The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Emman & WordPress: Fun Fan Fic

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Emman & WordPress: Fun Fan Fic

“Huy roomie why are you so sad? Parang Byernes Santo ang mukha mo.” Emman had been watching his bestfriend for a few minutes now. He arrived from his flight and he saw Maya alone at their Time Airways cafeteria. She was toying with her barely-eaten pasta, while in deep thought and seemingly spaced out.

She didn’t even hear him so Emman needed to wave his hand in front of her. “Maya dela Rosa Lim!” Emman said in a loud voice.

“Ay Maya! Ha?! Ano? Bakit?” Then when she realized that it was just Emman she even frowned. “Kainis ka naman Emman. Nakakagulat ka! Akala ko naman kung sino.”

“Aba at nagalit pa! Hoy roomie kanina pa kita pinagmamasdan. Tulala ka kaya! What’s wrong? C’mon share! Sa flights ba? With Ms. Calandra?” She didn’t react but when Emman said, “Si SerChief Ricky?” Maya heaved a deep sigh and her face again turned sad.

“Oh si Ser Chief Ricky nga!” Then Emman worriedly asked, “Nag-away kayo? Roomie normal naman yan sa mag-asawa, dapat lang eh mag-usap, magdamayan at wag….”

“Hep hep! Anong away? Excuse me Emman!  Hindi kami nag-aaway ni Sweetheart Ricky ko no!” She was quick to react.

“Eh di kayo na ang mag-asawang di nag-aaway! Teka kalma ka nga! Grabe ka naman maka-react.  O siya kung hindi kayo nag-aaway  or nagtatampuhan,  why are you sad? Look o wala kang ganang kumain ng lunch. Naku ano yan? Naglilihi ka?” Emman askd with an exaggerated expression on his face.

She blushed and shook her head. “Uy Emman hindi ah! Assumer aka rin! Ang liit pa kaya nila Sky and Sunshine para masundan.” Then she sighed again then added, “Namimiss ko lang si Ricky. Dalawang araw ko na siyang hindi nakikita.” Then her eyes automatically glistened with tears which she immediately wiped. “Pasensya na. Ang drama ko!”

Emman felt sorry for his friend pero ayaw naman nyang sabayan yun pagiging emotional ni Maya. “Naku roomie tama ka! Ang drama mo talaga. Dalawang araw pa lang naman pala kayong hindi nagkikita ng iyong dear hubby eh yun hitsura mo daig pa yun may mga asawang seaman na ilang taon na hindi nagkikita.  Atsaka nasa Clark lang naman si Sir Chief Ricky, di ba?”

She sadly stared at him. “Oo nga pero iba pa rin kapag nasa tabi ko siya.”

“Ay ang oa mo roomie!”

Maya just rolled her eyes at him.

Then an idea hit Emman. He suddenly got very excited. Actually he wanted to share it with Maya weeks ago but Edz and Ruby prevented him. They were afraid that Maya might feel uneasy and awkward once she finds out. But Emman thought otherwise. He was sure that Maya would even be proud of it.

“Roomie alam ko na what you should do para malibang ka. I’m sure hindi mo masyadong  mamimiss si Ser Chief Ricky. Actually secret dapat namin to ni Edz at Ruby kaso mukhang you need to know about it na rin.” Then Emman naughtily wiggled his brows.

“At ano naman yan Emman?”

Emman excitedly typed something on his phone then after a few seconds, he showed it to Maya.

“Seryoso to Emman?” Maya couldn’t believe what she’s seeing.

“Yes roomie. Si Edz ang naghanap nyan kasi one of her passengers mentioned about it. Sikat na sikat kayo ng iyong dear hubby! Maraming stories dyan roomie at kayo ni Ser Chief Ricky ang main characters. Nabasa ko na kalahati nyan and I must say nakakakilig siya.  Read it roomie para malibang ka and you won’t miss your hubby that much.”


Richard Lim took a short break from what he’s doing. He wiped his forehead and drank the glass of water Lisa handed him.

He looked tired and stressed. He also lacked sleep.

“Sir here is the list of Engineer Yamaguchi’s pending work. May tatlong A330s pa at isang A300 from Cebu Pacific na kailangan matapos this week.”

Richard just sighed. The list Lisa gave him meant that he needs to stay in Clark until he finished all of Engineer Yamaguchi’s work. He was still finishing the Boeing 737 of Time Airways. He had a competent group of engineers but he can’t just leave the work to them.

His reliable head engineer had an emergency and was needed by his family in Japan. Richard had no choice but to take over Engineer Yamaguchi’s work.

He missed his wife and kids. They haven’t seen each other for two days and the phone calls weren’t enough for him. After they got married, he got used to waking up with his wife every single day. Maya just simply makes every single day worth living for him. He smiled as she imagined her. Then he turned lonely again.

“Lisa please don’t accept any maintenance jobs muna. I’ll just finish the four planes then uuwi na ako. Please tell Engineer Gutierrez to take charge of the Paranaque hangar while I’m here.”

“Yes Sir. Anything else?”

“Ah yes. Please order spaghetti, pizza and ice cream for the kids. Cupcakes na rin for the twins.  Atsaka flowers na rin for Maya.”

Lisa smiled at her boss’ sweet gesture. “Sir miss na miss mo na talaga sila.”

“Yes Lisa. Sobra.”

“Don’t worry Sir. I’ll take care of it. Atsaka nagorder na rin pala ako kanina ng pagkain natin dito. I ordered your favorite sandwich and salad na rin. I asked Mam Maya of your preference kaya I’m sure tama yun inorder ko.”

“Thank you Lisa.” He thanked his secretary then continued his work.


Ricky just finished taking a bath and returned to their room to find his wife still holding her laptop. She’s again giggling while her eyes were glued to what she’s reading.

“Alam kong mayaman ka, sir chief. Pero tandaan mo, nasa dayuhang lugar ka. Baka maubusan ka ng baon mo.” She says as she goes through racks to pick out clothes for him. “Eto subukan mo.” She holds out to him a checkered long sleeved polo top. He makes a face of disgust but accepts the shirt anyway.

“Uy, joke lang. Di yan bagay sa’yo. Eto ang bagay sa’yo.” She gives him a dark red short sleeved polo shirt as well as a violet long sleeved shirt. “Sukatin mo yan habang maghahanap ako ng pangtulog mo.” She announces.

