Be Careful With My Heart

Be Careful With My Heart

July 9, 2017

It’s been five years since the showing of the very first episode of the undisputed phenomenal series of ABS-CBN and Ms. Jeany, the head of the unit responsible for the series, threw a party to celebrate the highly successful show.

She sent invitations weeks ago and even instructed everyone to enter the venue of the party in their serye character just like what they did in the Fairytale Wedding and After Wedding Party. She thought that it would make the celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Every member of the BCWMH family, from the actors to the staff and even utility personnel were excited to finally have the chance to see each other after the show ended.

The show was very special to them and every member behind the serye had wonderful memories of the show.

BCWMH gave them a steady source of income for two years and four months.

It started the careers of the showbiz newcomers then but famous actors now – Luke, Nikki, Nicolo, Inigo, Joni, Joey and Chesca.

It also made the stand-up comediennes Sabel and Doris famous which opened lots of opportunities for them in other shows as well.

BCWMH also opened opportunities for independent film and theatre actors like Emman and Leah.

The show also became instrumental in creating a name for Ms. Jeany’s unit, which eventually earned them more projects. Every time people finds out that they were the same team behind Be Careful With My Heart, people would never fail to praise them for the show and be grateful to the point that they support any project the unit does to show their gratitude.

The show made Richard Lim the very famous actor and bankable endorser he is now. Richard Lim became a highly in-demand actor. He was given more projects after playing the role of the very much loved and revered Ser Chief. He starred in movies, had guested in some TV shows, he even had an album with another Chinito guy. His businesses flourished and also benefitted from BCWMH as people would normally support his business endeavors whenever they learn that their most loved Ser Chief owns it. Richard was very much aware of what the show did to him and he was truly grateful. He never failed to show how thankful he was by constantly mentioning it. This attitude of his endeared him to most of his fans. They see him as someone who knows how to look back from where he came from and someone who had his feet planted to the ground. He remained humble and approachable.

Maya dela Rosa became noticed now. Her talent was now being appreciated. She had been around the business for many years already but only after she took on the role as the positive, bubbly and very loving wife of Ser Chief, did she become noticed by the network. She was now regarded as one of the pillars of the Star Magic which was formerly dominated by other actors. She was given many projects as well and many endorsements too. The show also influenced her personal life. She became a better person because of the show and because of those she worked with in the show. Everyone positively influenced each other.

Even those who played support roles in BCWMH were given projects after it ended. Nanay Teresita, Tatay Arturo, Don Roberto, Dona Esmeralda, Manang Fe, Cho were given seryes one after the other.

Kute got into government service.

All the writers and staff of the show had a steady source of income as Ms. Jeany ensured that they will always be part of every project her unit handles.

The original singer of the theme song of the serye was also very thankful that his song skyrocketed in the sales when it was used as the serye’s OST.

BCWMH opened many opportunities for everyone.


“Direk Jett nagkita ulit tayo.” The good-natured soft-spoken Director was the first to arrive at the venue of the party. He was met by Ms. Jeany. They were actually together almost every day because of their ongoing series.

“Maagang natapos yun taping ng The Better Half eh. Gusto rin nga nilang makisali sa party.” He joked. “Asan na yung iba? Mukhang napaaga nga ata ako.”

“Okay lang. At least may kasama na ako. Sila Panching at Bon nandito na kanina pero pinakiusapan kong bumili ng miniature cakes para sa mga bata.”

“Masaya to Jeany. Masaya at makikita ulit natin sila. Malalaki na sigurado yun mga bata. Yun mga teens naman natin matured na. I’m excited to see them.” The director quipped.

“Ako din. It’s been years but hindi ko pa rin malimutan yun masayang samahan natin.” The unit head added.

They went on reminiscing about the great times they had while doing the show.

“Direk Jett! Ms. Jeany! We are back!!!” The funny and well-loved triumvirate of the Lim household chorused upon entering the venue. Behind them was the guy who played Joma who was escorting Manang Fe.

“Ang ingay nyo talaga Sabel, Doris at Leah.” Manang Fe pretended to act like her role in the series which got everybody laughing.

“Masungit si Manang Fe kasi wala si Mang Anastacio.” Joma also joked which earned him a pinch from Manang Fe.

Ms. Nel and the writers were also in attendance and they were relentlessly praised for the success of the show. Everyone believes that the well-written and thought off script of the show was the reason for its success.


“Wala pa ba si Direk Melvyn?” Direk Jett was looking for his co Director.

“Naku Direk baka matagal pa yun. Alam mo naman he’s still using his old volkz.” Joma commented which made everyone laugh.

They were noisily chatting in groups. The staff had a small group, the older cast were also talking to each other and the teens as well.


“Hi Niks!”

“Hi Nicolo? How’s your mom?”

“Ayun lumalaban pa rin. Salamat sa mga prayers nyo ha! It meant a lot.”

“Nicolo we’re like family di ba? Kasama nyo kami ni Tita sa battle nya.” She assured her former LT who even became her bestfriend.

Nicolo tried his best not to show the inner struggle he was having. His voice was already shaky. “Thank you Niks.”

Nikki gave him a tight hug to comfort him.

Luke, Louie and Inigo also arrived together with Joey, Aira, Joni, Amiel, Stacey and the other teens of the show. They happily chatted which also made Nicolo forget even momentarily what his family is going through.

They were all updating each other of their present projects and they even vowed to constantly see each other even after the party.


Finally the leads arrived:

Richard had to fetch Maya and also the kids who played their twins Sky and Sunshine. They followed Ms. Jeany’s request to be in their show’s character and they gamely played it.

“Naku late kayong dalawa. Kanina pa kami dito.” Kute teased Richard and Maya who just arrived at the party. They brought wine and more food and gifts for everyone.

“Eto kasi si Sweetheart and tagal. Ayaw lumabas ng bedroom. Ayaw akong pakawalan sa bed.” He naughtily joked which earned more teasing from their companions and which made his partner turn crimson.

“Naku bunso ah! Baka mamaya may mas bunso pa kina Sky and Sunshine.” Kute added.

“Kute ha!” she managed to say.

“Ano? Totoo naman. Atsaka Maya dela Rosa, malalaki na rin naman tong kambal. Pwede nang sundan.” Kute continued to tease them and Richard gamely joined.

“See sweetheart agree si Kute. I told you dapat sundan na yun kambal because malalaki na sila and they’ll eventually go to school. Malungkot na sa bahay, wala nang babies. Oh well ikaw pala yun baby ko.” He acted so sweet that she was already blushing.

“Tumigil ka nga. Sumosobra ka na! Ikaw rin Kute! Tara na nga kain na tayo. Gutom na ako. Ang tagal kasi nito ni partner.”

They were all having a blast teasing each other like they used to before.

They celebrated the anniversary of the show and they celebrated the years of friendship as well.


“Ms. Jeany do you think they’ll make us continue the series? Open-ended naman yun last episode natin eh.” Richard got curious.

“Maybe. Hindi ko alam. If ever, would you guys still do it?”

“Of course! Basta ba sama sama pa rin tayo.” He readily agreed.

“Ako rin. I will never trade what we had in BCWMH for anything.” Maya also agreed.

Ms. Jeany was very happy and proud that the positive vibes of the show had been adapted by everyone who became part of it.

She’s hoping to do the show again, that is if we veiwers would still want it.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Join us in reminiscing the show in twitter using the hashtag #BCWMHAlwaysInOurHearts

Kapit Bisig!


The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Atty Ryan : Gym Bodies? Gym Buddies?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Atty Ryan : Gym Bodies? Gym Buddies?

A/N : Namiss ko si Atty. Ryan.

In Ricky’s home office aka principal’s office:

“Brod samahan mo na ako. Makakatipid kasi if dalawa tayong magsisign-up. The second person gets to pay only 50% of the registration fee.” Atty Ryan was convincing Ricky to join him. He wanted to be a member of the newly opened gym near LAS. His panyero owns it kaso nahihiya siya to go there alone that’s why he’s inviting Richard.

“Brod I don’t need to go to the gym. I’m a busy person.” Ricky doesn’t want to.

“Brod at our age, we need to be more fit. We need to burn more calories kasi bumabagal na yun metabolism natin. Atsaka you don’t exercise. I bet you don’t even jog or walk. Yun pool nyo nga nilulumot na  ata kasi ayaw mo man lang lumangoy. Ang alam mo lang eh bahay – kotse – office. You need to be more active brod.” Makulit si Ryan.

