PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 7


Amor finished taking a shower and was drying her hair with a towel when she went out the bathroom to find Philip setting up a breakfast table inside the bedroom.

He smiled at her and she automatically tightens her hold on her bathrobe.

“Oh you haven’t changed yet. Akala ko nakabihis ka na. I’m sorry. Maiwan na muna kita. Just call me if you have changed. Magulo yun kitchen so I thought it’s better to have breakfast or rather brunch here in the room.”

They were staying a Philip’s hotel suite which he usually occupies whenever he stays in Punta Verde for his business concerns.

The moment Philip stepped out of the room, Amor wasted no time changing into the clothes Philip prepared for her.

She didn’t know how he did it or who did it for him , but Philip had a new set of clothes for her to wear.

The moment she finished changing into her clothes, she sought for Philip and they had breakfast together.

“So you’re just leaving for Shanghai soon Philip?”

“Not yet. I still have business matters to attend to. How about you? Will you be busy these coming days? Can we at least still see each other again?” He gave a hopeful smile. He enjoyed her company and though he is not in any position to find someone to get emotionally attached to, he can’t help but be drawn to the beauty in front of him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Philip. I have a complicated life and I am not ready to see someone, if that’s what you meant. But I really had a great time with you. It’s just that I don’t want you involved in my messy life.”

“Oh I see. Maybe some other time then.” He gave her another smile while trying to hold her hand that’s on the table.

She allowed him and smiled in return. They just disregarded the electricity they both felt when his hand was over hers. They really don’t need complications at the moment.


It’s been a month after spending Christmas together and despite having agreed not to complicate things, Philip was relentless in making his attraction for Amor evident. He’s been sending her messages which she never replied to and made calls which she never answered.

Amor only called him once and that was to thank him after he sent her flowers on New Year but other than that, she never made an effort and even avoided any communication with him.

“Philip, everything is in order. We will be leaving in three days. At last, we will be back in China. I never enjoyed dealing with politicians here especially that Governor Buenavista. I don’t even understand why we have to support him.” His business associate Verna had been talking to Philip who was not at all focused to what she’s been saying.

“And one thing more. Your dad called me and asked if we had found a house to purchase in Manila. He wants it done asap. I didn’t tell him of the property we checked. I thought you would want to be the one to do that.”

“Hey you’re not listening. What’s troubling you? or who’s troubling you?”

“Philip!!!” an impatient Verna had to raise her voice to get his attention.

“Ah no one. Don’t mind me.” he just replied while his thoughts were still on Amor.

He couldn’t bear the thought of just leaving without even saying goodbye. Though he’s been aware that Amor didn’t want anything to do with him, he can’t make himself adhere to what she wants. He needs to see her for the last time. Maybe she wont hide from him this time. He’s visited Amor’s house twice but she never faced him. Maybe now that he’ll be leaving, she might make an exception from her rule and eventually see him.

“Philip, you’ve been out of focus lately. May I know why? Oh God, I shouldn’t have left you here alone during the holidays. May problema ba?” Verna again asked but Philip just shook his head.

“Okay I won’t ask anymore. Just call me in my room if you need anything. We had a long day and I need to rest.”



The day before his flight, Philip was again at Amor Power’s gate.

“Mr. Tang, Ms. Powers had instructed us to not accept any visitors.”

“Just tell her that I need to see her before I leave for China tomorrow.”

“I would tell her but I don’t think it would make any difference. Ms. Powers is resting. She couldn’t be disturbed. She didn’t even see the governor who also visited her awhile ago.”

But as Peter was explaining to Philip, Roma Christie came rushing.

“Peter, please ask the driver to prepare the car. We need to bring Ms. Powers to the hospital!”

“Mr. Tang, I’m sorry but as you can see there’s an emergency.” He closed the gate leaving Philip outside. But Philip just stayed rooted to where he was standing. He was aware of the commotion inside Amor’s house and though it was clear that he wasn’t welcome, he didn’t leave. He wants to make sure that Amor is okay. He didn’t want the sound of her frantic secretary. It seemed serious enough for her to act that way.

Unfortunately for Amor but fortunately for Philip, her car wasn’t starting. Maybe it was because her driver, Mang Anastacio isn’t as calm as he was before. He was already old and maybe he couldn’t handle the panic anymore.

