Anywhere The Heart Goes – 2

Anywhere The Heart Goes – 2

Richard was playing tennis with another seminarian, James, while Maya and Simon were seated at the benches watching their kuya Ricky.

Since Richard took care of her a few days ago, Maya and her cousin Simon became closer to him. They tag along whenever they see their kuya Ricky. Ricky also enjoyed having the kids around.

Whenever he goes out to assist Father Santi  as the priest visits various parishes, Ricky would always bring pasalubongs for the kids, be it candy, cookies, books or toys.

“Magaling na ba si kuya Ricky magplay ng tennis?” He asked them as he stopped to rest and drink water.

Maya immediately gave him the towel she was holding.

She wasn’t instructed to do so but little Maya took the initiative to watch over her kuya Richard’s water bottle and towel which he left on top of the table at the side of the tennis court.

He thanked the little girl for the towel then smiled at her.

“Hindi po kayo masyadong magaling Kuya Ricky. Mas magaling si Kuya James. Ang dami pong balls na pinulot ni Simon nung kayo po yun naghihit ng ball. ” Maya replied.

“O sabi na sa’yo bro mas magaling ako. Yun bata na ang nagsabi nyan.” James who already got used to seeing the kids around was actually amused that the two were so serious in watching them.

Maya even has a small notebook with her and she’s been listing the hits and misses of the  players. Ricky was just laughing at the kids.

“Akala ko ba Maya kakampi ka ni Kuya Richard. Ikaw talaga!” He then ruffled Maya’s hair which annoyed the little girl and she gave him her sharp stare which made Ricky laugh all the more.


The other fire victims already returned to their barangay. The local government had provided the victims with housing materials which they used to build their houses again.

Teresita dela Rosa and the kids, however, were offered a permanent shelter in the seminary by Father Santi. Being a single mom, raising two very young kids, Father Santi was concerned on who gets to watch the kids when Teresita goes out to work. After the fire that happened, Father Santi took it upon himself to look after the welfare of Teresita and the kids. Being an employee of their seminary, Teresita dela Rosa is actually his responsibility.

Father Santi also gave scholarships to the kids and appealed to  the nuns of the catholic school beside the seminary to accommodate Maya and Simon even when the classes have already started. The kids’ former school was the public school near their barangay which is a little bit far from the seminary and it will be inconvenient for Aling Teresita and the kids to still be going to the said public school.


“Maya kumusta ang school? Are you enjoying your new school?” Ricky sat in front of Maya who was answering her homework at the table by the garden.

“Yes po kuya Ricky. Mababait po yun mga classmates and teachers ko and may mga friends na din po ako. Si Simon din marami na rin friends.

“That’s good to hear. Study well okay and always be a good daughter to your mom.”

“Yes po. I want to get good grades po and when I finish school I will work hard para di na mahirapan si nanay.” The little girl said with conviction and her innocent face is filled with hopes and dreams.

“Very good Maya. Kuya Ricky will be very happy if you will do that. Alam ko rin na kayang kaya mo.”

“Oo naman po. Magaling ata to.”

He laughed, amused by this little girl who seemed to be so positive and who never fails to make him smile.

“Promise yan ha!”

“Oo naman po!”


Richard became busy with his classes as well as his missionary work. He was often assigned to assist the priests on remote barangays during his school break.

Since his parents were based in China and he had no other family left with him in the Philippines, the seminary and the various parishes where he is assigned as assistant to the priests became his home.


Three years had passed and Maya is now 11 years old and a grade 6 student. She’s been topping her classes and her aim was to be the class valedictorian because she knows that she would be given a full scholarship including allowance if she graduates as one.

She’s been so focused on her goal and her mother was so proud of her. Even Father Santi supported her and Simon in all their school needs. Like Maya, her cousin Simon was also excelling in school and also in basketball. He was a part of the kiddie varsity.

Richard Lim on the other hand, already finished his college degree in theology and will now be pursuing his further studies and his priesthood in one of the seminaries in Tagaytay where everyone goes to.

He will be leaving San Nicolas Seminary in a week’s time.

It will be sad for him for he practically grew up under Father Santi’s care. Almost everything he knows was taught by the loving priest.

Richard spent his elementary and high school at the catholic school where Maya and Simon also attended classes. He pursued his college degree at the seminary.

He could easily pursue a career out of priesthood but he  made a promise to his late grandfather. He promised him that he will be a priest.

Richard grew up with his lolo who spent his entire life at the simple town of San Nicolas.

He was a Chinese merchant who married a local beauty and was blessed with a son, Roberto Lim.

Roberto Lim met Esmeralda at work. They got married and had Richard.

Both his parents needed to leave to work abroad and Richard was left with his grandfather. His lolo was the one who entrusted Richard to Father Santi.

“Kuya Ricky dadalaw po kayo palagi ha!” Maya said with a sad face.

“Hindi ko sure Maya kasi bawal na kaming masyadong lumabas doon but when we get to have our vacation, ikaw muna ang bibisitahin ko.”

“Promise yan ha! Mamaya hindi mo naman tutuparin.”

“Did I ever fail to keep my promises to you?”

“Hindi. Pero there’s always a first time. Baka yan ang unang promise na hindi mo tutuparin.” She countered.