“Oh don’t worry about that. I can always sleep in the buff.” He smirks. Maya’s face turning red as she abruptly turns away. (Trippin’ – by Fleetingnote)

Maya was blushing while reading.

Ricky got more curious on what Maya has been reading. She’s too engrossed in it that she even failed to notice that he’s done taking a bath.

Just this morning when he fetched her from her flight, he found her teary-eyed and with a red puffy nose while reading something. He was worried but when she saw him, she smiled and ran to hug him.

When he asked why she was crying, she giggled and said that she was just feeling what she was reading. She just read ‘Intense by Kimbelle’ and she was so affected by the misunderstanding of the two characters.

In the afternoon, while the twins were having their nap, he saw Maya again busy with her laptop.  She was laughing this time.  She was reading ‘Reunited by mrsacc’ where Emman said that he wants to burn her tattered and torn handbag.

He interrupted her. “Sweetheart why are you laughing?”

“Nakakatawa kasi tong binigay sa akin ni Emman na website. Ang gaganda ng stories. Ang gwapo at ganda pa ng mga bida.” She purposely omitted mentioning that it was actually them on the stories. “Ang kulit ng mga characters. Ang sweet din ng bida. ” She replied.

“Can you share it with me? Same rin ba yan ng binabasa mo since I arrived this morning? Nakakatampo na ah. I missed you so much while I was at Clark while ikaw eh busy naman pala at hindi man lang ako namiss.” Tampo mode on.

Her eyes twinkled then she laughed at him. “Ay ang drama ng asawa ko. Halika na nga dito. Paakap at pakiss.”

“Maya hindi mo ako madadala sa yakap at kiss lang.” Tampo pa rin.

“Walang problema Ricky! Eh di halika na sa room for more.”

Ricky’s eyes grew in anticipation, “Sure ka sweetheart? Hug,  kiss and more?”

“Yup more… hug, kiss at ititimpla kita ng kape at ireready ko yun dvd para wag mo akong iistorbohin sa binabasa ko.” Then she giggled again.

“You’re so mean Mrs. Lim.”

“I know.” She bantered.


When his wife fell asleep, Ricky quietly left their bedroom to proceed to his home office.

He got curious of what Maya had been reading  that he called Emman to ask about it. The gullible Emman divulged that it was actually a fanfiction site made by people who knew them and got inspired by their love story.

Though he was thankful that it did take Maya’s mind from missing him, he can’t help but be upset and jealous of the ‘Richard Lim’ the writers depicted him to be. He was also offended when Maya mentioned that the Ricky in the stories is sweeter than him.  That couldn’t be. Maya shouldn’t find any other guy better than him, even the Richard Lim character in the stories who was a mere product of some writer’s creative mind. He shook his head and smiled at what he was thinking and what he was about to do. It was so ‘un-Richard Lim-like’  but then again he was already very curious so he proceeded to his home office and opened his laptop.

He remembered Emman saying that the website Maya had been reading could be searched online.  He even said to just type Sir Chief and Maya fanfics and the website will appear.

He did that and true enough he found it.

He couldn’t believe that it indeed had many stories, okay, fiction about him and his wife. He tried reading one and he found himself laughing at what was written. No wonder Maya got so engrossed in it. He read a few more and found that the Richard Lim in the stories was a responsible, a perfect husband and father. It warmed his heart. He was like that, he was sure of it. Maya never failed to mention that to him. He read some more and found that the character in the stories was sweeter and more demonstrative than him. So this is what Maya had been saying. He needs to address it soon or else this Maya might prefer the Richard character in the fanfics than him. He read some more and he felt himself get uneasy and he was sure that even his ears turned red at how ‘naughty’ and ‘adventurous’ Richard Lim was. He stopped reading. He might not be able to sleep anymore and might be forced to wake his wife to put into action what he read. He can’t do that.

After calming himself, he made a quick decision. He would show his wife that he was better than what she had been reading.

He dialed Lisa’s number.


“Sweetheart excited na ako!”

They were on their way to Baguio for a week-long vacation.  They will be staying at a rented villa by themselves for the whole week.

Ricky told her that he would do everything that the Richard Lim in the stories did. They decided to reenact it the real Mr and Mrs. Lim way.

Her husband gave her a tentative smile. “Are you nervous sweetheart?” The question was actually for him for he was indeed nervous and also very pressured that he may not be able to meet his wife’s expectations.

She shook her head. But she noticed that he was fidgety and anxious

“O bakit namumutla ka Sweetheart? Ikaw ang kinakabahan no?” She was even teasing him. She knows that Ricky isn’t the showy type and what he will be doing is totally out of his character. It made her giddy. Kilig na kilig na siya at mas na inlove sa asawa.

“Of course not. Bakit naman ako kakabahan?” He denied it. “Baka naman ikaw?”

“Huh ako? Hindi no! Masyado na nga akong excited Sweetheart! Eeeehhhh!!! Kinikilig ako kapag naiimagine ko yun mga ginagawa mo sa stories.” She was blushing. She was really very excited kasi super sweet naman talaga ni Ricky sa stories. And Ricky promised that he will let her experience all those  during their vacation.

Ricky just swallowed hard. Pinagpawisan ng slight.

She smiled sweetly at him. She really appreciated that Ricky will go out of his way to do the things which she considers as super kilig. She could imagine him dancing with her to the music of ‘So Close’ like what Richard Lim did in the story ‘The Beginning’ which she had been reading many times at the website. She was so sure that her husband would be doing that as well because it was the very first story that one would be reading at the website. Then she also imagined Ricky serenading her while playing a guitar. She also imagined him teaching her to swim on of the stories she read.

Seeing her husband’s anxious face,  she playfully retorted “Sweetheart don’t worry I will guide you.” Then she giggled.

Nanlaki eyes ni Ricky. Then he just shook his head then engulfed her in his arms. Kabado na.

Ten minutes later, “Sweetheart are you disappointed?” he asked the question that has been bothering him.

“Huh? Disappointed saan?”

“Sa akin. Kasi I’m not the like the guy in those stories.”

