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The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Ryan: You Assume Too Much Maya

7pm, arrival area.

SC: Maya! (he kisses her and hugs her) I missed you. How was your flight?

Maya: Miss agad SC? Hinatid mo lang ako kanina, ah.

SC: Of course I always miss you pag wala ka sa tabi ko.

Maya: Sus ang sweet naman. Ano bang meron?

SC: Ah wala. Tara na? I have a surprise for you. (he was really excited to show her)

Maya: Talaga? Asan?

SC: It’s in the car. (he smiles at her sweetly) I’ll give it to you later.

Maya: Wow excited na ako SC.

SC: Let’s have dinner na muna before I bring you to your condo. Is that okay? Later na din yun surprise.

Maya: Okay na okay SC. Gutom na rin ako.

Richard just fetched Maya from her evening flight. They had dinner before bringing her to the condo. On the way to her condo, he dropped by a bakeshop to buy the chocolate cake Nikki requested him to buy. Nikki and her friends were having a sleepover and she requested her favourite cake from her daddy.

SC: Maya dito kana lang sa kotse so you can rest. I’ll be quick.

Maya: Ah sige SC dito na lang ako.

SC: Do you want something? Cookies? Cake?Juice?

Maya: Wag na SC. Kumain pa lang tayo, di ba? Sige na bili ka na nang request ni Nikki.

Richard went to the bakeshop while Maya was left in the car. She was reaching for the pillow at the backseat when a gold bag caught her attention. She curiously peeked in and was shocked to see the contents.

Inside the bag were various adult toys, adult magazines and even offensive dvds. Then she suddenly remembered what Richard said upon her arrival at the airport. He told her that he has a surprise for her. He said the surprise is in the car. Kinabahan si Maya.

Maya was still examining the contents when suddenly she saw Richard emerging from the bakeshop’s front door. She hurriedly fixed the bag and returned it to its original position.

SC: (smiles at her) Nainip ka? Let’s go.

Maya was silent. She just nods her head. She was stiff. What she saw appalled her. The image of her SC suddenly changed the moment she saw the contents of the bag. Was it his dark secret? And why would he want to share it with her? The mere thought of how those stuff were used frightened her.

Maya’s impression of her SC was that of a decent guy. Someone respectable.Someone who never, in her mind, would resort to those “offensive, vulgar, adult kind of activities” especially with his girlfriend. It really scared and also disgusted her. What if he insists? What if he coaxes her into doing it. He has been naughty with his quips but never attempted to bring up any topic leading to doing it. She remembers Kute saying that you will never really know the true personality of the person unless you are with him.

Her musings were interrupted by Richard’s voice

SC: Maya! Maya!

Maya: Ay Maya!

SC: Bakit parang ang lalim ng iniisip mo? Is there something wrong?

Maya: (ayaw nyang magpahalata kay SC na affected siya sa nakita niya) Ah eh wala SC. May naalala lang ako sa work.

SC: I thought kasi may problema ka.

Maya: Ah wala. (she manages to smile)

Upon arrival at the condo, Maya hurriedly removes her seatbelt and opens the car door. She didn’t wait for Richard to open it for her.

SC: O why are you in a hurry? Teka, I’ll get your luggage pa.

Maya: Kelangan ko nang umakyat SC. I need to go to the bathroom (her excuse)

SC: Ah o sige, if you want isusunod ko na lang yun luggage.

Maya: Ah wag na SC. Kayang kaya ko na yan. Atsaka hinihintay na ni Nikki yun cake.

SC: Okay. Goodnight then

He was supposed to kiss  her on the cheek but Maya hurriedly turned around and headed towards the elevator leaving him by the condo’s entrance.

He just dismissed it and thought that Maya badly needed to go to the bathroom.

He returns to his car then leaves.

While driving he calls her.

SC: Okay na ba yun tiyan mo?

Maya: Huh?

SC: Di ba kanina you were in a hurry kasi you need to go to the bathroom? So okay ka na? Do you want me to bring you medicine? Ano bang nararamdaman mo?

Maya: (suddenly realized her excuse for being in a hurry to go to her room) Ah okay na SC. Wag ka nang mag-alala.

SC: Glad to hear that. Sige magpahinga ka na ha.

Maya: Sige SC. Goodnight!

SC: I love you.

Maya: I love you too SC.

SC: Ah Maya?

Maya: Ano SC?

SC: You were in such a hurry, I forgot to give my surprise.

Maya: (remembers what she saw again) Ah eh, sa susunod na lang SC.

Richard was confused why Maya didn’t bother him about the surprise. She could be persistent at times but a while ago, she seemed to have forgotten about it and now she seemed to be uninterested.

SC: Bukas ko na lang ibigay. Ill fetch you, ok? Then we’ll have dinner together. Wala namang masyadong work sa office. Let’s go somewhere else para we could enjoy our time together.

The last line scared her. She needs to come up with an excuse asap!

Maya: Ah SC, pass na muna bukas. May tatapusin lang muna kasi kami ni Emman.

SC: (disappointed) Ok then. Just don’t forget to call me or text me. Goodnight again.

Maya: (with a sigh of relief) Goodnight SC. Ingat sa pag drive.

SC headed home while Maya, spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. She can’t forget what she saw.

This has been her routine for the following days. She comes up with excuses so as not to be with him. Richard noticed this already after her 3rd consecutive day of begging off from seeing each other. He just allowed her and thought Maya just needs time for herself too. But on the fifth day, he calls her.

SC: Hello Maya. Asan ka?

Maya: Ah SC busy pa ako. Itetext na lang kita pag free na ako.

SC: Do we have a problem Maya? (he asked her. He could sense something wrong.)

Maya: Eh wala SC. Bakit mo naman natanong?

SC: You’ve been avoiding me. You always come up with an excuse not to see me. Bakit ba? Have I done something wrong? (his voice worried)

Maya: Ah SC wala naman. Busy lang talaga ako sa work.

SC: Fine kasi bukas na yun scheduled trip natin to the new hangar in Clark. I’ve checked your schedule with Time Airways and it was cleared for the next two days. Work lang naman yun excuse mo, so I presume, you would come with us tomorrow since wala ka namang work sa TA.

Maya was trapped. She cant find any excuse anymore. She also didn’t want Richard to notice that she’s avoiding him.

Maya: Of course SC. Sasama ako sa inyo ng mga bata.

SC: Settled then. I’ll fetch you early para maaga rin tayo makarating dun.

The following morning, Richard was knocking at her condo around 6am.

Maya opens the door.

SC: (kisses her) Good Morning! Here, this is for you and Emman. (he hands her 2 cups of coffee and a bag of pandesal he bought while on his way to the condo.

Maya: Nag-abalaka pa SC. Iwan ko na lang ang coffee ni Emman. Tulog pa kas isiya.Dalhin ko nalang yun akin.

She gathers her things then heads out the door.

SC: Let’s go?

Maya: tara na SC para di tayo matraffic.

They went to the car and Maya was surprised that the kids aren’t there.

Maya: SC Yung mga bata?

SC: Ah they decided to just stay home. They will be bored anyway. Good that they didn’t come. We have all the time for ourselves (he smiles)

Maya glanced at the backseat and the gold bag is still there. She’s suddenly worried again. She’ll be spending the weekend with him.

Upon arrival at Clark, they were met by Atty Ryan just outside the hangar.

Maya alights from the car while Richard proceeded to park it.

Atty Ryan: Hi Maya! Kumusta yun byahe? Have you two eaten lunch? Meron pa ata sa office ni Richard. Nagpabili kasi si Liza kanina while we were having a meeting.

Maya: Ok lang Ryan. Dumaan na kami ni SC sa resto para maglunch.

Richard joins them.

SC: O brod, paalis ka na? How was the meeting? Are they done? Pumunta yun clients?

