One Fine Day – 3

One Fine Day – 3

Richard Lim and his daughter Sunshine together with Maya dela Rosa and her son Sky were rushing to the kids’ school.

They alighted their taxi even if they were still a few blocks away from the school. The traffic was terrible and they decided that running is a wiser option to be able to reach the school bus which will bring the kids to the ferry terminal.

While still catching their breaths from running, they were told the bad news. The school guard informed them that the school bus already left.  They don’t have a choice but to hail a taxi again to be at the ferry terminal by 8 am. They just have 15 minutes to go to the terminal so the kids could still catch the cruise ship which would tour them around Manila Bay and Corregidor as part of the activities of their field trip.

The moment they boarded a taxi, both kid and parent sat at the backseat of the taxi. Since both Sunshine and Sky wanted to sit by the window, Maya and Richard had no choice but to unfortunately sit beside each other.

“This is your fault. Ang tagal nyo.” He started blaming her in hushed voice so that the kids won’t hear them.

“Mr. Lim maaga kami. We were at your place 6:45. Kayo yung wala doon.” Maya countered in a hushed voice as well.

“Hindi ka ba marunong magbasa? I posted a message at my door and I clearly wrote that Sunshine and I would be having breakfast at McDonalds.”

“Richard Lim wala na yun sinasabi mong message pagdating namin. Atsaka hindi man lang ba sumagi sa isip mo na tawagan ako? Alam kong binigay ni Corinne yun number ko sa’yo. Bakit hindi ka tumawag para alamin kung nabasa ba namin yun nawawala mong message sa pintuan ng unit mo?”

“Why would I call you? We aren’t even close.”

“At sinabi ko ba na close tayo? Tatawag ka kasi mahuhuli na yung anak ko at yung anak mo sa field trip nila. Hindi ba importante sa’yo yun? Ang yabang mo naman na mas isipin pa yun pride mo at ayaw mong ikaw yun unang tatawag!”

“Eh ganun pala bakit hindi ikaw yun unang tumawag kung iniisip mo yun field trip ng mga bata?”

“Wala akong number mo. At hindi ko pinangarap na kunin yun number mo after kong makita kung gaano kasama ng ugali mo.”

“Me? Masama ang ugali? Excuse me Ms. Dela Rosa but I’m the nicest person in the whole world.”

“Ikaw nice? Kung nice ka aba santo na pala ako!”

“Whatever! But I assure you. I am a nice and very likeable person kung nice din yun tao pero with someone like you wag na lang nga. Sayang naman yun friendship ko if I’ll waste it on someone like you.”

“Ang kapal mo talaga. As if naman I’m interested to be your friend. Oy Mr. Lim I am friends only with your ex- wife that’s why I agreed to fetch Sunshine. At hindi ako interesado to add you sa friends’ list ko.”

He was about to say something but his phone rang.

It was actually his friend Ryan, who’s also their company lawyer who is calling, but Richard Lim had a naughty idea formulated in his mind.

Still in a hushed voice which won’t be heard by the kids but would definitely heard by Maya, “Oh hi gorgeous! I had fun last night.”

“Anong gorgeous? Hoy Richard Lim si Ryan to!” A confused Ryan stared at his phone to check if it was indeed Richard’s number he dialed.

“Of course I know who you are. Ikaw talaga! How could I forget you after what we did last night? So Stephanie, are we gonna have fun again tonight? You should wear those lace undergarments again. It turns me on.”

A shocked and overly disgusted Maya gaped at Richard then she clumsily dialed her phone too in an attempt to distract herself from Richard’s conversation with the person he made her believe to be a certain Stephanie.

“Brod kung anong kalokohan na naman yan wag mo nga akong idamay. Pumunta ka na dito kasi umuusok na sa galit ang papa mo. Wala ka na naman sa 7:30 meeting kanina. Your success sa closed deal mo kahapon is good for one day lang. Eto aburido na si Tito Roberto. Pumunta ka na agad.” Then Ryan also ended the call.

“I’ll definitely see you tonight babe. Don’t forget to bring the massage oils as well.”

He was staring at Maya with the naughty glint in his eyes. He’s purposely annoying her.

Maya just shook her head while waiting for the person she called to answer his phone.

