One Fine Day – 9 (Epilogue)

One Fine Day (Epilogue)

There was a loud knock on his door.

Richard Lim covered his ears.

But the knock became a banging sound.

He begrudgingly removed the pillow then checked his watch on his bedside table.

“Ang aga! Si Doris na naman talaga! Sisisantehin ko talaga to eh.”

But as much as he wanted to ignore the person who disturbed his sleep, the knock is becoming louder that it might disturb his neighbors.

He went straight to his door.

“Richard kakagising mo lang?”

“Corrine what are you doing here this early?” There was surprise on his face. He didn’t expect to see his ex-wife on his doorstep.

Then a little girl came to hug and kiss him. He carried her.


“How’s my little princess? Go on find Gus in daddy’s room. I’ll talk to mommy first.”

Then the little girl scooted towards his bedroom.

He returned his attention to his ex-wife who looks very annoyed right now.

“Richard ngayon yun field trip ni Sunshine. Napagusapan na natin to hindi ba? Ano ka ba naman?”

“Ngayon ba yun? I thought it would be next week.”

“Nakakaasar ka naman. Ngayon yun. Supposedly next week kaso nagpalit ng schedule. Hindi ka pa nakaready. I have to leave now kasi mahuhuli na kami sa flight.”

“Okay. I’ll take care of it. It’s only 5:30.” He said. He’s not in the mood to argue with Corrine.

“Richard kailangan mo pang paliguan at bihisan si Sunshine. She needs to be ready by 6:30 kasi susunduin sya dito ng Mommy ng classmate ni Sunshine. Napakiusapan ko siya na sunduin na lang si Shine kasi malapit naman sila dito. Para wag ka nang mahirapan.”

“Corrine I can take care of Sunshine. I don’t need help from anybody.”

“Nasabihan ko na. Wag ka nang kumontra.  At please lang don’t try to piss her off. Kaibigan ko sya. Here’s her number. Her name is Maya dela Rosa.”



“Huy Sweetheart gising. You’re having a bad dream. Ricky!”

He abruptly sat and stared at her. Fear all over his face. He hugged her tightly as if wanting to make sure that she’s real and indeed with him.

“Ricky what’s wrong? Teka ikukuha kita ng tubig.” She tried to leave but he didn’t allow her. “Don’t leave. Just stay here.”

When he had calmed down, he released her. Relief was now seen on his face.

“Okay ka na? Nananaginip ka lang. Whatever it is that made you that scared, hindi yun totoo, okay.” She was assuring him while her hands were on both sides of his face.

“God I’m glad that it’s just a dream, a nightmare even. Hindi ko kakayanin if totoo yun.”

Now she got worried. She didn’t know what he dreamt of. “Bakit ba sweetheart anong napanaginipan mo?”

“I dreamt of the day we met. Si Corrine, she was knocking on my door, she left Sunshine then she told me that she asked you to fetch Sunshine….”

She stopped what he was saying, “Eh hindi naman bad dream yun sweetheart. That’s the memorable day we met. Siguro you dreamt of it kasi we are celebrating that today. It’s been a year since that crazy day we met.” She protested.

“Yes memorable pero…”

“Pero hindi pa tayo?” she continued what he was about to say.

“Oo and it means walang assurance na magiging tayo.” That was what scared him.

“Sweetheart kahit naman ulit-ulitin pa natin yun araw na yun, everything that happened led us to get to know each other, appreciate each other and”, she shyly added, “love each other.”

He smiled, a genuine smile, devoid of fear this time. “And I love you so much Maya dela Rosa Lim. You are exclusively mine and I am exclusively yours.” Then he planted a kiss on her lips, fear and apprehension gone.

After spending a couple of hours assuring each other of the love they can’t just express through words, both are now engulfed in each other’s arms under their comforter.

“I am really thankful for that day Ricky. Siguro kung hindi kita nakilala, my life would still be the same. Ako pa rin yun Maya na ang routine sa everyday life ay  work, Sky, bahay. Thank you ha!”

“Me too. If I haven’t met you, I would still be the guy with no direction in life. A guy who looks forward to spending few days with Sunshine kasi yun lang ang time that I have someone with me dito sa bahay.”

“Sus tumigil ka nga. Very successful ka kaya. Famous ka pa. Nahiya nga ako that hindi kita nakilala, I was not even aware that you’re that billboard guy of LAS. Akala ko nagfefeeling gwapo ka lang when you allowed women to take pictures with you.”

“Ah yes and I felt hurt. My ego was bruised. Hindi mo man lang ako nakilala.” He exaggeratedly pretended to be hurt.

“Naku mahal kong asawa, you should be happy kasi it means hindi ako tumitingin sa mga gwapong guys. It means you are very lucky kasi sa’yo ko lang ibinaling yun pagtingin ko.”

“Yes I am indeed lucky, blessed even. Thank you for that day and thank you for coming to my life.”

Then he kissed her again, to show how grateful he is for having her in his life.


“Kumusta yun bakasyon nyo?” It was Corrine talking on the other line.

“Okay naman Corrine. Ayun si Ricky learning to surf. I’m at the cottage right now. Ang init na kasi. Mabuti si Ricky kahit magbilad, mabilis bumalik yun kulay.” Maya was talking to her friend, who was her husband’s ex-wife on the phone.

“Ay oo sinabi mo pa. Maswerte ang lalaking yan kasi hindi umiitim. Hindi naman ba pasaway?”

“Hindi Corrine. Richard is perfect. Maybe since alam na nya yun mga pagkukulang nya.”

“Mukha nga. Actually he is a very good person Maya. We’re just not for each other. Pero Maya ha, kapag may ginawang hindi maganda si Ricky, sabihan mo sya. Wag kang tutulad sa akin na kinimkim yun sama ng loob. He wasn’t even aware  how I was feeling and I realized that it was unfair for him too.  Kaya pag-usapan nyo if ever you have some petty arguments of disagreements.”

“Oo naman Corrine, thank you din ha for watching over Sky and Chadchad for us.”

“Ano ba kayo. I’m enjoying the kids. Si Chadchad panay naman tulog.” Richard Jr. is Maya and Richard’s 6 month old baby.

Corrine volunteered to watch over the kids after she gave them her belated wedding gift of a three day vacation in a resort in Siargao. Corrine knows that Maya loves the beach and that Richard wanted to learn surfing so that’s the perfect gift she could think of.

“Si Sky hindi ba makulit?”

“No he is playing with Sunshine. Pero tahimik sila kasi tulog nga daw si Chadchad. O sige na Maya. I won’t take much of your time. Nagtext na yung asawa mo. Iniistorbo daw kita.”

Corrine ended the call and Maya was surprised to see he husband staring at her with brows furrowed, holding his cellphone, annoyed to see her on the phone.

“Oh bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?” She was laughing at him.

“Di ba we agreed not to accept calls.” Tampo talaga siya.

“Sweetheart si Corrine yun. Nagkwento lang tungkol sa mga bata.”

“Kahit na. She can take care of the kids atsaka hindi naman emergency yun tawag nya. Ilang minutes nabawas sa precious time natin oh!” He was even showing her his watch.

“Nakakatawa ka Ricky. Ang possessive mo. Few minutes lang yun. ”

“Kahit na.”

“Ang sungit naman ng asawa ko. Sige na po. Promise I won’t take any calls. Sa’yo lang ang 100% attention ko.”

He smiled then carried her to their cottage where he planned to enjoy their much needed vacation the Mr and Mrs Lim way.

“Sweetheart! San mo ako dadalhin?”

“Sssshhh quiet! Dun tayo sa room. Ayoko na magsurf sa labas. Mainit dito. I prefer to surf inside our room. Malamig dun. May aircon!” He winked naughtily at her.

“Ricky ano ka ba! Kung ano man ang binabalak mo, maliit pa po si Chadchad.”

“Don’t worry, Corrine can always take care of our kids, kahit ilang kids pa ang pabantayan natin sa kanya.”