“Kulit mo talaga. You could be a very good lawyer. Hindi ako mananalo sa’yo.” Richard joked.

“Bakit ba kasi hindi magpatayo so Father Santi ng school kaparehas ng school mo dito? Ang daming vacant lots di ba Kuya Ricky?”

“Sabihin mo kaya yan kay Father Santi.” Richard jokingly suggested.

“Ay ayoko nga Kuya Ricky. Isumbong pa ako nun kay Nanay. Mamaya nyan mabubusog na naman ako ng sermon ni Nanay. Grabe pa naman yun kung magsermon – mula umaga hanggang gabi. Dinaig pa yun pagsermon ni Father Santi sa mass.”

“Mas lagot ka if they hear what you’ve been saying.”

Both of them were laughing.

Then Maya again had the sad look on her face when their laughter died down.

“Pero seryoso Kuya Ricky, malulungkot ako kapag umals ka na. Wala na tuloy tutulong sa’kin sa Math assignments ko.”

“Ano ka ba! You can do very well on your own. Basta don’t forget your promise to get good grades and be the class valedictorian okay?”

“Oo naman po. Promise ko yan kay nanay, kay Father Santi at sa inyo kuya Ricky. Gagawin ko yan para sa inyong tatlo.”

“Maya do it for yourself. It’s good to make your nanay and kami ni Father Santi the reason why you want to achieve your goals but  make yourself the main reason for wanting to go for it. It is for you not for us Maya.”

“Ang galing mo talaga kuya sa inspiring talks mo. Sigurado akong magiging magaling kang magbigay ng homily kapag pari ka na.”

“Naku binola mo pa ako. O sige na I have to go to my room na. May mga aasikasuhin pa ako.”

“Sige Kuya Ricky.”

She resumed studying her lessons when he left.


Anywhere The Heart Goes – 1

Anywhere The Heart Goes – 1

At the Holy Rosary seminary in San Nicolas, Fr. Santiago Mendoza was assisting the victims of the fire which destroyed the 100  plus houses in barangay del Pilar, a resettlement area in San Nicolas.

Some of the victims were accommodated by the DSWD but some took shelter in the seminary. Aling Teresita dela Rosa works as a cook at the seminary and Father Santi immediately offered her and her family and some other neighbors a temporary shelter at the seminary.

“Maraming salamat po sa pagpapatuloy nyo sa amin dito. Pinapangako ko po, susuklian ko lahat ng kabutihan nyo sa amin.” A tearful Teresita dela Rosa was very thankful to Father Santi.

They lost everything and she was grateful to have saved her daughter Maya and nephew Simon from the fire which also killed three kids in the neighborhood. Good thing that the fire happened before she reported to work for she usually leaves Simon and Maya alone by themselves at their rented room.

“Aling Teresita welcome po kayong lahat dito sa amin. Ang alalahanin nyo na lang po ay ang mga bata. Pinapaayos ko na po kay Manang Fe yun mga bakanteng kwarto sa building A. Tamang tama bakasyon ng mga seminarista natin kaya maraming bakanteng kwarto na maaari nyong gamitin.”

Father Santi was a kindhearted middle-aged priest who’s the Director of Formation at the local seminary.

He was the parish priest before he was tapped to head the seminary because of his charisma, intelligence and people skills. It was when he took charge that the enrollees of the seminary increased and many seemed to appreciate priesthood again.

The parishioners of San Nicolas loved him as he always made them feel important and loved. He doesn’t only talk about the teachings of the church. He actually lives it and many people were inspired to also follow his lead. He was always the first to respond to the needs of the people of San Nicolas.

Today he again showed his selfless love by being the first to show up at the fire site to provide the immediate needs of the victims, be it food, clothes, shelter and words to calm them.

“Maraming salamat po Father Santi.” It was Aling Ibing, a neighbor of Aling Teresita and also a victim of the fire.

“Ambait nyo po talaga Father.” Aling Ginny too was profusely thanking the priest.

“Naku kayo talaga. Ang simbahan ay bukas para sa inyong lahat. Magtulong tulong na lang tayo upang ayusin yun mga kailangan nyo pa. Sasamahan kayo ni Lino.”

Lino was Father Santi’s funny assistant. On their way to the seminary, he made the victims feel good by talking to them and joking around. He always had his way of making things light.


As the parents were fixing the few belongings they salvaged from the fire and the supplies given by the dswd and the parish itself in their assigned rooms, the kids stayed in the seminary grounds where the soccer field, basketball court and garden was situated. Father Santi allowed them to play so the kids would at least momentarily forget the trauma they experienced in the fire.

Eight years old Maya and nine years old Simon were playing catch with the small rubber ball owned by Simon at the garden.

When Simon threw the ball at the direction where there are benches and tables under the trees, Maya scrambled to chase the ball and tripped. She turned pale as she saw her knee scarred and starting to bleed. Simon panicked and immediately rushed towards the area where Nanay Teresita was, leaving Maya by herself.

She was already crying when a bespectacled, bedimpled Chinese looking guy in a priest outfit, crouched so he could be eye level with her.

“Hey are you okay? Be careful. Here let me wipe the dirt from your knees.” He retrieved his hankie and gently wiped the little girl’s knee.