“Oy Mayabels asan ka na ba? Akala ko very early tayo kasi you will rehearse your presentation. Asan ka na? Mag-aalas otso na dear.”

“Naku Emman maaga sana ako kung walang pasaway na asungot na sumira sa araw ko.”

“Oh why? May problem aba?”

“Malaking problema Emman. Eto naghahabol kami ni Sky para maabutan yun field trip nila kasi merong mama dito na siguro napuyat sa babaeng with lace undergarments kaya late na nagising. Naku kung hindi ko lang kaibigan yun kawawang ex-wife nya.” She was already fuming mad. She needs to be in her office already for her big presentation.

“Naku Mayabels kung sino man yan, hayaan mo na. Umiral na naman ang pagiging man-hater mo. Sige na ihatid mo na muna si Sky. I’m sure naman na kayang kaya mo yun presentation later. Basta be here by 9 ha. Nandun na kasi sa office ni Ma’m Ina sina Mr. Jaime Ventura at yung anak nya. “

“Sige Emman. Thank you ha!”

“No worries Maya. Basta kalma ka lang ha. At please lang be nice dyan sa sinasabi mo. Ayaw mo naman sigurong magmukhang stressed on the day of your presentation.”

“Oo na Emman.”

When she ended the call…

“So who’s that? A boyfriend? Oh let me rephrase, a very unlucky boyfriend?”

“Mr. Lim please lang ha. I have a very busy day ahead at hindi ko gusto yun pambwibwisit mo. If you’re the kind of person who stays home in front of the TV watching stupid shows and eating a whole box of pizza, drinking beer and enjoys annoying people because they have nothing interesting to do, please spare me. I am a very busy person and my time is very precious.”

“Ouch! That hurts Ms. Masungit. Buti na lang your son is not as grumpy as you.” Then he even winked at Sky.

The taxi stopped and they rushed to the ferry terminal but unfortunately, the ferry already left.

Sky and Sunshine were waiting for a taxi to bring them home. They were now aware of their bickering parents.

“Kasalanan mo talaga to. Now how would I work with my son tagging along with me.”

“Hindi ko kasalanan.”

“At kanino aber?”

“The circumstances, yun hangin na naglipad sa note sa pinto ko, yun pagiging ontime ng field trip… maraming may kasalanan…”

“Or sabihin mo, yun hindi umaandar na initiative mo to call me. Nakakapikon ka talaga Richard Lim!”

“My mom hates your dad.”

“My dad hates your mom too.”

“But we don’t hate each other, right Sunshine?”

“Of course we don’t, Sky.”

“Can I see your dad’s phone?” Sky got curious of Sunshine’s dad’s phone which she’s playing with.

“Here. Daddy has lots of games.” Sunshine handed her dad’s phone to Sky.

“Here is Mommy’s phone too. She also has some girly games.” Sky also showed Sunshine his mom’s phone.

Their parents got the phones now.

Both kids were able to return each other’s phone but Maya thought they didn’t so she grabbed the mobile phone from Richard’s right hand and shoved the one she’s holding in his left hand.

“You Richard Lim are the most disgusting person, correction, creature I’ve ever met!”

“And you Maya dela Rosa are the most crazy woman I’ve unfortunately interacted with!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t and I assure you, you won’t!”

“I DO hate you with every fiber of my being!”



Then they both boarded separate taxicabs to bring them to their destination for the day.



At the daycare center…

“Here’s Mr. Potato…”

“Oh hi Mr. Potato, can my daughter join your games?”

“What is her name?”

“Her name is Sunshine. She wants to play too.”

Maya decided to leave Sky at a local daycare. They arrived while there was an ongoing puppet show where the performer was hidden. Only his puppet covered hands can be seen by his eager audience.

Maya was so impressed that she was clapping her hands when the short show ended.

The performer suddenly emerged.

It was Richard Lim.


A/N : Sorry delayed. Hindi kasi safe… magsulat while busy sa work. (hehehe!)




6 thoughts on “One Fine Day – 3”

  1. I love their beckering its so not them kaya exciting !!!! I cant wait for more exciting encounter of the two ……thanks sa update Ms Timmy👍👍👍

  2. Thank you! A very nice spin-off indeed of One Fine Day! Looking forward to the next one. At mukhang pati anak ni Mr. Jaime Ventura may part the story? Interesting.

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