The Lim Family Outing 2

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After that very early morning swim, Maya felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off her chest.

She realized that she can pull off wearing a swimsuit and that it’s no big deal.

She felt confident that her Ser Chief even complimented how she looked.

That was the most important part of it.

Maya, being the provincial lass that she is, is really conservative when it comes to clothes and even when it comes to her actions.

Her co-FAs would always tease her about it and advise her to change her wardrobe especially now that she is Mr. Lim’s girlfriend.
She never relented despite their prodding.

She believed that her Ser Chief loved her the way she is.

She always thought that way until yesterday when he asked her to wear that swimsuit he bought.

Maybe her co-FAs were right after all.

They were right that in order to keep Mr. Lim interested in her, she should try to change or improve herself.

This won’t mean changing her ideals but at least be brave enough to keep up with the circle of associates Richard has.

Richard always made her feel that he is proud of her and she promised herself that she would take extra effort to keep him proud of her.

She would start with her wardrobe and with her openness to new things, whatever those will be.

On the other hand, Richard is grumpy as hell.

The cold shower didn’t help at all.

He tried to go back to bed but everytime he closes his eyes, the image of Maya in that wet two piece swim wear would invade his thoughts.

This is his own doing and he wants badly to scold himself.

Oh well, he is suffering enough already anyway.

He always knew Maya was beautiful but it’s not her beauty that captivated him.

It was her personality that he loved most.

But with what he saw, he is no longer sure if her personality would top his list of the things he admires in her.

He is no longer sure for what he could only think of now is her curves, her flawless skn, her long shapely legs.

Suddenly someone knocks on his door.

Maya: Sir Chief? Sir Chief? Gising ka na? Nakahanda na yun breakfast. Sir Chief?

SC: Argh!!! Please let her leave (he silenty hopes)

Maya: Sir Chief. Ikaw na lang yun hinihintay sa mesa.

SC: (opens the door) What is it Maya?

Maya: (smiles sweetly at him) Good Morning Ser Chief. Tara breakfast na tayo.

SC: Ah eh..sige susunod ako. (he can’t look straight at Maya, he is fidgety, beads of sweat are forming in his nape and forehead.)

Maya: Uy SC, okay ka lang?

SC: Yes (he swallows hard) I am ok. Go ahead na Maya. I’ll be right there. Tell them to eat ahead.

Maya: Sure ka? Masama bang pakiramdam mo?

SC: Sige na Maya.

When Maya left, he proceeded to his bathroom to take another cold shower and prepare himself.

He wouldn’t want to spoil their vacation, just because of his manly urges, especially when his parents are around.

Besides he was always in control, he has always been in control of himself.

It is that attitude that made him the successful businessman he is now.

He convinces himself that he would get through this one.

Even he, himself was surprised at why he’s acting this way.

He just attributes it to his 5 years of being alone after Alex died.

It’s been a long time already and it’s the first time that he’s been close to a woman he loves after Alex.

All he needs is to get a grip of himself and divert his attention on something else.

He proceeds to the table where the whole family were already eating their breakfast.

Everybody greeted him and he nodded in return.

Don Roberto: Oh Ricky, napasarap ata ang tulog mo. Kaso etong mama mo nangungulit na dapat mamasyal tayo mamaya.

The kids, Joma, Doris and Sabel are now leaving the table and running towards the beach.

Dona Esmeralda: O anak, okay ka lang? Are you not feeling well? Sabi kasi ni Maya, namumula ka daw kanina tapos parang iba yun kilos mo (she proceeds to feel Richard’s forehead to check if he has fever).

SC: Ma I’m fine. Just tired I guess.

Dona Esmeralda. Who told you kasi to swim very early when you should have slept na lang. Pati si Maya ginising mo.

Richard looks at Maya.

He thought Maya told the rest of the household about their early morning swim.

When he saw Maya, as surprised as he was, he knew that his mom didn’t learn about it from her.

His mom further confirmed this.

Dona Esmeralda: Naku Ricky, matanda na ako. I usually wake up at 3 am. I heard you and Maya kanina. I wanted to join you kaso parang makakaistorbo lang ako.

Namula si Maya at si Richard. They acted like teenagers na nahuli. Manang Fe and Don Roberto were throwing knowing glances at the couple.

