The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Lim kids : Holy Week


“Mom ako na po ang magdrive ng van so you and dad could rest sa byahe ” Luke volunteered as they were about to visit various churches for the Visita Iglesia. The whole family was looking forward to this trip. Ricky and Maya were also excited to be exposing the twins to the religious activities they usually do. Now that the twins are four, they could already understand the importance of going to church, praying and being with the family in Lenten season.

Joma is driving the car where Manang Fe, Sabel, Doris and Leah will be riding.

“Sigurado ka Luke? Okay lang sayo?”

“Yes mom. Atsaka alam kong pagod si dad after his visits to the hangars in Clark and Paranaque and also his supervision of the construction of the LAI museum. Tingnan nyo po si dad naidlip na nga sa sofa while waiting for us.”

“Oo nga. Kawawa naman ang daddy nyo. Tama ka nga anak, ikaw na lang magdrive para makatulog siya sa byahe kahit saglit.”

Maya pitied her husband who seemed really tired. She feels very blessed to have him as a husband and father of the kids. Ricky never failed in all obligations he had for the family. Not only that, they’re not only well provided for but she and the kids have been constantly showered with love and time from him. Maya couldn’t help but get teary eyed just thinking of it.

“Uy si mom naiiyak ka na naman.” Luke noticed.

“Ikaw talaga Luke, pinansin mo agad. Sobrang saya ko lang kasi ang swerte nating lahat sa daddy nyo.”

“Oo naman po mom, swerte tayo kay dad at swerte din kami ng mga kapatid ko at ni dad sa’yo.” Then the eldest Lim child proceeded to engulf their mom in a very tight hug.

Ricky had been very busy with work lately. They were rushing the completion of the LAI museum as they plan on inaugurating it in time for LAI’s 2nd year anniversary.

He also just arrived last night after helping in the repair of some planes at the Clark hangar. Some of his engineers were already on leave because of the Holy Week and they didn’t anticipate the sudden increase of the planes from their new client, Cebu Pacific, to be repaired this week. Ricky had to personally check the progress of his engineers and since they lacked manpower, he took the place of some of his engineers who were on leave.

Ricky arrived around 3 in the morning after spending 3 days in Clark. He made sure he’s home for they were scheduled to visit the churches today. The kids would be disappointed if they would postpone it.

“Mommy we’re ready!” Abby with the twins Sky and Sunshine and their nannies Doris and Leah were all set. They had bags for the twins’ milk, extra clothes and toys so they won’t be bored during the travel and also clothes for they will be staying in a rented place in Ilocos.

“O handa na pala. Asan na si Nikki?”

“I’m here na mommy. I just checked the lights and if there are plugged appliances or chargers in Kuya’s room. Makakalimutin kasi si Kuya lately.”

“Thanks Niks. Love you!” Luke winked at his sister then added, “Pero oo nga pala dapat ingat kasi summer. Oh ready na lahat?”

Ricky, heard the noise and now woke up. “Aalis na ba tayo?” He stood up.

“Okay na lahat sweetheart. Si Luke na muna magdridrive para makapagpahinga ka muna. Mamaya palit na lang kayo.” Maya voiced out Luke’s suggestion awhile ago.

Ricky didn’t argue coz he was really tired and it wouldn’t be safe to force himself to drive.


They were on the way to the first church. The kids had been singing nonstop inside the car while Sky and Sunshine tried to imitate their Ate Nikki and Ate Abby and Kuya Luke. Ricky who couldn’t sleep anymore because of the kids bantering and laughter just leaned closer to his wife. Simple cuddles and embrace with her never fail to remove his stress and always seem to energize his tired body. Maya moved closer to him as well while they both enjoyed watching the kids. Nikki, who was seated in front, was in charge of the music to the dismay of Luke.

“Dad, Mom bakit po tayo every Holy Week we visit churches eh yun mga classmates ko, like Bettina, they always travel to other countries at yun iba naman nasa beach?” Abby curiously asked.

“Abby Holy Week should be our time with God. Hindi eto time para mamasyal. Atsaka it was to commemorate G’s sufferings kaya parang it’s not right to celebrate.” Nikki replied.

“Masama pala yun ginagawa nila Ate?”

It was Ricky who replied. “Kids, other families kasi are reunited during Holy Week kasi most of them work and live far from each other. Bihira silang magkakasama kaya they take the opportunity to travel together, go to beaches on Holy Week. Hindi naman masama yun. Besides they still celebrate Holy Week wherever they are. They pray, reflect, also visit churches like us.”

“Oo mga anak. Marami kasing families na yun mga daddy or mommy nila eh sa ibang bansa nagwowork at tuwing Holy Week sila nakakauwi. Malungkot sila kasi magkakahiwalay sila kaya nagbobonding sila sa mga ganitong panahon.” Maya added.

