The Heart Never Forgets 24 – Epilogue

Maya and Ricky were seated at the veranda of their son’s, Fr. Luke Andrew Lim’s, room in his convent.

Luke is now a parish priest of San Isidro, a town which is an hour drive from their home in San Nicolas.

They were leisurely watching the sunset which was one of the nicest views in Fr. Luke’s room.

Luke was still saying his last mass for the day so they decided to just wait for him in his room.

Abby was busy preparing food with the other helpers at the convent. They were there for Luke’s birthday.

The family arrived yesterday and attended the first mass that Luke celebrated.

Both Ricky and Maya were very proud of their son. Despite what happened to them years ago, Luke grew up to be a fine man, well-loved by people for his humility despite everything he has accomplished. He always tells people that he is what he is because of his wonderful parents. He always includes them in his homily.

Abigail Ruth Lim owns a preschool now which specializes in Music and Arts. She was inspired by her mom’s former profession. It was just near their home in San Nicolas.

Abby decided to just have a business closer to their home. She didn’t want to be far from her mom and dad.

It was the same reason Luke had when he was asked to choose between a parish abroad and the one near their hometown.

Both Abby and Luke knows what their parents had gone through. They were aware how lonely both their mom and dad was during their childhood, growing up without siblings. This is the reason why they both decided to be near their parents. Besides why would they try to find happiness in faraway places when they have abundance of it in their home.

“Sweetheart alam mo, kung hindi nagpari si Luke, siguro marami ring ipinakilala yan sa bahay.”

“I don’t think so Sweetheart. Bata pa lang siya, he had a calling already.”

“Eh kahit naman may calling, kapag may dumating na nagpapatibok ng puso, eh daig ang ‘calling’. Ikaw nga di ba?”

Ricky now faced his wife.

“Sweetheart let me clear that. I was in love with you before I entered the seminary. You just chose to leave me kaya hayun, napasok ako sa seminary. Hindi ko naman ata calling yun. I was the one who called for help kasi nga I was mending my broken heart.” He teased her.

“Ay sweetheart idinahilan mo na naman ako. Ang cute mo kapag ganyan ka. At manang mana sa’yo sa ganyan si Sky.” She lovingly pinched Ricky’s cheeks.

Ricky kissed her on her head while they are still leaning alongside each other.

“Ay teka asan na ba sina Sky?” Maya asked and right on cue, a flashy red sports car parked in front of the convent which is just below the veranda.

Their younger son, the adorable, charming and ladies’ man Sky emerged from the car.

He immediately looked up to where he knows his parents were and flashed them a beaming, charming smile with matching wink.

“Naku sweetheart ayan na naman ang binata mo. Naku baka sa isang to magka apo tayo ng maaga.”

“It’s okay with me. Nakakamiss na rin ang may bata sa bahay. Atsaka we can support him naman if ever.”

“Sweetheart 18 pa lang ang anak natin. Naku ikaw talaga!”

“Ay oo nga pala. I forgot 18 pa lang si Sky. Sa dami ba naman kasi ng naging girlfriends ng isang to. Siguro masaya din yun ganyan no?”

“Ang alin?”

“Yun maraming girlfriends. I never get to experience that. What was it like kaya?”

Maya frowned and pouted her lips.

“Hey.. I’m just saying what if. Hindi ko naman sinasabi na gusto ko ng ganyan. Besides why would I look for more when I have the very best beside me.” He chuckled then he engulfed her in a tighter hug.

“Ewan ko sa’yo…”

They were still sweetly bantering when the their children joined them at the veranda.

It was Sky who immediately hugged and kissed his mom. He was a mama’s boy and was very proud of it.

“How’s my very beautiful and sobrang sexy na daig pa ang curves ni Beyonce na mommy? Flowers nga pala mom.” Sky handed Maya a beautiful bouquet of roses while giving her a very tight hug.

“Naku bumabawi ka lang kasi late ka. Sky talaga! Binola mo pa si mom.” Abby joined in.

“Hindi Ate no! That is so true. Sexy naman talaga si mommy, tanungin mo pa si dad. Atsaka I was late kasi dumaan pa kami sa bayan. I bought pasalubongs for you.” He proudly stated.

“Hindi naman ikaw yung bumili ng pasalubong Kuya Sky. Ako kaya yun inutusan mo. You were just there sa may magazine stand nagpapacute sa mga girls.” Their youngest, 16 year old Sunshine protested.

