Traces of Love 3

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“Maya what are you doing there? Come here.”

Richard just woke up and saw Maya standing by the window staring blankly outside.

He slept for hours after all the drugs given him. He was being treated for his heart. He would be undergoing a coronary artery bypass grafting in a weeks time. The doctors opted to perform the procedure to normalize the blood flow to Richard’s heart.

What made it rather complicated was his condition. Both of Ricky’s knees were badly damaged during his accident that he could no longer walk and he must have a wheelchair going to places.

“Gising ka na partner? Kumusta ang pakiramdam mo?”

Her face showed how scared she was. She thought Richard was just admitted to have his therapy for his legs. She never expected that it was for his heart.

“I’m okay Maya stop worrying.” He told her as he tried to hold her hand which she allowed.

“Pagaling ka Richard.” She said while trying to avoid his gaze.

She doesn’t want him to see that her eyes were puffy. She had been crying the moment she learned about his condition.

Her chance encounter with him got her emotional already but learning about his condition was more than she could handle.

Good thing he was asleep so he didn’t witness how she cried while with him in his room.

She volunteered to watch over him when she overheard his sister having a hard time looking for someone to stay with him while she talks to his doctors.

Ricky saw it but he didn’t want to dwell on it so he acted as if he didn’t notice it.

They might end up crying together and at his condition now, he didn’t want to be crying too.

“I’m fine Maya. Hindi naman seryoso ang condition ko.”

She just nodded her head, not wanting to continue the conversation.

He was the one who started to change the topic.

“What are you doing here in New York Maya? Bakasyon ka dito? How’s Manila?”

“Dito ako nakatira Richard. Matagal na.”she shyly admitted.

“Oh really? You settled here? How’s Sky? Dito na rin family mo?”

“Ay no. I live alone here sa New York, si Sky naman he’s studying sa Harvard. Yun isa kong anak nasa Manila. She’s studying there kasi. But once she’s done with school, I’ll get her to join me. Di ko naman kasi maasikaso because I work.”

Though he was expecting that she probably had settled and having a blissful married life now, it was still painful to learn that she seemed to have a wonderful life and even had a daughter.

He doesn’t want to hear more so he opted not to comment on what she said.

“Ikaw, kumusta ka? Napano yun paa mo?”

“Ah I had an accident. Long story. Let’s not talk about it.”

“Pero makakalakad ka pa naman di ba?”

“I don’t know Maya. Matagal na rin naman to and I’m used to it already. Sanayan lang. I can travel naman. You saw that naman di ba?”

She just nodded her head, so careful with whatever she would say.

Then all of a sudden his sister entered the room.

“Naku I’m so sorry Maya. Natagalan kasi ako kakahintay sa doctor ni Chard. Here may dala akong dinner, kumain na muna tayo bago ka umuwi. Oh Chard gising ka na pala. How do you feel? Do you want something?”

“Nothing. I’m fine. Inistorbo mo pa si Maya. You could have asked my nurse to stay here.” He sounded upset. He didn’t want to bother Maya. He’s not her responsibility after all.

“Ay Richard, ako yun nagsuggest that I stay. Wala naman akong gagawin atsaka nagpapalipas na rin naman ako ng traffic.”

He calmed down but it was evident that he didn’t like it. One thing Richard disliked the most was having to disturb other people to take care of him. He didn’t want to be depending on others especially Maya.

“Mauna na pala ako.” She has to leave to allow him and his sister some privacy. She just couldn’t intrude in family matters.

“Kain ka na muna partner.”

“Busog pa naman ako partner atsaka I need to feed my pets na din. Wala kasi ako for two days at yun cleaning lady lang yun nagpapakain sa kanila. Eh alam nya na I’ll be arriving today.” She explained.

He didn’t insist anymore.

She was accompanied by his sister in her way out.

When they were sure that Richard couldn’t hear them…

“Babalik ako bukas. I could take care of Richard, if okay lang sa’yo.”

“Maya I don’t think Richard would like that. Matigas ang ulo ng kapatid ko and he wouldn’t want that especially ikaw. Mahihiya yun and mahihirapan ka with his condition.”

“Kaya ko naman. I’m a nurse and sanay na ako. Gusto ko lang namang makabawi. Don’t tell him na lang para di na siya umayaw. I’ll just be here tomorrow or what time do you need me?”

“May nurse naman si Chard Maya. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Please….” Her eyes were pleading as if this was something really important for her.

His sister couldn’t do anything but give in.

“Okay sige pero you can come here anytime na convenient sa’yo. Maya, my brother is not the same Richard before na mabiro, fun loving. He is a different person now.”

His sister warned her.

“It’s okay. Kakayanin ko naman yan.”


That night Richard couldn’t sleep.

Maya had been occupying his thoughts. If he didn’t mess up before, they could still be probably friends now. He might have been able to pursue her if what happened didn’t scare her away.

He can’t help but remember that night…

“Richard, Maya mauuna na kaming matulog. Nakakapagod yun activities natin today. Si Cris ata kumukuha pa ng pulutan. Antayin nyo na lang.”

Direk and the rest of the staff went to their respective rooms ahead of Richard and Maya. Their co-star Cris was supposed to get pulutan but already proceeded to her own room. She was already drunk.

Richard and Maya ended up consuming all remaining bottles unaware that they had a lot. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they even forgot the time.

They were both drunk that they decided to rest.

Maya was walking in a zigzag manner to her room and nearly slipped. Good thing Richard was right behind her. He was also drunk but he was still able to assist her to her room.

The moment they entered, she was blabbering nonstop.

“Alam mo yan mga boss nating yan, mahina ang utak. Tayo yun nagpapasok ng malaking revenue tapos bigla na lang tatapusin yun show. Ganon ganon na lang yun?”

Her voice was loud so he had to close her door. She sounded upset and mad.

Both of them were drunk but he still needs to calm her.

“Ssshhh partner pahinga ka na.”

“Sa’yo ba okay lang yun? Bakit parang wala lang sa’yo?”

If she appeared calm when their big bosses talked to them, now she was totally different.

She was blurting out all the hurt and frustrations she’s been harboring from the moment the show’s end was announced to them.

“Sshhh… matulog ka na.”

“Hindi nga partner, bakit ba parang okay lang sayo? Di mo ako mamimiss? Kasi ikaw sobra sobra sobra kitang mamimiss.” Then she giggled while giving him a shy glance.

“Maya you’re drunk. Lie down na. Pahinga ka na.”

“Seryoso ako partner. Di mo man lang ako mamimiss? Ikaw oo. Sobra! Etong singkit na mata mo, etong kumukunot mong noo, yun sweet pero manly na boses mo, yun mga biro mo, etong arms mo na ang sarap umakap sa mga eksena natin, yang lips mo…” She touched all the ones she mentioned then she giggled again.

She was so talkative and the movement of her lips caught his attention.

He’d been very attracted to her for a very long time now. But now alone in this room, with what she’s been saying, the temperature suddenly changed, he felt hot all of a sudden, not from the beer they consumed but from being with her.

Not being able to think anymore, he suddenly silenced her moving lips with his own. He suddenly kissed her. At first a light one, just like a soft caress and when she didn’t protest, he deepened the kiss and she responded..

“Chard it’s time for your medicine. Mabuti naman at gising ka pa.” It was his sister.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

“Ah sige iinom na ako.”


