One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

One Fine Day – 8 (Finale)

“Mommy I’m hungry.” Sky was complaining. It was already late but they haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Maya’s mind was so preoccupied that she forgot to drop by the grocery to buy the ingredients for their dinner and she wasn’t even able to buy their other needs.

She was planning to cook tinola for dinner as it was rainy and she knows that a delicious hot soup is perfect for the kind of weather. It is also good for Sky. She was sure that her little boy was very tired after running, jumping and playing the rough soccer game.

Since she wasn’t able to do her groceries as planned, she had to make do with what’s inside her fridge. Luckily she had ingredients for spaghetti which she knows is also Sky’s favorite.

That’s what she’s cooking now.

“Yes anak madali na to. Maluluto na yun spaghetti in a few minutes. Watch ka na muna ng favorite cartoons mo.” Maya shouted from the kitchen.

“Okay po Mommy.” Sky yelled back.

The show Sky was watching was so loud that they need to shout to be heard.


The kitchen of Maya dela Rosa at the moment was far what we imagine her to have.

There were unwashed plates and glasses on the sink.

Her stove had spilled spaghetti sauce all over it.

The empty boxes and plastics of spaghetti, hotdogs, cheese and sauce were on top of the kitchen table. Even the peelings of the onions and garlic didn’t make their way to the trash bin yet.

She was jittery, jumpy that day.

She was clumsy too.

Maya didn’t want to admit that it was because of the person she met and spent her few hours with that day.

Just thinking about Richard Lim already disrupted her routine.

She’s trying her best to dismiss her thoughts of him.

Actually it was not only her who was seemingly affected by Richard Lim’s presence.

She realized that even the ladies they met would shyly stare at him.

Some would even smile.

Some of the mommies at the kids’ school would also steal glances him.

Richard Lim was undoubtedly a very charming guy and too bad that he is aware of it.

He knows that he is handsome and that people find him attractive.

He obviously charms women all the more by the way he talks to them, the way he smiles, the way he flashes his lopsided smile.

“Kainis ka Mr. Lim! Grrrr!!! At mas kainis ka Maya! Ano ba umayos ka nga!” She was having a conversation with herself. She’s berating herself for being vulnerable to Mr. Lim’s charms.

But what she felt was normal.

It wouldn’t be a problem as long as she doesn’t entertain it or expect something to prosper from it.

“Tama isang araw lang naman. Hindi ko na rin naman siya makikita. Naku Maya hindi pwede kung ano man yan. Tigilan ang kilig kilig na yan.” She continued to have her inner conversation.

She could even feel the butterflies in her stomach.

As much as she wanted to avoid him, she can’t help but blush by just playing the day’s events in her mind again.

She was still in the middle of preparing their dinner while having thoughts of Richard Lim when a knock on her front door was heard.

She thought that it was her neighbor. Aling Ibing would probably give her the mails and bills. Her kind neighbor took it upon herself to receive any correspondence for Maya dela Rosa.

Being sure that it was just Aling Ibing, Maya didn’t bother to make to fix her hair and cover her messy shirt. She didn’t mind making herself look presentable anymore.

With a ready smile for her neighbor, she opened her door.

It was Richard Lim.

Both were surprised to see each other.

Maya was surprised for she didn’t expect him to show up on her front door.

Richard was surprised because of Maya’s appearance. Sunshine on the other hand kissed her Tita Maya and joined Sky who was very excited to see their visitors. He also kissed his Tito Richard.

When the kids were no longer with them, he voiced out what’s on his mind.

“What happened to your shirt?” He asked as he saw some sauce on it.

Richard Lim’s eyes registered disbelief as he was face to face with an unkempt Maya dela Rosa. Her hair was tied messily and she smelled of the food she was cooking. It was far from what he expected she’ll look like even at the confines of her own home.

“Ah yun spaghetti sauce natapon.  Nagluluto kasi ako tapos ang gulo ni Sky.” Of course she lied.

Sky had nothing to do with her mishaps in their kitchen.

It was actually Richard who should be blamed.

It was his fault because he is causing havoc to her dormant heart. But of course she couldn’t and wouldn’t tell him that.

When Richard wasn’t able to speak at once and just continued to stare at her, Maya quipped, “Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Lim but I’m not the neat, tidy, orderly person you think I am.”

“That’s not a problem at all Ms. Dela Rosa. I like this side of you more.” He told her as he now smiled sexily while he was approaching her like a predator eyeing his prey.

“Mr. Lim!” His approach excited and scared her at the same time.


“Anong ginagawa mo?”

“May ginagawa ba ako?” He teased.

“Mr. Lim!”

He just smiled while continuing to approach the nervous yet excited Maya dela Rosa.

“Mr. Lim are you flirting with me?” She asked this time.

“Do you want me too?” he further teased as she now had her back against the wall and was caged by Richard who was in front of her now. He’s already invading her personal space but she felt excitement rather than anger.

“Palabiro ka talaga Mr. Lim. Teka nga at nagluluto ako ng dinner. Dito na kayo kumain.” It was her final attempt to diffuse the tension from what he was doing.

She was successful as Richard allowed her to escape.

He followed her to the kitchen though.

“Okay laugh all you want at my kitchen’s appearance.” She said even before he voiced his observation.

“I wasn’t saying anything.”

“But you were about to.”

