The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Captain James and Attorney Ryan : Manipulative Love

A/N:  Siya ang only Ryan na love ko, si Atty Ryan Molina and he rightfully owns the name.


“I guess you better choose this one Attorney. This one suits you and your lifestyle. You can fold it and store it in the compartment of your car or you can even place it inside your bag. Pwede kang gumawa ng five minutes kahit sa work. Kahit sa RTC pwedeng dalhin yan.” James Ventura could be heard convincing someone.

“Eh maganda rin ba naman yan? Matibay ba yan? Baka naman hindi nyan kayanin ang bigat ko.” It was Attorney Ryan.

“Of course! One hundred percent guaranteed na matibay yan and it would achieve the best results.”

“Pero ayoko namang makita ni Ivy na gumagamit ako nyan. Magagalit yun at iisipin na sobrang gastos. Alam mo naman si Misis ubod ng kuripot.”

“Kaya nga it’s better to choose this one para madali siyang itago kung ayaw mong malaman ni Ivy. She wouldn’t know it. Malalaman na lang nya when she reaps the results.”

Tawanan sila.

“I like that! Yan ang parte na gusto ko. Reaping the results!” It was Ryan again.

Then the two men continued laughing.

Richard was surprised to hear James Ventura’s voice inside the conference room of the Lim Aviation Institute. What surprised him more is that he is talking to Atty Ryan Molina and laughing with him. The two men seemed to be getting along. It annoyed Richard. Richard hated that aside from his wife, James is now friends with his best friend Ryan.

Captain James Ventura, Maya’s boss in Time Airways also works as a part time instructor at the Lim Aviation Institute. He loves imparting his knowledge to aspiring pilots that’s why he applied much to the resentment of Richard Lim.

Richard, despite his objection to hiring James, couldn’t do anything or go against his wife’s request to have James in their company. He also admits that James Ventura is indeed a great asset to LAI for he is one of the most sought after instructors of the school.

Richard promised Maya that he will be civil with James but he also promised himself never to be close to James. He still loathes the guy so much.

But now the guy is slowly inching his way inside Richard Lim’s circle – first his wife, his kids, then his LAS and LAI employees and now even his best friend, Ryan Molina.

He hated it so much.

He entered the conference room with furrowed brows and stern, serious look.

“O brod nandito ka na pala. Good morning to you!” Ryan cheerily greeted him.

He just nod his head and proceeded to settle on his cushioned CEO chair totally ignoring James.

“Good morning Mr. Lim. You are cranky today. I am sure what I am offering Atty Ryan here would remove that mood you are in at the moment. Nakakatanda pag masyadong mainitin ang ulo natin.” James boldly commented. He is very much aware that Richard doesn’t like him that much but he really enjoys annoying Mr. Lim.

“Why are you here Mr. Ventura? I believe you have a class at this time.”

“Hep hep Mr. Lim, I was having a class but Engineer Yamagutchi interrupted it. Pinakiusapan ako. He needed my students for a demo. Ngayon lang kasi ata available yun eroplano na gagamitin nila for the demo.”

“Okay but why are you here?”

“Ay brod ako yun nagpapunta kay James dito. Interesado kasi ako dito sa product niya. Halika tingnan mo to. Bagay to sa’yo brod.” Gumatong pa si Ryan sa asar na asar na Mr. Lim.

Mukhang buddies na si James and Ryan sa pangaalaska sa kanya and naiinis na talaga siya.


It was his 12th day of doing the routine using the gym equipment he asked Liza to buy from James.

Richard secretly bought the gym equipment which had been the favorite topic of his LAS and LAI employees, of his wife’s FA friends who wouldn’t stop talking about how effective the gym equipment is in achieving the toned body they dreamt of which made their respective partners love them more, and of Ryan who bragged about his body’s improvement after using it.

Ricky was busy doing the last few minutes of his exercise when he heard someone trying to open their basement’s door.

He was surprised to fnd out that it was Maya. She never goes to the area for she’s not too fond of the dark and enclosed spaces. She had with her some garden tools which she used hours ago. She’s there to return the tools.