She was inside the bathroom when she heard voices. It was his sister and doctor. They seemed to be discussing the procedure to be done. They didn’t know she was inside for Richard was asleep when she entered the bathroom.

“Mr. Lim once the procedure is done, you will have to rest for at least two months. You just have to stay in your house and not be allowed to go out.”

“What? You mean I will be staying indoors again? No I won’t. I can’t even walk then you’ll again deprive me of going outside even in that damn wheelchair!”

“Chard, please makinig ka naman. It’s better to undergo the bypass para hindi na tayo mag-alala pa. Ilang beses ka ng inatake and the next one might be fatal.”

“Then Ill just wait for that one.”


Richard was surprised to learn that Maya was inside his bathroom. He didn’t know she was visiting him again. He tried his best to control his temper. Though the conversation with his doctor and sister upset him, he didn’t want Maya to feel that.

She just remained quiet while fixing the food she brought. It was his sister who allowed her inside his room earlier.

“Maya you don’t have to visit me. Baka nakakaabala na ako sa’yo.”

“No Richard hindi ka abala. I want to do this. I want to be here.”

“Thank you then. But please, if you need to be doing something, like work or whatever, okay lang ako dito.”

She didn’t focus on what he was saying for her mind was still on the conversation she heard earlier.

“Richard bakit ayaw mo na magundergo ng heart bypass. I heard that….”

“Maya I don’t want to, I don’t need it.”

“Your sister told me that you need it. Ilang beses ka ng inatake. Ayaw mong gumaling?”

“Maya it’s not that. I don’t need it. Besides I’m already old. Pagod na rin ako not being able to walk then this. I’m such a burden already.”

“Do it for yourself Richard. Di ba that’s what you used to tell me whenever I feel down before?”

“Noon yun Maya. Iba na ngayon. And the situation is a lot more different. I can’t force myself. I don’t want to even do it for myself…”

She bravely faced and stared at him despite the tears already streaming down her cheeks…

“All these years I’ve been praying na sana magkita pa rin tayo. I wanted a chance to be able to make things right, makabawi man lang sa’yo sa mga nagawa ko. I was happy to be given that chance. Sana naman you would allow me to make it up to you. Sana naman kung pwede lang… please find it in your heart to make me a reason why you want to be better.. sana bigyan mo ako ng pagkakataon… sana….” She was already unable to continue.

He was surprised by her display of emotion.

He reached for her, trying to console her. She allowed him to engulf her in his arms as sobs wracked her fragile body.

“Ssshhh Maya stop crying na. Hey…”

But she was still inconsolable.

“Tahan na please. Sige I’ll do it na para makabawi ka sa’kin at ako din naman sa’yo. We have a lot of catching up to do. Mukhang exciting yan.” He tried to joke para lang tumigil na sa kakaiyak si Maya.

He was curious why she was so emotional from the day they saw each other.

She seemed so affected.

Oh well even before Maya was really easily moved to tears. Maybe that’s just it.

When she had calmed down, he held her face and tried his best to wipe her tear-stained face.

“Stop crying na ha! Sige I promise ill have the procedure done. Stop worrying na. Pagbalik mo next time, magaling na ako.”

“Sasamahan kita araw-araw. Ako ang magiging nurse mo.”

“What? No! Nakakahiya atsaka hindi mo ako kakayanin. Tingnan mo ang payat mo.”

“Kaya ko Richard. Let me do this.”

“Maya you just being here, kahit nakikita lang kita, okay na. You don’t have to tire yourself.”

“I’m not gonna tire myself and I want to do this. Ang kulit mo naman eh.” She insisted.

“But I’m a very difficult patient Maya. I demand a lot. I’m grumpy. I’m moody. I’m stubborn. Mahihirapan ka.”

“Hindi ako mahihirapan. Kaya ko. I’ve spent many years taking care of patients I don’t even know. It’s time for me to take care of the father of my daughter.” She shyly admitted in a very soft voice.

Silence engulfed the room. He wasn’t able to react at once. It took quite awhile before he found his voice again.

“I’m the father of your daughter Maya? We have a daughter?” Confusion, shock, disbelief written all over his face. He can’t seem to take in what he heard.

She can’t face him either. She just remained seated at the side of his bed, with head bowed down.

He can feel the burden she was carrying. It was the reason why she was so emotional, close to hysterical.

He slowly digested what she said, the words getting through his heart.

He didn’t feel any anger or hatred but instead felt a renewed hope, felt a certain happiness. He felt alive again.

He stared at Maya who was stifling her sobs with head still bowed down.

He reached for her hand then slowly caressed it.

He can’t contain his happiness now as his eyes also turned teary.

“Maya, will you allow me to meet her? Can I see her?”

She finally looked up to meet his gaze. His eyes shining with tears.

“Oo naman Richard. Ipapakilala ko siya sa’yo.”

He wanted to ask her many questions but decided that there will be some other time for that.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“I know po that you are my dad. Mommy has lots of your pictures at home. We also used to pass by your former house when she visits the Philippines. Stalker yan si mommy.”

Sunshine also talks a lot just like her mom.

Richard chuckled.

Maya was unaware that their daughter already revealed a lot to her dad.


The Heart Never Forgets 24 – Epilogue

Maya and Ricky were seated at the veranda of their son’s, Fr. Luke Andrew Lim’s, room in his convent.

Luke is now a parish priest of San Isidro, a town which is an hour drive from their home in San Nicolas.

They were leisurely watching the sunset which was one of the nicest views in Fr. Luke’s room.

Luke was still saying his last mass for the day so they decided to just wait for him in his room.

Abby was busy preparing food with the other helpers at the convent. They were there for Luke’s birthday.

The family arrived yesterday and attended the first mass that Luke celebrated.

Both Ricky and Maya were very proud of their son. Despite what happened to them years ago, Luke grew up to be a fine man, well-loved by people for his humility despite everything he has accomplished. He always tells people that he is what he is because of his wonderful parents. He always includes them in his homily.

Abigail Ruth Lim owns a preschool now which specializes in Music and Arts. She was inspired by her mom’s former profession. It was just near their home in San Nicolas.

Abby decided to just have a business closer to their home. She didn’t want to be far from her mom and dad.

It was the same reason Luke had when he was asked to choose between a parish abroad and the one near their hometown.

Both Abby and Luke knows what their parents had gone through. They were aware how lonely both their mom and dad was during their childhood, growing up without siblings. This is the reason why they both decided to be near their parents. Besides why would they try to find happiness in faraway places when they have abundance of it in their home.

“Sweetheart alam mo, kung hindi nagpari si Luke, siguro marami ring ipinakilala yan sa bahay.”

“I don’t think so Sweetheart. Bata pa lang siya, he had a calling already.”

“Eh kahit naman may calling, kapag may dumating na nagpapatibok ng puso, eh daig ang ‘calling’. Ikaw nga di ba?”

Ricky now faced his wife.

“Sweetheart let me clear that. I was in love with you before I entered the seminary. You just chose to leave me kaya hayun, napasok ako sa seminary. Hindi ko naman ata calling yun. I was the one who called for help kasi nga I was mending my broken heart.” He teased her.

“Ay sweetheart idinahilan mo na naman ako. Ang cute mo kapag ganyan ka. At manang mana sa’yo sa ganyan si Sky.” She lovingly pinched Ricky’s cheeks.

Ricky kissed her on her head while they are still leaning alongside each other.

“Ay teka asan na ba sina Sky?” Maya asked and right on cue, a flashy red sports car parked in front of the convent which is just below the veranda.