“No I wasn’t. As a said a while ago, I like this side of you more. It makes you more reachable, more normal, more human.”

“Bola! Takot ka lang na wag pakainin ng dinner eh.” She joked to lighten the mood.

“Yun din.” He chuckled then added as he was checking on the food she was preparing, “Mukhang masarap to eh. We already had sandwich for dinner but I would not say no to this.”

“Kaya umupo ka na dyan at magbehave para matapos ko na ang ginagawa ko.”

“Yes Ms. Dela Rosa.”


While Maya was cooking, Richard called a local pizza parlor and ordered pizza to go with their spaghetti.

They all had a hearty dinner.

The kids enjoyed the food and the parents enjoyed each other’s company.

“Kids dun na muna kayo sa room. Sky let Sunshine watch your cartoons.” Maya suggested after

The kids happily went to Sky’s room.

Richard helped Maya cleaning up the mess at her kitchen.

He even took charge of her trash. After washing his hand, he joined Maya who was now resting at her sofa. She was really tired from the onslaught of different emotions for the day.

“Thank you Mr. Lim.”


“Sa pagtapon ng basura.”

He laughed. “Akala ko kung para saan.”

“At para saan naman ako dapat mag-thank you?”

“For visiting you.” He teased her again.

“Ikaw talaga palabiro kang masyado.” She avoided his eyes. Then she added, “Teka bakit nga pala kayo napadalaw? Do you need me to watch over Sunshine tomorrow? Okay lang sa akin. I have no work and the kids will surely enjoy playing here.”

He turned serious and held her gaze. She didn’t avoid his eyes anymore because it would be very obvious that she’s getting affected by him. She didn’t want to appear vulnerable to his charms.

“I am serious. I went here to visit you.”

“May lagnat ka ba?” She tried to joke but he ignored it.

With his eyes still focused on her, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?

“Do you want to kiss me right now?”

“I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t.”

Then with Maya deciding to submit herself to his charms, Richard Lim slowly bent his head and aimed for her lips.

Maya closed her eyes but before his lips touched hers, she slightly pushed him, “Wait!”

“What? Why?” Disappointment was seen on his face.

“Ano bigyan mo naman akong time mag-ayos at magbihis.”

“Mag-ayos at magbihis?” He didn’t get what she’s saying.

“Mr. Lim ayoko naman na ganito ang hitsura ko. Mabilis lang promise.”

“I don’t mind how you look or what you’re wearing.” He assured her.

“I mind Mr. Lim.” So before he could protest some more Maya stood up and rushed to her bathroom.

She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, gargled some mouthwash, picked a nice pair of shirt and shorts, put a light makeup on and even had a hard time choosing what lipstick to use. She is not sure if Mr. Lim prefers strawberry or cherry flavors on her lips.

She shook her head as she realized what she’s doing or how excited she was.

But she didn’t mind.

She wanted to take the chance with him. If it works out then fine, if it doesn’t at least she tried.


After more than an hour inside her bathroom, she proceeded to where Richard was staying and found him already asleep on her sofa.

She checked her watch and saw that it was already 1 in the morning.  She was disappointed to find him sleeping.

She was excited but he slept on her.

But it was her fault. Now she’s laughing at how ridiculous she had been preparing for a simple kiss.

Shaking her head, she proceeded to check on the kids. She found both of them asleep. Richard must have tucked them in. Even the TV was turned off, the light has been dimmed and both kids were under cozy blankets.

“I decided to let Sunshine sleep with Sky. Okay lang ba? The kids are tired kasi. ”

His voice surprised her. Her heart raced again by merely hearing his voice.

He’s awake and peering at the kids’ door.

“Ah eh… o..okay lang. Akala ko tulog ka na.” She managed to say.

“Naidlip lang. Ang tagal mo kasi.”


He just smiled then reached for her hand. She allowed him.

They left the kids bedroom and gently closed the door.

They were now standing at her living room, staring at each other.

“So are we going to continue what we’re supposed to do kanina?” He asked her. He wanted to be sure that she’s still okay with it.

“Mr. Lim naman, naligo at nagbihis at nag-ayos ako tapos tatanungin mo yan!” She blurted out, unable to control herself.

He laughed then gave her a hug. He also kissed the top of her head as he was amused at how she’s acting.

After disengaging from the hug, he gently held her blushing face.

He then bent his head again to kiss her.

“Mr. Lim wait!”

“What is it this time Ms. Dela Rosa?” he’s now starting to get annoyed.

“Ano kasi… pangit naman that we’re going to kiss pero you still call me Ms. Dela Rosa and I still call you Mr. Lim.”

“Yun lang pala. Okay. Now can you please stop talking and let me do what I have to do, Maya?”

“Okay Richard.” she shyly smiled at him.

The sound of their first names being uttered by the other intensified what they’re feeling at the moment.

Richard Lim kissed Maya dela Rosa and she accepted it without any inhibitions and without allowing herself to hold back.


That one fine day they spent together with their kids led to greater days for Richard, Maya, Sunshine and Sky.

~ the end ~

A/N : This is adapted from the movie so hanggang dito na lang talaga to.



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  1. Ms. Timmy salamat kahit bitin. Kilig to the max naman ‘to madam. Looking forward to the epilogue kung talagang finale na. Thank you!!! 😜👍😉👌

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