Atty Ryan: Oo brod, the meeting was productive, maraming napagusapan and nandun yun lahat ng clients natin. Liza and Sony will brief you with it but Ill just go back tomorrow for the legal documents and other details. Aayusin ko muna yun kaso ng isa kong kliyente. Which reminds me… kunin ko na pala yun iniwan ko sa’yo.

SC: Ah oo nga. Here are the keys. Ikaw na kumuha.

Atty Ryan proceeds to the car and retrieves the gold bag which had caused Maya too many sleepless nights and assumptions on her SC.

Ryan is now carrying the bag which Maya is looking at intently. Atty Ryan was quick to notice this.

Atty Ryan: Ah Maya, sa kliyente ko to. Evidence sa case nya against her husband.

Maya was suddenly shy. Her head bowed down.

Maya: Ah eh…

Mukhang iba kasi yun tingin mo. Hindi akin to ha! (natatawang sabi ni Atty Ryan)

Maya: Ah hindi Ryan. Hindi ko naman iniisip na sayo yan.

Atty Ryan: Kasi akala ko….

She was glancing shyly at Richard who was having a confused look on his face.

Atty Ryan: (laughs) At of course hindi kay Richard. Conservative yan Maya.Hindi siya marunong gumamit ng mga ito.

Maya: (turns red, just bows her head in embarrassment)

Richard was clueless with what the two were talking about.

SC: Ano ba yan brod? (pointing to the bag) What’s the fuss about it?

Atty Ryan: Ah… Eto yun evidence brod, yun kinukuwento ko sa’yo. Yun collection of kinky stuff ng asawa ng client ko.

Richard’s eyes grew big.

SC: Brod you mean to say, I was driving with that in my car the whole time? Kala ko damit mo ang nasa bag? Good thing the kids never used the car this week. You should have told me. (he was slightly annoyed)

Atty Ryan: (stifles a laugh) Naku brod, I told you kaya. I even disclosed the contents. Kaso busy ka ata kakatext kay Maya that time, hahaha!

SC: (shakes his head) Loko ka talaga brod. Sige na. Bring that with you na bago pa may makakita nyan at mapagkamalan pa na sa akin. (he was laughing too)

Atty Ryan: Sigebrod. See you tomorrow. Maya, enjoy kayong dalawa sa pamamasyal dito sa Clark.

Maya: Ah sige Ryan. Ingat na din sa pag drive.

Atty Ryan leaves. Maya was relieved. It was evident on her face.

Now inside his office, he asks.

SC: Maya how come you knew about that stuff of Ryan?

Maya: Ah eh SC. Di ko naman sinasadya…. Na curious lang ako…. Nakita ko yun bag… Kaya….

Then realization dawned on him…

SC: Oh my God Maya! So that’s the reason why you’ve been avoiding me the whole week?

Walang imik si Maya. She was embarrassed to have assumed wrongly.

SC: You thought that was mine? And worse, I presume, you thought na yun ang surprise ko sa’yo?

He was laughing now.

He finds it amusing while Maya has turned red in embarrassment.

Maya: Eh kasi naman SC… (head bowed down)

SC: Nakakarami ka na Maya. (he smirks and puts on a sad face)

Maya: SC. Sorry na. Akala ko kasi….

SC: Why didn’t you ask? Why did you look into the bag in the first place? Yan tuloy.Nashock ka sa nakita mo. (he’s grinning)

Maya: Kasi naman SC. Kala ko nandun yun surprise mo. Atsaka gold yun bag. Nakakacurious.

SC: Hay naku. Kulit mo talaga Maya.

Maya: SC

SC: What?

Maya: Puwedeng kalimutan na lang natin yun nangyari?

SC: No!

Maya: SC naman eh…

SC: O sige. Just promise next time to ask first before you assume. Besides do you really think I would use those? Seriously?

Maya: Malay ko ba if may dark secret ka…

SC: No I don’t have any.

SC: And besides, I don’t need those stuff in Ryan’s bag to make you happy. I am capable myself, without the help of props, to make you ecstatic. (he grins mischievously)

Nanlaki ang mata ni Maya.

Maya: Sir Chief!!!!

SC: Just kidding, just kidding…

SC: Tara na nga. Alis na tayo.

Maya: O kala ko may gagawin ka dito sa hangar?

SC: Engr. Yamaguchi, Sonny and Liza can handle it. Balikan ko na lang sila mamaya.

Maya: Eh yun sinabimo na aasikasuhin mo?

SC: I’m gonna do that now kaya tara na.Ikaw ang aasikasuhin ko. Ipapasyal kita. I missed you. Atsaka babawi ka sa 1 week na pagiwas mo sakin. We will have the rest of the day to ourselves.

Maya was excited. She also missed Richard and she regretted wasting the whole week avoiding him just because of her silly assumptions.

She then embraces Richard and kisses him on both cheeks.

Maya: Sorry na ha SC! I love you. (she looks at him lovingly)

Richard smiles and kisses her on the forehead.

SC: (retrieves something from his bag) O Here’s my surprise for you pala. I made that myself. Luke helped me print it. Si Nikki at Abby yun pumili ng pictures pero ako ang nag edit nyan. Ang hirap pala. (he was laughing)

The surprise was a framed collage of 6 of their pictures – his picture in Baguio, her picture during the prom, their picture together during the hangar launch, their picture with the kids, their picture with Manang Fe, Doris, Sabel and Joma and lastly their picture together with her family in San Nicolas taken during New Year.

He had two copies of it, one for him and one for her. Maya was teary eyed. She was so touched that Richard went out of his way to do this.

Maya: Thank you (she pauses for awhile) Richard…

Richard lovingly looks at her. His heart skipped at her mention of his name. It was the first time she did it and he loved the way she said it.

He gathered her in his arms and they hugged each other tightly. He kissed her forehead.

Inside the car, Maya is in deep thought then she glances at Richard, then at the window then at Richard again…

SC: Say it Maya…

Maya: Ang ano SC?

SC: Alam kong may gusto kang sabihin, say it. Im all ears.

Maya: nakakahiya.

SC: Pagkatapos ng lahat lahat, ngayon ka pa mahihiya? Sige na, sabihin mo na. Ako lang naman to.

Maya: Ah eh… SC… ginagamit ba talaga yun?

SC: (knows what she was leading to already but pretended he doesn’t know) Ang alin?

Maya: Yun mga dala-dala ni Ryan.

SC: Ano ba kasi mga nakita mo dun? (he tries to suppress a grin)

Maya: Madami SC. Pantali, mga tusoktusok na bagay, matatalim na bagay, latigo, tapos mga malalaswang videos at magazines.

SC: At talagang detailed ha! You really were curious peeking at that bag.

Maya: SC naman eh. Para san ba yun? Bakit kailangan yun? Di ba masama yun?

SC: Maya, it’s not naman bad to own those things or explore, as they say. Some couples are comfortable doing it while others are not. It becomes wrong if you force your partner in engaging in those activities without their consent, yung parang you force them into doing it. That’s what happened to Ryan’s client. But some couples do it. Sabi nila it adds spice to their married life or intimacy. Others say that it makes them closer to each other. Why do you ask? (he’s uncomfortable already)

Maya: Wala naman SC. Kayo SC, gumamit din kayo nun?

SC: (his eyes grew big, but tried to maintain his composure despite the fact that the other part of his body is getting affected by the conversation they are having) No!!! I never used those. Alex and I were not comfortable. Haven’t used them “yet” anyway.Unless you are willing to explore them with me… (he smiles naughtily)

Maya: Uy SC ha! Hindi ah! Wala akong sinasabing ganyan.

SC: Then why all of a sudden you’re interested in talking about it?

Maya: Curious nga ako di ba. Atsaka pinag uusapan yan palagi nina Eds, Ruby at Josh.

SC: They’re using those kinky stuff? (nanlaki ang mata ni Richard)

Maya: Hindi SC. Yun ano lang, yun “being intimate” lang. Nagkukuwentuhan sila ng mga ginagawa nila.