Their younger son, the adorable, charming and ladies’ man Sky emerged from the car.

He immediately looked up to where he knows his parents were and flashed them a beaming, charming smile with matching wink.

“Naku sweetheart ayan na naman ang binata mo. Naku baka sa isang to magka apo tayo ng maaga.”

“It’s okay with me. Nakakamiss na rin ang may bata sa bahay. Atsaka we can support him naman if ever.”

“Sweetheart 18 pa lang ang anak natin. Naku ikaw talaga!”

“Ay oo nga pala. I forgot 18 pa lang si Sky. Sa dami ba naman kasi ng naging girlfriends ng isang to. Siguro masaya din yun ganyan no?”

“Ang alin?”

“Yun maraming girlfriends. I never get to experience that. What was it like kaya?”

Maya frowned and pouted her lips.

“Hey.. I’m just saying what if. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na gusto ko ng ganyan. Besides why would I look for more when I have the very best beside me.” He chuckled then he engulfed her in a tighter hug.

“Ewan ko sa’yo…”

They were still sweetly bantering when the their children joined them at the veranda.

It was Sky who immediately hugged and kissed his mom. He was a mama’s boy and was very proud of it.

“How’s my very beautiful and sobrang sexy na daig pa ang curves ni Beyonce na mommy? Flowers nga pala mom.” Sky handed Maya a beautiful bouquet of roses while giving her a very tight hug.

“Naku bumabawi ka lang kasi late ka. Sky talaga! Binola mo pa si mom.” Abby joined in.

“Hindi Ate no! That is so true. Sexy naman talaga si mommy, tanungin mo pa si dad. Atsaka I was late kasi dumaan pa kami sa bayan. I bought pasalubongs for you.” He proudly stated.

“Hindi naman ikaw yung bumili ng pasalubong Kuya Sky. Ako kaya yun inutusan mo. You were just there sa may magazine stand nagpapacute sa mga girls.” Their youngest, 16 year old Sunshine protested.

“Sunshine, I was training your purchasing skills. You should thank your Kuya nga.” Sky lovingly hugged Sunshine.

“O ano naman ang mga pinabili mo kay Shine? Lahat kami dapat meron.” It was Luke now.

Sky excitedly gave the pasalubongs. He was late in going to San Isidro for he and Sunshine still had their classes so they arrived just today. Sumunod na lang sila.

Their mom and dad together with Abby arrived yesterday and spent time with Luke visiting places and also friends in San Isidro. They had made new friends in the town for Luke was a very much loved parish priest of the town. Richard and Maya also continuously supports the government programs of the town and their business Lim Holding Inc. is the biggest benefactor in most projects and programs for the people of San Isidro.

“Eto for mom, scarf. Sa’yo naman Ate Abby here’s a cute pen pamalit dun sa nawala kong lucky pen mo.”

Both appreciatively thanked Sky.

“Eto naman sa’yo Kuya Luke…”

Sa kamamadali ni Sky, nagkamali siya ng ibibigay kay Luke, he handed him an FHM mag.


“Ay sorry kuya. That’s mine. Etong songhits pala sa’yo.”

“Songhits?! Ang kuripot mo talaga! At bakit songhits?”

“Kuya, kasi mga luma yun kinakanta mo so dapat bagong songs naman. Atsaka wala talaga akong budget kasi naubos na yun allowance ko. Hihingi pa lang kay dad, right my handsome at kamukha kong daddy?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his dad.

“Of course Sky. Mamaya ibibigay ko yun allowance nyo ni Sunshine. Eh what did you have for me?” Ricky finally joined in the banters of their kids.

“Dad share na lang tayo sa magazine. It’s really really really very good.” He naughtily teased his dad.

“Naku Sky idadamay mo pa si dad sa kalokohan mo. Halina kain na nga tayo. The table is set.” Abby now stated.

The family proceeded to the dining area where they will now celebrate another fun dinner together.

They are celebrating Luke’s birthday but this scene was a very common sight in their family.

Amidst everything that they went through, Richard and Maya had been blessed with wonderful kids and a blissful married life.



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The Heart Never Forgets 23 – Finale


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๐Ÿ˜ข Here goes…


Nine years after Maya and Richard tied the knot…

At Northwest Hills Montessori.

It was Luke’s highschool graduation and Richard, Maya together with their 8 year old daughter Abby was proudly watching with the other parents.

Luke graduated at the top of his class and was accepted in a scholarship abroad.

The ceremony was ongoing and the couple were talking in hushed voices.

“Mabuti yung anak natin, walang girlfriend na maiiwan. Hindi yan mahihirapan magdesisyon na umalis o hindi.”

Richard was teasing Maya.

“Malay natin baka meron pala.”

“Sweetheart we always do guy talk ni Luke at wala naman siyang binabanggit. He is so focused in his studies. Hindi yan madidistract ng kung ano-ano.”

She made a sad face. She was also teasing him.

“So distraction pala ako sa’yo noon?”

He chuckled then gathered her closer to him.

“Ikaw talaga. Of course hindi. I meant that wala pang nahahanap si Luke like his mom kaya matatagalan pa yan magseryoso sa paghahanap ng girlfriend. No one will compare to you sweetheart.”

“Sus binobola mo lang ako. Iba naman yun sinasabi mo kanina.”

“Ganun yun! Iba lang yun interpretation mo.”

Then they both smiled at their banters. There was really never a dull moment between them.

Even Luke who was now 16 is so used to seeing his parents being sweet with each other.

Abby just watched them shaking her head.

They were all proud of Luke. He in return was so grateful to have been blessed with their wonderful parents.


The family spent the whole school break in Manila after Luke’s graduation.

They have a house there which was regularly maintained by their trusted staff. They usually stay there during short visits in Manila for vacation and even business.

They enrolled Abby in a summer dance, singing and acting workshop for she wanted to be like her kuya too.

Luke, on the other hand would accompany his sister in her classes. He wanted to stay with her for he will be leaving for his studies abroad soon.

The family was with Sabel and Joma for the entire stay.


Ricky was driving along SLEX on his way to Batangas.

He will be attending the house warming of his friend Ryan.

Maya couldn’t make it for she’s been feeling sick since last night. Luke was with Abby and they were accompanied by Joma for Abby’s classes.

The night before..

“Sweetheart wag ka na lang pumunta. You better rest. Ako na lang ang mageexplain kay Ryan.”

“Pero Sweetheart, di ba nakakahiya na wala ako dun bukas? Kaya ko naman. Pagod lang to at hindi siguro sanay sa Manila.

“No sweetheart. Ryan and Ivy will understand. Atsaka we need to go to the doctor pagdating ko. Baka you’re pregnant that’s why you’re having those symptoms. Very early morning na lang ako pupunta kina Ryan. Magpapakita lang ako then uwi ako ka agad. I’m excited to know if may kasunod na si Abby.” He teased her.

“Naku Mr. Lim, how I wish, pero baka kabag lang to or sa kinain ko. Or pwede nga sa pollution dito sa Manila.”

“Whatever it is, tomorrow, uuwi agad ako then we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Sige sweetheart para di ka na magworry, we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Good. Salamat naman at hindi matigas ang ulo mo ngayon Mrs. Lim.” Richard chuckled. Maya was always stubborn when it comes to her health.

“Hindi naman ah! Lagi naman akong sumusunod sa’yo.”

