One Fine Day – 5

One Fine Day – 5

Barely a minute after she left Sky with Richard Lim, Maya dela Rosa was already dialing his number.

“Hello Mr. Lim kumusta naman si Sky? Umiyak ba pag-alis ko?”

“Sinong Sky?” He teased her.

“Mr. Lim!” a panicky voice was heard at her end.

“Relax Ms. Dela Rosa. I was just teasing you. Sky is fine. I’ll just let them play here for a few minutes then we’ll go to the Greenbelt Park.” Then to tease her more, “Sky don’t put mud on your face. You can just put some on your arms.”

“Mr. Lim!!!!”

“Biro lang. They’re playing with the puppets right now. Wait I’ll take their picture.”

Then he ended the call and took the kids’ picture to assure Maya that her son is okay.

He called her again. “See the kids are having fun. Don’t worry about us.”

“Thank you talaga Mr. Lim.” She sounded relieved now. “Whatever ipapabili ni Sky sabihin mo lang, babayaran ko na lang mamaya. Nasa backpack rin nya yun spare clothes and towel and grooming kit na rin incase alam mo na…”

“Don’t worry about that.  Ako na ang bahala.

Focus on what you had to do first. We’ll be fine Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Thank you again Mr. Lim.”

“Okay… oh wait… Sky drop the gun!” He pretended to be talking to Sky, then returned to talking to Maya again, “Don’t worry, it’s not loaded.”

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Sige na nga. I have to go now. I’ll see you guys at…”

He finished for her, “…the Greenbelt chapel

at exactly 1pm. Alam ko na yun. We will be there.”

“Eh ano I’m just reminding you.”

“Because you don’t trust me?”

“Uy hindi naman. I trust you naman kaya nga iniwan ko si Sky sa’yo di ba?  Sige na nga ang tagal na nang usapan natin. Malapit na yun cab sa office.”

“Okay whatever you say. Goodluck Ms. Dela Rosa sa big event sa work mo.”

“Thank you Mr. Lim.”


Richard Lim was walking along the streets of Makati with both kids on his sides. He earned approving stares and praises from the people they passed by. Those who recognized him were even brave enough to have a random chat with him.

He also seemed to be enjoying having the two kids with him. He was able to keep up with their energy and he didn’t mind running with the kids.

“Tito Richard I am hungry.” Sky suddenly complained.

“Me too daddy, I am also hungry.” Sunshine complained as well.

“Okay what do you want to eat?”

“Spaghetti and fries!” Sunshine excitedly told her dad.

“I want chicken and rice Tito Richard.” It was Sky.

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Jollibee!!!” Both kids happily pointed towards the fastfood near where they were standing.

“Jollibee it is then!”

With the two kids on his sides, Richard ordered the food they wanted then ordered a chicken meal for him as well. He also added chocolate sundae and choco mallow pies for the kids.

Sky was eating his chicken while Sunshine her spaghetti. Richard was alternately wiping the kids face and sharing fun stories with them.

“So are you guys excited for your soccer game later?”

“Yes daddy!”

“I’m going to be a goalie later.” Sky proudly said.

“And the two of you will be great.”

The kids will also have a soccer game late in the afternoon. It’s not a serious competition but rather a fun game and every kid looks forward to it coz they all get this mini trophy after the game.

“My daddy will be watching me later.” Sky seemed excited.

“Oh so your daddy will be there?”

“Yes and he will be proud of me.”

“I’m sure he will buddy. Both your daddy and mommy are so proud of you. Like me and Sunshine’s mommy are also so proud of her.”

Then both kids gave him their beaming smiles.

They continued eating. Richard even had to change Sky’s shirt for the little boy had a gravy accident while eating.


Maya had just finished her presentation.

Despite everything that happened earlier, she was able to do it and impress her bosses.

Mr. Jaime Ventura, the Time Airways’ owner and his son Capt. James Ventura seriously considered everything that was in Maya dela Rosa’s presentation. They ever congratulated her for a job well done and they also thanked Inah Ruiz for the improvements in the FA Trainings of Time Airways.

After the Ventura’s had left…

“Ma’m Inah pasensya na po talaga kanina.”

“Ano ka ba Maya. Okay na and you did great kanina.”

“Eh ayoko lang naman pong isipin nyo na nagpabaya ako sa oras. Ayaw ko pong isipin nyo na hindi ko kinakaya yung trabaho.”

“Maya alam ko naman yun at siguro kung may anak rin ako, I would have made him my top priority as well. Teka sino pala nag-aalaga kay Sky? You should be with him. Tapos naman na yun work mo now. Papayagan na kitang umalis.”

“Ah ano po, yun same reason why we were late kanina, he offered to watch over Sky. In 30 minutes po pupuntahan ko na sila. Naku talaga uminit yun ulo ko kanina Ma’m Inah pero mabuti at bumawi naman siya.”

“Sino ba yan?”

“Ay naku Ma’m Inah ex-husband ng friend ko na mommy ng classmate ni Sky.”

“Pero he must be nice to have offered to watch over Sky. Mahirap yun ah.”

“Oo nga po at mukhang sincere naman sa apology nya kanina.”

“Kaya nga wag mo nang sungitan. Malay mo maging close kayo, maging friends or more than friends.”

“Ma’m Inah talaga nang-iintriga pa.”

“Oh bakit? Di ba ex-husband na siya ng friend mo, eh di libre na rin just like you. Hindi naman siguro siya pangit.”

