One Fine Day – 2

One Fine Day – 2

Maya de la Rosa was in her usual morning rush.

She will bring her son to school then go to work at the Time Airways like she used to do every single day.

But today is an extra busy day for her.

She will be having a presentation in front of the owners of Time Airways – Mr. Jaime Ventura and his son James Ventura. Also in attendance will be the Board of Directors of Time Airways and her mentor Ms. Katrina “Inah” Ruiz.

Maya will be presenting  her new ideas that could be incorporated in the Flight Attendants training program. She suggested it to Ms. Inah a few days ago. Ms. Inah informed her bosses about it and since they got interested and really excited on what Maya dela Rosa proposed, the owners and BOD of Time Airways requested Ms. Inah to have Maya dela Rosa present her ideas in a conference today.

She was just promoted as a trainor a few weeks ago and she needs to impress the big bosses that she is worth the promotion. She was very excited to be given the opportunity to share her ideas but she was very nervous as well.

As usual, Maya spent the evening mastering her presentation and even practicing everything she would be saying. She was always meticulous when it comes to work and she wanted it to be perfect.

She didn’t want to embarrass her mentor Ms. Katrina Ruiz, who was instrumental in her promotion.

She was just lucky that her son will be having a field trip today. After the field trip they will also have a mini soccer game which means he would be spending the whole day with his teachers and classmates.

Maya doesn’t have to fetch him during lunch time today, like she does on his regular school days. On regular days, Maya would rush to her son’s school during lunch then bring him to her office where her five year old son would be spending the rest of the day.

Everybody in Time Airways knows that Maya is raising her son, Sky on her own after she and her husband separated about a year ago.


Jeff Macavinta, Sky’s dad is a musician who only cares about his band, his gigs, his tours and concerts. He also cares about the numerous girls he’s been dating after he and Maya parted ways.

During the first two years of their marriage, Jeff had been a very responsible and loving husband.

He and Maya were friends before they got into a relationship and eventually got married that’s why both of them thought that what they had was for keeps.

Things changed when Maya got into the Time Airways as a Flight Attendant. She would be travelling a lot which left Jeff taking care of their son Sky, who was just over a year old then. Jeff had a small music studio in their former house where he used to teach their neighbor’s kids various musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin and drums. He would also offer voice lessons to aspiring singers. It was his passion and he enjoyed doing it.

Everything went on smoothly until Maya’s flights became more frequent. There were times when they hardly saw each other since Maya comes home very early in the morning then sleeps the entire day.

On their son’s third birthday, when Maya was unable to go home because her flight was cancelled due to the bad weather,  the husband and wife started to have arguments about many issues like lacking time for each other, who gets to sacrifice more,  who gets to bring the bigger income in the family and even little bouts of jealousy about an FA who gets closer to Maya or a student who gets closer to Jeff.

This went on for about a year until both decided that they could no longer live with each other and it would be better for them to part ways. It would also be better for their son who was growing up already. They both agreed that Sky shouldn’t be witnessing their quarrels and arguments. Despite what happened to them, both Jeff and Maya love their son very much.

They parted as friends for the sake of their son and Jeff admitted to Maya that he could not take care of Sky for he would also be pursuing his career as part of a rock band.

He knows that his gigs and tours would take much of his time and he wouldn’t be able to take care of their son. Both decided that Sky would live with his mom but Jeff could visit him anytime. They also decided that whenever Sky had school activities, both would be in attendance to support him.

Jeff kept his promise the first few months but eventually stopped when his band went on tours nationwide. Sky would always ask about his dad which Maya would patiently explain without making Jeff look bad.

Seeing her situation as a single mom and also knowing her potential as a trainor, Ms. Ina transferred Maya to being a ground crew of TA. It would mean that she could also bring Sky to work. Since Maya was a well-loved TA employee, everybody was supportive of her and nobody questioned when she had her son stay in her office after his morning classes. Sky was a very good boy anyway.

Then came the opening in the FA training institute where Ms. Inah immediately recommended Maya.


Maya finished practicing her presentation around 4 am then she proceeded to fix her son’s needs for the field trip. She prepared his small bag and made sure that her 5 year old son would have everything he would need – extra clothes, small towel, soap, powder, cologne, his favorite cupcakes, juice and his small soccer ball-shaped pillow. The school would be providing hot meals as lunch for the kids.

After fixing her son’s things for the field trip and the materials she’ll be using for her presentation, Maya prepared omelette, hotdog  and rice for breakfast. She always makes sure that her son eats a full meal before going to school. Unlike other kids, Maya never had a problem feeding Sky. The boy is not a picky eater. He could eat just about anything.

She took a glance at Sky who was still sleeping soundly. She smiled then kissed her son. She proceeded to the bathroom to take a bath.

She glanced at the clock on her bedside the moment she went out the bathroom. It said 5:30 am. She should wake Sky up now.