“Hmmm o sige na at baka mag-argue pa tayo. You better rest na. I’ll check on the kids.”

“Aba extra sweet ka ngayon sweetheart. May check the kids kang nalalaman ngayon ha.”

“I’m always sweet. I always check them too kaso I could feel na nahihiya si Luke when I do it, binata na talaga anak natin. Sige na at gusto ko lang munang kausapin sina Luke and Abby. I’ll join you in a while.”

Richard left their room while Maya settled on their bed.


Maya was sound asleep when her cellphone kept ringing nonstop.

She forced herself to answer it. It was an unknown number and it was just five in the morning.

Ricky was no longer beside her. He must have left already as he said he would be very early going to Batangas.

It took few more rings before she answered her phone.


“Hello. Si Mrs. Maya Lim po ba ito?”

“Yes ako nga. Sino po sila?”

“Ma’m ako po si SPO2 Jeff Macavinta. Yun asawa nyo po, si Mr. Richard Lim kasalukuyang isinusugod sa ospital ngayon. Naaksidente po yun kotse nya.”

Blood drained from Maya’s face, her heart pounded fast, she can’t speak.

“Ma’m sa Asian Hospital po siya dadalhin kasi yun ang pinakamalapit sa pinangyarihan ng aksidente. Ma’m?”

“Ser kumusta po ang lagay ng asawa ko?” She finally found her voice.

“Hindi ko po masasabi pero mainam po na mapuntahan nyo kaagad.”


Luke accompanied his mom to the hospital where his dad was rushed. Joma drove them. Abby and Sabel were left home. They didn’t wake Abby for they were rushing to the hospital.

Maya and Luke was ushered to the waiting area. Richard was at the ER being treated. The policemen who were at the accident scene were also there but they allowed her privacy first.

After an hour of waiting, the doctor came out and approached Maya.

“Mrs. Lim your husband wants to see you.”

She hurriedly entered the ER with Luke and was shocked to see how Richard looked. There was still a lot of blood and his lower body was covered.

Maya was already crying…

The doctors obviously just allowed his request to see his wife.

“Sweetheart I’m glad you’re here.”

His bloodied and scarred hands tried so hard to hold hers despite the excruciating pain he was feeling. Maya held it.


“Hey sweetheart, wag mong papabayaan sarili mo ha at ang mga bata. I want you guys to be happy. Luke come here.”

“Dad.” Luke was silently crying behind his mom.

“Luke you take care of mommy and your sister. I’m sure you guys will be fine.”

“Sweetheart wag ka ngang magsasalita ng ganyan.”

“Sweetheart listen to me. I love you so much don’t forget that. We had so many wonderful years already. That’s more than enough for us. Please let my love be your guide in finding happiness kahit wala na ako. Promise me Maya… I love you so much sweetheart… I’m sorry pero I can no longer be with you…kakayanin nyo alam ko yan. Please don’t deprive yourselves of the happiness you deserve.”

Maya was not saying anything. She was just crying. Luke was too.

“Give me a hug sweetheart.” Ricky finally requested.

Maya gave him a kiss and a hug. While still in an embrace… Richard’s hand loosenedโ€ฆ.

The machine beeped….

The doctors scrambled towards him and tried their best to resuscitate him.


“Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa’yo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mon’g bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong susundin
Sa takbo sakdal, liwanagan ang daan
Yakapin mong bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
‘Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin

Ikaw ang siyang pag-ibig ko
Asahan mo ang katapatan ko
Kahit ang puso ko’y nalulumbay,
Mananatiling ikaw pa rin

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa iyo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mo’ng bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin”

The song was hauntingly sang by the San Nicolas choir as Richard’s coffin was carried by the clergy who were his former classmates in the seminary.

Father Francis celebrated the mass.

Luke and Abby was seated beside their mom and James, Rafi, Liza, Joma and the very frail Manang Fe were all seated at the front with the family.

“It is not how short or long our life is but how meaningful we lived it… that’s what’s more important. Our dear Richard lived his life to the fullest…”

Maya was unable to hear the rest of what Father Francis has to say for she already fainted..


“Mommy! Mommy!” tiny fingers were poking her face.

“Sky don’t disturb Mommy. She is still sleeping.”

Maya could hear her daughter Abby.

Then she felt that Abby was near her.

Now she’s the one waking her up.

“Mommy! Mommy! You’re having a bad dream again. You are crying. Mom please wake up!”

She was startled by Abby’s worried voice so she woke up but she was still crying.

“Mom, bakit po? Are you okay? Is something wrong?”

Maya was trying her best to stifle her sobs since her youngest son, Sky was already curiously staring at her. Sky really looks like Ricky.

“Wala anak naalala ko lang ang daddy nyo. Namimiss ko siya.” Then she cried again…

“Ay si Mommy ang oa. Sinundo lang ni dad si Kuya sa airport akala mo naman ilang days di nagkita. You’re so cheesy mommy.”

Maya was confused with what she heard.

While still processing in her mind what her daughter said, their bedroom suddenly opened as Luke who just arrived from the States entered with beaming smiles.

“Mommy!!! I missed you!” Luke gave her a big hug then kissed her forehead and proceeded to kiss Abby and Sky too.

Ricky was behind Luke, lovingly watching his family.

He went near Maya to give her a kiss only to notice her puffy eyes and very red nose.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He worriedly asked.

Maya didn’t say anything. She just gave Ricky a very tight embrace wanting to feel that what is before her very eyes right now is real.


Yes Ricky is well. He didn’t go to Ryan’s housewarming and he chose to stay with Maya who looked very sick when he woke up that morning.

And yes she was indeed pregnant that time.



Para both parties mapagbigyan…

My friend Amy, whose story I used,requested me to show a glimpse of what really happened.

But of course I can’t take it in my heart to have a sad ending for our most loved Ricky and Maya kaya i changed the last part of the story.

Gusto ko happy at walang ending… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Captain James : Missed! Sent! Again?

The Time Airways was having their annual party for their employees and their families. They have also invited their colleagues in the aviation industry. It was an annual event to also award their top Flight Attendants and Pilots.

Maya dela Rosa -Lim , was as usual the top awardee of the airlines. She had been receiving the award for three consecutive years already. But this year was extra special for she is now married to Engineer Richard Lim. She was proud of her accomplishments but mostly proud to be the wife of Mr. Lim. As she always used to say, para siyang nakajackpot sa lotto.

Maya arrived at the venue with Joma.

Richard’s flight was delayed so she had no choice but ask Joma to accompany her to the venue before fetching Richard at the airport.

The event where the Time Airways was holding the party was near the airport anyway.

She was sure that Ricky would join her as soon as he arrives.

She badly wanted him to be with her at this event.

After an hour, Ricky arrived with Captain Ventura who was the pilot of his flight. She immediately met her husband to give him a hug and kiss.

“Sorry sweetheart late ako. Tapos na ang awarding?”

“Oo sweetheart yun akin tapos na pero okay lang. Ang importante nandito ka.” She giddily replied.

“Where will I sit ba?”

“Ay naku sweetheart dun ka na muna sa table ng LAS tapos mamaya lilipat ako dun. May group awards pa kasi at mas malapit dito ang stage. Hindi ako mahihirapan maglakad. Medyo masakit pa kasi sa paa yun sapatos na nabili ko.”

“It’s okay sweetheart. Dun na muna ako kina Liza.”

“Sige sweetheart.”

“I’m so proud of you. I love you!” Ricky said then winked at her before he left to join the LAS table.

