The Heart Never Forgets 23 – Finale


I know I promised… but the owner of this story requested for this version. I can’t say no to her.

It’s the reason why antagal ko bago mapost ito. Di ko rin kasi kinaya…

😒 Here goes…


Nine years after Maya and Richard tied the knot…

At Northwest Hills Montessori.

It was Luke’s highschool graduation and Richard, Maya together with their 8 year old daughter Abby was proudly watching with the other parents.

Luke graduated at the top of his class and was accepted in a scholarship abroad.

The ceremony was ongoing and the couple were talking in hushed voices.

“Mabuti yung anak natin, walang girlfriend na maiiwan. Hindi yan mahihirapan magdesisyon na umalis o hindi.”

Richard was teasing Maya.

“Malay natin baka meron pala.”

“Sweetheart we always do guy talk ni Luke at wala naman siyang binabanggit. He is so focused in his studies. Hindi yan madidistract ng kung ano-ano.”

She made a sad face. She was also teasing him.

“So distraction pala ako sa’yo noon?”

He chuckled then gathered her closer to him.

“Ikaw talaga. Of course hindi. I meant that wala pang nahahanap si Luke like his mom kaya matatagalan pa yan magseryoso sa paghahanap ng girlfriend. No one will compare to you sweetheart.”

“Sus binobola mo lang ako. Iba naman yun sinasabi mo kanina.”

“Ganun yun! Iba lang yun interpretation mo.”

Then they both smiled at their banters. There was really never a dull moment between them.

Even Luke who was now 16 is so used to seeing his parents being sweet with each other.

Abby just watched them shaking her head.

They were all proud of Luke. He in return was so grateful to have been blessed with their wonderful parents.


The family spent the whole school break in Manila after Luke’s graduation.

They have a house there which was regularly maintained by their trusted staff. They usually stay there during short visits in Manila for vacation and even business.

They enrolled Abby in a summer dance, singing and acting workshop for she wanted to be like her kuya too.

Luke, on the other hand would accompany his sister in her classes. He wanted to stay with her for he will be leaving for his studies abroad soon.

The family was with Sabel and Joma for the entire stay.


Ricky was driving along SLEX on his way to Batangas.

He will be attending the house warming of his friend Ryan.

Maya couldn’t make it for she’s been feeling sick since last night. Luke was with Abby and they were accompanied by Joma for Abby’s classes.

The night before..

“Sweetheart wag ka na lang pumunta. You better rest. Ako na lang ang mageexplain kay Ryan.”

“Pero Sweetheart, di ba nakakahiya na wala ako dun bukas? Kaya ko naman. Pagod lang to at hindi siguro sanay sa Manila.

“No sweetheart. Ryan and Ivy will understand. Atsaka we need to go to the doctor pagdating ko. Baka you’re pregnant that’s why you’re having those symptoms. Very early morning na lang ako pupunta kina Ryan. Magpapakita lang ako then uwi ako ka agad. I’m excited to know if may kasunod na si Abby.” He teased her.

“Naku Mr. Lim, how I wish, pero baka kabag lang to or sa kinain ko. Or pwede nga sa pollution dito sa Manila.”

“Whatever it is, tomorrow, uuwi agad ako then we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Sige sweetheart para di ka na magworry, we’ll go to the doctor.”

“Good. Salamat naman at hindi matigas ang ulo mo ngayon Mrs. Lim.” Richard chuckled. Maya was always stubborn when it comes to her health.

“Hindi naman ah! Lagi naman akong sumusunod sa’yo.”

“Hmmm o sige na at baka mag-argue pa tayo. You better rest na. I’ll check on the kids.”

“Aba extra sweet ka ngayon sweetheart. May check the kids kang nalalaman ngayon ha.”

“I’m always sweet. I always check them too kaso I could feel na nahihiya si Luke when I do it, binata na talaga anak natin. Sige na at gusto ko lang munang kausapin sina Luke and Abby. I’ll join you in a while.”

Richard left their room while Maya settled on their bed.


Maya was sound asleep when her cellphone kept ringing nonstop.

She forced herself to answer it. It was an unknown number and it was just five in the morning.

Ricky was no longer beside her. He must have left already as he said he would be very early going to Batangas.

It took few more rings before she answered her phone.


“Hello. Si Mrs. Maya Lim po ba ito?”

