The Swimming Dilemma

The Swimming Dilemma
(A One Shot Fanfic)

Ricky was in front of their bathroom mirror.

“Sweetheart kanina ka pa dyan ah.” Maya smiled sweetly at him as she stood beside him about to brush her teeth.

“Halata ba?” he asked her with a worried look on his face.

“Ha? Ang alin?”

“My skin tone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah kasi I’m tanned. Halata na umiba yun kulay ko.” He explained.

“Ok lang lang naman yan sweetheart. Mas gumwapo ka nga. Mas nakakamacho yun kulay, hihihi.”

He smirked, faced her and pinched her cheeks. “Alam ko na gwapo ako, kaso po, the kids noticed na pareho tayo ng kulay. Malalaman nila that we’ve been swimming .”

“Ha! Naku! Grabe pa naman magtampo yung mga bata.” Maya looked at herself on the mirror too, stood beside him and was frantic.

Maya and Ricky had been going to the beach for three Saturdays now. Ricky suggested that they should have a weekend getaway because they seldom have time for each other when they’re home. Maya’s time is usually spent with the kids.

“Naku sweetheart, pano to?” She was also worried.

“Oh see ikaw din naalarm din.”

They were both looking at themselves at the mirror now.

But after the initial panic, she calmed down.

“Sabagay sweetheart ok lang kasi summer naman. Uso naman talaga magswimming. Okay lang yan. Di naman alam ng mga bata that we were on the beach together. Aakalain nila that nagswimming kami ng mga FAs at ikaw naman kasama yun mga taga LAS.

“Uh.. hmmm.. kasi sweetheart.”he was fumbling on how to tell her.

She raised her brows telling him to continue..

“Kasi, eh yun classmate ni Luke, si Joey and her family nandun sa Batangas. I saw them there tapos nilapitan nila ako.

“Ha! Sina Joey? Di ko naman nakita ah.”

“Kasi sweetheart may binibili ka when I saw them. Then she asked me to join in their table and we took a picture together. Kaso when she posted it sa facebook, nasabi nya that you were at the local stores buying pasalubong kaya kami lang yun may picture.”

“Sweetheart! Naku paano yan? Di mo nasabihan na wag magpost? Baka nakita na yun nina Luke and Nikki.”

“I told her kaso she posted it agad after we took the picture. She was so excited kasi ipaalam kina Luke and Nikki. Pero she removed it naman agad. Sorry sweetheart.”

She was so guilty and worried now.

Ayaw nyang magtampo yung mga bata. They have been suggesting that the whole family go on an outing but Ricky would always make excuses that they are busy with work.

She initially didn’t agree with Ricky’s suggestion that they allot Saturdays as their ‘you and me’ bonding time but her husband insisted that they should have time for each other.

She took pity on Ricky when he complained that she had been spending most of her time with the twins, with Abby, with Nikki and even with Luke and not with him. She actually missed bonding with him as well that’s why she was convinced of his plan.

They usually leave very early every Saturday to spend time on Atty Ryan’s resort in Batangas. They spend time swimming and snorkeling and sometimes just walking hand in hand along the shores. They cherish every moment spent together. They both love each other’s company and missed their moments together.

He sensed her apprehension and he thought of something quick.

“Sweetheart, we can do something about it.”

“Ha paano?”

“Ganito na lang, why don’t we have a pool party mamaya dito sa bahay. I’m sure the kids would love that.”

“Ah sige. Palutuin natin si Sabel ng mga paborito ng mga bata.”

“Ako din I’ll ask Joma to check the pool.”

Sabay silang lumabas ng bathroom. Maya went to Sabel to request her to cook while Ricky had Joma prepare the pool.

They told Doris and Leah to prepare the twins for their pool party as well

The older kids were so happy when their mom told them the good news


“Nakabawi na tayo sa kids.” he said as they now lay cuddling in bed about to sleep.

The kids enjoyed their unplanned pool party. Though Luke and Nikki suspected that their parents have been sneaking on them, they pretended not to know. Alam nila that their mom and dad needs time for themselves also.

The twins enjoyed as well and Abby is now an expert. Ricky and Maya also joined the kids. Sabel, Doris, Leah and Joma also had joined as well. Manang Fe was just watching them. She so thankful that the one sad household is now full of laughter and love.

“Alam mo sweetheart, sa mga pinagagawa natin, madali tayong mabubuko. Si Manang Fe pa naman ang galing makahalata. Tinanong nga ako kung talaga daw bang may flight ako kapag Sabado. Tinanong di nya kung bakit lagi kang may bag sa kotse.
Ikaw kasi.”

“Anong ako. You enjoyed it too. Masarap takasan si Manang at yun mga bata.” he grinned

“Ano ka ba! Para namang tayong teenagers na tumatakas sa magulang nyan.”

“Pero exciting di ba? And don’t overthink na sweetheart. What’s best is we enjoyed our time together and we were able to make the kids happy as well. Hindi na magtatampo ang mga bata nyan.”

“Oo nga kaso sometimes nakakaguilty rin sa kanila kasi alam mo na, iba pa rin yun bakasyon sa ibang lugar. Gustong gusto nila yun.”

“No Sweetheart, ayoko munang iexpose yun twins sa beach kasi their skin are still delicate. And remember Sky doesn’t want to leave the sea the last time we went swimming. Ayoko nang maulit yun.”

“Tama ka. Dapat ata dito na lang tayo palagi sa bahay magswimming kasama sila.” She quipped.

Looking down at her while wiggling his eyebrows and smiling naughtily “Alam mo you’re right sweetheart.”

“At ano ang mga ngiting yan?”

“It means I agree with you. Dito na lang tayo dapat magswimming.”

Getting what he means, “Sweetheart ha! You’re getting naughty again. I mean swimming sa pool. Ikaw dyan.”

“Oh anong ako. Pool din naman and iniisip ko. Where do you think can we swim? Ikaw ang naughty sweetheart.”

She blushed, embarrassed by her thoughts. “Ay ewan ko sa’yo. Iba naman talaga ang iniisip mo eh.”

She disengaged from his embrace, turning her back on him “Hmmp! Bahala ka nga dyan. Goodnight!”

Grinning at her. “Sweetheart ang cute mo talagang mapikon. Sige na harap ka na sakin. Okay I admit. Im thinking of the same kind of swimming rin.”

She slowly faced him but with eyebrows still furrowed and lips in a thin line.

“Nakakaasar ka.”

“Sorry na nga di ba. Atsaka mas magandang magswimming dito. Hindi tayo mangingitim and I can also dive.”

Then he suddenly attacked her with kisses as he said those.


At nagswimming na nga sila”

At may nagdive din!

A/N Pantawid lang muna….