Can We Start Over Again 7

Can We Start Over Again 7

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After discussing with both parents, they had decided that Maya would accept Mr. M.’s offer to be a contract artist of the network.

Richard on the other hand declined despite his parents’ assurance that they were okay if he would join Maya. He preferred to return to his normal life with his family. Both parents supported the decision of the two.

Maya was happy that she would finally pursue her ultimate dream but also very sad that she would have to face the new chapter of her life alone. She would have been happier and less-scared if Richard was with her. He used to be her strength. He used to be the one who would encourage her when she feels that she’s not capable of doing something. But now she had to do everything on her own.

The other half of their partnership could no longer be with her. She had to be strong to be successful in the path she had chosen.

“Maya you take good care of yourself there. Kapag may time ka, lagi kang tatawag sa amin ha and kapag may problema, tell us.” It was her Tita Esmeralda during their despedida lunch for Maya. The Lims treated the dela Rosas for lunch. She will be leaving in two days. Her mother Teresita will accompany her and stay with her for a week until she has adjusted to her new life in Manila.

“Opo Tita. Mamimiss ko po kayo.” She was really sad.

“Naku Maya you are going to reach for your dreams. Iwanan mo na yun lungkot lungkot na ganyan. You can do it. You are very talented, very smart atsaka ang ganda ganda mo pa. Walang sinabi si Anne Curtis sa’yo lalo na sa boses mo. Tito Roberto and Tita Esmie are very proud like your mom and dad. Kayang kaya mo yan.” Tito Roberto tried to make everything seem okay. He was also sad but he didn’t want that to be the mood before Maya leaves. He wanted her to leave with happy memories and with the thought that she had their 100% support back home.

“Salamat po Tito.” She managed to say. She was thankful that Richard’s parents were supportive of her decision. At least, though Richard failed to show the support she needed, his parents still gave her their blessings on what she chose.

Richard remained quiet during lunch. He couldn’t mask his disappointment that Maya chose her career over her parents. He would just answer questions asked of him but never join in their conversation. Maya already noticed his indifference but she just ignored it. She didn’t want them to argue like the last time they talked.

“Ricky kapag free time mo don’t forget to call Maya ha. At least hindi siya masyadong malulungkot kapag makakausap ka nya.” Nanay Teresita requested.

“Opo Nay Tere.” It was the only reply he could give.

“Naku kayo ha! Maghihiwalay na nga kayo tapos nagtatampuhan pa kayo. You guys should enjoy your last days together. Malay nyo, the next time you see each other eh binata at dalaga na kayo. Baka mas magkahiyaan pa kayo nyan.” Esmeralda couldn’t help but notice how the two avoided talking to each other.

Maya just bowed her head. She felt like crying already because Richard was really ignoring her and when Tita Esmie voiced what she observed, her tears automatically made way to the surface. Maya didn’t want them seeing her crying so she excused herself to go to the restroom.

The moment Maya left…

“Anak pwede ba isantabi mo na muna yun tampuhan ninyo ni Maya. Aba mahirap ang gagawin nya. Kailangan nya mag-adjust sa bagong buhay nya sa Manila. Hindi man natin nakikita pero sigurado akong kinakabahan siya. Wag mo nang dagdagan.” His mom couldn’t help but scold him even in front of Teresita and Arturo.

“Sorry po. I’m just sad na ipagpapatuloy pa rin nya. Alam naman nya how uncertain  showbusiness is.” He was able to tell them.

“Ricky, anak dalawang taon lang naman yun. Atsaka kung hindi ni Maya magustuhan o kaya kung hindi naman maganda ang kalalabasan ng desisyon nya, pwede naman natin siyang pauwiin dito. Malungkot na malungkot yan at hindi ka nya makakasama. Pero sana kahit magkalayo kayo, manatili pa rin yun pagkakaibigan nyo. Para na kayong magkapatid para masira lang ng pangyayaring to.” Nanay Teresita understands Ricky’s apprehension for she was with them when they stayed in Manila after they won The Voice Duets. She understands when Ricky talked about the cruel world of showbiz, the unhealthy hours, the insincere people they had to deal with, the tiring travels, the bashers, the competition among the stars themselves and their managers. She knows that Ricky is just concerned with Maya’s welfare and she actually appreciates it.


“You take care of yourself there Maya.” Ricky was telling his bestfriend when he and his parents accompanied the dela Rosas to the airport. Their parents were fixing their luggage while Maya and Richard were talking at a corner.

“Ricky mag-iingat ka rin dito ha. Magchat tayo palagi. Yun facebook mo lagi mong bubuksan kasi lagi kitang papadalhan ng message.”

“Yes I will do that. Be careful with the people you deal with and always ask your nanay and tatay sa mga decisions mo ha. Don’t let the managers or the showbiz people decide for you.” He reminded her.

“Oo naman Ricky. Mag-iingat ako doon. Ikaw mag-aral ka ha. Baka mamaya nyan palagi ka na lang magbabasketball kasi wala na ako. Atsaka baka lagi ka na lang magvideo games.”

“Of course mag-aaral akong mabuti. I’m aiming to be top of the class di ba?”

“Ricky wag ka munang mag gigirlfriend ha. Kung meron kang gustong girl, dapat kilalanin ko muna.” She didn’t know what made her say it but she really meant it. Worried siya that the girls who were stalking Ricky would be more aggressive now that she’s no longer with him.

He laughed at what she said. He even joked. “Huy Maya I’m just fifteen. Eto kung ano ano ang iniisip. Atsaka daig mo pa sina mama. Siguro tama lang na we’re parting ways temporarily kasi natatakot sa’yo yun mga girls na may crush sa akin. Ang higpit mo raw kasi.”

But she was serious. She would always be possessive of him. “Basta mag promise ka na lahat ikukuwento mo sa akin ha?”

“Oo na. ikaw talaga. O here, you listen to the songs here kapag mag-isa ka so that you won’t miss me.” He handed her an ipod with all their favorite songs. Some were their duets and some were his solo songs he recorded a few days ago.

“Ano to?”

“Mga duets natin, favorite songs natin and some are my solo numbers para wag mong mamiss yun napakaganda kong boses. Pabaon ko sa’yo. You get to keep the ipod.” He was smiling at her.

Out of so much happiness because of his thoughtfulness, Maya hugged him very tight. He was surprised but he hugged her back as well. Not yet being able to recover from the hug, Maya kissed his cheek too. She was smiling “Thank you talaga best friend. Sobra talaga kitang mamimiss.”

Maya may have kissed and hugged him innocently but what she did made his heart leap and made him feel that same feeling he kept and tried his best to ignore.

He wasn’t able to say much anymore until Maya and her mom boarded their plane.

He was affected by what she did.


Mr. M. was disappointed that it was only Maya who accepted his offer. When they considered them to be part of their roster of talents, they already had plans of launching Richard and Maya as a love team. The intense chemistry they had was the major consideration for the offer. Now that it was only Maya who accepted the offer, they had no choice but adjust. Mr. M. had to change their plans for Maya.  They now had to launch her as a solo artist.

The moment she arrived, Maya became so busy that she momentarily forgot her loneliness of being away from home. Her Nanay Teresita stayed with her for a week but she had to leave Maya under the care of her Auntie Fe.

Weeks have passed.

If Maya seemed so happy in TV, she wears a different mask when inside her room after the day’s busy work. She would cry herself to sleep for she missed her family and friends so much already.

Richard just called her a few times and he would always make excuses as to why he couldn’t call her. He would always text her that he was busy. He intentionally didn’t want to talk to her after that incident at the airport.

He also saw Maya on her TV interviews and some shows where she guested. These were shown in TFC. She seemed okay to him so he decided that he should lessen their communication so she could be more independent. He also needs space to assess what he felt. He got scared. For him what he felt was wrong. He wouldn’t want to ruin the great relationship their families had by acknowledging Maya’s effect on him. They were still very young, Maya now 13 and him 15. It’s best for him to avoid her. She seemed so happy with her new life anyway.


