The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Emman & WordPress: Fun Fan Fic

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Emman & WordPress: Fun Fan Fic

“Huy roomie why are you so sad? Parang Byernes Santo ang mukha mo.” Emman had been watching his bestfriend for a few minutes now. He arrived from his flight and he saw Maya alone at their Time Airways cafeteria. She was toying with her barely-eaten pasta, while in deep thought and seemingly spaced out.

She didn’t even hear him so Emman needed to wave his hand in front of her. “Maya dela Rosa Lim!” Emman said in a loud voice.

“Ay Maya! Ha?! Ano? Bakit?” Then when she realized that it was just Emman she even frowned. “Kainis ka naman Emman. Nakakagulat ka! Akala ko naman kung sino.”

“Aba at nagalit pa! Hoy roomie kanina pa kita pinagmamasdan. Tulala ka kaya! What’s wrong? C’mon share! Sa flights ba? With Ms. Calandra?” She didn’t react but when Emman said, “Si SerChief Ricky?” Maya heaved a deep sigh and her face again turned sad.

“Oh si Ser Chief Ricky nga!” Then Emman worriedly asked, “Nag-away kayo? Roomie normal naman yan sa mag-asawa, dapat lang eh mag-usap, magdamayan at wag….”

“Hep hep! Anong away? Excuse me Emman!  Hindi kami nag-aaway ni Sweetheart Ricky ko no!” She was quick to react.

“Eh di kayo na ang mag-asawang di nag-aaway! Teka kalma ka nga! Grabe ka naman maka-react.  O siya kung hindi kayo nag-aaway  or nagtatampuhan,  why are you sad? Look o wala kang ganang kumain ng lunch. Naku ano yan? Naglilihi ka?” Emman askd with an exaggerated expression on his face.

She blushed and shook her head. “Uy Emman hindi ah! Assumer aka rin! Ang liit pa kaya nila Sky and Sunshine para masundan.” Then she sighed again then added, “Namimiss ko lang si Ricky. Dalawang araw ko na siyang hindi nakikita.” Then her eyes automatically glistened with tears which she immediately wiped. “Pasensya na. Ang drama ko!”

Emman felt sorry for his friend pero ayaw naman nyang sabayan yun pagiging emotional ni Maya. “Naku roomie tama ka! Ang drama mo talaga. Dalawang araw pa lang naman pala kayong hindi nagkikita ng iyong dear hubby eh yun hitsura mo daig pa yun may mga asawang seaman na ilang taon na hindi nagkikita.  Atsaka nasa Clark lang naman si Sir Chief Ricky, di ba?”

She sadly stared at him. “Oo nga pero iba pa rin kapag nasa tabi ko siya.”

“Ay ang oa mo roomie!”

Maya just rolled her eyes at him.

Then an idea hit Emman. He suddenly got very excited. Actually he wanted to share it with Maya weeks ago but Edz and Ruby prevented him. They were afraid that Maya might feel uneasy and awkward once she finds out. But Emman thought otherwise. He was sure that Maya would even be proud of it.

“Roomie alam ko na what you should do para malibang ka. I’m sure hindi mo masyadong  mamimiss si Ser Chief Ricky. Actually secret dapat namin to ni Edz at Ruby kaso mukhang you need to know about it na rin.” Then Emman naughtily wiggled his brows.

“At ano naman yan Emman?”

Emman excitedly typed something on his phone then after a few seconds, he showed it to Maya.

“Seryoso to Emman?” Maya couldn’t believe what she’s seeing.

“Yes roomie. Si Edz ang naghanap nyan kasi one of her passengers mentioned about it. Sikat na sikat kayo ng iyong dear hubby! Maraming stories dyan roomie at kayo ni Ser Chief Ricky ang main characters. Nabasa ko na kalahati nyan and I must say nakakakilig siya.  Read it roomie para malibang ka and you won’t miss your hubby that much.”


Richard Lim took a short break from what he’s doing. He wiped his forehead and drank the glass of water Lisa handed him.

He looked tired and stressed. He also lacked sleep.

“Sir here is the list of Engineer Yamaguchi’s pending work. May tatlong A330s pa at isang A300 from Cebu Pacific na kailangan matapos this week.”

Richard just sighed. The list Lisa gave him meant that he needs to stay in Clark until he finished all of Engineer Yamaguchi’s work. He was still finishing the Boeing 737 of Time Airways. He had a competent group of engineers but he can’t just leave the work to them.

His reliable head engineer had an emergency and was needed by his family in Japan. Richard had no choice but to take over Engineer Yamaguchi’s work.

He missed his wife and kids. They haven’t seen each other for two days and the phone calls weren’t enough for him. After they got married, he got used to waking up with his wife every single day. Maya just simply makes every single day worth living for him. He smiled as she imagined her. Then he turned lonely again.

“Lisa please don’t accept any maintenance jobs muna. I’ll just finish the four planes then uuwi na ako. Please tell Engineer Gutierrez to take charge of the Paranaque hangar while I’m here.”

“Yes Sir. Anything else?”

“Ah yes. Please order spaghetti, pizza and ice cream for the kids. Cupcakes na rin for the twins.  Atsaka flowers na rin for Maya.”

Lisa smiled at her boss’ sweet gesture. “Sir miss na miss mo na talaga sila.”

“Yes Lisa. Sobra.”

“Don’t worry Sir. I’ll take care of it. Atsaka nagorder na rin pala ako kanina ng pagkain natin dito. I ordered your favorite sandwich and salad na rin. I asked Mam Maya of your preference kaya I’m sure tama yun inorder ko.”

“Thank you Lisa.” He thanked his secretary then continued his work.


Ricky just finished taking a bath and returned to their room to find his wife still holding her laptop. She’s again giggling while her eyes were glued to what she’s reading.

“Alam kong mayaman ka, sir chief. Pero tandaan mo, nasa dayuhang lugar ka. Baka maubusan ka ng baon mo.” She says as she goes through racks to pick out clothes for him. “Eto subukan mo.” She holds out to him a checkered long sleeved polo top. He makes a face of disgust but accepts the shirt anyway.

“Uy, joke lang. Di yan bagay sa’yo. Eto ang bagay sa’yo.” She gives him a dark red short sleeved polo shirt as well as a violet long sleeved shirt. “Sukatin mo yan habang maghahanap ako ng pangtulog mo.” She announces.

“Oh don’t worry about that. I can always sleep in the buff.” He smirks. Maya’s face turning red as she abruptly turns away. (Trippin’ – by Fleetingnote)

Maya was blushing while reading.

Ricky got more curious on what Maya has been reading. She’s too engrossed in it that she even failed to notice that he’s done taking a bath.

Just this morning when he fetched her from her flight, he found her teary-eyed and with a red puffy nose while reading something. He was worried but when she saw him, she smiled and ran to hug him.

When he asked why she was crying, she giggled and said that she was just feeling what she was reading. She just read ‘Intense by Kimbelle’ and she was so affected by the misunderstanding of the two characters.

In the afternoon, while the twins were having their nap, he saw Maya again busy with her laptop.  She was laughing this time.  She was reading ‘Reunited by mrsacc’ where Emman said that he wants to burn her tattered and torn handbag.

He interrupted her. “Sweetheart why are you laughing?”

“Nakakatawa kasi tong binigay sa akin ni Emman na website. Ang gaganda ng stories. Ang gwapo at ganda pa ng mga bida.” She purposely omitted mentioning that it was actually them on the stories. “Ang kulit ng mga characters. Ang sweet din ng bida. ” She replied.

“Can you share it with me? Same rin ba yan ng binabasa mo since I arrived this morning? Nakakatampo na ah. I missed you so much while I was at Clark while ikaw eh busy naman pala at hindi man lang ako namiss.” Tampo mode on.

Her eyes twinkled then she laughed at him. “Ay ang drama ng asawa ko. Halika na nga dito. Paakap at pakiss.”

“Maya hindi mo ako madadala sa yakap at kiss lang.” Tampo pa rin.

“Walang problema Ricky! Eh di halika na sa room for more.”

Ricky’s eyes grew in anticipation, “Sure ka sweetheart? Hug,  kiss and more?”

“Yup more… hug, kiss at ititimpla kita ng kape at ireready ko yun dvd para wag mo akong iistorbohin sa binabasa ko.” Then she giggled again.

