The Heart Never Forgets – A note on the story

A note on the story

I wrote this story when Be Careful with my Heart was still being shown, last months of 2013 to be exact. I never intended to post this.

I got my inspiration from the story of my friend Amy and her husband Nick.

Earlier this year, as i was fixing my files, i saw this story again together with my other bcwmh files – pics, videos and some stories i tinkered on. I read her story and I told my friend that her very moving journey deserves to be shared.

She agreed thats why i decided to revise, edit and post it para hindi naman masyadong heavy. It was also sort of a catharsis for me since I was also affected by her life.

Baka may lessons din na makuha from their story. Sana.

Since I so love the characters of Richard and Maya and since the show helped me when I was so sad for my friend, I decided to write their story using Richard and Maya in their place.

Yes. Amy and Nick are Maya and Richard in the story. And Luke was their son Archie.

They encountered the same ups and downs like Richard and Maya of the fanfic but in the end they also found their way to each other and spent a happy and blissful life with their son.

I won’t include the details of their real story na out of respect for both of them. Ayaw din naman nya. 3/4 of the one I wrote naman are really true.

They were together for almost 9 years until binawi na ni Bro si Nick. He died in a car accident last 2013. Yes when ongoing yun show. Kaya nga big help talaga ang bcwmh to forget sadness even for few minutes a day lang.

We were kidding each other nga na pinahiram lang sakanya si Nick kasi nga he was about to be a priest before.

But my friend said that she was very grateful that they were given a chance to be a family and spend their time together with their son, albeit, a very short-lived life together.

Now her son will be graduating in college and my friend is now taking charge of the businesses her husband left with their true to life dependable staff they consider as family. She stopped teaching already.

Si James? Well he is our friend, John. Same yun kwento nya sa story but he is not a pilot but an engineer in Dubai. He frequently visits my friend pa rin. I asked him and Amy if hindi ba pwedeng sila na lang, their answer was Nick could never be replaced and they love and respect him so much to do that. No hindi sila nagkatuluyan ng true Rafi. Rafi is already married but very good friends sila. Single pa rin si James, gusto nyong makilala? Joke! Ipapasubo yun friend.

Si Mother Elena? She really exists din but di naman siya aunt ni James in real life. At siya talaga reason why naglihim si Maya. (Sinisi talaga. Hahaha!)

The true Maya has no nanay tere. Siguro part of her bad decisions came from the fact that she has no loving mom who took care of her. At siguro kaya nalito na rin ako kung saan ko isisingit si Nanay Tere sa story. I realized na missing na siya sa last chapters I posted.

Asan ako sa story? Aba siyempre hindi ko isasali sarili ko. Pero isa ako sa super kinulit ng Richard ng story ng pinagtaguan siya ni Maya. I honestly didn’t know where she was then kaya abswelto ako.

Sad? Yes but life was still good to them. They also have their son who grew up like his dad.

You wonder why hindi nakilala ng dad yun anak nya? Hindi naman po kasi sila singkit like Richard Lim na madali madistinguish eh. Seriously, he looks more like his mom when he was younger. Now, aba kamukha na ni dad nya. Kaya parang lagi lang naman ni Amy nakikita si Nick.

And my friend said, the memories they shared could sustain her until they see each other again. Huhuhu…

Thanks for reading and sorry if pinaiyak ko kayo.

And yes. Amy is okay now. In fact she sometimes reads stories here and is amused with your comments. Yun son pala nila is Nicolas (di ba connect din sa San Nicolas ng bcwmh) ang name but medyo slow ang daddy for he never realized it. Sabagay he doesn’t use the name naman at napakalayo ng nickname nya na Archie (very sly ang mom.. tsk!) But yes pagong din yun daddy ng slight, hahaha!

Sad to say hindi bcwmh adik ang friend ko kasi she doesn’t have time to watch TV eh. She buried herself in work. But pipilitin ko talaga to be one of us (parang cult lang😁).