“Uy hindi Sweetheart ha! Alam ko na naman na hindi ka sanay. Hindi ka adventurous” Then she giggled again as she imagined the Richard Lim in the story ‘His Present and His Future’ playing basketball with Jeff, Cho and Kute. Maybe she could also ask him to try it and be sweaty playing the game with her. Surely they could find a basketball court where they could play.

He gently cupped her face wanting her to look at him. “Be honest sweetheart, kahit konti ba hindi ka disappointed that I don’t do those things?”

She answered truthfully, “O sige na nga. Hindi naman disappointed pero yun gusto ko lang na maging ‘game’ ka kung minsan. Minsan lang naman Sweetheart.  Para naman kapag nagkukuwento si Eds at Ruby ng ginagawa ng mga boyfriends nila for them may maikwento naman ako. Pero naiiintindihan ko naman kasi nga iba ka di ba? Iba tayo.”

He had a shocked expression, “Maya you shouldn’t share those kind of stories. That should be kept private.

Then he added, “Yun boyfriends nina Eds at Ruby they are like that?” He asked again.

“Oo Sweetheart pero expected naman yun kasi athletic yung mga boyfriends nila. Ikaw hindi pwede kasi baka sumakit mga buto mo.” Then she giggled again as she snaked her arms around his waist.

In a whisper, “God they do that? They do what my character do in those stories?”

Maya smiled sweetly at him then said sweetly “Yes sweetheart ganun sila. Ang sweet di ba?”

Edz, Ruby and their boyfriends are fond of hiking, swimming and extreme sports and those were their usual dates. Of course Maya doesn’t expect Ricky to be like that.

He sighed again then said, “Sweetheart we better sleep. We need all the energy for the activities I’ve planned.”

Knowing that his wife is not at all inhibited of what she knows would happen but rather excited, Richard began to relax. His anxiety is now replaced with anticipation.

“Oo sweetheart tulog muna tayo para may energy tayo pagdating dun. Atsaka wag ka ng masyadong kabahan. No pressure sweetheart. Dahan dahanin mo lang mga activities natin. Baka rayumahin ka.” She was pertaining to those harana, dancing, playing outdoor games in the stories. She giggled again. Then she even settled her head on his chest while her hands encircled his waist.

Ricky hugged her tight. He will be fine. He had brought all the props for their ‘activities’. He also brought different kinds of liniment and pain reliever medicines with him. He smiled as many naughty ideas entered his mind.

They were both comforted being in each other’s arms.

Both of them excited with what would happen.

Everything’s settled and from Maya’s reaction, she seems ready for anything.

Richard is now relaxed. He is now focused on how to beat the ‘Richard Lim’ character in those stories he have read. It would definitely be a wearisome task but definitely enjoyable week-long vacation.


Oh well may konting problema lang.

Maya had been reading the ‘medyo conservative’ na  while her husband had been reading ‘the naughty fanfic site’

Kaya naman pala kabado si Mr. Lim.

At kaya rin naman pala relax na relax lang si Mrs. Lim.

Si Emman naman kasi hindi nilinaw.

Lagot siya pagbalik ng mag-asawa.

Teka lagot nga ba?


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The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Capt. James :  Missed Lang !

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Capt. James :  Missed Lang !

“Nasa parking na ako sweetheart. Are you done?” He sent her a message.

“Tapos na rin ako kaso alam mo na. Kailangan ko pang samahan si Capt. James as per instruction ni Ma’m Ina. Nagseselos ata siya na may ibang lumapit dito na girls. As if naman kagwapo! Hayyy….😡😡😡” she texted him back.

“Silly! Hindi pa ba siya tapos?”

“Hindi pa sweetheart. Hindi pa nya nakukuha yun binayarang award nya.”

Maya dela Rosa and Capt James Ventura were in attendance at the annual awards for Pilots and Flight Attendants. Everybody in Time Airways had been teasing Capt James Ventura that he was just given the award because of his charming ways.

“Hey don’t say that. Masend mo nga yun message mo sa kaniya.” He was laughing as he read his wife’s message.

“Totoo naman eh. They’re trying to make him appear like a very responsible CEO of Time Airways. Eh panay lang naman travel at night out. He’s trying to be like you.  Nakakainis kaya kapag they compare him to the very handsome at hardworking CEO of LAS.” She complained.

Of course natuwa naman si Ricky. Even his heart was happy and he felt proud with how his wife described him.

“Hey hayaan mo na. Hindi ka na nasanay kay James. Atsaka akala ko he’s your friend. Eh bakit parang asar ka sa kanya ngayon?”

“Ewan Sweetheart. Basta naiinis ako sa kanya. Naiingayan rin ako. Dapat I’m with you na kaso andito kailangan ko pang sayangin ang oras ko para samahan siya.”

He raised his eyebrows at what he read. “Oh that’s new. Ikaw usually ang nagtatanggol sa kanya. I’m loving it. At least we’re on the same side now and he won’t be part of our conversations anymore.” He sent his reply.

He actually hates it when Maya talks about the conceited pilot but since James is already Maya’s friend, Ricky just tolerates it. Now he’s happy na asar si Maya kay James.

“So how was your day?” He added.

“Nakakapagod pero sulit naman. I’m sure matutuwa sila Nanay sa award ko. Ako na talaga ang Best Stewardess in Town.” She texted him back.

“I’m really so proud of you Sweetheart. So anong ginagawa mo now?” He asked again

“Eto missing you. Missing you ng sobra sobra! Kung hindi lang ako nakaupo sa harap I would have rushed to where you are.”

“And?…” He was feeling giddy.

“Siyempre bibigyan kita ng big hug.” Kilig na rin siya.

“And?…” Aside from giddy uncomfy na din. Those pictures of her posted at the Time Airways IG account today immediately came to his mind.

“Siyempre with kiss.” She was already blushing as she also remembered how handsome he was when he left for work this morning.


“Sweetheart ha! Behave nga. I’m blushing already. Ang dami pa namang press people here. Baka they’d assume  na I’m blushing because of Captain James.  Feeling pa naman masyado ang isang to. Yuck!”

“You started it.”

“Anong I started it. Hindi ah! I only said I want to hug you.”

“Oo you started it. You’ve been teasing me with those pictures of yours. Grabe ka sweetheart. Di ako makaconcentrate. Pinahirapan mo ako.”

