Can We Start Over Again (Prologue)

A/N : I posted this already using their movie names but I am more comfortable using Maya and Richard as character names and I’m sure most of you already associate those names to ‘kilig’ and ‘goodvibes’.

After using their recent character names ‘Frank and Chinggay’,  I’m returning to using Maya and Richard again.

Sorry for the delay of the other stories’ updates. Been very busy the past weeks. But I will finish all stories. Hindi ko kayo bibitinin. Medyo matatagalan lang pero tatapusin ko.

Again thank you for reading and for your patience in waiting for the updates. Thank you too for taking time to leave comments. I appreciate them all.


“Maya…” He was behind her and his voice startled her.”

She turned around and it was indeed him. She wasn’t just imagining his voice. Richard had a wide smile when Maya finally faced him.

“Ricky anong… paanong… anong ginagawa mo rito?” her face registered surprise but it didn’t have that happiness or excitement he was expecting to see.

“Uhm I asked your Nanay Tere for your address. I actually begged her.” he gave a soft chuckle trying to mask the sadness he instantly felt after seeing her expression.

“Kumusta ka na?” he continued.

She didn’t greet him but instead did what she deemed right at the moment.

“Gabi na Ricky. Pagod na ako. Mula umaga yun pasok ko. It’s already late and we both need to rest besides it would be inappropriate to invite you inside while I’m expecting someone to visit me.”

“Maya please. I just want to see you and talk to you. It’s been years. I’ve been looking for you all these years. Please just give me at least 10 minutes. I need to talk to you. This won’t take long.”

“Ricky hindi nga pwede. Kailangan ko nang maghanda kasi may bisita nga ako.”

She needed to lie if that would be the only way to deter him from insisting that she talk to him.

His face fell, a sudden wave of pain, regret, hurt, loss engulfed him that his eyes suddenly burned as tears found its way to the surface, and without uttering another word, he just nodded his head to express his approval of what she said and turned to leave. He didn’t want to appear pitiful in front of her.

He was hurt and tired. He felt lost, like all the excitement he felt the whole day in anticipation of seeing her, left his whole being.

With slumped shoulders and downcast face he proceeded to the visitor’s area where he had been waiting for her for almost 14 hours already.

He retrieved his bag and left, too anguished to even spare a glance at the receptionist and guard.

The ladies in the lobby witnessed the whole scene and their hearts went out to him.


Maya was trying her best not to cry and be affected by his sudden appearance.

It took all her strength to ignore him, to act as if he didn’t matter to her because as much as she denied it, Richard Lim has always been in her mind almost everyday.

He continued to invade her thoughts and even her heart even after she decided to leave and sever any connection with him.

He looked tired, she noticed. He also looked weary and lonely the moment she rejected him and denied him entry from her unit.

Earlier, when their eyes met, she saw hope in his, excitement like he couldn’t wait to engulf her in his arms, like he couldn’t wait to be with her, talk to her. But that look on him scared her. She worked hard to put up the walls around her heart when it comes to him. She refused getting hurt again. She intentionally hurt him so he would leave her alone.

That’s the only way to forget him, that’s the only way to make him stop bothering her.

She was still in deep thought when she heard a knock on her door. She immediately opened it, half expecting that it was him and half hoping that it wasn’t.

“Miss dela Rosa your friend forgot his coat.” the receptionist Lily, a Puerto Rican handed her Richard’s coat.

“Oh thank you Lily. It’s freezing outside. Did he arrange for a cab? What time did he arrive?” She tried to ask. She was suddenly worried that Richard obviously, had to walk the streets of New York in the very cold winter night.

“My shift started around 7am but the logbook showed that Mr. Richard Lim arrived at 6:15 in the morning.”

“What?” Maya couldn’t believe that Richard arrived a few minutes after she left in the morning. He waited many hours for her.

“Yes and he just stayed at the lobby the whole day. He didn’t want to leave because he said, you might arrive earlier. He said he wanted to be there once you arrive. He said it’s a surprise.”

Maya couldn’t utter a word.

Lily continued…

“Ms. Dolan offered him lunch but he just accepted the coffee we gave him. He said he was too excited to even eat.”

“Did he write where he stays? His address? Did he write it?” She was now feeling guilty after finding about the effort Richard exerted just to see her.

“He didn’t have one. He said he went here straight from the airport. We thought he was a relative of yours Miss dela Rosa. He was carrying a bag when he arrived and the coat I just gave you.”

With what she heard from Lily, Maya didn’t think twice anymore. She needs to run after him.

“Thank you Lily. I have to go after him.”


What do you guys think? Okay naman si Frank and Chinggay pero I’m leaving their names sa movie na lang nila. I prefer Maya and Ricky pa rin in my stories. I hope okay lang sa inyo.


12 thoughts on “Can We Start Over Again (Prologue)”

  1. Richard and Maya is always the best. Thank you Ms. Timmy for this (sort of 😊) new story! I feel for Ricky although have no clue what happened why Maya treated him so badly. Can’t wait to find out if her reason is valid enough.

  2. Its Richard and Maya that I would very much prefer..May kirot sa puso simula pa naman sa story but I hope may magandang patutunguhan..kahit friendship man lang muna..after all may past sila…

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