Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Bonding

Kuwentong Maya & Ricky : Bonding

“Naku maalat na ata to! Patikim naman nito Ser Chief.”

She frowned. She’s disappointed at the dish she cooked.

Manang Fe, Doris, Sabel and Joma were all on their vacation. Luke and Abby were also at their grandparents house since it was their semestral break.

Nikki on the other hand had an unplanned meeting with the Teatro PUS at their house because her dad didn’t allow her to join if it would be held in another venue. Since she’s the TPUS president, she offered her house to be the venue for their meeting.

Ricky suggested that they should just have meals delivered for the Nikki and her visitors but Maya insisted that it would be healthier to have home-cooked meals. She actually wanted to do this for Nikki. She was thankful to Richard’s kids who wholeheartedly welcomed her to their lives when they learned that she is already their dad’s girlfriend.

She prepared kare-kare, adobo, beefsteak, fried chicken, chopseuy, leche flan and sago’t gulaman. She’s now grilling the barbeque in Manang Fe’s smokeless indoor grill but she’s so disappointed that she couldn’t achieve the taste she wanted.

She was stressed and worried that Nikki’s visitors won’t like the dish she cooked.

Ricky saw the worry on her face and immediately went near her.

“He grabbed the half bitten piece of barbecue from her.”

“Ako nga. I will taste it.”

Then he proceeded to kiss her lips.

“Ser Chief! Sabi ko tikim ng food hindi kiss. Ano ka ba! Nakakahiya.” She was bushing and she craned her neck to see if Nikki is nearby.

“Don’t worry wala naman si Nikki.”

“Ser Chief naman. Yang barbecue ang tikman mo!”

“Yun barbecue nga.”

“Eh hindi mo naman tinikman. Humalik ka lang eh.” She gave this cute little pout.

“Oh sige tikman ko ulit.” Then he kissed her lips again which made Maya all the more giddy and made her turn beet red.

He was smiling from ear to ear. He loved to see how his kiss affected her. It affected him as well for he knows that his ears are now blushing as well.

“Ser Chief ang kulit! Yun food nga! Panay ka naman kiss eh. Sumusobra ka na!”

“Kasi nga it will taste better if it’s on you.”

She just slapped him lightly.

“Ikaw talaga!”

Then he bit the piece of barbecue.

“Okay na. Ang sarap.” It wasn’t but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“What time are they arriving?” He asked her.

“Hindi ko alam eh pero sabi ni Nikki papunta na raw dito. Baka natraffic lang yung mga bata.

“Oh sige you better go to Nikki. Naghihintay yun sa may gate. Ako na ang bahala dito.”

Then she proceeded to accompany Nikki while she’s waiting for the members of the Teatro PUS.

Richard spent time fixing all the dishes she cooked which were either matabang or maalat.

She may not be a wonderful cook but her effort to do something very special for his daughter overweighs her lack of skills in the cooking department.


Nikki’s schoolmates have left and Nikki had been thanking her Tita Maya nonstop for preparing the dishes which, even to Maya’s surprise, the kids appreciated.

After helping in washing the dishes they used, Nikki excused herself to go to her room.

Maya and Ricky were left at the large sofa at the living room. Ricky requested for her to stay a little longer before he brings her home to the condo she’s sharing with Emman.

“Thank you for doing this for Nikki.”

“Ser Chief masaya ako at may nagawa ako para kay Nikki. Kulang pa yan sa pagpapasalamat ko sa kanya.”

“Pasalamat saan?”

“Sa pagtanggap at hindi pagpapahirap sa akin.”

“And why do you think papahirapan ka ng mga bata?”

“Eh kasi ganun naman sa mga teleserye di ba?”

He chuckled. “You’re silly. On quality shows, there may be slight resentment but it could be resolved in a peaceful manner. Maybe sa non-quality seryes ganun ang nangyayari sa iniisip mo. That won’t happen to us. Iba tayo eh.”

“Kaya nga sobrang saya ko Ser Chief.”

“Me too I am very happy. Things like this make me very happy.”

“Anong things?”

“You cooking for the kids. It is very special Maya. It makes me love you even more.”

“Ser Chief naman eh. Tutunawin mo na naman ako sa mga pakilig na yan.”

“Uy Maya I’m not merely nagpapakilig. That’s what I really feel. You just don’t know how happy I was seeing you cooking there in the kitchen. It makes me want to see more of that very soon.”

“Ser Chief…”

“I know. I promise not to be a hindrance to your dreams. Okay na ako sa ganito for the meantime.”

“Salamat sa pag-unawa ha.”

“Anything for you Maya. I’ll wait until you have reached all your dreams, until matapos ka sa training mo, maging flight attendant ka na and until you have travelled the whole world.”

She looked at him incredulously. “Aantayin mo hanggang matapos kong lahat yun?”


“Naku ang tagal naman nun Ser Chief! Hindi ba pwedeng hanggang matapos ko lang yun training. O sige tawad pa ng konti, hanggang sa makaumpisa lang ako sa trabaho bilang FA. Kung hihintayin mo pang maikot ko yun buong mundo, aba baka kapag nagkaanak tayo eh hindi mo na sila malalaro.” Then her eyes turned wide at the realization of what she just said. She got embarrassed and covered her face.

He was laughing at her but was very happy with what he heard. Now he knows that he’s already included in Maya’s future.

He embraced the very embarrassed Maya and kissed the top of her head.

“Hey tumingin ka nga!”

“Ayoko nakakahiya yung mga pinagsasabi ko!”

“Don’t be. You made me very happy with it.”

“Ikaw masaya. Ako sobrang nakakahiya!” Then she hugged him tighter and hid her face on his chest.

“Huy!” He was laughing harder.

“Ser Chief naman eh!” She’s still hiding her face.

“Sige ka. If you keep on hugging me like that baka hindi mo na matapos yun training mo.” He naughtily warned her.

Maya immediately disengaged from the embrace. “Kainis to!”

He continued to laugh at her but she’s now getting pikon so change topic si Ricky.

“Ang sarap ng mga niluto mo. Naubos ng mga bata.”

“Uhm… I’m sure inayos mo yun kanina.”

“Of course not.”

“Peksman mamatay man ang mga langgam?”

He laughed at her silliness. “Halika nga ulit dito. Payakap ulit.”

“Ayoko na Ser Chief baka magkatotoo yun sinabi mo.”

“Ang alin?”

“Yun hindi ako matapos sa training.” Oh Maya is so innocently cute.

“Hindi yan. Kung ako, I could control myself, ewan ko na lang sa’yo.”

“Oy Ser Chief ha! Overconfident ka ha! Of course kaya ko rin yan!”


“Oo naman!”

“Patunayan mo nga.”

“Oo ba!” Then she proceeded to cuddle with him again at the Lim sofa.

A smiling and very contented Ricky possessively encircled his arms around her while they both listed to each other’s heartbeat, which were definitely meant for each other.





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    1. Very true Ms. Marian! Nangingisay ang mga adiks at langgam sa kilig at sweetness nila sa isa’t isa sa chapter na ‘to. Pati mga honeybees nakisali na rin. Thank you Ms. Timmy pati ang mga ngiti ng mga adiks naka plaster na at naka ribbon pa sa likod!

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