It’s been two months since Maya left.

Nanay Teresita was visiting Esmeralda when Richard arrived from school. He heard snippets of what the mothers were talking about.

“Ayun gabi gabi umiiyak si Maya. Alam mo naman yung batang yun. Malakas ang loob nun kaso wala naman siyang masabihan ng mga pangyayari sa kanya. Medyo naglilihim na rin sa akin. Siguro ayaw nya lang na mag-alala kami ng tatay nya. Ewan ko nga Mare. Dapat ata hindi ako pumayag sa gusto nya. Sinabihan ko nga na wag nang ituloy yun karera nya doon. Ibabalik na lang naming yun lahat nang nagastos nila kay Maya.”

“Akala ko okay siya. Kinumusta nga kami ng Tito Roberto nya sa Skype kahapon. Mukhang masaya naman siya kaya akala ko well-adjusted na si Maya. Sayang nga at wala si Ricky. Ewan ko ba sa dalawang yun at hindi ata masyadong nag-uusap. Nag-iiwasan. Siguro nalulungkot na nagkalayo sila.” Esmeralda was surprised to learn about how Maya finds it hard to adjust to her new life in the Philippines. She thought that Maya was having the time of her life. Her TV interviews and TV guestings showed her happy side, her bubbly side. They thought she was happy.

“Sabi nya sa amin ng tatay nya, masaya siya pero Mare alam kong hindi. Tuwing kinakausap ko laging umiiyak pero sinasabi lang na miss na daw nya tayo. Totoo yun pero sa tingin ko hindi lang sobrang homesickness yun.” Teresita was really worried.

“Naku mahirap yan, wala pa naman siyang masyadong kaclose doon.”

“Yun nga ang ikinakabahala namin kasi wala naman kaming kamag-anak doon na medyo malapit sa edad ni Maya. Si Auntie Fe  hindi naman nun maiintindihan yun bata atsaka hindi rin naman ipinapakita ni Maya sa ibang tao na malungkot siya.”

“Mahirap yan Mare. Dapat ata pauwiin mo na lang.”

“Oo nga atsaka alam mo naman yun batang yun, ayaw nyang mag-alala ang mga tao sa paligid nya. Kapag humaharap sa mga tao, pinipilit nyang magmukhang masaya pero kapag nasa bahay na, ayun tatawag na sa amin at iiyak.”Nanay Teresita  continued to share to her friend.

Richard felt very guilty. He avoided Maya. He even ignored her Facebook messages. He would just send her short messages of good mornings or goodnights. He seldom called her.


Like her normal day, Maya would go home to her condo after work. Her mom decided to just sell the house she won and buy a condo near the network so that Maya won’t have to travel to and from work. It would be safer for her. Auntie Fe lives with her already and the network also provided a PA for her when she goes to work.

She just finished talking to her nanay and tatay and was about to listen to the songs Ricky recorded for her, like she used to do so she could sleep.

Her phone rang.

She instantly got teary eyed  when she saw his name flashing on her phone.

Richard was calling.

She didn’t know why he ignored her for two months when they were okay when she left. Yes he sends her messages but she expected more from him. She wanted to frequently hear his voice, talk to him about her experiences, ask his advice on things just like the way they used to do before.

She received the call. With a trembling voice, “Ricky…” then she couldn’t say anything else. She just cried. Namiss nya yun bestfriend nya. They haven’t talked to each other and she really missed him.

“Hi Maya. Kumusta na?” Was all he could say. He was also gauging if she’s mad at him.

She couldn’t speak for she could no longer control her sobs.

“Ssshhhh Maya are you crying? Hey don’t cry. Tumawag lang ako umiiyak ka na. Ang iyakin mo naman.”

“Ikaw kasi eh. Inaway mo ako. Di mo na nga ako sinamahan dito tapos di mo pa ako kinakausap. Akala ko ba okay tayo. Okay naman tayo nung umalis ako di ba?

“Maya I was just busy and I did it para makaadjust ka agad. You need time to familiarize yourself with the people there. I decided that it’s the best thing to do.” He tried to make excuses.

“Nakakainis ka Ricky. Ang sama kaya sa loob na paulit ulit kitang tinatawagan tapos ni isa wala ka man lang sinagot. Feeling ko hindi na ako importante sa’yo.”

“Of course you are very important.”

“Hindi ko naman yun naramdaman.”

“Sorry na Maya.”

“Nahihirapan na ako dito Ricky. Ang lungkot pala. Kapag ganitong gabi na,  ang sobrang lungkot. Ang hirap makatulog.”

He could feel her loneliness.

“You want me to sing for you so you could sleep?” He used to do this when they were together back home and when their parents would leave them alone to attend an event.

“Okay lang? Baka naman mahuli ka na sa school. May pasok ka na di ba?”

“Mamaya pa naman yun. Sige na kakantahan kita para makatulog ka at makabawi ako.”

Then he started singing…

“I was not so happy being lonely
Living without you
So I prayed so hard for your love
In my heart I needed you
Then I looked up in the sky
And I’m thinking why oh why
These are all the many changes in my life”

“Ricky?” she interrupted him.


“Bakit  naman yan ang kanta mo?” Maya was always particular with song messages and lyrics.

“Ah eh… wala naman.  Pinapraktis ko lang. I’ll be singing that in a school program.” He lied. He really meant what he sang to her. But he would never admit that.



“So Maya kumusta naman kayo ni James Ventura?” The host asked her. She just finished shooting a film with her loveteam.

“Okay naman kami.” She shyly smiled.

“Ang mga ngiti ba na yan ay may ibig sabihin?” The host teased.

“Masaya naman kami. Special naman siya sa akin.” She was careful with her answers as she was instructed by the management to act sweet with James for the sake of their movie.

“So does this mean that he will be your escort in your coming debut?”

She didn’t answer it anymore for she wanted someone else to be her escort in that very special day of her life.


Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Saturday. Richard was very excited for the swimming lessons he would teach Maya. He asked Joma to clean the pool the night before. He even asked Doris to get the inflatable toys in their storage room so that they could use it.

He asked Manang Fe and Sabel to prepare barbeque and hotdogs and other finger food for them to eat as well. They prepared the table near the pool. Dun na rin sila magbreakfast as it was still very early.

It will be swimming day for the entire Lim family. He decided to allow everyone to join them so that Maya wouldn’t be awkward when he teaches her the basics of swimming. He knows that Maya tends to be shy so he already thought of a solution and that is to let everybody join.

Nobody knows too that it was because of Maya that they would be swimming today. Richard decided not to mention it.

He’s very excited.

Maya spent the night with them. She slept at Abby’s room as her former ward requested her Ate Maya  to sleep with her.

“Ricardo abalang abala ka dyan.” Manang Fe appeared behind him. He was busy checking the pool making sure that the floor tiles weren’t slippery to avoid accidents.

“Ah Manang I just checked the floor. Baka kasi nakalimutan ni Jomang linisin. Baka madulas yun mga bata.”

“Naninibago ako sa’yo. Ngayon ka lang naging excited magswimming. Ang alam ko, eh halos ayaw mong gamitin yang swimming pool na yan.”

“Manang it’s summer. This would be a great bonding time for the kids. Kayo Manang join din kayo mamaya. I already told Sabel, Doris and Joma to join as well.” He was smiling at Manang Fe.

“Eh si Maya?”

“Ah…eh… it’s up to her Manang if she wants to join.” Hala nahiya pa si Ricardo na aminin na si Maya ang reason for the impromptu swimming.

“Pasalihin mo para matuwa si Abby. At para matuwa ka rin.” Manang said the last line to herself.

“Yes Manang I’ll tell her.”

