My Safe Refuge – 10

A/N : This was supposed to be posted July 9 for bcwmh’s anniversary while I’m on a  hiatus kaso I privately posted it pala. Now that I’m back, here’s Chapter 10.

After a week na yun kasunod ha. Dami lang ganap sa family and work and I really can’t find time to update the stories and even visit twitter kasi whenever I do so, wala na akong natatapos na gawain kasi im drawn to anything related to our fave couple.

Eto na… 


After Richard left, Maya guiltily went to Luke and hugged her son.

“Anak akala ko tulog ka na?”

“Nagising po ako when I heard you and Tito Richard. Mom si tito Richard po…”

But Maya couldn’t bear hearing anything from her son regarding what he feels with what he saw so she defensively replied…

“Anak wala naman yun. Wala naman kami ni Tito Richard. It was just a friendly kiss. Gumalaw lang ako kaya he accidentally kissed me.”

“Pero mom …”

“He’s just mommy’s friend. And we were just saying goodbye because we had fun kanina sa dinner. Let’s not talk about him na anak. Gabi na. You need to sleep. Halika let’s go to bed.”

Maya was hell bent in convincing Luke that there’s nothing between her and his Tito Richard but the truth is she is really convincing herself.

She wants to condition herself that there’s nothing to her and Richard for she doesn’t feel worthy of his attention, his love.

She also feels the need to set everything straight with James first.

But how can she do it when the episode of James in her and their son’s life is marred with violence and pain. How can she even thread the path of making things right when she doesn’t even have the courage of facing James and standing up for herself and Luke.

She knows her husband too well and right now she doesn’t want to disturb the peaceful life she and her son is starting to enjoy. Maybe when Luke gets older, she might find the courage to face her husband, but for now she just needs to be contented with the life she and Luke is enjoying by themselves.

If this means sacrificing the feelings she’s starting to develop for Richard, she’s willing to do it for the sake of her son and of Richard as well. He doesn’t deserve being involved in her chaotic life. He’s a very good person, a very selfless friend and he doesn’t deserve someone whose life is complicated like her.


Richard arrived at Luke and Nikki’s school an hour earlier than the dismissal time. He met a customer who ordered hardware supplies near the school and their meeting ended earlier so he was here waiting for Nikki inside his car while playing some random music from his playlist.

His thoughts went to Maya.

He couldn’t forget what happened a week ago. He’s been blaming himself for it. Now Maya doesn’t even reply to his messages anymore.

He missed their daily messages of good morning and goodnight, the daily reminders about what the kids need in school, whatever significant happenings the kids did in school, the jokes he usually sends her, her messages full of concern especially when she talks about his daughter Nikki.

He misses all of those. He only had himself to blame. He was aware that she was vulnerable yet he took advantage of the situation.

Now she doesn’t even reply to his messages even if he’d been profusely asking for forgiveness. She also doesn’t answer his calls.

When he left Maya’s house after Luke witnessed them kissing, Maya only sent one message to him. ‘Richard, wag mo nang sunduin si Luke bukas please.”

He sent her a message to find out if what Luke saw caused a problem between the mother and son but Maya didn’t reply. He tried to call her but his calls were unanswered. Even when he tried to send her the usual messages, he never received any reply from her.

That made him realize that it could have caused a big problem between Maya and Luke and he felt so bad about it.

While waiting for Nikki in his car, he saw her from afar talking and laughing with Luke. Luke was also laughing and Richard is relieved that Luke didn’t take what he saw against Nikki.They were really having fun from what he saw.

After a few minutes, Nikki went to him and asked permission. She will be practicing her song number for a school activity. It meant her dad had to wait a little longer.

While waiting for Nikki, Richard decided to stroll along the school premises. This was when he saw Luke who was seemingly waiting for his Yaya Leah.

He was unsure if it would be right to approach the boy or whether Maya would be mad if he does.

He was just standing and staring from afar when Luke suddenly glanced at his direction. The boy immediately gave him a genuine smile and ran towards him to give him the customary pagmamano.

“Tito Richard may practice pa po si Nikki.” Luke offered the information.

“Yes Luke, she told me kanina. Wala pa si Yaya Leah?”

“Wala pa po. She knows kasi 4:30 pa yun labas ko. May meeting po kasi yun teachers kaya earlier kami pinalabas.”