So yes from that one fine day, Richard and Maya already got married, had a son and had the greatest time of their lives.


A/N : Pwede na to ha! Iba na to sa movie. I just tried to grant your requests.


One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

“Mommy I’m hungry.” Sky was complaining. It was already late but they haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Maya’s mind was so preoccupied that she forgot to drop by the grocery to buy the ingredients for their dinner and she wasn’t even able to buy their other needs.

She was planning to cook tinola for dinner as it was rainy and she knows that a delicious hot soup is perfect for the kind of weather. It is also good for Sky. She was sure that her little boy was very tired after running, jumping and playing the rough soccer game.

Since she wasn’t able to do her groceries as planned, she had to make do with what’s inside her fridge. Luckily she had ingredients for spaghetti which she knows is also Sky’s favorite.

That’s what she’s cooking now.

“Yes anak madali na to. Maluluto na yun spaghetti in a few minutes. Watch ka na muna ng favorite cartoons mo.” Maya shouted from the kitchen.

“Okay po Mommy.” Sky yelled back.

The show Sky was watching was so loud that they need to shout to be heard.


The kitchen of Maya dela Rosa at the moment was far what we imagine her to have.

There were unwashed plates and glasses on the sink.

Her stove had spilled spaghetti sauce all over it.

The empty boxes and plastics of spaghetti, hotdogs, cheese and sauce were on top of the kitchen table. Even the peelings of the onions and garlic didn’t make their way to the trash bin yet.

She was jittery, jumpy that day.

She was clumsy too.

Maya didn’t want to admit that it was because of the person she met and spent her few hours with that day.

Just thinking about Richard Lim already disrupted her routine.

She’s trying her best to dismiss her thoughts of him.

Actually it was not only her who was seemingly affected by Richard Lim’s presence.

She realized that even the ladies they met would shyly stare at him.

Some would even smile.

Some of the mommies at the kids’ school would also steal glances him.

Richard Lim was undoubtedly a very charming guy and too bad that he is aware of it.

He knows that he is handsome and that people find him attractive.

He obviously charms women all the more by the way he talks to them, the way he smiles, the way he flashes his lopsided smile.

“Kainis ka Mr. Lim! Grrrr!!! At mas kainis ka Maya! Ano ba umayos ka nga!” She was having a conversation with herself. She’s berating herself for being vulnerable to Mr. Lim’s charms.

But what she felt was normal.

It wouldn’t be a problem as long as she doesn’t entertain it or expect something to prosper from it.

“Tama isang araw lang naman. Hindi ko na rin naman siya makikita. Naku Maya hindi pwede kung ano man yan. Tigilan ang kilig kilig na yan.” She continued to have her inner conversation.

She could even feel the butterflies in her stomach.

As much as she wanted to avoid him, she can’t help but blush by just playing the day’s events in her mind again.

She was still in the middle of preparing their dinner while having thoughts of Richard Lim when a knock on her front door was heard.

She thought that it was her neighbor. Aling Ibing would probably give her the mails and bills. Her kind neighbor took it upon herself to receive any correspondence for Maya dela Rosa.

Being sure that it was just Aling Ibing, Maya didn’t bother to make to fix her hair and cover her messy shirt. She didn’t mind making herself look presentable anymore.

With a ready smile for her neighbor, she opened her door.

It was Richard Lim.

Both were surprised to see each other.

Maya was surprised for she didn’t expect him to show up on her front door.

Richard was surprised because of Maya’s appearance. Sunshine on the other hand kissed her Tita Maya and joined Sky who was very excited to see their visitors. He also kissed his Tito Richard.

When the kids were no longer with them, he voiced out what’s on his mind.

“What happened to your shirt?” He asked as he saw some sauce on it.

Richard Lim’s eyes registered disbelief as he was face to face with an unkempt Maya dela Rosa. Her hair was tied messily and she smelled of the food she was cooking. It was far from what he expected she’ll look like even at the confines of her own home.

“Ah yun spaghetti sauce natapon.  Nagluluto kasi ako tapos ang gulo ni Sky.” Of course she lied.

Sky had nothing to do with her mishaps in their kitchen.

It was actually Richard who should be blamed.

It was his fault because he is causing havoc to her dormant heart. But of course she couldn’t and wouldn’t tell him that.

When Richard wasn’t able to speak at once and just continued to stare at her, Maya quipped, “Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Lim but I’m not the neat, tidy, orderly person you think I am.”

“That’s not a problem at all Ms. Dela Rosa. I like this side of you more.” He told her as he now smiled sexily while he was approaching her like a predator eyeing his prey.

“Mr. Lim!” His approach excited and scared her at the same time.


“Anong ginagawa mo?”

“May ginagawa ba ako?” He teased.

“Mr. Lim!”

He just smiled while continuing to approach the nervous yet excited Maya dela Rosa.

“Mr. Lim are you flirting with me?” She asked this time.

“Do you want me too?” he further teased as she now had her back against the wall and was caged by Richard who was in front of her now. He’s already invading her personal space but she felt excitement rather than anger.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Teka nga at nagluluto ako ng dinner. Dito na kayo kumain.” It was her final attempt to diffuse the tension from what he was doing.

She was successful as Richard allowed her to escape.

He followed her to the kitchen though.

“Okay laugh all you want at my kitchen’s appearance.” She said even before he voiced his observation.

“I wasn’t saying anything.”

“But you were about to.”

“No I wasn’t. As a said a while ago, I like this side of you more. It makes you more reachable, more normal, more human.”

“Bola! Takot ka lang na wag pakainin ng dinner eh.” She joked to lighten the mood.

“Yun din.” He chuckled then added as he was checking on the food she was preparing, “Mukhang masarap to eh. We already had sandwich for dinner but I would not say no to this.”

“Kaya umupo ka na dyan at magbehave para matapos ko na ang ginagawa ko.”

“Yes Ms. Dela Rosa.”


While Maya was cooking, Richard called a local pizza parlor and ordered pizza to go with their spaghetti.

They all had a hearty dinner.

The kids enjoyed the food and the parents enjoyed each other’s company.

“Kids dun na muna kayo sa room. Sky let Sunshine watch your cartoons.” Maya suggested after

The kids happily went to Sky’s room.

Richard helped Maya cleaning up the mess at her kitchen.

He even took charge of her trash. After washing his hand, he joined Maya who was now resting at her sofa. She was really tired from the onslaught of different emotions for the day.

“Thank you Mr. Lim.”


“Sa pagtapon ng basura.”

He laughed. “Akala ko kung para saan.”

“At para saan naman ako dapat mag-thank you?”

“For visiting you.” He teased her again.

“Ikaw talaga palabiro kang masyado.” She avoided his eyes. Then she added, “Teka bakit nga pala kayo napadalaw? Do you need me to watch over Sunshine tomorrow? Okay lang sa akin. I have no work and the kids will surely enjoy playing here.”

He turned serious and held her gaze. She didn’t avoid his eyes anymore because it would be very obvious that she’s getting affected by him. She didn’t want to appear vulnerable to his charms.

“I am serious. I went here to visit you.”

“May lagnat ka ba?” She tried to joke but he ignored it.

With his eyes still focused on her, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?

“Do you want to kiss me right now?”

“I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t.”

Then with Maya deciding to submit herself to his charms, Richard Lim slowly bent his head and aimed for her lips.

Maya closed her eyes but before his lips touched hers, she slightly pushed him, “Wait!”

“What? Why?” Disappointment was seen on his face.

“Ano bigyan mo naman akong time mag-ayos at magbihis.”

“Mag-ayos at magbihis?” He didn’t get what she’s saying.

“Mr. Lim ayoko naman na ganito ang hitsura ko. Mabilis lang promise.”

“I don’t mind how you look or what you’re wearing.” He assured her.

“I mind Mr. Lim.” So before he could protest some more Maya stood up and rushed to her bathroom.