She also insists na mas gwapo yun asawa niya kay Richard Lim. Owwkayy… Sige na nga pagbibigyan ko tutal I used their story naman eh, hehehe! ✌

Well, I’m just trying to lighten the mood kasi as I said mabigat at hindi careful sa heart ang story nila.

I was supposed to post this after ko matapos yun Richard and Maya version kaso I prefer na happy and good vibes yun last few chapters ng story and if I’ll post this in the end, aba eh di malungkot yun last part.

And yes, iba yun magiging takbo ng R & M version of this story.

Buti pa si Maya at Ricky may happy ending at may forever.😊

I’m supposed to post this tonight but since dalawa na napost ko today, I’ll schedule this for 9:30 tomorrow that is if hindi pumalpak ang wp.

Thanks again for reading. Good eve/ day!


27 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets – A note on the story”

  1. thank you Ms. Timmy and to your friend for sharing us their love story,maski na sinabi mo nga na you edited it. dito ako lalong napaiyak ang ganda ng love story least nabigyan sila ng chance na maging happy family maski na sa sandaling panahon.

  2. Hi Timmy! Thanks for indulging us with our requests to share the real story behind your fanfic. What happened to your friend is sad, tragic even is some people would look at it that way but it’s quite a relief to know that she & Nick were still able to spend time together and be a family. A happy family with their son. I know nothing can ever be painful than to lose a loved one. I’ve lost my grandparents and that can really be a heart wrenching experience but I know it’s still way beyond the feel of losing someone who practically owns your heart. I can only imagine the pain, grief, sadness, longing and all those burdening emotions that entailed. Life can really be unjust at times but as they always say, should we dwell and let ourselves be consumed by all the negativity and grief that we feel or should we be thankful instead for all those times and memories we shared? Hay buhay. They may have not been given the chance to be together for a much longer time but at least, they were able to spend time together and express the love they have for each other. I think that’s still all that really matters.😄

  3. para sa akin good decision ms. timmy for posting this before the fanfic ends. and thanks to you and to your friend Amy for sharing this wonderful story. very inspiring and of course kahit hindi na e-detalye yung kabuuang journey ng love story nila, we learned a lot from it. sino ba ang hindi maghahangad to grow old and gray with your beloved other half? pero hindi natin pwedeng e question ang plan ni Lord sa buhay natin at yung plan Nya ay para sa ikabubuti natin. sobrang nakakaiyak at masakit sa dibdib, but tama si Amy yung hope that they will see each other again someday is enough to keep her strong and happy. naku kung isusulat ko lahat ng nasa isipan ko ngayon, baka kung makagawa ako ng fanfic hahahaha. another thing, ms. timmy meaning malapit na tong mag end? ang hirap pakawalan huhuhu. wish makilala ko yung real “James” hahahaha paki extend muli my gratitude to the real “Maya”. looking forward sa patuloy mong pagpapasaya sa amin. God bless

  4. Thank you for a very heart warming fanfic and also please extend our thanks to your friend for sharing her story with us, but we hope this is not the end of our association. Hope to hear from you again. Ms, timmy. God bless

  5. Tragic naman ang ending ng love story ni Amy. Kahit sabihin pang nagkasama sila sa maikling panahon, sobrang sakit pa rin. Siyempre, pag ikaw nagmahal, hoping ka na may forever kayong dalawa. Sadyang mapaglaro ang tadhana. I hope and pray that Amy will find peace with the wonderful memories she had with Nick. Please thank her for agreeing to share her story with us; and yes, welcome na welcome siya sa mundo ng mga adiks. Hehehe….thanks a lot, Timmy for telling us the real story. Napag isip ako after I knew that this FF was actually based on a real life story- mga realizations about making drastic decisions, regrets and what ifs sa everdyday life ko.

