Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim

Saturday. Richard was very excited for the swimming lessons he would teach Maya. He asked Joma to clean the pool the night before. He even asked Doris to get the inflatable toys in their storage room so that they could use it.

He asked Manang Fe and Sabel to prepare barbeque and hotdogs and other finger food for them to eat as well. They prepared the table near the pool. Dun na rin sila magbreakfast as it was still very early.

It will be swimming day for the entire Lim family. He decided to allow everyone to join them so that Maya wouldn’t be awkward when he teaches her the basics of swimming. He knows that Maya tends to be shy so he already thought of a solution and that is to let everybody join.

Nobody knows too that it was because of Maya that they would be swimming today. Richard decided not to mention it.

He’s very excited.

Maya spent the night with them. She slept at Abby’s room as her former ward requested her Ate Maya  to sleep with her.

“Ricardo abalang abala ka dyan.” Manang Fe appeared behind him. He was busy checking the pool making sure that the floor tiles weren’t slippery to avoid accidents.

“Ah Manang I just checked the floor. Baka kasi nakalimutan ni Jomang linisin. Baka madulas yun mga bata.”

“Naninibago ako sa’yo. Ngayon ka lang naging excited magswimming. Ang alam ko, eh halos ayaw mong gamitin yang swimming pool na yan.”

“Manang it’s summer. This would be a great bonding time for the kids. Kayo Manang join din kayo mamaya. I already told Sabel, Doris and Joma to join as well.” He was smiling at Manang Fe.

“Eh si Maya?”

“Ah…eh… it’s up to her Manang if she wants to join.” Hala nahiya pa si Ricardo na aminin na si Maya ang reason for the impromptu swimming.

“Pasalihin mo para matuwa si Abby. At para matuwa ka rin.” Manang said the last line to herself.

“Yes Manang I’ll tell her.”

Then Manang Fe left him.

He was relieved. He was never a good liar. He didn’t want to lie but he was shy kay Manang Fe especially that Manang Fe could read him like a book. He didn’t want her or anybody teasing him. Di siya ready for it.


“Dad are we gonna start na?” Nikki who was excited to wear her new swimming outfit and hat asked her dad. Luke was also trailing behind. He was just making annoyed expressions at Nikki.

“Sure you go ahead. I’ll just wait for Abby.”

He was excitedly waiting for Maya and Abby. He was ready to swim. He’s wearing board shorts and a shirt. Siyempre he couldn’t be topless or else baka di sila makafocus ni Maya. Excited din siya on what she will wear. She mentioned that she even bought a swimwear kasi required ng TA Training School.

He heard Sabel and Doris by the stairs “Day ano yan? Bakit ganyan ang suot mo? Naku dapat swimwear di ba? Manang wear naman yan eh.”

Di pa nya nakikita sina Maya but he already braced himself to be disappointed. Maybe she got shy to wear her swimsuit.  Malamang she is wearing a dark shirt and cycling shorts.

“Ano ba Doris, Sabel. nakakahiya naman magsuot ng ganyan sa inyo.”  She protested.

“Naku Maya dela Rosa kung ganyan ang katawan ko sa’yo isusuot ko na ang pinakasexy na swimsuit. Nakakainis ka girl!”

“Wag nga kayo. Marinig nga tayo ni Ser Chief. Nakakahiya!!!”

“Anong hiya hiya eh si Ser nga nakaswimming trunks” Sabel teased her.

Nagulat si Maya. Napaimagine ng kung ano-ano.

She even closed her eyes. “Naku Sabel! Erase erase!”

“Ha? Anong pinagsasabi mo Maya? Anong erase erase mo dyan?” Clueless si Doris pero quick si Sabel. “Aha! Iniimagine mo si Ser ano?! Naku Maya ikaw ha!”

“Oy kayo hindi ah! Hali na nga kayo at inip na tong alaga ko.”

“Uy excited na makitang nakatrunks si Ser.” Sabel further teased her.

Richard who heard everything was just smiling. Naaaliw sya kina Doris at Sabel especially when they are teasing Maya.

Maya came down still wearing a robe so di pa nya alam what’s underneath.

“Good morning Ser Chief.” she greeted him. Relieved din sya that her Ser Chief was wearing board shorts and not trunks. Nakahinga sya ng maluwag pero slightly disappointed din pero ayaw nya siyempre aminin even to herself.

“Good Morning Maya. Hi Baby! Let’s have breakfast muna. Nakahanda na sa poolside.” Then he carried Abby.

“Ah sige Ser Chief.” Shy na shy pa rin sya.

She just took few bites of the hotdogs and di na rin kumain ng rice. She wanted to start the swimming lessons while hindi pa masyadong mainit.

Abby already joined Luke and Nikki. Joma, Sabel and Doris were also swimming. Manang Fe returned to her room.

“Dad, Ate Maya join us.” Luke was calling them already.

He went near her. Pasimple ba. “Ready ka na?”

‘Oo Ser Chief. Alalayan mo ako ha?”

“Of course.” They were both talking in hushed voices para di marining ng iba.

“Remove your robe na Maya.”

Nashy ulit si Maya while naexcite si Ser Chief.

Ayan dahil sa nerbyos or hiya, nabuhol yun knot ng robe ni Maya. She couldn’t remove it.