“Yes ako nga. Sino po sila?”

“Ma’m ako po si SPO2 Jeff Macavinta. Yun asawa nyo po, si Mr. Richard Lim kasalukuyang isinusugod sa ospital ngayon. Naaksidente po yun kotse nya.”

Blood drained from Maya’s face, her heart pounded fast, she can’t speak.

“Ma’m sa Asian Hospital po siya dadalhin kasi yun ang pinakamalapit sa pinangyarihan ng aksidente. Ma’m?”

“Ser kumusta po ang lagay ng asawa ko?” She finally found her voice.

“Hindi ko po masasabi pero mainam po na mapuntahan nyo kaagad.”


Luke accompanied his mom to the hospital where his dad was rushed. Joma drove them. Abby and Sabel were left home. They didn’t wake Abby for they were rushing to the hospital.

Maya and Luke was ushered to the waiting area. Richard was at the ER being treated. The policemen who were at the accident scene were also there but they allowed her privacy first.

After an hour of waiting, the doctor came out and approached Maya.

“Mrs. Lim your husband wants to see you.”

She hurriedly entered the ER with Luke and was shocked to see how Richard looked. There was still a lot of blood and his lower body was covered.

Maya was already crying…

The doctors obviously just allowed his request to see his wife.

“Sweetheart I’m glad you’re here.”

His bloodied and scarred hands tried so hard to hold hers despite the excruciating pain he was feeling. Maya held it.


“Hey sweetheart, wag mong papabayaan sarili mo ha at ang mga bata. I want you guys to be happy. Luke come here.”

“Dad.” Luke was silently crying behind his mom.

“Luke you take care of mommy and your sister. I’m sure you guys will be fine.”

“Sweetheart wag ka ngang magsasalita ng ganyan.”

“Sweetheart listen to me. I love you so much don’t forget that. We had so many wonderful years already. That’s more than enough for us. Please let my love be your guide in finding happiness kahit wala na ako. Promise me Maya… I love you so much sweetheart… I’m sorry pero I can no longer be with you…kakayanin nyo alam ko yan. Please don’t deprive yourselves of the happiness you deserve.”

Maya was not saying anything. She was just crying. Luke was too.

“Give me a hug sweetheart.” Ricky finally requested.

Maya gave him a kiss and a hug. While still in an embrace… Richard’s hand loosened….

The machine beeped….

The doctors scrambled towards him and tried their best to resuscitate him.


“Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa’yo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mon’g bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong susundin
Sa takbo sakdal, liwanagan ang daan
Yakapin mong bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
‘Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin

Ikaw ang siyang pag-ibig ko
Asahan mo ang katapatan ko
Kahit ang puso ko’y nalulumbay,
Mananatiling ikaw pa rin

Ikaw lamang ang pangakong mahalin
Sa sumpang sa iyo magpakailan pa man
Yakapin mo’ng bawat sandali,
Ang buhay kong sumpang sa’yo lamang alay,

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pangakong walang hanggan

At mapapawi ang takot sa ‘kin
Pagkat taglay lakas mong angkin”

The song was hauntingly sang by the San Nicolas choir as Richard’s coffin was carried by the clergy who were his former classmates in the seminary.

Father Francis celebrated the mass.

Luke and Abby was seated beside their mom and James, Rafi, Liza, Joma and the very frail Manang Fe were all seated at the front with the family.

“It is not how short or long our life is but how meaningful we lived it… that’s what’s more important. Our dear Richard lived his life to the fullest…”

Maya was unable to hear the rest of what Father Francis has to say for she already fainted..


“Mommy! Mommy!” tiny fingers were poking her face.

“Sky don’t disturb Mommy. She is still sleeping.”

Maya could hear her daughter Abby.

Then she felt that Abby was near her.

Now she’s the one waking her up.

“Mommy! Mommy! You’re having a bad dream again. You are crying. Mom please wake up!”

She was startled by Abby’s worried voice so she woke up but she was still crying.

“Mom, bakit po? Are you okay? Is something wrong?”

Maya was trying her best to stifle her sobs since her youngest son, Sky was already curiously staring at her. Sky really looks like Ricky.

“Wala anak naalala ko lang ang daddy nyo. Namimiss ko siya.” Then she cried again…

“Ay si Mommy ang oa. Sinundo lang ni dad si Kuya sa airport akala mo naman ilang days di nagkita. You’re so cheesy mommy.”