She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, gargled some mouthwash, picked a nice pair of shirt and shorts, put a light makeup on and even had a hard time choosing what lipstick to use. She is not sure if Mr. Lim prefers strawberry or cherry flavors on her lips.

She shook her head as she realized what she’s doing or how excited she was.

But she didn’t mind.

She wanted to take the chance with him. If it works out then fine, if it doesn’t at least she tried.


After more than an hour inside her bathroom, she proceeded to where Richard was staying and found him already asleep on her sofa.

She checked her watch and saw that it was already 1 in the morning.  She was disappointed to find him sleeping.

She was excited but he slept on her.

But it was her fault. Now she’s laughing at how ridiculous she had been preparing for a simple kiss.

Shaking her head, she proceeded to check on the kids. She found both of them asleep. Richard must have tucked them in. Even the TV was turned off, the light has been dimmed and both kids were under cozy blankets.

“I decided to let Sunshine sleep with Sky. Okay lang ba? The kids are tired kasi. ”

His voice surprised her. Her heart raced again by merely hearing his voice.

He’s awake and peering at the kids’ door.

“Ah eh… o..okay lang. Akala ko tulog ka na.” She managed to say.

“Naidlip lang. Ang tagal mo kasi.”


He just smiled then reached for her hand. She allowed him.

They left the kids bedroom and gently closed the door.

They were now standing at her living room, staring at each other.

“So are we going to continue what we’re supposed to do kanina?” He asked her. He wanted to be sure that she’s still okay with it.

“Mr. Lim naman, naligo at nagbihis at nag-ayos ako tapos tatanungin mo yan!” She blurted out, unable to control herself.

He laughed then gave her a hug. He also kissed the top of her head as he was amused at how she’s acting.

After disengaging from the hug, he gently held her blushing face.

He then bent his head again to kiss her.

“Mr. Lim wait!”

“What is it this time Ms. Dela Rosa?” he’s now starting to get annoyed.

“Ano kasi… pangit naman that we’re going to kiss pero you still call me Ms. Dela Rosa and I still call you Mr. Lim.”

“Yun lang pala. Okay. Now can you please stop talking and let me do what I have to do, Maya?”

“Okay Richard.” she shyly smiled at him.

The sound of their first names being uttered by the other intensified what they’re feeling at the moment.

Richard Lim kissed Maya dela Rosa and she accepted it without any inhibitions and without allowing herself to hold back.


That one fine day they spent together with their kids led to greater days for Richard, Maya, Sunshine and Sky.

~ the end ~

A/N : This is adapted from the movie so hanggang dito na lang talaga to.


One Fine Day – 7

One Fine Day – 7

The soccer game went on with Richard cheering Sunshine while Jeff and Maya were cheering Sky.

Richard couldn’t help himself from stealing glances at the couple.

Maya would smile at him when their eyes accidentally meet.

He just smiled and berated himself at how he was reacting. He was even convincing himself that he couldn’t possibly be interested in Maya dela Rosa. She was not the type of woman he hangs out with or even date.  He’s been surrounded by models, beauty queens, sophisticated women but never someone like the uptight and control freak mom of his daughter’s classmate. Oh well he admitted too that she’s very lovely and interesting… but still not his type.

After the game ended, the kids were holding on to their little trophies proudly. Maya was wiping Sky’s arms and face. He was all sweaty and muddy from playing. Jeff was busily talking to another parent.

Richard was trying so hard but miserably failing to fix Sunshine’s hair. They were near Maya and Sky.

“Need a help with that Mr. Lim?” Maya offered.

“Ah no Ms. Dela Rosa. I got this.”  He declined. He didn’t want to bother her especially when her ex-husband is around.

But she insisted and before he could protest some more, she got her hairbrush from her bag and proceeded to fix Sunshine’s hair. “Eh ang gulo pa rin ng hair ni Sunshine. Hindi mo ata talent yan. Let me.”

He wasn’t able to say anything anymore to her so he just talked to Sky. “You were great out there little buddy. Your mommy and daddy is very proud of you.”

Sky gave him his proud, beaming smile.

“Sunshine is very good din. You run so fast Sunshine. Daddy is also so proud of you.” Maya also commented and Sunshine was smiling as well.

“O yan Mr. Lim maayos na ang hair ni Sunshine.”

“Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Thank you din Mr. Lim sa lahat ng tulong mo today.” She was sincerely thankful to him for saving her day.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my fault anyway that the kids weren’t able to go on their fieldtip.”

“Kasalanan natin pareho. Pero I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thankful pa rin ako that di sila nakasama because I got to bond with my son na bihira ko magawa.” She told him.

He smiled at her.

Then she added, “I also had a chance to bond with Sunshine, and of course you.” She said the last word in a whisper but h heard it and oh boy it sent shivers to his whole body.

“Me too, I enjoyed today. It’s been a fine day for the four of us.” He was already affected by their conversation so he turned a bit serious.

“It’s more than just a fine day Mr. Lim. It’s a great day!”

“I agree.”

“We have to go ahead. Thank you ulit. See you around. In PTA meetings maybe?”

“Yes ill try to be more active in those, if only to see you.” Then he winked at her.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Sige na bye bye na. Bye Sunshine. See you in school next week.”

After saying goodbyes, Maya dela Rosa together with her son and her ex-husband exited the soccer field of CSR. Richard couldn’t remove his eyes from their retreating forms.

“Daddy let’s go.” Sunshine was tugging his hand already.

“Okay Princess. Let’s go home now.”


Inside the cab on their way home, Maya had been playing the events of the day over and over again and she can’t help but smile as she remembered her simple banters with Richard Lim. She’s not even concerned that the cab she hired is not moving at all due to the traffic. She was grinning foolishly as she remembered what transpired today.

“Mommy why are you smiling?” Sky innocently asked.

She lovingly gazed at her son. “Mommy is just happy Sky. I am so proud of you. You did great in the soccer game. Mommy is also proud because you didn’t give Tito Richard a hard time.”

“I like Tito Richard mommy. He is funny and cool. He played with us at the park and he carried me when I got tired.”

“I like him too Sky. He seems like a great dad.”

“He is mommy. Sunshine said she loves her daddy so much.”

They both smiled in agreement.


Richard already prepared Sunshine for bed. He bathed her and brushed her teeth and changed her pajamas. He even fixed her bed and had Gus waiting for Sunshine.

He carried the squealing little girl who’s having fun with her daddy’s tickles and kisses.

“Enough daddy! Enough!  I have to sleep now.” Sunshine begged in between her laughter.

“Okay daddy will stop. Kiss daddy goodnight.”

The little girl kissed him and added, “Goodnight daddy. Thank you for today. You are the best daddy in the whole world.”

“And you are the best for me, my Princess.” He smiled then kissed his daughter’s forehead before dimming her lampshade.

As he was about to leave her room…

“I think Sky’s mom likes you daddy.”

He stopped then approached his daughter again, “She said that?”

“It is so obvious daddy. She asked about you.”

“What about?”

“Your work daddy.”

“And what did you tell her?”

“I told her that you fix things daddy and that you even fix hearts.”

“I do what?” His chinky eyes turned wide at what he heard.

The little girl giggled. “Mommy said you are also busy fixing hearts so I told tita Maya that.”

“Princess that’s supposed to be a joke. Tita Maya might think that I date a lot of girls. You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Good night daddy. I am sleepy now.

“Okay Goodnight Princess.

As he closed his daughter’s door, his thoughts drifted to Maya dela Rosa.

Now he’s worried of what she thinks of him, not that it mattered to him…

…oh well, yes it mattered. They got along well already and she even forgave him for the field trip incident.

He didn’t want to end the day with her thinking negatively of him after what Sunshine said.

So without even thinking twice, he went back to his daughter’s room.

“Sunshine let’s go visit Sky’s place.”

“Now daddy???”

“Yes Princess. I need to talk to your Tita Maya now.”

“You’ll ask her if she likes you?”