Maya just stared at him with her doe-shaped tearful eyes.

He immediately carried the little girl when he realized that her knees were bleeding. He rushed towards the direction of the clinic.

“Stop crying. We will take care of the wound. Gagamutin natin, okay?”

Little Maya just leaned her head on his shoulder as he carried her.

The were met by a very worried Nanay Teresita and Fr. Santi.

“Maya! Napano ka anak? Naku ang likot likot kasi. Pasensya na po Father. Naistorbo ka pa po ng mga bata.” She was addressing the priest carrying Maya.

“Deretso na po tayo dun sa clinic para malapatan ng first aid. Father Santi ako na po bahala dito.” Was the only reply she got from the guy carrying her daughter. He seemed serious, stern and upset thinking that she left the kids by themselves.

Father Santi, Aling Teresita and Simon were all trailing behind.

“Richard I don’t think Nurse Rafi is in the clinic now.” It was Father Santi.

“Ah opo, umalis sya kanina. I’ll take care of it. Madali lang naman to. I just have to clean it so it won’t get infected.”

Maya was comfortably leaning on his shoulder as she now stopped crying. She could see her mom following them.


Father Santi left them at the clinic for he still has to take care of the needs of the fire victims. He’s meeting with some of the volunteers of the parish.

“O hayan, okay na yun sugat. Mamaya lang hindi na yan masakit.” He was now smiling at the little girl who just stared at him the whole time he cleaned and dressed the wound.

“Nanay eto po, lagyan nyo na lang mamaya bago siya matulog.” He gave Aling Teresita antiseptics to be used.

“Maraming salamat po father.”

“Ah hindi pa po ako pari. I’m still a seminarian. I’m Richard Lim po.” He extended his hand to Aling Teresita who gladly accepted it.

“Ah ano po… Ako po si Teresita dela Rosa at eto naman ang anak kong si Maya at ang pinsan nyang si Simon. Maraming salamat po Brother Richard. Yan po ba ang tawag sa inyo?”

“Richard na lang po o kaya Ricky. Palayaw ko po.”

He ruffled Maya’s hair ang gently pinched her chubby cheeks. “Ah Maya pala ang pangalan mo. Masakit pa ba yun sugat?”

She shyly nodded.

“Mamaya hindi na yan masakit? Kaya mong maglakad or you want kuya Ricky to carry you?”

“Pakarga na lang po.” Was her reply.

“Hesusmaryosep wag na po! Ano ka ba naman Maya. Nakakahiya dito kay kuya Ricky mo. Nagbibiro lang po yan. Ako na lang po.”

“It’s okay Aling Teresita. Masakit pa atang ilakad yun paa nya.” Then he carried her again towards the area where the rooms for the fire victims were staying.


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Anywhere The Heart Goes

Anywhere The Heart Goes by Henry Mancini is one of my most-loved piano pieces. It is also known as Thorn Bird’s ‘Meggie’s Theme’.


Coincidentally, Jose Mari Chan has his own version too. I always think of bcwmh, jochard when i see or hear JMC. It’s just like they also have this great chemistry – the singer JMC and the actors JSM and RY.

So here’s Anywhere The Heart Goes by Jose Mari Chan.



One Fine Day – 7

One Fine Day – 7

The soccer game went on with Richard cheering Sunshine while Jeff and Maya were cheering Sky.

Richard couldn’t help himself from stealing glances at the couple.

Maya would smile at him when their eyes accidentally meet.

He just smiled and berated himself at how he was reacting. He was even convincing himself that he couldn’t possibly be interested in Maya dela Rosa. She was not the type of woman he hangs out with or even date.  He’s been surrounded by models, beauty queens, sophisticated women but never someone like the uptight and control freak mom of his daughter’s classmate. Oh well he admitted too that she’s very lovely and interesting… but still not his type.

After the game ended, the kids were holding on to their little trophies proudly. Maya was wiping Sky’s arms and face. He was all sweaty and muddy from playing. Jeff was busily talking to another parent.

Richard was trying so hard but miserably failing to fix Sunshine’s hair. They were near Maya and Sky.

“Need a help with that Mr. Lim?” Maya offered.

“Ah no Ms. Dela Rosa. I got this.”  He declined. He didn’t want to bother her especially when her ex-husband is around.

But she insisted and before he could protest some more, she got her hairbrush from her bag and proceeded to fix Sunshine’s hair. “Eh ang gulo pa rin ng hair ni Sunshine. Hindi mo ata talent yan. Let me.”

He wasn’t able to say anything anymore to her so he just talked to Sky. “You were great out there little buddy. Your mommy and daddy is very proud of you.”

Sky gave him his proud, beaming smile.

“Sunshine is very good din. You run so fast Sunshine. Daddy is also so proud of you.” Maya also commented and Sunshine was smiling as well.

“O yan Mr. Lim maayos na ang hair ni Sunshine.”

“Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“Thank you din Mr. Lim sa lahat ng tulong mo today.” She was sincerely thankful to him for saving her day.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my fault anyway that the kids weren’t able to go on their fieldtip.”

“Kasalanan natin pareho. Pero I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thankful pa rin ako that di sila nakasama because I got to bond with my son na bihira ko magawa.” She told him.