Then Manang Fe left him.

He was relieved. He was never a good liar. He didn’t want to lie but he was shy kay Manang Fe especially that Manang Fe could read him like a book. He didn’t want her or anybody teasing him. Di siya ready for it.


“Dad are we gonna start na?” Nikki who was excited to wear her new swimming outfit and hat asked her dad. Luke was also trailing behind. He was just making annoyed expressions at Nikki.

“Sure you go ahead. I’ll just wait for Abby.”

He was excitedly waiting for Maya and Abby. He was ready to swim. He’s wearing board shorts and a shirt. Siyempre he couldn’t be topless or else baka di sila makafocus ni Maya. Excited din siya on what she will wear. She mentioned that she even bought a swimwear kasi required ng TA Training School.

He heard Sabel and Doris by the stairs “Day ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang suot mo? Naku dapat swimwear di ba? Manang wear naman yan eh.”

Di pa nya nakikita sina Maya but he already braced himself to be disappointed. Maybe she got shy to wear her swimsuit.  Malamang she is wearing a dark shirt and cycling shorts.

“Ano ba Doris, Sabel. nakakahiya naman magsuot ng ganyan sa inyo.”  She protested.

“Naku Maya dela Rosa kung ganyan ang katawan ko sa’yo isusuot ko na ang pinakasexy na swimsuit. Nakakainis ka girl!”

“Wag nga kayo. Marinig nga tayo ni Ser Chief. Nakakahiya!!!”

“Anong hiya hiya eh si Ser nga nakaswimming trunks” Sabel teased her.

Nagulat si Maya. Napaimagine ng kung ano-ano.

She even closed her eyes. “Naku Sabel! Erase erase!”

“Ha? Anong pinagsasabi mo Maya? Anong erase erase mo dyan?” Clueless si Doris pero quick si Sabel. “Aha! Iniimagine mo si Ser ano?! Naku Maya ikaw ha!”

“Oy kayo hindi ah! Hali na nga kayo at inip na tong alaga ko.”

“Uy excited na makitang nakatrunks si Ser.” Sabel further teased her.

Richard who heard everything was just smiling. Naaaliw sya kina Doris at Sabel especially when they are teasing Maya.

Maya came down still wearing a robe so di pa nya alam what’s underneath.

“Good morning Ser Chief.” she greeted him. Relieved din sya that her Ser Chief was wearing board shorts and not trunks. Nakahinga sya ng maluwag pero slightly disappointed din pero ayaw nya siyempre aminin even to herself.

“Good Morning Maya. Hi Baby! Let’s have breakfast muna. Nakahanda na sa poolside.” Then he carried Abby.

“Ah sige Ser Chief.” Shy na shy pa rin sya.

She just took few bites of the hotdogs and di na rin kumain ng rice. She wanted to start the swimming lessons while hindi pa masyadong mainit.

Abby already joined Luke and Nikki. Joma, Sabel and Doris were also swimming. Manang Fe returned to her room.

“Dad, Ate Maya join us.” Luke was calling them already.

He went near her. Pasimple ba. “Ready ka na?”

‘Oo Ser Chief. Alalayan mo ako ha?”

“Of course.” They were both talking in hushed voices para di marining ng iba.

“Remove your robe na Maya.”

Nashy ulit si Maya while naexcite si Ser Chief.

Ayan dahil sa nerbyos or hiya, nabuhol yun knot ng robe ni Maya. She couldn’t remove it.

Of course Ser Chief to the rescue. He slowly went near her then carefully untied the robe. Pulang pula and hiyang hiya si Maya. Kilig na kilig rin like electric bolts were in her system.

“Relax…” He said in his soft voice that never fails to give Maya goosebumps.

“Ako na Ser Chief.” She said when she was na naayos na yun belt ng robe nya.

He gave her his sweet smile showing his dimples. He even winked at her.

Maya saw what he’s been doing so she whispered to him. “Ser Chief tigilan mo nga yan. Baka matunaw ako bago pa man tayo mag-umpisang magswimming.”

“Affected ka?” he teased her.

“Ser Chief ha! Mabiro kang masyado kahit sa harap ng mga bata.”

“Okay lang yan. They know that I’m fond of you anyway. We all are naman.”

“Wag ka na ngang masyadong magpakilig dyan. Nadidistract na nga ako at nakashorts ka.” She compalined.

Ricky was loving every bit of their banters. He was oblivious that they were in front of everybody. “So you find me sexy with my shorts? Affected ka nga!”

“Halika na nga Ser Chief. Nagiging pilyo ka na ha! Hindi bagay.”

He chuckled.

Then Maya slowly removed her robe.

He was expecting the worst but was blessed with such a lovely sight.

Maya was wearing a conservative one-piece swimwear but it hugged her body perfectly. It even showed her curves and her legs.

Uh-oh siya na ngayon ang sobrang affected at excited  that without waiting for Maya he dove sa pool and did few laps of swimming.

Nagtaka naman lahat maliban kay naughty Sabel who saw Maya and immediately understood that their boss got affected with Maya’s swimwear. Natawa na lang si Sabel.

“Daddy why are you making pasikat with your swimming skills?” Nikki innocently asked.

“I was just showing Maya that magaling akong magswim. She’s doubting me kasi when I told her na I’m a very good swimmer.” Palusot nya.

Maya was already beside Abby. Panay lang hawak sa sides ng pool.

“Ate Maya si Daddy pala dapat ang magturo sa’yong magswim.” Abby knows that Maya has swimming lessons in time Airways.

Siyempre pakipot ang Maya. Pretending na hindi nila napagusapan ni Ser Chief yun lessons. “Baby baka busy ang daddy mo atsaka nakakahiya. Hindi ako marunong. Baka mahirapan syang turuan ako.”

Tumaas lang ang kilay ni Ricky. Nagpalusot din ang Maya.

“Okay lang naman yan kay dad. Di ba dad?” It was Luke this time.

Nang hindi agad nagsalita si Ser Chief, Joma volunteered. “Ako na lang Maya para wag maabala si Ser.”

Lagot kung kanina happy like a dolphin si Ser Chief, now biglang sungit like a shark.

Maya saw it so she immediately quipped. “Wag na Kuya Joma. Si Ser Chief na lang. sayang naman yun pagkakataon na maturuan ng napakagaling na swimmer.”

Ayun smiling like a dolphin ulit si Ser Chief.

Alam na alam ni crushmate pano siya pakalmahin.

And yes he patiently taught her all the basics of swimming kahit na yun iba’t-ibang strokes – breaststroke, freestyle,  backstroke, sidestroke and butterfly stroke. Kahit nga ata dolphin at tiger stroke.

Sobrang thankful si Maya kay Ser Chief.

Sobrang proud naman si Ser Chief that Maya is a very fast learner.

And both sila happy that everybody was supportive of the swimming lessons.


He was now bringing her to the condo:

“Thank you talaga Ser Chief.  Marami akong natutunan sa’yo. Sana hindi kita pinagod.”

“I enjoyed it Maya especially that I got to do it with you. I’m very happy.”

“Hindi ka nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Do I look like nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Hindi naman. Pero malay ko ba. Baka nagprepretend ka lang na okay.”

“I am okay. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you and I’m looking forward to teaching you many things pa  and doing more activities with you.” Then he again gave her his  pamatay na smile with those dimples which made Maya’s heart somersault.

“Anong activities Ser Chief?”

“You’ll see.” Then with a naughty grin forming on his face, he continued driving towards Maya’s condo.


A/N : Ano pa bang activities ang pwedeng ituro ni Ser Chief kay Mayabels?  Golf? dancing? singing? cooking?  Ah bahala na siya. Pero crushmate level activities lang ha! Light lang ang series na to. Inspired by the ligawan scenes of BCWMH.

Thanks for reading.



Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Treat

Kwentong Maya & Ricky :  Treat

“Maya wag mong kakalimutang magpraktis pag-uwi mo ha.” Edz jokingly reminded Maya while she was about to get inside the car. Her Ser Chief, as usual, fetched her again.

“Naku Edz ikaw talaga.”

Then she waved goodbye to Edz and Joshua then entered the car.

“Good afternoon Ser Chief.” He gave him her napakasweet na smile.

Of course happy ang heart ni Ser Chief, all pagod at inis dahil sa traffic forgotten.

“Good afternoon Maya.” He also smiled at siyempre sumirko at nag acrobat din ang heart ni Maya. Alam nyo naman si Ser Chief, smile pa lang sobra sobra na.

“Merienda tayo Ser Chief, treat ko.” Maya offered.

“Sure. I won’t say no to that. Where do you want to eat?”

“Sa madadaanan na lang nating Jollibee Ser Chief, gusto ko kasing kumain ng spaghetti.”

Natawa siya. Parang bata si Maya.

“You really want that one? Aren’t the food there for kids?”

“Hindi naman pangbata lang yun Ser Chief. Masarap kaya yun atsaka bibilhan ko kasi si Abby. Nagpromise kasi ako na ibibili ko sya kapag may pera na ako. Eh Ser Chief may allowance naman yun training namin kaya may pera ako.”

“Maya you have to save that for yourself. Wag mo na akong ililibre at wag mo na rin bigyan si Abby.” He didn’t want her spending on them. He knows she needs the money.

“Ser Chief pagbigyan mo na ako. Atsaka ngayon lang naman.”


“Sige na kasi mamaya may hihingin akong favor.” She again smiled at him, shyly this time.

So she will be asking for a favor kaya siya manlilibre. Maya is so cute. She considers him as parang barkada na ililibre kapalit ng favor. Napasmile siya. Aliw.

“Pero Ser Chief, kung di ka lang busy. Naisip ko kasi Sabado bukas so baka pwede ka tonight. Pero kung busy ka Ser Chief okay lang…”

“I have all the time in the world for you Maya.” He interrupted her. Kinilig syempre si Maya sa statement ni Ser Chief.

They were like this until they reached the Jollibee fastfood. Maya held her Ser Chief’s arm kasi mukhang hesitant siyang pumasok. She dragged him. “Halika na Ser Chief.”

“Maya wait!”

But hila hila na siya ni Maya. She led him to an empty seat at the corner. “Dito ka lang. Ako na ang oorder. Anong gusto mo Ser Chief?” She asked him, excitement in her face. She seemed so happy to be able to treat him for merienda.

Ayaw naman nyang sirain yun mood ni Maya though he didn’t want her spending on him. “Kung anong kakainin mo, that’s what I’ll have na rin.” He knows that she’ll be having spaghetti so yun na rin sa kanya. At least it’s not that expensive.

“Sure ka ha?”

“Yes  Maya.”

Then she excitedly walked to order.

After a few minutes he saw Maya with a tray of two orders of spaghetti, rice, chicken, sundae, iced tea and Champ burgers. She also had spaghetti and burgers for take out for Abby, Luke and Nikki. She was assisted by a Jollibee staff in carrying everything she ordered.

He was surprised. Nanlaki ang singkit na eyes. “Maya ang dami naman nyan!”

“Eh Ser Chief di kasi ako nagbreakfast at lunch nang maayos kanina tapos grabe yun activities namin. Gutom talaga ako. Marami ba to?”

“Oo Maya sobrang dami. Parang kang yun mga  engineers kung magorder.”He wasn’t able to control his mouth. “Maya… I meant… ano…”

She was laughing. “Kala mo magtatampo ako sa sinabi mo Ser Chief? Hindi no! Atsaka totoo naman. Matakaw talaga ako kapag gutom at pagod at… kumportable ako sa kasama ko.”

He was relieved. Hindi naman pala galit si Maya. And she was comfortable with him. That line made him feel special.

“Let’s start? Nagutom rin ako sa mga inorder mo.” He managed to say.

So in that corner table of the famous fastfood chain, the crushmates shared stories of  how their day went. Amidst the noisy crowd of that , they were both able to drown the noise and only focus on what each other was saying. This was new for Ser Chief. He never had the chance to eat in this kind of place for when the kids would request it, he would decline and just have a take-out or drive-thru instead. He loved the experience. He loved especially that it’s with Maya.

“Kita mo Ser Chief naubos mo rin nga.” She was amused to see that her Ser Chief ate everything she ordered for him as well.

Nangiti si Ser Chief. “Di ko na namalayan. I enjoyed our conversations kasi. But thank you Maya. Nabusog ako. I bet I won’t be able to eat dinner and also breakfast tomorrow.” He joked. He really enjoyed.

“Naku lagot ka kay Manang Fe nyan Ser Chief. Ayaw na ayaw nun na di ka kumakain.” She teased him.

“Ikaw ang ituturo ko. You made me eat all these.”

They were enjoying a lot.

“Maya so what’s the favor you’ll ask me to do?” He remembered.

Namula si Maya all of a sudden. She covered her face.

“Naku nakakahiya Ser Chief.”

“Bakit? Ano nga? Gumastos ka to treat me tapos nahihiya ka to ask the favor.”

“Mamaya na sa kotse. Baka may makarinig dito.” Shy talaga siya.

Si Ricky naman ay kung ano – ano nang naughty kalokohan ang naiisip with Maya’s expression. Why would she blush like that nga naman if simple lang ang favor na hihingin nya. And why nakakahiya na marinig ng iba? Excited si Ricky.

“Ano nga?” he asked her again.

“Mamaya na nga kasi Ser Chief.”

“Fine. We better go tutal tapos na rin naman tayo.” He’s now excited of what he would do for her.


Inside the car.

“So ano nga?”

“Eh wait lang Ser Chief. Ihahanda ko muna sarili ko bago ko sabihin.”

He’s getting impatient. “Ang dami mo naman pasakalye…”

“Kalma Ser Chief. Need ko rin munang kumalma kasi nakakahiya.”

He just smirked. Annoyed siya.

“Eto na. Sungit naman nito. “Kasi Ser Chief mag-aaral kaming magswimming. Kaso yun mga kasama ko marurunong na sila. Ako hind talaga. Naalala ko yung sinabi ni Manang Fe na sumasali ka sa swimming contests noon, kaya magpapaturo sana ako sa iyo. Atsaka may swimming pool sa bahay nyo. Doon na lang ako magpapaturo para pwede nating isama sina Abby. Yun. Okay lang ba sa inyo Ser Chief?”

Naku Maya could be really naïve. Okay na okay siyempre kay Ser Chief.

Namula si Ser Chief. Of course he’s a normal guy with normal hormones. Siyempre naexcite siya sa favor Maya is asking. At siyempre his mind brought him to imagine what he would be seeing kapag tinuruan nya si Maya magswim (hep hep hanggang swimming lang po ang imagination ha! Kapag sumobra doon, kayo na yun dear readers, hindi na si Ricardo at lalong hindi na rin ako).

“Uy Ser Chief okay lang?”

Napalunok si Richard. Nautal “Uhm.. o.oo. Sure Maya. Yun lang pala.”

Natuwa si Maya. “Thank you Ser Chief.” She even higged him. “Pag natuto ako hindi na ako kakantyawan nina Eds. Turuan mo ako ng iba’t ibang styles ha?”

“Su..sure…” He wasn’t able to recover yet lalo na at may hug pa. Comfortable na talaga sa kanya si Maya while sya naman getting uncomfortable na.

Maya noticed him. “Uy Ser Chief okay ka lang? Bakit namumula ka? Kahit yun tenga mo ang pula pula?” Naku talaga si Maya at tinanong pa.

“Nothing. Ganyan lang yan kapag nabusog sa treat.” Palusot nya.