“Yes! Ah no!” He was excited that he even got confused. “I will ask her about something else.”

“Okay daddy if you say so.”

Then the father and daughter quietly left their unit to pay a surprise visit to Maya and Sky.

Richard didn’t want to end the day without clearing things with her.

It’s already 9 in the evening but he knows she wouldn’t mind.

He’s sure that Maya already knows that he’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy.





One Fine Day – 6

One Fine Day – 6

“Are you done eating?” Richard asked Maya.

“Oo tapos na. Wait lang aayusin ko lang muna etong mga gamit namin ni Sky.” She just finished the sandwich and juice which was supposed to be Sky’s food at the field trip and was now fixing everything in the small lunch box.

He was observing her with an amused expression on his face.

“O bakit ganyan ka makatingin? May dumi ba ako sa mukha Mr. Lim?”

“Wala naman. Nakakaaliw lang kasi very orderly kahit paglagay mo nang empty bottles at sandwich bags. Wala nang laman yan. You could just throw everything inside. You’re such a control freak.”

She was even folding the used napkins after wiping the juice bottle.

“Mr. Lim maayos lang akong tao. I want everything orderly, neat and clean.”

“It’s boring that way Ms. Dela Rosa. You’re wasting precious time trying to keep insignificant things in order.”

“Mr. Lim hindi insignificant  to! I got used to it already kaya maayos akong tao.”

“Naku kawawa ang magiging boyfriend or even manliligaw mo. Do you have any suitors?”

“Mr. Lim that’s a waste of time. Sky is enough for me. I don’t need to complicate my life. I don’t have time for that.”

“That’s because of your Captain Hook complex.”

“My what?”

“Your Captain Hook complex.”

“There’s no such thing!”

“Yes, there is and you have it. At hindi ka magkakaroon ng suitors because of it.” Then he stood up grinning at her.

She stood up as well pretending to act pikon though she’s actually enjoying their banters already.

He glanced at her and gave her his smile.

His be-dimpled smile caught her off guard. She wasn’t prepared for its effect on her. Her heart was beating fast all of a sudden and she had nothing to say as if she was in a trance.”

“Mommy! Mommy!”

She didn’t even hear her son calling her.

“Ms dela Rosa I think Sky needs something.”

“Ah… eh… oo nga… yes baby?” Then she proceeded to Sky, thankful to be distracted from what just happened. She is sure that she was blushing already.

Richard Lim just shook his head and smiled. He is sure of his effect on her but he’s already used to ladies admiring his good looks. It was no big deal but he surely felt proud and happy with it.

Then his phone suddenly rang.

It was his secretary Liza calling about a document he needed to sign.

“What? Can’t you ask just someone to sign it for me?”

He ended the call. He was visibly upset.

“May problema Mr. Lim?”

“Ah may nangungulit lang.”

“Kung may kailangan kang puntahan go ahead. Ako naman ang bahala sa mga bata.”

“No wag na. They’re both a handful. Mahihirapan ka.”

“Mr. Lim kinaya mo nga kanina. I’m sure kakayanin ko naman. Sige na. Baka importante yan.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oo naman!”

“Bibilisan ko lang. Promise. I’ll be back in 20 minutes. Let’s just meet here.”

“Okay lang. Gawin mo na kung ano man ang gagawin mo. Baka mapagalitan ka sa work mo.” She was really concerned.

“Okay then. Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

She just nodded her head and smiled. Then as he was about to leave she called him. “Do you have any instructions? May bawal ba kay Sunshine?”

He turned to face her again. “Wala naman. I completely trust you.” He again smiled then left.

Since they don’t have anything else to do, she suggested for the kids to have ice cream which they happily agreed to. There was a small ice cream shop near the park.

Sunshine had a strawberry ice cream while Sky had cookies and cream ice cream as his mom didn’t approve of his request to have the chocolate ice cream. Maya had ube for herself.


The kids were happily telling her stories about the puppets at the daycare, about their lunch a while ago and about their stroll at the park. They were even sharing their ice cream with each other.

“Sunshine, where does your daddy work?” She wanted to fish some information on Richard.

“My daddy works at a big building Tita Maya.”

“What is his work?”

“Daddy fixes things at the talyer.” The LAS engineers calls the hangar ‘talyer’ as their inside joke. They also call each other mekaniko.

“Oh you’re daddy fixes things.” Maya was surprised to find out where Richard Lim works. He looked so neat for a mechanic, if he is indeed one.

“Yes po. He could fix my bike, grandpa’s car, his motorcycle and he could fix an airplane. Daddy could fix everything he told me.”

Maya smiled at what Sunshine said. “He told you that?”

“Yes po. He even said, he could fix everything that is broken, even a broken heart.”

She now laughed and shook his head. She found his sense of humor endearing even when it was told by his daughter.

“So is your daddy fixing broken hearts?”

“He is fixing Tita Catherine’s heart.”

“Oh!” She suddenly felt sad at what Sunshine said. There was a small pinch in her heart at what she heard.

They continued chatting until she heard her phone ringing. Richard Lim was calling.

“Ms dela Rosa asan kayo?” he asked

“Mr. Lim nandito kami sa ice cream shop sa may left side mo.” She already saw him as they were eating icecream at the al fresco area of the icecream shop.

He turned and saw them. He waved and proceeded towards them when a group of ladies stopped him and chatted with him.

Maya then saw the ladies pose for a picture with Richard.

“Aba feeling celebrity naman ng lalaking to. Nakakaaliw talaga to si Mr. Lim.” She couldn’t believe the confidence of Sunshine’s dad though she was clearly beginning to see his good attributes.

After the selfies with random strangers he went near them. “Did you guys enjoy?” Then he just got Sunshine’s spoon and casually took a spoonful of ube ice cream from Maya before she could even react. “Pahingi nga. Ang init maglakad papunta sa office.”

“Sige sa’yo na. Busog na rin naman ako.”

“No I just need a spoonful. Thanks.” He acted like sharing ice cream with her is a very normal thing to do.

She felt giddy now.


They were now at the soccer field of CSR in Makati where the mini football game will be held.

Maya and Richard were seated at the bleachers while the two kids, who were in their cute soccer outfits were being given instructions by their coach.

Sky was visibly not paying attention to his coach as he was craning his neck trying to see if the person he was waiting for has arrived already.

“What’s wrong with Sky?” Richard observed.

“He’s waiting for his dad. He promised Sky that he’ll be watching his game.”  Maya was alternately watching the school entrance and her watch.

“Ah yes Sky told me his daddy will be here. Baka naman natraffic lang.”

“Sana nga Mr. Lim. This has been going on for many times already. Si Sky pa naman kapag nagpromise ang daddy nya, he really looks forward to it.

“Hindi pa naman naguumpisa yun game. He will be here. If hindi naman malamang he has a very valid reason. Atsaka you alone are enough for your son. Hinahanap lang nyan ni Sky yun tatakbo while cheering him up. Kaya halika na, let’s get into action with this soccer game. Ikaw muna ang gaganap na role ng daddy na tumatakbo.” He smiled while offering his hand which she gladly took.

“Thank you for those encouraging words Mr. Lim.” She said as they went near the kids who were now starting their game.

Richard was loudly cheering both kids.

“Kick his ball Sky! I mean kick the ball!”

“Push him Sunshine! Very good!”

He earned disapproving stares from the parents.

“Mr. Lim you are very rude.” Maya commented.

“Ms. dela Rosa soccer is a rough game. Dapat matapang ang mga bata physically at emotionally. Di pwedeng lalampa lampa.”

“Kahit na. Mga babies pa yan eh. Ikaw talaga!”

He just chcukled then he whispered to Maya… “Cheer louder Ms. Dela Rosa. It helps our players.”

Though shy, Maya followed his advice and started running and cheering the kids.

They were at the middle of the game when Jeff arrived. He immediately went near Maya and waved to his son who was visibly very happy to see him.