“Gwapo naman siya Ma’m Inah kaso turn-off yun ugali. Parang iresponsable. Mukhang hindi rin ata yun nagtratrabaho kasi mukhang happy go lucky lang.”

“Naku Maya umandar na naman yun pagiging judgemental at man-hater mo. You shouldn’t judge a person based on your first impression of him. Malay mo naman there’s more to him that what you saw.”

“Naku Ma’m Inah he wasn’t even worried na naiwan ng field trip yung mga bata.”

“Naku Maya baka iba lang siya sa’yo. Maybe he’s just a cool dad. Ikaw kasi aligaga parati. Atsaka hindi responsable tapos iniwan mo si Sky. Naku puntahan mo na.”

“Ay oo nga po Ma’m Inah. Pupuntahan ko na sila. Salamat po ha.”

“Sige na Maya. Congrats ulit kanina.”

“Thank you po Ma’m.”

Then he hurriedly left her office.

Inah Ruiz was smiling. He could imagine Maya and her friend Richard Lim. Maya surely didn’t recognize the famous owner of LAS. She smiled at Maya’s description of Richard. It was the total opposite. He may seem the coolest guy who may not look serious at all but Richard Lim is one hell of a good businessman and engineer of LAS.


She arrived at the Greenbelt Chapel and searched for them. She didn’t see them at once for the kids were kneeling down and seemingly praying. Richard stood up when he saw her. He smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Hi Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Hi Mr. Lim.”

“Behave naman ba si Sky?”

“Sssshhh…. Ask questions later. Wag kang maingay. The kids are praying.” He told her but he was already giving her his teasing smile.

She replied in a hushed voice, “At bakit nagprapray ang dalawang yan?” She finds it cute but weird for the two were seriously kneeling and even had their eyes closed.

He replied back, also in a hushed voice, “Si Sky, he’s praying that sana wag siyang pagalitan ng mommy nya kahit natapon yun buong gravy sa t-shirt nya.” He was grinning.

Lumaki yung mata ni Maya. “Mr. Lim!”

He continued, “Si Sunshine naman… oh well, she’s praying na sana dinggin yun prayer ni Sky.” Tawa siya ng tawa.

She shook her head and joined him in laughing as well.

“Don’t worry. I already changed his shirt.”

“Naku si Sky talaga!”

The kids heard her so they stood up and Sky hurried to kiss his mom.

“You’re here mommy!” The boy raised his arms wanting to be carried.

“Yes baby. Did you give Sunshine’s daddy a hard time?”

“No po. I was a good boy, di ba Tito Richard?”

He nodded his head in affirmation while also carrying his daughter as they left the chapel.

The moment she put Sky down, she saw chocolate on his shirt the she automatically glanced at Richard who was avoiding her eyes but laughing. “I was supposed to also change that shirt kaso isa lang pala yun spare shirt ni Sky.”

“Mr. Lim hindi naman yun stain sa shirt ang problema ko. Ang sabi ko no chocolates eh.” She gave him her a cute smirk.

“Ms. Dela Rosa you’re depriving your son of the heavenly feeling he would get from eating chocolates.” He was exaggerating as he teased her.

“Sige na nga. Kung hindi mo lang ako tinulungan magagalit talaga ako. Sky tends to be hyper kasi whenever he eats chocolates.”

“Don’t worry konti lang naman yun kinain nya atsaka choco mallow pie lang naman yun. He asked me to eat the chocolate in his sundae. One thing more, he could use his energy mamaya sa soccer game nila.”

“Oo na. Sinabi mo eh.”

Though she wouldn’t want to admit it, Maya dela Rosa is already getting amused with the charming ways of Mr. Richard Lim.

“So let’s have lunch?” He asked her.

“Kakakain nyo lang di ba?”

“But surely you haven’t eaten yet. Halika na. Samahan ka namin.” He offered.

“Naku wag na. Let’s just sit somewhere. Kakainin ko na lang yun baon ni Sky. Baka masira sayang naman. Ikaw baka may pupuntahan ka. I could watch Sunshine for you.”

“Ah wala naman. Mag-aabsent na lang ako.”

“Naku baka mapagalitan ka sa trabaho mo.”

“Hindi yan.” He just grinned at her.

They were now seated at the benches at the park. She was eating Sky’s packed food and he was beside her. They were watching the kids who were playing.

“Alam mo, akala ko you will be late sa chapel kanina. Well either late or tatawag ka na nagkamali ka ng place.” She told him.

“Well I’m not like most of the guys you know Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m not the kind of person you think I am.”

“Huh? At ano naman ang iniisip ko about you?”

“Hmmm… that I couldn’t take care of my daughter and that you can’t take me seriously?”

“Kasi naman hindi ok yun first meeting natin. Atsaka inasar mo pa ako. Pero sorry mali ako Mr. Lim. Maybe you just look like a person with this Peter Pan complex kaya ata ganun na ang tingin ko sa’yo. Para ka kasing bata at hindi seryoso.” She explained.

“So now what do you think of me?”

Now it’s her turn to tease him.”Di naman nagbago. Ganun pa rin.”

“Ms. Dela Rosa!”

“Biro lang Mr. Lim!” Then she made a peace sign that made him laugh.”

The kids? Well, they’re both busy playing while both their parents were  beginning to enjoy each other’s company.


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