Maya was confused with what she heard.

While still processing in her mind what her daughter said, their bedroom suddenly opened as Luke who just arrived from the States entered with beaming smiles.

“Mommy!!! I missed you!” Luke gave her a big hug then kissed her forehead and proceeded to kiss Abby and Sky too.

Ricky was behind Luke, lovingly watching his family.

He went near Maya to give her a kiss only to notice her puffy eyes and very red nose.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He worriedly asked.

Maya didn’t say anything. She just gave Ricky a very tight embrace wanting to feel that what is before her very eyes right now is real.


Yes Ricky is well. He didn’t go to Ryan’s housewarming and he chose to stay with Maya who looked very sick when he woke up that morning.

And yes she was indeed pregnant that time.



Para both parties mapagbigyan…

My friend Amy, whose story I used,requested me to show a glimpse of what really happened.

But of course I can’t take it in my heart to have a sad ending for our most loved Ricky and Maya kaya i changed the last part of the story.

Gusto ko happy at walang ending… πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜


15 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets 23 – Finale”

  1. Woohh i thought its a sad ending, buti nlang tlaga.. juicecolored grabe ang kaba ko.. yehey salamat nman at happy ending.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’‘

  2. Ay salamat naman at may happy ending kahit na halos maduro ang puso duon sa isang version….now I can go to sleep with a happy heart and smile on my lips….thank you very much for this very inspiring story. Please give my warmest regards to Amy their love story is very inspiring truly passed the test of lasting love and devotion. Take care and God bless .

  3. Awwww, so sad naman pala ang real story.

    So glad that you gave us a happy ending para lahat happy.

    Thankiee sis for another story.

    Excited to read the continuation or finale na ba ng “Traces of Love.”

  4. Oh my! Tumutulo na yung luha ko Ms. Timmy the moment she got the call!! That was gut-wrenching and painful! Very sad. 😦 Thank you for making it still a happy ending. Thank you also Ms. Amy for sharing. God Bless.

  5. Dyozmio akala ko totoo na nawala si Ricky umiiyak na ako huhuhu….panaginip lang pala ni Maya haiz….thank you Lord happy ending pa rin thank you Ms.Timmy🌻🌻🌻

  6. Umiiyak na ko sa nababasa ko akala ko talaga namatay c Ricky……thanks kc alam nyo na madudurog ang puso ng mga adiks pag ganito ang magiging ending…happy lang walang ending!

  7. Thanks so much ms timmy and also to your best friend amy gor allowing us to be part of their love and life. Ang dami kong luha but worth it. I hope amy and the kids are doing well but for sure they gave an angel in heaven looking after them. Thanks also for the happy ending.God bless to you anad amy.

  8. Waaaah! Gravity! Napaiyak ako sa part na naaksidente si Ricky! Akala ko un talaga ung ending! Huhuhu! 😭😭 Until know naiiyak ako knowing that it is the glimpse of what truly happened… Thanks for this wonderful true to life story! This gave me a roller coaster of emotions!

  9. kahit na happy ending ito, i can’t help but to shed some tears knowing kung paano nag end ang real story. again, salamat sa friend mo ms. timmy for sharing her story. salamat sa iba’t ibang emotion na hatid nito.

  10. umiyak na ako….at d ito tinuloy kagabi….d kaya ng powers ko…then i came back this morning para ituloy at magcomment…AY! maganda pala ending bwahahahaha….napanaginipan ko tuloy at Tims…natulog kaya ako na masakit ang dibdib hanubayan!!! neways…thank u! happy and neverending happiness! yan ang gusto nating mga pinoy…kasi mabababaw lang ang happiness natin….mga sinalanta nga ng bagyo meron pang nakuhanan na nagjojoke na kunwari newscaster sia…ganun naman tayo madali tau makarecover kasi ang happiness natin is not in the material things…prio natin relationship…basta masaya mahal natin…masaya tayo! God bless and hope to read more from u Tims….

  11. Thank u Timms for this wonderful ff. another one has finished and we are longing for more to.compliment our down feelings kasi wala pa silang project upto this time. but we are still looking forward na magkakaruon yan at pag nangyari yun magdidiwang ang mga adiks sa buong mundo. More power to u, cheers.

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