Maya tried to divert her embarrassment

Maya: Kunin ko muna po yun mga prutas sa kitchen. (and before anybody could say a word, umalis na siya)

Doña Esmeralda: O ano Ricky. You enjoyed ba or what? Ang ganda ng girlfriend mo at bagay na bagay yun binili mong swimsuit. I would die to have a body like that.

SC: Mama!

Manang Fe was laughing and shaking her head at the same time. The three were having a blast teasing Richard.

Dona Esmeralda: Naku tigilan mo nga ako. Alam ko yun mga ganyang gawain. At talagang ikaw pa ang bumili ng isusuot ng girlfriend mo ah! Manang mana ka sa papa mo.

SC: I don’t know what you are talking about (tries so hard to deny and look unaffected).

Doña Esmeralda, Don Roberto and Manang Fe are all laughing at Richard’s expense.

When Maya returned to the table they continued their breakfast.

Richard’s parents were amused by Maya’s stories and even Manang Fe would join in laughter.

Richard, was just silently eating his breakfast, trying his best to avoid any interaction with Maya.

DE: Oh Ricky we decided na magshopping kasama ng mga bata after our breakfast. Sa labas na rin tayo maglunch.

MF: Pinahanda ko na kay Joma yun mga sasakyan kanina pa.

SC: Hindi na muna ako sasama. I need to finish something for the office.

DR: Bakit naman? I thought this was a vacation? Why do you need to work?

DE: Definitely! We’re here for rest and recreation!

Maya: Ser Chief sama ka na. Mas masaya pag kumpleto tayo.

SC: (still avoiding Maya’s gaze) Basta kayo na lang. (he dismissed them grumpily and stood to go to his room)

DR: (surprised) What happened? He seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

MF and DE just smiled and shook their heads.

Maya: Ah eh, sundan ko na po muna si SC.

DE: Wag na iha. Ako na lang. Mabuti pa tawagin nyo na ang mga bata pati sina Joma, Doris at Sabel para makapaghanda at makapag bihis na.

MF: Ah sige po Ma’m.

DR: Okay, since di sasama si Ricky ako na lang magmamaneho ng isang sasakyan.

Maya: Ah si Luke po, nagdridrive na rin siya. Baka po kasi mapagod kayo eh.

DR: Ah mabuti pa nga iha.

Meanwhile, DE is now knocking at Richard’s door.

SC: Ma, I’m busy.

DE: (enters the room) Busy, with what? Busy lying down and calming your nerves? (laughs)

SC: Ma!

DE: Naku Ricky, kilalang kilala kita. Instead of sulking here, join us so you could distract yourself from whatever goes on in that naughty mind of yours.

SC: Ma, I really need to have some documents done. Liza is waiting.

DE: Whatever you say. It’s up to you. O siya, I have to prepare. We’re gonna enjoy the place while we’re here. Do whatever suits you.

SC: Okay Ma. Enjoy kayo.

DE: Okay. One thing more son. (she looks at Richard teasingly) Never, start what you have no right to finish! Magkakasakit ka talaga nyan, hahaha!

SC: Mama!

DE leaves Richard red of frustration.


The whole family left Richard. Manang Fe, Sabel, Dona Esmeralda and Nikki are in the van with Joma while Don Roberto, Doris and Abby are in the bmw with Luke.

Unknown to Richard, Dona Esmeralda, requested Maya to just stay behind.


Aware that everybody had left, Richard decided to spend his day in the cottage by the beach.

At least, the sea breeze would help calm his nerves and recharge from the draining emotional turmoil or urges he had.

The weather is great, perfect for strolling since the sun is hidden beneath the clouds.

He was strolling by the shore.

Richard couldn’t help but reflect on the events that happened in his family.

He is really happy and he is very blessed.

His relationship with his kids had never been better.

Luke is like his barkada.

They can talk openly about anything ranging from school to even girls.

Nikki is a lovely young lady now.

Who would have thought that he was able to raise his kids to be the good kids they are now on his own, of course with the help of Manang Fe and of course Maya.

Abby is now talking and in fact doing great in school and talking a lot. He can’t help but shake his head and laugh at Abby’s transition to a very talkative little girl, little Maya, she indeed is.

The household are also doing well. Manang Fe, Joma, Sabel and Doris are all healthy and are still ever loyal and efficient.

They are actually his extended family and he is certain that he can trust each one of them with his family.

His parents are also healthy and enjoying themselves travelling to different parts of the world.

And of course, Maya, his Maya still never fails to make him smile, make him feel loved and taken cared of.