Siyempre tuwang tuwa siya. She was really teasing him. “Sweetheart I want to look my best especially that you’ll be celebrating your birthday already.”

“Sweetheart sa pictures mo baka di ako umabot ng 45th birthday ko. Ikaw talaga! And you always look your best pero those pictures are hot sweetheart.  Mukhang you want something…” He teased her.

“Wala ikaw talaga. Yun photographer sa Time Airways ang nagpagawa sa akin ng mga poses na ganun. Maganda ba? Gusto ko rin na proud ka siyempre.”

“I am proud and also very  jealous. Nakakainis that si Ventura ang katabi mo now.” He sighed.”

“Sweetheart kalma ka nga.”

“Kasi naman eh…”

Tuwang tuwa si Maya as she could imagine Ricky in his tiger mode.

“Don’t worry sweetheart madali na rin ata tong matapos. Babawi ako sa’yo mamaya.”


“Oo naman. Kahit anong request mo gagawin ko.”

Ricky was smiling ear to ear now. “Talaga lang Sweetheart? Oh God I can’t wait!”

“Talagang talaga!” Kilig na kilig si Maya

“Sweetheart  para rin matuwa ka. I also have your favorite.” He texted her again.


“You guess muna…”

“Ikaw ang napakagwapo at napakabangong kong hubby! Ikaw ang favorite ko!!!”

“Naku not me. Nakahanda na sa bahay yung favorite dish mo. Alam ko kasing gutom ka na.”

Her face lit up. She was so happy. Gutom na kasi talaga siya. Excited na siya to see hubby and excited na din to eat her favorite. “Kare Kare sweetheart?”

“Yes. Ako nagluto. I went home early kasi nagrequest yun mga bata ng ice cream. I decided to cook for you na rin kasi alam kong pagod ka and that you will be late because of the awarding ceremony 😊”

“Oh my God! I can’t wait na sweetheart. Gutom na talaga ako. I love you.❤”

“I love you more.❤❤”






Hindi natapos yun paramihan nila ng heart hanggat natapos yun awards night.

Si Captain James? Wala. Busy sa pagpapacharming sa ibang lady FA’s. He can’t do it to Maya kasi takot rin naman siya kay Mr. Lim.


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The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

“So what are you guys doing this June 12?” Rafi asked Ricky and Maya while they were having their breakfast near the airport. Ricky and Rafi who came to visit the Lims decided to fetch Maya from her early morning flight.

“Are we supposed to do something?”

“Aba oo naman. It’s Independence day. It’s another reason to celebrate.”

“So? Ano naman ngayon if it’s Independence day? How will we celebrate? Pupunta kami ng Luneta to sing Lupang Hinirang?” Ricky sarcastically replied.

Maya was just observing her husband and his best friend. She’s always amused whenever they try to annoy each other.

“Ano ka ba Chard. Ang corny mo talaga! I bet nahihiya na si Maya sa mga sinaunang jokes mo. I mean celebrate… kayo ni Maya. Kami kasi ni Chard, my very own mabait at sobrang gwapong Chard, we have this independence day celebration. Yun independent kami from each other, magkahiwalay kami ng lakad every June 12. Like last year, he went out with his dad to play golf, kami naman ni mommy nya went out to shop. This year I’m planning to have my spa day with my friends then he will have a karaoke night out with his sessionista friends. It feels great and liberating. Try nyo.”

“We don’t need it Rafi. I’m sure Maya prefers to stay with me on that day. There are surely more fun activities to do ‘together’on independence day. Right Sweetheart?” He stressed on the word together then he winked at his wife who was, unfortunately for Ricky, actually considering Rafi’s suggestion.

“Alam mo, mukhang maganda nga yan sweetheart. Try natin. Magkanya kanya tayong lakad sa independence day.”

“What? No! Hindi pwede!”

“Ang oa mo Chard! It’s not like buong araw kayong hindi magkikita ni Maya. Atsaka it’s healthy for a married couple’s relationship. You give each other space and time to breathe.”

“Rafi it is healthy for your relationship with your husband kasi palagi mong inaaway yun tao. He needs freedom from you kahit isang araw lang. I bet he prays that everyday should be independence day.” Then he laughed.

“Of course I don’t! I am a very loving wife and we have a very harmonious relationship. Atsaka wag ka ngang kontrabida Richard Lim. Maya wants it so pagbigyan mo na. Right Maya?”

“You really want it sweetheart?”

“Oo Ricky. Subukan natin. Mukha namang masaya eh.”

“You think so? You really like it? Mas masaya if magkasama tayo on that day.” Ricky was not happy at all with Rafi’s suggestion. He was so looking forward to a special day with his wife on Independence day. He planned to take her out and have a movie date since they both have no work. The kids have no classes as well so they could stay with Sky and Sunshine. He had everything planned already until his best-friend/ beast friend suggested her silly way of ‘Independence day’ celebration to Maya.

“Subukan lang natin Ricky. Sige na please.”

Rafi was grinning. She knows Ricky would give in to Maya’s wish.

While shaking his head, smirking ang giving his sharp stare at Rafi, Ricky sighed deeply and agreed. “Okay fine!”

“Yes! Thank you sweetheart!” Then she stood up from her seat and hugged her husband unmindful of the stares of the customers who were also having their breakfast.


Independence day.

Both were preparing for their ‘separate’ dates. Maya was fixing her husband’s collar.

“Sweetheart bakit doon kayo pupunta nina Emman? Why don’t you just have dinner somewhere else then spend the night na lang talking to each other.” He suggested because the idea that Maya will be spending her evening with Emman, Josh, Edz, Ruby and her other FA friends at a karaoke bar didn’t sit well with him.

Maya promised him that she’s just excited for the karaoke part and that she wont take any alcoholic beverages because of what happened to her during that ‘wine-tasting’ mishap years ago.  Ricky can’t help but still get worried of the possible dangers inside any bar.

“Ang boring naman nun sweetheart atsaka di ba walang pakialamanan? Promise hindi naman ako iinom at si Emman di rin naman yun umiinom. I will be safe.”

“Why did we even listen to Rafi.” He sighed again.

“Hep hep! Gusto ko to atsaka tama si Rafi. Healthy to sa relationship ng mga mag-asawa.”

“Our relationship is very healthy and we don’t need this.”