SC: Hmmm (he was also curious now) So what do you feel while nagkukuwento sila? Hindi ka ba naiinggit? Hindi ba sila nagtatanong about “us”?

Maya: Hindi ako naiingit SC, grabe ka! Nagtatanong sila if ano daw… alam mo na…

SC: If ano?

Maya: SC ipaspell ba… alam mo na yun… yun being intimate nga di ba, ang kulit mo.

SC: So anong sagot mo?

Maya: Sabi ko sa kanila, gentleman ka and you don’t take advantage of me. (she couldn’t look at him while saying these)

SC: There you go again.

Maya: Ano SC?

SC: You again assume.

Maya: Assume ng ano SC?

SC: That “gentleman” ako.

Maya’s eyes grew big, she looks at him

Maya: Oo kaya.

SC: (feigned to have a very serious look on his face) Well, Ms.Dela Rosa, I am not! Kaya let’s go…

Maya: (voice worried) Sir Chief… san tayo pupunta?

SC: Kanina, I was planning to tour Clark kaso I changed my mind, sa hotel room na lang tayo dederetso (grins naughtily).

Maya: (unconsciously covers her hand to her chest) A…anong gagawin natin SC?

SC: I want to prove to you that your assumptions are wrong. (winks at her)

Initially Maya was scared, but realized that Richard was always teasing her about it so she decided to play along. Alam nyang hanggang biro lang naman si SC. She tried to put on a brave front.

Maya: (tried her best to look unaffected, then puts her left hand on SC’s right lap) San kang hotel nagpa-book SC? (she looks at him and smiles sweetly)

Maya’s hand on his lap jolted him. He swallowed hard. Beads of sweat are now forming on his forehead.

SC: Maya remove your hand. Im driving. (he commanded, believing that his higher-than-usual voice would mask the discomfort he’s feeling now)

Maya: Sungit naman nito. Kamay naman ang ginagamit mo sa pagdrive eh. (she knows that Richard was affected by her move. She felt triumphant already)

SC: Basta! Remove it. Atsaka ang sikip ng pants ko. I don’t feel comfortable. Ang init.

Maya: Huh! Ang lamig kaya ng aircon mo atsaka maluwag naman yang pants mo. Di ba yan yun binili natin last week?

SC: (to himself) maluwag kanina Maya ,pero kung di mo pa ako titigilan mas sisikip yan.

Maya: (pretends to innocently look at SC) SC, okay kalang? Bakit parang di ka mapakali jan? Uy SC…

SC: Matulog ka na nga muna Maya. We have 15 minutes to reach the hotel. (stop being a tease, he wanted to tell her)

Maya: Ayoko nga. Gusto ko makipagkwentuhan.

SC: Then makipagkwentuhan ka. Just keep your hands to yourself or we would meet an accident.

He heard her chuckle. He was certain that Maya was intentionally teasing him so he suddenly parks his car at the side of the road, faces Maya, gazes at her intently then presses his lips on hers., gently at first then hungrily. Maya was too shocked to return the kiss. When he realized that she was not returning his kiss, he breaks from it, his gaze intense.

SC: That would keep you quiet for the rest of our ride to the hotel, where we would continue our unfinished business.

Richard smiles while Maya was still speechless at what Richard just did. She unconsciously touches her lips while Richard on the other hand had his eyes on the road while flashing his lopsided grin.

—- oooo —–

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The Lim Family Outing – 1

The Lim Family Outing

Lim Mansion. 4 am

The whole household was busy preparing for their trip.

Richard and Joma were checking the cars.

Manang Fe and Sabel were busy with the food, while Doris was helping Maya prepare Abby’s needs.

Nikki and Luke were carrying their bags to the trunk of their car.

Don Roberto’s and Doña Esmeralda’s luggage have been neatly stacked at Richard’s car the night before.

They were just watching them.

They were amused at the excitement they were witnessing.

Richard’s family has really transformed from the sad state they were in for five years to this happy family now.

They saw Maya descending the stairs with the smiling Abby.

Doris was behind them carrying Abby’s small bag.
Maya saw them and smiled.

Richard’s parents never thought that this simple lady would be instrumental in bringing back the smiles and laughter in this household.

She was indeed an angel sent from above, Doña Esmeralda thought.

Abby: Lola! Lolo! (she kisses them)

Don Roberto: Are you excited Abby?

Abby: Yes po Lolo! Even Kuya Luke and Ate Nikki are very excited too.

Don Roberto: You will enjoy it there Abby.

Maya was beside Abby, shyly smiling at Richard’s parents.
Days before the arrival of Don Roberto and Doña Esmeralda, Maya was really apprehensive as to how they would react once Richard introduces her to them as his girlfriend.

She had sleepless nights worrying about it.

Richard assured her that there was nothing to worry about and that they would love her just like everybody does.

But they were his parents and parents wouldn’t just let anyone into their son’s life and family, especially if their son is Richard Lim.

They arrived on a Thursday that’s why the kids weren’t able to meet them at the airport.

It was Richard and Maya who met them.

An hour before their expected arrival, Richard and Maya were at the airport’s coffee shop seated beside each other.

He was aware that Maya was nervous as hell so his hand never left hers.

She was comforted by it.

Maya: SC, sa tingin mo they would like me?

SC: Everybody likes you Maya. In fact everybody loves you. Atsaka mas mabait sa akin sina Mama at Papa. (He lets out a laugh. He wants to break the tension she’s feeling)

Maya: SC naman nagbibiro pa. Seryoso nga.

SC: Im serious Maya. Im a hundred percent sure that they would love you.

Maya: Kahit dati akong yaya ni Abby?

Richard was surprised to hear this. He stares incredulously at her.

SC: And when did that become an issue Maya? (he was a bit hurt)

Maya: (sensing his change in reaction) Ah eh, SC.. kasi naman di ba…..

SC: Stop Maya. I don’t care if you were a nanny before. I don’t care whatever work you had before. What I care about is how remarkable you are, how you love my family, my kids, me. I only care about how loving, how smart, how beautiful you are. (he was staring at her intently while saying these)

Maya was teary eyed hearing what Richard was saying.

He saw that she was on the verge of tears so he quipped..

SC: And of course, I care about how sexy you are (he smiles and winks naughtily at her so as to stop her tears from falling)

Maya: (slaps his arm and covers her face which is now turning red) SC naman eh, binobola mo naman ako.

SC: Hindi ah! You really are sexy. That’s the reason why I always wear my sunnies – so I can enjoy the view without you knowing it. (he chuckles this time)

Maya is still covering her face in embarrassment at what Richard just said, when his phone rings.

It was his dad informing him that they were now at the arrival area.

SC: Uy, halika na nga.

He briefly hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Hand in hand they proceeded to meet his parents.

Doña Esmeralda: Ricky!!!!

He hugs his mom tightly and kisses both her cheeks.

Then he turns to his dad and does the same.

SC: How was your flight?

Doña Esmeralda: Oh we were a bit delayed but the flight was smooth. No turbulence at all.

Maya was standing behind Richard feeling all tense and fidgety.

Doña Esmeralda: And oh my! Maya! Come here iha! Give me a hug!

Maya hesitantly, shyly, went to Richard’s mom and was engulfed in her embrace.

She never expected this reaction from his mom so she was now emotional and couldn’t contain the tears of relief and joy from rolling down her cheeks.

Don Roberto saw this and was quick to retrieve a hankie from his pocket.

Don Roberto: Ay eto iha ang panyo. Handa ako jan kasi sinabi ni Luke na dapat may panyo ako. (he was laughing)

Maya smiled too and drying her eyes with Don Roberto’s hankie…

Maya: Maraming salamat po.

Don Roberto: Naku iha magkakasundo talaga kayo ng mama ni Ricky at pati na rin si Nikki… puro kayo iyakin.

