Can We Start Over Again – 14

Can We Start Over Again – 14

Richard arrived at the Dela Rosa residence after a long drive. It was close to midnight but he didn’t hesitate to knock on their door. He just wanted to make sure that Maya was home.

He’s been worried already when he couldn’t contact her. Maya didn’t call him either, like what she told Liza she’d do.  It’s so unlike her and he’s really distressed as many scenarios were already playing in his mind.

Nanay Teresita opened the door and was startled to see Richard. She craned her neck expecting to see her daughter but was confused when she didn’t see her. “Richard si Maya?” She questioned the anxious-looking Richard who greeted her with a kiss on her cheek.

He treats Nay Teresita  like his own mom and they were very close even when Maya was away.

She led Richard inside their home.

“Nay yan din ang reason why I’m here. Maya went to the office earlier today. Unfortunately I was out. My secretary told me that umalis si Maya after an hour to meet a friend. She promised to return to the office and she even told Liza that she’d call me. But I couldn’t contact her. I tried calling Tatay Arturo kanina pero he wasn’t answering too.”  Worry was etched on his face.

Nanay Teresita got worried as well. All she knew was that Maya will be visiting Richard and that she will surprise him.  She never mentioned any friend aside from him.

“Teka tingnan ko yun telefono. Hindi ko pa naman pinapansin yun. Yun Tatay Arturo mo may dinaluhang convention kaya hindi yun makakasagot sa tawag. Ayun nga sobrang pagod kaya tulog na tulog. Naku Maya asan ka bang bata ka?” Nanay Teresita frantically searched for her phone inside their bedroom.

She was relieved to find messages from Maya informing her of the exact same thing she told Richard’s secretary but Nanay Teresita knows that something was amiss. She knows her daughter so well. She dialed her number while returning to the living room where Richard was waiting.

“Maya nak? Asan ka ba?” She blurted out the moment Maya answered the call.

Relief was etched on Richard’s face the moment he heard Nanay Teresita talking to Maya on the phone.

“Nay yun tinext ko sa’yo. Yun na po yun. Saka ko na lang ipapaliwanag.” She couldn’t admit to her mother what she found out and how hurt she was. She knows that her mother is close to Richard and his parents.

“Maya akala ko si Richard ang pupuntahan mo?”

“Nay wala siya doon atsaka… basta Nay. Saka ko na lang ipapaliwanag. Kapag tumawag si Richard dyan sa inyo, bahala na po kayong magpaliwanag. Hindi ko na muna siya kakausapin.” Then she stifled her sob which didn’t escape her mother.

“Maya kung ano man yan, ikaw na ang magpaliwanag kay Richard. Nandito sya. Kanina pa to nagaalala sa’yo.” Nanay Teresita handed the phone to Richard not allowing Maya to avoid talking to him which Nanay Teresita suspects her daughter was doing. She felt that something happened which compelled Maya to avoid  Richard.

“Maya! Where are you? I’m sorry wala ako kanina. I felt so bad to have missed your visit. Akala ko babalik ka? I waited for you. Tinawagan rin kita. Where are you? Masaya ako that you’re home. Are you just visiting or is this what you told me?” He was excited that he talked nonstop.

“Ricky hindi ko pa sigurado. Sasabihin ko na lang kapag nagkita tayo. Sige na gabi na kailangan mo nang magpahinga.” Her lackluster reply didn’t escape him but he ignored it.

“When are we going to see each other? I’ve already blocked the rest of the week. I’m all yours.” He still sounded excited despite Maya’s reaction on the other line.

“Hindi mo na kailangang gawin yun. Hindi ko pa sigurado kung kailan tayo magkikita. May mga aasikasuhin pa ako. Sige na Ricky. Pahinga ka na. Thank you sa pagpunta dyan kay Nanay. Dyan ka na matulog kasi delikadong magdrive. Late na.” Her voice couldn’t hide the sadness and hurt she felt. Even the sound of her voice betrayed what she felt. He could tell that something was bothering her.

“Are you okay? Why do you sound like you cried? Do you need me there?”

“Wag na Ricky. Dadamayan ko na muna etong kaibigan ko. Nalungkot lang ako sa kwento nya. Pupuntahan na lang kita kapag okay na siya.”

“Maya you’re making me worry here. I don’t even know where you are or kung sinong friend yan? Can you at least tell me?”

“Ricky wag na. I’m okay. Kaya ko naman ang sarili ko. I’ll just call you kapag free na ako. Wag kang mag-alala. I’ve survived Manila. Kakayanin ko naman dito sa New York.”

“So you’re in New York? Asan ka nga Maya? Tell me. Pupuntahan kita. I won’t bother your friend. Please just tell me where you are. Hindi ako mapapakali nito. I know something’s wrong. Please tell me.” He was pleading already.

He disliked being left in the dark on what’s happening to her.

“Ricky naman eh. Mapilit ka naman. Kaya ko na ang sarili ko.”