“O sweetheart nandito ka pala? Akala ko nandun ka sa office mo. Atsaka bakit pawis na pawis ka at wala kang pantaas? Naku baka pulmunyahin ka nyan.” Maya was very surprised to find Ricky inside their basement and suddenly got worried seeing her husband topless and very sweaty. Their basement isn’t well ventilated. She grabbed the towel hanging on Ricky’s shoulder and hurriedly wiped his face, neck, arm, chest before Ricky could even protest.

“Maya stop it, ako na.”

“Eh basang basa ka na nga hindi ka man lang magpunas kaya ako na. Ano ba kasing ginagawa mo dito at bakit ang dilim. Bakit walang ilaw?”

Sa kamamadali ni Richard, he turned off the lights so Joma, whom he thought was the one knocking at the basement door, wouldn’t see the gym equipment he was using.

Maya entered before Richard could even block her way.

“Wag na sweetheart, akyat ka na sa bahay, susunod na ako dun. Madumi rito, madilim. May inaasikaso lang ako.” Richard isn’t very good at keeping secrets and he’s very transparent whenever he is hiding something from his wife. Maya easily sensed it.

“Teka, bakit ba ayaw mo akong papasukin? May tinatago ka ba? Ano ba kasing ginagawa mo dito?” Then she turned on the lights and saw the gym equipment Richard was using.

He just shook his head. He couldn’t do anything anymore. His wife already found out his little secret.

“Nagwoworkout ka Sweetheart!!!! ” Maya shrieked and went to hug the now annoyed-yet-waiting-and-ready-to-be-teased husband of hers.

“Maya stop! Ang lagkit lagkit ko at ang dumi ko pa. I don’t smell good! After kong magshower you can hug me to your hearts content. ” He was trying his best to avoid being engulfed in his wife’s arms. Nahihiya siya kasi he was really sweaty after doing the workout for nearly an hour.

But Maya wont be stopped. “I don’t care Sweetheart! Halika na payakap ako. Atsaka lagi ka namang mabango kahit pa anong ginagawa mo. Kahit pawisan ka pa or galing ka sa work or kahit na sa hangar. Ikaw ha! Paayaw ayaw ka pa eh bibili ka rin naman pala ng produkto ni James.”

Then she resumed hugging her helpless husband who couldn’t do anything but smile and just exert every ounce of self restraint from reacting to what Maya is doing.

“Sweetheart akyat ka na dun. I’ll just finish here then susunod na ako.” He was pleading now. Maya should leave or else…

“Dito lang ako sweetheart. Panonoorin kita.”

“Maya naman eh.”

“Ricky naman eh.”

He couldn’t do anything so he just folded the equipment so he could store it.

“O bakit nililigpit mo na? Di ka pa naman ata tapos ah?”

“Tapos na ako. Nagliligpit lang ako when you arrived.” He lied.

“Talaga? Eh bakit ang dilim dilim? Atsaka bakit hindi na lang kasi sa kwarto mo ginagawa yan. Ang init init dito.”

She was wondering why he had to do his workout in this place when he can just set up the foldable equipment inside their bedroom. It looks like it wont take so much space anyway.

“Basta mas gusto ko dito! Ang dami mo namang tanong sweetheart. I’m just comfortable doing it here.”

“Comfortable eh ang init init nga dito atsaka ang daming tools at mga gamit. Masikip! Makalat din.”

“Tsk! Kulit mo naman eh.”

“Bakit nga Ricky? Bakit ayaw mo dun sa kwarto? Siguro may ginagawa ka na masama no? Siguro may tinatawagan ka na dapat hindi ko marinig.” She was just teasing him but nagworry si Ricky so napaamin siya.

“Kasi nga I don’t want you or anyone to find out that I’m working out.”

“Huh? At bakit naman?”

“Kasi nga I wanted to surprise you. Gusto ko makita mo na lang yun results.”

“Ganun? So para pala sa akin yun pagworkout mo?”

“Of course! Para kanino pa nga ba?” He’s now smiling. Talo sya sa pangaasar at pangungulit ni Maya so he might as well play along na lang.

She again shrieked excitedly and with a naughty glint in her eyes.”Love na love mo talaga ako at dahil dyan may reward ka sakin!”