“Ay ganun? Parang impatso?”

“Yes Maya. Impatso.”

She got worried. Dali dali naman kinuha yun sealed bottled water nya to give him.

And yes. He really needed it.

“Shall we go?” He asked her.

“Yes Ser Chief. Atsaka pwede bang humirit nang isa pa?”

“What is it Maya?”

“Pwede bang sa mansion ako matulog ngayong gabi? May dala na akong damit Ser Chief.” She was hiding her face. Nahihiya pa rin.

“Of course Maya. I would love, este Abby would love that.”

So with that famous smile plastered on his face and with that heart na kanina pa nagmamarathon sa tuwa, Ser Chief started driving towards the direction of the mansion.

Fiesta Ser Chief?


A/N : Treat – pwedeng yun Jollibee, pwede ring yun makikita ni Ricky sa swimming lessons, hahaha!







Can We Start Over Again 6

Can We Start Over Again 6

The supposedly very good news  had a bittersweet effect on both Maya and Richard.

After their meeting with Mr. M. both of them remained quiet for the rest of the day.

Even during lunch, both tried their best not to discuss about Mr. M’s offer.

Their mothers noticed how it affected them and suggested that they would just discuss about it once they get back home in the States. They had to discuss it with their husbands.

They left the Philippines to go back home to the States.

Until their last days in the Philippines, the network took good care of them and they really appreciated it.

Both Maya and Richard felt that they were very special.

It should have been easier to accept the offer as they already felt the warmth, love and concern for them of the management, their new workmates, their supporters.

But they also know that the life-changing decision of accepting the opportunity to have a career in the Philippines will definitely change not only their lives but their parents’ lives as well.

They will certainly leave the peaceful, uneventful yet very happy lives they have with their parents and friends in the States.


Maya and Richard together with their parents and their music mentor in the States, coach Jeffrey, his wife and two kids, enjoyed the travel for ten to the Asian countries that Maya and Richard won.

They visited Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

They enjoyed the place, food and culture of every country they visited.

They all enjoyed the wonderful experience each country had offered them. Every memory was worth treasuring especially that they experienced all these things with the very special people in their lives.


They were having lunch at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant in HongKong Disneyland, which was the last country they visited.

“You are so blessed Richard and Maya. When I started teaching you when you were still small alam kong malayo ang mararating nyo. I am so proud of you. Thank you too for including me, my wife and kids in this unforgettable adventure. The kids are so happy.” Coach Jeffrey commented.

“Siyempre naman Coach Jeff. Love na love ka kaya namin. Kung hindi sa inyo hindi naman kami mananalo.” Maya hugged their mentor who was also like a big kuya to her and Richard.

“And everything we know, we learned from you Coach.” Richard added.

“Hep hep paano naman kami? We are also your mentors atsaka yung talent nyo sa amin nyo nakuha.” Roberto Lim jokingly protested.

“Naku Roberto wag ka na ngang makisali. Kapag ikaw yun nagtuturo kay Ricky eh wala naman yang ibang kinakanta kundi yun mga makaluma mong mga kanta. They won’t win with those songs.” Esmeralda teased her husband.

“Oo nga kumpare, hindi ipapanalo nang mga bata yun paborito mong My Way.”

They were all laughing.

“But seriously, we would like to thank you Jeffrey. You have taught Maya and Ricky not only the technical side of singing but yun mas importante na discipline and dedication in what they are doing.”

“Wala po yun Tito Art.  Ang dalawang to ang pinakamasayang turuan  sa mga estudyante ko. Nakakalungkot lang na hindi ko na pala makikita ang dalawang paborito ko. You will be expanding your horizon na Maya and Ricky? Dadalaw pa rin kayo ha?” Coach Jeffrey sadly expressed what he felt.

Maya and Richard just stared at each other. They know that Coach Jeffrey was talking about the offer they got from the Philippines. They were just surprised that their coach assumed that they already accepted the offer.

“O bakit ganyan ang reaction nyo? I already know it kasi kinausap rin ako ni Mr. M when I was in Manila. He asked about the set-up we have here. Maybe he was concerned if may kontrata tayo. I gladly told them that wala naman. You kids don’t have to worry. You have my 100% support.” Coach Jeff added.

“Thank you Coach Jeff. Dalawin nyo kami sa Manila ha.”

“Hindi naman kami pumayag Coach.”

They said at the same time then stared at each other again after hearing what the other said.

“Ayaw mo?” Maya asked Richard.

“Pumapayag ka?” Richard asked Maya.

“Akala ko gusto mo.”

“We haven’t talked about it yet di ba?”

“Eh paano naman natin paguusapan eh umiiwas ka na pagusapan natin.”

“Because we decided to enjoy the trip and not stress ourselves with it. Pero bakit you seemed so sure na tatanggapin mo yun offer?” Richard was surprised with what he heard from Maya.

Nanay Teresita interrupted the argument of the kids. “Wag na munang pag-usapan yan dito. Magenjoy na muna at sayang naman kung dito pa kayo magdidiskusyon sa Disneyland.

Both kept quiet but avoided each other even in the succeeding rides they tried. Maya was always with Coach Jeff’s kids while Richard busied himself taking pictures.

“Tere mukhang may samaan ng loob ang mga bata.” Arturo dela Rosa voiced his concern.

“Oo nga eh.  Nakakalungkot naman na pagmumulan pa ng di pagkakaunawaan yun offer sa kanila.” Teresita was sad at the turn of events.

“Pinagusapan nyo na ba yun offer sa mga bata?” Roberto Lim asked his friends.

“Hindi eh. Iniwasan naming pagusapan kasi medyo mahirap yun gagawing desisyon. Gusto sana naman na enjoyin muna yun bakasyon natin.

Coach Jeffrey joined them. “Malaking opportunity po yung mabigyan ng offer sa ABS. Sikat na company sila at marami na silang napasikat na artista, singers, dancers, celebrities. Many are doing everything just to be part of the network. Sayang naman po.”

“We just leave it to the kids to decide Jeffrey. Kung ano ang pangarap ni Maya, we will support her. Gagabayan lang namin siya pero we will allow her to do what she wants, kung tumuloy man siya sa career sa Pilipinas or manatili sa dati nyang buhay.” Nanay Teresita and her husband always supports their only daughter in her dreams.

“Kami rin, we will let Ricky decide on his own. Fourteen na si Ricky. Though he’s still young he can already decide for himself. We will just guide him in whatever decision he makes.” Roberto and Esmeralda Lim also supports their son in whatever he does.

Though both parents know the weight of the decision they will be making, they didn’t want their kids to see the stress they are also going through while pondering about it.

Whatever decision the kids make, it will still make them sad. If they accept the offer, they will definitely have to leave them and stay in the Philippines for two years. It would be a major adjustment for all of them.

If they decline the offer, it would mean turning their backs on the big opportunity that would help them grow, improve in their craft, and make them successful like the other singers and celebrities of the network. It would mean saying no to something that many people dreamt of.


It was their last night in HongKong .

Maya and Richard were left inside their hotel unit while their parents were doing the last minute shopping with Coach Jeffrey and his family.

They were watching a concert on TV.

Richard was seriously watching while Maya was already restless. She wanted to talk to her best friend about her decision.

“Ricky pag-usapan na natin.”

Richard just glanced at her then resumed watching TV again.

But Maya is determined to talk to him about it. She wants to change his mind and convince him to accept the offer. She wanted to accept the opportunity given them. She knows that Ricky doesn’t seem interested so she wants to make him see why they should accept it.

“Ricky maganda namang subukan di ba? Atsaka hindi na tayo dumaan sa maraming proseso. Hindi rin tayo ang lumapit at nagmakaawa para makasali sa ABS. Marami dyan namumuhunan ng pagod, pera, nagsasakripisyo, nagmamakaawa para lang bigyan ng project pero tayo ayun marami na agad silang projects for us, may movie, tv show, recording contract. Masaya naman yun Ricky di ba? Napakaimportante natin sa kanila.” She tried to make him see how favorable the offer is for them.