“Sssshhh… reklamo reklamo. Tara na at baka malate na tayo.” Then Maya dragged her poor husband out of their bedroom.


Ricky accompanied her to the said karaoke bar and didn’t leave until Maya shooed him away.

“O sige na sweetheart okay na kami dito. Punta ka na sa gimik mo with friends. Matraffic pa naman baka mahuli ka.”

“Ah no. I’ll just be at the sports bar dyan sa tabi nito. Nandun na sina Ryan. We will play darts.”

“Ano??? Sweetheart naman. Di ba sabi natin kanya kanya.”

“Oo nga kanya kanya. I will be with Ryan and you will be with Emman. Atsaka hindi naman ako makakampante so that’s my decision and it’s final.”

“Okay pero promise hindi mo kami pupuntahan dito ha at wag kang mangungulit sa phone.”

“Promise. O Emman ikaw na bahala dito kay Maya. Josh, Edz, Ruby aalis na ako. Enjoy your night guys.” He kissed Maya’s forehead and stood up to leave.

“Bye Mr. Lim!”


An hour later, Maya got distracted after checking her phone. Engineer Yamagutchi just posted several photos of the LAS engineers playing darts. One of the pictures unintentionally showed Ricky at the background talking with an obviously drunk Stephanie.

“Uy roomie okay ka lang? Ikaw na ang kakanta o!”

“Ah eh… Emman pwedeng samahan mo  muna ako?”

“Ha? Saan? Magrerestroom ka? Naku Maya hindi ako pwede sa girls restroom kahit prettier pa ako than most girls dyan.”

But Maya wasn’t laughing. In fact she didn’t even hear what Emman said.

“Uy roomie!”


“O ano bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?”

Without explaining it to Emman, she stood up and excused herself and Emman from their companions.

She dragged him towards the sports bar where Ricky and the LAS engineers were spending their night. She spotted a corner table where she could clearly see Ricky but where he won’t be able to see her because of the dim lights of the bar. They sat and ordered soda.

“Roomie nakakahiya yun ginagawa natin. Tara na. Magagalit si Sir Chief Ricky nito eh.”

“Wag ka ngang maingay Emman. Samahan mo lang ako. Atska wala siyang karapatang magalit. Kung may pwedeng magalit, ako yun!”

“Naku roomie unreasonable ka na. Atsaka look behave naman si sweetheart mo.”

They could see Richard talking to Atty. Ryan now. Kalmado na sana si Maya when she saw Stephanie approaching Richard again. She’s holding a wine glass and was staggering towards Richard and Ryan. She was really drunk. She even tripped and was lucky that Richard was fast enough to catch her. Oh well if Stephanie was lucky, Richard clearly isn’t if we base it on Maya’s reaction. Her brows were furrowed, her face red with anger. “Roomie relax. Hindi naman kasalanan ni Sir Richard yun.” But Maya wasn’t listening to Emman. She was about to approach her husband when she saw him stand up and assist Stephanie. Then he led the drunk woman outside the bar.

Maya and Emman just stared at each other.

“Roomie baka naman papasakayin lang ni Sir Richard sa taxi. Kalma ka muna ha. Hintayin na lang natin si Sir Richard dito.”

Maya just kept quiet. She also didn’t want to make a scene. She decided to wait for her husband.

“Atty Ryan asan Chief?” Maya and Emman could hear the Engineer Yamaguchi.

“Hinatid na muna si Stephanie kasi medyo lasing na.”

“Naku lagot si Chief.” It was Sonny this time.

“Nandun naman si Fred sa parking. Ihahatid lang ni Chief kay Fred.” Atty Ryan replied but Maya didn’t hear it anymore for she already stood up and hurriedly left the bar.

Emman followed her.

“Roomie kalma ka lang please.”

“Emman iuwi mo na ako.”

“Roomie magagalit si Sir Richard nyan eh. Halika na balik na tayo kina Edz tapos tawagan mo na lang si Sir Richard.” Emman suggested.

When Maya stared back she already had nanlilisik na eyes and was evidently very angry. “Emman uuwi na ako. Kung hindi mo ako ihahatid, ako na lang uuwing mag-isa.”

Emman didn’t have any choice but to give in to his roomie’s request to be brought home. She even turned off her phone and requested Emman to do the same after he informed Edz, Josh and Ruby that he needs to bring Maya home because of an emergency.


After assisting Stephanie to Fred’s car at the parking, he returned to the bar and enjoyed playing darts with the engineers. He called Maya but wasn’t able to contact her for her phone was turned off. He thought that she turned her phone off because she wanted to enjoy her night. Not wanting to disturb his wife, Ricky decided to just enjoy his bonding with the LAS guys and just wait for his wife’s call once she decides to go home.

It was already 3 am and he already texted her several times without getting any reply so he decided to fetch her from the bar where he left her. He was surprised when he was informed that the group already left as early as 12:30 am.

Worried that something might have happened to his wife, Richard frantically called Emman’s phone which he also didn’t answer. He couldn’t contact Maya as well.

He finally called home and was relieved to learn that his wife was already home. He was unaware of why she left him and went home ahead of him. He thought that she just wanted him to enjoy his night.


It was already 3:30 in the morning when Ricky arrived.

The house was dark and quiet. Everyone was asleep.

Though he didn’t enjoy the day much, he was still happy for allowing his wife to enjoy with her friends.

He was very tired as well and he’s looking forward to being with his wife. Their simple cuddles would be enough to remove the stress of the day.

He opened their bedroom door but was surprised to find it locked. He tried it again but it was still locked. Maya never locks their bedroom.

Ricky scratched his head. He thought that maybe Maya accidentally locked it.

He softly knocked.

She didn’t open the door.

He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Sweetheart I’m home.”

She still didn’t open it but sent him a message. “Wag kang papasok dito. Ayan yung unan at kumot sa labas. Sa labas ka matulog. Ayaw kitang makita.”

He was surprised at her message.

He knocked again but she still didn’t open the door.

Then he even saw the pillow and blanket.

He’s totally clueless of any wrongdoing to might have caused his wife’s anger.

But  he’s not angry at her. He’s not  annoyed even though she went home ahead of him. He’s not upset even though he’s tired and he badly needed to rest now.

He suspects that something might have happened.

