One Fine Day – 1

A/N inspired by my fave romcom movie of Clooney and Pfeiffer

The knock on his condo unit was heard but instead of answering it, he covered his ears with his pillow. “Ang aga aga istorbo!” But the knock was incessant and it became louder until it wasn’t a knock anymore but a pounding on his door.

He begrudgingly sat up and glanced at his alarm clock which says ‘5:15’ “Ano ba ang aga! Sisisantehin ko to si Doris mamaya eh.”

Doris is his househelp. She goes to his condo three times a week to do his laundry, clean the unit, change his sheets and curtains,  iron his clothes, do his groceries and even cook his food which she keeps in these microwaveable containers for him to reheat.

Doris makes life bearable and easy for him but right now he doesn’t see that.

He hates her for disturbing his sleep.

He slept late after watching a championship tennis match of his favorite Roger Federer the night before.

With some cans of beer and a family sized pizza he stayed  up until 4am to finish the Australian Open.

It was his way of rewarding himself after closing a deal for Lim Aviation Services, a company his father built but could never call his own until he has proven himself.

After making so many wrong decisions in his life, his father Roberto Lim lost trust and faith in him that when he decided to be serious with his career, he now had to painstakingly prove it.

He knows it was his own fault that’s why he’s hell bent in proving himself. True enough he was able to close a deal with a big client, the Singapura Lines which earned him a compliment and congratulary remark from his father. He also heard the word ‘son’ which he rarely hears from his dad.

If in the past he would normally celebrate his success in a bar with friends, he’s a changed man now prefering to celebrate alone in front of his tv, watching his favorite sport, with his favorite pepperoni pizza and beer.

And after staying til four in the morning for his ‘solo celebration’ he needed a much deserved sleep right now…

which Doris disturbed.

Now he stood up not bothering to put his pants over his boxers. He just wore his glasses and annoyingly went out of his room to open his front door.

“Doris ang aga pa…”

“Richard hindi ka pa nakabihis???!!!???” An equally angry woman with a sweet pretty little girl was at the door.

“Daddy!” He immediately carried and kissed the little girl on both her cheeks.  He immediately forgot his annoyance.  He smiled.

“So what brings my princess here this early?” She gave his daughter kisses of her tummy which made her squeal in delight.

“Ricardo ano ba! Bakit hindi ka pa nakahanda?” The woman asked again.

He smiled at his daughter and asked her to go inside his room to look for ‘Gus’, her tattered kitty stuff toy which she leaves with her daddy.

The moment Sunshine ran to his room, Richard faced the little girl’s mother, his ex wife. “Ano ka ba Corinne naririnig ka ng bata! Bakit napakainit ng ulo mo at bakit nandito kayo?” Then he saw that she has a luggage. “Oh so you regret leaving your poor husband and now you’re returning to me?” He was intentionally sarcastic.

“Tumigil ka nga Richard. Wala akong oras makipagbiruan.”

“At sinong nakikipagbiruan?” He said as he teasingly approached Corinne to annoy her more.

“Richard ngayon yun flight namin ni James papuntang Japan…”

“Ah ngayon na pala yun vacation mo with that jerk.”

“He’s not a jerk. Kung meron mang ganun hindi si James yun.”

“Oh so ikaw yun.” He said bitterly.

“Richard I don’t energy for this. Pwede ba tigilan mo na. I am already late for my flight and our daughter will be late for her fieldtrip.”

“Ah the ever evasive Corinne…”

The tension was diffused when their daughter came running to her dad with her favorite kitty toy. “Daddy Gus was sleeping under your pillow. Ang tagal ko sya nahanap.”

“Ah I’m sure Gus will be very happy to be with you Sunshine.”

“I’m sure he is daddy.” Then the little girl smiled while hugging the toy tightly.

Corinne took the opportunity to avoid having a longer conversation with Richard which would eventually lead to their usual arguments by giving the instructions and reminders about their daughter.

“Richard here are the list of things you shouldn’t forget. Here’s the number of Sunshine’s pedia. You can call her anytime even on midnight kapag nagkaproblema. Here’s the number of her teacher too. You should call her even after classes kasi sometimes may mga pinadadala yun school or assignments na di ni Sunshine naaalala. Eto din yun mga pagkain na bawal sa kanya. Please refrain from giving her chocolates and candies.”

Richard though listening intently while carrying Sunshine, was raising his eyebrows at Corinne.

Corinne just ignored him and continued. Tapos eto yun number ni Maya dela Rosa. This is important kasi Sunshine will be joining her and her son in going to school today. Maaga kasi yun mga bata since may school field trip and they shouldn’t be late. She’s my friend and a mom of Sunshine’s classmate. Napakiusapan ko na sunduin si Sunshine dito para wag mahuli yun bata sa field trip. Malapit lang naman apartment nya. I asked her to fetch Sunshine at 7:00 so dapat nakahanda na siya pagdating ni Maya.”

“Whoah! Wait! Why would I let someone take my daughter to school? I could do that myself.” He looked pissed.

“Richard alam ko naman yun. I’m just making things easier for you. Please wag ka nang makidiskusyon. I’m already late for my flight.”

Seeing Corinne’s stressed face, Richard relented. “How would I know who this Maya dela Rosa is? Baka mamaya iba ang sumundo sa bata?”

“May number nga di ba. O wait I have a picture of her on my phone taken sa PTA meeting. Here. That’s her beside Teacher Rafi.”

“Oh she’s very pretty. Ang ganda ng mata nya. Parang sa cat.” Richard couldn’t help himself but comment.

“Like the eyes of Gus daddy?” Sunshine joined.

“Yes princess parang eyes ni Gus.” Then he smiled.

“Richard.” Corinne gave her a warning look.

“What? I was just appreciating…”

“She’s my friend. Ayaw ko nang magkasiraan kami so please don’t try anything silly…”

“Oh but kami ni James, we were friends too… Or so I thought.”

“Richard please…” Corinne was begging now for she could never win whenever the topic leads to James.

James Ventura was once Richard’s best friend, the best man of his and Corinne’s wedding seven years ago.

“Sige na Corinne. You’ll be late for your flight. Ako na bahala kay Sunshine.” He now seriously told his ex-wife.

“Bye mom!”

“Bye baby. Don’t give daddy a hard time okay? You can call mommy anytime. Enjoy your stay with daddy.”

“Yes mommy I will.”

“Bye Chard. Thank you.” Then she kissed him on the cheek.

He just gave her a sad smile in return.


11 thoughts on “One Fine Day – 1”

  1. Thank you dreamytimmy for this new story. Happy easter to you. This is interesting knowing that Richard is already separated from his wife and Maya is also a single mom? Looking forward to their meeting soon at sana may spark agad, ha ha ha. Cheers!

  2. I watched the movie a long time ago, i forgot the story already. So thank you Ms. Timmy and featuring our fave couple. Love it!! Excited for the next chapter!

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