They all laughed.

Richard was overwhelmed to see his parents accepting Maya wholeheartedly.

One more thing was that Luke went out of his way to tell their lolo and lola about Maya, which made this meeting a lot easier.

Dona Esmeralda’s hands were draped on Maya’s shoulder.

She’s actually very thankful that her son chose someone whom she was certain, really loves his kids.

That was the most important thing for her.

Based on Manang Fe’s stories, Maya turned the family around and even changed Richard’s attitude from the “tiger” dad and boss he was infamous for to the loving, smiling, joking and relaxed man he is now.

She was happy for her son and she wants to show how thankful they were to Maya.

Doña Esmeralda: Maya, iha, buti naman napapagtyagaan mo si Ricky. Masungit yan, alam ko.

Maya: Ah dati po masungit siya kaya nagtyaga ako hanggat mapangiti siya. Mabait naman po si Sir Chief Doña Esmeralda.

Doña Esmeralda: Ay iha don’t call me Doña Esmeralda. Call me Mama na lang.

Nagulat si Maya sa narining.

She turned stiff.

Richard, who was behind them, saw this and quipped.

SC: (laughing) Maya, no one defies mama, even papa. Kaya you should follow what she says.
Namula ulit si Maya.

Doña Esmeralda: Naku Ricky. Don’t disturb us nga here. Are our bags complete? Roberto yun handcarry mo?

Don Roberto: Nandito na. Halika na palit na kayo ni Ricky.

Doña Esmeralda was confused.

Don Roberto: Ibig kong sabihin, dito ka na sa tabi ko para matabihan naman ni Ricky ang girlfriend nya. (he laughs)

Richard laughs and readily stands beside Maya.

Maya never expected that his family was funny, easy to get along with and really welcoming.

Richard slid his right hand on her left while both their free hands were pulling the luggage of his parents.

He leads them to their car and heads to the mansion.
Now here they were, bound for an out of town trip to Subic.

Richard suggested they go to Baguio but the kids were quick to object.

They wanted to go swimming.

Both their lolo and lola readily agreed.

They preferred it than the cold weather in Baguio.

They arrived at a resort in Subic.

LAS usually conducts activities in the said resort that’s why it was easy for Richard to request for the owners to close the resort to outsiders so that they could enjoy it all by themselves.

They all settled their things on their respective rooms.

Sabel, Doris and Manang Fe are sharing a room.

Nikki, Abby and Maya has their own room.

Richard, Luke and Joma too.

Doña Esmeralda and Don Roberto had their own.

After being settled, Doris, Sabel and Manang Fe went to the kitchen to prepare food for the family.

Doña Esmeralda wanted to stroll and see the cottages and she was accompanied by Nikki, Maya and Abby.

Joma and Luke are now headed towards the sea.

Nikki: Kuya are you gonna go swimming na?

Luke: Oo Niks. Tara. Ang sarap ng tubig.

Nikki; Oh my gee! Lola, can i go swim?

Doña Esmeralda: Sure iha. Basta stay close to Luke and Joma ha. Abby can join you later.

Nikki: Thank you lola!

Richard was busy on his phone.

He was actually calling the resort’s manager to have a scheduled adventure for the whole family.

He was glancing at them, smiling.

He joins Maya, his mom and Abby.

Doña Esmeralda: Ricky, asan na yun papa mo? Baka natutulog na yun sa kwarto.

SC: Ah mama, nandun siya kina Manang Fe. He’s actually requesting some of his favourite dishes para lutuin nina Manang.

Doña Esmeralda: Talaga yan si Roberto. Ah excuse me muna ha, puntahan ko muna sila sa kitchen.

Richard joined Maya and Abby.

They were now in one of the cottages watching Luke, Nikki and Joma who were enjoying themselves.

Abby: Daddy, can I go swim na po?

SC: Yes baby you can join ate Nikki and kuya Luke and kuya Joma. Basta don’t leave their side, okay?

Abby: yes daddy.

Abby runs toward Luke, Nikki and Joma and joins them.

Richard sits closer to Maya.

He holds her left hand, glances at her then smiles.

SC: This is perfect Maya.

Maya: Oo nga SC. Ang saya. Nakakatuwa makita na nageenjoy and mga bata, yun mama at papa mo, sina manang, doris, sabel at kuya joma.

SC: How about you? Are you happy? (he asks her lovingly)

Maya: Very happy SC!

SC smiles at her.
Doris, Sabel and Manang Fe are now busy preparing the food on the table.

The kids, Joma, Maya and Richard are now seated and ready for their lunch together.

They enjoyed the food.

Don Roberto is a natural joker.

Everyone was laughing hard at his jokes.

Doña Esmeralda was so caring that she never stops asking everyone if they’re okay or if they enjoyed the meal, which was composed of dishes both she and her husband requested to be cooked.

Richard was just laughing all throughout.

He was overwhelmed with what he was witnessing.

Everything is indeed perfect.

After more than 2 hours of playful banter, the group decided to resume swimming.

Doris, Sabel and even Manang Fe joined them now.

Don Roberto and Doña Esmeralda excused themselves and decided to take their afternoon siesta.
Richard and Maya were arguing while seated on the benches of the resort.

Asar na asar si Richard.

SC: Bakit ba kasi eto lang yun dinala mo. You know I’m not comfortable wearing these eh eto lang ang dinala mong pampalit ko.
Richard went home late from work that’s why he requested Maya to prepare his clothes for the trip.

Accompanied by Nikki, Maya went to his room and with Nikki’s advice chose the outfit he would be using for their trip.

Nikki: This one Ate Maya (she hands her a blue Hawaiian polo), then these shorts (she included three board shorts.

Maya picked vneck shirts of different colors and 2 white round-collared shirts.

She included some jeans as well.

She also hesitantly picked some change of undergarments much to the amusement of Nikki who was teasing Maya.

Nikki: Oh my Gee Tita Maya!!! You and dad are like mag-asawa na with you picking those stuff.
(Maya was blushing)

She also included some personal toiletries, which she didn’t find difficult to prepare since Richard already has a bag with his personal needs, which he usually brings during his work-related out of town trips.

When Richard arrived,

Maya and Nikki were done fixing his things.
Maya: Eh SC, yan naman talaga ang appropriate attire sa beach. Ano bang gusto mo yung pajama at jogging pants mo ulit? (nangingiti na siya)

Richard saw this and it further pissed him.

SC: Maya!

Maya: Ang arte mo naman SC. Magshoshorts lang ayaw pa. Atsaka tayo-tayo lang naman ang nandito. (she was still teasing the now pikon SC)

SC: Ewan ko sa’yo.

He stood, grabbed his car keys then proceeded to the parking area of the resort.

Maya: (running after him) Uy walk-out? Uy SC! San ka ba pupunta? Grabe naman to. Sir Chief!

Not looking back at Maya

SC: May bibilhin ako! Just tell them I’ll be back in a while.

Maya was also starting to get annoyed with SC.

Maya: Bahala ka nga!

He then rides his car and drives towards the shopping area of Subic.

Everyone was still swimming when he came back.

With a suppressed grin, he went towards Maya, who was now lying down on one of the benches, taking a short nap.

SC: Maya!

Maya: O nandito ka na. Okay ka na? Wala nang tampo? San ka ba galing?

SC: Nagpahangin lang. Bumili lang ng ikatutuwa ko. Ikaw kasi…

Maya: Naku umpisa na naman ng diskusyon?

SC: No! Im no longer asar. Sige na nga, I’ll use those clothes you brought na. Tutal I have nothing to hide naman with my body. Atsaka, alam ko naman na you’re dying to see it.

Namula na naman si Maya.

Maya: SC!!! Ano ka! Hindi no!

SC: Sus, if I only know, talagang pinili mo yun kasi you want to see my legs and my biceps and other body parts, hahaha! I always catch you staring at me kaya.