“I see. Uhm… It’s still early and matagal pa yun si Nikki, can we have merienda? Dyan lang sa harap ng school.”

“Baka po hanapin ako ni Yaya pag dumating na siya.”

“Magpapaalam tayo sa guard. We’ll ask her to tell your yaya that you’re with me. Is that okay?” Richard offered a solution. He really needs to talk to Luke.

The boy smiled and Richard proceeded to talk to the school guard to tell Luke’s yaya Leah and his daughter Nikki to wait for him and Luke.

Richard had a tuna sandwich while Luke requested for his favorite, spaghetti. They also ordered milkshakes and fries.

Richard couldn’t help but feel thankful to Maya for whatever explanation she told her son. There was not a trace of hatred nor anger from Luke at all. But he knows he needs to explain things to the boy.

“Luke, how’s school?”

“Okay naman po Tito. Nikki and I both had a perfect score in Math kanina.”

“That’s very good. I’m sure your mommy will be very proud of you.”

“Opo. I want her to always be proud of me.” Then the boy smiled.

Richard couldn’t help but admire the boy in front of him. He thinks maturely for his age. Despite losing a dad, Luke still seemed a happy normal boy and a very loving kid to his mom as well.

“Luke… what you saw the other day, when i was … “, he was finding it hard to verbalize it to Luke.

“When you were kissing my mom po?” It was Luke who continued it for him.

“Yes Luke. I hope you weren’t mad at me or your mommy.”

“Hindi naman po ako galit Tito Richard. Nagulat po pero hindi po ako galit kasi napakabait nyo po sa amin ni Mommy.”

“Thank you Luke. Akala ko kasi you got mad because your mommy doesn’t talk to me anymore. How is she?”

“Okay naman po si Mommy.” then the boy further asked, though he seemed hesitant, “Tito Richard why did you kiss Mommy po?”

“Luke, well, you know when people like someone, you enjoy their company, you want to show them how you feel kaya you either hug them or kiss them. Lagi mo rin silang gustong kasama. That’s what I feel for your mom. I kind of like her, I even love her already. I love both of you. I want to take care of you, I want to make you and your mommy happy like how you and your mommy make me and Nikki and Abby happy too.”

Luke smiled at him. He seemed happy with what Richard said.

Richard continued…

“I hope that it’s okay with you Luke.”

“Tito Richard I like you for mommy din po.” the boy shyly said in a soft voice.

Ricky beamed with what the boy said. It gave him such relief to know that Luke isn’t mad at him.

The little boy added…

“But Tito Richard, I don’t want to see mommy get hurt. I don’t want to see mommy cry.”

“Luke I won’t do that to your mom.” He promised the little boy who never failed to amaze him by his maturity despite his very young age.


“Good afternoon Maya. Idinaan ko na si Luke at Leah.” Richard had a tentative smile, unsure whether Maya would be okay with him bringing Luke home.

“Richard di ba sabi ko di mo naman kailangan na sunduin or ihatid si Luke. Sobra sobra na ang abala nito sa’yo.”

Maya was surprised to see Richard when he opened their gate. She stopped communicating with him after that kissing incident.

Richard brought Luke and Leah after his heart to heart talk with the boy.

“Tito Richard thank you po. I’ll go inside na po. Nikki bye!” Luke waved goodbye to Nikki and gave Richard a hug before entering their house.

“Ricky pwedeng last na tong paghatid mo kay Luke? Alam kong kinakain rin nito ang oras mo. Negosyante ka Ricky. Alam kong importante ang oras sa’yo.”

“Maya you weren’t answering my calls and text messages. I really need to see you.”

“Ricky busy lang ako…”

But he knows she’s just making up excuses.

“I’m sorry if what I did may have caused a problem. I didn’t regret what I did but I’m sorry if it could have caused a problem between you and Luke. Hayaan mo na akong makabawi. Let me make it up to you. Please just allow me. Etong simpleng paghatid at sundo kay Luke lang ang kayang gawin ko. Masaya ako to be able to do this for Luke.”


“Maya wala naman akong hinihinging kapalit sa ginagawa ko. I’m really just fond of Luke. Alam mo naman girls yun mga anak ko and I’m excited to know what it feels to care for a son. Atsaka friend ko si Luke.”