“You’re so mean Mrs. Lim.”

“I know.” She bantered.


When his wife fell asleep, Ricky quietly left their bedroom to proceed to his home office.

He got curious of what Maya had been reading  that he called Emman to ask about it. The gullible Emman divulged that it was actually a fanfiction site made by people who knew them and got inspired by their love story.

Though he was thankful that it did take Maya’s mind from missing him, he can’t help but be upset and jealous of the ‘Richard Lim’ the writers depicted him to be. He was also offended when Maya mentioned that the Ricky in the stories is sweeter than him.  That couldn’t be. Maya shouldn’t find any other guy better than him, even the Richard Lim character in the stories who was a mere product of some writer’s creative mind. He shook his head and smiled at what he was thinking and what he was about to do. It was so ‘un-Richard Lim-like’  but then again he was already very curious so he proceeded to his home office and opened his laptop.

He remembered Emman saying that the website Maya had been reading could be searched online.  He even said to just type Sir Chief and Maya fanfics and the website will appear.

He did that and true enough he found it.

He couldn’t believe that it indeed had many stories, okay, fiction about him and his wife. He tried reading one and he found himself laughing at what was written. No wonder Maya got so engrossed in it. He read a few more and found that the Richard Lim in the stories was a responsible, a perfect husband and father. It warmed his heart. He was like that, he was sure of it. Maya never failed to mention that to him. He read some more and found that the character in the stories was sweeter and more demonstrative than him. So this is what Maya had been saying. He needs to address it soon or else this Maya might prefer the Richard character in the fanfics than him. He read some more and he felt himself get uneasy and he was sure that even his ears turned red at how ‘naughty’ and ‘adventurous’ Richard Lim was. He stopped reading. He might not be able to sleep anymore and might be forced to wake his wife to put into action what he read. He can’t do that.

After calming himself, he made a quick decision. He would show his wife that he was better than what she had been reading.

He dialed Lisa’s number.


“Sweetheart excited na ako!”

They were on their way to Baguio for a week-long vacation.  They will be staying at a rented villa by themselves for the whole week.

Ricky told her that he would do everything that the Richard Lim in the stories did. They decided to reenact it the real Mr and Mrs. Lim way.

Her husband gave her a tentative smile. “Are you nervous sweetheart?” The question was actually for him for he was indeed nervous and also very pressured that he may not be able to meet his wife’s expectations.

She shook her head. But she noticed that he was fidgety and anxious

“O bakit namumutla ka Sweetheart? Ikaw ang kinakabahan no?” She was even teasing him. She knows that Ricky isn’t the showy type and what he will be doing is totally out of his character. It made her giddy. Kilig na kilig na siya at mas na inlove sa asawa.

“Of course not. Bakit naman ako kakabahan?” He denied it. “Baka naman ikaw?”

“Huh ako? Hindi no! Masyado na nga akong excited Sweetheart! Eeeehhhh!!! Kinikilig ako kapag naiimagine ko yun mga ginagawa mo sa stories.” She was blushing. She was really very excited kasi super sweet naman talaga ni Ricky sa stories. And Ricky promised that he will let her experience all those  during their vacation.

Ricky just swallowed hard. Pinagpawisan ng slight.

She smiled sweetly at him. She really appreciated that Ricky will go out of his way to do the things which she considers as super kilig. She could imagine him dancing with her to the music of ‘So Close’ like what Richard Lim did in the story ‘The Beginning’ which she had been reading many times at the website. She was so sure that her husband would be doing that as well because it was the very first story that one would be reading at the website. Then she also imagined Ricky serenading her while playing a guitar. She also imagined him teaching her to swim on of the stories she read.

Seeing her husband’s anxious face,  she playfully retorted “Sweetheart don’t worry I will guide you.” Then she giggled.

Nanlaki eyes ni Ricky. Then he just shook his head then engulfed her in his arms. Kabado na.

Ten minutes later, “Sweetheart are you disappointed?” he asked the question that has been bothering him.

“Huh? Disappointed saan?”

“Sa akin. Kasi I’m not the like the guy in those stories.”

“Uy hindi Sweetheart ha! Alam ko na naman na hindi ka sanay. Hindi ka adventurous” Then she giggled again as she imagined the Richard Lim in the story ‘His Present and His Future’ playing basketball with Jeff, Cho and Kute. Maybe she could also ask him to try it and be sweaty playing the game with her. Surely they could find a basketball court where they could play.

He gently cupped her face wanting her to look at him. “Be honest sweetheart, kahit konti ba hindi ka disappointed that I don’t do those things?”

She answered truthfully, “O sige na nga. Hindi naman disappointed pero yun gusto ko lang na maging ‘game’ ka kung minsan. Minsan lang naman Sweetheart.  Para naman kapag nagkukuwento si Eds at Ruby ng ginagawa ng mga boyfriends nila for them may maikwento naman ako. Pero naiiintindihan ko naman kasi nga iba ka di ba? Iba tayo.”

He had a shocked expression, “Maya you shouldn’t share those kind of stories. That should be kept private.

Then he added, “Yun boyfriends nina Eds at Ruby they are like that?” He asked again.

“Oo Sweetheart pero expected naman yun kasi athletic yung mga boyfriends nila. Ikaw hindi pwede kasi baka sumakit mga buto mo.” Then she giggled again as she snaked her arms around his waist.

In a whisper, “God they do that? They do what my character do in those stories?”

Maya smiled sweetly at him then said sweetly “Yes sweetheart ganun sila. Ang sweet di ba?”

Edz, Ruby and their boyfriends are fond of hiking, swimming and extreme sports and those were their usual dates. Of course Maya doesn’t expect Ricky to be like that.

He sighed again then said, “Sweetheart we better sleep. We need all the energy for the activities I’ve planned.”

Knowing that his wife is not at all inhibited of what she knows would happen but rather excited, Richard began to relax. His anxiety is now replaced with anticipation.

“Oo sweetheart tulog muna tayo para may energy tayo pagdating dun. Atsaka wag ka ng masyadong kabahan. No pressure sweetheart. Dahan dahanin mo lang mga activities natin. Baka rayumahin ka.” She was pertaining to those harana, dancing, playing outdoor games in the stories. She giggled again. Then she even settled her head on his chest while her hands encircled his waist.

Ricky hugged her tight. He will be fine. He had brought all the props for their ‘activities’. He also brought different kinds of liniment and pain reliever medicines with him. He smiled as many naughty ideas entered his mind.

They were both comforted being in each other’s arms.

Both of them excited with what would happen.

Everything’s settled and from Maya’s reaction, she seems ready for anything.

Richard is now relaxed. He is now focused on how to beat the ‘Richard Lim’ character in those stories he have read. It would definitely be a wearisome task but definitely enjoyable week-long vacation.


Oh well may konting problema lang.

Maya had been reading the ‘medyo conservative’ na  while her husband had been reading ‘the naughty fanfic site’

Kaya naman pala kabado si Mr. Lim.

At kaya rin naman pala relax na relax lang si Mrs. Lim.

Si Emman naman kasi hindi nilinaw.

Lagot siya pagbalik ng mag-asawa.

Teka lagot nga ba?


A/N : CWSOA na susunod. Sorry for the delay.


Be Careful With My Heart

Be Careful With My Heart

July 9, 2017

It’s been five years since the showing of the very first episode of the undisputed phenomenal series of ABS-CBN and Ms. Jeany, the head of the unit responsible for the series, threw a party to celebrate the highly successful show.

She sent invitations weeks ago and even instructed everyone to enter the venue of the party in their serye character just like what they did in the Fairytale Wedding and After Wedding Party. She thought that it would make the celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Every member of the BCWMH family, from the actors to the staff and even utility personnel were excited to finally have the chance to see each other after the show ended.

The show was very special to them and every member behind the serye had wonderful memories of the show.

BCWMH gave them a steady source of income for two years and four months.

It started the careers of the showbiz newcomers then but famous actors now – Luke, Nikki, Nicolo, Inigo, Joni, Joey and Chesca.

It also made the stand-up comediennes Sabel and Doris famous which opened lots of opportunities for them in other shows as well.

BCWMH also opened opportunities for independent film and theatre actors like Emman and Leah.