“And who says I’m not active. Brod for your information, I get to burn lots of calories daily! And I do it with a more enjoyable and may i add extremely pleasurable activity with my wife. I don’t need to pay those high gym fees.” Ricky bragged.

“May gym equipment kayo dito?” Atty. Ryan got curious. He wanted one for their home din kasi. Papatulong siya sa brod nya bumili.

“Wala. Who needs gym equipment. Kami lang ni Maya. We do our exclusive-for-the-bedroom exercise daily. As in walang palya. That’s the reason why I’m fit, very healthy, very happy, very agile. Same goes for my wife. She’s also very healthy, glowing, very happy. No gym equipment needed just ourselves, just our own equipment.” Then he grinned. Natawa sa pinagsasabi nya. “Ikaw ata ang fragile ngayon Brod.” He couldn’t stop grinning. He teased his friend.

“Whoah nahiya naman ako sa inyo ni Maya brod! At nang-inggit ka pa talaga. Alam mo namang  two months wala si Ivy sa bahay. Iba ka Mr. Richard Lim. Nagpakasal ka lang aba yumabang ka na. Tsk!” Ryan pretended to be annoyed.

Ricky was still laughing. Naisahan nya si Ryan now. Between the two of them kasi, Ryan is the arrogant one, the sweet talker, more outgoing, the sociable one. Ryan would always be the one teasing him kaya he felt good to be able to do it to his friend for a change.

“Kaya naman pala gusto mong maggym kasi wala si Ivy. Naku brod you really need a release.” Dagdag pa ni Ricky.

“Naku brod nilalayo mo yun usapan. Basta isasali kita dun sa gym.  Ako na lang magbabayad kung ayaw mong mabawasan yun laman ng wallet mo. Alam ko naman kuripot ka, nagpapalusot ka lang na you don’t want to go to the gym.”

“Bahala ka. Basta I don’t need to go there ha. Atsaka baka magalit si Maya kapag pumunta ako sa gym. Alam mo na. Maraming mga girls na nagpapapansin sa mga lugar na ganyan.”

“Ano naman akala mo sa sarili mo brod? Yuppie at pagkakaguluhan? Hoy Engineer Richard Lim may I remind you that we’re both middle aged men who would just go to the gym to be able to keep up with our activities with our wives. Pampalakas resistensya para di tayo mapahiya sa mga misis natin. Yun lang yun.”

“Speak for yourself Ryan.” He was still grinning, having a blast with their conversation. Confident siya kasi naman he really feels good and feels strong despite his age. Effective talaga yun daily exercise nila ni Maya.

Nagpipilitan pa sila when Maya arrived.

She kissed Ricky even in front of Ryan. They were already comfortable being sweet in front of their close friends, Ryan included.

She also gave Ryan her customary beso.

“Sweetheart you’re early. I was supposed to fetch you in an hour pa ah.”

“Naku Sweetheart pinauwi na kami ni Ms. Calandra kasi cancelled yun mga flights this afternoon. May sira daw kasi yun runway kaya closed muna. Kahit tuloy yun dapat meeting namin eh cancelled na rin. Bukas daw resumption ng flights. Ayun nagkakagulo na sila sa airport.”

Ryan commented“Naku grabe ang perwisyo nyan. Pero buti na lang Maya nandito ka na. Ikaw na lang magkumbinsi dito sa asawa mo. Ang hirap kasing mapa-oo.”

Ricky was just smiling. He’s very confident that Ryan won’t be able to convince Maya as well.

“Para sa ano yan Ryan? Umoo saan?”

“May bagong gym kasi yun kaibigan ko na malapit sa LAS. Iniimbitahan ko sana si Ricky na sumali para naman may kasama ako at para na rin sa health nya. Okay yun di ba Maya?” Ryan was hopeful.

Ricky was just shaking his head at his friend’s persistence. Natutuwa sya that even si Maya kinoconvice nya when he very well knows that Maya wouldn’t agree because she’s not fond of having workout sa mga gym.

Or so he thought….

“Maganda yan Ryan. Ricky sumali ka na. Makakatulong yan para mas maging fit ka. Para na rin sa resistensya mo. Bagay yan kay Ricky, Atty Ryan. Hingalin kasi to tapos mabilis pa makatulog kapag gabi. Sige na Sweetheart tutal  kasama naman si Atty. Ryan. Ako nga gusto ko rin kung papaya si Ricky na sumali rin ako.” Maya was talking nonstop, oblivious to her now tahimik at mas lalong sumingkit sa inis na husband.

Then Maya needed to leave to answer  a phone call…

“Agile pala, very healthy, very fit brod ha!” It was now Ryan who was teasing him.

“Oo na sasali na ako sa gym mo na yan, tigilan mo lang ako.” Seryoso na si Ricky. Pikon na agad siya.

“Okay okay. Wala naman akong sinasabi.” He stopped na kasi pikon na si Ricky.

“Goodbye Ryan. I would have a word with my wife now to remind her of what she was saying kanina. Bye.”

“Aba at talagang sapilitan mo akong pinapauwi.” Ryan was really about to leave pero natawa pa rin sya with how Ricky acts whenever he’s pikon.

“Magkita na lang tayo sa LAS bukas.”

“O siya. Ingat brod ha. Baka marupok na yan.” He was grinning as he still commented before he left.

Ricky smirked. Asar sya at naisahan na naman siya ni Ryan.


That night…

Sa bedroom…

“O bakit ganyan ang mukha mo sweetheart?” Maya was smiling sweetly at her husband, unaware that her husband was angry with what she told Ryan.

“Wala. Let’s sleep.”

“Ha? Sleep na agad?”

“Oo kasi di ba yun ang sabi mo kay Ryan. Di ba sabi mo hingalin ako at antukin. Well I’ll prove na tama ka so halika na let’s sleep.”

“Sweetheart nagtampo ka sa sinabi ko kanina? Uy sorry na. Hindi ko naman sinasadya yun eh. Atsaka honest lang naman ako.” She was hugging her husband from behind.  Nilalambing ang masungit na Ricky. She’s even burying her face sa side ng neck ni Ricky.

Pero hindi effective. He just stared at her then sighed.

“Ricky naman eh. Sorry na. Nakakainis naman to. Para yun lang.”

“Huy Maya, hindi yun ‘yun lang’. You hurt my ego. Ipinahiya mo ako kay Ryan. Baka akalain nya eh I’m a failure in that aspect.”

“Failure saan?” clueless na naman si Maya.

“Failure in my duties to make you a very happy woman inside our bedroom.” Seryoso si Ricky. Nagtampo talaga siya.

Maya on the other hand, got shy with what her husband said. She blushed. Then while avoiding his gaze kasi hiya sya. “Hindi ka failure Sweetheart. Very happy nga ako. Ikaw ang best sa ganun in the whole world.” She covered her face with a pillow which Ricky removed.

“How would you know na ako yun best eh ako lang naman ang asawa mo? You’re just saying that para mabawasan atraso mo. Binobola mo lang ako.” Pakipot pa si Ricky.

“Hindi ah. Hindi ako marunong mambola atsaka the best ka kasi nga lagi akong excited kapag malapit nang gumabi.” Shy at kilig ang Maya.

Naalert ears ni Ricky. “You mean you’re looking forward to it din?”

“Oo kaya halika na start na tayo?” Si Maya talaga oo!

Napalunok na lang si Ricky. Feisty pala si Maya.

He really needs to go to the gym to keep up with his wife. Maybe they should really go together.

Naku ang magsweethearts na to.

Who wants to join them? (sa gym ha!)



Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Saturday. Richard was very excited for the swimming lessons he would teach Maya. He asked Joma to clean the pool the night before. He even asked Doris to get the inflatable toys in their storage room so that they could use it.

He asked Manang Fe and Sabel to prepare barbeque and hotdogs and other finger food for them to eat as well. They prepared the table near the pool. Dun na rin sila magbreakfast as it was still very early.

It will be swimming day for the entire Lim family. He decided to allow everyone to join them so that Maya wouldn’t be awkward when he teaches her the basics of swimming. He knows that Maya tends to be shy so he already thought of a solution and that is to let everybody join.

Nobody knows too that it was because of Maya that they would be swimming today. Richard decided not to mention it.