“But Maya …”

“Can you at least give me privacy. I also have my own life, you know. Sige na Ricky. Bye.” Then she ended the call, not allowing him to say more.

The annoyance in her tone was evident and it left Richard clueless as to why she acted that way. He was also hurt that he seemed unimportant to her.

Teresita dela Rosa just stared sadly at the handsome man she already treats like her own son.

“Nay alis na po ako. These flowers are for Maya pero sa inyo na po.” He tried his best to act normal not wanting to worry Maya’s mother.

“Dito ka na lang magpalipas ng gabi Ricky. Tawagan mo na lang sila mama mo.”

“Wag na po Nay. I also need to be at the office early tomorrow. Mukhang okay naman po si Maya. Wag na kayong mag-alala. Tatawag na lang raw sya sa akin. Mukhang may dinadamayang kaibigan. Hindi nga sinabi kung sino. Hindi naman siguro boyfriend.” He even tried to joke.

“Wala naman akong alam na may boyfriend si Maya, Richard. Sigurado ako kaibigan lang kung sino man yun.”

He just smiled then bade goodbye to Nanay Teresita.


After she left Richard’s building, Maya decided to check-in at a nearby hotel. She couldn’t roam around looking pitiful and distraught at what she learned.

She tried to recall her past conversations with Richard and she realized that he had always been fond of Rafi.

She couldn’t help but compare herself to Rafi again.

She regretted not paying much attention to him when he was still very vocal of his care and concern for her.

She made him wait until he already found someone else to take her place.

Maya sent messages to her mother, not wanting to upset her.

She just needed a few days to clear her mind and at least calm her heart.



Richard was searching for any clues about Maya online after he failed to contact her weeks after that one phone conversation they had the day he went to her place.

He saw  these about her:

“Maya dela Rosa retires from showbiz to join her boyfriend.”

“James and Maya – expecting to be parents soon!”

“Maya de la Rosa, biglang nagretiro sa pagaartista upang pagtuuanan ang pagbubuntis sa anak nila ni James Ventura.”

“James Ventura keeps his silence about Maya dela Rosa.”

These and a few more articles appeared.

Richard didn’t realize that he was already clenching his fists.


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Can We Start Over Again – 13

Can We Start Over Again – 13

Maya bumped into Liza on her way out of the building. “Ms. Maya aalis ka na po?”

“Ah yes Liza. Aalis na muna ako. Tumawag kasi yun friend ko and I’ll meet her first. Wala pa naman si Richard. Babalik na lang ako.” She tried her best to sound normal, not wanting Liza to notice the chance in her voice and not wanting her notice any change in her expression.

“Naku sayang naman po Ms. Maya. I’m sure malulungkot yun si Sir Richard kapag nalaman nyang pumunta at naghintay ka sa kanya tapos umalis ka. Maiinis yun. Miss na miss ka na nun eh.” Liza added which at least lessened the pain Maya was feeling.

“Babalik naman ako Liza.” She simply said.

“Sige po Ms. Maya. Sasabihan ko si Sir Richard na pumunta ka at babalik ka. Pwede ko pong mahingi yun number nyo just in case he asks for it?”

“He has my number Liza. Atsaka tatawagan ko na lang siya.”

“Sayang talaga yun surprise nyo sa kanya. Ang tagal naman kasi ni Sir Richard.” Liza was really disappointed as well.

“Okay lang yun. I’ll just call him. I’m sure Richard is busy. Hindi rin naman niya alam that I’ll visit him. Thank you ha.”

“Naku wala naman akong naitulong. Si Sir Richard naman kasi ngayon pa talaga natagalan bumalik. Sige po Ms. Maya. I’m very honored to meet you po. Napakaganda nyo talaga. I am a fan of yours and I always watch your movies and teleseryes. Si Sir ganun din.” Liza added.

Maya smiled. At least Liza made her feel good with what she said.

“Thank you Liza. Thank you din for taking good care of Richard. I have to go na talaga. Bye.” She even gave Liza a hug.

She managed to keep her emotions at bay while in front of Liza.

But the moment she left the building where Richard’s office is located, Maya could no longer control herself from crying.

She walked aimlessly along the busy streets of Manhattan.

She could no longer think straight. Her eyes were blinded by the tears she tried so hard to contain.

The reason why she came home was to focus on her life.

She wanted to start building a life with the people important to her.

She enjoyed her showbiz life but she already fulfilled all her dreams career-wise.

She realized that no fame, no awards, no glamour and no wealth could give her the happiness her heart searches for.

She vowed to prioritize her goals and think of her future, the future she thought would include him.

He was the main reason why she quit her career.

She wanted a life here with him, build a family with him.

But she found out that she could no longer be part of his life.

Someone was already making him happy.

Someone far better than her was in his life.

She couldn’t compete with her, not with the woman in Richard’s life.

Not with someone who is sophisticated, an achiever, someone as successful as him.

She felt so unworthy even of his attention.

He deserves someone like Rafi Alcantara.

She doesn’t deserve him.

She doesn’t even have a college degree.

She is only an actress, an entertainer.