The show also became instrumental in creating a name for Ms. Jeany’s unit, which eventually earned them more projects. Every time people finds out that they were the same team behind Be Careful With My Heart, people would never fail to praise them for the show and be grateful to the point that they support any project the unit does to show their gratitude.

The show made Richard Lim the very famous actor and bankable endorser he is now. Richard Lim became a highly in-demand actor. He was given more projects after playing the role of the very much loved and revered Ser Chief. He starred in movies, had guested in some TV shows, he even had an album with another Chinito guy. His businesses flourished and also benefitted from BCWMH as people would normally support his business endeavors whenever they learn that their most loved Ser Chief owns it. Richard was very much aware of what the show did to him and he was truly grateful. He never failed to show how thankful he was by constantly mentioning it. This attitude of his endeared him to most of his fans. They see him as someone who knows how to look back from where he came from and someone who had his feet planted to the ground. He remained humble and approachable.

Maya dela Rosa became noticed now. Her talent was now being appreciated. She had been around the business for many years already but only after she took on the role as the positive, bubbly and very loving wife of Ser Chief, did she become noticed by the network. She was now regarded as one of the pillars of the Star Magic which was formerly dominated by other actors. She was given many projects as well and many endorsements too. The show also influenced her personal life. She became a better person because of the show and because of those she worked with in the show. Everyone positively influenced each other.

Even those who played support roles in BCWMH were given projects after it ended. Nanay Teresita, Tatay Arturo, Don Roberto, Dona Esmeralda, Manang Fe, Cho were given seryes one after the other.

Kute got into government service.

All the writers and staff of the show had a steady source of income as Ms. Jeany ensured that they will always be part of every project her unit handles.

The original singer of the theme song of the serye was also very thankful that his song skyrocketed in the sales when it was used as the serye’s OST.

BCWMH opened many opportunities for everyone.


“Direk Jett nagkita ulit tayo.” The good-natured soft-spoken Director was the first to arrive at the venue of the party. He was met by Ms. Jeany. They were actually together almost every day because of their ongoing series.

“Maagang natapos yun taping ng The Better Half eh. Gusto rin nga nilang makisali sa party.” He joked. “Asan na yung iba? Mukhang napaaga nga ata ako.”

“Okay lang. At least may kasama na ako. Sila Panching at Bon nandito na kanina pero pinakiusapan kong bumili ng miniature cakes para sa mga bata.”

“Masaya to Jeany. Masaya at makikita ulit natin sila. Malalaki na sigurado yun mga bata. Yun mga teens naman natin matured na. I’m excited to see them.” The director quipped.

“Ako din. It’s been years but hindi ko pa rin malimutan yun masayang samahan natin.” The unit head added.

They went on reminiscing about the great times they had while doing the show.

“Direk Jett! Ms. Jeany! We are back!!!” The funny and well-loved triumvirate of the Lim household chorused upon entering the venue. Behind them was the guy who played Joma who was escorting Manang Fe.

“Ang ingay nyo talaga Sabel, Doris at Leah.” Manang Fe pretended to act like her role in the series which got everybody laughing.

“Masungit si Manang Fe kasi wala si Mang Anastacio.” Joma also joked which earned him a pinch from Manang Fe.

Ms. Nel and the writers were also in attendance and they were relentlessly praised for the success of the show. Everyone believes that the well-written and thought off script of the show was the reason for its success.


“Wala pa ba si Direk Melvyn?” Direk Jett was looking for his co Director.

“Naku Direk baka matagal pa yun. Alam mo naman he’s still using his old volkz.” Joma commented which made everyone laugh.

They were noisily chatting in groups. The staff had a small group, the older cast were also talking to each other and the teens as well.


“Hi Niks!”

“Hi Nicolo? How’s your mom?”

“Ayun lumalaban pa rin. Salamat sa mga prayers nyo ha! It meant a lot.”

“Nicolo we’re like family di ba? Kasama nyo kami ni Tita sa battle nya.” She assured her former LT who even became her bestfriend.

Nicolo tried his best not to show the inner struggle he was having. His voice was already shaky. “Thank you Niks.”

Nikki gave him a tight hug to comfort him.

Luke, Louie and Inigo also arrived together with Joey, Aira, Joni, Amiel, Stacey and the other teens of the show. They happily chatted which also made Nicolo forget even momentarily what his family is going through.

They were all updating each other of their present projects and they even vowed to constantly see each other even after the party.


Finally the leads arrived:

Richard had to fetch Maya and also the kids who played their twins Sky and Sunshine. They followed Ms. Jeany’s request to be in their show’s character and they gamely played it.

“Naku late kayong dalawa. Kanina pa kami dito.” Kute teased Richard and Maya who just arrived at the party. They brought wine and more food and gifts for everyone.

“Eto kasi si Sweetheart and tagal. Ayaw lumabas ng bedroom. Ayaw akong pakawalan sa bed.” He naughtily joked which earned more teasing from their companions and which made his partner turn crimson.

“Naku bunso ah! Baka mamaya may mas bunso pa kina Sky and Sunshine.” Kute added.

“Kute ha!” she managed to say.

“Ano? Totoo naman. Atsaka Maya dela Rosa, malalaki na rin naman tong kambal. Pwede nang sundan.” Kute continued to tease them and Richard gamely joined.

“See sweetheart agree si Kute. I told you dapat sundan na yun kambal because malalaki na sila and they’ll eventually go to school. Malungkot na sa bahay, wala nang babies. Oh well ikaw pala yun baby ko.” He acted so sweet that she was already blushing.

“Tumigil ka nga. Sumosobra ka na! Ikaw rin Kute! Tara na nga kain na tayo. Gutom na ako. Ang tagal kasi nito ni partner.”

They were all having a blast teasing each other like they used to before.

They celebrated the anniversary of the show and they celebrated the years of friendship as well.


“Ms. Jeany do you think they’ll make us continue the series? Open-ended naman yun last episode natin eh.” Richard got curious.

“Maybe. Hindi ko alam. If ever, would you guys still do it?”

“Of course! Basta ba sama sama pa rin tayo.” He readily agreed.

“Ako rin. I will never trade what we had in BCWMH for anything.” Maya also agreed.

Ms. Jeany was very happy and proud that the positive vibes of the show had been adapted by everyone who became part of it.

She’s hoping to do the show again, that is if we veiwers would still want it.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Join us in reminiscing the show in twitter using the hashtag #BCWMHAlwaysInOurHearts

Kapit Bisig!

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Wardrobe Disagreement

Kwentong Maya & Ricky :  Wardrobe Disagreement

“You’re wearing that?” Ricky blurted out when Maya opened the door of the condo she shares with Emman. His brows were furrowed. He’s obviously in a bad mood.

Maya doesn’t want to spoil her day so she didn’t mind his mood. She even joked about it.

“Mukhang masama ang gising natin Sir Chief ko. Ang sungit mo naman. Wala man lang goodmorning ah!” She was smiling.

He didn’t smile but instead shook his head and smirked. He did greet her good morning though and also kissed her cheek.

Noticing that his mood hadn’t changed, Maya joked again, “Sir Chief masungit ka pa rin? Siguro natraffic ka no? O kaya may pasaway na driver kang naencounter. O kaya hindi nga nginitian ni Ate Guard dyan sa baba?  Huy ano?”

He just sighed in frustration that Maya didn’t realize the reason for his bad temper.

Maya continued, “Sabi ko naman kasi sa’yo wag mo na akong ihahatid. Pwede naman akong magpasundo sa shuttle ng Time Airways eh. Sina Edz nga nagpasundo rin. Gumising ka pa tuloy ng napakaaga. Dapat natutulog ka pa kasi alam kong late ka nang nakauwi kagabi at pagod ka sa daming eroplanong inayos ninyo.” She even babbled nonstop which annoyed him more.

“Maya hindi ako natraffic, wala akong pasaway na driver na naencounter, hindi ako sinungitan ng guard ninyo, hindi ako pagod at hindi ako antok, I am asking you if you’re wearing that.” He’s pointing to her cream shorts which exposed her slender, flawless legs.

Tumawa pa si Maya. “Di pa ba obvious  Sir Chief? Suot ko na nga, magtatanong ka pa.” Then she giggled pa. Parang nakakaloko.

Tiger mode na talaga siya. He’s just sharply staring at her, not saying anything.

But Maya just laughed at him, amused at his expression. “Ang sungit! Ano nga ang problema mo? Eto bang suot ko? Ayaw mo nito?”