“Sorry  late ako. I had to take the MRT kasi sobrang traffic.” He was apologetic.

“Okay lang. Ang importante eh nakarating ka. Kanina ka pa hinahanap nyan.”

Richard Lim silently left the couple. He didn’t want to intrude and he also didn’t want what he saw.

He saw Maya lovingly staring at her ex-husband.

One Fine Day – 5

One Fine Day – 5

Barely a minute after she left Sky with Richard Lim, Maya dela Rosa was already dialing his number.

“Hello Mr. Lim kumusta naman si Sky? Umiyak ba pag-alis ko?”

“Sinong Sky?” He teased her.

“Mr. Lim!” a panicky voice was heard at her end.

“Relax Ms. Dela Rosa. I was just teasing you. Sky is fine. I’ll just let them play here for a few minutes then we’ll go to the Greenbelt Park.” Then to tease her more, “Sky don’t put mud on your face. You can just put some on your arms.”

“Mr. Lim!!!!”

“Biro lang. They’re playing with the puppets right now. Wait I’ll take their picture.”

Then he ended the call and took the kids’ picture to assure Maya that her son is okay.

He called her again. “See the kids are having fun. Don’t worry about us.”

“Thank you talaga Mr. Lim.” She sounded relieved now. “Whatever ipapabili ni Sky sabihin mo lang, babayaran ko na lang mamaya. Nasa backpack rin nya yun spare clothes and towel and grooming kit na rin incase alam mo na…”

“Don’t worry about that.  Ako na ang bahala.

Focus on what you had to do first. We’ll be fine Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Thank you again Mr. Lim.”

“Okay… oh wait… Sky drop the gun!” He pretended to be talking to Sky, then returned to talking to Maya again, “Don’t worry, it’s not loaded.”

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Sige na nga. I have to go now. I’ll see you guys at…”

He finished for her, “…the Greenbelt chapel

at exactly 1pm. Alam ko na yun. We will be there.”

“Eh ano I’m just reminding you.”

“Because you don’t trust me?”

“Uy hindi naman. I trust you naman kaya nga iniwan ko si Sky sa’yo di ba?  Sige na nga ang tagal na nang usapan natin. Malapit na yun cab sa office.”

“Okay whatever you say. Goodluck Ms. Dela Rosa sa big event sa work mo.”

“Thank you Mr. Lim.”


Richard Lim was walking along the streets of Makati with both kids on his sides. He earned approving stares and praises from the people they passed by. Those who recognized him were even brave enough to have a random chat with him.

He also seemed to be enjoying having the two kids with him. He was able to keep up with their energy and he didn’t mind running with the kids.

“Tito Richard I am hungry.” Sky suddenly complained.

“Me too daddy, I am also hungry.” Sunshine complained as well.

“Okay what do you want to eat?”

“Spaghetti and fries!” Sunshine excitedly told her dad.

“I want chicken and rice Tito Richard.” It was Sky.

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Jollibee!!!” Both kids happily pointed towards the fastfood near where they were standing.

“Jollibee it is then!”

With the two kids on his sides, Richard ordered the food they wanted then ordered a chicken meal for him as well. He also added chocolate sundae and choco mallow pies for the kids.

Sky was eating his chicken while Sunshine her spaghetti. Richard was alternately wiping the kids face and sharing fun stories with them.

“So are you guys excited for your soccer game later?”

“Yes daddy!”

“I’m going to be a goalie later.” Sky proudly said.

“And the two of you will be great.”

The kids will also have a soccer game late in the afternoon. It’s not a serious competition but rather a fun game and every kid looks forward to it coz they all get this mini trophy after the game.

“My daddy will be watching me later.” Sky seemed excited.

“Oh so your daddy will be there?”

“Yes and he will be proud of me.”

“I’m sure he will buddy. Both your daddy and mommy are so proud of you. Like me and Sunshine’s mommy are also so proud of her.”

Then both kids gave him their beaming smiles.

They continued eating. Richard even had to change Sky’s shirt for the little boy had a gravy accident while eating.


Maya had just finished her presentation.

Despite everything that happened earlier, she was able to do it and impress her bosses.

Mr. Jaime Ventura, the Time Airways’ owner and his son Capt. James Ventura seriously considered everything that was in Maya dela Rosa’s presentation. They ever congratulated her for a job well done and they also thanked Inah Ruiz for the improvements in the FA Trainings of Time Airways.

After the Ventura’s had left…

“Ma’m Inah pasensya na po talaga kanina.”

“Ano ka ba Maya. Okay na and you did great kanina.”

“Eh ayoko lang naman pong isipin nyo na nagpabaya ako sa oras. Ayaw ko pong isipin nyo na hindi ko kinakaya yung trabaho.”

“Maya alam ko naman yun at siguro kung may anak rin ako, I would have made him my top priority as well. Teka sino pala nag-aalaga kay Sky? You should be with him. Tapos naman na yun work mo now. Papayagan na kitang umalis.”

“Ah ano po, yun same reason why we were late kanina, he offered to watch over Sky. In 30 minutes po pupuntahan ko na sila. Naku talaga uminit yun ulo ko kanina Ma’m Inah pero mabuti at bumawi naman siya.”

“Sino ba yan?”

“Ay naku Ma’m Inah ex-husband ng friend ko na mommy ng classmate ni Sky.”

“Pero he must be nice to have offered to watch over Sky. Mahirap yun ah.”

“Oo nga po at mukhang sincere naman sa apology nya kanina.”

“Kaya nga wag mo nang sungitan. Malay mo maging close kayo, maging friends or more than friends.”

“Ma’m Inah talaga nang-iintriga pa.”

“Oh bakit? Di ba ex-husband na siya ng friend mo, eh di libre na rin just like you. Hindi naman siguro siya pangit.”

“Gwapo naman siya Ma’m Inah kaso turn-off yun ugali. Parang iresponsable. Mukhang hindi rin ata yun nagtratrabaho kasi mukhang happy go lucky lang.”

“Naku Maya umandar na naman yun pagiging judgemental at man-hater mo. You shouldn’t judge a person based on your first impression of him. Malay mo naman there’s more to him that what you saw.”

“Naku Ma’m Inah he wasn’t even worried na naiwan ng field trip yung mga bata.”

“Naku Maya baka iba lang siya sa’yo. Maybe he’s just a cool dad. Ikaw kasi aligaga parati. Atsaka hindi responsable tapos iniwan mo si Sky. Naku puntahan mo na.”

“Ay oo nga po Ma’m Inah. Pupuntahan ko na sila. Salamat po ha.”

“Sige na Maya. Congrats ulit kanina.”

“Thank you po Ma’m.”

Then he hurriedly left her office.

Inah Ruiz was smiling. He could imagine Maya and her friend Richard Lim. Maya surely didn’t recognize the famous owner of LAS. She smiled at Maya’s description of Richard. It was the total opposite. He may seem the coolest guy who may not look serious at all but Richard Lim is one hell of a good businessman and engineer of LAS.


She arrived at the Greenbelt Chapel and searched for them. She didn’t see them at once for the kids were kneeling down and seemingly praying. Richard stood up when he saw her. He smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Hi Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Hi Mr. Lim.”

“Behave naman ba si Sky?”

“Sssshhh…. Ask questions later. Wag kang maingay. The kids are praying.” He told her but he was already giving her his teasing smile.

She replied in a hushed voice, “At bakit nagprapray ang dalawang yan?” She finds it cute but weird for the two were seriously kneeling and even had their eyes closed.

He replied back, also in a hushed voice, “Si Sky, he’s praying that sana wag siyang pagalitan ng mommy nya kahit natapon yun buong gravy sa t-shirt nya.” He was grinning.

Lumaki yung mata ni Maya. “Mr. Lim!”

He continued, “Si Sunshine naman… oh well, she’s praying na sana dinggin yun prayer ni Sky.” Tawa siya ng tawa.

She shook her head and joined him in laughing as well.