Maya: Grabe ang confidence level SC ha!

SC: Why not? Bakit ikaw? Siguro may tinatago ka ano? Kasi bakit naka tshirt at shorts ka lang? That’s so unfair!

Maya: Wala akong tinatago SC!

SC: Ows? Then why didn’t you bring a swimsuit?

Maya: (with conviction) Kasi po SC, wala akong swimsuit. Kaya hindi ako nagdala. Pero kung meron ako, I would readily wear it!

She was actually just kidding.

She feels naisahan nya si SC.

SC: Ok then! So we definitely wouldn’t have a problem anymore. (he was smiling)

Maya was confused.

SC: Wala nang problema. I’ll use those board shorts na and that white shirt which I notice is your favourite.

Maya: Uy hindi ah!

SC: Admit it na! You want to see my body, hahaha! Well, parehas tayo. Ako din naman (smiles naughtily)

Maya: Humihirit ka na naman SC! Sige lang. Mag-imagine ka na lang tutal wala ka namang makikita (she giggles)

SC: Tara. Samahan mo na ako.

Maya: San tayo pupunta SC?

SC: Magpapalit ng damit.

Maya: Ayoko nga SC. Bat naman kita sasamahan. (she’s turning red)

SC: Kasi magpapalit ka rin.

Maya: Okay na etong suot ko.

SC: No! Here get this one.

He hands her a brown paper bag.

She peeks and shrieks.

Maya: Ayoko SC ha! Please! Ayoko!

Inside it was a two piece skimpy swimsuit Richard bought at the shopping mall.

He was supposed to buy a jogging pants but decided that he wants to do some naughty revenge at Maya.

While choosing it, he was already laughing at the idea that Maya would definitely freak out once she sees the skimpy swimsuit.

He was anticipating her reaction and he was loving every second of it.

Naiiyak na si Maya…

SC: Uulitin ko lang what you said earlier. That is the appropriate attire sa beach. Ang arte mo Maya, magswimsuit lang ayaw mo. Tayo-tayo lang naman dito. (he was laughing at her now)

Maya was really red and her tears are threatening to flow sa pikon.

She hides her face from Richard.

Maya: Basta di ko susuutin yan SC. Kahit magjeans ka na lang, basta di mo ako mapapasuot nyan.

SC: Huh? But I already decided to wear what you chose for me. Kaya dapat pantay lang tayo. Atsaka, I am certain you would look really sexy in it. (he winks at her)

Maya: Ayoko Sc! (she leaves him and runs to her room)

Richard couldn’t stop laughing.

He knows Maya is conservative that’s why he wants to tease her a lot.

He stands up, gathers the paper bag then proceeds to follow her.

Knocking at her door.

SC: Maya, open up. Halika na. swimming na tayo.

She doesn’t answer.

SC: Let me in Maya. You don’t have to walk out everytime I tease you.

She opens her door.

Her eyes were puffy from crying.

SC: (nagulat siya) Hey, ba’t ka naman umiiyak?

Maya: (nagtatampo) Ikaw kasi eh. Alam mo namang…

SC: O sige na nga. Hindi na ulit kita bibiruin. Pero Maya, nakakarami ka na. Lagi na lang kitang pinagbibigyan. How about me? (he acts hurt)

Maya: Anong palagi. Hindi naman ah!

SC: This is unfair. Dapat pantay tayo. It doenst mean na since you’re the girl ikaw ang susundin ko. Mali yun ah!

Maya: SC kasi eh. Nakakahiya kaya. Ayan yun mga bata, yun mama at papa mo, sina manang, doris, sabel at kuya joma.

SC: O sige, let’s just compromise. I’ll wear the shorts and the shirt you chose the whole time we’re here sa beach. I’ll even remove my top if you want (grinning naughtily)

Maya: Wala akong sinasabing ganyan…

SC: But…

Maya: Ano?

SC: You’ll accompany me bukas ng umaga, very early, while the kids and everyone else are still sleeping.

Maya: Anong gagawin natin?

SC: Eh di magswiswimming. And you’ll be wearing these (he winks at her)

Maya was left tulala, unable to speak.

While he heads to the beach with a wide grin.
4:30 am the following day. Richard was on his way to Abby, Nikki and Maya’s room.

After a soft knock with no one answering he decides to enter, he opens the door.

Then proceeds to the side of Maya.

He softly taps her arm.

SC: Maya… Maya….

Maya slowly opened her eyes…

Maya: SC ang aga pa ah. Madilim pa.

SC: Tara na.

Maya: Ah cge SC. Susunod na ako.

She sleepily stands up and follows Richard.

Richard went out of the room and proceeded towards an empty cottage.

Maya followed..

Maya: SC Bakit naman ang aga? Inaantok pa ako.

SC: Di ba we’ll go swimming. You forgot what we talked about? Besides I didn’t get to sleep last night thinking about it. (he grins)

Maya: (eyes wide) Aba! Seryoso ka talaga ah SC?

SC: Very! Sige na Maya. Tayo lang naman ang gising. I bet with all our activities yesterday, late na gigising ang mga yan.

Maya: SC hindi ako handa. Hindi ako kumportable magsuot nyan. (she points to the swimwear SC bought)

SC: And when will you be prepared? Pareho lang naman yun. Sooner or later I’ll get to see you naman in those outfit or even lack of clothes. (he was a bit serious so Maya didn’t have the idea whether he’s joking or not). Bakit ba hindi ka kumportable? Dapat hindi ka nahihiya sakin…

Maya: Eh Sir Chief… pano kung hindi mo magustuhan makita mo, pano kung….

SC: Maya look at me! You are beautiful. There’s nothing to be insecure about. Besides you should be confident with yourself, with how you look. Trust me. I am known for my taste in women. And you, my dear Maya, exceed even my taste.

Maya: Sir Chief naman eh…

SC: Tara let’s change na para we can swim na. Use the bathroom na lang near the cottage para you wont need to go to your room na. Here, I brought a towel, and here’s your swimwear.

She hesitantly gets the towel and swimwear from Richard then proceeds to the bathroom.

Five minutes after, Richard was now impatiently waiting for Maya.

He knocks at the bathroom door.

SC: Maya are you done? What takes you so long? Tara the sun will rise na. Sayang yun oras natin.

Maya steps outside but was wrapped in the beach towel.

Richard just smiled then led her to the beach.

SC: O let’s go swim na.

He removes his shirt.

Looks at Maya…

SC: Remove that na.

Swim na tayo.

Hiyang hiya si Maya while slowly removing the beach towel.

He wasn’t prepared at all for what he saw.

Underneath that beach towel was Maya’s sexy figure perfectly hugged in the two piece swimsuit he bought.

The curves, her skin, her perfect figure was way beyond what he had imagined.

Napalunok si Richard.

With a deep breath he says…

SC: Tara na Maya! I need to swim na. Or else (he said the last line to himself)

They spent about an hour swimming while playfully teasing each other.

Medyo at ease na si Maya.

Tired, they went back to the cottage.

Richard asked Maya to cover herself with the towel.

It was his fault that he forced her to wear that swimsuit and he is suffering now.

SC: Buti nga sa’yo Richard (he silently scolds himself)

Maya, now confident that it was indeed no big deal for her to wear a swimsuit suddenly removes her towel and asks SC innocently…

Maya: What can you say about my body SC? Disappointed ka ba or what?

Pinagpawisan si Richard, napalunok ulit…

SC: (tries to avoid looking at her body) You look great! Wrap that towel around you nga or you’ll catch a cold.

Maya just looks at him wondering why he acts differently. She wraps the towel.

Richard stands up.

SC: Maya let’s get back to our rooms na. Maliligo na ako. If you want you can sleep ulit. Maaga pa naman.

Maya: Ay akala ko magswim pa tayo.