He rolled his eyes which made Maya laugh harder. “Naku hindi bagay sa singkit mong mata ang ganyan. So eto ngang damit ko ang problema mo?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Naku ang dami mo pang pasakalye. Sinabi mo na lang sana na ayaw mo ng suot ko. Ikaw talaga Sir Chief.”

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Sir Chief hindi mahuhurt ang feelings ko kasi hindi ako katulad mo na pikon at matampuhin.”


“Oo na. Magpapalit na.”

Then she left a relieved Sir Chief alone in their small living room to change her clothes.


On the way to the Time Airways office where her  co-Fas will be waiting for her,

“Sir Chief bakit mo ako pinagbihis? Pangit ba yung damit ko?” She was curious. Di pa rin nya gets why. Or maybe she’s just pretending na di nya gets.


“Baduy ba yun hitsura ko?”


“Pangit legs ko?”

“Of course not!”

“Eh bakit nga?”

Of course won’t admit that he didn’t want other guys admiring Maya’s legs.

He won’t admit that he’s getting jealous just imagining other guys admiring his girlfriend.

“Mainit. Baka umitim and legs mo.”

Natawa si Maya. “Ibig mong sabihin Sir Chief magsusuot ako ng pantalon kahit sa pupuntahan naming beach resort?” She stared at him incredulously.

“Yes. You better not swim. It’s not safe for your skin.”

“Huh? At bakit pa ako pupunta ng beach kung hindi lang naman ako mageenjoy sa dagat. Atsaka Sir Chief hindi naman ako katulad mo na natulog lang nung pumunta tayo ng mga bata sa Subic. Tapos nakapajama ka pa.” She was laughing as she recalled that incident where Richard had been incessantly teased by the kids and his parents for walking around the beach in his pajamas.

They were on a vacation then and Nikki and Sabel packed shorts for him and a pajama for sleeping. Since he refused to wear shorts, he just used his pajama during their entire stay.

Pikon na naman si Sir Chief. “Basta don’t wear shorts on the beach.”

“Ay hindi pwede Sir Chief! Pagtatawanan naman ako nyan nila Eds at Emman kung lalangoy ako na nakapants.”

“Wag ka ngang magswimming. You can just stay sa cottage. Mabuti kung private resort yun pupuntahan nyo.”

“Sige pero sabihin mo muna yun totoong reason kung bakit?”

“Di ba nag sinabi ko na. Your legs will be exposed. Iitim yan.”

“Yan talaga ang dahilan?”  Nangungulit si Maya because she knows the real reason why ayaw ni Ricky na nakashorts sya and she already feels kilig.

“Okay fine! I don’t want other guys staring at your legs.” He admitted.

Maya was so giddy. She loves seeing her Sir Chief acting possessive and jealous. “Nagseselos ka?”

“Of course not! Ayaw ko lang.”

“Sus ayaw pang aminin. Don’t worry Sir Chief ko. Hanggang tingin lang naman sila.” Then she whispered to tease him more, “Hindi naman nila pwedeng hawakan.” She giggled.


“Binibiro lang kita Sir Chief. Kalma ka nga. Focus ka lang sa pagdrive.”

“How could I? Ang kulit mo!”

“Eh ikaw eh, ang cute mong magselos.”

“Hindi nga ako nagseselos.” Ricky denied it.

“Oo kaya.” Maya insisted.

“Hindi nga!” Ayaw talagang umamin ni Ricky.

“Oo!” Of course Maya is Maya.

“Hindi!” Deny pa rin ni Ricky.

“Hindi.” Maya used a different tactic.

“Oo!” Nalito si Ricky.

“Sabi ko na nga ba nagseselos ang Sir Chief ko.” Tuwang tuwa siya that she won.

“Hey I’m not! You just tricked me.”

“Trick trick! Halika nga pakiss!”

Then Maya gave her jealous boyfriend a lingering kiss on his cheek which, of course, diffused his hot temper.

Nagshorts pa rin ba si Maya?

Of course hindi,  kasi hindi na siya tumuloy sa swimming.

She preferred to spend her day with the kids and her Sir Chief instead of joining her co-FAs in their short vacation.

One Fine Day – 6

One Fine Day – 6

“Are you done eating?” Richard asked Maya.

“Oo tapos na. Wait lang aayusin ko lang muna etong mga gamit namin ni Sky.” She just finished the sandwich and juice which was supposed to be Sky’s food at the field trip and was now fixing everything in the small lunch box.

He was observing her with an amused expression on his face.

“O bakit ganyan ka makatingin? May dumi ba ako sa mukha Mr. Lim?”

“Wala naman. Nakakaaliw lang kasi very orderly kahit paglagay mo nang empty bottles at sandwich bags. Wala nang laman yan. You could just throw everything inside. You’re such a control freak.”

She was even folding the used napkins after wiping the juice bottle.

“Mr. Lim maayos lang akong tao. I want everything orderly, neat and clean.”

“It’s boring that way Ms. Dela Rosa. You’re wasting precious time trying to keep insignificant things in order.”

“Mr. Lim hindi insignificant  to! I got used to it already kaya maayos akong tao.”

“Naku kawawa ang magiging boyfriend or even manliligaw mo. Do you have any suitors?”

“Mr. Lim that’s a waste of time. Sky is enough for me. I don’t need to complicate my life. I don’t have time for that.”

“That’s because of your Captain Hook complex.”

“My what?”

“Your Captain Hook complex.”

“There’s no such thing!”

“Yes, there is and you have it. At hindi ka magkakaroon ng suitors because of it.” Then he stood up grinning at her.

She stood up as well pretending to act pikon though she’s actually enjoying their banters already.

He glanced at her and gave her his smile.

His be-dimpled smile caught her off guard. She wasn’t prepared for its effect on her. Her heart was beating fast all of a sudden and she had nothing to say as if she was in a trance.”

“Mommy! Mommy!”

She didn’t even hear her son calling her.

“Ms dela Rosa I think Sky needs something.”

“Ah… eh… oo nga… yes baby?” Then she proceeded to Sky, thankful to be distracted from what just happened. She is sure that she was blushing already.

Richard Lim just shook his head and smiled. He is sure of his effect on her but he’s already used to ladies admiring his good looks. It was no big deal but he surely felt proud and happy with it.

Then his phone suddenly rang.

It was his secretary Liza calling about a document he needed to sign.

“What? Can’t you ask just someone to sign it for me?”

He ended the call. He was visibly upset.

“May problema Mr. Lim?”

“Ah may nangungulit lang.”

“Kung may kailangan kang puntahan go ahead. Ako naman ang bahala sa mga bata.”

“No wag na. They’re both a handful. Mahihirapan ka.”

“Mr. Lim kinaya mo nga kanina. I’m sure kakayanin ko naman. Sige na. Baka importante yan.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oo naman!”

“Bibilisan ko lang. Promise. I’ll be back in 20 minutes. Let’s just meet here.”

“Okay lang. Gawin mo na kung ano man ang gagawin mo. Baka mapagalitan ka sa work mo.” She was really concerned.

“Okay then. Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

She just nodded her head and smiled. Then as he was about to leave she called him. “Do you have any instructions? May bawal ba kay Sunshine?”

He turned to face her again. “Wala naman. I completely trust you.” He again smiled then left.

Since they don’t have anything else to do, she suggested for the kids to have ice cream which they happily agreed to. There was a small ice cream shop near the park.

Sunshine had a strawberry ice cream while Sky had cookies and cream ice cream as his mom didn’t approve of his request to have the chocolate ice cream. Maya had ube for herself.


The kids were happily telling her stories about the puppets at the daycare, about their lunch a while ago and about their stroll at the park. They were even sharing their ice cream with each other.

“Sunshine, where does your daddy work?” She wanted to fish some information on Richard.

“My daddy works at a big building Tita Maya.”

“What is his work?”

“Daddy fixes things at the talyer.” The LAS engineers calls the hangar ‘talyer’ as their inside joke. They also call each other mekaniko.

“Oh you’re daddy fixes things.” Maya was surprised to find out where Richard Lim works. He looked so neat for a mechanic, if he is indeed one.

“Yes po. He could fix my bike, grandpa’s car, his motorcycle and he could fix an airplane. Daddy could fix everything he told me.”