He’s very excited.

Maya spent the night with them. She slept at Abby’s room as her former ward requested her Ate Maya  to sleep with her.

“Ricardo abalang abala ka dyan.” Manang Fe appeared behind him. He was busy checking the pool making sure that the floor tiles weren’t slippery to avoid accidents.

“Ah Manang I just checked the floor. Baka kasi nakalimutan ni Jomang linisin. Baka madulas yun mga bata.”

“Naninibago ako sa’yo. Ngayon ka lang naging excited magswimming. Ang alam ko, eh halos ayaw mong gamitin yang swimming pool na yan.”

“Manang it’s summer. This would be a great bonding time for the kids. Kayo Manang join din kayo mamaya. I already told Sabel, Doris and Joma to join as well.” He was smiling at Manang Fe.

“Eh si Maya?”

“Ah…eh… it’s up to her Manang if she wants to join.” Hala nahiya pa si Ricardo na aminin na si Maya ang reason for the impromptu swimming.

“Pasalihin mo para matuwa si Abby. At para matuwa ka rin.” Manang said the last line to herself.

“Yes Manang I’ll tell her.”

Then Manang Fe left him.

He was relieved. He was never a good liar. He didn’t want to lie but he was shy kay Manang Fe especially that Manang Fe could read him like a book. He didn’t want her or anybody teasing him. Di siya ready for it.


“Dad are we gonna start na?” Nikki who was excited to wear her new swimming outfit and hat asked her dad. Luke was also trailing behind. He was just making annoyed expressions at Nikki.

“Sure you go ahead. I’ll just wait for Abby.”

He was excitedly waiting for Maya and Abby. He was ready to swim. He’s wearing board shorts and a shirt. Siyempre he couldn’t be topless or else baka di sila makafocus ni Maya. Excited din siya on what she will wear. She mentioned that she even bought a swimwear kasi required ng TA Training School.

He heard Sabel and Doris by the stairs “Day ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang suot mo? Naku dapat swimwear di ba? Manang wear naman yan eh.”

Di pa nya nakikita sina Maya but he already braced himself to be disappointed. Maybe she got shy to wear her swimsuit.  Malamang she is wearing a dark shirt and cycling shorts.

“Ano ba Doris, Sabel. nakakahiya naman magsuot ng ganyan sa inyo.”  She protested.

“Naku Maya dela Rosa kung ganyan ang katawan ko sa’yo isusuot ko na ang pinakasexy na swimsuit. Nakakainis ka girl!”

“Wag nga kayo. Marinig nga tayo ni Ser Chief. Nakakahiya!!!”

“Anong hiya hiya eh si Ser nga nakaswimming trunks” Sabel teased her.

Nagulat si Maya. Napaimagine ng kung ano-ano.

She even closed her eyes. “Naku Sabel! Erase erase!”

“Ha? Anong pinagsasabi mo Maya? Anong erase erase mo dyan?” Clueless si Doris pero quick si Sabel. “Aha! Iniimagine mo si Ser ano?! Naku Maya ikaw ha!”

“Oy kayo hindi ah! Hali na nga kayo at inip na tong alaga ko.”

“Uy excited na makitang nakatrunks si Ser.” Sabel further teased her.

Richard who heard everything was just smiling. Naaaliw sya kina Doris at Sabel especially when they are teasing Maya.

Maya came down still wearing a robe so di pa nya alam what’s underneath.

“Good morning Ser Chief.” she greeted him. Relieved din sya that her Ser Chief was wearing board shorts and not trunks. Nakahinga sya ng maluwag pero slightly disappointed din pero ayaw nya siyempre aminin even to herself.

“Good Morning Maya. Hi Baby! Let’s have breakfast muna. Nakahanda na sa poolside.” Then he carried Abby.

“Ah sige Ser Chief.” Shy na shy pa rin sya.

She just took few bites of the hotdogs and di na rin kumain ng rice. She wanted to start the swimming lessons while hindi pa masyadong mainit.

Abby already joined Luke and Nikki. Joma, Sabel and Doris were also swimming. Manang Fe returned to her room.

“Dad, Ate Maya join us.” Luke was calling them already.

He went near her. Pasimple ba. “Ready ka na?”

‘Oo Ser Chief. Alalayan mo ako ha?”

“Of course.” They were both talking in hushed voices para di marining ng iba.

“Remove your robe na Maya.”

Nashy ulit si Maya while naexcite si Ser Chief.

Ayan dahil sa nerbyos or hiya, nabuhol yun knot ng robe ni Maya. She couldn’t remove it.

Of course Ser Chief to the rescue. He slowly went near her then carefully untied the robe. Pulang pula and hiyang hiya si Maya. Kilig na kilig rin like electric bolts were in her system.

“Relax…” He said in his soft voice that never fails to give Maya goosebumps.

“Ako na Ser Chief.” She said when she was na naayos na yun belt ng robe nya.

He gave her his sweet smile showing his dimples. He even winked at her.

Maya saw what he’s been doing so she whispered to him. “Ser Chief tigilan mo nga yan. Baka matunaw ako bago pa man tayo mag-umpisang magswimming.”

“Affected ka?” he teased her.

“Ser Chief ha! Mabiro kang masyado kahit sa harap ng mga bata.”

“Okay lang yan. They know that I’m fond of you anyway. We all are naman.”

“Wag ka na ngang masyadong magpakilig dyan. Nadidistract na nga ako at nakashorts ka.” She compalined.

Ricky was loving every bit of their banters. He was oblivious that they were in front of everybody. “So you find me sexy with my shorts? Affected ka nga!”

“Halika na nga Ser Chief. Nagiging pilyo ka na ha! Hindi bagay.”

He chuckled.

Then Maya slowly removed her robe.

He was expecting the worst but was blessed with such a lovely sight.

Maya was wearing a conservative one-piece swimwear but it hugged her body perfectly. It even showed her curves and her legs.

Uh-oh siya na ngayon ang sobrang affected at excited  that without waiting for Maya he dove sa pool and did few laps of swimming.

Nagtaka naman lahat maliban kay naughty Sabel who saw Maya and immediately understood that their boss got affected with Maya’s swimwear. Natawa na lang si Sabel.

“Daddy why are you making pasikat with your swimming skills?” Nikki innocently asked.

“I was just showing Maya that magaling akong magswim. She’s doubting me kasi when I told her na I’m a very good swimmer.” Palusot nya.

Maya was already beside Abby. Panay lang hawak sa sides ng pool.

“Ate Maya si Daddy pala dapat ang magturo sa’yong magswim.” Abby knows that Maya has swimming lessons in time Airways.

Siyempre pakipot ang Maya. Pretending na hindi nila napagusapan ni Ser Chief yun lessons. “Baby baka busy ang daddy mo atsaka nakakahiya. Hindi ako marunong. Baka mahirapan syang turuan ako.”

Tumaas lang ang kilay ni Ricky. Nagpalusot din ang Maya.

“Okay lang naman yan kay dad. Di ba dad?” It was Luke this time.

Nang hindi agad nagsalita si Ser Chief, Joma volunteered. “Ako na lang Maya para wag maabala si Ser.”

Lagot kung kanina happy like a dolphin si Ser Chief, now biglang sungit like a shark.

Maya saw it so she immediately quipped. “Wag na Kuya Joma. Si Ser Chief na lang. sayang naman yun pagkakataon na maturuan ng napakagaling na swimmer.”

Ayun smiling like a dolphin ulit si Ser Chief.

Alam na alam ni crushmate pano siya pakalmahin.

And yes he patiently taught her all the basics of swimming kahit na yun iba’t-ibang strokes – breaststroke, freestyle,  backstroke, sidestroke and butterfly stroke. Kahit nga ata dolphin at tiger stroke.

Sobrang thankful si Maya kay Ser Chief.

Sobrang proud naman si Ser Chief that Maya is a very fast learner.

And both sila happy that everybody was supportive of the swimming lessons.


He was now bringing her to the condo:

“Thank you talaga Ser Chief.  Marami akong natutunan sa’yo. Sana hindi kita pinagod.”

“I enjoyed it Maya especially that I got to do it with you. I’m very happy.”

“Hindi ka nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Do I look like nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Hindi naman. Pero malay ko ba. Baka nagprepretend ka lang na okay.”