“Reward? Is that what I think it is?” He was getting excited too. Naalert yun ears nya when Maya mentioned about his reward.

“Oo naman! Yun favorite mo! Pero bago yun, pahawak nga sweetheart. Tingnan ko kung effective yun workout.” Then she again touched his abs, biceps, chest. “Effective nga sweetheart!”

“Halika na nga. Let’s go up.” He said as he put on his white shirt.

“Sige tapos magshower ka na para maibigay ko na ang iyong reward.”

Excited na si Ricky.

That evening inside their bedroom.

Maya just finished taking a shower. She saw her husband watching a tv show she knows he’s not even fond of.

Ricky was sulking.

She smiled. She knows the reason.

“O sweetheart bakit yan ang pinanonood mo?”

He just glanced at her, turned off the TV then settled on his side of the bed turning his back on her.

“O bakit? Bakit mo naman pinatay? Tinatanong lang naman kita. Di ko naman sinabi na patayin mo yun TV.”

“It’s late. I’m tired. I wanna go to sleep. Let’s go to sleep.” He replied without even sparing her a glance.

“Ganun? Matutulog ka na? Sayang naman yun pagkukuskos ko sa shower tapos tutulugan mo lang pala ako.” She pretended to sound disappointed but Ricky didn’t take the bait.

Asar na asar sya kay Maya when he found out that the reward she was talking about and he was so looking forward to was just a bowl of champorado and tuyo.

He remembered how excited he was while taking a shower after his workout and after her teasing him sa basement. He was expecting to be rewarded generously with their very own ‘you and me time’. He could still remember how his expectant face turned sour when he found a bowl of champorado inside their bedroom while Maya was all dressed up as she needed to do the groceries with the kids.

Lagi siyang inuuto ni Maya and he hated it. He hated himself actually kasi lagi nyang pinagbibigyan si Maya.

Tahimik pa rin si Ricky.

Naguilty naman si Maya. She remembered finding him working out at their basement and realized the effort her husband is doing for her. Sabi nga ni Ricky para sa kanya yun pagwoworkout nito.

“Uy sweetheart pansinin mo na ako.”

“Maya it’s late. Matulog na tayo!”

“Eh hindi pa nga ako inaantok.”

“Inaantok na ako Maya! Close your eyes and close your mouth para antukin ka na rin. Goodnight!” Then he covered his ears with a pillow.

But Maya wouldn’t give up. Actually she was just teasing Ricky with the reward kanina kasi like him, she was also looking forward to their ‘you and me time’. Naexcite rin sya after seeing her husband’s toned body sa basement kanina and she wanted to be engulfed in his arms.

She removed his pillow.

“Maya naman ang kulit mo!”

“Mamaya ka na kasi matulog.”

“I’m tired. Napagod ako sa workout kanina. I’m also very sleepy. Matulog na tayo please.” He was begging. Ayaw na nyang mauto ni Maya, which he was sensing na gagawin na naman nito. Maya is in her pangungulit mode at pangaalaska mode and whenever she’s like this natatakot si Ricky sa panguuto na gagawin na naman ni Maya sa kanya. Ayaw nyang mabitin. Ayaw din nyang madagdagan ang asar kay Maya so he chose to just go to sleep.

Pero Maya continues to disturb him.

“Ang daya mo naman sweetheart! Nakakaasar ka na!”

Lagot! There’s that Maya tone now that he couldn’t distinguish if totoong asar or if she’s just bluffing.

Mas mahihirapan sya kasi mahirap suyuin si Maya.

So without giving in completely, he faced her but with a ‘pretending to still be sleepy and naistorbo’ expression on his face.

“At bakit ako naging madaya? Bakit ka naaasar kung inaantok ako?”

“Eh alam mo naman na eh. Maang maangan ka pa!” She countered, still in her ‘tampo’ face.

“Ano nga?” Now he’s loving it. He would make his wife beg and grovel.

“Madaya ka kasi ikaw nakaexercise tapos ako tutulugan mo lang. Akala ko ba dapat we would do everything together?” She was sulking.