Maya smiled at what Sunshine said. “He told you that?”

“Yes po. He even said, he could fix everything that is broken, even a broken heart.”

She now laughed and shook his head. She found his sense of humor endearing even when it was told by his daughter.

“So is your daddy fixing broken hearts?”

“He is fixing Tita Catherine’s heart.”

“Oh!” She suddenly felt sad at what Sunshine said. There was a small pinch in her heart at what she heard.

They continued chatting until she heard her phone ringing. Richard Lim was calling.

“Ms dela Rosa asan kayo?” he asked

“Mr. Lim nandito kami sa ice cream shop sa may left side mo.” She already saw him as they were eating icecream at the al fresco area of the icecream shop.

He turned and saw them. He waved and proceeded towards them when a group of ladies stopped him and chatted with him.

Maya then saw the ladies pose for a picture with Richard.

“Aba feeling celebrity naman ng lalaking to. Nakakaaliw talaga to si Mr. Lim.” She couldn’t believe the confidence of Sunshine’s dad though she was clearly beginning to see his good attributes.

After the selfies with random strangers he went near them. “Did you guys enjoy?” Then he just got Sunshine’s spoon and casually took a spoonful of ube ice cream from Maya before she could even react. “Pahingi nga. Ang init maglakad papunta sa office.”

“Sige sa’yo na. Busog na rin naman ako.”

“No I just need a spoonful. Thanks.” He acted like sharing ice cream with her is a very normal thing to do.

She felt giddy now.


They were now at the soccer field of CSR in Makati where the mini football game will be held.

Maya and Richard were seated at the bleachers while the two kids, who were in their cute soccer outfits were being given instructions by their coach.

Sky was visibly not paying attention to his coach as he was craning his neck trying to see if the person he was waiting for has arrived already.

“What’s wrong with Sky?” Richard observed.

“He’s waiting for his dad. He promised Sky that he’ll be watching his game.”  Maya was alternately watching the school entrance and her watch.

“Ah yes Sky told me his daddy will be here. Baka naman natraffic lang.”

“Sana nga Mr. Lim. This has been going on for many times already. Si Sky pa naman kapag nagpromise ang daddy nya, he really looks forward to it.

“Hindi pa naman naguumpisa yun game. He will be here. If hindi naman malamang he has a very valid reason. Atsaka you alone are enough for your son. Hinahanap lang nyan ni Sky yun tatakbo while cheering him up. Kaya halika na, let’s get into action with this soccer game. Ikaw muna ang gaganap na role ng daddy na tumatakbo.” He smiled while offering his hand which she gladly took.

“Thank you for those encouraging words Mr. Lim.” She said as they went near the kids who were now starting their game.

Richard was loudly cheering both kids.

“Kick his ball Sky! I mean kick the ball!”

“Push him Sunshine! Very good!”

He earned disapproving stares from the parents.

“Mr. Lim you are very rude.” Maya commented.

“Ms. dela Rosa soccer is a rough game. Dapat matapang ang mga bata physically at emotionally. Di pwedeng lalampa lampa.”

“Kahit na. Mga babies pa yan eh. Ikaw talaga!”

He just chcukled then he whispered to Maya… “Cheer louder Ms. Dela Rosa. It helps our players.”

Though shy, Maya followed his advice and started running and cheering the kids.

They were at the middle of the game when Jeff arrived. He immediately went near Maya and waved to his son who was visibly very happy to see him.

“Sorry  late ako. I had to take the MRT kasi sobrang traffic.” He was apologetic.

“Okay lang. Ang importante eh nakarating ka. Kanina ka pa hinahanap nyan.”

Richard Lim silently left the couple. He didn’t want to intrude and he also didn’t want what he saw.

He saw Maya lovingly staring at her ex-husband.

Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Bonding

Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Bonding

“Naku maalat na ata to! Patikim naman nito Ser Chief.”

She frowned. She’s disappointed at the dish she cooked.

Manang Fe, Doris, Sabel and Joma were all on their vacation. Luke and Abby were also at their grandparents house since it was their semestral break.

Nikki on the other hand had an unplanned meeting with the Teatro PUS at their house because her dad didn’t allow her to join if it would be held in another venue. Since she’s the TPUS president, she offered her house to be the venue for their meeting.

Ricky suggested that they should just have meals delivered for the Nikki and her visitors but Maya insisted that it would be healthier to have home-cooked meals. She actually wanted to do this for Nikki. She was thankful to Richard’s kids who wholeheartedly welcomed her to their lives when they learned that she is already their dad’s girlfriend.

She prepared kare-kare, adobo, beefsteak, fried chicken, chopseuy, leche flan and sago’t gulaman. She’s now grilling the barbeque in Manang Fe’s smokeless indoor grill but she’s so disappointed that she couldn’t achieve the taste she wanted.

She was stressed and worried that Nikki’s visitors won’t like the dish she cooked.

Ricky saw the worry on her face and immediately went near her.

“He grabbed the half bitten piece of barbecue from her.”

“Ako nga. I will taste it.”

Then he proceeded to kiss her lips.

“Ser Chief! Sabi ko tikim ng food hindi kiss. Ano ka ba! Nakakahiya.” She was bushing and she craned her neck to see if Nikki is nearby.

“Don’t worry wala naman si Nikki.”

“Ser Chief naman. Yang barbecue ang tikman mo!”

“Yun barbecue nga.”

“Eh hindi mo naman tinikman. Humalik ka lang eh.” She gave this cute little pout.

“Oh sige tikman ko ulit.” Then he kissed her lips again which made Maya all the more giddy and made her turn beet red.

He was smiling from ear to ear. He loved to see how his kiss affected her. It affected him as well for he knows that his ears are now blushing as well.

“Ser Chief ang kulit! Yun food nga! Panay ka naman kiss eh. Sumusobra ka na!”

“Kasi nga it will taste better if it’s on you.”

She just slapped him lightly.

“Ikaw talaga!”

Then he bit the piece of barbecue.

“Okay na. Ang sarap.” It wasn’t but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“What time are they arriving?” He asked her.

“Hindi ko alam eh pero sabi ni Nikki papunta na raw dito. Baka natraffic lang yung mga bata.

“Oh sige you better go to Nikki. Naghihintay yun sa may gate. Ako na ang bahala dito.”

Then she proceeded to accompany Nikki while she’s waiting for the members of the Teatro PUS.

Richard spent time fixing all the dishes she cooked which were either matabang or maalat.

She may not be a wonderful cook but her effort to do something very special for his daughter overweighs her lack of skills in the cooking department.


Nikki’s schoolmates have left and Nikki had been thanking her Tita Maya nonstop for preparing the dishes which, even to Maya’s surprise, the kids appreciated.

After helping in washing the dishes they used, Nikki excused herself to go to her room.

Maya and Ricky were left at the large sofa at the living room. Ricky requested for her to stay a little longer before he brings her home to the condo she’s sharing with Emman.

“Thank you for doing this for Nikki.”

“Ser Chief masaya ako at may nagawa ako para kay Nikki. Kulang pa yan sa pagpapasalamat ko sa kanya.”

“Pasalamat saan?”

“Sa pagtanggap at hindi pagpapahirap sa akin.”

“And why do you think papahirapan ka ng mga bata?”

“Eh kasi ganun naman sa mga teleserye di ba?”

He chuckled. “You’re silly. On quality shows, there may be slight resentment but it could be resolved in a peaceful manner. Maybe sa non-quality seryes ganun ang nangyayari sa iniisip mo. That won’t happen to us. Iba tayo eh.”

“Kaya nga sobrang saya ko Ser Chief.”

“Me too I am very happy. Things like this make me very happy.”

“Anong things?”

“You cooking for the kids. It is very special Maya. It makes me love you even more.”

“Ser Chief naman eh. Tutunawin mo na naman ako sa mga pakilig na yan.”

“Uy Maya I’m not merely nagpapakilig. That’s what I really feel. You just don’t know how happy I was seeing you cooking there in the kitchen. It makes me want to see more of that very soon.”

“Ser Chief…”

“I know. I promise not to be a hindrance to your dreams. Okay na ako sa ganito for the meantime.”

“Salamat sa pag-unawa ha.”

“Anything for you Maya. I’ll wait until you have reached all your dreams, until matapos ka sa training mo, maging flight attendant ka na and until you have travelled the whole world.”