He smiled at her.

Then she added, “I also had a chance to bond with Sunshine, and of course you.” She said the last word in a whisper but h heard it and oh boy it sent shivers to his whole body.

“Me too, I enjoyed today. It’s been a fine day for the four of us.” He was already affected by their conversation so he turned a bit serious.

“It’s more than just a fine day Mr. Lim. It’s a great day!”

“I agree.”

“We have to go ahead. Thank you ulit. See you around. In PTA meetings maybe?”

“Yes ill try to be more active in those, if only to see you.” Then he winked at her.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Sige na bye bye na. Bye Sunshine. See you in school next week.”

After saying goodbyes, Maya dela Rosa together with her son and her ex-husband exited the soccer field of CSR. Richard couldn’t remove his eyes from their retreating forms.

“Daddy let’s go.” Sunshine was tugging his hand already.

“Okay Princess. Let’s go home now.”


Inside the cab on their way home, Maya had been playing the events of the day over and over again and she can’t help but smile as she remembered her simple banters with Richard Lim. She’s not even concerned that the cab she hired is not moving at all due to the traffic. She was grinning foolishly as she remembered what transpired today.

“Mommy why are you smiling?” Sky innocently asked.

She lovingly gazed at her son. “Mommy is just happy Sky. I am so proud of you. You did great in the soccer game. Mommy is also proud because you didn’t give Tito Richard a hard time.”

“I like Tito Richard mommy. He is funny and cool. He played with us at the park and he carried me when I got tired.”

“I like him too Sky. He seems like a great dad.”

“He is mommy. Sunshine said she loves her daddy so much.”

They both smiled in agreement.


Richard already prepared Sunshine for bed. He bathed her and brushed her teeth and changed her pajamas. He even fixed her bed and had Gus waiting for Sunshine.

He carried the squealing little girl who’s having fun with her daddy’s tickles and kisses.

“Enough daddy! Enough!  I have to sleep now.” Sunshine begged in between her laughter.

“Okay daddy will stop. Kiss daddy goodnight.”

The little girl kissed him and added, “Goodnight daddy. Thank you for today. You are the best daddy in the whole world.”

“And you are the best for me, my Princess.” He smiled then kissed his daughter’s forehead before dimming her lampshade.

As he was about to leave her room…

“I think Sky’s mom likes you daddy.”

He stopped then approached his daughter again, “She said that?”

“It is so obvious daddy. She asked about you.”

“What about?”

“Your work daddy.”

“And what did you tell her?”

“I told her that you fix things daddy and that you even fix hearts.”

“I do what?” His chinky eyes turned wide at what he heard.

The little girl giggled. “Mommy said you are also busy fixing hearts so I told tita Maya that.”

“Princess that’s supposed to be a joke. Tita Maya might think that I date a lot of girls. You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Good night daddy. I am sleepy now.

“Okay Goodnight Princess.

As he closed his daughter’s door, his thoughts drifted to Maya dela Rosa.

Now he’s worried of what she thinks of him, not that it mattered to him…

…oh well, yes it mattered. They got along well already and she even forgave him for the field trip incident.

He didn’t want to end the day with her thinking negatively of him after what Sunshine said.

So without even thinking twice, he went back to his daughter’s room.

“Sunshine let’s go visit Sky’s place.”

“Now daddy???”

“Yes Princess. I need to talk to your Tita Maya now.”

“You’ll ask her if she likes you?”

“Yes! Ah no!” He was excited that he even got confused. “I will ask her about something else.”

“Okay daddy if you say so.”

Then the father and daughter quietly left their unit to pay a surprise visit to Maya and Sky.

Richard didn’t want to end the day without clearing things with her.

It’s already 9 in the evening but he knows she wouldn’t mind.

He’s sure that Maya already knows that he’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy.





One Fine Day – 6

One Fine Day – 6

“Are you done eating?” Richard asked Maya.

“Oo tapos na. Wait lang aayusin ko lang muna etong mga gamit namin ni Sky.” She just finished the sandwich and juice which was supposed to be Sky’s food at the field trip and was now fixing everything in the small lunch box.

He was observing her with an amused expression on his face.

“O bakit ganyan ka makatingin? May dumi ba ako sa mukha Mr. Lim?”

“Wala naman. Nakakaaliw lang kasi very orderly kahit paglagay mo nang empty bottles at sandwich bags. Wala nang laman yan. You could just throw everything inside. You’re such a control freak.”

She was even folding the used napkins after wiping the juice bottle.

“Mr. Lim maayos lang akong tao. I want everything orderly, neat and clean.”

“It’s boring that way Ms. Dela Rosa. You’re wasting precious time trying to keep insignificant things in order.”

“Mr. Lim hindi insignificant  to! I got used to it already kaya maayos akong tao.”

“Naku kawawa ang magiging boyfriend or even manliligaw mo. Do you have any suitors?”

“Mr. Lim that’s a waste of time. Sky is enough for me. I don’t need to complicate my life. I don’t have time for that.”

“That’s because of your Captain Hook complex.”

“My what?”

“Your Captain Hook complex.”

“There’s no such thing!”

“Yes, there is and you have it. At hindi ka magkakaroon ng suitors because of it.” Then he stood up grinning at her.