Of course Ser Chief to the rescue. He slowly went near her then carefully untied the robe. Pulang pula and hiyang hiya si Maya. Kilig na kilig rin like electric bolts were in her system.

“Relax…” He said in his soft voice that never fails to give Maya goosebumps.

“Ako na Ser Chief.” She said when she was na naayos na yun belt ng robe nya.

He gave her his sweet smile showing his dimples. He even winked at her.

Maya saw what he’s been doing so she whispered to him. “Ser Chief tigilan mo nga yan. Baka matunaw ako bago pa man tayo mag-umpisang magswimming.”

“Affected ka?” he teased her.

“Ser Chief ha! Mabiro kang masyado kahit sa harap ng mga bata.”

“Okay lang yan. They know that I’m fond of you anyway. We all are naman.”

“Wag ka na ngang masyadong magpakilig dyan. Nadidistract na nga ako at nakashorts ka.” She compalined.

Ricky was loving every bit of their banters. He was oblivious that they were in front of everybody. “So you find me sexy with my shorts? Affected ka nga!”

“Halika na nga Ser Chief. Nagiging pilyo ka na ha! Hindi bagay.”

He chuckled.

Then Maya slowly removed her robe.

He was expecting the worst but was blessed with such a lovely sight.

Maya was wearing a conservative one-piece swimwear but it hugged her body perfectly. It even showed her curves and her legs.

Uh-oh siya na ngayon ang sobrang affected at excited  that without waiting for Maya he dove sa pool and did few laps of swimming.

Nagtaka naman lahat maliban kay naughty Sabel who saw Maya and immediately understood that their boss got affected with Maya’s swimwear. Natawa na lang si Sabel.

“Daddy why are you making pasikat with your swimming skills?” Nikki innocently asked.

“I was just showing Maya that magaling akong magswim. She’s doubting me kasi when I told her na I’m a very good swimmer.” Palusot nya.

Maya was already beside Abby. Panay lang hawak sa sides ng pool.

“Ate Maya si Daddy pala dapat ang magturo sa’yong magswim.” Abby knows that Maya has swimming lessons in time Airways.

Siyempre pakipot ang Maya. Pretending na hindi nila napagusapan ni Ser Chief yun lessons. “Baby baka busy ang daddy mo atsaka nakakahiya. Hindi ako marunong. Baka mahirapan syang turuan ako.”

Tumaas lang ang kilay ni Ricky. Nagpalusot din ang Maya.

“Okay lang naman yan kay dad. Di ba dad?” It was Luke this time.

Nang hindi agad nagsalita si Ser Chief, Joma volunteered. “Ako na lang Maya para wag maabala si Ser.”

Lagot kung kanina happy like a dolphin si Ser Chief, now biglang sungit like a shark.

Maya saw it so she immediately quipped. “Wag na Kuya Joma. Si Ser Chief na lang. sayang naman yun pagkakataon na maturuan ng napakagaling na swimmer.”

Ayun smiling like a dolphin ulit si Ser Chief.

Alam na alam ni crushmate pano siya pakalmahin.

And yes he patiently taught her all the basics of swimming kahit na yun iba’t-ibang strokes – breaststroke, freestyle,  backstroke, sidestroke and butterfly stroke. Kahit nga ata dolphin at tiger stroke.

Sobrang thankful si Maya kay Ser Chief.

Sobrang proud naman si Ser Chief that Maya is a very fast learner.

And both sila happy that everybody was supportive of the swimming lessons.


He was now bringing her to the condo:

“Thank you talaga Ser Chief.  Marami akong natutunan sa’yo. Sana hindi kita pinagod.”

“I enjoyed it Maya especially that I got to do it with you. I’m very happy.”

“Hindi ka nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Do I look like nawalan ng pasensya?”

“Hindi naman. Pero malay ko ba. Baka nagprepretend ka lang na okay.”

“I am okay. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you and I’m looking forward to teaching you many things pa  and doing more activities with you.” Then he again gave her his  pamatay na smile with those dimples which made Maya’s heart somersault.

“Anong activities Ser Chief?”

“You’ll see.” Then with a naughty grin forming on his face, he continued driving towards Maya’s condo.


A/N : Ano pa bang activities ang pwedeng ituro ni Ser Chief kay Mayabels?  Golf? dancing? singing? cooking?  Ah bahala na siya. Pero crushmate level activities lang ha! Light lang ang series na to. Inspired by the ligawan scenes of BCWMH.

Thanks for reading.




7 thoughts on “Kwentong Maya & Ricky : Swim”

  1. More activities for the crush mates! Lahat ng adiks ang smile permanent na may kasama pang kilig! Sir Chief’s very subtle moves and gestures but have solid impact with Maya. Can’t wait for the next activity! Thank you Ms. Timmy!

  2. hahaha….the way you write Tims…talagang pang GP….wala talgang malisya no? pero kong sina Hanah, Maltz, Prince Mackaroo, Nylcoen, Rambler, Roxy, atty. mayi, etc….baka nagtalunan na kami habang binabasa…wla man lang discription on how she learned the how to swim…wla man lang dmoves si SC? wla man lang touchy touchy scenes? hahahahaha…ok na d mo kaya mga ganun hehe…still nakakatuwa…enjoy pa din naman kami khit…B-I-T-I-N! thank you and God bless!!!

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