He again longs for her company, for intimacy, he tries so hard to shake the thought off his mind.

His own musings were interrupted.

Maya: Ser Chief! Mabuti naman lumabas ka na sa kwarto mo.

SC: (surprised) O why are you here? Di ka sumama sa kanila?

Maya: Sabi ng Mama mo samahan daw kita kaso di ka naman lumalabas ng kwarto. Ano ba kasi ang problema mo? (she is worried actually)

SC: Nothing. I just needed to finish work. Have you eaten? It’s already lunch time.

Maya: Nagluto na ako. Nandun sa cottage. Gusto mong kumain?

SC: Ah not yet. Mamaya na.Busog pa ako.

Maya is seated in the middle of a large beach towel by the shore.

She was reading a book when she saw him walking.

Richard is just standing in front of her.

Maya: Dito ka na Ser Chief. Malaki pa naman ang space. Upo kana sa tabi ko. Tingnan mo ang ganda ng dagat.

SC:(napalunok, sits beside Maya) Why are you here? (he is trying his best to sound normal).

Maya: Wala naman kasi akong magawa sa loob. Hindi ka naman maistorbo (tampo nya)

SC: I’m sorry. Di ko kasi alam na nagpaiwan ka pala. Sorry ha, baby.. (he reaches for her and hugs her)

Maya is leaning in Richard’s chest while their fingers are intertwined.

Maya: Sus. Di ka naman kailangan magsorry.

She stares lovingly at SC who in return plants a kiss on her forehead and hugs her tightly.

SC: Kahit na. You were here all alone while nandun lang ako sa room. Dapat sinasamahan kita.

Maya: Eh hindi mo naman alam na nandito ako.

SC: Kahit na.

He holds her tighter.

SC: Maya?

Maya: Hmm?

SC: How do you find Mama and Papa?

Maya: (looks at him tenderly) Ang babait nila Ser Chief. At ang saya nilang kausap.

SC: Really?

Maya: Oo SC. Atsaka yun daddy nyo magaling mag joke. Hindi corny kagaya mo (she was laughing at him)

SC: (raising his eyebrows) So you mean mas nakakatawa si Papa mag joke sakin?

Maya: Oo naman Ser Chief. Atsaka hindi mahilig mag tiger mode ang Papa mo, hahaha!

SC: (smirks now) Tara na nga. Let’s eat lunch na.

Maya: Oy pikon.

SC: Of course not. Gutom lang.

Maya: Eh Ser Chief matanong ko lang. Bakit mo ba ako iniiwasan kanina?

SC: Di kita iniiwasan. Why would you say that.

Maya: Oo kaya. Alam ko naman yun Ser Chief. Ramdam ko kaya. At napaka obvious mo.

SC: No. I’m not. In the first place why would I hug you like this if iniiwasan kita? (hugs her tightly) or kiss you like this (he now plants a kiss on her lips).

Without deepening the kiss, he slowly breaks away and stares at Maya with a smile on his face.

He was cautious that he might end up doing what he shouldn’t be doing that’s why he stood up and told Maya that they should eat lunch now.

Maya prepared her own version of adobo, sweet and sour fish, various fruits, and buco juice for their lunch.

They appreciated this alone time together. He’s thankful that his mom allowed them to be together.

After enjoying the sumptuous lunch and cleaning up afterwards, the couple decided to return to the beach.

Walking hand in hand by the beach, they enjoyed the feel of the sand and the cool breeze of the sea.

This is perfect, he thought.

She is perfect.

SC: Maya?

Maya: Hmmm?

SC: Well, you know I’m not getting any younger. Luke is now in college and Nikki will be soon too. Si Abby naman is now in big school.

Maya looks at him wondering where the conversation is leading to.

SC: Then ikaw naman, you’re beginning to realize your dreams. Okay naman sina Nanay Teresita, Mamang, Kute and Cho. Even your chibugan is doing well.

Maya: Oo nga Ser Chief Ang saya ng mga pangyayari. Di ko inakala na dadating ako sa ganito. At thank you dahil kung hindi sa’yo hindi ko maaabot ang nga pangarap ko.

SC: There you go again. How many times should I tell you that you reached your dreams on your own. Your determination, your hardwork brought you close to the realization of your dreams.

Maya: Kasama yun pero ikaw yun unang tumulong sakin.

Natawa si Richard remembering how Maya bargained for him to finance her schooling.

Nahiya rin siya.