He got the pillow and blanket and laid them on the floor just outside their bedroom.

Then using his phone he took his picture with his puppy dog eyes while hugging the pillow and sent it to her. “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.”

Of course naguilty ang Maya when she saw the picture. She also got worried na makita ng mga bata yun daddy nila.

She opened the door.

Ngiting successful naman si Ricky. He knows that di sya matitiis ni Maya but uh oh she looked so upset.


“Wag mo akong masweetheart sweetheart Ricardo!”

Naku hindi lang upset si Maya. She’s mad! She’s actually ballistic whenever she calls him by that name.

“Why are you mad? What did I do?”

“At nagtanong ka pa talaga!”

“Of course kasi wala naman akong alam na reason why you should get mad at me. Ako nga dapat yun magtampo kasi iniwan mo ako sa bar.” He calmly told her.

“Dapat ka talagang iwanan dun kasi mukhang sobrang busy ka sa pag-akbay akbay dun sa Stephanie. At sinamahan mo pa talaga. Siguro kung saan pa kayo pumunta.” She is getting teary-eyed now out of anger and he’s also getting upset with what she’s accusing him of.

“Hey hindi ko siya inakbayan because I wanted to. I did it because she was drunk and she even tripped.”

Tama naman. She saw how Stephanie tripped and was luckily caught by her husband.

Pero tahimik pa rin siya. She just stared at him.

He continued…

“Atsaka hinatid ko lang siya kay Fred who was waiting for her at the parking area. He wasn’t able to go inside the bar anymore because naka-hazard lang yun kotse nya. He couldn’t find a parking slot.”

She continued to stare at him but her tears are threatening to fall now.

Upset na rin si Ricky at her accusations but when he saw her trying her best not to cry naawa na siya kay Maya.

“Sweetheart do you think magagawa ko yun sa’yo?”

Naku umiyak na nga ang Maya.

“Hey stop crying. Wala namang reason to cry. Wala naman akong ginawa. I was just being helpful there kasi ako lang yun hindi uminom sa kanila. Ako lang yun pwedeng tumulong kay Stephanie. Dapat nga proud ka sa’kin kasi I was being a gentleman there. Don’t cry na Maya.” He then engulfed her in his embrace which she allowed.

Maya had mixed feelings of jealousy, anger at herself for how she acted and also embarrassment at what she did to her poor husband. She hugged him tighter but was still silently sobbing.

“Hey look at me.” He held her face. “Okay na tayo ha? I’m sorry if I made you upset with what I did kanina. I promise lalayuan ko na siya.”

Then in a very small voice kasi she’s embarrassed nga of how she acted, “Sorry din Sweetheart. Kasi naman eh….”

“Hey enough na. Okay na tayo. It’s not my fault and it’s not yours as well.” He assured her to remove her guilt.

“I’ll just take a shower and change. Okay na tayo ha!”

She just nod her head. Then proceeded to their bed.

After a few minutes Ricky joined her donning his pajama. They cuddled.

“Next time I would never agree to spending June 12 separately.”

“Ako rin Sweetheart. Sorry ulit.”

“Don’t say sorry. Hindi nga tayong dalawa ang may kasalanan for what happened today.”

“Eh sino naman?”

‘Sino pa eh di si Rafi!”

And for the first time, Maya agreed with what Ricky said about his best friend. “Tama sweetheart, si Rafi nga ang may kasalanan ng lahat!”

“Let’s not talk about her anymore sweetheart.  Let’s celebrate now, the Mr. and Mrs Lim style. Let’s celebrate ‘dependence’ day.” He naughtily winked at her.

“Mas gusto ko yan sweetheart!”

Then he covered themselves with their big brown comforter which perfectly covered both of them but unfortunately wasn’t able to drown his wife’s giggles and whatever noise he would elicit from her later.

Happy 12th of June Mr. and Mrs. Lim!



The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya & Rafi : Pageant Trouble

“Rafi what will I do there?” Richard Lim was talking to his best friend Rafi on the phone. He didn’t notice that his wife was already inside his home office as he was so busy turning down Rafi’s request.

“Chard naman eh. Sige na. Si Hon kasi can’t sing eh. May sore throat siya and he already committed himself to serenade the candidates of the Daragang Magayon beauty pageant. Ikaw na lang kumanta sa kanila. Two songs lang naman. Sige na Chard.”

“Rafi I’m busy with LAI atsaka may mga new instructors kami for interview. I have to personally talk to them. Ang kulit mo naman. Sabi ko nang hindi ako pwede.”

Maya carefully sat on Ricky’s cushioned chair. She’s amused watching him running his hand thru his hair, trying his best to say no to Rafi. Maya knows how persistent Rafi is and she couldn’t help but smile at her husband’s dilemma.

“So you really won’t help me? Kahit mapahiya si Richard ko kasi hindi siya makakapunta sa commitment nya? Kakayanin ng kunsyensya mo yun?”

“Hey don’t blackmail me with that Rafi. That’s not gonna work. Humanap na lang kayo ng ibang pwedeng kumanta. And please stop bullying your poor husband. Kaya siya nagkakasakit because you always make him miserable.” Then he laughed.

“Ewan ko sa’yo Chard. Bahala ka na nga.” Then Rafi ended the call. Ricky was still laughing. He felt so good having been able to successfully decline Rafi’s request. It felt good because he hardly escapes Rafi’s pangungulit.

He was still so proud of himself. He felt so good then he turned around only to find Maya staring angrily at him, with brows furrowed and lips in a thin line.

Now he’s in trouble. “Sweetheart kanina ka pa?” He said in a soft guilty voice. He knows Maya hates it when he treats Rafi rudely though it’s really how they were even before she became Richard’s wife.

She’s obviously infuriated.


“Ano yun narinig ko? Tuwang tuwa at tawang tawa ka pa na may sakit yun asawa ni Rafi?”

“Ah… eh… no. Hindi yun yun tinatawanan ko. We were just…”

“Nakakainis ka. How could you? Nakikiusap na sa’yo yun tao kasi may sakit yun asawa nya tapos hindi mo na nga pinagbigyan aba pagtatawanan mo pa.”


But she continued to angrily stare at him which prompted him to dial Rafi’s number.

“O ano naman Richard Lim?” Rafi said the moment she answered his call.