“I am okay. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you and I’m looking forward to teaching you many things pa  and doing more activities with you.” Then he again gave her his  pamatay na smile with those dimples which made Maya’s heart somersault.

“Anong activities Ser Chief?”

“You’ll see.” Then with a naughty grin forming on his face, he continued driving towards Maya’s condo.


A/N : Ano pa bang activities ang pwedeng ituro ni Ser Chief kay Mayabels?  Golf? dancing? singing? cooking?  Ah bahala na siya. Pero crushmate level activities lang ha! Light lang ang series na to. Inspired by the ligawan scenes of BCWMH.

Thanks for reading.



Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Treat

Kwentong Maya & Ricky :  Treat

“Maya wag mong kakalimutang magpraktis pag-uwi mo ha.” Edz jokingly reminded Maya while she was about to get inside the car. Her Ser Chief, as usual, fetched her again.

“Naku Edz ikaw talaga.”

Then she waved goodbye to Edz and Joshua then entered the car.

“Good afternoon Ser Chief.” He gave him her napakasweet na smile.

Of course happy ang heart ni Ser Chief, all pagod at inis dahil sa traffic forgotten.

“Good afternoon Maya.” He also smiled at siyempre sumirko at nag acrobat din ang heart ni Maya. Alam nyo naman si Ser Chief, smile pa lang sobra sobra na.

“Merienda tayo Ser Chief, treat ko.” Maya offered.

“Sure. I won’t say no to that. Where do you want to eat?”

“Sa madadaanan na lang nating Jollibee Ser Chief, gusto ko kasing kumain ng spaghetti.”

Natawa siya. Parang bata si Maya.

“You really want that one? Aren’t the food there for kids?”

“Hindi naman pangbata lang yun Ser Chief. Masarap kaya yun atsaka bibilhan ko kasi si Abby. Nagpromise kasi ako na ibibili ko sya kapag may pera na ako. Eh Ser Chief may allowance naman yun training namin kaya may pera ako.”

“Maya you have to save that for yourself. Wag mo na akong ililibre at wag mo na rin bigyan si Abby.” He didn’t want her spending on them. He knows she needs the money.

“Ser Chief pagbigyan mo na ako. Atsaka ngayon lang naman.”


“Sige na kasi mamaya may hihingin akong favor.” She again smiled at him, shyly this time.

So she will be asking for a favor kaya siya manlilibre. Maya is so cute. She considers him as parang barkada na ililibre kapalit ng favor. Napasmile siya. Aliw.

“Pero Ser Chief, kung di ka lang busy. Naisip ko kasi Sabado bukas so baka pwede ka tonight. Pero kung busy ka Ser Chief okay lang…”

“I have all the time in the world for you Maya.” He interrupted her. Kinilig syempre si Maya sa statement ni Ser Chief.

They were like this until they reached the Jollibee fastfood. Maya held her Ser Chief’s arm kasi mukhang hesitant siyang pumasok. She dragged him. “Halika na Ser Chief.”

“Maya wait!”

But hila hila na siya ni Maya. She led him to an empty seat at the corner. “Dito ka lang. Ako na ang oorder. Anong gusto mo Ser Chief?” She asked him, excitement in her face. She seemed so happy to be able to treat him for merienda.

Ayaw naman nyang sirain yun mood ni Maya though he didn’t want her spending on him. “Kung anong kakainin mo, that’s what I’ll have na rin.” He knows that she’ll be having spaghetti so yun na rin sa kanya. At least it’s not that expensive.

“Sure ka ha?”

“Yes  Maya.”

Then she excitedly walked to order.

After a few minutes he saw Maya with a tray of two orders of spaghetti, rice, chicken, sundae, iced tea and Champ burgers. She also had spaghetti and burgers for take out for Abby, Luke and Nikki. She was assisted by a Jollibee staff in carrying everything she ordered.

He was surprised. Nanlaki ang singkit na eyes. “Maya ang dami naman nyan!”

“Eh Ser Chief di kasi ako nagbreakfast at lunch nang maayos kanina tapos grabe yun activities namin. Gutom talaga ako. Marami ba to?”

“Oo Maya sobrang dami. Parang kang yun mga  engineers kung magorder.”He wasn’t able to control his mouth. “Maya… I meant… ano…”

She was laughing. “Kala mo magtatampo ako sa sinabi mo Ser Chief? Hindi no! Atsaka totoo naman. Matakaw talaga ako kapag gutom at pagod at… kumportable ako sa kasama ko.”

He was relieved. Hindi naman pala galit si Maya. And she was comfortable with him. That line made him feel special.

“Let’s start? Nagutom rin ako sa mga inorder mo.” He managed to say.

So in that corner table of the famous fastfood chain, the crushmates shared stories of  how their day went. Amidst the noisy crowd of that , they were both able to drown the noise and only focus on what each other was saying. This was new for Ser Chief. He never had the chance to eat in this kind of place for when the kids would request it, he would decline and just have a take-out or drive-thru instead. He loved the experience. He loved especially that it’s with Maya.

“Kita mo Ser Chief naubos mo rin nga.” She was amused to see that her Ser Chief ate everything she ordered for him as well.

Nangiti si Ser Chief. “Di ko na namalayan. I enjoyed our conversations kasi. But thank you Maya. Nabusog ako. I bet I won’t be able to eat dinner and also breakfast tomorrow.” He joked. He really enjoyed.

“Naku lagot ka kay Manang Fe nyan Ser Chief. Ayaw na ayaw nun na di ka kumakain.” She teased him.

“Ikaw ang ituturo ko. You made me eat all these.”

They were enjoying a lot.

“Maya so what’s the favor you’ll ask me to do?” He remembered.

Namula si Maya all of a sudden. She covered her face.

“Naku nakakahiya Ser Chief.”

“Bakit? Ano nga? Gumastos ka to treat me tapos nahihiya ka to ask the favor.”

“Mamaya na sa kotse. Baka may makarinig dito.” Shy talaga siya.

Si Ricky naman ay kung ano – ano nang naughty kalokohan ang naiisip with Maya’s expression. Why would she blush like that nga naman if simple lang ang favor na hihingin nya. And why nakakahiya na marinig ng iba? Excited si Ricky.

“Ano nga?” he asked her again.

“Mamaya na nga kasi Ser Chief.”

“Fine. We better go tutal tapos na rin naman tayo.” He’s now excited of what he would do for her.


Inside the car.

“So ano nga?”

“Eh wait lang Ser Chief. Ihahanda ko muna sarili ko bago ko sabihin.”

He’s getting impatient. “Ang dami mo naman pasakalye…”

“Kalma Ser Chief. Need ko rin munang kumalma kasi nakakahiya.”

He just smirked. Annoyed siya.

“Eto na. Sungit naman nito. “Kasi Ser Chief mag-aaral kaming magswimming. Kaso yun mga kasama ko marurunong na sila. Ako hind talaga. Naalala ko yung sinabi ni Manang Fe na sumasali ka sa swimming contests noon, kaya magpapaturo sana ako sa iyo. Atsaka may swimming pool sa bahay nyo. Doon na lang ako magpapaturo para pwede nating isama sina Abby. Yun. Okay lang ba sa inyo Ser Chief?”

Naku Maya could be really naïve. Okay na okay siyempre kay Ser Chief.

Namula si Ser Chief. Of course he’s a normal guy with normal hormones. Siyempre naexcite siya sa favor Maya is asking. At siyempre his mind brought him to imagine what he would be seeing kapag tinuruan nya si Maya magswim (hep hep hanggang swimming lang po ang imagination ha! Kapag sumobra doon, kayo na yun dear readers, hindi na si Ricardo at lalong hindi na rin ako).

“Uy Ser Chief okay lang?”

Napalunok si Richard. Nautal “Uhm.. o.oo. Sure Maya. Yun lang pala.”

Natuwa si Maya. “Thank you Ser Chief.” She even higged him. “Pag natuto ako hindi na ako kakantyawan nina Eds. Turuan mo ako ng iba’t ibang styles ha?”

“Su..sure…” He wasn’t able to recover yet lalo na at may hug pa. Comfortable na talaga sa kanya si Maya while sya naman getting uncomfortable na.

Maya noticed him. “Uy Ser Chief okay ka lang? Bakit namumula ka? Kahit yun tenga mo ang pula pula?” Naku talaga si Maya at tinanong pa.

“Nothing. Ganyan lang yan kapag nabusog sa treat.” Palusot nya.