“Maya I know that and I am grateful that they considered us. Pero Maya our family is far more important than having a career while being far from them. I could see all that we could gain by saying yes to the offer pero Maya it would mean leaving our parents. Hindi naman pwede yun. It was the reason why we joined the contest in the first place. Naalala mo? We joined kasi kapag nanalo tayo hindi na kakailanganin ni Papa na tanggapin yun trabaho sa Australia. It would be ironic na tayo naman ang aalis para iwanan sila.”

“Two years lang naman Ricky atsaka pwede naman tayong bumisita palagi o kaya sila ang bumisita sa atin. Sayang naman Ricky. Ayaw mo ba nun? Sabay naman tayo eh.”

“Maya it’s not that. Kung sa gusto, I want it for us as well. We’ve been through a lot already with our singing, with our friendship. We’re practically family and yun contract that they offered us would be perfect to grow as a person, to hone our talents, to earn for our family. Gusto ko rin yun especilaly that we will be doing it together. Hirap din ako to decide Maya pero I really can’t have the same decision as yours. Mas priority ko sina Mama at Papa.”

“Ricky naman eh.” She was already desperate.

“Sorry Maya but I really can’t.”

“Pasosolohin mo ako?” She was already teary-eyed that despite her attempts to convince him, Richard already made up his mind.

“Maya what if ikaw naman ang kumbinsihin ko to decline the offer and just go back to the States. We were happy there. We have friends, we do well in school, nabibili naman natin ang gusto natin, we may not be able to enjoy travelling like this pero being with our family is priceless Maya.”

Maya didn’t say anything. She just went inside her room and left Richard at the small living room or their hotel unit.



She automatically teared up when she saw his name flashing on her phone.

With a trembling voice, “Ricky…” then she couldn’t say anything else. She just cried. Namiss nya yun bestfriend nya. They haven’t talked to each other for two months.

“Ssshhhh Maya, don’t cry. Ang iyakin mo naman.”

“Ikaw kasi eh. Inaway mo ako. Di mo na nga ako sinamahan dito tapos di mo pa ako kinakausap.”

“Sorry na…”

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Selos

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Selos

“Ate Maya you’re back!” Nikki was squealing in delight when Maya entered the mansion.

“Kumusta ang flight Ate Maya?” It was Luke.

“I missed you po Ate Maya.” Abby said as she allowed herself to be engulfed in her Ate Maya’s arms.

Richard who was inside his home office heard her voice.

He was so happy.

He got excited.

He smiled. Yun smile na ear to ear.

Even his eyes were smiling.

His crushmate is back.

He hurriedly left what he’s doing to go to the living room where Maya is.

She saw him approaching.

Nagsmile siya.



Manang Fe saw it but she didn’t say anything. She already suspects that both Richard and Maya are fond of each other but she keeps her observation to herself. Ayaw naman nyang pangunahan yun dalawa.

Good thing that Doris and Sabel are really clueless and si Joma naman doesn’t mind these things.

“Maya how was your flight?” Was all he could say. Shy siya especially in front of his kids.

“Okay naman Ser Chief.” Shy din si Maya in front of his kids.

Nagkahiyaan sila. They just smiled at each other though gustong gusto na ni Ser Chief yakapin yun crush nya at gusto naman ni Maya na yakapin sya ng crush nya.

“Uy Maya asan na yun sinasabi mong pasalubong?” It was Sabel who broke the awkward silence of the two.

“Sabel! Nakakahiya kay Maya. Nagbakasyon lang yun tao sa San Nicolas hihingan mo pa ng pasalubong.” Pinagsabihan ni Manang Fe si Sabel.

“Manang Fe tumawag si Maya kanina at nagsabi siya na marami siyang dalang suman sa latik at mga souvenir items na pasalubong. Excited lang naman ako.” Sabel defended herself.

“Oo nga Manang. Atsaka alam naman naming hindi tayo matitiis nito ni Maya.” Si Doris naman.

Maya smiled. “Ay opo Manang may mga pasalubong po ako sa inyong lahat.” Then she got her big bag which she left near the door of the mansion when she was welcomed by everyone.

“Nikki, Luke, Abby eto may mga dala akong t-shirts para sa inyo. May pictures yan ng tourist spots sa San Nicolas. At eto may mga keychains din.”

“Oh m gee!!! Ang ganda Ate Maya. Thank you!” Then Nikki hugged her.

“Ate Maya alam na alam mo yun gusto ko.” Luke appreciated the shirt which had a picture of a guitar printed on it. He also gave Maya a tight hug.

“Ate Maya I love it po. Thank you.” Abby also hugged her. Si Abby naman binigyan nya ng shirt with ribbons na gustong gusto ni Abby.

“Eto naman sa inyo Manang Fe. Magagamit nyo po kasi to sa kwarto kapag giniginaw ka na sa aircon.” She gave Manang Fe a shawl she bought at the market in San Nicolas.

Manang Fe hugged Maya. “Naku Maya nag-abala ka pa talaga.”

“Eto naman sainyo Doris at Sabel.” She gave them bangles and wallets na souvenir items from her province. Tuwang tuwa din sina Sabel at Doris. They also hugged her.

Richard was just silently observing them, admiring the  thoughtfulness of Maya. He can’t help but smile.

“Eto rin para sa’yo Kuya Joma.” She handed Joma a mug with “i love san nicolas’ printed on it kasi mahilig uminom ng kape si Joma.

“Love mo talaga kaming lahat Maya. Halika nga pahug din.” Then of course hug din si Joma. Of course Maya hugged him back as well.

Medyo tumaas ng kilay ni Ser Chief sa nakita. Di naman siya napansin ni Maya.

“O eto naman ang suman sa latik para sa inyong lahat.” Then she handed Doris and Sabel the medium sixed bag filled with suman sa latik which her Nanay Teresita cooked for all of them.

Then tinupi na nya yun bag.

Empty na.

Walang laman.

Surprised si Ser Chief.

Super HOPIA siya.

Wala siyang pasalubong from Maya.

Hindi pa siya nabigyan ng chance to embrace her.

His mood turned sour.

Kung kanina happy yun expression ni Ser Chief, aba now it’s turning gloomy, tampo, hurt.

Then mas sumingkit pa ang chinky eyes ni Ser Chief, with matching smirk pa.  Kung yun curve ng mouth nya kanina ay pataas, ngayon pantay na. He’s already starting to get annoyed kasi sa lahat may pasalubong si Maya then sa kanya wala.

For him it meant that he’s not important. Maya didn’t even notice him while everyone was excited with her pasalubongs.

At ang pinaka kinaiinisan nya ay yung hug. He wanted to hug her talaga. He missed her in her two weeks stay in San Nicolas. Yes they were communicating thru text messages many times a day and thru calls every single night but it’s different when she’s physically in front of him. Hopia siya sa hug and he felt so bad.

Everyone was eating the suman sa latik while exchanging stories.  Richard was also with them but he barely said a word. Kumakain lang ng suman sa latik at kinakain ng selos sa lahat ng tao who got Maya’s attention.

This went on for a couple of hours hanggang gumabi na and Maya had to leave.

“Thanks Ate Maya. Balik ka sa Saturday ha! We have many kwento pa.” Nabitin si Nikki sa kwentuhan nila about San Nicolas.

“Opo Ate Maya you still have to teach me to make yun bracelet na ibibigay ko kay Joey.” It was Luke din.

“And Ate Maya you will still tell me the story about your visit to Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo’s most romantic place.”

“Oo naman gagawin natin lahat yan sa Sabado pagdalaw ko. Kayo talaga. Kaya miss na miss ko kayo eh.”