SC: Oh stop it. I feel bad tuloy. Remember yun deal natin na maging yaya kanni Abby para pagaralin kita. Parang ang sama ko tuloy.

Maya: (natawa) Uy hindi naman. Tinulungan mo pa rin ako at may bonus pa!

SC: Bonus?

Maya: Kasi kahit noong una parang di nyo ako feel, ng tumagal, naging pamilya ko kayo at trinato nyo akong pamilya nyo, lahat kayo- yun mga bata at sina Manang Fe. Ang laking pasalamat ko dun Ser Chief. Ambait ninyong lahat sakin.

SC: We’re all smitten by you.

Maya couldn’t stand Ser Chief’s intense gaze anymore.

She stood frozen in front of him.

Unable to control himself anymore, he slowly descended his lips on Maya’s soft ones.

She closed her eyes feeling the sensation brought about by his kiss.

Though inexperienced she tried to return it.

He made sure to be gentle, not to rush things for he knows that Maya might feel uncomfortable.

They will get there.

But for now, he will be the supportive boyfriend to Maya until she reaches her dreams.

When that happens he will fulfill another dream of hers – to have a loving husband and plenty of kids.

But that would be in the future.

Now, he could settle for a kiss and a hug and lots of cold showers.

The end.

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The Lim Family Outing – 1

The Lim Family Outing

Lim Mansion. 4 am

The whole household was busy preparing for their trip.

Richard and Joma were checking the cars.

Manang Fe and Sabel were busy with the food, while Doris was helping Maya prepare Abby’s needs.

Nikki and Luke were carrying their bags to the trunk of their car.

Don Roberto’s and Doña Esmeralda’s luggage have been neatly stacked at Richard’s car the night before.

They were just watching them.

They were amused at the excitement they were witnessing.

Richard’s family has really transformed from the sad state they were in for five years to this happy family now.

They saw Maya descending the stairs with the smiling Abby.

Doris was behind them carrying Abby’s small bag.
Maya saw them and smiled.

Richard’s parents never thought that this simple lady would be instrumental in bringing back the smiles and laughter in this household.

She was indeed an angel sent from above, Doña Esmeralda thought.

Abby: Lola! Lolo! (she kisses them)

Don Roberto: Are you excited Abby?

Abby: Yes po Lolo! Even Kuya Luke and Ate Nikki are very excited too.

Don Roberto: You will enjoy it there Abby.

Maya was beside Abby, shyly smiling at Richard’s parents.
Days before the arrival of Don Roberto and Doña Esmeralda, Maya was really apprehensive as to how they would react once Richard introduces her to them as his girlfriend.

She had sleepless nights worrying about it.

Richard assured her that there was nothing to worry about and that they would love her just like everybody does.

But they were his parents and parents wouldn’t just let anyone into their son’s life and family, especially if their son is Richard Lim.

They arrived on a Thursday that’s why the kids weren’t able to meet them at the airport.

It was Richard and Maya who met them.

An hour before their expected arrival, Richard and Maya were at the airport’s coffee shop seated beside each other.

He was aware that Maya was nervous as hell so his hand never left hers.

She was comforted by it.

Maya: SC, sa tingin mo they would like me?

SC: Everybody likes you Maya. In fact everybody loves you. Atsaka mas mabait sa akin sina Mama at Papa. (He lets out a laugh. He wants to break the tension she’s feeling)

Maya: SC naman nagbibiro pa. Seryoso nga.

SC: Im serious Maya. Im a hundred percent sure that they would love you.

Maya: Kahit dati akong yaya ni Abby?

Richard was surprised to hear this. He stares incredulously at her.

SC: And when did that become an issue Maya? (he was a bit hurt)

Maya: (sensing his change in reaction) Ah eh, SC.. kasi naman di ba…..

SC: Stop Maya. I don’t care if you were a nanny before. I don’t care whatever work you had before. What I care about is how remarkable you are, how you love my family, my kids, me. I only care about how loving, how smart, how beautiful you are. (he was staring at her intently while saying these)

Maya was teary eyed hearing what Richard was saying.

He saw that she was on the verge of tears so he quipped..

SC: And of course, I care about how sexy you are (he smiles and winks naughtily at her so as to stop her tears from falling)

Maya: (slaps his arm and covers her face which is now turning red) SC naman eh, binobola mo naman ako.

SC: Hindi ah! You really are sexy. That’s the reason why I always wear my sunnies – so I can enjoy the view without you knowing it. (he chuckles this time)

Maya is still covering her face in embarrassment at what Richard just said, when his phone rings.