“Don’t worry. I already changed his shirt.”

“Naku si Sky talaga!”

The kids heard her so they stood up and Sky hurried to kiss his mom.

“You’re here mommy!” The boy raised his arms wanting to be carried.

“Yes baby. Did you give Sunshine’s daddy a hard time?”

“No po. I was a good boy, di ba Tito Richard?”

He nodded his head in affirmation while also carrying his daughter as they left the chapel.

The moment she put Sky down, she saw chocolate on his shirt the she automatically glanced at Richard who was avoiding her eyes but laughing. “I was supposed to also change that shirt kaso isa lang pala yun spare shirt ni Sky.”

“Mr. Lim hindi naman yun stain sa shirt ang problema ko. Ang sabi ko no chocolates eh.” She gave him her a cute smirk.

“Ms. Dela Rosa you’re depriving your son of the heavenly feeling he would get from eating chocolates.” He was exaggerating as he teased her.

“Sige na nga. Kung hindi mo lang ako tinulungan magagalit talaga ako. Sky tends to be hyper kasi whenever he eats chocolates.”

“Don’t worry konti lang naman yun kinain nya atsaka choco mallow pie lang naman yun. He asked me to eat the chocolate in his sundae. One thing more, he could use his energy mamaya sa soccer game nila.”

“Oo na. Sinabi mo eh.”

Though she wouldn’t want to admit it, Maya dela Rosa is already getting amused with the charming ways of Mr. Richard Lim.

“So let’s have lunch?” He asked her.

“Kakakain nyo lang di ba?”

“But surely you haven’t eaten yet. Halika na. Samahan ka namin.” He offered.

“Naku wag na. Let’s just sit somewhere. Kakainin ko na lang yun baon ni Sky. Baka masira sayang naman. Ikaw baka may pupuntahan ka. I could watch Sunshine for you.”

“Ah wala naman. Mag-aabsent na lang ako.”

“Naku baka mapagalitan ka sa trabaho mo.”

“Hindi yan.” He just grinned at her.

They were now seated at the benches at the park. She was eating Sky’s packed food and he was beside her. They were watching the kids who were playing.

“Alam mo, akala ko you will be late sa chapel kanina. Well either late or tatawag ka na nagkamali ka ng place.” She told him.

“Well I’m not like most of the guys you know Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m not the kind of person you think I am.”

“Huh? At ano naman ang iniisip ko about you?”

“Hmmm… that I couldn’t take care of my daughter and that you can’t take me seriously?”

“Kasi naman hindi ok yun first meeting natin. Atsaka inasar mo pa ako. Pero sorry mali ako Mr. Lim. Maybe you just look like a person with this Peter Pan complex kaya ata ganun na ang tingin ko sa’yo. Para ka kasing bata at hindi seryoso.” She explained.

“So now what do you think of me?”

Now it’s her turn to tease him.”Di naman nagbago. Ganun pa rin.”

“Ms. Dela Rosa!”

“Biro lang Mr. Lim!” Then she made a peace sign that made him laugh.”

The kids? Well, they’re both busy playing while both their parents were  beginning to enjoy each other’s company.

One Fine Day – 4

One Fine Day – 4

Richard had no choice but to bring Sunshine to his office at the Lim Aviation Services building.

He was carrying the little girl atop his shoulders and everyone they met greeted them.

They loved seeing Richard with his daughter.  They knew that despite being separated from his wife, Richard Lim is a very good father to Sunshine and that her daughter adores her dad so much.

“Good morning Sunshine! Good morning Sir!” Liza, Richard’s assistant greeted them as soon as they entered his office.

“Good morning Liza!”

“Good morning Tita Liza. Look  at Gus. She has a new ribbon.” Sunshine proudly showed her stuffed kitty’s pink ribbon.

“Oh wow that’s so pretty Sunshine. You can play with Gus at your dad’s big chair. You want something to eat?”

“No Tita Liza. We just had breakfast  a while  ago that’s why we were late for the field trip.”

“Oh today yun field trip Sir? Hindi kayo umabot?”

“Unfortunately nahuli kami Liza that’s why Sunshine will be staying with us her today.”

“That would be great. I’ll take care of Sunshine Sir.”

“No need Liza.  I have her toys here in her backpack. Sunshine can just play here. Right Princess?”

“Yes daddy. I will just play with Gus.”

When Sunshine started bringing out her toys and settled at his big sofa inside his office, Richard went behind his desk to check on his schedule.

“Liza si papa nandyan pa ba?”

“Naku Sir he already left. Galit yun kanina kasi wala ka pero when I informed him that you brought Sunshine to her school, ayun kumalma rin. He’s on his way to the airport for his 10 am flight to HongKong.”

“Ah okay. Thank you for bailing me out Liza. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na hindi ako aabot sa meeting  kanina. Kindly corrdinate na lang with Eng Yamaguchi about the new Time Airways planes for repair sa Clark Hangar and please clear my schedule today. I will stay here but I want to bond with my daughter.”

“Okay Sir. I’ll also bring your coffee in a while and a chocolate drink for Sunshine.”

“Thank you Liza.”

The moment Liza left, Atty Ryan entered. Sunshine gave him a kiss.

“Oh the pretty little Princess is here. Kaya naman pala wala ka kanina brod. “

“Obviously yes. She’s supposed to have her field trip kaso nahuli kami. There’s this parent ng classmate ni Sushine kasi who got late. Ayun nadamay tuloy kami.”

“Sino naman? Babae ba yan? Yan ba yun dahilan for that phone call?”

“Oo! Gusto ko lang bwisitin. Ang sungit kasi at ang ingay.”

“Aba at binigyan mo pa ng pansin by making up a fake phone conversation. Sobra ka naman atang apektado. Maganda ba?”

He didn’t answer but Sunshine, who heard her Tito Ryan replied. “She is very beautiful po Tito Ryan. Her eyes is like the eyes of Gus.”

“Oh she’s beautiful pala at doe-eyed… hmmm…”

“Naku Ryan whatever it is you’re thinking stop. Hindi ako maaattract sa ganun.”

“Napakadefensive mo brod. I wasn’t saying anything.”

“You were about to.”

“Hindi no. O baka saan pa mapunta ang usapan. Hinintay lang kita to give you this. Yan yun documents for the lot we purchased beside the Paranaque hangar. Aalis na rin ako kasi I have a hearing after lunch.”

“Ah sige brod. Salamat.”


His phone rang and he immediately answered it.

“Maya apo hindi ko pwedeng bantayan si Sky. It is my spa day today. Dapat sinabihan mo kasi ako ng maaga.” The voice on the other line was unfamiliar.

“Hello who is this?”

“Who are you? Bakit hawak mo ang telefono ng apo ko?

He was surprised so he checked his phone and found out that it was Maya dela Rosa’s phone.

“Ah eh. I am Richard Lim. I am…”

But before he could say more the voice on the other line got excited.

“Oh Richard Lim, the poster boy of Lim Aviation? Ikaw yung nasa malaking billboard sa EDSA, sa SLEX, NLEX at sa NAIA?”

“Yes mam, unfortunately that’s me. You see my dad wants to save money so he made me pose instead of getting celebrities to do it.”

“Oh my God you look so handsome in it. At ang ganda rin ng boses mo. (bumabawi bumabawi! hahaha!) Lahat nang nakakita ng billboards mo mukhang gustong bumili ng eroplano para lang may maparepair sa Lim Aviation.”

He chuckled at what the lady at the other line said.

“O bakit ka tumatawa? Seryoso ako. Magaling yun tatay mo at ikaw ang pinagpose sa ads niyo. At napakagwapo mo iho. Pwede kang magartista.”

“Hahahaha!!! I’m really flattered po Mam…?”