Kilig na kilig na naman si Maya.


She is now bored while waiting for their group to be called. If di lang masakit yun paa nya, she would have chosen to stay with her husband whom she missed so badly.

They haven’t seen each other for five days because Ricky was in Singapore for an international conference.

Hindi na mapakali si Maya. She saw Ricky texting so she decided to text him na din.

“Busy ka?”

It is took him about five minutes before he replied.

“Hindi naman. Why?”

“How do I look? Maganda ba yung damit ko?”๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ˜Š

“You look stunning as always.”๐Ÿ˜Š

“Pero mas maganda yun nabili ko na pang-ilalim nyan.” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘™

“Gosh!” ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

“Namiss kita. Did you miss me?” ๐Ÿ˜

“Sobra!” ๐Ÿ˜œ

“Ang gwapo mo ngayon!” ๐Ÿ˜

“Ngayon lang?” ๐Ÿ˜’

“Siyempre palagi pero extra gwapo ngayon.” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

“Well thank you.” โ˜บ

“Kumusta yun flight?” ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

“Delayed kasi may turbulence.” ๐Ÿ˜

“Pero okay ka naman? Nahilo ka ba?”

“I’m fine Maya. Okay lang ako. Thanks for asking.” โ˜บ

“Gutom ka? Gusto mong kumain?” ๐Ÿ˜Š

“Busog ako.”โ˜บ

“I’m bored here. Ang tagal ng awarding.”๐Ÿ˜’

“Sige ka baka bawiin award mo.”๐Ÿ˜

“But you are my one and only award!” ๐Ÿ˜

“Naks ang cheesy!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

“Hindi ka bored?” ๐Ÿ˜ž

“Hindi naman. I’m amused with the messages you send me.” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰

“Nakakaasar ka!” ๐Ÿ˜ก

“Oh bakit naman?”๐Ÿ˜ฎ

“Para kasing hindi ka man lang excited sa mga reply mo.” ๐Ÿ˜•

“And how should I reply ba? Ano naman ang mga expected mong reply ko?”๐Ÿ˜

“Alam mo na… yung mga parati mong sinasabi….” ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š

“Sa personal ko na lang sasabihin. Not here.”๐Ÿ™Š

“Ewan ko sa’yo. Hindi ka man lang sweet ngayon. Late ka na nga.”๐Ÿ˜

“Hindi ko kasalanan na late ako. Kasalanan ng eroplano.” ๐Ÿ˜

“Kahit na… Nakakatampo ka!” ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜’

“Pagod lang ako. Sorry na.” ๐Ÿ˜Š

She felt that James was staring at her pati na rin si Emman.

“Oh ano naman ang problema ninyong dalawa? Bakit ganyan kayo makatingin?”

“Wala naman roomie. Nakakaaliw lang kasi facial expressions mo. Siguro katxt mo si serchief Ricky mo ano?”

“Hindi ah!”

“Eh sino yan? Bakit di mo mabitawan ang phone mo? Tapos si Serchief Ricky busy din sa phone nya. Oh my God roomie…. nagpapalitan kayo ng SPG messages ano?”

“Excuse me Emman! Hindi kami ganun ha! Wholesome kaya kami!”

James chuckled.

“At ano naman yan Captain Ventura na tinatawa-tawa mo dyan?” Maya glared at James.

“Wala naman Mayabels. Naalala ko lang kasi ng maging txtmate kami ni Sweetheart Superman, este Richard mo.” He grinned.

“James ha! Sabi ng kalimutan at wag ng babanggitin yun!” Asar talo na si Maya.

“O siya at baka magalit at top employee natin. Baka hindi tayo iblowout nyan Emman. Behave na nga tayo.”

“Buti alam nyo. Wag nyo na nga akong istorbohin.”

Her two friends just laughed at her.

Maya resumed texting. She saw Ricky glanced and winked at her. Mas lalo siyang kinilig.

“Alam mo mas gusto kitang katabi kesa sa dalawang asungot na to sa tabi ko.” ๐Ÿ˜ 

“Ay grabe! Asungot talaga?”๐Ÿ˜

“Yes kasi iniistorbo nila yun pagtext natin.”

“Be attentive Maya. Mapagalitan ka nyan.”

“Hindi yan. Si James rin nga panay text.”

“But he’s your boss.”

“He’s my friend din kaya okay lang yan.”


“Pagod ka? Matutulog ka agad tonight?”

“Ha? Why do you ask?”

“Alam mo na…”๐Ÿ˜

“Why nga?”

“Ipa spell pa daw. Ang slow mo naman.”

“Ano nga sabi?”

“Eh safe ako tonight.” ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š

“At ano naman pakialam ko kung safe ka?!?!?”๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Napikon si Maya. Not only was Ricky’s last reply uncalled for, but his previous messages were also ‘walang lambing.’ She was pissed.

She turned off her phone. Nakita nya na panay pa rin kalikot ni Ricky sa phone nya.

Mas lalo siyang naasar.

Her friends noticed it.

“O ano yan? LQ sa text?”

“Tumigil ka nga Emman. Napipikon ako!”

James just laughed at her while shaking his head in amusement.


After the awarding, Maya was still sulking. Di na siya lumapit sa upuan ni Ricky. He approached her.

“Sweetheart akala ko you will join me.”

She just stared at him. Nagtatampo.

“Oh what have I done? Bakit ganyan ka makatingin?”

“Nagtanong ka pa!”

“Hindi nga sweetheart. Why are you mad at me? Atsaka bakit nakaoff yun phone mo? I was trying to call you kanina para patabihin na sa akin.”

“Nakakaasar ka! Parang wala lang sa’yo!”

Ricky was totally clueless pero ayaw nyang kulitin si Maya. They were still in the middle of many people. Besides he finds his wife adorably cute. Baka nagtatampo si Maya kasi nga late siya.

He just sat beside her on her Time Airways table. All her co FAs were dancing and she was left alone with Ricky.

“Let’s dance sweetheart.”

“Ayoko. Dito na lang ako. Hanap ka na lang ng ibang kasayaw.”

He sighed deeply. Here they go again.

“Sweetheart alam mo your mood swings are getting worse. Bigla ka na lang nagagalit when wala namang reason.”

“Walang reason? So wala lang yun? Naglalambing na nga, ganun pa ang mga sagot mo!”

“Ha? What are you talking about?”

Maya was already agitated. Si Ricky naman clueless talaga.

“Tawagan ko na nga si Kuya Joma. Umuwi na tayo.”

Pagod na rin si Ricky at asar na din sa mood swings ni Maya.

“Fine! Uwi na tayo!”

When she turned on her phone, she saw two more messages from Ricky.

Tiningnan muna nya ng masama si Ricky bago basahin ang messages nito. Alam nya na he’s probably saying sorry in his messages.

“Maya, next time you and your sweetheart Ricky should have a separate phone for each other. Pasalamat ka na ako lang to.๐Ÿ“ฑ”

“Maya wag kayong magpupuyat tonight kahit ‘safe’ ka. Maaga ang flight natin huy! ๐Ÿ˜‚”

Maya was beet red. Hiyang hiya siya. She could only cover her face.

Ricky saw her. Nagtaka naman siya kung bakit.

“What’s wrong this time? Bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?”

She just shook her head then pulled her chair closer to Ricky and hid her face in his chest.

“Bakit nga? What’s wrong?”

She just handed him her phone.