“Ay ganun? Parang impatso?”

“Yes Maya. Impatso.”

She got worried. Dali dali naman kinuha yun sealed bottled water nya to give him.

And yes. He really needed it.

“Shall we go?” He asked her.

“Yes Ser Chief. Atsaka pwede bang humirit nang isa pa?”

“What is it Maya?”

“Pwede bang sa mansion ako matulog ngayong gabi? May dala na akong damit Ser Chief.” She was hiding her face. Nahihiya pa rin.

“Of course Maya. I would love, este Abby would love that.”

So with that famous smile plastered on his face and with that heart na kanina pa nagmamarathon sa tuwa, Ser Chief started driving towards the direction of the mansion.

Fiesta Ser Chief?


A/N : Treat – pwedeng yun Jollibee, pwede ring yun makikita ni Ricky sa swimming lessons, hahaha!







Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Selos

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Selos

“Ate Maya you’re back!” Nikki was squealing in delight when Maya entered the mansion.

“Kumusta ang flight Ate Maya?” It was Luke.

“I missed you po Ate Maya.” Abby said as she allowed herself to be engulfed in her Ate Maya’s arms.

Richard who was inside his home office heard her voice.

He was so happy.

He got excited.

He smiled. Yun smile na ear to ear.

Even his eyes were smiling.

His crushmate is back.

He hurriedly left what he’s doing to go to the living room where Maya is.

She saw him approaching.

Nagsmile siya.



Manang Fe saw it but she didn’t say anything. She already suspects that both Richard and Maya are fond of each other but she keeps her observation to herself. Ayaw naman nyang pangunahan yun dalawa.

Good thing that Doris and Sabel are really clueless and si Joma naman doesn’t mind these things.

“Maya how was your flight?” Was all he could say. Shy siya especially in front of his kids.

“Okay naman Ser Chief.” Shy din si Maya in front of his kids.

Nagkahiyaan sila. They just smiled at each other though gustong gusto na ni Ser Chief yakapin yun crush nya at gusto naman ni Maya na yakapin sya ng crush nya.

“Uy Maya asan na yun sinasabi mong pasalubong?” It was Sabel who broke the awkward silence of the two.

“Sabel! Nakakahiya kay Maya. Nagbakasyon lang yun tao sa San Nicolas hihingan mo pa ng pasalubong.” Pinagsabihan ni Manang Fe si Sabel.

“Manang Fe tumawag si Maya kanina at nagsabi siya na marami siyang dalang suman sa latik at mga souvenir items na pasalubong. Excited lang naman ako.” Sabel defended herself.

“Oo nga Manang. Atsaka alam naman naming hindi tayo matitiis nito ni Maya.” Si Doris naman.

Maya smiled. “Ay opo Manang may mga pasalubong po ako sa inyong lahat.” Then she got her big bag which she left near the door of the mansion when she was welcomed by everyone.

“Nikki, Luke, Abby eto may mga dala akong t-shirts para sa inyo. May pictures yan ng tourist spots sa San Nicolas. At eto may mga keychains din.”

“Oh m gee!!! Ang ganda Ate Maya. Thank you!” Then Nikki hugged her.

“Ate Maya alam na alam mo yun gusto ko.” Luke appreciated the shirt which had a picture of a guitar printed on it. He also gave Maya a tight hug.

“Ate Maya I love it po. Thank you.” Abby also hugged her. Si Abby naman binigyan nya ng shirt with ribbons na gustong gusto ni Abby.

“Eto naman sa inyo Manang Fe. Magagamit nyo po kasi to sa kwarto kapag giniginaw ka na sa aircon.” She gave Manang Fe a shawl she bought at the market in San Nicolas.

Manang Fe hugged Maya. “Naku Maya nag-abala ka pa talaga.”

“Eto naman sainyo Doris at Sabel.” She gave them bangles and wallets na souvenir items from her province. Tuwang tuwa din sina Sabel at Doris. They also hugged her.

Richard was just silently observing them, admiring the  thoughtfulness of Maya. He can’t help but smile.

“Eto rin para sa’yo Kuya Joma.” She handed Joma a mug with “i love san nicolas’ printed on it kasi mahilig uminom ng kape si Joma.

“Love mo talaga kaming lahat Maya. Halika nga pahug din.” Then of course hug din si Joma. Of course Maya hugged him back as well.

Medyo tumaas ng kilay ni Ser Chief sa nakita. Di naman siya napansin ni Maya.

“O eto naman ang suman sa latik para sa inyong lahat.” Then she handed Doris and Sabel the medium sixed bag filled with suman sa latik which her Nanay Teresita cooked for all of them.

Then tinupi na nya yun bag.

Empty na.

Walang laman.

Surprised si Ser Chief.

Super HOPIA siya.

Wala siyang pasalubong from Maya.

Hindi pa siya nabigyan ng chance to embrace her.

His mood turned sour.

Kung kanina happy yun expression ni Ser Chief, aba now it’s turning gloomy, tampo, hurt.

Then mas sumingkit pa ang chinky eyes ni Ser Chief, with matching smirk pa.  Kung yun curve ng mouth nya kanina ay pataas, ngayon pantay na. He’s already starting to get annoyed kasi sa lahat may pasalubong si Maya then sa kanya wala.

For him it meant that he’s not important. Maya didn’t even notice him while everyone was excited with her pasalubongs.

At ang pinaka kinaiinisan nya ay yung hug. He wanted to hug her talaga. He missed her in her two weeks stay in San Nicolas. Yes they were communicating thru text messages many times a day and thru calls every single night but it’s different when she’s physically in front of him. Hopia siya sa hug and he felt so bad.

Everyone was eating the suman sa latik while exchanging stories.  Richard was also with them but he barely said a word. Kumakain lang ng suman sa latik at kinakain ng selos sa lahat ng tao who got Maya’s attention.

This went on for a couple of hours hanggang gumabi na and Maya had to leave.

“Thanks Ate Maya. Balik ka sa Saturday ha! We have many kwento pa.” Nabitin si Nikki sa kwentuhan nila about San Nicolas.

“Opo Ate Maya you still have to teach me to make yun bracelet na ibibigay ko kay Joey.” It was Luke din.

“And Ate Maya you will still tell me the story about your visit to Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo’s most romantic place.”

“Oo naman gagawin natin lahat yan sa Sabado pagdalaw ko. Kayo talaga. Kaya miss na miss ko kayo eh.”

Then the three kids hugged her goodbye.

“Maya tuturuan mo rin kami ng pagluto ng suman sa latik ha.” It was Sabel.

Magsasalita pa sana si Doris when Richard interrupted in a loud voice. “That’s enough. Maya has to go home. Gabi na at may gagawin pa ako pakahatid ko sa kanya.”

“Ay Ser Chief wag nyo na akong ihatid.” Maya suggested. Ayaw nyang maabala si Ser Chief.

Volunteer naman ang Joma. “Ako na lang po Ser ang maghahatid kay Maya.”

Richard didn’t’ say anything. He just gave Maya and Joma a scary stare. Natahimik yun dalawa. Yun iba naman didn’t notice kasi they were still busy admiring the pasalubongs of Maya while still eating the remaining suman sa latik.

“Sabi ko nga, ikaw na Ser Chief maghahatid.” Maya said in a small voice kasi natakot na siya sa expression ni Serr Chief.


Inside the car.

Richard remained quiet while driving.

“Ser Chief galit ka?”

Tahimik pa rin.

“Uy Ser Chief…” pangungulit ni Maya.

Richard was ignoring her.

“Nakakainis ka naman. Akala ko excited ka na dumating na ako.” Tampo ang Maya.

Richard parked his car. He faced her. “So ikaw pa yun may ganang mainis?” He couldn’t control himself.

“Kasi bakit ganyan ka Ser Chief?” Maya doesn’t know why sinusumpong ng kasungitan si Ser Chief nya.

“Hindi mo talaga alam?”

“Hindi ako magtatanong kung alam ko.” Pamimilosopo ni Maya.

Richard was trying his best to control his temper.

He needs to tell her why he’s acting this way. He wants her to know na nasaktan sya.

“I was excited na dumating ka. I can’t even stop smiling when I saw you kanina. Tapos sila lang yun pinansin mo. You’ve been ignoring me.” Kunot yun noo nya.

Si Maya naman just stared at him, surprised na nagtatampo pala si Ser Chief. Dense din ang Maya.