Then the three kids hugged her goodbye.

“Maya tuturuan mo rin kami ng pagluto ng suman sa latik ha.” It was Sabel.

Magsasalita pa sana si Doris when Richard interrupted in a loud voice. “That’s enough. Maya has to go home. Gabi na at may gagawin pa ako pakahatid ko sa kanya.”

“Ay Ser Chief wag nyo na akong ihatid.” Maya suggested. Ayaw nyang maabala si Ser Chief.

Volunteer naman ang Joma. “Ako na lang po Ser ang maghahatid kay Maya.”

Richard didn’t’ say anything. He just gave Maya and Joma a scary stare. Natahimik yun dalawa. Yun iba naman didn’t notice kasi they were still busy admiring the pasalubongs of Maya while still eating the remaining suman sa latik.

“Sabi ko nga, ikaw na Ser Chief maghahatid.” Maya said in a small voice kasi natakot na siya sa expression ni Serr Chief.


Inside the car.

Richard remained quiet while driving.

“Ser Chief galit ka?”

Tahimik pa rin.

“Uy Ser Chief…” pangungulit ni Maya.

Richard was ignoring her.

“Nakakainis ka naman. Akala ko excited ka na dumating na ako.” Tampo ang Maya.

Richard parked his car. He faced her. “So ikaw pa yun may ganang mainis?” He couldn’t control himself.

“Kasi bakit ganyan ka Ser Chief?” Maya doesn’t know why sinusumpong ng kasungitan si Ser Chief nya.

“Hindi mo talaga alam?”

“Hindi ako magtatanong kung alam ko.” Pamimilosopo ni Maya.

Richard was trying his best to control his temper.

He needs to tell her why he’s acting this way. He wants her to know na nasaktan sya.

“I was excited na dumating ka. I can’t even stop smiling when I saw you kanina. Tapos sila lang yun pinansin mo. You’ve been ignoring me.” Kunot yun noo nya.

Si Maya naman just stared at him, surprised na nagtatampo pala si Ser Chief. Dense din ang Maya.

Richard added, kahit nahihiya sya to tell her, he knows he must. “Then lahat sila naalala mo, lahat sila may pasalubong. It’s not that I wanted a pasalubong from you pero lahat sila meron then ako ni isang maliit na keychain wala. Nafeel ko tuloy that I’m not important. Then ang pinakanakakaasar is you hugged all of them even si Joma, tapos ako wala. That’s unacceptable.”  Sobrang sad ng face ni Ser Chief.

Natawa si Maya. But naawa rin. And kinilig. Her Ser Chief looks so cute with his face. Nagselos si Ser Chief nya at kilig na kilig si Maya. She felt so giddy.  She can’t help but smile with her doe-shaped eyes staring at her Ser Chief. She had her smile plastered on her face. Natatawa siya.

“Now you’re even laughing at me.”

“Kasi ang cute mo. Atsaka sinong may sabing wala akong pasalubong sa’yo. Syempre meron. Ikaw pa! Ikaw nga ang may pinakaespesyal na pasalubong from San Nicolas.”

“Yeah right. I bet kukuha ka lang ng isang item na supposedly for Emman or Edz then you’ll pretend that it’s for me.”

“Ay grabe ka Ser Chief hindi no! Sige wait lang.” Then she fished for something inside her luggage. “Dapat mamaya ko to ibibigay sa’yo pagdating natin ng condo kasi yayayain sana kitang magcoffee. Dun ko sana ibibigay. Kaso tampururot ka eh so eto. Pinagawa ko yan Ser Chief. Pasadya yan. Nageffort ako.” Inside the box were identical bracelets with carved letters. Maganda yun bracelet. It was actually expensive at pinag-ipunan talaga ni Maya.

Hala si Ser Chief naman ang nakonsensya when he saw the bracelets. “Maya I’m just kidding. Hindi naman importante ang pasalubong. Just to see you and be with you is enough.”

“Sayo talaga yan Ser Chief. Tig-isa tayo. Pinasadya ko yan.” Then kinilig sya sa sinabi nya. “Hindi mo naman kailangan isuot pero masaya na ako na isipin na pareho tayong may ganito.” She was smiling sweetly at him.

He smiled na. Kinilig na rin. “Parang couple bracelets?” He teased her.

Nagblush si Maya. Nahiya. In a small voice, while hiding her face “Oo, couple bracelets natin.” Then cover ulit ng face, sobrang kilig sa pinagagawa nya.

He shook his head. Natatawa na rin at kilig as well. But he needs to slow down or baka matunaw silang pareho sa kilig. “Eh ano naman ang initials na to? Hindi ko naman yan initials?” He saw ‘MSC’ in his bracelet.

Nagtago ulit ng face si Maya. “Wag na Ser Chief.”

“Ano nga?” Pangungulit ni Ser Chief.

“Yun MSC ibig sabihin ay Masungit na Ser Chief.” Then she giggled.

“Maya!” He pretended to be galit again.

“Biro lang. Ibig sabihin nyan ay ‘Maya’s Ser Chief.” Then cover na talaga siya ng face. Hiyang hiya siya.

“Eh ano naman etong sa bracelet mo na ‘SCM’?” He asked while amused at her expression.

Still covering her face.. “Ano…’Ser Chief’s Maya’! Eeehhh  nakakahiya!”

He laughed. He loved her innocence, her humor and simplicity. She was indeed a breath of fresh air he was so blessed to meet.

“I love that. You’re indeed my Maya. Halika nga. I deserve that hug sa paghurt mo ng feelings ko kanina.” Then he engulfed her in an embrace which she readily accepted. “Thank you for the pasalubong Maya. I will wear it. Masaya ako that nandito ka na ulit sa Manila. You just don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“Ako din Ser Chief. Namiss din kita. Sobra.”

“Let’s go?” He disengaged from the 2 minute hug.

“Sige Ser Chief.” She answered while hiding her flustered face.

Then with smiles on both faces, couple bracelets in each wrist, the crushmates continued their trip to Maya’s home.


A/N Ang orte orte ng crushmates na to. Hahaha!



One Fine Day – 2

One Fine Day – 2

Maya de la Rosa was in her usual morning rush.

She will bring her son to school then go to work at the Time Airways like she used to do every single day.

But today is an extra busy day for her.

She will be having a presentation in front of the owners of Time Airways – Mr. Jaime Ventura and his son James Ventura. Also in attendance will be the Board of Directors of Time Airways and her mentor Ms. Katrina “Inah” Ruiz.

Maya will be presenting  her new ideas that could be incorporated in the Flight Attendants training program. She suggested it to Ms. Inah a few days ago. Ms. Inah informed her bosses about it and since they got interested and really excited on what Maya dela Rosa proposed, the owners and BOD of Time Airways requested Ms. Inah to have Maya dela Rosa present her ideas in a conference today.

She was just promoted as a trainor a few weeks ago and she needs to impress the big bosses that she is worth the promotion. She was very excited to be given the opportunity to share her ideas but she was very nervous as well.

As usual, Maya spent the evening mastering her presentation and even practicing everything she would be saying. She was always meticulous when it comes to work and she wanted it to be perfect.

She didn’t want to embarrass her mentor Ms. Katrina Ruiz, who was instrumental in her promotion.

She was just lucky that her son will be having a field trip today. After the field trip they will also have a mini soccer game which means he would be spending the whole day with his teachers and classmates.

Maya doesn’t have to fetch him during lunch time today, like she does on his regular school days. On regular days, Maya would rush to her son’s school during lunch then bring him to her office where her five year old son would be spending the rest of the day.

Everybody in Time Airways knows that Maya is raising her son, Sky on her own after she and her husband separated about a year ago.


Jeff Macavinta, Sky’s dad is a musician who only cares about his band, his gigs, his tours and concerts. He also cares about the numerous girls he’s been dating after he and Maya parted ways.

