Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Zip it Tarzan!

“Ayoko sweetheart! Ayoko talaga!”

Her eyes were tightly shut as she hugged him.

“You can do it. I will go ahead of you naman. It is perfectly safe.”

They were going to try the Tarzan Swing extreme ride at some secluded resort in Camsur.

She was actually the one who had been badgering him about the extreme rides the moment she saw the big billboard about it at the entrance of the resort. After being pestered nonstop, he finally agreed.

Now that they were already safely strapped to the ropes while atop the mountain where they were supposed to jump for the said adventure, she is backing out and hugging him tightly.

“Sir mukhang ayaw na po ni Mam. Rule po namin na wag pilitin yun ayaw kasi po baka magkaproblema.” Their client’s  safety was the primary concern of the staff that’s why they suggested to Richard Lim not to let his wife proceed with the Tarzan Ride.

The staff were amused at how the lovely doe-eyed lady clinged to her husband and the onlookers especially the ladies, were giddy and envious as well at how the goodlooking husband protectively encircled his arms around his very nervous wife.

Ricky asked Maya one last time. “Ayaw mo talaga sweetheart? We can just do the simple rides. Or if not let’s just take a dip sa pool.” He even suggested.

“Ayoko na talaga sweetheart. Sa picture kasi parang madali lang pero ngayon nakakatakot pala. Sorry.” She was embarrassed and very apologetic to her husband.

“Hey what are you sorry for? It’s okay Sweetheart.” He assured her and even kissed her forehead  forgetting that they were actually being surrounded by people who were excitedly waiting for everyone who tries the Tarzan Ride.

They realized that they were being watched when they heard collective ‘awwws’ and gasps of kilig from the audience. Maya turned red of embarrassment and hid her face on her husband’s chest while Ricky just sheepishly smiled at their audience.

“Manong we will just skip the ride. Yun payment namin  transfer na lang namin sa ibang activities” Ricky suggested.

“Ay Sir hindi po pwede kasi nasetup na po namin yun ropes at yun harness. Non refundable po iyon kapag nalagay na yun equipment. Kung kanina po kayo nagbackout pwede po yun.” The senior staff patiently explained.

“Ay ganun ba? Naku sayang naman yun 400 pesos na binayad namin.” They paid 200 per person for the ride and Ricky didn’t like the idea of wasting it on just being strapped on the harness and ropes.

With a deep sigh he suddenly quipped. “Sige Manong tutuloy ako.”

“Ah sige po Sir!” The staff got excited again. They were actually promoting their extreme rides and they were happy everytime someone tries it.

“Sigurado ka Ricky? Gagawin mo yan?” Maya asked her husband.  She knows that Ricky is not fond of extreme rides and that he just agreed to do it because she wanted to try it. Now that she backed out, she expected him to do the same.

“Yes Sweetheart. I’m already strapped. I might as well try this.” Then he smiled, gave her a teasing look and whispered to her ear, “Pandagdag pogi points din for your husband.”

Of course Maya is so proud. Kilig na kilig din siya and Ricky looked so manly wearing all the gears and straps for the ride.  “Sweetheart di mo naman kailangan ng dagdag pogi points kasi ubod ka na nang pogi sa akin. Perfect ka na!”

“I know.” Then he winked at her while he was being assisted by the staff to the jumping point of the ride.

“Manong teka lang po!” Maya then went near Ricky and gave him a full kiss on his lips. “Ayan para wag kang kabahan Sweetheart!”

Because of the kiss, Ricky was in heaven and he did the ride forgetting the anxiety he felt and the fear of heights he usually had.

The crowd went on cheering for him and Maya was cheering so loud for her husband.

The ride went on for two minutes with Ricky being tossed and turned while hanging on the ropes where he was safely strapped.

The moment the ride ended, Maya immediately hugged him “Ang galing galing mo Sweetheart! Pakiss ulit!” Then she also hugged him.

“Sweetheart pinagpawisan na ako. I don’t smell good.” He complained and avoided her hug.

“Anong you don’t smell good. Lagi kang mabango para sa akin Ricky.”

Their sweet exchange was interrupted by the staff who was about to remove his harness. “Sir tanggalin na po natin yun harness nyo.”

“Ah wait lang Manong. Di ba dalawa yun binayaran ko? Ako na lang gagawa ng para sa asawa ko. Dalawang beses ko gagawin kasi sayang yun 200 niya. Pwede naman yun di ba?” (Kuripot, este practical talaga si Ricky 😂)

“Ay oo naman po Sir. Atsaka maraming matutuwa kasi tingnan nyo po, marami na kayong fans. Maraming napopogian sa inyo.” Then Ricky glanced at the audience and found that many ladies both young and old and even few men were watching him. They were even taking his pictures and surely videos as well. Natawa siya but of course hindi natuwa si Maya.

“Sweetheart wag mo nang gawain. Mapapagod ka lang.” Maya was already upset that her husband was attracting attention.”

“Gagawin ko na Sweetheart kasi look at them, sobra  silang  excited to be able to see a Chinito tarzan. O di ba mas matipuno pa ako kay Tarzan”, then he whispered naughtily to her ear, “and I could do more stunts than him.”

Nanlaki eyes ni Maya for her husband’s naughty quip. “Ricky!”

Then after planting another kiss on her lips, off he went to jump for another Tarzan ride while the crowd was again cheering and some were even shouting “More! More!” and some ladies were even commenting on how handsome he was.

They also tried some other rides that day and they even did the zipline together.

Maya who was really afraid of heights felt safe with Ricky by her side.

They both enjoyed their time together away from the kids and from work.


“Opo Ma ginawa po yun ni Ricky at dalawang beses pa kasi nanghinayang siya sa ibinayad para sa akin.” She giggled.

“Naku iha kuripot talaga ang asawa mo. He’s very much like your Papa Roberto.” Mama Esmeralda was also laughing.

She was talking to their Mama Esmeralda on the phone while Ricky was already looking impatiently at her. He’d been shaking his head and giving her all the expressions he could think of to convey his annoyance. It didn’t work. Maya instead laughed at how silly he looked.

Maya had been on the phone for about an hour already. She had talked to the kids, to Kute, to Nanay Teresita and even to Manang Fe and while she was about to turn off her phone the call of Mama Esmeralda came in. She answered it despite Ricky’s protests. She was excited to share about their adventure to the very eager mother of Ricky.

“Sweetheart stop reporting kay Mama. You need to give your full attention to me. Akin na yang phone.”  He grabbed the phone then talked to his mom, “Ma stop disturbing us. How can we work on giving you more grandchildren if you would always have Maya’s attention on you?” Then he turned off  her phone and turned to his wife.

“Ricky nakakahiya kay Mama ano ka ba!”

“Sssshhh stop talking about  Mama. Get ready for bed na sweetheart so I can show you a new jungle adventure.”

“Eeeeehhhhh stop it Tarzan!”

Maya was shrieking while being attacked by Tarzan Ricky with kisses and more.



A/N :

Eto na muna. I’m rusty and busy eh.


8 thoughts on “Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Zip it Tarzan!”

  1. hahahahaha sarap siguro panoorin ang singkit na Tarzan….sayang wla ako dun nakuhanan ko sana ng video si Mr. Lim at baka mas malakas pa sigaw ko ng pag cheer kesa kay Mrs. Lim!!! Thanks Timmy!! till next Kwentong Maya & Ricky! God bless!

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