It was his dad informing him that they were now at the arrival area.

SC: Uy, halika na nga.

He briefly hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Hand in hand they proceeded to meet his parents.

Doña Esmeralda: Ricky!!!!

He hugs his mom tightly and kisses both her cheeks.

Then he turns to his dad and does the same.

SC: How was your flight?

Doña Esmeralda: Oh we were a bit delayed but the flight was smooth. No turbulence at all.

Maya was standing behind Richard feeling all tense and fidgety.

Doña Esmeralda: And oh my! Maya! Come here iha! Give me a hug!

Maya hesitantly, shyly, went to Richard’s mom and was engulfed in her embrace.

She never expected this reaction from his mom so she was now emotional and couldn’t contain the tears of relief and joy from rolling down her cheeks.

Don Roberto saw this and was quick to retrieve a hankie from his pocket.

Don Roberto: Ay eto iha ang panyo. Handa ako jan kasi sinabi ni Luke na dapat may panyo ako. (he was laughing)

Maya smiled too and drying her eyes with Don Roberto’s hankie…

Maya: Maraming salamat po.

Don Roberto: Naku iha magkakasundo talaga kayo ng mama ni Ricky at pati na rin si Nikki… puro kayo iyakin.

They all laughed.

Richard was overwhelmed to see his parents accepting Maya wholeheartedly.

One more thing was that Luke went out of his way to tell their lolo and lola about Maya, which made this meeting a lot easier.

Dona Esmeralda’s hands were draped on Maya’s shoulder.

She’s actually very thankful that her son chose someone whom she was certain, really loves his kids.

That was the most important thing for her.

Based on Manang Fe’s stories, Maya turned the family around and even changed Richard’s attitude from the “tiger” dad and boss he was infamous for to the loving, smiling, joking and relaxed man he is now.

She was happy for her son and she wants to show how thankful they were to Maya.

Doña Esmeralda: Maya, iha, buti naman napapagtyagaan mo si Ricky. Masungit yan, alam ko.

Maya: Ah dati po masungit siya kaya nagtyaga ako hanggat mapangiti siya. Mabait naman po si Sir Chief Doña Esmeralda.

Doña Esmeralda: Ay iha don’t call me Doña Esmeralda. Call me Mama na lang.

Nagulat si Maya sa narining.

She turned stiff.

Richard, who was behind them, saw this and quipped.

SC: (laughing) Maya, no one defies mama, even papa. Kaya you should follow what she says.
Namula ulit si Maya.

Doña Esmeralda: Naku Ricky. Don’t disturb us nga here. Are our bags complete? Roberto yun handcarry mo?

Don Roberto: Nandito na. Halika na palit na kayo ni Ricky.

Doña Esmeralda was confused.

Don Roberto: Ibig kong sabihin, dito ka na sa tabi ko para matabihan naman ni Ricky ang girlfriend nya. (he laughs)

Richard laughs and readily stands beside Maya.

Maya never expected that his family was funny, easy to get along with and really welcoming.

Richard slid his right hand on her left while both their free hands were pulling the luggage of his parents.

He leads them to their car and heads to the mansion.
Now here they were, bound for an out of town trip to Subic.

Richard suggested they go to Baguio but the kids were quick to object.

They wanted to go swimming.

Both their lolo and lola readily agreed.

They preferred it than the cold weather in Baguio.

They arrived at a resort in Subic.

LAS usually conducts activities in the said resort that’s why it was easy for Richard to request for the owners to close the resort to outsiders so that they could enjoy it all by themselves.

They all settled their things on their respective rooms.

Sabel, Doris and Manang Fe are sharing a room.

Nikki, Abby and Maya has their own room.

Richard, Luke and Joma too.

Doña Esmeralda and Don Roberto had their own.

After being settled, Doris, Sabel and Manang Fe went to the kitchen to prepare food for the family.

Doña Esmeralda wanted to stroll and see the cottages and she was accompanied by Nikki, Maya and Abby.

Joma and Luke are now headed towards the sea.

Nikki: Kuya are you gonna go swimming na?

Luke: Oo Niks. Tara. Ang sarap ng tubig.

Nikki; Oh my gee! Lola, can i go swim?

Doña Esmeralda: Sure iha. Basta stay close to Luke and Joma ha. Abby can join you later.

Nikki: Thank you lola!