Philip ended up bringing a very sick Amor to the hospital. Since she was too weak to even talk, it was Roma Christie who guided Philip towards the hospital.


“Congratulations! You are having a baby!” Dra. Galero excitedly announced to Amor who was now resting on her hospital bed.

Roma Christie and Peter had to buy something from the pharmacy since it wasn’t available in the hospital.

Amor couldn’t speak, couldn’t react.

What made matters worse was that Philip is in the same room as she is.

He insisted to accompany her and since he was too weak to argue, she just allowed him.

“Ms. Powers, you are 6 weeks pregnant. Here are the results.”

With trembling fingers and overcome by emotions she couldn’t explain whether fear, disgust, regret, happiness or excitement, she took the results from the doctor.

Philip just stood glued to where he was standing. He, just like Amor, couldn’t react to what the doctor said.

He was sure that it was his baby. Their baby.

And though he was so worried by the life-changing news, the over-all feeling of pride and happiness engulfed him.


“Son, I am happy that finally you are giving me a grandchild but we all know that this shouldn’t be happening.” Roberto Tang was seriously talking to a sullen Philip in their home office.

Philip insisted on bringing Amor with him to China. He couldn’t leave her alone in Punta Verde. Since she realized that she was actually happy for the blessing of having a baby, though the circumstances aren’t perfect for her and for Philip, she just agreed. She needs to think of the baby’s welfare and the chaotic life she has in Punta Verde is definitely not good for the baby.

His father didn’t object but he also didn’t hide his disappointment. They had many pressing concerns to attend to and having a pregnant woman will surely get in the way.

But Philip vowed to take care of Amor and their baby. Despite being non-committal to each other, he is a man of dignity and he will never avoid responsibility from what he did. Besides, his heart had been rebelliously beating for her since the night they spent together. And though he was sure that Amor never felt the same, he couldn’t stop his restless heart from falling for her.

“Now what are we going to do with your brother?” his father’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“I’ll be on it Pa. I just need to make sure Amor and our baby gets settled here. I just need to make sure she’s fine, they’re fine.”

“But they will never be at peace here. Our place is never safe for a wife and child. You know that! You should have been very careful.”

“I’m sorry pa.”

“You should be!”


In the Philippines, Carlo Asuncion just finished presenting the plans of expanding his business to the Board. He was reviewing some papers when his secretary entered his office.

“Sir, you will love the news I will tell you.” Liza excitedly announced.

“Yes Liza?”

“I already know of Ms. Amor Powers’ whereabouts.”

“Really!?” His eyes grew wide in excitement. He had been looking for her for the past 18 months.

“Yes Sir. My friend in immigration finally got hold of her travel documents.”

“Oh thank you Liza. Will you know where she is now? Is she here in the Philippines?”

“No Sir, according to the documents, Amor Powers is now residing in Shanghai, China.”

“What is she doing there? I thought she was based in the States?”

“From what I gathered Sir, she was there with her new husband.”


If he was ecstatic with Liza’s news awhile ago, now his face turned gloomy and he couldn’t even hide his disappointment.

“Sir? Would I do something? Do you want me to try to contact her?”

“No need Liza. I’ll be the one to do it. Thank you for the information.”

A/N Hala ang gulo gulo na! Pero don’t worry hindi to kasing gulo ng teleserye ni Mayabels. Hehehe!

Guys continue voting for JoChard. We really need the continuation of the GoodVibes habit on TV and movie. I can’t stand the angst, bitterness, hatred on TV shows anymore. TV shows are to entertain not stress us.

Thanks for reading. Traces will be updated after this. Busy lang muna sa poll.


15 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 7”

  1. Wow Ms. Timmy! Pampelikula ‘to ha?!! I just realized i was holding my breath when the doctor announced the news! What a twist! Can’t wait for the next one! And I totally agree with you with the GoodVibes habit. I barely watch the teleseryes now. 😦 anyway, thank you very much for the update! 🙂

  2. Good morning Ms Timmy,thank you sa new update ng Philmor at CARMOR very exciting at d Nya lam si Carlo na pala khrap Nya ,don’t wory I keep voting for JOCHARD ,take care always❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hala! Paano na c Carlo? magksama n yun dalawa at magkakababy pa…exciting next chapter magkikita na amor at carlo. Go Carlo! bawiin mo c Amor! Ha ha ha gandang umaga mga kaadiks!

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