She continued…

“At tayo naman lagi tayong magkakasama kaya now is our time for Visita Iglesia. Wag na tayong makikisabay sa mga families na bihirang magkita kita. Ibigay na natin yun slot natin sa kanila.”

“And we could easily travel kahit hindi Holy Week, di ba Mom? Dad?” Luke joined in.

“Yes we could easily do that.” Ricky replied.

“Kaya ang swerte swerte natin na family kasi lagi tayong magkakasama. I love you so much mommy and daddy yow! I love you too gwapo na Kuya Luke, little sister Abby and our cutie patootie kambal Sky and Sunshine!” Nikki exaggeratedly commented.

“Ang OA mo Niks!”

“I’m telling the truth Kuya! We are so blessed kaya. We don’t get to feel lonely like those who have parents working abroad.”

Maya and Ricky just meaningfully glanced at each other. They are enjoying times like these. They are indeed blessed to have each other and to have wonderful, loving kids. Life has always been very good to them. Ricky just kissed his wife on her forehead as they continue to cuddle beside each other while Sky’s head was on his mom’s lap while he was playing with his toy robot. Sky was very much like his dad, malambing, tahimik and very clingy to his mom.


“Mommy why is Jesus lying down? Why may blood? Why is he inside the glass?” Sunshine was asking questions nonstop about the Santo Entierro she saw after their visit to the Vigan Cathedral, the last church for the day.

The family will be spending the night in a rented villa in Ilocos Norte so they could resume their visit to the churches the following day.

Maya nudged Ricky, silently asking for help in explaining to their 4 year old daughter.

Ricky tried to hide his grin as he watched his helpless wife. He then explained it simply for Sunshine to understand,

“Papa Jesus is lying down and he had blood because every time a person does something bad he is hurt. Yun wounds nya dahil sa mga sins natin. Kapag bad tayo, Papa Jesus is sad. Nasasaktan siya.”

“Kapag hindi ni Sunshine keep yun toys nya, sad si Papa Jesus?” Sunshine asked.

“Yes at kapag nagaaway kayo ni Sky sad din si Papa Jesus.” Ricky further explained.

“Daddy Sky get cupcakes. Sad din Papa Jesus?” Sky who was again on his mom’s lap suddenly sat and joined.

“Yes Sky kaya you should be a good boy and you also Sunshine should be a good girl to mommy, daddy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki, Ate Abby, Kuya Joma, Manang Fe, Ate Sabel, Ate Doris and Ate Leah. Lahat tayo dapat good para hindi na sad si Papa Jesus.” Ricky further explained which seemed to convince and really made the twins understand. Maya winked at him, admiring how he simply explained the Lenten message to their two youngest kids.

“Sorry daddy, mommy. Sky will not eat Sunshine’s cupcakes anymore.” The boy had the worried look on his face. He looked as if he would cry.

“Oh Sky, don’t cry. Say sorry to Sunshine and promise not to do it again.” It was Maya who calmed the worried boy.

“Sorry Sunshine. I won’t eat your cupcakes. I won’t draw on your books. I won’t hide your pillow. I won’t put whiskers on your doll.” Sky was admitting all that he did to his sister. The three elder Lim kids were all trying to control their laughter. Even Maya and Ricky was amused and also couldn’t help by laugh at the action and expressions of their little boy.

“Okay Sky. Just don’t do it again.” Sunshine replied and hugged his brother. The scene made Maya teary-eyed and made her kiss her husband on his cheek. She was beyond happy. Ricky gathered her closer and kissed her forehead as well.

“Kuya daig ka pa ni Sky. Say sorry to me too…” and the banter of the three elder kids now started. Ricky and Maya just shook their head and smiled.


That night in their room…

“Tulog na yung mga bata?” Ricky just got out the bathroom and was now in his pajamas.

“Yun kambal tulog na. Napagod yun kanina. Yun tatlo ayun nakikipaglaro ng cards kina Joma at Sabel. Maaga pa naman kaya di ko na muna sinabihang matulog.”

“It’s okay sweetheart. Let them enjoy na muna. Hindi naman natin kailangan magmadali bukas. Our rented place is very near the churches we will be visiting. Sina Doris at Leah?”

“Nandun yun dalawa sa kwarto ng kambal. Pinasamahan ko kasi baka biglang magising. Maninibago yun kasi hindi tayo sa bahay.”

As Maya settled beside Ricky, she can’t help but remember the day’s events.

“Nakakatuwa yun mga bata sweetheart. Imagine kahit sina Luke at Nikki kasa kasama natin. Yun ibang mga bata na kaedad nila mas gusto na sumama sa mga kaibigan nila.”