She looked at him incredulously. “Aantayin mo hanggang matapos kong lahat yun?”


“Naku ang tagal naman nun Ser Chief! Hindi ba pwedeng hanggang matapos ko lang yun training. O sige tawad pa ng konti, hanggang sa makaumpisa lang ako sa trabaho bilang FA. Kung hihintayin mo pang maikot ko yun buong mundo, aba baka kapag nagkaanak tayo eh hindi mo na sila malalaro.” Then her eyes turned wide at the realization of what she just said. She got embarrassed and covered her face.

He was laughing at her but was very happy with what he heard. Now he knows that he’s already included in Maya’s future.

He embraced the very embarrassed Maya and kissed the top of her head.

“Hey tumingin ka nga!”

“Ayoko nakakahiya yung mga pinagsasabi ko!”

“Don’t be. You made me very happy with it.”

“Ikaw masaya. Ako sobrang nakakahiya!” Then she hugged him tighter and hid her face on his chest.

“Huy!” He was laughing harder.

“Ser Chief naman eh!” She’s still hiding her face.

“Sige ka. If you keep on hugging me like that baka hindi mo na matapos yun training mo.” He naughtily warned her.

Maya immediately disengaged from the embrace. “Kainis to!”

He continued to laugh at her but she’s now getting pikon so change topic si Ricky.

“Ang sarap ng mga niluto mo. Naubos ng mga bata.”

“Uhm… I’m sure inayos mo yun kanina.”

“Of course not.”

“Peksman mamatay man ang mga langgam?”

He laughed at her silliness. “Halika nga ulit dito. Payakap ulit.”

“Ayoko na Ser Chief baka magkatotoo yun sinabi mo.”

“Ang alin?”

“Yun hindi ako matapos sa training.” Oh Maya is so innocently cute.

“Hindi yan. Kung ako, I could control myself, ewan ko na lang sa’yo.”

“Oy Ser Chief ha! Overconfident ka ha! Of course kaya ko rin yan!”


“Oo naman!”

“Patunayan mo nga.”

“Oo ba!” Then she proceeded to cuddle with him again at the Lim sofa.

A smiling and very contented Ricky possessively encircled his arms around her while they both listed to each other’s heartbeat, which were definitely meant for each other.




The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

“Rafi what will I do there?” Richard Lim was talking to his best friend Rafi on the phone. He didn’t notice that his wife was already inside his home office as he was so busy turning down Rafi’s request.

“Chard naman eh. Sige na. Si Hon kasi can’t sing eh. May sore throat siya and he already committed himself to serenade the candidates of the Daragang Magayon beauty pageant. Ikaw na lang kumanta sa kanila. Two songs lang naman. Sige na Chard.”

“Rafi I’m busy with LAI atsaka may mga new instructors kami for interview. I have to personally talk to them. Ang kulit mo naman. Sabi ko nang hindi ako pwede.”

Maya carefully sat on Ricky’s cushioned chair. She’s amused watching him running his hand thru his hair, trying his best to say no to Rafi. Maya knows how persistent Rafi is and she couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s dilemma.

“So you really won’t help me? Kahit mapahiya si Richard ko kasi hindi siya makakapunta sa commitment nya? Kakayanin ng kunsyensya mo yun?”

“Hey don’t blackmail me with that Rafi. That’s not gonna work. Humanap na lang kayo ng ibang pwedeng kumanta. And please stop bullying your poor husband. Kaya siya nagkakasakit because you always make him miserable.” Then he laughed.

“Ewan ko sa’yo Chard. Bahala ka na nga.” Then Rafi ended the call. Ricky was still laughing. He felt so good having been able to successfully decline Rafi’s request. It felt good because he hardly escapes Rafi’s pangungulit.

He was still so proud of himself. He felt so good then he turned around only to find Maya staring angrily at him, with brows furrowed and lips in a thin line.

Now he’s in trouble. “Sweetheart kanina ka pa?” He said in a soft guilty voice. He knows Maya hates it when he treats Rafi rudely though it’s really how they were even before she became Richard’s wife.

She’s obviously infuriated.


“Ano yun narinig ko? Tuwang tuwa at tawang tawa ka pa na may sakit yun asawa ni Rafi?”

“Ah… eh… no. Hindi yun yun tinatawanan ko. We were just…”

“Nakakainis ka. How could you? Nakikiusap na sa’yo yun tao kasi may sakit yun asawa nya tapos hindi mo na nga pinagbigyan aba pagtatawanan mo pa.”


But she continued to angrily stare at him which prompted him to dial Rafi’s number.

“O ano naman Richard Lim?” Rafi said the moment she answered his call.

“Okay Rafi. I will do it.”

The moment he ended the call, he glanced at his wife and was relieved to see her smiling and giving him her ‘im-so-proud-of-my-husband look’.

“Okay ka na sweetheart?” He asked making sure that he’s now forgiven.

“Okay na okay!” she said as she went to him for an embrace and a kiss which made him pause and close his office door for that kind of kiss would definitely lead to something else.


“Maya!” Rafi surprised her with a visit at her Time Airways office.

“Rafi anong ginagawa mo dito? Wala kang pasok?”

“I have work but I really want to bring you this. Niluto ko yan with of course my husband’s help. Gusto lang kasi naming magpasalamat for helping me convince Chard to take my husband’s place dun sa event next week.”

“Naku Rafi wala yun. Ano ka ba! We are always here for you ni husband mo. Atsaka si Ricky binibiro ka lang nun. Papayag naman talaga siya.”

“Yeah right. Naku Maya wag mo nang pagtakpan si Chard. Ayaw naman talaga nun. Alam ko naman that you were the one who convinced him. Nahihiya tuloy ako. He will be interviewing LAI applicants pa mandin. Babawi na lang ako promise.”

“Rafi ano ka ba! Walang problema yun kasi I will take Ricky’s place. I will be the one to interview the applicants.”

“Mabuti naman kundi lagot ako kay Chard. Naku thank you talaga Maya. You’ve always been a lifesaver to me and my husband.”

“Kumusta na pala siya?”

“Okay naman na kaso he still can’t sing. Pinagbawalan muna ng doctor. He was so worried kasi wala nga kaming makuhang papalit sa kanya in serenading the candidates. Si Chard lang naman talaga ang pwede kasi same ang genre ng songs nila and secret lang at wag nating aminin sa kanilang dalawa ha Maya, sila lang naman ang super gwapo at bagay sa mga ganung events. I’m sure the ladies there would be so kilig.”

Rafi was giddily imagining her husband and her best friend and yes the girls would definitely be so kilig to be serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya was surprised. She wasn’t aware that it’s a beauty pageant. She thought Ricky would be singing in a corporate event because Rafi’s husband frequents corporate shows.

She could imagine what Rafi said and she hates the idea of Ricky serenading beautiful ladies.

“Maya okay ka lang?” Rafi immediately noticed the change in her mood.

“Ah eh oo.” Then she paused and asked Rafi, “ Rafi serenade? Saan ba yan?”

“Hindi nakuwento ni Chard? Maya he will be singing at the Daragang Magayon Pageant. He will serenade the candidates.”


“May problema ba?”

“Ah eh wala naman Rafi pero…”

“Oh you’re worried that Chard will be surrounded by more than a dozen lovely ladies? Maya your husband would never…”

“Rafi hindi yun. May tiwala naman ako kay Ricky. Yun mga babae lang yun wala akong tiwala.”

Natawa si Rafi. She knows how jealous Maya gets whenever ladies would be overly friendly towards her husband.

“Samahan mo na lang si Chard para wala kang problema atsaka para makaunwind naman kayo. You can leave the kids with me kasi wala naman akong work then.” Rafi suggested.

“Nakakahiya naman yun Rafi. Atsaka dapat kung pumunta ako dun eh may role ako.”

“Alam ko na. I can ask my friend, who organized the event, to make you a judge tutal you’ve been exposed to lovely flight attendants naman whom you train di ba? You are very much qualified to be a judge.”

“Talaga Rafi?”

“Oo naman. Sige I’ll talk to them then tawagan agad kita.”

“Thank you Rafi!”

“I should be the one thanking you Maya. Halika na let’s eat at lalamig na yang dala ko.”


Richard and Maya just arrived from work and the invitation for the pageant and the plane tickets had been delivered by Rafi earlier that day. It was handed to him by Manang Fe.