“Maya gabi na mageexercise ka pa? Atsaka naligo ka na di ba?” Alam ni Ricky what Maya pertains to as ‘exercise’ pero he pretended not get it. Maya kasi is still not comfortable saying the term for their nightly (or even daily) husband and wife ritual. Shy pa rin siya.

And now mas namula siya sa hiya when Ricky seemed to be thinking of another exercise while siya nakafocus sa gusto nyang mangyaring exercise. Her ears and cheeks and face are now turning red. Di na rin sya nagsasalita. Naiiyak na rin siya. Yes. Totoong tears are forming in her eyes now.

Patay si Ricky!

Alert bells again!

Baka tuluyang mapikon si Maya.

Baka mamaya nyan hindi siya pagbigyan nito.

Baka hindi siya pagbigyan ni Maya for weeks like the last time he teased her. Si Maya pa naman can do without their ‘you and me time’ for weeks while siya, isang day lang na di nila magawa, he becomes grumpy and cranky agad.

That’s why, magpapatalo na naman siya, as usual.

“Hey I’m just kidding. Halika na nga! Ikaw kasi eh.” He gathered his now quiet and very embarrassed wife in his arms while talking to her in a voice she loves so much.

Hindi naman siya pumalag. She loves it when ‘bumabawi’ si Ricky. Pero sa hiya, she can’t stop her tears.

“Sweetheart it was just a joke. Don’t cry.” Worried na siya.

“Ikaw kasi eh. Alam mo namang hindi ako sanay na ako yun ano… tapos nagpapapilit ka pa!” He was amused but di sya nagpahalata kasi mas mapipikon si Maya.

“Kaya nga. Sorry na. Ikaw naman kasi ang nagumpisa eh. You teased me dun sa reward. Binitin mo ako kanina.”

“Hindi ah! Huy Ricky wala akong alam sa pinagsasabi mo!”


“Wala nga!” She vehemently denied.

“Sige na. Sinabi mo eh. Let’s not waste our energy sa pagtatalo. Let’s waste it na lang sa more enjoyable activity.” Then Ricky wiggled his eyebrows naughtily.

“Wala nga akong kasalanan Ricky. Wag ka ngang mambibintang.” She wouldn’t let go of it.

“Ssshhh… Stop na sweetheart. Wag mo na akong awayin. Or better yet, awayin mo na lang ako sa bed.”

Then he attacked his shrieking wife with kisses before she could utter another word.


“James!!!” Maya was excited to see Captain James at the conference room at the LAI building.

“Mayabels!!! Oh mukhang tuwang tuwa ka na makita ako ha!”

“Siyempre naman! Ikaw talaga!”

Maya was running towards James and readily hugged her best friend. Richard who was trailing behind while talking to someone on his phone saw it and just smirked.

Atty Ryan, Liza, Minerva, Engineer Yamagutchi, Engineer Gutierrez and Sonny saw Ricky’s reaction and they all hid their smiles. They were aware that Richard Lim hates Capt. James Ventura so much but he loves his wife more that’s why he couldn’t show his resentment for James whenever Maya is around.

Everyone was now settled at their respective chairs at the conference room while waiting for Richard to finish his call.

Maya was seated beside Liza and across James.

The LAS and LAI officers and instructors will be having a meeting to discuss the upcoming anniversary of both companies. James being a part of the LAI was in attendance as well.

“Mayabels wala kang flight today?” James was asking her.

“Siyempre wala. Kung meron eh di wala sana ako dito. Ikaw talaga James.”

“Ang pilosopo mo talaga Maya.” James grinned.

“Depende sa kausap ko. Kapag ikaw, oo.” She also grinned which made Ricky all the more annoyed.

“Pero seryoso James, salamat ha.” Maya was thanking James.

Naalerto si Ricky. Patay! He knows what his wife is thanking James for. Lagot siya kasi no one knows that he also purchased that workout equipment from James.

It was only Liza who knows it kasi si Liza ang bumili for him. But he couldn’t stop his tactless wife. He couldn’t end his very important call either.

He just prayed that the heavens would be on his side and Maya would stop talking pero ayaw ng heaven pumanig sa kanya so….