SC: I changed my mind. Besides nakapagod din pala. I want to go back to bed.

Maya: Ah cge SC. Thank you ha! Naenjoy ko yun swimming. She was supposed to give him a hug but Richard avoided her.

SC: Argh! Im wet Maya, mababasa ko yun towel mo. Hug you later na lang. Sige punta ka na sa room mo.

Without glancing at her, he hurriedly proceeds to his room, then takes a very cold shower.

SC: (to himself) This is certainly one vacation, I’ll find very hard to enjoy. Tsk!

A/N may part 2 pa ata pero hanapin ko muna sa files ko.



The FAs just arrived from their Palawan flight. They are now having lunch at the cafeteria of Time Airways, while waiting for further instructions and flight schedules. Joshua was on his usual teasing self

Joshua: O ano Eds? San ba kayo magcelebrate ng birthday mo? For sure “masaya” na naman yan. (Joshua said while grinning naughtily)

Eds: Ay ano ang mga ngiting yan ha Josh! Since 3 days off ko atsaka weekend naman, sa Boracay kami pupunta. Speaking of, buti naalala ko. I need to buy a set of swimwear pala.

Joshua: Ahem naghahanda talaga. Ganyan ba talaga kayong mga girls?

Eds: Siyempre naman, pinaghahandaan yan. Si bf nga nangungulit na if nakabili na ako ng isusuot ko. I want to look extra sexy for him, (sabay tawa ni Eds) Since busy ako the past days, he took care of the plane tickets and hotel. Can’t wait na nga to see him. Mamya pang hapon ang out nya kasi tinatapos pa yun iiwan na work sa office.

Ruby: Wow nakakainggit naman. Ang sweet nyo namang dalawa.

Eds: Hihihi, dapat lang no. Kayo nga ng boyfriend mo ang sweet din kaya. When I saw you nga sa moviehouse, nahiya na akong lumapit sa inyo kasi halos yun akbay nya sa’yo parang nagsusumigaw ng “off limits, do not disturb”.

(Tawanan sila.)

Joshua: Pero teka nga girls. Let’s rate your boyfriends according to sweetness. Wag kayong mahihiya magsabi sakin. Malay nyo makapulot pa kayo ng tips ng mga likes and dislikes namin, hehehe! (pagmamayabang ni Joshua) Well lets start with… Maya!

(Napalunok si Maya)

(Maya was just listening to their whole conversation, busy eating and busy listening)

Ruby: Yes si Maya. Marami tayong matututunan for sure. Alam mo naman Mr. Lim is more experienced and more mature, naku kahit he looks so young.  Swerte talaga nitong si Maya no!

(Tinginan ang tatlo kay Maya)

Maya: Ah eh… wag nyo na nga akong isali jan. Nakakahiya…

Joshua: Ay andaya. Sayo pa naman kami makakapulot ng maraming moves at tips jan. I heard Mr. Lim has a reputation of being overly romantic.

Eds: Oo nga. Amidst his stern and strict face, super sweet daw yan. Yun pinsan ko kasi dating kasamahan ng late wife nya. Super touchy daw si Mr. Lim. May roses si Mrs Lim daily  tapos, bigla bigla na lang daw susulpot sa mga flights or makikiusap na irearrange ang flight sched ng ex-wife nya to surprise her with a  vacation. Nakakakilig masyado. Kaya Maya, kwento na!

Ruby: Oo nga Maya. Gusto ko malaman what he does. Naku baka himatayin tayo nito Eds, hihihi!

Joshua: At Maya you can leave out the very intimate details, (grinning mischievously) Alam ko kasi super honest ka. Baka pati yun makwento mo eh nasa public place tayo, hahaha!  Atsaka yun age ni Mr Lim, naku… lagot ka Maya. Lalo na ikaw lang naman ang sumunod na girlfriend nya after his late wife. (grins mischievously) How many years din siya na , let me put it subtly, “lonely”! hahaha!

Eds: Kaya ata laging puyat si Maya eh.

Ruby: Nagpupuyat with Mr. Lim

(Tawanan ulit sila)

Joshua: Sige na Maya, Kuwento na.

Maya: Ah, eh… wag na. (pulang pula na si Maya)

Eds: Ay ang kj naman nito.

Joshua: O cge cge, lets play a game na lang. Ako magtatanong tapos sasagot kayong girls, okay?

Eds and Ruby: Game!

Joshua: How frequent do you kiss? And where ang pinakamasarap na part na hinahalikan ng boys nyo? O wag yun spg ha!

Ruby: Kami, very frequent. As in magkita lang kami kiss agad, hihihi! Siyempre sa lips pinakamasarap esp pag yun sobrang tagal, yung halos mawalan ka na ng hininga. (fans self)

Eds: Ako naman sa lips din pero mas like ko yun dito sa side ng neck. (acts kilig). Lagi rin kasi alam mo naman yun boyfriend ko, sobrang PDA.

(They all looked at Maya… excited for her answer)

Maya: Ah eh… wala eh… dito sa cheeks lang at hand.

Joshua: Sus bola! Ayaw mo lang magkwento eh. Cge na nga di ka na naming pipilitin. Alam ko naman na ayaw mong masira ang image ng iyong Seeeerrrr Chhhieeef.

(Tawanan ulit sila)

Eds: Eh ikaw Josh, di ka ba magkwento?

Joshua: Ah I usually kiss my girl sa hand muna, then arms, shoulders, neck, sa tenga. Di ba like nyo yan, aminin! Haha! Tapos sa lips and everywhere else. Hahaha! Siyempre kung maganda ang  girlfriend mas madami. Kung chaka, ay wag na lang.

(Tawanan ulit)

Eds: Tingnan mo to si Maya, namumula na oh!

Ruby: Iniimagine nya siguro mga ginagawa nila. Naku Maya baka naman lagi kang naninigas everytime naglalambing sayo si Mr. Lim. You should loosen up kasi normal yan sa relationship. Sige ka jan, mabore sayo si Mr. Lim. Alam mo naman yun “experienced” ng masyado.

Maya: Ano ba kayo. Ako na naman nakikita nyo. (pulang pula na si Maya)

(Biglang dumating yun flight schedules nila from Time Airways)

Eds: O pano guys, hiwa hiwalay na tayo. Itutuloy natin to, hihihi…

Joshua: Talaga! kasi marami kang ikukwento for sure.

Ruby: Enjoy Eds… Happy Birthday sa yo..

Maya: Bye Eds. Happy Birthday! Ingat kayo.

Joshua: O sige, alis na rin ako. Maya susunduin ka ba ni Mr.Expert Lim?

Maya: Joshua talaga. Oo malapit na daw siya. Nagpapark lang ata.

Ruby: O Maya sabay na ako palabas kay Josh. Nandiyan na din sundo ko.

Joshua: bye Maya, Hinay hinay sa kisses at sa kung ano ano pa, hahaha!

Maya: Bye na. Loko ka talaga.

Maya was left alone in deep thought.

5 minutes later….

SC: Maya!

Maya: SC!

SC: I missed you. (Sabay hug at kuha ng luggage)

Maya just smiled coyly.

SC: Are you hungry? Cmon lets eat. Di pa ako naglulunch. Our meeting was extended and I didn’t eat na kasi I was thinking of having lunch with you. Tara. Where do you wanna eat?

Maya: Kahit saan. Ikaw na bahala, she said unenthusiastically.

Nahalata ni SC na matamlay si Maya but he dismissed it. Alam nyang pagod ito dahil sa sunod sunod na flights.

They are now in the car and Maya is still quiet.

SC: Are you okay? (malambing nyang tanong)

Maya just nod.

SC: Are you sick? Bakit tahimik ka? Did something happen sa work? Sa flight? Well you can tell me what bothers you. Ayokong malungkot ka. (buong lambing sa sabi si Richard)

Maya: Wala… wala SC. Pagod lang siguro at antok.