She stood up as well pretending to act pikon though she’s actually enjoying their banters already.

He glanced at her and gave her his smile.

His be-dimpled smile caught her off guard. She wasn’t prepared for its effect on her. Her heart was beating fast all of a sudden and she had nothing to say as if she was in a trance.”

“Mommy! Mommy!”

She didn’t even hear her son calling her.

“Ms dela Rosa I think Sky needs something.”

“Ah… eh… oo nga… yes baby?” Then she proceeded to Sky, thankful to be distracted from what just happened. She is sure that she was blushing already.

Richard Lim just shook his head and smiled. He is sure of his effect on her but he’s already used to ladies admiring his good looks. It was no big deal but he surely felt proud and happy with it.

Then his phone suddenly rang.

It was his secretary Liza calling about a document he needed to sign.

“What? Can’t you ask just someone to sign it for me?”

He ended the call. He was visibly upset.

“May problema Mr. Lim?”

“Ah may nangungulit lang.”

“Kung may kailangan kang puntahan go ahead. Ako naman ang bahala sa mga bata.”

“No wag na. They’re both a handful. Mahihirapan ka.”

“Mr. Lim kinaya mo nga kanina. I’m sure kakayanin ko naman. Sige na. Baka importante yan.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oo naman!”

“Bibilisan ko lang. Promise. I’ll be back in 20 minutes. Let’s just meet here.”

“Okay lang. Gawin mo na kung ano man ang gagawin mo. Baka mapagalitan ka sa work mo.” She was really concerned.

“Okay then. Thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.”

She just nodded her head and smiled. Then as he was about to leave she called him. “Do you have any instructions? May bawal ba kay Sunshine?”

He turned to face her again. “Wala naman. I completely trust you.” He again smiled then left.

Since they don’t have anything else to do, she suggested for the kids to have ice cream which they happily agreed to. There was a small ice cream shop near the park.

Sunshine had a strawberry ice cream while Sky had cookies and cream ice cream as his mom didn’t approve of his request to have the chocolate ice cream. Maya had ube for herself.


The kids were happily telling her stories about the puppets at the daycare, about their lunch a while ago and about their stroll at the park. They were even sharing their ice cream with each other.

“Sunshine, where does your daddy work?” She wanted to fish some information on Richard.

“My daddy works at a big building Tita Maya.”

“What is his work?”

“Daddy fixes things at the talyer.” The LAS engineers calls the hangar ‘talyer’ as their inside joke. They also call each other mekaniko.

“Oh you’re daddy fixes things.” Maya was surprised to find out where Richard Lim works. He looked so neat for a mechanic, if he is indeed one.

“Yes po. He could fix my bike, grandpa’s car, his motorcycle and he could fix an airplane. Daddy could fix everything he told me.”

Maya smiled at what Sunshine said. “He told you that?”

“Yes po. He even said, he could fix everything that is broken, even a broken heart.”

She now laughed and shook his head. She found his sense of humor endearing even when it was told by his daughter.

“So is your daddy fixing broken hearts?”

“He is fixing Tita Catherine’s heart.”

“Oh!” She suddenly felt sad at what Sunshine said. There was a small pinch in her heart at what she heard.

They continued chatting until she heard her phone ringing. Richard Lim was calling.

“Ms dela Rosa asan kayo?” he asked

“Mr. Lim nandito kami sa ice cream shop sa may left side mo.” She already saw him as they were eating icecream at the al fresco area of the icecream shop.

He turned and saw them. He waved and proceeded towards them when a group of ladies stopped him and chatted with him.

Maya then saw the ladies pose for a picture with Richard.

“Aba feeling celebrity naman ng lalaking to. Nakakaaliw talaga to si Mr. Lim.” She couldn’t believe the confidence of Sunshine’s dad though she was clearly beginning to see his good attributes.

After the selfies with random strangers he went near them. “Did you guys enjoy?” Then he just got Sunshine’s spoon and casually took a spoonful of ube ice cream from Maya before she could even react. “Pahingi nga. Ang init maglakad papunta sa office.”

“Sige sa’yo na. Busog na rin naman ako.”

“No I just need a spoonful. Thanks.” He acted like sharing ice cream with her is a very normal thing to do.

She felt giddy now.


They were now at the soccer field of CSR in Makati where the mini football game will be held.

Maya and Richard were seated at the bleachers while the two kids, who were in their cute soccer outfits were being given instructions by their coach.

Sky was visibly not paying attention to his coach as he was craning his neck trying to see if the person he was waiting for has arrived already.

“What’s wrong with Sky?” Richard observed.

“He’s waiting for his dad. He promised Sky that he’ll be watching his game.”  Maya was alternately watching the school entrance and her watch.

“Ah yes Sky told me his daddy will be here. Baka naman natraffic lang.”

“Sana nga Mr. Lim. This has been going on for many times already. Si Sky pa naman kapag nagpromise ang daddy nya, he really looks forward to it.

“Hindi pa naman naguumpisa yun game. He will be here. If hindi naman malamang he has a very valid reason. Atsaka you alone are enough for your son. Hinahanap lang nyan ni Sky yun tatakbo while cheering him up. Kaya halika na, let’s get into action with this soccer game. Ikaw muna ang gaganap na role ng daddy na tumatakbo.” He smiled while offering his hand which she gladly took.