“Salamat dun sa binili ni Ricky sayo James. Ganado yan mag work out at tingnan mo naman ang katawan!” She was so proud of her husband who wears a body-hugging polo shirt, she insisted him to wear kahit may meeting pa to. It emphasized his toned body kasi and she was very proud of it.

All eyes were directed towards Richard Lim, who automatically turned red after Maya said those words to James.

“Aba brod bumili ka rin?” The grinning Ryan teased Richard who just shook his head.

“Let’s start the meeting now!” He ended the call, just ignored the teasing stares and firmly commanded that the meeting be started.


Sa car, sa parking. Ricky is still seething in anger kaya di pa nya pinapaandar yun kotse…

“Sorry na sweetheart! Proud lang naman ako kanina.”

“You shouldn’t be talking about us sa kahit sino lang kasi.”

“Hindi naman sila kahit sino lang. Mga kaibigan na natin sila. Atsaka proud lang naman ako sa’yo. Dapat nga matuwa ka, di ba?”

“Napahiya ako dun!”

“Kasalanan mo kasi. Sana sinabi mo sakin na hindi alam ni James na ikaw yun ibinili ni Liza.”

“Ako pang may kasalanan?” Nanlaki mata ni Ricky.

“Oo kasi naglihim ka sakin.”

“I wanted to surprise you masama ba yun?”

“Oo nga gusto mo akong isurprise pero isa pang reason mo eh ayaw mong ibaba ang pride mo kay James kaya kinakarma ka!”


“Kasi di ba kapag sinusungitan mo si James napapahamak ka palagi.”

“Ikaw ang nagpapahamak sa akin!” Agitated na si Ricky for real at alam ni Maya that she can’t use her pakonsiyensya way out of it.

So in her serious (yes totoong serious na siya this time) tone….

“Sweetheart sorry na talaga. Alam ko naman na pinagbibigyan mo palagi yun kakulitan ko kahit asar na asar ka na. Alam ko na grabe ang pasensya mo kapag pinipikon at binibiro kita. Alam kong kahit hindi ka sanay sa mga kalokohan ko, sinasabayan mo rin ako. Alam ko ang lahat ng yun sweetheart. At alam ko na ginagawa mo ang lahat ng yun dahil mahal na mahal mo ako. Mahal na mahal rin kita Ricky. Sobra! At ang swerte swerte ko talaga na magkaroon ng pinakapasensyoso, pinakamabait, pinakamapagmahal, pinakagwapo, pinakamabango, pinakamakisig, pinakamatalino…” He just stared at her while she’s talking about his attributes.. “at pinakamamahal ko sa buong mundo na natatakot akong magalit sa akin ng tuluyan.” Napasmile sya sa last line ni Maya but he didn’t say anything yet kahit na she already melted his angry heart with what she has been saying kanina pa.

He just stared at her. She stared back with her very worried and sorry face. Ayaw naman talaga nyang saktan si Ricky. She loves him so much kaya totoong worried sya.

Ricky saw this si he gathered her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

Without saying anything, he started the car and drove home.

Maya felt relieved pero she promised herself na she won’t go overboard in teasing Ricky and she should also think before saying anything especially in front of James and Ryan.

She knows better now that Ricky is still the serious, stern and highly respected Mr. Richard Lim of the Aviation industry. Babawi siya dito.

Ricky on the other hand couldn’t stop thinking of how much he loves his wife, that despite all the mishaps, embarrassment she caused him, he can never be mad at her.

The mere thought of her brings a smile to his face.

Arghh love! Yes he really loves his wife so much.



Ang haba na pala nito pero tinatamad na akong tanggalin yun unnecessary parts. Pasensya na if its boring and redundant. Pwede na muna to while di ko pa ma update yun refuge.


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  1. Medyo napansin ko din…Maya CEO c husband Medyo napapahiya din.. me limitasyon ang bawat salita magtira ka ng konti pra sa inyong mag asawa Hindi lahat dapat sinasabi.lucky you mahal na mahal ka nya pero sana magtira ng konting respect sa partner..I know love mo c Ricky at never ka niyang nilalagay sa ganyang situation sa harap ng ibang Tao(friends) knting preno minsan.😊😊😊

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