SC: You’re sure? Kasi Ive seen you pagod and antok and this is so different. Something’s bothering you. Im sure of that.

Maya: (impatiently now) Wala nga kasi. Ang kulit  mo naman SC. Tara kain ka na para mahatid mo na ako sa condo. Gusto ko ng matulog.

SC: Okay. If you don’t want to share it with me I won’t argue with you. (He smiled at Maya while briefly holding her left hand as to assure her that whatever problem she’s having, he’s always there for her)

After eating sa nearby resto (Maya had dessert only), they are now on the way to the condo.

Both are silent. Maya was leaning her head at the headrest, looking outside the window, avoiding SC’s eyes.

After that lunch with the FAs, Maya was deeply bothered. It made her feel insecure. Lots of things are running through her mind.

Even after they elevated their friendship – courting days to being in a relationship, Maya already noticed that SC was not at all malambing, showy, touchy. Well not like in the movies she’s been watching anyway. He was reserved and oftentimes she feels more like an acquaintance than a girlfriend.  He doesn’t automatically kiss her, he seldom says “I love you”, he’s not consistent with his hugs. Tapos he didn’t even stand up to meet her during her last visit to his office. It was ok with her actually kasi akala nya yun ang nature ng kanyang SC kaso when Eds mentioned that he was actually sweet, malambing and touchy with his late wife, Maya wondered why he isn’t like that at all with her. Is something wrong with her?

“Kung maganda girlfriend mas marami, pero kung chaka wag na lang” Joshua’s words were echoing in her mind.

SC was at a loss as to why Maya acts the way she does now. He recalled the last call they had before he left his office to fetch her. She seemed ok. Bubbly and excited even. He’s wondering why all of a sudden she’s sad and quiet.

SC: (Trying to fish out some info) Maya, kumusta naman sina Nanay Teresita?

Maya: Ok lang si nanay.

SC: Si Kute? Si Cho kumusta yun first day niya sa school? Okay lang ba yun pagalis ni Jeff? Are they adjusted already?

Maya: Ok si Kute. Ok si Cho…

Richard, though normally impatient, just allowed Maya her “mood” today.

Maya: at si Jeff… ayun “sweet” pa rin  kay Kute kahit malayo siya.

Richard realized that its not about work or her family in San Nicholas that bothers Maya from the moment she said that last line. It was about him. But no, he wont bring it up. She wants Maya to be the one to open up about it.  He’s secretly smiling at the thought that nagtatampo si Maya sa kanya for not being sweet and all.  In fact he’s feeling giddy.

SC: (If you only know Maya what strength I draw just to restrain myself from doing what I want to do to you and with you), he thought to himself letting out a small smile.

Maya saw this and at mas lalo siyang napikon kay SC.

Both are not talking. One is feeling giddy while one is sulking in insecurity….

Maya couldn’t help it anymore….

Maya: Maganda ba ako SC???

SC suddenly stepped on the brake, not expecting that kind of question. Natatawa na siya but he knows that Maya is serious and needs to be assured of her worth and of how really beautiful and amazing she is.

He parked the car on the side of the road and faced her.

SC: Maya, I’m not that shallow. I love you beyond superficial reasons. You know that.

Maya: (she interpreted what SC said differently) So hindi nga ako maganda. Tama talaga si Joshua. (she said softly while tears are now welling in her eyes).

SC heard it.

SC: Joshua told you na hindi ka maganda? (he raised his voice a bit)

Maya: Ah eh hindi Sir Chief. Hindi ako ang sinasabi nya.

SC: Eh bakit sabi mo…

Maya: Eh… uwi na tayo SC. Gusto ko ng magpahinga. Pagod na ako.

SC: Maya, I’ve attended 3 meetings this morning. I also went to the hangar at 3 am kasi kulang kami ng engineers kanina, pagod din ako but I want to talk about this now. I know something is bothering you, tell me and we’ll do something about it. You know na ayokong ganito ka.

Maya: Pagod ka rin pala. Tara hatid mo na ako para makabalik ka na rin sa office at magpahinga ka na lang don. (she was still looking outside the window)

SC: (looking at Maya, acting hurt) You know what? I was excited to fetch you. I was looking forward to our lunch together, looking forward to hearing your stories coz it makes me relax, your voice soothes me.  All I wanted was to be with you pero ikaw parang ayaw mo ata eh. (pinapakonsiyensiya nya si Maya)

Maya: (angrily facing him) Wag mo nga akong binabaliktad!!! (she actually has tears in her eyes now)

SC: (uh oh this is serious, he said to himself seeing Maya cry)

Richard wiped her tears with his thumb while Maya was trying to avoid him. He then gathered her in his arms and Maya now allowed him. She was now sobbing hard. She felt insecure, she’s mad at her SC and mad at herself for being this childish but she can’t help it.

SC: (kissing the top of her head) Hey, stop crying, I was just teasing kanina. Alam ko na you wanted to see me and ako din naman ah! Masaya ako everytime we’re together. Now tell me, ano bang nagawa ko. Why are you mad at me? Have I said or done something wrong?

(he tilted her chin so now she’s staring at him with still some remaining unshed tears in her eyes)

Maya: Wala…

SC: Anong wala. Kanina mo pa nga ako inaaway (he said smiling, trying to make her laugh too).

Maya: Wala kang ginagawa (avoiding his gaze, finally she said it)

Richard is confused.

Maya continued….

Maya: Kanina nagkwento sina Eds, Ruby at Joshua tungkol sa mga partners nila.

SC: And?

Maya: Marami silang ginagawa…

SC: Like what?

Maya: Eh… alam mo  nay yun, yun ginagawa ng boyfriend-girlfriend…

Richard’s eyes grew big at this. He is loving this conversation.

SC: Ano nga?

Maya: Kiss (mahinang sabi ni Maya)

SC: I kiss you naman ah! Ikaw nga ang hindi gumagawa nyan sa akin (he was teasing)

Maya: Hindi naman sa lips (she was embarrassed saying this kaya nakayuko sya)

Napalunok si Richard.

Maya: Tapos sabi ni Josh, kayo daw mga lalaki pag maganda and girlfriend maraming ganun, pero pag hindi maganda….

Richard cupped her face.

SC: You are so beautiful Maya. (kissing her eyes) These eyes which I always catch stealing glances at me…

Maya: Hindi ah.. (she giggled a bit)

SC: (kissing her cheek) These cheeks which I enjoy seeing turn red whenever you blush…

Maya was actually turning red now. She’s feeling the sensation from SCs slow kisses on her face.

SC: And of course those lips which I wanted to kiss so badly for a long time already. You just don’t know what control I impose on myself just to not kiss those.

Maya: Bakit di mo ikiss? (mahina ngunit padabog na sabi ni Maya)

SC: (eyes widened after hearing what Maya said) Kasi I don’t want you to avoid me ever again. Baka mabigla ka na naman tapos iwasan mo ….

It was Maya who slowly laid her lips on SCs.

Realizing what she did, she immediately looked away, suddenly embarrassed.

Richard slowly turned Maya’s face to look at him then claimed the lips that he has been wanting to kiss  ever since the night when his best friend Rafi treated Maya to a makeover.

Slowly he guided Maya, aware that this was new to her. He didn’t want to shock her so he patiently, slowly, kissed her.

He wanted so badly to deepen the kiss but he decided not to. He might not be able to control himself from doing something beyond that.

He wants to take everything slowly with Maya. He wants it to be perfect, special. He knows she’s new to all of these and he feels privileged realizing that he will eventually be the one she’s with in exploring all these.

SC: (Slowly tilting Maya’s chin so she can look at him) Are you okay now? Di ka na galit sa’kin? (he smiled)

Maya:  Di naman ako galit…

SC: Nagtatampo?

Maya: (nodding her head) Sorry ha. Kala ko kasi….