“I’m Conchita, apo ko si Maya. But ikaw you can call me Connie. Teka are you dating my apo? Wag mo siyang pababayaan ha? Moody yan at masungit pero mapagmahal. Si Sky naman mabait na bata kahit makulit kung minsan. Yun tatay nya rakista kasi kaya hayun naghiwalay sila ni Maya. Pero wala namang problema yun kasi annulled na sila.  Richard mamahalin mo si Maya ha at wag na wag mong paiiyakin.  Atsaka bagay kayo.”

“Ma’m Connie, I’m not dating Maya po. Classmates po yung anak namin but we’re not that close. Kanina lang kami nagkita and ayun nagkainisan pa kasi our kids weren’t able to join the field trip kasi nahuli kami. And now nagkapalit pa kami ng phone.”

“Oh! Oh! I’m sorry. Naku nakakahiya naman sa’yo Richard.  Akala ko nagdadate kayo. Kaya pala ganun yun text ni Maya kanina. Hindi ko pa naman nasagot yun tawag nya kasi I was preparing for my spa day. Naku baka iwanan nya si Sky sa daycare sa Buendia kasi walang mag-aalaga sa bata. Sige sabihan mo na lang  na ihatid nya sa akin dito si Sky.”


“Oo where the Makati workers drop their kids. Ayaw ko kasing iniiwan nya si Sky doon kasi nabubully yung bata. Sabihan mo na lang si Maya na ihatid dito sa QC si Sky. I can’t travel na kasi to get him. Medyo hindi ko kinakaya ang traffic.”

Richard had to make a quick decision.

“Don’t worry po Ma’m Connie. I’ll take care of it. You go ahead with your spa day. Ako na ang bahala kay Sky.”

“Really? Hindi ba makakaabala sa’yo?”

“Hindi po and my daughter is also with me now. At least may kalaro siya.”

“Oh my God! Thank you Richard. Promise kapag naisipan mong ligawan ang apo ko, may 100 plus pogi points ka na agad..”

He laughed then ended the call.

Another call came in…

“Naku Maya nasaan ka na? Nandito na sa board room si Sir Jaime at Captain James. Si Ma’m Ina kanina ka pa hinahanap. Maya naman. Ngayon ka pa talaga malalate. Mawawalan ka nang trabaho nito eh.” A very worried voice was heard at the other line.

“Wait… this is not Maya. This is her phone pero mukhang nagkapalit kami when we were bringing our kids to school kanina. This is Ricky Lim. Classmate yun kids namin. May I know where Maya is working?” He purposely used his nickname as he didn’t want to be recognized like what happened with Maya’s grandma.

Emman was surprised as well. “Naku kaya naman pala hindi tumatawag.  Sa Time Airways po ito Mr. Lim. I am Emman Castro, his officemate. She was supposed to give her presentation with the management.  Wala pa po siya.”

“Okay Emman, Maya will be there shortly. Can you just tell her boss that she’s doing her best to be on time. Nahuli kasi mga kids namin so she had her son with her. Alam mo naman how kids are. Kindly tell your boss. I’m sure she’ll understand. “

“Sinabihan ko na po but of course nakakahiya pa rin. Please tell her na lang po Mr. Lim na naghihintay na kami dito just incase she calls her phone which you have right now.”

“I will do that Emman.”

The moment he ended the call, he dialed a number using his office landline.

“Hello Ina. This is Richard. I have a favor to ask…”


Sky was grumpily following her mom towards the Time Airways office. She was already rushing as she’s already late for her presentation.  On their way to her office they met a mishap when Sky accidentally spilled his orange juice on his mom’s blouse. Maya had to return to their house to change.

It also didn’t help that she was unable to contact her officemate Emman.  She accidentally swapped her phone with her most hated person of the day.

“O Maya what happened to you? And bakit ganyan ang hitsura nyo ni Sky? Nagkaproblema ba?” A concerned Ms. Ina met her.

Maya was apologetic and very embarrassed to have disappointed her boss and mentor Ina. “Ma’m Ina sorry po. Sky has a field trip kanina and hinatid ko siya kaso hindi kami umabot. Ang daming disgrasya na nangyari this morning tapos yun tatay pa nung classmate ni Sunshine na dapat ihahatid ko sa school nagpasaway pa kaya nahuli kami. Pero Ma’m Ina handa po ako sa presentation. Actually kagabi ko pa po pinaghandaan yun at nagusap kami ni Emman na maaga akong pupunta kanina kaso eto nga…” She was already near crying. Her job is very important to her and Ms. Ina had been instrumental in helping her reach the position she has now. She never wanted to let her down.

“Hey Maya kumalma ka nga.  Tingnan mo kahit si Sky natatakot na sa’yo. Alam ko na lahat yun. Emman informed me already and I know naman that hindi mo pinababayaan trabaho mo and you wouldn’t be late if it’s not an emergency. Relax ka lang. I moved the meeting to 11 am. You can prepare first or asikasuhin mo muna si Sky. Kalma ka na Maya.”

She was teary-eyed while profusely thanking her boss.


Maya decided to bring Sky to the daycare center where she usually brings Sky when no one would be able to watch him.

It is her son’s most hated place but Maya had to convince Sky. She only needs to leave him for two hours so she would be able to do her presentation.  The Time Airways office had no area for kids and Sky will surely be bored.

“Sige na anak. I promise we will eat ice cream and spaghetti after my work. Basta behave ka lang doon and tell Ms. Ruby when big boys tease you.”

“Yes mommy.” Sky sadly agreed.

At the daycare center…

“Here’s Mr. Potato…”

“Oh hi Mr. Potato, can my daughter join your games?”

“What is her name?”

“Her name is Sunshine. She wants to play too.”

Maya decided to leave Sky at a local daycare. They arrived while there was an ongoing puppet show where the performer was hidden. Only his puppet covered hands can be seen by his eager audience.

Maya was so impressed that she was clapping her hands when the short show ended.

The performer suddenly emerged.

It was Richard Lim.

“Oh Ms dela Rosa.”

“What are you doing here Mr. Lim?” Maya was beginning to get agitated again upon seeing him.

“Oh Sunshine got bored at the office so heto dinala ko siya dito. Nakakatuwa pala yun puppet show. Maybe I can make myself useful by doing it regularly here. Are you leaving Sky as well?”

He was nice so she had no choice but be nice as well even though he despised him so much for messing up her day.

“Yes iiwanan ko kasi walang place for kids sa office. Actually ayaw nya kaso napilit naman when I promised his favorites mamaya.”

“Ah eh.. Maya, I know I was a jerk kanina pero I want to make up for it. Let me make up for it. Ako na lang magbabantay kay Sky while you do whatever it is you need to do in your office.”

She stared at him incredulously. “Seryoso ka?”

“Yes. I can take care of the kids you know.  And you don’t have to worry leaving Sky here alone. Isasama namin siya ni Sunshine.”

She’s contemplating and had a worried look on her face.

“I promise he will be unharmed at buong buo mong makikita ang anak mo mamaya.” He tried to joke.

“Alam ko naman yun kaso baka mahirapan ka kay Sky.”

“Hindi yan.” Then he asked Sky, “Little buddy do you want to go with Tito Ricky and Sunshine?”

The little boy gave a beaming smile. “Yes po!”

“See mommy! Your son trusts me.” He also gave her his bedimpled smile.

“Sige na nga. Pero please don’t let him eat chocolates kasi nagiging hyper sya. Not too much sweets din, then don’t let him play sa sandboxes dyan sa park kasi di natin alam yun mga tinatapon ng mga tao dyan atsaka….”

“I get it. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of your son. Sige na baka mahuli ka pa sa work.”

“Thank you.” She sincerely said this time. She gave him her very first smile.

Richard also smiled then remembered their phones.

“Teka before i forget, here’s your phone. Nagkapalit pala tayo.”

Maya got hers then with some final reminders again about Sky, she left Richard and the kids.

Richard couldn’t remove his eyes from her retreating form.

He found her interesting and his heart unexpectedly reacted in a way he only felt years ago when he was still courting his ex-wife.