“That’s because they are happy sweetheart. They wouldn’t want to leave the house and they always want to spend time with us kasi masaya sila and you take really good care of them, of me…” Ricky said as he stared lovingly at his wife.


“It’s true. Alam mo bang everytime I drive to work, I always hope na matapos agad yun araw so I could be with you and the kids. You just don’t know how happy you make me sweetheart. Thank you ha.”

“Ricky naman eh. Ako rin kaya. Gusto ko lagi kitang kasama. Gusto ko palaging kasama yun mga bata.” Then she suddenly got teary-eyed. She gets this way whenever she feels overwhelmed by the love of her husband. ” Nagpapaiyak ka na naman eh. Kainis ka.” Then she hid her face by burying it on his chest.

“Iyakin ka lang talaga.” He tried to tease her which earned him a pinch on his side.

But seriously sweetheart, nakakatuwa yun kambal. They are already very curious with anything they see and experience.” Ricky suddenly got serious.

“Oo nga sweetheart. Malalaki na yun kambal. Kahit nga sa school nila sobrang matanong daw sabi ni Teacher Me-Anne.”

“Malalaki na sila… it means pwede nang sundan. Pwede na natin umpisahan ang project to have a baby bunso.” then he wiggled his eyebrows.

Nanlaki ang mata ni Maya. “Sweetheart! Behave ka nga! Semana Santa! Eto talaga!”

“Why? What did I do? What did I say?” He feigned innocence.

“Maang maangan ka pa dyan!” She slapped him lightly.

“Uy sweetheart ang sabi ko we’ll start our goal to have baby bunso and I meant including it in our prayer intentions as we visit the remaining churches tomorrow. Ikaw sweetheart ha! You’re getting naughty. You really can’t get enough of me ha! Even sa Holy week talaga!”

Pikon si Maya pero namula siya sa hiya. “Nakakaasar ka. Yun naman talaga yun pahiwatig mo eh.” Then she again pinched Ricky’s side.

“Aray sweetheart. Hindi pwede tonight. Stop tempting me by yang mga kurot kurot na yan. That always leads somewhere you very well know.”he again wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Ricky!!! Kainis ka!!! Behave ka kasi!!!”

Then not wanting his wife to be further pikon kasi baka magalit ng tuluyan, Ricky just gathered her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

“Biro lang sweetheart. Ikaw naman. Let’s sleep now para may energy ulit tayo bukas.”

Maya snuggled closer to her husband enjoying the warmth and security brought by his embrace as they drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.


A blessed and meaningful Holy Week to all my fellow JoChard and bcwmh fans. Every lesson learned from our fave serye always makes us want to be a better person like every member of the Lim family, Lim household, the bcwmh family. They may not be aware of it but yes, simple lessons from the show had great effect on many of us.

Thanks for reading again my simple take on how our fave Lims spend their Holy Week.



16 thoughts on “The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Lim kids : Holy Week”

  1. Yes, indeed we learned a lot of lessons from the Lim family and the show.
    Thankiee for this Lenten episode. Have a blessed holy week.

  2. Wow! Ang bitin..hehe ✌🏻

    Hay! Grabe talaga impact nila sa atin..ung up to now we are still able to create stories out of their characters.
    Iba talaga kasi sila!
    Have a blessed holy week sis! 😊

  3. Thank u Timms sa Holy Week story mo. Yes we learn many things from this family that’s why everyone llikes them, loves them. May u have a bleassed holy days. We hope we can have another story after Easter Sunday. Take care and God bless.


  5. that was a good story for holy week much have to learn from our the family we all love and pray that soon they will portray again the characters we all loved about. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed holy week to you and all

  6. Have a blessed week-end everyone. I don’t know if any of you have watched the video of Janella’s 18th birthday blessings. I was actually watching Nikki Grace Lim on that video- humble and grateful sharing her blessings to 18 needy people

  7. Thank you Ms. Timmy for this very nice Holy Week Lim family story. We’ve learned so much from them, all good, wonderful and amazing. We sure hope to see them again. Have a safe week!

  8. curious lang, hindi ba pwedeng mag make love pag Holy Week? hahaha but seriously, it’s more important na magninilay nilay sa panahong ito kesa mag beach or mag outing. have a Blessed Holy Week

  9. talaga itong si Ricky, buskador….gustong-gusto pikunin ang asawa, pero magaling din namang magpalusot anoh? prayer intentions daw for the baby bunso project, kung di pa namin alam, may balak ka sa Easter morning=Pasko ng Pagkabuhay; yung alaga mo ay siguradong buhay na buhay LOL!!! Miss Timmy thank you for your so many wonderful stories…..keep them coming, hindi magsasawa ang mga adiks.

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