Binasa ni Ricky. He couldn’t stop laughing.


On their way home, tawa ng tawa si Ricky while kinukurot siya ni Maya. Di naman nila mapagusapan in detail kasi Joma was with them.

Pagdating sa bahay…

Sa bedroom…

“Bakit naman kasi pangalan ko yun nilagay mo sa number ni James?”

“Eh kasi di ba bawal kang kausapin kasi may conference ka tapos si Emman inaasar ako na di kita nakakausap kaya ayun nilagay ko yun name mo sa number ni James kasi siya yun kausap ko nung isang araw. Akala ko napalit ko na. Nakakahiya sweetheart!”

“That makes the two of us. Compatible talaga tayo sweetheart!” Ricky teased her.

“Sira! Kahit sa kapalpakan compatible tayo.”

“Yes. Don’t worry its just James. I admit I’m beginning to like your friend. He’s not that bad at all.”

“Sinasabi mo lang yan kasi ako ang napahiya.”

“Of course.”

“Kaasar ka Ricky.”

“Let’s stop talking about James na. So safe ka nga ba talaga tonight?”

Nangiti si Maya, pademure, kilig…

“Uhmm oo!”

“So what are we waiting for? I missed you so much! Tara na sa first stop.”

“First stop?”

“First stop sa bathroom! Let’s take a shower muna together.”

Then before Maya could react, he carried her towards their bathroom.

A/N Ano naman ang ginagawa ni Ricky sa cellphone nya? Ano pa nga ba eh di nagsosolitaire. ๐Ÿ˜

Angel of our Hearts – Epilogue

“Sky! Sunshine! Stop running. Baka madapa kayo.”

Maya called out their twins who were excitedly chasing each other.

Winter, their 5 year old Maltese who was Snow’s daughter were running behind the twins as they approach Luke’s grave.

The family were on their way to Nikki Grace’s school. Nikki, their 10 year old daughter will be the lead star of their school play.

They dropped by Luke’s grave, like they always do whenever they have special occasions and events.

“Kuya, watch over me ha para wag akong kabahan mamaya. Guide me on my lines like yun last time, promise Kuya ha.”

“Oo nga Kuya Luke, kagabi pa kinakabahan yan si Ate Nikki”, Abigail Ruth, their 8 year old joined in. Maya named her after her favorite preschool student back in Dubai.

“Nikki okay naman yun kabahan, normal yun. Maganda nga kasi mas maeexcite ka at mas mataas yun energy mo sa play.”

“But Mom, I’m the lead eh. Baka magkamali ako. It would embarrassing.”

“You will do great Nikki. You prepared and practiced enough for this. Atsaka mana ka kaya sa mom mo who is a best actress, kaya nga she can easily make me follow her eh.”

Maya slapped her husband’s arm lightly then clinged to his arms.

“Sweetheart talaga.”

Then Ricky hugged her and gave her a kiss on her lips.

“Ewww Mommy! Daddy!” Sunshine, one of their 2 year old twins, suddenly screamed as she saw her parents kissing.

“Ewww Mommy! Daddy!” Sky the other twin imitated his sister but went near his mom wanting to be picked up and also wanting a kiss by pouting his lips.

“Mommy kiss din daw po si Sky.” Abigail reacted as she saw how Sky really wanted to be kissed by his mom.

Then Maya kissed him too.

Ricky picked up Sunshine and gave her a kiss also, then, while still carrying Sunshine he gathered Nikki and Abigail close to his arms and hugged them as well.

“Naku my girls are growing so fast already. Tapos isa lang si Sky. Dapat ata Sweetheart we have an addition to the family.”

The girls squealed in delight. Sky, who doesn’t know what they were talking about squealed as well.

Ricky just wiggled his eyebrows at his wife and Maya just shook her head, both smiling at each other.


After the play the family had their lunch at South Curves then proceeded to watch the latest Disney movie.

After the movie, Ricky brought them to BGC to buy some doggie stuff for Winter at Hobbes and Landes.

The couple, seated by the bench in the area just enjoyed watching their kids playing, tickling each other, running around the area while Winter was also running with them.

Maya leaned her head on Ricky’s shoulder, while their fingers were intertwined.

Then Ricky heard her shallow breathing indicating she’s crying. He disengaged from her hold to look at her.

“Oh why Sweetheart?”

Maya furiosly wiped her tears then clinged to her husband’s arm again.

“Masaya lang ako. Nakakatuwa yun ganito. Nakikita nating lumalaki ng masaya yun mga bata, tayo. Maraming salamat Sweetheart ha! Napakaswerte ko talaga, napakaswerte namin ng mga anak natin,” then she got teary eyed again.

“Naku best actress talaga itong misis ko. Kaya naman napakagaling ng panganay natin.”

She just stared at him with her teary eyes and beaming smiles.

“Me too Sweetheart. I would never be complete without you, without our five kids. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Then Abigail came near them all sweaty from too much running after the twins.

Maya immediately got her handtowel and wiped Abigail’s sweaty face.

“Mommy you cried?” The little girl wondered after seeing her mom’s wet cheeks.

“Your mom cried kasi naiiyak siya sa pagiging sobrang gwapo ni daddy.”

“Ang yabang mo Sweetheart!”

“Of course not! I’m just stating a fact di ba kids, daddy is gwapo?”

“Oh my God daddykins you are so humble!” Nikki joined in and kissed her dad.

“Of course your mommy din!” Ricky added.

“Hali na nga kayo at nagbobolahan pa tayo.”

Maya carried Sky while Ricky carried Sunshine.

The family are on their way home.

This was a usual sight in their family.

Finally Dr. Richard Lim has the woman of his dreams beside him to share his life with.

Maya dela Rosa-Lim was also given another chance of happiness after losing Simon and Luke years ago.

They both found their happy ever after together with their wonderful kids and their angel up there who will never be forgotten.

Luke, who was the reason why Ricky and Maya found each other will always be in their hearts.


A/N: Thank you for reading and supporting “Angel of our Hearts”.

I enjoyed writing this one. Thank you for all your comments, your funny and sometimes impassioned reactions. It inspired me to continue writing.

I will continue writing stories with Richard and Maya as main characters until they again show up on TV. Sana may show na ulit sila para matapos na akong magsulat. Mahirap kaya to think of ideas. Now I know what the writers of bcwmh went through.๐Ÿ˜

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Angel of our Hearts 17 – Finale part 2

A/N Sa ganitong chapter ng kwento I admit, mahina ako. So you need your wild or mild (whichever you choose ๐Ÿ˜) imagination na lang para maitawid ang chapter na to.

Please bear with me. Actually di ko alam kung bakit napunta ako sa pagsusulat ng mga ganito. I’m a Star Wars and sci fi stories’ fan na super layo sa Ricky and Maya stories but sa di ko mawaring kadahilanan, aba nagawan ko sila ng mga kwento. Hay see what these two can do to me.

I better stop explaining na nga (read: palusot๐Ÿ˜).

Here’s the finale part 2 of this story.

Enjoy reading. I hope you do.๐Ÿ˜Š


They were greeted by their families and friends as they arrived at the reception area for their wedding.

They wore wide smiles, holding hands and silently exchanging meaningful glances.

Ricky also kissed Maya a lot, on her cheeks, her hands and sometimes lips when no one is looking. Maya, though shy, just allowed Ricky.

Ricky’s parents were beaming with happiness that finally their son had someone with him. He was the most hardworking, responsible, selfless and loving person and he really deserves someone like Maya.

