. I’m sure your ex will get mesmerized when he sees you.”

“I’m sure of that. And please stop saying ex kasi hindi pa naman kami break. I would say cool off lang lang.”

“Cool off eh sinabihan mo nga na nagpropose si Jayjay. ”

“Wag ka na ngang kumontra. Halika na.”

Maya, sensing that the women were about to go out, hid herself until they left the ladies room.

She heard the whole conversation. She was hurt but she knows that she shouldn’t be.

Richard was just a friend to her and she also considers him just a friend. She thought that maybe he brought her to the party to make his girlfriend jealous. That could be his reason why he pleaded for her to join him. She shouldn’t make a big deal out of it but instead help him and his ex patch things up. She decided that she will continue being a good friend to him and give whatever help he needs.

After a few minutes in the ladies room, Maya went out to find Richard waiting for her outside.

“Hey antagal mo naman Maya. I was looking all over for you.”

“Ah eh, alam naman ni Liza na nandito ako.”

“Umalis saglit si Liza kasi she had to follow up the tokens for our guests. Hindi pa daw kasi nadeliver. We need to give them at the end of the party. You’re okay? Nageenjoy ka ba?” He softly asked.

“Oo naman. Ang saya ng party at yun mga engineers nyo grabe magbiro. Lalo na yun Japanese.”

“Ah si Engineer Yamagutchi. Yes he’s really funny but also the best in his job. Tara punta na tayo sa table natin ng makakain na tayo. I’m starving.”

He led her to their table where Minerva, Richard’s parents and Richard’s friend Atty Ryan Molina was also seated. Liza joined them too

Richard was so attentive of her. He even scooped some food on her plate which embarrassed Maya.

“Richard kaya ko na. Wag na.” But she caught the woman who was at the ladies room awhile ago staring at them so she just allowed Richard. She thinks that it was a part of his plan.

But as the party went on, she felt uncomfortable with the sharp gaze and insulting laughter of Richard’s ex and her companion. It also didn’t help that Richard seemed not to notice them or was just pretending that he didn’t.

That’s the reason why she requested to leave.


“What? Show natin? Apektado? Go for the kill? What are you talking about Maya?” He was really clueless.

“Yun ex mo! Mukhang naiinis sya ng makita kang may kasamang iba. Ibig sabihin nun eh may feelings pa sya sa’yo. Kaya effective yun plano mong paselosin siya. Aba nakakaproud din yun sa akin ha! Imagine pinagselosan ako ng ganung kagandang babae.” She exaggeratedly acted like she was so happy for him, like it was fine for her to be used to make his ex jealous. She was even laughing.

But Richard wasn’t amused at all.

“Akala mo yun ang reason why inimbita kita? You were thinking I brought you here to make her jealous? Iniisip mo na ginamit kita?” He looked hurt and upset.

Natigilan si Maya.

“Ah eh hindi ba ganun yun plan mo? ”

“Maya I invited you because I wanted you by my side. She wasn’t even expected at the party and I’ve instructed Liza not to invite her but she invited herself and I couldn’t do anything about it. Whatever she’s doing there, kung inis man siya o hindi, kung sino man ang kausap nya, I don’t care. Nakalimutan ko nga na she was there. I’m enjoying myself with you para mapansin ko pa na nandun sya.”

Maya was quiet. She couldn’t react to everything Richard said and he seemed angry.

“Halika na. Ihatid na kita.”

Sensing the sudden change in Richard’s mood, Maya kept quiet as they left the venue.

Richard was still quiet and Maya was already feeling bad for what she said, what she assumed. Richard was obviously mad.

“Richard, sorry na. Mali na ako. Wag ka nang magalit. Huy…”

He just stared at her and she saw his sullen face.

She added again, “Kasi naman hindi mo naman sya nakwento sakin kaya di ko alam…”

But before she was able to say more, Richard parked the car at the side of the road.

“She’s not that important to be part of our conversations Maya. Di ko na naisip na kailangan kong sabihin sa’yo because I was always having so much  fun whenever I’m with you. But if you want to know about her, yes she was my girlfriend for 2 years but she broke up with me three months ago and she’s getting married to a friend of mine. Yes yun ang reason why I’ve been drinking every night at your place of work. I loved her that much but when I met you, you turned my life around and made me totally forget about her.”


“I enjoyed being with you Maya. The first encounter we had, when I did something wrong to you, hindi ako natahimik nun. Sobrang masama yun pakiramdam ko knowing that I’ve offended you. When you accepted my apology, i was really thankful but what made me happiest is when we became friends. Sa halos 2 months natin as friends, there was never a dull moment with you Maya. I was always looking forward to seeing you. When we’re together, halos ayokong matapos yun oras. You always make me smile. You make me feel good kahit anong sama pa ng araw ko. Then this party? I was excited to invite you kasi gusto kong makilala ka nina Mama at Papa at I would like to introduce you to all my colleagues who were wondering why I’ve been having the positive disposition lately. I wanted to show them the reason for my being happy which also affected them kasi nabawasan daw yun kasungitan ko.”