Richard added, kahit nahihiya sya to tell her, he knows he must. “Then lahat sila naalala mo, lahat sila may pasalubong. It’s not that I wanted a pasalubong from you pero lahat sila meron then ako ni isang maliit na keychain wala. Nafeel ko tuloy that I’m not important. Then ang pinakanakakaasar is you hugged all of them even si Joma, tapos ako wala. That’s unacceptable.”  Sobrang sad ng face ni Ser Chief.

Natawa si Maya. But naawa rin. And kinilig. Her Ser Chief looks so cute with his face. Nagselos si Ser Chief nya at kilig na kilig si Maya. She felt so giddy.  She can’t help but smile with her doe-shaped eyes staring at her Ser Chief. She had her smile plastered on her face. Natatawa siya.

“Now you’re even laughing at me.”

“Kasi ang cute mo. Atsaka sinong may sabing wala akong pasalubong sa’yo. Syempre meron. Ikaw pa! Ikaw nga ang may pinakaespesyal na pasalubong from San Nicolas.”

“Yeah right. I bet kukuha ka lang ng isang item na supposedly for Emman or Edz then you’ll pretend that it’s for me.”

“Ay grabe ka Ser Chief hindi no! Sige wait lang.” Then she fished for something inside her luggage. “Dapat mamaya ko to ibibigay sa’yo pagdating natin ng condo kasi yayayain sana kitang magcoffee. Dun ko sana ibibigay. Kaso tampururot ka eh so eto. Pinagawa ko yan Ser Chief. Pasadya yan. Nageffort ako.” Inside the box were identical bracelets with carved letters. Maganda yun bracelet. It was actually expensive at pinag-ipunan talaga ni Maya.

Hala si Ser Chief naman ang nakonsensya when he saw the bracelets. “Maya I’m just kidding. Hindi naman importante ang pasalubong. Just to see you and be with you is enough.”

“Sayo talaga yan Ser Chief. Tig-isa tayo. Pinasadya ko yan.” Then kinilig sya sa sinabi nya. “Hindi mo naman kailangan isuot pero masaya na ako na isipin na pareho tayong may ganito.” She was smiling sweetly at him.

He smiled na. Kinilig na rin. “Parang couple bracelets?” He teased her.

Nagblush si Maya. Nahiya. In a small voice, while hiding her face “Oo, couple bracelets natin.” Then cover ulit ng face, sobrang kilig sa pinagagawa nya.

He shook his head. Natatawa na rin at kilig as well. But he needs to slow down or baka matunaw silang pareho sa kilig. “Eh ano naman ang initials na to? Hindi ko naman yan initials?” He saw ‘MSC’ in his bracelet.

Nagtago ulit ng face si Maya. “Wag na Ser Chief.”

“Ano nga?” Pangungulit ni Ser Chief.

“Yun MSC ibig sabihin ay Masungit na Ser Chief.” Then she giggled.

“Maya!” He pretended to be galit again.

“Biro lang. Ibig sabihin nyan ay ‘Maya’s Ser Chief.” Then cover na talaga siya ng face. Hiyang hiya siya.

“Eh ano naman etong sa bracelet mo na ‘SCM’?” He asked while amused at her expression.

Still covering her face.. “Ano…’Ser Chief’s Maya’! Eeehhh  nakakahiya!”

He laughed. He loved her innocence, her humor and simplicity. She was indeed a breath of fresh air he was so blessed to meet.

“I love that. You’re indeed my Maya. Halika nga. I deserve that hug sa paghurt mo ng feelings ko kanina.” Then he engulfed her in an embrace which she readily accepted. “Thank you for the pasalubong Maya. I will wear it. Masaya ako that nandito ka na ulit sa Manila. You just don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“Ako din Ser Chief. Namiss din kita. Sobra.”

“Let’s go?” He disengaged from the 2 minute hug.

“Sige Ser Chief.” She answered while hiding her flustered face.

Then with smiles on both faces, couple bracelets in each wrist, the crushmates continued their trip to Maya’s home.


A/N Ang orte orte ng crushmates na to. Hahaha!



Can We Start Over Again 3

Can We Start Over Again 3

Richard Lim and Maya dela Rosa represented the Filipinos of the US  in The Voice Duets Philippines.

Together with the other Filipino contestants from Canada, Middle East, Europe and of course, the Philippines, they were trained by their respective chosen coaches as they continue to advance in the levels of competition.

The network converted the famous PBB house into a studio for the rehearsals of the contestants.

Maya, Richard and the other kids were provided with a place to stay nearby. They had assistants to take care of their needs.

Both Maya and Richard enjoyed all the new things they have the opportunity  to experience.

They met new friends and even visited the beautiful places of the Philippines.

They were able to experience the warmth of their kababayans and were able to immerse themselves in the Filipino culture which their parents have been so proud of.

They were also privileged to be coached by the famous Tony-awardee, Coach Lea.

They busied themselves with rehearsals, voice lessons, dance lessons and even guestings on the network’s talk shows.

Since Richard and Maya were the most good-looking, most smart and articulate among the contestants, they would be sent to various TV shows and radio programs to promote The Voice Duets.

They enjoyed the entire experience despite being tired from the daily activities.
Richard kept his promise to Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo.

He really took good care of Maya. He would always stay with her and always warn her whenever she gets very close and so trusting with people she meets.

Maya was  always very friendly that Richard had to always remind her to be careful in dealing with people. Ricky was very much aware that despite the glitz and glamour of showbiz, the business of entertainment is full of insincere and superficial people.  For him, it is better to be safe than sorry and he definitely would want his and Maya’s stay in the Philippines safe and of course successful.

They stayed in a two bedroom condo nearby just like the other contestants from abroad. They were accompanied by Maya’s Auntie Fe and the assigned Personal Assistants from the network.

Everything they needed from clothes, food, transportation were provided by the people behind The Voice Duets Philippines.


After many rounds of competition, Maya and Richard finally emerged as one of the three finalists of the competition. They represented Coach Lea’s team.

The many weeks of being seen on TV already earned  them many fans. Regular viewers of the show have noticed the chemistry of the duo. They were already being tagged as a loveteam which they just took in jest.

The network have seen the potential of the kids even when they were just starting. They vowed to offer them a career in their network regardless of the results of the competition.

Their parents have arrived a week before the finals. They made sure to be around to give moral support to the kids during the finals.

During the finals, Maya and Richard sang three OPM songs ‘Araw Gabi’ ‘Please Be Careful With My Heart’ and ‘Sana Maulit Muli’. All songs were arranged to suit their voices and the proper blending of their vocals.

They were able to sing the Tagalog songs fluently, flawlessly and full of emotion despite being born and raised in the US and it  made the audience appreciate them more.

With their undeniable vocal talent coupled with their inexplicable charisma, Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim emerged the champion  of The Voice Duets Philippines.

The moment their names were announced, Maya and Richard couldn’t help but be emotional. They were beaming with happiness. They hugged each other and tearfully whispered words of thanks and congratulations to each other.

It was a difficult journey to be joining a prestigious competition in an unfamiliar country and culture especially being far from their parents.

Every step towards their success had been with sleepless nights, tiring rehearsals, song memorization, difficult dance choreography,  homesickness, nonstop travelling to various parts of the Philippines.

Their young minds and body could only take too much but doing these things together made everything easier and a wonderful experience.

“Ricky we made it!” Maya was saying  while tightly hugging him.

“I can’t believe it Maya! Salamat! Salamat talaga! Papa won’t leave for Australia anymore.”

They were congratulated by the people behind the show.

They were also congratulated by the big bosses of the network.

Their Coach Lea was so elated. “I am so proud of you guys!” Then she hugged both as well.

Even the other coaches Sarah and Bamboo were also satisfied with the results.

Richard and Maya, though being with Coach Lea’s team, had always been a favorite of the other coaches as well.


Maya and Richard and their parents are now staying at the hotel provided for them.

They still couldn’t believe the fortune they have won and the success they have achieved.

“Maya, Richard you both know na magagaling kayo. The results of the competition even proved it. But always remember that you should never let all the success get in your heads ha! Remain humble and just be the same kids na minahal ng mga sumuporta sa inyo.” Nanay Teresita adviced them while they were having dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

The network allowed the families to have their own private time so they ensured that no press people or fans would be following them.