“Thank you for those encouraging words Mr. Lim.” She said as they went near the kids who were now starting their game.

Richard was loudly cheering both kids.

“Kick his ball Sky! I mean kick the ball!”

“Push him Sunshine! Very good!”

He earned disapproving stares from the parents.

“Mr. Lim you are very rude.” Maya commented.

“Ms. dela Rosa soccer is a rough game. Dapat matapang ang mga bata physically at emotionally. Di pwedeng lalampa lampa.”

“Kahit na. Mga babies pa yan eh. Ikaw talaga!”

He just chcukled then he whispered to Maya… “Cheer louder Ms. Dela Rosa. It helps our players.”

Though shy, Maya followed his advice and started running and cheering the kids.

They were at the middle of the game when Jeff arrived. He immediately went near Maya and waved to his son who was visibly very happy to see him.

“Sorry  late ako. I had to take the MRT kasi sobrang traffic.” He was apologetic.

“Okay lang. Ang importante eh nakarating ka. Kanina ka pa hinahanap nyan.”

Richard Lim silently left the couple. He didn’t want to intrude and he also didn’t want what he saw.

He saw Maya lovingly staring at her ex-husband.

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi & Friends: Independence Day?

“So what are you guys doing this June 12?” Rafi asked Ricky and Maya while they were having their breakfast near the airport. Ricky and Rafi who came to visit the Lims decided to fetch Maya from her early morning flight.

“Are we supposed to do something?”

“Aba oo naman. It’s Independence day. It’s another reason to celebrate.”

“So? Ano naman ngayon if it’s Independence day? How will we celebrate? Pupunta kami ng Luneta to sing Lupang Hinirang?” Ricky sarcastically replied.

Maya was just observing her husband and his best friend. She’s always amused whenever they try to annoy each other.

“Ano ka ba Chard. Ang corny mo talaga! I bet nahihiya na si Maya sa mga sinaunang jokes mo. I mean celebrate… kayo ni Maya. Kami kasi ni Chard, my very own mabait at sobrang gwapong Chard, we have this independence day celebration. Yun independent kami from each other, magkahiwalay kami ng lakad every June 12. Like last year, he went out with his dad to play golf, kami naman ni mommy nya went out to shop. This year I’m planning to have my spa day with my friends then he will have a karaoke night out with his sessionista friends. It feels great and liberating. Try nyo.”

“We don’t need it Rafi. I’m sure Maya prefers to stay with me on that day. There are surely more fun activities to do ‘together’on independence day. Right Sweetheart?” He stressed on the word together then he winked at his wife who was, unfortunately for Ricky, actually considering Rafi’s suggestion.

“Alam mo, mukhang maganda nga yan sweetheart. Try natin. Magkanya kanya tayong lakad sa independence day.”

“What? No! Hindi pwede!”

“Ang oa mo Chard! It’s not like buong araw kayong hindi magkikita ni Maya. Atsaka it’s healthy for a married couple’s relationship. You give each other space and time to breathe.”

“Rafi it is healthy for your relationship with your husband kasi palagi mong inaaway yun tao. He needs freedom from you kahit isang araw lang. I bet he prays that everyday should be independence day.” Then he laughed.

“Of course I don’t! I am a very loving wife and we have a very harmonious relationship. Atsaka wag ka ngang kontrabida Richard Lim. Maya wants it so pagbigyan mo na. Right Maya?”

“You really want it sweetheart?”

“Oo Ricky. Subukan natin. Mukha namang masaya eh.”

“You think so? You really like it? Mas masaya if magkasama tayo on that day.” Ricky was not happy at all with Rafi’s suggestion. He was so looking forward to a special day with his wife on Independence day. He planned to take her out and have a movie date since they both have no work. The kids have no classes as well so they could stay with Sky and Sunshine. He had everything planned already until his best-friend/ beast friend suggested her silly way of ‘Independence day’ celebration to Maya.

“Subukan lang natin Ricky. Sige na please.”

Rafi was grinning. She knows Ricky would give in to Maya’s wish.

While shaking his head, smirking ang giving his sharp stare at Rafi, Ricky sighed deeply and agreed. “Okay fine!”

“Yes! Thank you sweetheart!” Then she stood up from her seat and hugged her husband unmindful of the stares of the customers who were also having their breakfast.


Independence day.

Both were preparing for their ‘separate’ dates. Maya was fixing her husband’s collar.

“Sweetheart bakit doon kayo pupunta nina Emman? Why don’t you just have dinner somewhere else then spend the night na lang talking to each other.” He suggested because the idea that Maya will be spending her evening with Emman, Josh, Edz, Ruby and her other FA friends at a karaoke bar didn’t sit well with him.

Maya promised him that she’s just excited for the karaoke part and that she wont take any alcoholic beverages because of what happened to her during that ‘wine-tasting’ mishap years ago.  Ricky can’t help but still get worried of the possible dangers inside any bar.

“Ang boring naman nun sweetheart atsaka di ba walang pakialamanan? Promise hindi naman ako iinom at si Emman di rin naman yun umiinom. I will be safe.”