Richard was busy on his phone.

He was actually calling the resort’s manager to have a scheduled adventure for the whole family.

He was glancing at them, smiling.

He joins Maya, his mom and Abby.

Doña Esmeralda: Ricky, asan na yun papa mo? Baka natutulog na yun sa kwarto.

SC: Ah mama, nandun siya kina Manang Fe. He’s actually requesting some of his favourite dishes para lutuin nina Manang.

Doña Esmeralda: Talaga yan si Roberto. Ah excuse me muna ha, puntahan ko muna sila sa kitchen.

Richard joined Maya and Abby.

They were now in one of the cottages watching Luke, Nikki and Joma who were enjoying themselves.

Abby: Daddy, can I go swim na po?

SC: Yes baby you can join ate Nikki and kuya Luke and kuya Joma. Basta don’t leave their side, okay?

Abby: yes daddy.

Abby runs toward Luke, Nikki and Joma and joins them.

Richard sits closer to Maya.

He holds her left hand, glances at her then smiles.

SC: This is perfect Maya.

Maya: Oo nga SC. Ang saya. Nakakatuwa makita na nageenjoy and mga bata, yun mama at papa mo, sina manang, doris, sabel at kuya joma.

SC: How about you? Are you happy? (he asks her lovingly)

Maya: Very happy SC!

SC smiles at her.
Doris, Sabel and Manang Fe are now busy preparing the food on the table.

The kids, Joma, Maya and Richard are now seated and ready for their lunch together.

They enjoyed the food.

Don Roberto is a natural joker.

Everyone was laughing hard at his jokes.

Doña Esmeralda was so caring that she never stops asking everyone if they’re okay or if they enjoyed the meal, which was composed of dishes both she and her husband requested to be cooked.

Richard was just laughing all throughout.

He was overwhelmed with what he was witnessing.

Everything is indeed perfect.

After more than 2 hours of playful banter, the group decided to resume swimming.

Doris, Sabel and even Manang Fe joined them now.

Don Roberto and Doña Esmeralda excused themselves and decided to take their afternoon siesta.
Richard and Maya were arguing while seated on the benches of the resort.

Asar na asar si Richard.

SC: Bakit ba kasi eto lang yun dinala mo. You know I’m not comfortable wearing these eh eto lang ang dinala mong pampalit ko.
Richard went home late from work that’s why he requested Maya to prepare his clothes for the trip.

Accompanied by Nikki, Maya went to his room and with Nikki’s advice chose the outfit he would be using for their trip.

Nikki: This one Ate Maya (she hands her a blue Hawaiian polo), then these shorts (she included three board shorts.

Maya picked vneck shirts of different colors and 2 white round-collared shirts.

She included some jeans as well.

She also hesitantly picked some change of undergarments much to the amusement of Nikki who was teasing Maya.

Nikki: Oh my Gee Tita Maya!!! You and dad are like mag-asawa na with you picking those stuff.
(Maya was blushing)

She also included some personal toiletries, which she didn’t find difficult to prepare since Richard already has a bag with his personal needs, which he usually brings during his work-related out of town trips.

When Richard arrived,

Maya and Nikki were done fixing his things.
Maya: Eh SC, yan naman talaga ang appropriate attire sa beach. Ano bang gusto mo yung pajama at jogging pants mo ulit? (nangingiti na siya)

Richard saw this and it further pissed him.

SC: Maya!

Maya: Ang arte mo naman SC. Magshoshorts lang ayaw pa. Atsaka tayo-tayo lang naman ang nandito. (she was still teasing the now pikon SC)

SC: Ewan ko sa’yo.

He stood, grabbed his car keys then proceeded to the parking area of the resort.

Maya: (running after him) Uy walk-out? Uy SC! San ka ba pupunta? Grabe naman to. Sir Chief!

Not looking back at Maya

SC: May bibilhin ako! Just tell them I’ll be back in a while.

Maya was also starting to get annoyed with SC.

Maya: Bahala ka nga!

He then rides his car and drives towards the shopping area of Subic.

Everyone was still swimming when he came back.

With a suppressed grin, he went towards Maya, who was now lying down on one of the benches, taking a short nap.

SC: Maya!

Maya: O nandito ka na. Okay ka na? Wala nang tampo? San ka ba galing?

SC: Nagpahangin lang. Bumili lang ng ikatutuwa ko. Ikaw kasi…

Maya: Naku umpisa na naman ng diskusyon?