“Why are you smiling Liza?”

Richard arrived thirty minutes after Maya left. Liza met him with her teasing smile.

“Sir someone visited you kanina. A very lovely lady was here.” Liza added then couldn’t help but be giddy for her boss.

But Richard doesn’t want being teased. He gave Liza an annoyed look.

“Liza sumimangot na naman ang boss mo. Naku Chard ha! The more you react that way, baka mapagkamalan ka na naming gay.” Rafi joked.

“Stop it you two. I have no time for nonsense at kung sino man na bisita yan let’s keep it in a professional level. I don’t want being teased.”

“Ay ang sungit!” Rafi was still laughing.

“Sino bang pumunta dito Liza?” He was now impatient.

“Sir calm down. Alam nyo naman na hindi lulusot sa akin ang kung sino lang. Mahihirapan sila to get an appointment with you. Sir, your best friend was here. Ms. Maya was here kanina pero umalis muna. Ang ganda pala nya sa personal at sobrang bait.”

Richard couldn’t believe what he heard. His face beamed with happiness and excitement at what Liza said. He can’t contain what he felt. He’s smiling from ear to ear but the smile turned into a frown when he realized that Maya already left.

“Oh my God Chard umuwi si Maya! Maybe this is what you’ve been waiting for, the one she mentioned remember? Maybe she’ll be staying for good. Tamang tama yung pagcheck natin sa bahay nyo.” Rafi couldn’t contain her excitement as well. She was so happy for her friend.

“Where is she now Liza? You should have told her to wait for me. Sana tinawagan mo ako.”

“I tried to call you Sir pero unattended yung phone nyo.”

He realized that he forgot to charge his phone.

Liza added, “Babalik daw siya Sir so don’t worry.”

He now smiled when Liza mentioned that Maya will be back. “Liza san daw siya pupunta?”

“Sir, Ms. Maya said that her friend called her. She said that may pupuntahan daw siyang kaibigan but she will be back. I asked for her number pero meron ka naman daw pong number nya.”

Aligaga na si Richard. He’s excited, nervous, and very happy. He’s overwhelmed that Maya visited him.

“Alam mo Chard, this gives you time to freshen up. Aba galing tayo sa labas. You should change your clothes and look your best.” Rafi suggested.

Then she instructed Liza as well, “Liza free mo na ang schedule ng boss mo for this afternoon and the following days. I’m sure they have lots of catching up to do.” Rafi suggested.

“I already did Ms. Rafi. Pagkaalis ni Ms. Maya I already rescheduled Sir Richard’s meetings to next week. Yun bukas naman I already requested your secretary Minerva to insert it in your schedule. Kayo na lang Ma’m Rafi ang kumausap sa clients ni Sir Richard tomorrow.”

“Sure no problem. Wag lang nating iistorbohin tong Sir mo. Hindi na nga mapakali akala mo first time manligaw.” Then Rafi laughed then added, “Ay oo first time nga talaga pala nyang manligaw.”

Then both ladies were laughing at him.

“Stop it Rafi or else I won’t introduce you to Maya.”

“You’re so grumpy. Sige ka you won’t look handsome in front of her. Binibiro ka lang namin pikon ka na agad. Sige na freshen up at magbihis ka na.”

“Wait Liza I need to order flowers. Can you do it for me?”

“Ako na Chard. I will personally choose the flowers for you. I don’t trust these online florists. Sunflowers yun favorite ni Maya right?” Rafi volunteered.

“Yes Rafi. Thanks!”

“Anything para wag kang maging matandang binata Chard.” Then she laughed at him. Liza was also laughing. They both were so supportive of Richard Lim’s lovelife.

“Can you both leave me now? Mang-aasar pa kayo. Sige na I’ll better prepare now.”

Both Rafi and Liza left Richard who proceeded to take a shower in his own bathroom inside his office.


The flowers had been on his table for more than five hours now.

It was already 7pm and Richard had been waiting for Maya for hours already. He couldn’t contact her number.

Rafi already left. She wanted to wait for Maya but she had a date with her fiancé, Charlie.

Liza insisted to stay for she pitied her boss who had been so excited to see Maya dela Rosa for the past hours but who’s now looking very much worried.

Just an hour ago, Richard instructed her to cancel the dinner she reserved at a nearby restaurant then he ordered her to go home. She couldn’t argue with her boss anymore.

He tried to call Maya’s parents but they were not answering their phones as well.

If he was excited hours ago, now that excitement turned to worry especially when he was unable to contact both Maya and her parents.

After a few more minutes, Richard decided to go to Maya’s house.



“Are you okay? Why do you sound like you cried? Do you need me there?”

“Wag na Ricky. Dadamayan ko na muna etong kaibigan ko. Nalungkot lang ako sa kwento nya. Pupuntahan na lang kita kapag okay na siya.”

“But Maya …”

“Sige na Ricky. Bye.” Then she ended the call, not allowing him to say more.

Teresita dela Rosa just stared sadly at the handsome man she already treats like her own son.