During the first two years of their marriage, Jeff had been a very responsible and loving husband.

He and Maya were friends before they got into a relationship and eventually got married that’s why both of them thought that what they had was for keeps.

Things changed when Maya got into the Time Airways as a Flight Attendant. She would be travelling a lot which left Jeff taking care of their son Sky, who was just over a year old then. Jeff had a small music studio in their former house where he used to teach their neighbor’s kids various musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin and drums. He would also offer voice lessons to aspiring singers. It was his passion and he enjoyed doing it.

Everything went on smoothly until Maya’s flights became more frequent. There were times when they hardly saw each other since Maya comes home very early in the morning then sleeps the entire day.

On their son’s third birthday, when Maya was unable to go home because her flight was cancelled due to the bad weather,  the husband and wife started to have arguments about many issues like lacking time for each other, who gets to sacrifice more,  who gets to bring the bigger income in the family and even little bouts of jealousy about an FA who gets closer to Maya or a student who gets closer to Jeff.

This went on for about a year until both decided that they could no longer live with each other and it would be better for them to part ways. It would also be better for their son who was growing up already. They both agreed that Sky shouldn’t be witnessing their quarrels and arguments. Despite what happened to them, both Jeff and Maya love their son very much.

They parted as friends for the sake of their son and Jeff admitted to Maya that he could not take care of Sky for he would also be pursuing his career as part of a rock band.

He knows that his gigs and tours would take much of his time and he wouldn’t be able to take care of their son. Both decided that Sky would live with his mom but Jeff could visit him anytime. They also decided that whenever Sky had school activities, both would be in attendance to support him.

Jeff kept his promise the first few months but eventually stopped when his band went on tours nationwide. Sky would always ask about his dad which Maya would patiently explain without making Jeff look bad.

Seeing her situation as a single mom and also knowing her potential as a trainor, Ms. Ina transferred Maya to being a ground crew of TA. It would mean that she could also bring Sky to work. Since Maya was a well-loved TA employee, everybody was supportive of her and nobody questioned when she had her son stay in her office after his morning classes. Sky was a very good boy anyway.

Then came the opening in the FA training institute where Ms. Inah immediately recommended Maya.


Maya finished practicing her presentation around 4 am then she proceeded to fix her son’s needs for the field trip. She prepared his small bag and made sure that her 5 year old son would have everything he would need – extra clothes, small towel, soap, powder, cologne, his favorite cupcakes, juice and his small soccer ball-shaped pillow. The school would be providing hot meals as lunch for the kids.

After fixing her son’s things for the field trip and the materials she’ll be using for her presentation, Maya prepared omelette, hotdog  and rice for breakfast. She always makes sure that her son eats a full meal before going to school. Unlike other kids, Maya never had a problem feeding Sky. The boy is not a picky eater. He could eat just about anything.

She took a glance at Sky who was still sleeping soundly. She smiled then kissed her son. She proceeded to the bathroom to take a bath.

She glanced at the clock on her bedside the moment she went out the bathroom. It said 5:30 am. She should wake Sky up now.

“Mommy I’m still sleepy.” The boy complained the moment Maya tried to wake him up.

“Anak today is fun. You will be riding the cruise. Wake up na Sky.”

“Mommy 2 minutes pa.”

“Two minutes or you want me to tickle you?” She jokingly said.

The moment Sky heard it, he immediately sat up. He knows he is no match for his mom.

“Ayan scared  ka sa tickles ni mommy no?”

“No mommy I’m not. I’m just excited kasi I will see daddy later after our field trip.”

“Anak, daddy said he will try to watch your soccer game later but he did not promise that he would so pag wala si daddy don’t be sad ha. He is just very busy.” Maya tried her best to explain to Sky.

“Yes Mommy I know po. Pero sana daddy is there so he could run with me. Yun mga classmates ko kasi may mga  daddies teaching them soccer.”

“Naku anak napakagaling ni Mommy magplay ng soccer. I could run with you later. Then with free kisses pa like this.” She kissed her son’s tummy which made Sky squeal.

“Mommy enough! Ill take a bath na po.”


6:15 am the mother and son were now having breakfast when she got a call from her friend Corinne.

“Good Morning Maya. Nakakaistorbo ba?”

“Good Morning din Corinne. No hindi naman istorbo. Eto patapos na kami mag-almusal ni Sky. In ten minutes pupuntahan na naming si Sunshine sa bahay ni hubby mo.”

“Maya pasensya na sa abala ha!”

“Naku Corinne wala yun. Eto naman. Atsaka mas mabuti na yung may kasama si Sky papunta sa school. Hindi maiinip yun bata.”

“Maya pagpasensyahan mo na yun daddy ni Sunshine ha kung ano man ang sabihin at gawin nya. Medyo mabiro lang yun pero mabait naman si Richard.” Corinne was actually worried that Maya would be annoyed with her ex-husband.

“Naku Corinne bakit ba parang may pagbabala naman yun meeting ko with Sunshine’s dad. Ikaw talaga. Okay lang ako. Atsaka nakwento mo na lahat yun mga pinagagawa nya so sya yun dapat matakot sa akin.” Then she laughed. She knows about Richard already after Corinne have opened up to her about their situation. Maya haven’t seen Richard Lim yet but she already pictured him as an irresponsible, good-for-nothing, womanizing guy who is full of himself.  Well she may be biased after experiencing the same kind of attitude from Jeff as well.

“Salamat talaga Maya.”

“Don’t mention it Corrine. Sige na have a safe flight and enjoy your vacation with Papa James.” She knows James as well.

“Ikaw talaga Maya.  Sige enjoy the day din at goodluck sa presentation later. Thanks again.

“Thanks din Corinne.”


It was already 7 am and Maya had been knocking at Richard Lim’s door for 15 minutes now. She tried to call Corinne to get Richard’s number but Corinne’s phone is now turned off. She’s probably on her flight now.

Maya began pounding on the door until a neighbor of Richard Lim saw her.

“Miss walang tao dyan. Kanina pa bumaba si Richard. May nakadikit na papel dyan sa pintuan nya kanina, hindi nyo nabasa?”

“Wala naman pong papel.”

“Naku baka nailipad. Ang sabi dyan eh nandun silang mag-ama sa McDonalds sa harap nitong condo. Dun ata sila maghihintay sa inyo. Expected ba kayo ni Richard Lim?”

“Ah opo, susunduin ko yun anak nya. Nandun pala sila. Sige po kuya. Salamat.”

Maya and Sky rushed towards McDonalds.

She was already fuming mad. She knows that Corinne gave her number to Richard Lim but the idiot didn’t even care to call her up to inform her that he will be in McDonalds. “Naku nakakapikon pala talaga tong ex mo Corinne” she thought to herself.

The moment Maya saw Sunshine, she rushed towards her.

“Good morning Tita Maya. Good morning Sky.” The little girl greeted her and Sky.

“Good morning Sunshine.” Maya was trying her best to smile though she’s already so annoyed with the little girl’s father who was also equally giving her his angry stare.

“Bakit ang tagal mo? Late na yun mga bata! Dapat siguro ako na lang sumundo sa anak mo. Siguro late ka gumising?” Richard Lim was babbling nonstop.

Maya dela Rosa’s eyes grew wide. Nagpanting yun tenga nya but she still tried her best to stay calm. She’s trained to do it in her work as an FA. Besides the kids are around. But she will definitely have something to say to the arrogant Richard Lim when the kids are no longer with them later.



“You  Richard Lim are the most disgusting person, correction, creature I’ve ever met!”

“And you Maya dela Rosa are the most crazy woman I’ve unfortunately interacted with!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t and I assure you, you won’t!”

“I DO hate you with every fiber of my being!”



Then she grabbed her mobile phone from his right hand and shoved his mobile phone in his left hand.