Maya’s sister was also comforted by the fact that Maya would have someone to take care of her. They were aware of all that she had gone through. The pain, sadness and struggles she had especially when she lost her son was something they thought she won’t be able to handle but she found Ricky, or should they say, Ricky found her and from that moment, he never stopped taking care of her and of her son, even when Maya hid herself from him.

As the couple were seated in front of their guests, various numbers were offered to entertain them.

The doctors gave a funny, naughty dance number to the amusement of all those who were at the reception.

Ryan even cajoled Ricky to give a song number for his wife in which he gladly agreed.

Teasing and laughter pervaded. Since most of the visitors were colleagues of Richard in the medical field they were relentlessly teasing the couple about their honeymoon.

Maya gamely laughed with them and Ricky constantly reminded his friends that they were already embarrassing his wife.

Emman also teased the couple and even led the crowd in the constant clinking of glasses for the couple to kiss. Ricky was grinning all throughout and he wanted to thank Emman. Maya on the other hand was so embarrassed already that she pinched Emman when she had the chance to be near him.

It was a very happy celebration of love for the couple.


After the reception they immediately flew to Palawan for their honeymoon.

Actually this was just a part of their series of travels for their ‘you and me time’. Most of their godparents’ gifts were travels to different countries for their honeymoon.

But now, they are on their way to Palawan. The couple decided to travel within the country first since they were both exhausted from the wedding preparations and from entertaining visitors. Besides, Maya also wanted to visit Palawan. This was actually Emman’s gift for them.


It was already dark when they arrived in Amanpulo.

Before proceeding to their room, they both decided to have dinner.

Both were equally excited and nervous.

“Ricky, mauuna na akong maligo ha. Ang lagkit ko na sa byahe.” Maya was trying her best to calm herself and delay the inevitable.

“Okay sweetheart but wag kang magtatagal ha.” He winked at her amused at Maya’s shyness.

She nervously laughed. “Oo naman bakit naman ako magtatagal.”

“Malay ko ba if gusto mo akong takasan. Remember I have a key sa bathroom.” He teased her.

“Ricky ha!”

She hurriedly entered the bathroom leaving a laughing Ricky in their bedroom.

Maya spent almost an hour in the tub scrubbing while imagining things that she expects them to be doing. She closed her eyes embarrassed at her thoughts.

After quite sometime of assuring herself that it will be okay and trying to keep herself calm, she left the tub and dried herself.

She wore her pajamas totally ignoring Emman’s red negligee gift which he specially got for her honeymoon.

The moment the bathroom door opened, Ricky who was watching TV, was alerted.

If he was disappointed that Maya didn’t wear the red negligee Emman gave her, he never showed it. He appreciatively stared at his wife and smiled.

“Hmmm ang bango mo sweetheart. Pa hug nga muna.”

“Eehhh Ricky maligo ka kaya muna. Galing tayo ng byahe.”

“I smell good pa naman sweetheart atsaka baka mapasma ako. Halika na. I need a hug.”

“Hoy Ricky hindi ka po mapapasma kasi wala ka namang ginawa. Hindi ka naman nagdrive. Ligo na.”

“Pero I can’t wait to finally….”

Maya shoved Ricky to the bathroom not wanting not hear what he was about to say.

She was already getting affected by his constant teasing and playfulness, a different side of him she now sees.

After 5 minutes he was out of the shower and smelling so good. He was also wearing his white shirt and gray pajamas. He doesn’t want to shock Maya so he decided to wear a conservative sleepwear. Besides it would be more exciting to be removing more layers of clothing. He smiled to where his thoughts were leading.

For God’s sake, he is a grown man and Maya already had a son yet they were equally nervously anticipating what would happen.

He thought it was really silly for them to feel and act this way. But this is Maya and he wants everything perfect with her.

She was gazing at the window lost in her own thoughts. She didn’t notice Ricky behind her.

He snaked his arms around her waist and settled his chin on her shoulder. She was a bit startled.

“Ambilis mo namang maligo.”

“I told you I can’t wait.”

He began to kiss the side of her neck.

“Ricky ang ganda pala dito no? Ang galing naman ni Emman pumili.”

“Ako rin magaling pumili at napakaganda rin ng napili ko. You are so beautiful sweetheart.”


He momentarily stopped his kisses.

“Let’s go to bed. Bakit nandito ka sa may window. May I know what you are thinking? Ang lalim ng iniisip mo.”

“Wala naman akong iniisip. Tinitingnan ko lang ang magandang view ng dagat.”

He secretly smiled.

“Sweetheart ang dilim sa labas. Wala ka namang makikita.”

“Inimagine ko?” She replied while nervously laughing.

“Sweetheart you’re silly. I know you’re nervous. I am too. I am nervous and very excited.”

“I’m not nervous Ricky. Nahihiya ako. Paano kung i fall short of your expectations. Hindi ko na alam …”

Then he resumed kissing her neck, near the lower side of her ear.. “We’ll rediscover it together sweetheart and don’t worry. You’re perfect. We’ll be fine. Trust me.”

He slowly turned her so she could face him.

She shyly gazed at him while smiling. He smiled too and gently cupped her face.

“You are so beautiful Maya. Thank you for making me the happiest person now. I love you so much.” He softly told her and Maya’s eyes automatically brimmed with tears and she was smiling.

“Mahal na mahal din kita Ricky. Salamat sa….”

She wasn’t able to finish what she was saying for Ricky lowered his lips on hers for a gentle coaxing kiss.

While still kissing her, he slowly carried her to their bed. She was lost in his kisses and responded equally to him, letting him feel her love too.

The slow, gentle kisses suddenly became passionate, fiery and Richard’s hands were slowly finding its way to the buttons of Maya’s pajama top.

Maya could only writhe in pleasure with what her husband is doing to her. He was gentle and she could say how he revered her in the way he touched her, made love to her.

Richard exerted a lot of effort to control himself from what he wants to do.

Though Maya had a son already, he was aware that she hasn’t done it after the first time she did it which gave her Luke.

He kissed her gently while momentarily pausing to give Maya time to breathe, time to recover.

She could feel Ricky’s love for her and she also wanted to show him what she feels for him so she tried her best to match what he’s doing, allowing her hands to roam his body,to feel him, caress him.

Her clothes have been discarded and when Ricky stood to remove his own, Maya tried to cover herself with their blanket, suddenly shy from being totally exposed to him.

He smiled and gently removed the blanket she covered herself with.

“You don’t have to cover yourself sweetheart. You are so beautiful, so perfect..”

Then he continued to trail kisses all over her body, all the more aroused at his wife’s moans and reaction to what he’s doing.

Maya was helpless to the pleasure Ricky is giving her. Her hands were on his back, his hair, his arms, and when the pleasure became unbearable she just closed her eyes..

She was ready, Ricky knew it as soon as his fingers found its way down so he readied himself and staring at Maya’s eyes with all the love he has for her, he took her slowly, allowing her to adjust to him.

Maya’s fingers gripped his arms while she was unaware that her nails already dug on his skin. She was crying in pleasure as they became one – body, heart and soul.


“Did I hurt you sweetheart?” Ricky asked as they lay cuddled after their lovemaking.

She smiled at him, her face glowing with happiness and love for her husband.

“Hindi sweetheart. Thank you ha.” She grinned.

“Thank you saan?”

“Sa patience. Alam ko naman na grabe ang pagpigil mo kanina.” She giggled again.