“Okay Rafi. I will do it.”

The moment he ended the call, he glanced at his wife and was relieved to see her smiling and giving him her ‘im-so-proud-of-my-husband look’.

“Okay ka na sweetheart?” He asked making sure that he’s now forgiven.

“Okay na okay!” she said as she went to him for an embrace and a kiss which made him pause and close his office door for that kind of kiss would definitely lead to something else.


“Maya!” Rafi surprised her with a visit at her Time Airways office.

“Rafi anong ginagawa mo dito? Wala kang pasok?”

“I have work but I really want to bring you this. Niluto ko yan with of course my husband’s help. Gusto lang kasi naming magpasalamat for helping me convince Chard to take my husband’s place dun sa event next week.”

“Naku Rafi wala yun. Ano ka ba! We are always here for you ni husband mo. Atsaka si Ricky binibiro ka lang nun. Papayag naman talaga siya.”

“Yeah right. Naku Maya wag mo nang pagtakpan si Chard. Ayaw naman talaga nun. Alam ko naman that you were the one who convinced him. Nahihiya tuloy ako. He will be interviewing LAI applicants pa mandin. Babawi na lang ako promise.”

“Rafi ano ka ba! Walang problema yun kasi I will take Ricky’s place. I will be the one to interview the applicants.”

“Mabuti naman kundi lagot ako kay Chard. Naku thank you talaga Maya. You’ve always been a lifesaver to me and my husband.”

“Kumusta na pala siya?”

“Okay naman na kaso he still can’t sing. Pinagbawalan muna ng doctor. He was so worried kasi wala nga kaming makuhang papalit sa kanya in serenading the candidates. Si Chard lang naman talaga ang pwede kasi same ang genre ng songs nila and secret lang at wag nating aminin sa kanilang dalawa ha Maya, sila lang naman ang super gwapo at bagay sa mga ganung events. I’m sure the ladies there would be so kilig.”

Rafi was giddily imagining her husband and her best friend and yes the girls would definitely be so kilig to be serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya was surprised. She wasn’t aware that it’s a beauty pageant. She thought Ricky would be singing in a corporate event because Rafi’s husband frequents corporate shows.

She could imagine what Rafi said and she hates the idea of Ricky serenading beautiful ladies.

“Maya okay ka lang?” Rafi immediately noticed the change in her mood.

“Ah eh oo.” Then she paused and asked Rafi, “ Rafi serenade? Saan ba yan?”

“Hindi nakuwento ni Chard? Maya he will be singing at the Daragang Magayon Pageant. He will serenade the candidates.”


“May problema ba?”

“Ah eh wala naman Rafi pero…”

“Oh you’re worried that Chard will be surrounded by more than a dozen lovely ladies? Maya your husband would never…”

“Rafi hindi yun. May tiwala naman ako kay Ricky. Yun mga babae lang yun wala akong tiwala.”

Natawa si Rafi. She knows how jealous Maya gets whenever ladies would be overly friendly towards her husband.

“Samahan mo na lang si Chard para wala kang problema atsaka para makaunwind naman kayo. You can leave the kids with me kasi wala naman akong work then.” Rafi suggested.

“Nakakahiya naman yun Rafi. Atsaka dapat kung pumunta ako dun eh may role ako.”

“Alam ko na. I can ask my friend, who organized the event, to make you a judge tutal you’ve been exposed to lovely flight attendants naman whom you train di ba? You are very much qualified to be a judge.”

“Talaga Rafi?”

“Oo naman. Sige I’ll talk to them then tawagan agad kita.”

“Thank you Rafi!”

“I should be the one thanking you Maya. Halika na let’s eat at lalamig na yang dala ko.”


Richard and Maya just arrived from work and the invitation for the pageant and the plane tickets had been delivered by Rafi earlier that day. It was handed to him by Manang Fe.

He was reviewing it and was surprised to see Maya’s name as one of the judges. “Kasama ka din sweetheart?”

“Oo eh. Si Rafi kasi…”

But he already hugged her. “Shhhhh wag ka nang magpalusot. Just say that you want to be there kasi maraming magaganda dun. Nagseselos ka lang eh.”

“Uy hindi ah! Ang yabang mo sweetheart! Hindi talaga!”


“Hindi no! Gusto ko lang pagbigyan si Rafi. Wala naman sa’kin yun ah!”

“Defensive! Ayaw mo lang akong ishare sa iba eh.”

“Ang yabang mo Ricky ha! Nakakainis ka!”

“Hep hep baka kung saan na naman yan mapunta ha Maya! Ricardo! Magkakapikunan na naman kayo tapos magtatampuhan tapos hindi kakainin ng dinner at magkukulong sa kwarto ng buong araw kinabukasan. Tigilan nyo na yan. Maliliit pa yun kambal!”

“Manang Fe!” Namumula si Maya, while Ricky had his goofy grin.

“Ano? Kayong dalawa alam na alam ko na yun mga pinagagawa nyo. Lalo na ikaw Ricardo. Naku makapasok na nga sa kusina.”

Manang Fe left them elbowing each other, blaming each other kasi napagalitan tuloy sila ni Manang Fe.


It was the much awaited Coronation Night and Maya was fixing her husband’s coat backstage.

“Sweetheart kinakabahan ako. What if I jumble my lyrics? What if masintunado ako?”

“At bakit ka naman masisintunado at magkakamali sa lyrics?”

“Siyempre ang gaganda kaya ng kakantahan ko. I’ll surely get distracted.” He teased which earned him Maya’s angry stare and a pinch at his side.

“Ouch! Biro lang sweetheart! Of course I might get distracted kasi I’ll be performing in front of you.”

“Umayos ka!”

“Yes Mrs. Lim!”

Then he kissed her just in time before she was introduced onstage as one of the pageant’s judges.


The lovely candidates were now parading their evening gowns while being serenaded by Richard Lim.

Maya can’t help but feel so proud of her husband. Unmindful of some flats in his song, she had her eyes focused on Ricky who she considered the best singer in the whole world (hehe!). She also felt giddy whenever he glances her way. They would exchange silent messages through their stares and smiles.

In the middle of the song though, Ricky sang a little longer to a particular candidate, candidate number 8. Maya easily noticed it and couldn’t help but get slightly annoyed. She made a mental note to observe candidate number 8.