He was reviewing it and was surprised to see Maya’s name as one of the judges. “Kasama ka din sweetheart?”

“Oo eh. Si Rafi kasi…”

But he already hugged her. “Shhhhh wag ka nang magpalusot. Just say that you want to be there kasi maraming magaganda dun. Nagseselos ka lang eh.”

“Uy hindi ah! Ang yabang mo sweetheart! Hindi talaga!”


“Hindi no! Gusto ko lang pagbigyan si Rafi. Wala naman sa’kin yun ah!”

“Defensive! Ayaw mo lang akong ishare sa iba eh.”

“Ang yabang mo Ricky ha! Nakakainis ka!”

“Hep hep baka kung saan na naman yan mapunta ha Maya! Ricardo! Magkakapikunan na naman kayo tapos magtatampuhan tapos hindi kakainin ng dinner at magkukulong sa kwarto ng buong araw kinabukasan. Tigilan nyo na yan. Maliliit pa yun kambal!”

“Manang Fe!” Namumula si Maya, while Ricky had his goofy grin.

“Ano? Kayong dalawa alam na alam ko na yun mga pinagagawa nyo. Lalo na ikaw Ricardo. Naku makapasok na nga sa kusina.”

Manang Fe left them elbowing each other, blaming each other kasi napagalitan tuloy sila ni Manang Fe.


It was the much awaited Coronation Night and Maya was fixing her husband’s coat backstage.

“Sweetheart kinakabahan ako. What if I jumble my lyrics? What if masintunado ako?”

“At bakit ka naman masisintunado at magkakamali sa lyrics?”

“Siyempre ang gaganda kaya ng kakantahan ko. I’ll surely get distracted.” He teased which earned him Maya’s angry stare and a pinch at his side.

“Ouch! Biro lang sweetheart! Of course I might get distracted kasi I’ll be performing in front of you.”

“Umayos ka!”

“Yes Mrs. Lim!”

Then he kissed her just in time before she was introduced onstage as one of the pageant’s judges.


The lovely candidates were now parading their evening gowns while being serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya can’t help but feel so proud of her husband. Unmindful of some flats in his song, she had her eyes focused on Ricky who she considered the best singer in the whole world (hehe!). She also felt giddy whenever he glances her way. They would exchange silent messages through their stares and smiles.

In the middle of the song though, Ricky sang a little longer to a particular candidate, candidate number 8. Maya easily noticed it and couldn’t help but get slightly annoyed. She made a mental note to observe candidate number 8.

The pageant successfully ended with Candidate  #7 being crowned as Daragang Magayon 2017 and Candidate #6 being the first runner-up.


They were on their way to the hotel and Rafi was on the phone with Ricky. Maya was just listening to her husband while her head was leaning on his shoulder. She couldn’t hear Rafi though.

“Oh my God Chard ang galing mo kanina. I was watching the livestream and admittedly, you did great!” Rafi was praising her best friend.”

“Yeah right Rafi! You’re just saying that kasi napasubo ako sa’yo. My hands were so cold up there sa stage kanina. I thought hihimatayin ako.”

“Hindi naman halata na kinabahan ka. You were even confidently sintunado up there.” Rafi giggled.


“Biro lang Chard! Oh well kahit naman nasintunado ka it went unnoticed naman kasi the audience were all staring at you.”

“Because they find me handsome.” Ricky proudly said.

“Ewan ko ba? Bulag ata yun mga tao dun just like your wife.”

“Rafi one more and I would never do you a favor even if you beg in the future.” Pikon na siya and Maya was amused to see him pikon.

“Oh that’s a strong statement. Pero seriously Chard, thank you talaga. Successful yun pageant and you guys contributed a lot to its success.”

“Yeah fortunately everything went on smoothly. The people were also very warm and accommodating. Kung wala lang kaming pasok, I would have preferred to stay longer. Marami palang magagandang lugar dito”

“Maybe next time you could plan a vacation with the kids. O teka pala, I was just curious bakit hindi nakapasok yun candidate #8. I was actually rooting for her.”

“Actually ako rin. She was stunning and she did well in her question and answer as well. She’s a very charming lady.” Richard carelessly blurted out, forgetting that he would definitely get in trouble with his wife.

“Charming mo dyan Ricardo! Lagot ka kay Maya kapag narinig ka. Where is she ba?”

He automatically glanced at his wife who’s still leaning on his shoulder but whose eyebrows are now furrowed.

When he didn’t answer, Rafi continued, “Alam mo nahalata kita dun sa pag-serenade mo sa candidates. You stayed a little longer kay number 8. Kaya ata hindi nanalo kasi minalas sa pagkanta mo.” Then Rafi giggled again but the giggles didn’t last long for realization hit her. “Oh my God Chard! Hindi nanalo si Candidate #8 because Maya didn’t let her win. Ikaw kasi kinantahan mo nang matagal. Lagot ka Chard. It’s your fault she didn’t win. I heard that she’s the favorite candidate dyan. Lagot ka. Pinaselos mo kasi si Maya, ayun tuloy hindi nanalo si #8” Rafi further teased.

“You’re ridiculous Rafi! I don’t think that even happened!” he glanced at his wife again while saying this but of course her face is hidden from him. He was not aware that Maya is turning into a tigress.

“Bahala ka pero ako alam ko that you were obviously interested dun kay 8. If nahalata ko malamang si Maya rin.”

“I am not!” he said in a loud voice which made Maya remove her head from his shoulder and lean on the car window instead.

“Sige na Chard. Goodnight! Thank you again and goodluck sa pagsuyo kay Maya.” Rafi was laughing now and she ended the call before Ricky could even answer back.

He ended the call and gave his wife a nervous, guilty look. Rafi was right, he found candidate number 8 pretty but that’s just it. He’s a normal guy who admires beauty after all. Oh well maybe Rafi’s observation about Maya isn’t true at all. His friend has this way of making him feel guilty but he should act normal. He smiled at Maya who was just blankly staring at him.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?”

“Ang lakas ng boses mo. Masakit sa ulo.” But she already looked angry while saying this.

“Sorry. Si Rafi kasi. She was insisting that…”He paused because he realized that what Rafi said may be true after seeing Maya’s reaction.

“Insisting what?” Nakataas na yun eyebrows ni Maya.

“Sweetheart naman eh. Nakakatakot ang hitsura mo. Are you mad?”

“Takot ka? Guilty ka?”

“Yes. No!  I mean yes natatakot ako sa hitsura mo. You look like the volcano here, yun Mayon. You look like sasabog sa galit. But no I’m not guilty of anything. What would I be guilty of ba?” He smiled sweetly at her and tried to reach for her but Maya just ignored his attempt for a hug.

“Eh ano nga yun iniinsist ni Rafi?” She asked again so he had no choice but to tell her.

“Kasi sweetheart Rafi was insisting that I paid extra attention dun sa candidate number 8 kaya she didn’t win. Rafi was insinuating that naasar ka sakin kaya ayun hindi tuloy nanalo yun number 8. Isn’t Rafi ridiculous?” He was grinning but he abruptly stopped when he saw Maya’s reaction.

“Mabuti pa si Rafi napansin niya.”

“Oh God! Sweetheart so totoo nga?”

“Ricardo tig two seconds lang yun ibang candidates pero dun sa kanya you lingered for six seconds! You were staring at her for six seconds!”


“Siguro attracted ka sa kanya no? Siguro you want to get to know her better.”

“Of course not! Hindi naman siya kagandahan. She looked plain and…” palusot ni Ricky.

“Eh bakit ang tagal mo sa kanya?”

Lagot! Buti na lang smart si Ricky. “Ah eh… I’m Chinese sweetheart remember? I stayed a little longer dun kay number 8 kasi lucky yun number 8 sa mga Chinese. Yun lang yun. It’s the number not the candidate.”

“Talaga?” Maya is aware that nagpapalusot lang si Ricky and she actually finds him adorable when he acts scared of her. She just loves it kapag sinusuyo siya ni Ricky.

“Yes! Yun lang yun. Alam mo naman that you’re the only apple of my eye and I could never and would never stare at anyone else like the way I do to you.”

“Hmmm nagpapalusot ka lang eh.” But Maya was now smiling and allowing herself to be engulfed in her husband’s embrace.

