Can We Start Over Again 11

Can We Start Over Again 11

Maya dela Rosa’s career continued to flourish  and she became one of the highest-paid, most sought-after singer-actress in the entertainment industry.

Richard Lim on the other hand was also able to land a high paying job in New York and is now starting to build a name for himself. He is currently handling a very big project in the architectural firm he’s working for.

They would still communicate but not as often as before.

This saddened their parents who have always been praying that their children would end up together. Roberto and Esmeralda Lim and Arturo and Teresita dela Rosa never meddled with their children’s affairs. They just continue to hope and pray that someday it would happen.

Maya who’s now 22 had been linked to famous actors, singers and also some famous bachelors in the Philippines. It was expected since she’s a very famous actress now. She just ignored all talks linking her to them. She believes that it comes with her being in the entertainment industry.

Richard also dated classmates and some colleagues at work. He had a few share of girlfriends as well but the relationships he had never went beyond 6 months. His longest was with his colleague at work Rafi Alcantara. It didn’t last because they just decided to just be friends. Rafi loves her former classmate Charlie and she also knows that only one person occupies Richard’s heart and that is Maya dela Rosa. Rafi and Richard remained very good friends and she would even encourage him to pursue Maya.

“Ang bagal mo Lim!” She would always tell him.


“Maya you need to do a final rehearsal with Darren.” The concert’s director informed her at the backstage of The Theatre in Solaire.

“Okay po Direk. Susunod na po ako.”

Maya is celebrating her 10th year anniversary with a thanksgiving concert. It was her way of giving back to her fans and supporters.

She will be singing her top 15 songs from her various albums. Special guests will be joining her.  James Ventura, who still remained her friend despite not being her love team anymore is also  part of her concert.  They will do a funny dance number.

For her finale, she will be singing a song of Coach Leah with Darren who was still Maya’s idol. Darren eventually turned out to be a very good friend to her too.

Coach Leah will also attend the event. She remained one of Maya’s mentors and defender against the cruel world of the entertainment industry.

Maya was excited and very nervous at the same time.


As they were rehearsing, the moment Darren sang the first line of Ms. Saigon’s ‘Last Night of the World’, Maya couldn’t help but be nostalgic, be emotional. The other Ms. Saigon song ‘Sun and Moon’ was her and Richard’s audition piece in The Voice Duets. That show opened lots of opportunities for her.

She remembered him and it made her think of the many what ifs – what if Richard also pursued a singing career with her? Would they still be a duo? Would they be more than friends now? What if she chose her simple life back then? Would she be happier?

“Sorry Darren!” She was apologetic to her partner when she wasn’t able to sing her part well as her voice was already shaking.

“Okay lang Maya. Meaningful kasi yung song sa’yo. Ako rin I tend to cry kapag ganyan.” Darren was always patient with her. He’s always been a source of inspiration and he would always tell Maya words of encouragement every time they chance upon each other.

“Ang iyakin ko kasi. Sorry talaga.”

“Ano ka ba? Atsaka abswelto ka today kasi araw mo to.” Darren even joked.

Coach Leah’s song had been instrumental in what she had achieved in her life. Coach Leah’s song was her audition piece with the person whom she still considers her best partner ever.

It brought back the memories of yesteryears. They have grown apart already and she’s missing him. He played a major part in her career as well and she wanted to show him how grateful she was for everything he did for her.

She missed Richard Lim.


The two hour concert of Maya dela Rosa is about to end. Every number she did was applauded. They even gave her standing ovations in many of her productions numbers.

She’s now at the backstage while her final production number was being set-up. Her song with Darren will be her final number.

“Ok ka na Maya?” her partner asked.

“Oo na. Naiiyak ko na kanina. Atsaka nasa audience si Coach Leah. Matatakot yun mga luha ko sa kanya. Aatras sila.” She even managed to joke.

“Baliw ka talaga. Naalala mo na yun blocking natin ha?”

“Oo naman. Pero ang arte ni Direk. Mala Phantom of the Opera ang design ng stage eh Miss Saigon yun song.” Maya laughed as she commented.