“Friend? Sus at kelan mo naman naging friend yun anak ko?” Now she tried to joke to veer away from going back to the kissing topic.

“The first time na nakita ko siya sa school. Remember when hindi kayo makontak ng school at kailangan ni Luke makauwi kasi baka bumaha? I remembered calling him Andrew then.”

“Ah Luke Andrew kasi full name nya. Siguro the teacher found the name Andrew better kaya yun ang tinawag sa kanya during his first few months in school. Buti naman at nasanay na sila sa Luke now.”

“Kahit Luke man yan or Andrew your son is really a great kid Maya.”

“Kaya nga I’m so proud of him. Mawala man ang lahat sa akin Ricky, wag lang si Luke. He’s my most precious blessing. Siya lang, kumpleto na ako.”

Richard is happy that at least Maya seemed okay already. He hopes that the communication lines would be open between them again.

“I know that Maya kaya bukas susunduin ko ulit siya at wala nang kumontra. Atsaka I’m happy that Nikki gets excited going to school kasi magkikita sila ni Luke.”

“Sus palusot ka pa. Sige na Ricky. Uwi na kayo at inip na yan si Nikki. Salamat ulit.”

“Okay na tayo Maya ha! Promise you won’t ignore my calls and messages anymore.”

“Oo promise hindi na. Sige. Ingat kayo.”


Driving home, Richard had that smile on his face while humming the song his daughter was playing on their car radio.

“Daddy I missed Tita Maya. Sana I can again spend more time with her and Luke. Pwede po yun daddy?”

“Yes Nikki, Daddy will work on it.”


Preview for the Next Chapter:

 “Why do you always avoid it when I try to be serious? “

She felt shy. “Ricky hindi sa ganun. Hindi rin lang kasi ako kumportable. Hindi ako sanay sa ganito. Natatakot rin ako…”

“Maya wala ka namang dapat ikatakot.”



Since I need to attend to some important stuff sa aking personal na buhay, I’ll be away for a month so I’m leaving you with this chapter which I scheduled to be posted in time for bcwmh anniversary.


Happy Anniversary Be Careful With My Heart!

To everyone behind the show – the hardworking cast, staff, crew, guests, the advertisers who supported the show, the fans who not only supported the show out of kilig but who wholeheartedly made the lessons of bcwmh a part of their lives – para sa ating lahat ang tagumpay na narating ng bcwmh, ang tagumpay na nakaukit na sa mga puso natin that no matter how others try to twist the truth, try to make us believe that bcwmh is just some other show, we all know deeply in our hearts what the show achieved and how it affected us.

And yes, our fervent wish is a continuation of it. There are many lessons yet to be explored in the lives of our dear Lim family. Why try to experiment with other seryes when they already had the perfect ensemble of cast and crew, well-written and value-laden story showcasing positivity in families, youth and Filipino culture which were all part of bcwmh?  I watch TV shows to be entertained and not stressed with all those hair-tugging, slapping, screaming, killing, slapstick humor etc.

We’re just asking for 45 minutes of good vibes, is that too much to ask?

The success of TABH is an indication of how we missed our fave Maya and Ser Chief. Deny it, some will surely do, but that’s a fact. The bcwmh phenomenon still works wonders to all who has been a part of it.

Again Happy Anniversary bcwmh!

Thank you very much GMOunit!

Thank you Maya and Serchief


9 thoughts on “My Safe Refuge – 10”

  1. Like the rest of your adik readers we miss BCWMH too …my husband and kids are just amaze bakit daw di ako magsawang panoorin DVD nila I told them how the show help me go through a tough day at work …thankee sa update Ms Timmy !!!❤️💙💛


  3. Thank you for the update, I hope the network have some sense of lolayty to the fans that loved the show so much, to continue the show in the near future. Hopefully the network don’t have the usual “corporate mentality” that only knows the “ring of a cash register”. Honestly, for me the show will live in my heart and mind for so many reasons known to you and your blog followers. Again thank you.

  4. Thank you for the update Ms. Timmy. Hopefully Maya will be able to trust Ricky more and enough to tell him about James so Ricky won’t be guessing why she’s so afraid. Looking forward to the next update. Here’s to more JoChard and Happy Anniversary to BCWMH!

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