“Ah so you were aware pala! Don’t worry Mrs. Lim. Ngayon di na ako magpipigil..”

Then he started another round earning giggles, shrieks and laughter from his wife.


Dr. Richard Lim and Mrs. Maya dela Rosa Lim, finally found the love they both deserved. The journey was not all that easy, the ride may be bumpy but their enduring, unending love for each other led them back together. And their angel, Luke will always be there to remind them of their love amidst pain, amidst problems and trials that they are yet to face.


Finally nakatapos din ng story!!!

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Traces of Love 2


Here’s part 2. Dapat two chapters lang kaso parang mabibitin. Let’s see..

Ibang genre naman ang story kasi paano mabibigyan ng MMK episode ang dalawa if we can’t find it in our hearts to make them do sad stories.

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She stared at the ambulance they were following as their car eased towards the busy streets of New York.

Maya couldn’t help herself from remembering the moments they shared together.

They were both actors. She had been in the business for a very long time already while he was a newcomer.

The series they did was his very first project.

They got along so well.

Aside from being workmates, they were able to have a certain level of friendship where they could say that they had each other’s support in everything they do, in whatever endeavor they take.

Richard was married to Alexandra Lim for 18 years and they have a daughter Nikki Grace who was 16 years old.

Maya had a son out of wedlock, Sky dela Rosa who was 9 years old.

Everything went on smoothly and though they became so close to the point that they could even read each other’s minds, understand each other’s moods, they became so careful not to entertain their growing attraction and fondness for each other.

For the longest time, they have a silent understanding and agreement that their personal separate relationships and lives should not be affected by the growing closeness they have.

Maya was also dating a businessman, James Ventura when they started their series. She eventually agreed to be his girlfriend though she wasn’t sure of her feelings for him.

Maybe she just wanted to belong to someone or have someone to call her own.

Maybe it was easier to ward off intrigues about her and her onscreen partner, if she too has her own special someone.

They were enjoying doing the show together with their hardworking cast and crew.

They were the top series of the network that despite their timeslot, they were earning accolades from different award giving bodies here and abroad.

The production crew didn’t have a hard time selling or promoting the series.

Their fans, followers and supporters themselves were the ones spreading the good news about the show to others.

The fans even took the initiative to promote their most loved show.

The show was even invited to concerts here and abroad and were blessed with numerous opportunities for everyone.

Richard and Maya became the most sought after product endorsers and they were even tapped to be the front cover of various magazines.

Everything was going on smoothly.

Then came the sudden announcement that the network’s management decided to end the show.

The management gave a vague reason to them and to the unit in-charge of the show.

Everyone involved from the cast and crew handling it, were surprised as to why a top rating show with numerous awards and recognitions would have to be stopped.

Richard and Maya was the most affected by the news.

The management even issued a directive that they shouldn’t be seen publicly together so that the viewing public won’t have a hard time accepting their new characters in their next projects.

Simultaneously when the last airing date was announced, the two had been offered to join separate new projects already. The network ensured that they will still be visible on TV since their presence will surely benefit the new projects they will be doing.

Since their roles in the very successful series have been embedded in many viewers’ consciousness, the management was sure that people would have a hard time separating them from their former roles thus make their new characters, new shows ineffective.

Maya was okay with it. She was already used to it having worked in the industry long enough.

She could easily ignore any emotional attachment to anybody she worked with.

Richard on the other hand took it hard. He didn’t agree. The cast and crew of their show, most especially his leading lady, Maya were like family to him already. He was a sentimental guy despite his serious and passive facade.

“Why do we need to do that?” Richard asked Maya after their meeting with the network head.

“Partner ganun talaga. Masyado kasing tumatak yun characters natin sa mga tao. Kawawa yun makakapareha natin sa mga susunod na projects natin kasi lagi silang ikukumpara. Normal talaga yan sa showbiz.”

Maya tried to appease her agitated partner.

She was also affected by the network’s decision but didn’t want to show it, not now while Richard was emotional about it.

They were now inside his car and they were going back to their taping location. Richard was still silent.

“Huy partner. It’s not as if we’re not going to communicate naman. Pwede namang magtawagan, magviber, magskype, magchat. Maraming paraan to get in touch. Wag ka ngang oa dyan.” Maya tried to make the situation bearable for both of them.

“Atsaka pwede naman tayong magkita without their knowledge. Yan sina Direk, maraming alam na mga lugar na pwede tayong magkita kita. Sabihan na lang natin yun mga kasamahan natin sa show para may monthly get together tayo ng hindi alam ng network.”

Maya suggested the idea. She believes that it would strengthen the bond they have in the show.

And that’s what they did.

After their last taping day, they decided to have an outing in Subic.

The cast, crew spent a weekend enjoying themselves.

Their last night was when something happened.

Something Maya could and would never forget.


“Maya where did you meet my brother?”

Her reminiscing was interrupted when Richard’s sister suddenly asked her.

“Ah.. I just chanced upon him on the train. Masaya ako at nakita ko siya after fifteen long years.”

“Oo nga matagal na. Hinahanap ka nya parati. Whenever he’s at the airport, train stations he always looks for you. Mahilig ka raw kasi magtravel and malaki yun chances na makita mo siya.”

“Si Richard talaga….” was all she could say.

“How have you been Maya? Alam ko you retired from showbiz after your show. Ah that show changed Chard’s life.”

“I concentrated on my family and business tapos nag-aral rin ako.”

“Ah that’s good. Malaki na yun anak mo. Kumusta na siya?”

“He’s studying at Harvard. Malaki na siya.”

“Oh sa Boston pala siya? So doon ka rin nakatira?”

“No dito ako sa New York. I work as a nurse sa.”

“Really? That’s totally different from your life sa Philippines. Matagal ka na dito?”

“Fourteen years. Si Richard dito rin siya?”

“Ah yes. He lives in Boston. He moved there around 8 years ago after the accident.”


“Yun reason why he can’t walk. Naaksidente siya while driving.”

“Ha! Di man lang nabalita? I never heard of it.”

“Like you, Chard remained private na rin especially after siyang iwanan ni Alex. Actually theirs didn’t really work kasi fixed marriage sila. You see being a traditional Chinese and business partners ng parents namin, kaya they were forced to marry. Both naman sila may gustong iba. Alex is now living in Canada with her family. We still get to meet kapag may occasion ang family. Nikki has her own family and she manages her dad’s businesses in the Philippines.”

Maya just remained quiet while absorbing everything she was hearing. Her heart went out to the man whom she loved all these years. If she could only turn back time and correct all the wrong decisions she made.

“Naku nandito na tayo. Maya hindi ko alam if matutuwa si Chard that I brought you here. Masungit yun at ayaw may makakita na helpless siya. Whatever his reaction is, pagpasensyahan mo lang muna ha.”

“Okay lang. Don’t worry. Atsaka gusto ko ring bumawi sa kanya. Sana man lang nadamayan ko siya.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have lots of time to catch up. Tara pasok na tayo. I bet he’s being wheeled na sa ER.”

She just silently followed but with a renewed hope and determination to make it right this time.

After all, she owes him a lot.

Preview of the next chapter:

“But I’m a very difficult patient Maya. I demand a lot. I’m grumpy. I’m moody. I’m stubborn.

“I’ve spent many years taking care of patients I don’t even know. It’s time for me to take care of the father of my daughter.” She shyly admitted in a very soft voice.