The pageant successfully ended with Candidate  #7 being crowned as Daragang Magayon 2017 and Candidate #6 being the first runner-up.


They were on their way to the hotel and Rafi was on the phone with Ricky. Maya was just listening to her husband while her head was leaning on his shoulder. She couldn’t hear Rafi though.

“Oh my God Chard ang galing mo kanina. I was watching the livestream and admittedly, you did great!” Rafi was praising her best friend.”

“Yeah right Rafi! You’re just saying that kasi napasubo ako sa’yo. My hands were so cold up there sa stage kanina. I thought hihimatayin ako.”

“Hindi naman halata na kinabahan ka. You were even confidently sintunado up there.” Rafi giggled.


“Biro lang Chard! Oh well kahit naman nasintunado ka it went unnoticed naman kasi the audience were all staring at you.”

“Because they find me handsome.” Ricky proudly said.

“Ewan ko ba? Bulag ata yun mga tao dun just like your wife.”

“Rafi one more and I would never do you a favor even if you beg in the future.” Pikon na siya and Maya was amused to see him pikon.

“Oh that’s a strong statement. Pero seriously Chard, thank you talaga. Successful yun pageant and you guys contributed a lot to its success.”

“Yeah fortunately everything went on smoothly. The people were also very warm and accommodating. Kung wala lang kaming pasok, I would have preferred to stay longer. Marami palang magagandang lugar dito”

“Maybe next time you could plan a vacation with the kids. O teka pala, I was just curious bakit hindi nakapasok yun candidate #8. I was actually rooting for her.”

“Actually ako rin. She was stunning and she did well in her question and answer as well. She’s a very charming lady.” Richard carelessly blurted out, forgetting that he would definitely get in trouble with his wife.

“Charming mo dyan Ricardo! Lagot ka kay Maya kapag narinig ka. Where is she ba?”

He automatically glanced at his wife who’s still leaning on his shoulder but whose eyebrows are now furrowed.

When he didn’t answer, Rafi continued, “Alam mo nahalata kita dun sa pag-serenade mo sa candidates. You stayed a little longer kay number 8. Kaya ata hindi nanalo kasi minalas sa pagkanta mo.” Then Rafi giggled again but the giggles didn’t last long for realization hit her. “Oh my God Chard! Hindi nanalo si Candidate #8 because Maya didn’t let her win. Ikaw kasi kinantahan mo nang matagal. Lagot ka Chard. It’s your fault she didn’t win. I heard that she’s the favorite candidate dyan. Lagot ka. Pinaselos mo kasi si Maya, ayun tuloy hindi nanalo si #8” Rafi further teased.

“You’re ridiculous Rafi! I don’t think that even happened!” he glanced at his wife again while saying this but of course her face is hidden from him. He was not aware that Maya is turning into a tigress.

“Bahala ka pero ako alam ko that you were obviously interested dun kay 8. If nahalata ko malamang si Maya rin.”

“I am not!” he said in a loud voice which made Maya remove her head from his shoulder and lean on the car window instead.

“Sige na Chard. Goodnight! Thank you again and goodluck sa pagsuyo kay Maya.” Rafi was laughing now and she ended the call before Ricky could even answer back.

He ended the call and gave his wife a nervous, guilty look. Rafi was right, he found candidate number 8 pretty but that’s just it. He’s a normal guy who admires beauty after all. Oh well maybe Rafi’s observation about Maya isn’t true at all. His friend has this way of making him feel guilty but he should act normal. He smiled at Maya who was just blankly staring at him.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?”

“Ang lakas ng boses mo. Masakit sa ulo.” But she already looked angry while saying this.

“Sorry. Si Rafi kasi. She was insisting that…”He paused because he realized that what Rafi said may be true after seeing Maya’s reaction.

“Insisting what?” Nakataas na yun eyebrows ni Maya.

“Sweetheart naman eh. Nakakatakot ang hitsura mo. Are you mad?”

“Takot ka? Guilty ka?”

“Yes. No!  I mean yes natatakot ako sa hitsura mo. You look like the volcano here, yun Mayon. You look like sasabog sa galit. But no I’m not guilty of anything. What would I be guilty of ba?” He smiled sweetly at her and tried to reach for her but Maya just ignored his attempt for a hug.

“Eh ano nga yun iniinsist ni Rafi?” She asked again so he had no choice but to tell her.

“Kasi sweetheart Rafi was insisting that I paid extra attention dun sa candidate number 8 kaya she didn’t win. Rafi was insinuating that naasar ka sakin kaya ayun hindi tuloy nanalo yun number 8. Isn’t Rafi ridiculous?” He was grinning but he abruptly stopped when he saw Maya’s reaction.

“Mabuti pa si Rafi napansin niya.”

“Oh God! Sweetheart so totoo nga?”

“Ricardo tig two seconds lang yun ibang candidates pero dun sa kanya you lingered for six seconds! You were staring at her for six seconds!”


“Siguro attracted ka sa kanya no? Siguro you want to get to know her better.”

“Of course not! Hindi naman siya kagandahan. She looked plain and…” palusot ni Ricky.

“Eh bakit ang tagal mo sa kanya?”

Lagot! Buti na lang smart si Ricky. “Ah eh… I’m Chinese sweetheart remember? I stayed a little longer dun kay number 8 kasi lucky yun number 8 sa mga Chinese. Yun lang yun. It’s the number not the candidate.”

“Talaga?” Maya is aware that nagpapalusot lang si Ricky and she actually finds him adorable when he acts scared of her. She just loves it kapag sinusuyo siya ni Ricky.

“Yes! Yun lang yun. Alam mo naman that you’re the only apple of my eye and I could never and would never stare at anyone else like the way I do to you.”

“Hmmm nagpapalusot ka lang eh.” But Maya was now smiling and allowing herself to be engulfed in her husband’s embrace.

“No of course not. You want mamaya sa hotel room I’ll spend the entire night staring at you?” Ricky suggested in his overly sweet voice.

Of course Maya naughtily quipped as well. “Stare lang?”

Ricky chuckled. “Of course stare and a lot more Mrs. Lim.”

Then they comforted each other with their tight hugs and occasional kisses unmindful of the hotel driver who couldn’t contain his kilig as well.