One Fine Day – 7

One Fine Day – 7

The soccer game went on with Richard cheering Sunshine while Jeff and Maya were cheering Sky.

Richard couldn’t help himself from stealing glances at the couple.

Maya would smile at him when their eyes accidentally meet.

He just smiled and berated himself at how he was reacting. He was even convincing himself that he couldn’t possibly be interested in Maya dela Rosa. She was not the type of woman he hangs out with or even date.  He’s been surrounded by models, beauty queens, sophisticated women but never someone like the uptight and control freak mom of his daughter’s classmate. Oh well he admitted too that she’s very lovely and interesting… but still not his type.

After the game ended, the kids were holding on to their little trophies proudly. Maya was wiping Sky’s arms and face. He was all sweaty and muddy from playing. Jeff was busily talking to another parent.

Richard was trying so hard but miserably failing to fix Sunshine’s hair. They were near Maya and Sky.

“Need a help with that Mr. Lim?” Maya offered.

“Ah no Ms. Dela Rosa. I got this.”  He declined. He didn’t want to bother her especially when her ex-husband is around.

But she insisted and before he could protest some more, she got her hairbrush from her bag and proceeded to fix Sunshine’s hair. “Eh ang gulo pa rin ng hair ni Sunshine. Hindi mo ata talent yan. Let me.”

He wasn’t able to say anything anymore to her so he just talked to Sky. “You were great out there little buddy. Your mommy and daddy is very proud of you.”

Sky gave him his proud, beaming smile.

“Sunshine is very good din. You run so fast Sunshine. Daddy is also so proud of you.” Maya also commented and Sunshine was smiling as well.

“O yan Mr. Lim maayos na ang hair ni Sunshine.”

“Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Thank you din Mr. Lim sa lahat ng tulong mo today.” She was sincerely thankful to him for saving her day.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my fault anyway that the kids weren’t able to go on their fieldtip.”

“Kasalanan natin pareho. Pero I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thankful pa rin ako that di sila nakasama because I got to bond with my son na bihira ko magawa.” She told him.

He smiled at her.

Then she added, “I also had a chance to bond with Sunshine, and of course you.” She said the last word in a whisper but h heard it and oh boy it sent shivers to his whole body.

“Me too, I enjoyed today. It’s been a fine day for the four of us.” He was already affected by their conversation so he turned a bit serious.

“It’s more than just a fine day Mr. Lim. It’s a great day!”

“I agree.”

“We have to go ahead. Thank you ulit. See you around. In PTA meetings maybe?”

“Yes ill try to be more active in those, if only to see you.” Then he winked at her.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Sige na bye bye na. Bye Sunshine. See you in school next week.”

After saying goodbyes, Maya dela Rosa together with her son and her ex-husband exited the soccer field of CSR. Richard couldn’t remove his eyes from their retreating forms.

“Daddy let’s go.” Sunshine was tugging his hand already.

“Okay Princess. Let’s go home now.”


Inside the cab on their way home, Maya had been playing the events of the day over and over again and she can’t help but smile as she remembered her simple banters with Richard Lim. She’s not even concerned that the cab she hired is not moving at all due to the traffic. She was grinning foolishly as she remembered what transpired today.

“Mommy why are you smiling?” Sky innocently asked.

She lovingly gazed at her son. “Mommy is just happy Sky. I am so proud of you. You did great in the soccer game. Mommy is also proud because you didn’t give Tito Richard a hard time.”

“I like Tito Richard mommy. He is funny and cool. He played with us at the park and he carried me when I got tired.”

“I like him too Sky. He seems like a great dad.”

“He is mommy. Sunshine said she loves her daddy so much.”

They both smiled in agreement.


Richard already prepared Sunshine for bed. He bathed her and brushed her teeth and changed her pajamas. He even fixed her bed and had Gus waiting for Sunshine.

He carried the squealing little girl who’s having fun with her daddy’s tickles and kisses.

“Enough daddy! Enough!  I have to sleep now.” Sunshine begged in between her laughter.

“Okay daddy will stop. Kiss daddy goodnight.”

The little girl kissed him and added, “Goodnight daddy. Thank you for today. You are the best daddy in the whole world.”

“And you are the best for me, my Princess.” He smiled then kissed his daughter’s forehead before dimming her lampshade.

As he was about to leave her room…

“I think Sky’s mom likes you daddy.”

He stopped then approached his daughter again, “She said that?”

“It is so obvious daddy. She asked about you.”

“What about?”

“Your work daddy.”

“And what did you tell her?”

“I told her that you fix things daddy and that you even fix hearts.”

“I do what?” His chinky eyes turned wide at what he heard.

The little girl giggled. “Mommy said you are also busy fixing hearts so I told tita Maya that.”

“Princess that’s supposed to be a joke. Tita Maya might think that I date a lot of girls. You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Good night daddy. I am sleepy now.

“Okay Goodnight Princess.

As he closed his daughter’s door, his thoughts drifted to Maya dela Rosa.

Now he’s worried of what she thinks of him, not that it mattered to him…

…oh well, yes it mattered. They got along well already and she even forgave him for the field trip incident.

He didn’t want to end the day with her thinking negatively of him after what Sunshine said.

So without even thinking twice, he went back to his daughter’s room.

“Sunshine let’s go visit Sky’s place.”

“Now daddy???”

“Yes Princess. I need to talk to your Tita Maya now.”

“You’ll ask her if she likes you?”

“Yes! Ah no!” He was excited that he even got confused. “I will ask her about something else.”

“Okay daddy if you say so.”

Then the father and daughter quietly left their unit to pay a surprise visit to Maya and Sky.

Richard didn’t want to end the day without clearing things with her.

It’s already 9 in the evening but he knows she wouldn’t mind.

He’s sure that Maya already knows that he’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy.






11 thoughts on “One Fine Day – 7”

  1. Thankie so much for this chapter dreamytimmy. Waaah ang bilis ni Mr Lim, maski 9pm ng gabi that very day sugod sabahay ni Miss Dela Rosa to clear up his side. Sign na masugid ha…cheers mga kaadiks, hinay hinay lang.

    1. nakakatakot ang ‘spur of the moment’ na yan. pero equally scary din as ‘by appointment’ Hahaha!!! gets to ng mga adiks.

      Thanks sis for keeping the pex thread so entertaining. Di pa rin kumukupas ang bcwmh flashbacks.

  2. Sugod Mr. Lim! Nice of you to clear things at the spur-of-the-moment with Ms. Dela Rosa. Carpe Diem and adiks are always behind you! 😜👍 Thank you Ms. Timmy! Now I am so excited for the next chapter! It is indeed One Fine Day!

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