“Sunshine, I was training your purchasing skills. You should thank your Kuya nga.” Sky lovingly hugged Sunshine.

“O ano naman ang mga pinabili mo kay Shine? Lahat kami dapat meron.” It was Luke now.

Sky excitedly gave the pasalubongs. He was late in going to San Isidro for he and Sunshine still had their classes so they arrived just today. Sumunod na lang sila.

Their mom and dad together with Abby arrived yesterday and spent time with Luke visiting places and also friends in San Isidro. They had made new friends in the town for Luke was a very much loved parish priest of the town. Richard and Maya also continuously supports the government programs of the town and their business Lim Holding Inc. is the biggest benefactor in most projects and programs for the people of San Isidro.

“Eto for mom, scarf. Sa’yo naman Ate Abby here’s a cute pen pamalit dun sa nawala kong lucky pen mo.”

Both appreciatively thanked Sky.

“Eto naman sa’yo Kuya Luke…”

Sa kamamadali ni Sky, nagkamali siya ng ibibigay kay Luke, he handed him an FHM mag.


“Ay sorry kuya. That’s mine. Etong songhits pala sa’yo.”

“Songhits?! Ang kuripot mo talaga! At bakit songhits?”

“Kuya, kasi mga luma yun kinakanta mo so dapat bagong songs naman. Atsaka wala talaga akong budget kasi naubos na yun allowance ko. Hihingi pa lang kay dad, right my handsome at kamukha kong daddy?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his dad.

“Of course Sky. Mamaya ibibigay ko yun allowance nyo ni Sunshine. Eh what did you have for me?” Ricky finally joined in the banters of their kids.

“Dad share na lang tayo sa magazine. It’s really really really very good.” He naughtily teased his dad.

“Naku Sky idadamay mo pa si dad sa kalokohan mo. Halina kain na nga tayo. The table is set.” Abby now stated.

The family proceeded to the dining area where they will now celebrate another fun dinner together.

They are celebrating Luke’s birthday but this scene was a very common sight in their family.

Amidst everything that they went through, Richard and Maya had been blessed with wonderful kids and a blissful married life.



Nakabawi na siguro ako. Happy na talaga to…

Thanks for reading again. 😊


29 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets 24 – Epilogue”

  1. Salamat Miss Timmy, for sharing your creative mind to us. πŸ‘ Isa na ito sa nagbibigay ngiti sa akin bawat araw. Kasama pati kilig πŸ˜ƒ God bless and more power. 🌻

    1. Let’s thank Maya and Serchief and the creators of bcwmh kasi kung wala sila, no inspiration for these stories. Iba talaga sila! One of a kind. Thankee for reading.

  2. Bawing bawi Ms. Timmy! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam! πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for another wonderful, heart warming and feel good story. Looking forward to the next one! Excited much! πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you Tims! Oo bawing-bawi ka na…love how u described each of the children..kakaaliw…at least kong ano ang di itinuloy ni Ricky…itinuloy naman ng anak nia. Ok yung me mana sa daddy at mana din sa hilig ng mommy…their kids are so close to them to the point na d makaalis at ayaw malayo sa kanila…so sweet naman! Katuwa ang Sky na binata na…kabaliktaran ni Daddy Ricky hahaha….

    Another finished FF…and i hope more to come…keep it coming please kasi thru this FF napapanatili namin ang pagmamahal sa Maya-SirChief tandem na kinaadikan natin…God bless!

    1. Mabuti naman at nakabawi na ako. Nadisturb ako to learn na you slept with a heavy heart 😒 kaya ayan ginawan ko ng mas happy ending.

      I’ll try to continue doing more hanggang wala pa silang project together.

      I’m sure they will have soon. Di pa naman 1 year anniversary ng end ng bcwmh eh. Malay natin baka sa nov 28 may happy and very good news for us.

      Thanks again for reading.

      And yes aliw ako kay sky here. Sayang dapat pala dinagdag ko pa si Nikki kaso mapapagalitan na sila ng simbahan.. Ang daming kids, di nagfafamily planning 😁 pari pa naman si panganay nila.

  4. Thanks Ms Timm…happy ending na wala ng kaba kung may nangyayari ba…hehehehe ..i hope may susunod na bagong story at mas exciting at mas nakaka adik..God Bless and more power Ms Timms.

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