One Fine Day – 3

One Fine Day – 3

Richard Lim and his daughter Sunshine together with Maya dela Rosa and her son Sky were rushing to the kids’ school.

They alighted their taxi even if they were still a few blocks away from the school. The traffic was terrible and they decided that running is a wiser option to be able to reach the school bus which will bring the kids to the ferry terminal.

While still catching their breaths from running, they were told the bad news. The school guard informed them that the school bus already left.  They don’t have a choice but to hail a taxi again to be at the ferry terminal by 8 am. They just have 15 minutes to go to the terminal so the kids could still catch the cruise ship which would tour them around Manila Bay and Corregidor as part of the activities of their field trip.

The moment they boarded a taxi, both kid and parent sat at the backseat of the taxi. Since both Sunshine and Sky wanted to sit by the window, Maya and Richard had no choice but to unfortunately sit beside each other.

“This is your fault. Ang tagal nyo.” He started blaming her in hushed voice so that the kids won’t hear them.

“Mr. Lim maaga kami. We were at your place 6:45. Kayo yung wala doon.” Maya countered in a hushed voice as well.

“Hindi ka ba marunong magbasa? I posted a message at my door and I clearly wrote that Sunshine and I would be having breakfast at McDonalds.”

“Richard Lim wala na yun sinasabi mong message pagdating namin. Atsaka hindi man lang ba sumagi sa isip mo na tawagan ako? Alam kong binigay ni Corinne yun number ko sa’yo. Bakit hindi ka tumawag para alamin kung nabasa ba namin yun nawawala mong message sa pintuan ng unit mo?”

“Why would I call you? We aren’t even close.”

“At sinabi ko ba na close tayo? Tatawag ka kasi mahuhuli na yung anak ko at yung anak mo sa field trip nila. Hindi ba importante sa’yo yun? Ang yabang mo naman na mas isipin pa yun pride mo at ayaw mong ikaw yun unang tatawag!”

“Eh ganun pala bakit hindi ikaw yun unang tumawag kung iniisip mo yun field trip ng mga bata?”

“Wala akong number mo. At hindi ko pinangarap na kunin yun number mo after kong makita kung gaano kasama ng ugali mo.”

“Me? Masama ang ugali? Excuse me Ms. Dela Rosa but I’m the nicest person in the whole world.”

“Ikaw nice? Kung nice ka aba santo na pala ako!”

“Whatever! But I assure you. I am a nice and very likeable person kung nice din yun tao pero with someone like you wag na lang nga. Sayang naman yun friendship ko if I’ll waste it on someone like you.”

“Ang kapal mo talaga. As if naman I’m interested to be your friend. Oy Mr. Lim I am friends only with your ex- wife that’s why I agreed to fetch Sunshine. At hindi ako interesado to add you sa friends’ list ko.”

He was about to say something but his phone rang.

It was actually his friend Ryan, who’s also their company lawyer who is calling, but Richard Lim had a naughty idea formulated in his mind.

Still in a hushed voice which won’t be heard by the kids but would definitely heard by Maya, “Oh hi gorgeous! I had fun last night.”

“Anong gorgeous? Hoy Richard Lim si Ryan to!” A confused Ryan stared at his phone to check if it was indeed Richard’s number he dialed.

“Of course I know who you are. Ikaw talaga! How could I forget you after what we did last night? So Stephanie, are we gonna have fun again tonight? You should wear those lace undergarments again. It turns me on.”

A shocked and overly disgusted Maya gaped at Richard then she clumsily dialed her phone too in an attempt to distract herself from Richard’s conversation with the person he made her believe to be a certain Stephanie.

“Brod kung anong kalokohan na naman yan wag mo nga akong idamay. Pumunta ka na dito kasi umuusok na sa galit ang papa mo. Wala ka na naman sa 7:30 meeting kanina. Your success sa closed deal mo kahapon is good for one day lang. Eto aburido na si Tito Roberto. Pumunta ka na agad.” Then Ryan also ended the call.

“I’ll definitely see you tonight babe. Don’t forget to bring the massage oils as well.”

He was staring at Maya with the naughty glint in his eyes. He’s purposely annoying her.

Maya just shook her head while waiting for the person she called to answer his phone.

“Oy Mayabels asan ka na ba? Akala ko very early tayo kasi you will rehearse your presentation. Asan ka na? Mag-aalas otso na dear.”

“Naku Emman maaga sana ako kung walang pasaway na asungot na sumira sa araw ko.”

“Oh why? May problem aba?”

“Malaking problema Emman. Eto naghahabol kami ni Sky para maabutan yun field trip nila kasi merong mama dito na siguro napuyat sa babaeng with lace undergarments kaya late na nagising. Naku kung hindi ko lang kaibigan yun kawawang ex-wife nya.” She was already fuming mad. She needs to be in her office already for her big presentation.

“Naku Mayabels kung sino man yan, hayaan mo na. Umiral na naman ang pagiging man-hater mo. Sige na ihatid mo na muna si Sky. I’m sure naman na kayang kaya mo yun presentation later. Basta be here by 9 ha. Nandun na kasi sa office ni Ma’m Ina sina Mr. Jaime Ventura at yung anak nya. “

“Sige Emman. Thank you ha!”

“No worries Maya. Basta kalma ka lang ha. At please lang be nice dyan sa sinasabi mo. Ayaw mo naman sigurong magmukhang stressed on the day of your presentation.”

“Oo na Emman.”

When she ended the call…

“So who’s that? A boyfriend? Oh let me rephrase, a very unlucky boyfriend?”

“Mr. Lim please lang ha. I have a very busy day ahead at hindi ko gusto yun pambwibwisit mo. If you’re the kind of person who stays home in front of the TV watching stupid shows and eating a whole box of pizza, drinking beer and enjoys annoying people because they have nothing interesting to do, please spare me. I am a very busy person and my time is very precious.”

“Ouch! That hurts Ms. Masungit. Buti na lang your son is not as grumpy as you.” Then he even winked at Sky.

The taxi stopped and they rushed to the ferry terminal but unfortunately, the ferry already left.

Sky and Sunshine were waiting for a taxi to bring them home. They were now aware of their bickering parents.

“Kasalanan mo talaga to. Now how would I work with my son tagging along with me.”

“Hindi ko kasalanan.”

“At kanino aber?”

“The circumstances, yun hangin na naglipad sa note sa pinto ko, yun pagiging ontime ng field trip… maraming may kasalanan…”

“Or sabihin mo, yun hindi umaandar na initiative mo to call me. Nakakapikon ka talaga Richard Lim!”

“My mom hates your dad.”

“My dad hates your mom too.”

“But we don’t hate each other, right Sunshine?”

“Of course we don’t, Sky.”

“Can I see your dad’s phone?” Sky got curious of Sunshine’s dad’s phone which she’s playing with.

“Here. Daddy has lots of games.” Sunshine handed her dad’s phone to Sky.

“Here is Mommy’s phone too. She also has some girly games.” Sky also showed Sunshine his mom’s phone.

Their parents got the phones now.

Both kids were able to return each other’s phone but Maya thought they didn’t so she grabbed the mobile phone from Richard’s right hand and shoved the one she’s holding in his left hand.

“You Richard Lim are the most disgusting person, correction, creature I’ve ever met!”

“And you Maya dela Rosa are the most crazy woman I’ve unfortunately interacted with!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t and I assure you, you won’t!”

“I DO hate you with every fiber of my being!”



Then they both boarded separate taxicabs to bring them to their destination for the day.



At the daycare center…

“Here’s Mr. Potato…”

“Oh hi Mr. Potato, can my daughter join your games?”

“What is her name?”

“Her name is Sunshine. She wants to play too.”

Maya decided to leave Sky at a local daycare. They arrived while there was an ongoing puppet show where the performer was hidden. Only his puppet covered hands can be seen by his eager audience.

Maya was so impressed that she was clapping her hands when the short show ended.

The performer suddenly emerged.

It was Richard Lim.


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