SC: No! Im no longer asar. Sige na nga, I’ll use those clothes you brought na. Tutal I have nothing to hide naman with my body. Atsaka, alam ko naman na you’re dying to see it.

Namula na naman si Maya.

Maya: SC!!! Ano ka! Hindi no!

SC: Sus, if I only know, talagang pinili mo yun kasi you want to see my legs and my biceps and other body parts, hahaha! I always catch you staring at me kaya.

Maya: Grabe ang confidence level SC ha!

SC: Why not? Bakit ikaw? Siguro may tinatago ka ano? Kasi bakit naka tshirt at shorts ka lang? That’s so unfair!

Maya: Wala akong tinatago SC!

SC: Ows? Then why didn’t you bring a swimsuit?

Maya: (with conviction) Kasi po SC, wala akong swimsuit. Kaya hindi ako nagdala. Pero kung meron ako, I would readily wear it!

She was actually just kidding.

She feels naisahan nya si SC.

SC: Ok then! So we definitely wouldn’t have a problem anymore. (he was smiling)

Maya was confused.

SC: Wala nang problema. I’ll use those board shorts na and that white shirt which I notice is your favourite.

Maya: Uy hindi ah!

SC: Admit it na! You want to see my body, hahaha! Well, parehas tayo. Ako din naman (smiles naughtily)

Maya: Humihirit ka na naman SC! Sige lang. Mag-imagine ka na lang tutal wala ka namang makikita (she giggles)

SC: Tara. Samahan mo na ako.

Maya: San tayo pupunta SC?

SC: Magpapalit ng damit.

Maya: Ayoko nga SC. Bat naman kita sasamahan. (she’s turning red)

SC: Kasi magpapalit ka rin.

Maya: Okay na etong suot ko.

SC: No! Here get this one.

He hands her a brown paper bag.

She peeks and shrieks.

Maya: Ayoko SC ha! Please! Ayoko!

Inside it was a two piece skimpy swimsuit Richard bought at the shopping mall.

He was supposed to buy a jogging pants but decided that he wants to do some naughty revenge at Maya.

While choosing it, he was already laughing at the idea that Maya would definitely freak out once she sees the skimpy swimsuit.

He was anticipating her reaction and he was loving every second of it.

Naiiyak na si Maya…

SC: Uulitin ko lang what you said earlier. That is the appropriate attire sa beach. Ang arte mo Maya, magswimsuit lang ayaw mo. Tayo-tayo lang naman dito. (he was laughing at her now)

Maya was really red and her tears are threatening to flow sa pikon.

She hides her face from Richard.

Maya: Basta di ko susuutin yan SC. Kahit magjeans ka na lang, basta di mo ako mapapasuot nyan.

SC: Huh? But I already decided to wear what you chose for me. Kaya dapat pantay lang tayo. Atsaka, I am certain you would look really sexy in it. (he winks at her)

Maya: Ayoko Sc! (she leaves him and runs to her room)

Richard couldn’t stop laughing.

He knows Maya is conservative that’s why he wants to tease her a lot.

He stands up, gathers the paper bag then proceeds to follow her.

Knocking at her door.

SC: Maya, open up. Halika na. swimming na tayo.

She doesn’t answer.

SC: Let me in Maya. You don’t have to walk out everytime I tease you.

She opens her door.

Her eyes were puffy from crying.

SC: (nagulat siya) Hey, ba’t ka naman umiiyak?

Maya: (nagtatampo) Ikaw kasi eh. Alam mo namang…

SC: O sige na nga. Hindi na ulit kita bibiruin. Pero Maya, nakakarami ka na. Lagi na lang kitang pinagbibigyan. How about me? (he acts hurt)

Maya: Anong palagi. Hindi naman ah!

SC: This is unfair. Dapat pantay tayo. It doenst mean na since you’re the girl ikaw ang susundin ko. Mali yun ah!

Maya: SC kasi eh. Nakakahiya kaya. Ayan yun mga bata, yun mama at papa mo, sina manang, doris, sabel at kuya joma.

SC: O sige, let’s just compromise. I’ll wear the shorts and the shirt you chose the whole time we’re here sa beach. I’ll even remove my top if you want (grinning naughtily)

Maya: Wala akong sinasabing ganyan…

SC: But…

Maya: Ano?

SC: You’ll accompany me bukas ng umaga, very early, while the kids and everyone else are still sleeping.