“No of course not. You want mamaya sa hotel room I’ll spend the entire night staring at you?” Ricky suggested in his overly sweet voice.

Of course Maya naughtily quipped as well. “Stare lang?”

Ricky chuckled. “Of course stare and a lot more Mrs. Lim.”

Then they comforted each other with their tight hugs and occasional kisses unmindful of the hotel driver who couldn’t contain his kilig as well.




One Fine Day – 3

One Fine Day – 3

Richard Lim and his daughter Sunshine together with Maya dela Rosa and her son Sky were rushing to the kids’ school.

They alighted their taxi even if they were still a few blocks away from the school. The traffic was terrible and they decided that running is a wiser option to be able to reach the school bus which will bring the kids to the ferry terminal.

While still catching their breaths from running, they were told the bad news. The school guard informed them that the school bus already left.  They don’t have a choice but to hail a taxi again to be at the ferry terminal by 8 am. They just have 15 minutes to go to the terminal so the kids could still catch the cruise ship which would tour them around Manila Bay and Corregidor as part of the activities of their field trip.

The moment they boarded a taxi, both kid and parent sat at the backseat of the taxi. Since both Sunshine and Sky wanted to sit by the window, Maya and Richard had no choice but to unfortunately sit beside each other.

“This is your fault. Ang tagal nyo.” He started blaming her in hushed voice so that the kids won’t hear them.

“Mr. Lim maaga kami. We were at your place 6:45. Kayo yung wala doon.” Maya countered in a hushed voice as well.

“Hindi ka ba marunong magbasa? I posted a message at my door and I clearly wrote that Sunshine and I would be having breakfast at McDonalds.”

“Richard Lim wala na yun sinasabi mong message pagdating namin. Atsaka hindi man lang ba sumagi sa isip mo na tawagan ako? Alam kong binigay ni Corinne yun number ko sa’yo. Bakit hindi ka tumawag para alamin kung nabasa ba namin yun nawawala mong message sa pintuan ng unit mo?”

“Why would I call you? We aren’t even close.”

“At sinabi ko ba na close tayo? Tatawag ka kasi mahuhuli na yung anak ko at yung anak mo sa field trip nila. Hindi ba importante sa’yo yun? Ang yabang mo naman na mas isipin pa yun pride mo at ayaw mong ikaw yun unang tatawag!”

“Eh ganun pala bakit hindi ikaw yun unang tumawag kung iniisip mo yun field trip ng mga bata?”

“Wala akong number mo. At hindi ko pinangarap na kunin yun number mo after kong makita kung gaano kasama ng ugali mo.”

“Me? Masama ang ugali? Excuse me Ms. Dela Rosa but I’m the nicest person in the whole world.”

“Ikaw nice? Kung nice ka aba santo na pala ako!”

“Whatever! But I assure you. I am a nice and very likeable person kung nice din yun tao pero with someone like you wag na lang nga. Sayang naman yun friendship ko if I’ll waste it on someone like you.”

“Ang kapal mo talaga. As if naman I’m interested to be your friend. Oy Mr. Lim I am friends only with your ex- wife that’s why I agreed to fetch Sunshine. At hindi ako interesado to add you sa friends’ list ko.”

He was about to say something but his phone rang.

It was actually his friend Ryan, who’s also their company lawyer who is calling, but Richard Lim had a naughty idea formulated in his mind.

Still in a hushed voice which won’t be heard by the kids but would definitely heard by Maya, “Oh hi gorgeous! I had fun last night.”

“Anong gorgeous? Hoy Richard Lim si Ryan to!” A confused Ryan stared at his phone to check if it was indeed Richard’s number he dialed.

“Of course I know who you are. Ikaw talaga! How could I forget you after what we did last night? So Stephanie, are we gonna have fun again tonight? You should wear those lace undergarments again. It turns me on.”

A shocked and overly disgusted Maya gaped at Richard then she clumsily dialed her phone too in an attempt to distract herself from Richard’s conversation with the person he made her believe to be a certain Stephanie.

“Brod kung anong kalokohan na naman yan wag mo nga akong idamay. Pumunta ka na dito kasi umuusok na sa galit ang papa mo. Wala ka na naman sa 7:30 meeting kanina. Your success sa closed deal mo kahapon is good for one day lang. Eto aburido na si Tito Roberto. Pumunta ka na agad.” Then Ryan also ended the call.

“I’ll definitely see you tonight babe. Don’t forget to bring the massage oils as well.”

He was staring at Maya with the naughty glint in his eyes. He’s purposely annoying her.

Maya just shook her head while waiting for the person she called to answer his phone.

“Oy Mayabels asan ka na ba? Akala ko very early tayo kasi you will rehearse your presentation. Asan ka na? Mag-aalas otso na dear.”

“Naku Emman maaga sana ako kung walang pasaway na asungot na sumira sa araw ko.”

“Oh why? May problem aba?”

“Malaking problema Emman. Eto naghahabol kami ni Sky para maabutan yun field trip nila kasi merong mama dito na siguro napuyat sa babaeng with lace undergarments kaya late na nagising. Naku kung hindi ko lang kaibigan yun kawawang ex-wife nya.” She was already fuming mad. She needs to be in her office already for her big presentation.

“Naku Mayabels kung sino man yan, hayaan mo na. Umiral na naman ang pagiging man-hater mo. Sige na ihatid mo na muna si Sky. I’m sure naman na kayang kaya mo yun presentation later. Basta be here by 9 ha. Nandun na kasi sa office ni Ma’m Ina sina Mr. Jaime Ventura at yung anak nya. “

“Sige Emman. Thank you ha!”

“No worries Maya. Basta kalma ka lang ha. At please lang be nice dyan sa sinasabi mo. Ayaw mo naman sigurong magmukhang stressed on the day of your presentation.”

“Oo na Emman.”

When she ended the call…

“So who’s that? A boyfriend? Oh let me rephrase, a very unlucky boyfriend?”

“Mr. Lim please lang ha. I have a very busy day ahead at hindi ko gusto yun pambwibwisit mo. If you’re the kind of person who stays home in front of the TV watching stupid shows and eating a whole box of pizza, drinking beer and enjoys annoying people because they have nothing interesting to do, please spare me. I am a very busy person and my time is very precious.”

“Ouch! That hurts Ms. Masungit. Buti na lang your son is not as grumpy as you.” Then he even winked at Sky.

The taxi stopped and they rushed to the ferry terminal but unfortunately, the ferry already left.

Sky and Sunshine were waiting for a taxi to bring them home. They were now aware of their bickering parents.

“Kasalanan mo talaga to. Now how would I work with my son tagging along with me.”

“Hindi ko kasalanan.”

“At kanino aber?”

“The circumstances, yun hangin na naglipad sa note sa pinto ko, yun pagiging ontime ng field trip… maraming may kasalanan…”

“Or sabihin mo, yun hindi umaandar na initiative mo to call me. Nakakapikon ka talaga Richard Lim!”

“My mom hates your dad.”

“My dad hates your mom too.”

“But we don’t hate each other, right Sunshine?”

“Of course we don’t, Sky.”

“Can I see your dad’s phone?” Sky got curious of Sunshine’s dad’s phone which she’s playing with.

“Here. Daddy has lots of games.” Sunshine handed her dad’s phone to Sky.

“Here is Mommy’s phone too. She also has some girly games.” Sky also showed Sunshine his mom’s phone.

Their parents got the phones now.

Both kids were able to return each other’s phone but Maya thought they didn’t so she grabbed the mobile phone from Richard’s right hand and shoved the one she’s holding in his left hand.

“You Richard Lim are the most disgusting person, correction, creature I’ve ever met!”

“And you Maya dela Rosa are the most crazy woman I’ve unfortunately interacted with!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t and I assure you, you won’t!”

“I DO hate you with every fiber of my being!”



Then they both boarded separate taxicabs to bring them to their destination for the day.



At the daycare center…

“Here’s Mr. Potato…”

“Oh hi Mr. Potato, can my daughter join your games?”

“What is her name?”

“Her name is Sunshine. She wants to play too.”

Maya decided to leave Sky at a local daycare. They arrived while there was an ongoing puppet show where the performer was hidden. Only his puppet covered hands can be seen by his eager audience.

Maya was so impressed that she was clapping her hands when the short show ended.

The performer suddenly emerged.

It was Richard Lim.


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