“Nanay siyempre naman po. Kami pa ni Ricky! Ambabait kaya namin.” Maya was quick to answer her nanay.

“Maya seryoso ako. Hindi ako nagbibiro.”

“Opo Nanay Teresita. Hindi naman po namin iniisip ni Maya na mas nakakalamang na kami just because we won. We were just blessed but we are still the same Ricky and Maya na siyempre hinding hindi kayo bibigyan ng sakit ng ulo.” Ricky replied.

“Compadre medyo hindi ata ako pwede sumama sa mga lakad ng mga batang to. Nakakatakot kapag dinudumog sila ng mga tao.” Roberto voiced his concern to Arturo.

“Ako rin nga. Grabe pala yun mga supporters ng dalawang to. Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. Noong panahon kasi natin mga Pilita Corales lang yun mga pinagkakaguluhan.” Tatay Arturo joked.

“Naku si Tatay nagpapahalata ng edad. Samahan nyo po kami ni Ricky sa mga guestings namin. Mas kampante kami kapag kasama namin kayo.” Maya told her tatay.

“Kids ha ayaw ko ng mga teasing teasing nila ng loveteam loveteam kuno ha! Baka mamaya makaapaekto yan sa inyong dalawa.” Esmeralda also pointed out one concern she and Teresita had been worrying about.

They were aware of how the fans see them as a loveteam. Though both parents want their kids together, they were worried na baka mailang yun dalawa sa isa’t isa. They were still very young anyway to be thinking of those things.

Maya and Ricky stared at each other, smiled then they just gave their parents a hearty laugh. “Si Mama Esmie nagpapatawa. Kami ni Ricky? Yuck ayoko nga! Sungit sungit kaya nito. Suplado pa. Atsaka may crush ako sa ABS. Si Papa Piolo! Lamang yun ng 100 na paligo sa iyo bestfriend!” Then Maya giggled which made both parents laugh.

“Ako rin naman, kung si Maya lang naman,  I’d rather stay single all my life. Ang ingay ingay kaya nito atsaka ang kulit.” Richard also teased Maya.

“Naku tigilan na at baka magkapikunan pa kayo. O siya akyat na kami sa kwarto namin. Magkita na lang tayo dito bukas for breakfast. Kelangan nang makapagpahinga ng mga bata.” Nanay Teresita reminded the kids.

After their goodnight hugs and kisses for each other, they all went to their respective rooms to rest.

After winning, they still have lots of scheduled interviews, pictorials, guestings in various TV shows, provincial shows and other commitments to honor. They will also record an album and have a concert with all The Voice Duets contestants.

They still have to finish everything before they return to their normal lives in the States.


Maya and Richard’s  winning the top prize opened lots of opportunities for both of them.

It made them instant celebrities of the network.

It made them famous not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well.

It gave them the opportunity to make the lives of their families better.

But it also forced them to make the very difficult decision which would change their relationship and lives forever.

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Dance

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Dance

The Lims were all huddled in front of the fireplace at their rented villa in Baguio.

Each were settled comfortably on cushioned chairs in front of the huge TV.

Abby and Maya sat beside each other with Abby’s head on Maya’s lap.

They were watching Nikki’s favorite movie, Notting Hill, which she brought with her. They couldn’t complain even if they have watched it many times already.

Luke was seated on the floor busy texting Nicolo.

Sabel and Doris were checking the photos they took while they roamed around Baguio.

Manang Fe was admiring the shawl she bought earlier that day.

Joma had his eyes fixed on the TV screen, trying his best to be interested in the chick flick watched by the family.

Richard was also seated by himself on the lone lazy boy seat at the living room.

The family arrived a little over an hour ago after spending the whole day visiting places all around Baguio.

They happily spent the entire day eating, taking pictures and simply enjoying each others company.

Luke and Nikki enjoyed eating various delicacies only found in Baguio.

Abby and Maya enjoyed eating strawberry taho.

Sabel, Doris, Joma and Manang Fe enjoyed buying pasalubongs like strawberry jams, ube, peanut brittle and wooden keychains at the downtown market. They also enjoyed rummaging the famous ukay ukay shops.

Richard enjoyed a lot too.

He enjoyed watching the happy faces of his kids and all the members of his household.

But what he enjoyed the most is of course, observing Maya.

He is thankful that the weather is sunny and it gave him an excuse to wear his Ray Bans.

He was able to watch Maya without being noticed.

He enjoyed watching every smile, smirk, lipbite, frown and giggle of Maya.

He even enjoyed watching her talk to Abby animatedly.

He loved watching her doe-shaped eyes which were full of emotion, love and concern whenever she talks to his kids.

He enjoyed watching her face beam with happiness when he allowed her and Abby to ride the horses at the Mines View Park.

“Ate Maya I’m bored. I have watched that movie many times already.” Abby suddenly complained.

“Baby gusto mo pasok na tayo sa room tapos basahan kita ng kwento?” Maya suggested.

“I don’t want po yaya. Nakakaantok po yun mga stories. I don’t want to sleep yet.”

“Naku baby gusto mo ibang movie na lang?” Nikki asked Abby too.

“Ate Nikki I want po an activity where everybody could join.”

“May idea ako baby. Why don’t we play spin the bottle ” Luke suggested.

“Hindi naman po yun fun eh.” Abby complained.

“I know na baby. Why don’t we just have a videoke session. Ayan sayang naman yun videoke machine na kasama dito sa house na rented ni dad.” Nikki also suggested. Actually they already enjoyed singing on the night they arrived in Baguio. Nikki who’s the best singer among the Lims loves singing.

“Oo nga Abby videoke na lang.” Sabel joined in.

“I don’t want po. Only yaya and Ate Nikki will enjoy singing.”

“Ay hindi na ako kakanta baby.  Kayo na lang nina Ate Nikki and Kuya Luke mo at si daddy mo rin.” Maya said trying to convince Abby to agree with the videoke. She actually wanted to hear her Ser Chief sing.

Pero ayaw pa rin ni Abby. “I don’t want po yaya.”

“Baby do you want to play with your dolls?” Ricky asked.

“No daddy. I am bored. I want something where everyone can join.”

“Naku Ser Chief baka gusto ni Abby maglaro ng tagu-taguan o piko o kaya patintero.” Maya whispered to Ser Chief who was seated near her and Abby. She got worried. They couldn’t play those games anymore kasi gabi na and they were all tired from their busy day.

“Baby we could play tomorrow morning but right now we should rest because we had a tiring day kanina.” Ricky explained to Abby.

“Hindi ko naman po gusto magplay ng mga sinabi ni yaya. Gusto ko po na magdance kayo?”

“Dance baby?” Ricky asked.

“Baby its weird to dance naman. Wala namang occasion and we will look silly dancing.” Nikki was trying change Abby’s mind.

“But I want to see you all dancing. I want to see Daddy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki, Ate Doris, Ate Sabel, Manang Fe, Kuya Joma and yaya dancing.”

“Baby…” Ricky was about to refuse but he saw Abby’s disappointed face.

Luke saw it too and suggested something else. “Alam ko na. Para wag nang malungkot si Abby at para magenjoy rin tayo, maglaro na lang tayo ng newspaper dance.”

“That would be super duper fun! You’re really a genius kuya!” Nikki exaggeratedly squealed while hugging her kuya.

“Ano ba Niks! Ang oa mo! Ano game ba lahat? Kuya Joma paki-set up na po. O find your partners na.”

Dali dali si Maya umakap kay Abby. Of course si Abby ang partner nya.

But Abby refused. “Yaya i wont join po. I will be the one to stop the music.”

“Naku Ate Maya, hanap ka na lang ng ibang partner.” Luke suggested.

Naalert at naexcite si Ser Chief.

Pero quick ang Maya. She immediately went beside Joma. “Kuya Joma partner tayo ha!” Mahirap na. Baka himatayin siya sa kilig if she gets paired with her crush.

“Oo naman Maya. Walang problema.” Joma easily agreed.

Naningkit ang eyes ni Ser Chief. Correction – mas naningkit ang eyes niya. He glanced at Maya who was avoiding his gaze.

So the pairs were Nikki and Luke, Manang Fe and Doris, Joma and Maya which leaves Sabel and Ricky without partners yet.

Excited si Sabel. “Naku partner ko si Ser Richard!”

“What? No!” Richard protested in a very loud voice.