“Mommy I’m still sleepy.” The boy complained the moment Maya tried to wake him up.

“Anak today is fun. You will be riding the cruise. Wake up na Sky.”

“Mommy 2 minutes pa.”

“Two minutes or you want me to tickle you?” She jokingly said.

The moment Sky heard it, he immediately sat up. He knows he is no match for his mom.

“Ayan scared  ka sa tickles ni mommy no?”

“No mommy I’m not. I’m just excited kasi I will see daddy later after our field trip.”

“Anak, daddy said he will try to watch your soccer game later but he did not promise that he would so pag wala si daddy don’t be sad ha. He is just very busy.” Maya tried her best to explain to Sky.

“Yes Mommy I know po. Pero sana daddy is there so he could run with me. Yun mga classmates ko kasi may mga  daddies teaching them soccer.”

“Naku anak napakagaling ni Mommy magplay ng soccer. I could run with you later. Then with free kisses pa like this.” She kissed her son’s tummy which made Sky squeal.

“Mommy enough! Ill take a bath na po.”


6:15 am the mother and son were now having breakfast when she got a call from her friend Corinne.

“Good Morning Maya. Nakakaistorbo ba?”

“Good Morning din Corinne. No hindi naman istorbo. Eto patapos na kami mag-almusal ni Sky. In ten minutes pupuntahan na naming si Sunshine sa bahay ni hubby mo.”

“Maya pasensya na sa abala ha!”

“Naku Corinne wala yun. Eto naman. Atsaka mas mabuti na yung may kasama si Sky papunta sa school. Hindi maiinip yun bata.”

“Maya pagpasensyahan mo na yun daddy ni Sunshine ha kung ano man ang sabihin at gawin nya. Medyo mabiro lang yun pero mabait naman si Richard.” Corinne was actually worried that Maya would be annoyed with her ex-husband.

“Naku Corinne bakit ba parang may pagbabala naman yun meeting ko with Sunshine’s dad. Ikaw talaga. Okay lang ako. Atsaka nakwento mo na lahat yun mga pinagagawa nya so sya yun dapat matakot sa akin.” Then she laughed. She knows about Richard already after Corinne have opened up to her about their situation. Maya haven’t seen Richard Lim yet but she already pictured him as an irresponsible, good-for-nothing, womanizing guy who is full of himself.  Well she may be biased after experiencing the same kind of attitude from Jeff as well.

“Salamat talaga Maya.”

“Don’t mention it Corrine. Sige na have a safe flight and enjoy your vacation with Papa James.” She knows James as well.

“Ikaw talaga Maya.  Sige enjoy the day din at goodluck sa presentation later. Thanks again.

“Thanks din Corinne.”


It was already 7 am and Maya had been knocking at Richard Lim’s door for 15 minutes now. She tried to call Corinne to get Richard’s number but Corinne’s phone is now turned off. She’s probably on her flight now.

Maya began pounding on the door until a neighbor of Richard Lim saw her.

“Miss walang tao dyan. Kanina pa bumaba si Richard. May nakadikit na papel dyan sa pintuan nya kanina, hindi nyo nabasa?”

“Wala naman pong papel.”

“Naku baka nailipad. Ang sabi dyan eh nandun silang mag-ama sa McDonalds sa harap nitong condo. Dun ata sila maghihintay sa inyo. Expected ba kayo ni Richard Lim?”

“Ah opo, susunduin ko yun anak nya. Nandun pala sila. Sige po kuya. Salamat.”

Maya and Sky rushed towards McDonalds.

She was already fuming mad. She knows that Corinne gave her number to Richard Lim but the idiot didn’t even care to call her up to inform her that he will be in McDonalds. “Naku nakakapikon pala talaga tong ex mo Corinne” she thought to herself.

The moment Maya saw Sunshine, she rushed towards her.

“Good morning Tita Maya. Good morning Sky.” The little girl greeted her and Sky.

“Good morning Sunshine.” Maya was trying her best to smile though she’s already so annoyed with the little girl’s father who was also equally giving her his angry stare.

“Bakit ang tagal mo? Late na yun mga bata! Dapat siguro ako na lang sumundo sa anak mo. Siguro late ka gumising?” Richard Lim was babbling nonstop.

Maya dela Rosa’s eyes grew wide. Nagpanting yun tenga nya but she still tried her best to stay calm. She’s trained to do it in her work as an FA. Besides the kids are around. But she will definitely have something to say to the arrogant Richard Lim when the kids are no longer with them later.



“You  Richard Lim are the most disgusting person, correction, creature I’ve ever met!”

“And you Maya dela Rosa are the most crazy woman I’ve unfortunately interacted with!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t and I assure you, you won’t!”

“I DO hate you with every fiber of my being!”



Then she grabbed her mobile phone from his right hand and shoved his mobile phone in his left hand.



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