  6. I’m speechless… thank you for the share… Your friend is a very strong woman and you’re a thoughtful caring friend… God bless

  7. Thank you Timms sa pagshare mo nitong real ‘the heart never forgets’ story of your bestfriend. Nakakaiyak, na malungkot at the same time happy din na even sa maikling panahon, ipinagkaluob pa rin ni BRO na they be together as husband/wife + son – a happy family, short lived tho. Naranasan ni Amy tobe with her true love at si Nick naman to be with Archie whom he loved so much I’m sure and ikaw – you have been with them all thru. Greetings din kina Amy and Archie. Timms you’re so awesome talaga! Cheers!

  8. Thank you ms timmy for posting this. I can say na kahit kinuha na si nick ni God they were given the chance to be happy and create a good loving family, kahit di na tuloy ang pag papari still nick served the Lord to the fullest kasi naging happy ang family nila ni anna. With john i commend him really he is a true friend in a real sense of the world sana makahanap pa rin sya nang makakasama nya forever kung di na tupad ang forever ni anna and nick maybe john will have his forever he derserves it. To the real charters please extend my heartfelt thanks for allowing you to write their story for us to just not read but enjoy and learn from there lives and be happy for what we have and what we’re given from above. More power to you ms timmy and to the real characters Anna,Nick, Archie their son and also to John.

  9. thank you Ms. Timmy and to the real Maya for sharing her story to us…. your friend is really a strong woman and very lucky to have a friend like John. Hope Amy find peace in all good memories of Nick and John your such a good soul. Good Bless to all of you!!!!

  10. Hi Timmy, I really appreciate that you shared the real story before you end the fanfic. At this point of your ff, I wasn’t assuming na nagkatuluyan sila, Hehe. As the Bible says, “God is too good to be unkind, too wise to make mistakes.” Everything that happens in our life, happens for a reason. What matter most is how we lived it & is living it and whether are we giving glory to the Almighty God, for each one of us will give account to Him, Who is the Giver of life.

  11. Ms Timmy thank you for sharing the real story of your inspirTion to this story. Although short time lang ang time nila together they got to experience it. I’m happy that your friend has a positive outlook and have the strength to move on and raise their son. Sheone of those people we can look up to. Tell your friend more power and glad she has a friend like you. (I’m sure part ka ng kanyang healing process).

  12. Ms. Timmy thank you again for sharing Amy and Nick’s story with us. Yes i learned a lot from their story. True love exist and yes may forever. Nick may be gone now but because of their love Amy knows they will be together someday. Their story is also a testament that good hearted people exist. God bless to you Ms. Timmy and to your friend Amy and her son and “James” too. I pray that “James” will find his forever.

  13. Thanks for sharing us the story….sad pero ganun talaga at least naging msaya cla khit sandali..true love talaga kc gang ngyn love pa din niya c nick.well medyo na alarm ako kc akala ko ganun din mangyayari sa story ni Richard and maya…buti naman d mo kmi hahayaang malungkot.thanks again and Sana po me kasunod na yun chapter nun HNF.

  14. Sana Ms Timmy isiningit mo din ang sarili mo, pedeng as Emann haha. But kidding aside, pinaiyak mo na naman ako sa note mo, ubos na tissue ko huhu. For Amy, heartful thanks for sharing your love story,sobrang nakaka inspire. Wala man si Nick sa tabi mo, physical lang yun, buhay pa rin sya sa puso mo, pati na din sa puso naming mga adik.(o mayang maya ang linya haha) Join na, masaya sa mundo namin,forever ang hapiness at kiligan .And for John, hope he finds his lifetime partner, & thanks too for being such a real friend.
    Kudos to you Ms timmy . Our heart will never forget this! God bless you more.

  15. Thanks for sharing from real true story, although I’m speechless, it’s so heartbreaking but at least Amy had a few years with Nick as a family and thank her for sharing to us and of course thru you Timmy, you made it happen…more power to you and Amy and friendship you have.

  16. Thank you for sharing the real story. Yes, it is sad but atleast they were given the chance to be together and i am sure that 9 nine years of them were full of love, happiness and good memories.

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