“Ay grabe ka talaga Ser Richard. Parang ayaw na ayaw mo man lang makipagpartner sa akin.” Sabel jokingly said.

“You are heavy Sabel. Mamaya kapag I need to carry you baka malumpo ako.” He was serious and he could really be frank sometimes.

“Grabe Ser Richard lumpo agad? Hindi ba pwedeng pilay lang?”

Everybody was laughing except Richard who really wanted to dance with Maya. Sayang naman yun opportunity so naaasar talaga siya. He’s also annoyed at Maya for wanting to dance with Joma instead of him.

Manang Fe, who had been observing him and Maya for the past few weeks already knows what to do. “Ganito na lang para makapag-umpisa na tayo. Sabel kayo na ni Doris ang magkapareha. Joma tayong dalawa na lang at ikaw Maya doon ka kay Ricardo. Maliit at magaan ka. Kayang kaya ka nyang buhatin.” She said with finality.

Maya had no choice but to follow. Mas mahahalata siya kapag nag – inarte siya.

The mood of Richard suddenly changed. He now smiled again. Excited. Kilig.

“You were avoiding me kanina.” He whispered when Maya was infront of him.

“Hindi Ser Chief ha!” She whispered back.

“Yes you were.”

“Hindi nga Ser Chief ang kulit. Tahimik ka na. Maguumpisa na yun music.”

So the newspaper dance started.

On the third fold, Manang Fe and Joma, were eliminated. On the fourth fold, Doris and Sabel lost balance so they were eliminated. Maya was stepping on Richard’s right foot which was really strong that’s why they survived the round. On the fifth fold, Luke and Nikki got eliminated as well because Nikki got ticklish when Luke carried her.

Richard easily carried the blushing Maya.

He carried a few more seconds than necessary, even when they were already announced as winners. 

Richard enjoyed having her in his arms again.

He already had the opportunity to carry Maya when she fainted a few months ago. He wasn’t smitten with her that time yet. In fact he was annoyed at Maya’s personality that time. For him she was maingay, madaldal, sumasabat kapag hindi kinakausap, bilib na bilib sa sarili. But that was before.  He now found all these traits endearing.

“Dad pwede nyo na pong ibaba si Ate Maya.” Nikki commented after noticing that her dad was still carrying Maya.

Nahiya si Ser Chief and Maya covered her face to hide her blush.

“Pwede na palang ibaba?” Palusot ni Ser Chief.

“Naku si Dad pinapakita talaga na malakas sya. We get it po dad. You are strong na po. Ibaba nyo na si Ate Maya at kawawa naman.” Luke saved them again.

“Nakakainggit naman si Maya!!! Ser Richard kami din!”

Richard just laughed while Maya busied herself with Abby to calm her nerves.

They stole glances at each other which made both of them giddy.

The family spent more time chatting over mugs of hot chocolate and Lengua de Gato which they bought in Good Shepherd before they retired for the night.


Inside their respective rooms, Doris, Sabel, Joma and Manang Fe were already sound asleep while Maya was still wide awake replaying the activities of the day and most especially the newspaper dance.

Di sya makaget-over na binuhat siya ni Ser Chief nya. She could still remember his soft hands. She could still feel his strong arms scooping her effortlessly. She could still smell him. She got goosebumps just imaging it.

The all of a sudden her cellphone beeped…

“Maya are you still awake?”

“Gising pa ako Ser Chief. Nagpapaantok pa. May papagawa ka po?”

“Tulog na yun mga bata. I still can’t sleep. Can you accompany me muna?”


“Sige na Maya. Nandito ako sa veranda. I made two cups of coffee. Wala namang iinom nito. Sayang naman.”

He purposely made two cups so Maya can’t refuse his invitation for her to join him.

“Ah eh… sige po Ser Chief. Saglit lang po.”

Maya hurriedly wore a sweater above her jammies for the weather is really chilly outside their room.

She found him seated at the sofa in the living room listening to some soft music.

“Ser Chief akala ko nandun kayo sa veranda.”

“I decided to stay here. Ang lamig dun.” He smiled. “Maya sit beside me. Here’s your coffee.”

She tried her best to act normal and followed what Ser Chief told her. She sat beside him. Wala naman kasing ibang upuan because mukhang sinadya ni Ricky na lagyan ng mga bags of pasalubong yung ibang seats.  She also got the coffee he was handing her.

“Salamat Ser Chief.”

“Taste it. Masarap yan. Thrice ako nag try magtimpla and that one tastes perfect.” he proudly told her.

She sipped her coffee and smiled. “Masarap nga Ser Chief. Salamat ha.”

He smiled. Then he moved a little closer to her pero not naman that close. Gentleman si Ser Chief eh. “Did you enjoy kanina?”

“Oo naman po Ser Chief kaso hindi nyo naman ako kailangan buhatin pa. Hindi naman natin kailangan manalo dun eh.”

“Not the dance, I mean yun pamamasyal natin around Baguio. ”

She silently scolded herself. “Naku Maya assumera ka na naman. Umayos ka nga. Nahahalata na di mawala sa isip mo yun sayaw eh yun pamamasyal pala yun sinasabi nya. Nakakahiya ka.”

He noticed her. “Are you okay?”

“Ay o..opo Ser Chief. At nagenjoy po ako sa pamamasyal kanina.” Aligaga na sya.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to use po at opo kapag kausap mo ako.”

“Sorry po… ibig kong sabihin sorry Ser Chief.”

“Pero do you mean it? Naenjoy mo yun sayaw kanina?”

Lagot she actually admitted that she enjoyed the dance so di na nya pwedeng ideny.

“Oo naman Ser Chief kasi napasaya natin si Abby.” Whew palusot!

“Oh well yes. Abby did enjoy watching us pero of course I enjoyed kasi i was able to dance with you.”

“Wag ka nga Ser Chief.”

“What’s wrong with wanting to dance with my crush? Bakit ayaw mo bang kasayaw ako? Is that why you chose Joma kanina?” He sounded hurt.

“Hindi Ser Chief. Nakakahiya lang na nandun yun mga bata, sina Manang Fe…”

“Maya there’s nothing wrong with that. Atsaka iba naman tayo eh. And I’m sure Manang Fe, Doris, Sabel, Joma and even the kids already know that I have a certain fondness of you.”

“Ser Chief nakakaalangan pa rin at nakakahiya. Nasasabi mo lang na okay kasi kayo yan eh. Iba naman yun sitwasyon ko.”

“Maya we’re just starting to know each other in a deeper level.  Normal lang naman yun mga ginagawa natin because we are also friends. I would never put you in an awkward situation kahit na alam kong crush mo ako at alam mo rin na crush kita. Just trust me.”

“Ser Chief kasi hindi naman ako sanay sa ganito eh.”

“Ako rin naman. I’m new to all of these. It’s my first time to feel kilig just by being with someone.”

“Ser Chief naman eh. Hindi naman ako handa sa mga pinagsasabi mo. Iba na lang pag-usapan natin.” She complained. Di na nya keri yun pagpapakilig ni Ser Chief nya.

“Well i can’t think of any topic.”

“Matulog na lang kaya tayo.” She suggested.

“No. I’m not sleepy yet. Dito na muna tayo. We can just listen to the music. It’s my favorite.”

They were listening to Michael Buble’s version of “The Way You Look Tonight.

“Ser Chief favorite din po yan ni nanay at tatay. Sinayaw nila yan dati nung mga bata pa kami pero yun version naman ni Frank Sinatra. Kaso nawala na yun kasayaw ni nanay so malamang kami na lang ni Kute at ni Cho ang magsasayaw kasama siya.”

Then her face suddenly turned sad. She missed her father.

Ricky saw it and was quick to ask her to dance. He wanted her to forget about the pain of losing her father even for just a few minutes.

She stood up and allowed herself to be engulfed in his arms for the dance.

“Maya from now on, i will be your forever dancing partner. Always remember that.”

What he said may have a deeper meaning for both of them but at that moment, Maya just wanted to be comforted by his embrace as they were swaying to the soft music while trying to calm both their hearts.

With each word your tenderness grows
Tearin’ my fear apart
And that laugh, wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart
Lovely, never, never change
Keep that breathless charm
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you
A-just the way you look tonight

And with that single dance, Maya and Ser Chief knew that they could really draw strength and seek comfort from each other.

Yes these crushmates have gone a long way.