“Why did we even listen to Rafi.” He sighed again.

“Hep hep! Gusto ko to atsaka tama si Rafi. Healthy to sa relationship ng mga mag-asawa.”

“Our relationship is very healthy and we don’t need this.”

“Sssshhh… reklamo reklamo. Tara na at baka malate na tayo.” Then Maya dragged her poor husband out of their bedroom.


Ricky accompanied her to the said karaoke bar and didn’t leave until Maya shooed him away.

“O sige na sweetheart okay na kami dito. Punta ka na sa gimik mo with friends. Matraffic pa naman baka mahuli ka.”

“Ah no. I’ll just be at the sports bar dyan sa tabi nito. Nandun na sina Ryan. We will play darts.”

“Ano??? Sweetheart naman. Di ba sabi natin kanya kanya.”

“Oo nga kanya kanya. I will be with Ryan and you will be with Emman. Atsaka hindi naman ako makakampante so that’s my decision and it’s final.”

“Okay pero promise hindi mo kami pupuntahan dito ha at wag kang mangungulit sa phone.”

“Promise. O Emman ikaw na bahala dito kay Maya. Josh, Edz, Ruby aalis na ako. Enjoy your night guys.” He kissed Maya’s forehead and stood up to leave.

“Bye Mr. Lim!”


An hour later, Maya got distracted after checking her phone. Engineer Yamagutchi just posted several photos of the LAS engineers playing darts. One of the pictures unintentionally showed Ricky at the background talking with an obviously drunk Stephanie.

“Uy roomie okay ka lang? Ikaw na ang kakanta o!”

“Ah eh… Emman pwedeng samahan mo  muna ako?”

“Ha? Saan? Magrerestroom ka? Naku Maya hindi ako pwede sa girls restroom kahit prettier pa ako than most girls dyan.”

But Maya wasn’t laughing. In fact she didn’t even hear what Emman said.

“Uy roomie!”


“O ano bakit ganyan ang hitsura mo?”

Without explaining it to Emman, she stood up and excused herself and Emman from their companions.

She dragged him towards the sports bar where Ricky and the LAS engineers were spending their night. She spotted a corner table where she could clearly see Ricky but where he won’t be able to see her because of the dim lights of the bar. They sat and ordered soda.

“Roomie nakakahiya yun ginagawa natin. Tara na. Magagalit si Sir Chief Ricky nito eh.”

“Wag ka ngang maingay Emman. Samahan mo lang ako. Atska wala siyang karapatang magalit. Kung may pwedeng magalit, ako yun!”

“Naku roomie unreasonable ka na. Atsaka look behave naman si sweetheart mo.”

They could see Richard talking to Atty. Ryan now. Kalmado na sana si Maya when she saw Stephanie approaching Richard again. She’s holding a wine glass and was staggering towards Richard and Ryan. She was really drunk. She even tripped and was lucky that Richard was fast enough to catch her. Oh well if Stephanie was lucky, Richard clearly isn’t if we base it on Maya’s reaction. Her brows were furrowed, her face red with anger. “Roomie relax. Hindi naman kasalanan ni Sir Richard yun.” But Maya wasn’t listening to Emman. She was about to approach her husband when she saw him stand up and assist Stephanie. Then he led the drunk woman outside the bar.

Maya and Emman just stared at each other.

“Roomie baka naman papasakayin lang ni Sir Richard sa taxi. Kalma ka muna ha. Hintayin na lang natin si Sir Richard dito.”

Maya just kept quiet. She also didn’t want to make a scene. She decided to wait for her husband.

“Atty Ryan asan Chief?” Maya and Emman could hear the Engineer Yamaguchi.

“Hinatid na muna si Stephanie kasi medyo lasing na.”

“Naku lagot si Chief.” It was Sonny this time.

“Nandun naman si Fred sa parking. Ihahatid lang ni Chief kay Fred.” Atty Ryan replied but Maya didn’t hear it anymore for she already stood up and hurriedly left the bar.

Emman followed her.

“Roomie kalma ka lang please.”

“Emman iuwi mo na ako.”

“Roomie magagalit si Sir Richard nyan eh. Halika na balik na tayo kina Edz tapos tawagan mo na lang si Sir Richard.” Emman suggested.

When Maya stared back she already had nanlilisik na eyes and was evidently very angry. “Emman uuwi na ako. Kung hindi mo ako ihahatid, ako na lang uuwing mag-isa.”

Emman didn’t have any choice but to give in to his roomie’s request to be brought home. She even turned off her phone and requested Emman to do the same after he informed Edz, Josh and Ruby that he needs to bring Maya home because of an emergency.


After assisting Stephanie to Fred’s car at the parking, he returned to the bar and enjoyed playing darts with the engineers. He called Maya but wasn’t able to contact her for her phone was turned off. He thought that she turned her phone off because she wanted to enjoy her night. Not wanting to disturb his wife, Ricky decided to just enjoy his bonding with the LAS guys and just wait for his wife’s call once she decides to go home.

It was already 3 am and he already texted her several times without getting any reply so he decided to fetch her from the bar where he left her. He was surprised when he was informed that the group already left as early as 12:30 am.

