Can We Start Over Again 1


Now here’s the edited version using my favorite characters, Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim.


Maya rushed outside their building. He needs to stop Richard. She could at least allow him to stay in her place for awhile as they call some hotels where he could stay.

It’s the holiday season and it would be difficult for him to get a room. It was winter and she was worried for him. Her guilt was eating her up. Her love and concern for him, which she tried to deny was forcing its way to the surface.

This is the person whom she cared for all these years. This is the person she grew up with. This is the guy whom she entrusted her heart with and the same person who broke it to pieces. But she wouldn’t dwell on it now. Her immediate concern is to run after him and offer her place to him.

She ran a few blocks outside her place. She knew that he would probably try to hail a cab or get a bus. There was only one place where he could be.

Then there he was. Sitting by his lonesome on the bench at the bus stop. He seemed unmindful of the cold weather but his bag was atop his lap, maybe it at least gave him a little shield from the chilly breeze.

He didn’t even notice her sitting beside him. He was in deep thought.

“Ricky….” she said in a soft voice. She was also embarassed on how she acted earlier, on how insensitive she had been especially after finding out that Richard had been waiting for her since morning.

But he didn’t seem to hear her.

She tentatively touched his arm to let him know that she was there.

“Ricky… ahh.. ano.. naiwan mo yun jacket mo.”

He slowly turned to face her and she wasn’t prepared to see the redness of his eyes, which she wasn’t even sure if it was from anger or from crying.

He retrieved the jacket from her hand.

“Thank you. Sige na pumasok ka na. Malamig na dito. You wouldn’t withstand this kind of weather.” he noticed that she wasn’t wearing the coat she had earlier.

“Ah.. eh… dun ka na sa loob. Wala ng bus ng ganitong oras. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na wala kang hotel room. Hindi ko rin alam na kanina ka pang umaga naghihintay sa’kin.”

“Okay lang ako dito Maya. I’m sure I would be able to get a cab.”

“Please Ricky… halika na sa loob.”

“I don’t want to disturb you and your visitor. Sige na pumasok ka na.”

“Ricky naman eh. Ang sama sama na ng pakiramdam ko sa nagawa ko kanina. Hayaan mo naman akong bumawi kahit sa ganitong paraan. At tumawag na yun kaibigan ko. Hindi na daw siya pupunta dito.” she lied.

He stared at her then nodded his head. He badly wanted to talk to her anyway.

He wanted to find out why they drifted apart, why she shunned him from her life.

He can’t help but remember the happy years they had together…

“Uy Ricky bakit ang sungit mo? Kanina ka pa sa phone ganyan. Hindi ka makausap nga matino. May problema ka ba?”

“Wala Maya. Just don’t mind me.”

“Ha?! Anong don’t mind you. Siyempre worried ako. Ano ka ba! Ano ba kasi ang problema mo? Bakit parang asar na asar ka?”

“Nothing. Wala naman. I’m just having a bad day. That’s all.”

“Bakit may sakit ka ba? Masama yun pakiramdam mo?” Maya suddenly got so worried. She was feeling Ricky’s forehead which made him all the more annoyed.

“Stop that Maya. Okay lang ako sabi.” Then he stood up leaving Maya alone at their canteen.

Richard Lim, 14 and Maya dela Rosa, 12 goes to the same school. They are childhood friends. Maya was still in grade school while Richard is a Sophomore but they practically grew up together.

Their fathers Roberto Lim and Arturo dela Rosa used to be members of a jazz band while their mothers Esmeralda and Teresita were also into music having joined different choral groups in their younger years.

Maya and Richard themselves were already making their own name after having won various competitions as a duo. They continued their parents musical legacy.


That same afternoon, Maya found Richard waiting for her outside her classroom. They usually go to school and also go home together. Maya just finished doing a group project with her classmates that’s why she stayed longer than the rest of her classmates.

“Ricky sorry. Inulit kasi namin yun scrapbook na project namin kasi mali pala. Naghintay ka tuloy ng matagal.”

“It’s okay Maya. Tara na. Uwi na tayo. Mag-aalala na yun si Nay Tere. Asan na yun bag at baunan mo?” He smiled a bit.

“Nandito na yun bag ko. Yun baunan naman nasa loob na. Salamat pala sa sandwich na ginawa ni Tita Esmie. Ang sarap nya Ricky. Bukas ulit ha!” she smiled giddily. Richard’s mom Esmeralda always makes sandwiches for both of them while Maya’s mom also includes Richard in the snacks she prepares for her daughter.