Maya: Anong gagawin natin?

SC: Eh di magswiswimming. And you’ll be wearing these (he winks at her)

Maya was left tulala, unable to speak.

While he heads to the beach with a wide grin.
4:30 am the following day. Richard was on his way to Abby, Nikki and Maya’s room.

After a soft knock with no one answering he decides to enter, he opens the door.

Then proceeds to the side of Maya.

He softly taps her arm.

SC: Maya… Maya….

Maya slowly opened her eyes…

Maya: SC ang aga pa ah. Madilim pa.

SC: Tara na.

Maya: Ah cge SC. Susunod na ako.

She sleepily stands up and follows Richard.

Richard went out of the room and proceeded towards an empty cottage.

Maya followed..

Maya: SC Bakit naman ang aga? Inaantok pa ako.

SC: Di ba we’ll go swimming. You forgot what we talked about? Besides I didn’t get to sleep last night thinking about it. (he grins)

Maya: (eyes wide) Aba! Seryoso ka talaga ah SC?

SC: Very! Sige na Maya. Tayo lang naman ang gising. I bet with all our activities yesterday, late na gigising ang mga yan.

Maya: SC hindi ako handa. Hindi ako kumportable magsuot nyan. (she points to the swimwear SC bought)

SC: And when will you be prepared? Pareho lang naman yun. Sooner or later I’ll get to see you naman in those outfit or even lack of clothes. (he was a bit serious so Maya didn’t have the idea whether he’s joking or not). Bakit ba hindi ka kumportable? Dapat hindi ka nahihiya sakin…

Maya: Eh Sir Chief… pano kung hindi mo magustuhan makita mo, pano kung….

SC: Maya look at me! You are beautiful. There’s nothing to be insecure about. Besides you should be confident with yourself, with how you look. Trust me. I am known for my taste in women. And you, my dear Maya, exceed even my taste.

Maya: Sir Chief naman eh…

SC: Tara let’s change na para we can swim na. Use the bathroom na lang near the cottage para you wont need to go to your room na. Here, I brought a towel, and here’s your swimwear.

She hesitantly gets the towel and swimwear from Richard then proceeds to the bathroom.

Five minutes after, Richard was now impatiently waiting for Maya.

He knocks at the bathroom door.

SC: Maya are you done? What takes you so long? Tara the sun will rise na. Sayang yun oras natin.

Maya steps outside but was wrapped in the beach towel.

Richard just smiled then led her to the beach.

SC: O let’s go swim na.

He removes his shirt.

Looks at Maya…

SC: Remove that na.

Swim na tayo.

Hiyang hiya si Maya while slowly removing the beach towel.

He wasn’t prepared at all for what he saw.

Underneath that beach towel was Maya’s sexy figure perfectly hugged in the two piece swimsuit he bought.

The curves, her skin, her perfect figure was way beyond what he had imagined.

Napalunok si Richard.

With a deep breath he says…

SC: Tara na Maya! I need to swim na. Or else (he said the last line to himself)

They spent about an hour swimming while playfully teasing each other.

Medyo at ease na si Maya.

Tired, they went back to the cottage.

Richard asked Maya to cover herself with the towel.

It was his fault that he forced her to wear that swimsuit and he is suffering now.

SC: Buti nga sa’yo Richard (he silently scolds himself)

Maya, now confident that it was indeed no big deal for her to wear a swimsuit suddenly removes her towel and asks SC innocently…

Maya: What can you say about my body SC? Disappointed ka ba or what?

Pinagpawisan si Richard, napalunok ulit…

SC: (tries to avoid looking at her body) You look great! Wrap that towel around you nga or you’ll catch a cold.

Maya just looks at him wondering why he acts differently. She wraps the towel.

Richard stands up.

SC: Maya let’s get back to our rooms na. Maliligo na ako. If you want you can sleep ulit. Maaga pa naman.

Maya: Ay akala ko magswim pa tayo.

SC: I changed my mind. Besides nakapagod din pala. I want to go back to bed.

Maya: Ah cge SC. Thank you ha! Naenjoy ko yun swimming. She was supposed to give him a hug but Richard avoided her.

SC: Argh! Im wet Maya, mababasa ko yun towel mo. Hug you later na lang. Sige punta ka na sa room mo.

Without glancing at her, he hurriedly proceeds to his room, then takes a very cold shower.

SC: (to himself) This is certainly one vacation, I’ll find very hard to enjoy. Tsk!

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