She was just staring at him. She felt sorry for what she thought of him. She doesn’t even know what to say.

“I invited you because I want you by my side. Gusto ko na kasama kita when I celebrate my accomplishments, yun success ng LAS. Gusto ko na maipadama sa’yo how happy I am that you’re with me. Using you to spite my former girlfriend never crossed my mind Maya.”

“Richard I’m sorry na. Wag ka nang magalit. Nahihiya na ako sa pinagsasabi ko. I’m sorry mali yun mga naiisip ko. Kasi… basta sorry na.”

He nod his head. “Hindi naman ako galit. Nagtatampo lang kasi inisip m na gagawin ko yun sa’yo.”

“Sorry na nga. Babawi ako para wag ka nang magtampo.”She smiled brightly at him which made Richard smile now.

“Really? Paano ka naman babawi?” he was smiling now.

“Dun sa bahay. Papakainin kita ng ginawa kong salad. Dadalhan sana kita kanina kaso party naman yun pupuntahan natin kaya di na ako nagdala. Pero since di ka naman kumain ng marami sa party, sa bahay na lang. Okay na ba yun?”

“Anything Maya. Basta ikaw, kahit ano pa yan.”

“So I’m forgiven na? Di ka na galit?”

“Hindi nga ako galit. Nagtatampo lang.”

“Talaga ha!”

“Oo nga! Kulit!”

“Sige na nga paakap na lang sa matampuhin kong kaibigan.” Then Maya proceeded to hug Richard, a move which surprised him too.


At Maya’s place while having salad, Richard and Maya were watching the sports news when an actor-athlete’s face suddenly flashed on TV.

Maya was watching intently while Richard had the annoyed look on his face.

After his feature on TV, Maya giddily explained to Richard who that celebrity is.

Richard just listened poker-faced. But Maya didn’t notice it but continued talking.

“Ang galing talaga nyang si Jeff Macavinta. Top businessman na nga, may napakagandang fiancee pa. Maswerte sila sa isa’t isa. Alam mo ba Ricky, yun fiancee nya raw eh umuwi pa galing ng New York para samahan siya dito.” Maya was blabbering nonstop while Ricky was just nodding his head once in a while and trying his best to smile.

“Maya I have to go ahead. Balikan ko na dun sa party kasi ako magbibigay ng awards ng employees at tokens sa guests.” He said the moment Maya finished talking about his fave celebrity. He didn’t even comment on what Maya said.

“Ay oo nga pala. Sige Richard. Salamat sa paghatid. Ingat ka ha! Tawagan mo na lang ako mamaya or bukas.”

“Yes Maya and thank you for being with me.”

Richard left but Maya was totally unaware of Richard’s mood when he left.


“Ano ka ba naman Maya! Si Jeff Macavinta ay yun kinasuhan ng kumpanya ni Richard Lim. Nagnakaw ata sila ng designs ng eroplano. Yun ang narinig ko sa balita.” Emman couldn’t believe that Maya wasn’t aware about Jeff Macavinta and Richard Lim’s rivalry.

“Atsaka Maya yun Jeff na yun lang naman  ang umagaw  sa girlfriend ng kaibigan mo.” Edz added.

“Ha!? Naku kaya pala bad mood ulit si Richard ng umalis sya.”

She was talking to her friends when they arrived and the topic drifted to the celebrity athlete.

“Lagot ka Maya. Magsorry ka na kaya.” Edz suggested.

“Oo magsosorry ako pagtawag nya mamaya or bukas.”

But he didn’t call that night.

He didn’t call the following day.

He actually didn’t call her for the rest of the week which was unusual because he calls Maya daily and visits her at work daily too.

Maya knows galit na nga si Richard.


With the goal to ask forgiveness, Maya bravely went to Richard’s office.

“Liza busy ba si Mr. Lim?”

“Hindi naman po Ma’m Maya. Teka sabihin ko na nandito ka.”

“Ah eh… wag na. Wag mo nang sabihing dumaaan ako. Gusto ko lang makasiguro na wala siyang sakit at okay lang siya.”

“Okay naman po si Sir. Nasa opisina lang siya parati at bihira lumabs ng mga nakaraang araw.”

“Sige Liza, alis na ako. Wag mo nang sabihin na dumaan ako.”

“But Ma’m Maya , Sir Richard pays me to tell him everything. Teka lang tawagin ko.”

But the moment Liza disappeared to inform Richard of her presence, Maya hurriedly left his building premises. She doesn’t know how to face him.

“Where is she Liza?”

“Sir nandito lang po kanina. Ayaw nga nyang ipasabi na dumaan siya kaso tinawag pa rin kita.” Liza was worried that her boss might get mad at her.

Richard remained silent and just shook his head.

“Ok na Liza. I’ll just call her.” He assured his secretary who seemed upset that Maya already left without waiting for him.”



Next Chapter:

“Can i court you Maya?” Richard was nervous when he asked her. 

“Ang tagal tagal ko na kayang hinihintay na tanungin mo yan.” 




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