“Oo ba! Tuwang tuwa nga si mom kasi nasasarapan ka sa mga sandwiches nya na sobrang daming dahon. I wonder how you enjoy eating those.” he wanted plain ham and cheese sandwich without vegetables while Maya on the other hand enjoys anything with lettuce and tomatoes on it.

“Masarap kaya yun at healthy pa.”

“Oo na . Masarap na. Sinabi mo eh. Halika na. Let’s go. Baka abutan pa tayo ng ulan.”

Since their school was only a ten minute walk from their homes, the two usually walks to and from school.

“Hey, sorry pala kanina.”

“Huh? Bakit ka naman nagsosorry?”

“Kasi sinungitan kita. Pikon na pikon lang kasi talaga ako.”

“Wala yun. Alam ko namang may iniisip ka lang. Ano ba kasi yun? Pwede mo namang ishare sakin.”

“Ano kasi, si dad. He wants to accept a job offer in Australia. Triple daw yun dagdag ng sahod.”

“Oh so you mean aalis kayo dito?”

“Hindi kami ni mom. Si dad lang. I don’t want that to happen Maya. Tatatlo na lang nga kami, aalis pa siya.”

“Hala! Oo nga. Kumbinsihin nyo na lang ni Tita si Tito Roberto. Malungkot nga naman na lilipat sya.”

“Kailangan raw kasi. Medyo marami kasi silang binabayaran kasi yun relative ni mom sa Manila, she’s been sick and sina mom and dad yun nagpapagamot sa kanya.”

“Naku Ricky eh kung tulungan kaya natin sila?”

“And how are we going to do that? We are living only on the allowance they give us.”

“Di ba nga sabi ni coach Jeffrey may singing contest yun isang TV station in the Philippines and they are coming over two weeks from now for the auditions. Sali tayo Ricky. Malay mo manalo tayo. Malaki yun premyo. The winner gets one million each tapos may bahay at car pa at marami pang ibang premyo. We might win. Nanalo na kaya tayo sa ibang contests. Let’s try it Ricky.”

“Eh Maya how can we rehearse medyo malapit na rin yun exams. Hindi yun papayag si nanay mo.”

“Konting rehearsal lang naman ang kailangan kasi we have our contest piece naman. Yun na lang ang gamitin natin. Game ako Ricky. Atsaka gusto ko rin matulungan si Nanay.”

“That’s a good idea. We could just rehearse after reviewing for the exam. Sa bahay nyo na lang para maturuan pa tayo ni Nanay Tere ng ibang techniques.”

“Sige. Naku excited na ako. Medyo ilang months na rin tayong walang sinasalihan.”

“Sana payagan tayo. We could ask coach Jeffrey’s help na din.”

“Sigurado naman papayagan tayo nyan kasi matataas naman ang grades natin. Oh well ako oo, malay ko sa’yo.” Maya teased.

“Excuse me! Mataas kaya ang grades ko. And I’m also on top of my class.”

“Confident talaga ang bestfriend ko ha!”

“Siyempre. At ikaw naman Maya dapat top of your class ka rin para parehas tayo.”

“Aysus ang yabang… oo naman! Top 1 nga ako at daig kita kasi 3rd ka lang.”

And the banters of the two began. This was a normal sight. Their bond had been so strong since they practically grew up together.

Who would have thought of what would happen to them in the future…



Oa na kung oa pero iba pa rin talaga.

Ayan… Better!


11 thoughts on “Can We Start Over Again 1”

  1. Love na love the story, yeah you’re right Maya and Richard are names that’s associates with super kilig and good vibes. Thanks Miss Timmy. Also can I have the password for love in a Soap? Again thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. I love and enjoy reading all Your story..The Kilig is there.. Looking forward for the next Chapter of this and Your other stories.. GOd Bless and thanks for sharing.. Have a great day.. Keep safe.. PS. by the way if its okay with You, can I have the PW for the SOAP Prequel.. Thanks much..Kindly send it to my PM in FB

  3. I cant wait to read their early years together reminds me of my own (LOL) also puwedeng ring makuha yung PW ng Love in Soap para mabasa ko ulit …….thanks again Ms Timmy 🌹🌹🌹

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