Worried that something might have happened to his wife, Richard frantically called Emman’s phone which he also didn’t answer. He couldn’t contact Maya as well.

He finally called home and was relieved to learn that his wife was already home. He was unaware of why she left him and went home ahead of him. He thought that she just wanted him to enjoy his night.


It was already 3:30 in the morning when Ricky arrived.

The house was dark and quiet. Everyone was asleep.

Though he didn’t enjoy the day much, he was still happy for allowing his wife to enjoy with her friends.

He was very tired as well and he’s looking forward to being with his wife. Their simple cuddles would be enough to remove the stress of the day.

He opened their bedroom door but was surprised to find it locked. He tried it again but it was still locked. Maya never locks their bedroom.

Ricky scratched his head. He thought that maybe Maya accidentally locked it.

He softly knocked.

She didn’t open the door.

He knocked again, a little louder this time. “Sweetheart I’m home.”

She still didn’t open it but sent him a message. “Wag kang papasok dito. Ayan yung unan at kumot sa labas. Sa labas ka matulog. Ayaw kitang makita.”

He was surprised at her message.

He knocked again but she still didn’t open the door.

Then he even saw the pillow and blanket.

He’s totally clueless of any wrongdoing to might have caused his wife’s anger.

But  he’s not angry at her. He’s not  annoyed even though she went home ahead of him. He’s not upset even though he’s tired and he badly needed to rest now.

He suspects that something might have happened.

He got the pillow and blanket and laid them on the floor just outside their bedroom.

Then using his phone he took his picture with his puppy dog eyes while hugging the pillow and sent it to her. “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.”

Of course naguilty ang Maya when she saw the picture. She also got worried na makita ng mga bata yun daddy nila.

She opened the door.

Ngiting successful naman si Ricky. He knows that di sya matitiis ni Maya but uh oh she looked so upset.


“Wag mo akong masweetheart sweetheart Ricardo!”

Naku hindi lang upset si Maya. She’s mad! She’s actually ballistic whenever she calls him by that name.

“Why are you mad? What did I do?”

“At nagtanong ka pa talaga!”

“Of course kasi wala naman akong alam na reason why you should get mad at me. Ako nga dapat yun magtampo kasi iniwan mo ako sa bar.” He calmly told her.

“Dapat ka talagang iwanan dun kasi mukhang sobrang busy ka sa pag-akbay akbay dun sa Stephanie. At sinamahan mo pa talaga. Siguro kung saan pa kayo pumunta.” She is getting teary-eyed now out of anger and he’s also getting upset with what she’s accusing him of.

“Hey hindi ko siya inakbayan because I wanted to. I did it because she was drunk and she even tripped.”

Tama naman. She saw how Stephanie tripped and was luckily caught by her husband.

Pero tahimik pa rin siya. She just stared at him.

He continued…

“Atsaka hinatid ko lang siya kay Fred who was waiting for her at the parking area. He wasn’t able to go inside the bar anymore because naka-hazard lang yun kotse nya. He couldn’t find a parking slot.”

She continued to stare at him but her tears are threatening to fall now.

Upset na rin si Ricky at her accusations but when he saw her trying her best not to cry naawa na siya kay Maya.

“Sweetheart do you think magagawa ko yun sa’yo?”

Naku umiyak na nga ang Maya.

“Hey stop crying. Wala namang reason to cry. Wala naman akong ginawa. I was just being helpful there kasi ako lang yun hindi uminom sa kanila. Ako lang yun pwedeng tumulong kay Stephanie. Dapat nga proud ka sa’kin kasi I was being a gentleman there. Don’t cry na Maya.” He then engulfed her in his embrace which she allowed.

Maya had mixed feelings of jealousy, anger at herself for how she acted and also embarrassment at what she did to her poor husband. She hugged him tighter but was still silently sobbing.

“Hey look at me.” He held her face. “Okay na tayo ha? I’m sorry if I made you upset with what I did kanina. I promise lalayuan ko na siya.”

Then in a very small voice kasi she’s embarrassed nga of how she acted, “Sorry din Sweetheart. Kasi naman eh….”

“Hey enough na. Okay na tayo. It’s not my fault and it’s not yours as well.” He assured her to remove her guilt.

“I’ll just take a shower and change. Okay na tayo ha!”

She just nod her head. Then proceeded to their bed.

After a few minutes Ricky joined her donning his pajama. They cuddled.

“Next time I would never agree to spending June 12 separately.”

“Ako rin Sweetheart. Sorry ulit.”

“Don’t say sorry. Hindi nga tayong dalawa ang may kasalanan for what happened today.”

“Eh sino naman?”

‘Sino pa eh di si Rafi!”

And for the first time, Maya agreed with what Ricky said about his best friend. “Tama sweetheart, si Rafi nga ang may kasalanan ng lahat!”

“Let’s not talk about her anymore sweetheart.  Let’s celebrate now, the Mr. and Mrs Lim style. Let’s celebrate ‘dependence’ day.” He naughtily winked at her.

“Mas gusto ko yan sweetheart!”

Then he covered themselves with their big brown comforter which perfectly covered both of them but unfortunately wasn’t able to drown his wife’s giggles and whatever noise he would elicit from her later.

Happy 12th of June Mr. and Mrs. Lim!