The Heart Never Forgets 22

“We’re losing a lot of blood!”

“The blood pressure is going up!”

“Call Dr. Gonzaga. He should be here right now.

Doc Gallardo was frantically shouting orders at his team.

Dra. Madrigal was with him.

At the corner of the hospital, Luke was worried. He was engulfed in Manang Fe’s hug.

“Anak magiging okay ang lahat.”

“Si dad…”

He saw his dad rushing towards them.

He came straight from the airport.

He went to Manila yesterday for a supposed closing of a deal today for Lim Holdings, their business which he is now handling eversince he and Maya got married.

Earlier this morning he was called back to San Nicolas by Manang Fe and Luke.

He was badly needed.

Maya was rushed to the hospital.

The moment he arrived at the hospital he gave his son a warm embrace and carried him. He could see the worry on his face.

Maya was going into labor.

“Manang kumusta si Maya?”

“Nasa delivery room pa. Biglaan eh. Kanina nagbreakfast kami ng biglang sumakit yun tiyan nya.”

“Pero she’s not yet due to give birth. Is she okay.”

Richard was very worried.

“Antayin natin yun doktor, Ricardo.”

After an agonizing 4 hours of waiting, Dr. Gallardo, their family doctor, together with their obstetrician Dra. Madrigal and Pediatrician Dr. Gonzaga finally met with Richard.

“Congratulations Mr. Lim.”

“How’s my wife? How’s my daughter?”

“Maya is resting right now. She will wake up later. But you can see her.”

“My daughter? How is she? She’s just 7 months.”

It was Dr. Gallardo who answered sensing Richard’s apprehension.

“Your daughter is in the incubator Richard. She’s doing great. She must have been so excited to come out that’s why lumabas na kahit kulang pa sa buwan.”

“But they’re fine doc? No complications?”

“No complications Richard. Your wife and daughter are both doing well. Hindi namin expected that Maya is going into labor but when may excessive bleeding kanina, we realized that your baby girl really wanted to see what’s out her mommy’s tummy. Adventurous din malamang like Maya.”

He smiled now. Relieved with what their doctor told him.

Luke was beside him.

“Luke you will be a kuya now. Tutulungan mo sina mom and dad sa pagalaga kay baby bunso ha.” Doc Gallardo said as he ruffled Luke’s hair.

“Yes Tito Doc.”

Luke was now smiling. The little boy was so worried earlier when his mom was rushed to the hospital especially that his dad wasn’t around.

Now they are all relieved and very happy.

Manang Fe decided to go home and leave Richard and Luke. She needs to prepare food for them and she also needs to prepare Luke’s and Richard’s things since they will definitely be staying with Maya.


Richard was staring at the sleeping form of his wife. Oh how he loved her so much. Just the thought that she is with him and that he could take care of her, love her is enough to make him emotional all of a sudden.

Their story was not at all rosy. There have been lots of challenges. Fate, people and useless assumptions got in their way.

But they were given a second chance and he vowed to himself never to waste the chance given them.

Maya also never failed to assure him of her love, her commitment to him.

She never failed to make him happy and now that happiness is again magnified a hundredfold. She gave him another child, now a daughter.

He felt so complete and his heart couldn’t contain it that his tears are silently flowing at his feeling of immense joy.

Luke was sleeping on his dad’s lap and Richard was caressing the top of the boy’s head lovingly.

God has indeed been very good to him, to them. He couldn’t ask for more.

As he was adoring his sleeping wife, he couldn’t help but reminisce the first year they were together as a family.


“Oo Maya uuwi ako agad. I’ve already booked a flight.”

“Salamat James. Pero pwedeng humirit? Can you stay a little longer para sa kasal namin.”

“Wow! That fast Maya? Wala ng engagement period?”

“Eeeh James we’ve wasted many years already and time is of importance.”

“Naku Maya ang sabihin mo you can’t wait to get your hands and and other body parts on your husband.”

“Tumigil ka nga James. Nakakahiya ang mga pinagsasabi mo.”

“Sus nahiya ka pa eh may Luke na nga kayo atsaka alam ko naman na excited kayo pareho.”

James’ chuckle on the other line could be heard.

“Tumigil ka nga! Nakaloudspeaker po ako at nandito sa tabi ko si Chard. Nakakainis ka James!”

“Oh di mo naman sinabi agad. Sorry sorry you know me, binibiro lang kita Maya. Hi Richard! Congrats pare! Congrats to both of you.”

“Thank you James.”

“Atsaka sorry. Sanay lang talaga akong biruin si Maya. Baka you didn’t like it. Pasensya na. Masaya kasing asarin yan si Maya kasi pikon.”

“Oh I love it too, especially that she’s blushing right now.”

He chuckled and James did too on the other line.

“Chard! Pagtutulungan nyo pa ako ni James.”

Richard just gathered her in his arms as they continued to talk to James, discussing their plans about the annulment and the upcoming wedding.


As promised, James arrived to help nullify his marriage with Maya.

Richard and Maya was thankful for all the help James did.

He was instrumental in helping the two return to each other’s arms and Maya and Richard would never forget that.

He also helped his aunt, Mother Elena make ammends with what she did.

Though it was unintentional on her part for she was unaware that Maya was pregnant then, she still played a major part in Maya’s decision to leave Richard.

She wanted to talk to the two and James made that possible.

“Maya I don’t know what to say but I really am sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I couldn’t even imagine what you went through.”

“Tinulungan nyo naman po kami ni Luke Mother Elena ng mga panahon na kami lang ni Nanay ang magkasama. Hindi po namin makakalimutan yun.”

“Yes Maya, but had I not discouraged you and Richard, hindi sana kayo pareho nahirapan. I could never forgive myself for doing that.”

It was Richard who hugged Mother Elena now as she was overcome with guilt and remorse.

“Mother okay na po. At nagpapasalamat ako na hindi mo pinabayaan ang mag-ina ko. I will forever be grateful for that. Everything happened for a reason. It made us realize that despite everything, our love is stronger and could conquer whatever gets in our way. Hindi namin kayo sinisisi Mother.”

James and Maya was happy that finally Richard and Mother Elena got to clear things.

Between Maya and Richard, it was Richard who held a little grudge on Mother Elena but as Maya explained what happened to him, how Mother Elena took care of her and Luke, he easily forgave her and was even thankful for taking care of Maya and Luke.

“Thank you Richard. You’re a really good person. Your grandpa will always be proud of you. I’m very proud of you. Lumaki ka kaya sa’min sa Northwest Hills.”

“Oo naman po Mother, hindi ko makakalimutan ang Northwest Hills. It took care of me and taught me what i need to learn and most importantly it is where I found this wonderful woman beside me.”

Maya got embarrassed. She’s not yet used to Richard being sweet in front of other people, most especially Mother Elena.

“Wag ka nga Chard.”

“Why? Totoo naman and I’ll never get tired saying that.”

“Sige na kayong dalawa at baka hindi ko kayanin ang mga pinagsasabi nito ni Richard baka tumaas ang alta presyon ko.”

They all had a laugh and shared a few more stories before bidding each other goodbye.



13 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets 22”

  1. kinabahan dun sa umpisa ah, buti na lang all is well and happy family sa wakas at nadagdagan pa ang blessing. thank you for this ms. timmy, isa ito sa hindi ko malilimutang story.

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