SC: Maya, mahal na mahal kita. Please never doubt that. Maybe hindi ako kasing sweet ng iba pero it doesn’t mean I don’t love you enough.

Maya: Kasi sabi ni Eds you have a reputation daw of being romantic tapos ganun ka daw kay Ma’m Alex. Kasamahan ng pinsan ni Eds si Ma’m Alex as FA before.

SC: Alex, Maya.

Maya: Alex.

SC: We were on our mid 20’s when Alex was an FA. Kaya ata I can easily be romantic then. Of course it goes with age. Kaso ngayon I feel awkward. Nahihiya din ako (he shyly admitted) Di kaya ako mukhang DOM?

It was Maya’s eyes which grew big this time.

Maya: Ano ka ba SC!  Mukhang 20 ka lang nga eh. Lalo na pa di ka tiger mode.

(they both laughed)

SC: Sus you’re just saying that coz im your boyfriend. Tara na nga. Ang tagal na natin dito. Ang hirap mo kasing suyuin (he smiled at her)

Maya: Hindi ah! Ambilis ko ngang bumigay. Smile mo pa lang….

SC: (grins mischievously) You mean….

Maya: Hep hep… SC I mean madaling mawala tampo ko, smile mo pa lang. Ikaw ha! Parang iba ang nasa isip mo.

SC: Ano bang nasa isip ko?

Maya: (blushing) Wala! Di ko alam. Uwi na tayo. (sabay tingin sa window)

SC: Dun na nga tayo sa condo para maka pahinga na tayo.

Maya: Anong oras ka babalik ng office SC?

SC: Im taking the rest of the day off. Dun na lang ako sa condo mo.

Maya: Tatambay ka dun?

SC: Hindi ako tatambay Maya. Mag-aaral tayo. Im rusty na kasi (he grins)

Maya was confused.

Maya: Magaaral ng ano?

SC: siyempre ng ginagawa ng mag boyfriend at girlfriend. (he’s laughing now, teasing Maya)

Maya: SC ha! Sa mall na lang tayo dumiretso. Wag na sa condo.

SC: Coward!

SC: Ako I have proven that I have self –control, eh ikaw? Baka nyan…. (he’s loves to tease Maya who’s now covering her face)

Maya: SC naman eh….

SC: Im just kidding. Don’t cover your face na. Di ko nakikita yun napagandang mukha ng pinakamamahal kong Maya.

(Maya looked at SC who lovingly looked at her too)

They both smiled while fingers of his right hand and her left hand were intertwined on the ride home to the condo.

Kalma Maya Kalma

After fetching her from her morning flight, Richard was really hungry and thirsty on the drive home to Maya’s condo.

He didn’t eat lunch because she told him that she cooked his favorite kare-kare before leaving for her early morning flight. They were both looking forward to a hearty lunch together.

But Richard was really thirsty so he casually got Maya’s half-full bottle of water nestled in the holder in his car.

Maya grabbed it from him.

Maya: Ay SC, wag na nyan. Uminom na ako jan eh. Kalahati na lang nga. Atsaka may laway ko na eh. Daan na lang tayo ng tubig sa tindahan.

Richard raises his eyebrows.

SC: So? Ano naman kung nainuman mo na. Wala ka naman sigurong sakit. Meron ba?

Maya: Ah… eh.. wala SC. Kaso may laway ko na nga yan eh. Unhygienic.

SC: Huh? Unhygienic?

He’s looking at Maya incredulously. Then upon realization, he smiles…

SC: Maya, it’s okay. We are in a relationship now and it’s okay for couples to share personal stuff and even share water bottles. And you don’t have to worry about the laway. I mean, I kiss you nga eh.

He’s looking at her, grinning widely.

Maya was feeling uncomfortable. She was blushing and she could not look at Richard after what he said. Richard was amused. He is loving the conversation.

SC: Besides Maya, when we get married, we’re going to share not only water bottles. Drinking at the same water bottle is the least thing we would be doing “together”

He said naughtily. He let out a laugh now.

Maya’s eyes grew wide, looking at him.

SC: What?

Maya: Married Sir Chief?

SC: Oo. Bakit ayaw mo? I don’t get into a relationship just for the sake of having one. When I decide to pursue someone I love, marriage is always part of the plan. And that’s what I intend to get into. I’m gonna marry you. (he said with conviction)

Maya was really feeling uneasy, she doesn’t know how to react to what Richard was saying.

Yes she had been dreaming of getting married to Richard. She dreamt of having their own children aside from his 3 kids whom she loves so dearly. But she’s not used to this kind of conversation especially when he injects some hints of naughtiness in it.

She’s not yet prepared for this. And Richard’s soft, soothing voice only aggravated her discomfort.

She was flushed, she had goosebumps and she feels she would faint anytime soon.

She was desperately hoping that they would reach the condo already so as to end the awkward conversation but Richard parked the car at side of the road.

He reaches for her so that she could face him.

SC: Hey look at me nga. Bat namumula ka? (teasingly smiles at her)

Maya: (trying to avoid Richard’s eyes) Ah eh.. Sir Chief, iba na lang pagusapan natin…

SC: Bakit? You don’t want to get married to me?

Maya: Ah hindi SC. I mean oo, ay hindi. SC nililito nyo ako eh.

SC: (smiles at her) Naku Maya, 25 years old ka na. You’re getting old na.. 25 is a great age to have kids, you know. Atsaka kelan tayo magkakaanak? When I reach 50? Kawawa baby natin. Hindi ko na masyadong makakarga.

Mas lalong namula si Maya.

SC: And besides you wouldn’t find someone like me. Swerte mo kaya na sinagot kita, hahaha!

Maya: (looks at him now) Ang kapal! Ikaw kaya nanligaw sakin.

SC: Hahaha! Good! Now you’re looking at me. (holding her hand, seriously now) Maya, we will eventually get married. We will get intimate. That’s normal. I will guide you all throughout. We will do everything together. You just have to trust me. And I won’t be forcing you into doing something if you’re not ready. But I assure you that marriage and intimacy is a wonderful experience. You would certainly love it. You might even want to frequently do it, be intimate, I mean. (he is teasing her)

Maya still couldn’t get herself to speak. Her hands are cold under Richard’s. She was really feeling awkward and her inexperience made her feel insecure.

Richard realized this so he decided to stop teasing her. Mahirap na baka umiyak si Maya na mahirap pa namang suyuin. He just gathered her in his arms, so as to assure her that everything will be okay.

She was comforted by Richard’s arm around her hoping she could stay there forever. But the thought of what he just said was still in her mind.

SC: Sige we wont talk about it na if it really makes you feel uncomfortable.

Richard slowly released her. Smiled at her lovingly

SC: Let’s go?

Maya was relieved that he ended the topic.

Maya: Tara na SC. Gutom na tayo.

SC: Eh ikaw kasi. Kasalanan mo. Uminom lang ako sa tubig mo, nagreklamo ka pa. May pa-unhygienic unhygienic ka pa dyan. Ang layo na tuloy ng napuntahan ng usapan natin.

Maya: Eh ikaw eh.

SC: Sige na nga, ako na. Come here, let me kiss you na lang so mawala naman yun gutom at pagod ko sa pikikiargue sa’yo.

Richard smiled at her, leaned towards her. Maya was anticipating his usual kiss on her cheek or even smack on her lips, so she leaned near him too.

She wasn’t at all prepared for what he did next. She turned all stiff and shocked when Richard instead planted a slow, lingering kiss on the bare skin at the side of her neck.

He smiled at her, stared at her for about a minute while Maya was all flushed and speechless at the sensation brought by his lips on the side of her neck.

SC: (smiling naughtily) That is just a preview of how intimate we would get soon! And I’m sure you will be loving it.

Turning his gaze to the road, he resumes driving on the way to the condo, with naughty glint in his eyes and a suppressed mischievous grin.