“Hayaan mo na. May identity crisis si Direk. Jusko baka marinig tayong dalawa eh mawalan tayo ng trabaho.” Darren also added. They were having a light moment backstage when they were called for the final number.


“In a place that won’t let us feel

In a life where nothing seems real

I have found you

I have found you”,  her partner began to sing.

She knows that voice and it’s definitely not Darren.

It made her turn around though she was instructed during rehearsal that she would just face her partner when she starts singing her line.

She turned and indeed there he was. Richard Lim was smiling while slowly approaching her.

Maya stood surprised. She could no longer sing her lines as she was already overcome by emotion upon seeing him. She felt her eyes getting misty then unable to control it, her tears made its way to her pink cheeks.

Richard continued to slowly walk towards her. Every step making both of them excited.

He was overwhelmed with joy to see her. She’s stunning as always but the way she looked at him, the way her eyes told him that she missed him, that she’s happy to see him made him want to run to her and engulf her in his arms.

The crowd felt the emotional reunion of the original loveteam. Some of them even shed tears as well.

As soon as he was in front of her, they were only able to utter each other’s name then Richard held Maya in his arms. She allowed herself to feel his arms around her. It felt so good. It felt like home. She was sobbing silently while Richard was slowly swaying their bodies as Coach Lea and Darren started to sing the song again.

In front of the crowd, with their mentor Coach Lea and Maya’s idol and now friend, Darren singing ‘Last Night of the World.’, Maya and Richard were lovingly engulfed in each others’ embrace while slowly dancing to the song.

“I missed you so much Maya.” He whispered.

“I missed you too Ricky.” She whispered as well.


When the song ended Maya was wiping her eyes with the handkerchief Richard gave her.

They exchanged only a few words but clearly shy in front of each other. Maybe it’s because they’re no longer the young Ricky and Maya who last saw each other during Richard’s last visit to the Philippines before Maya’s 18th birthday.

“O ano kayong dalawa? Magtitinginan na lang kayo? I know you guys missed each other bigtime. Go on give each other another big hug, wag nang mahiya. Kami lang and your 1,700 plus fans na pumuno dito sa Soliare ang nanonood. Go on hug each other more.” Coach Leah was teasing them as she knows that both Maya and Richard were emotional upon seeing each other.

When both just shyly gave each other a light hug, she even added “Oh my God yun lang? Go ahead guys kiss already!” Ms. Leah even joked. “If you won’t do that Maya, I’ll be the one to kiss this gentleman beside you. Ang gwapo mo na Richard Lim. Napakaswerte ng Team Leah. Guys when did you grow up? I feel like a lola already.” She exaggeratedly commented.

The two just smiled.

“Ten years ago, I turned my chair in our singing contest ‘The Voice Kids’ for these two. Actually all three coaches turned but they chose me. I am very proud of what Maya became in the entertainment industry and of course of what Richard is now. He’s a big shot engineer in the States. And ladies he’s still single.” Coach Lea joked some more.

Maya’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that Richard is still single. She thought that he was already serious with Rafi.

Coach Lea continued, “When we first interviewed these two, I told them that I could see that spark, that chemistry in them. Syempre bata pa sila then 12 and 15 so malay naman nila sa pinagsasabi ko. Now that you guys are grown ups, was I right?” Coach Lea continued to tease them while the crowd was joining the cheers and teasing as well.

“Basta if ever… ninang nyo ako ha!” was her parting words.

Maya and Richard then sang their original TVD piece ‘Sun and Moon’ upon the crowd’s request. Both were seriously contemplating what Coach Lea said. Both were now very much affected with each other’s presence.

Maya hopes that Richard would see her more than just his childhood friend.

Richard hopes that Maya would see him more than her childhood friend as well.



“Anak totoo ba?” Teresita asked the moment Maya answered her call. She was surprised to learn that Maya already talked to her management. She already retired from showbiz.  Auntie Fe informed Teresita.

“Opo Nay. Uuwi na ako dyan. Gusto ko na kayong makasama ni Tatay. Babawi rin ako kina Tito Roberto at kay Tita Esmie. Magkakasama na po tayo” She said.

She was very excited.

“Anak napakasaya nang balita na to. Namiss ka na namin dito.”

“Kayo din nay miss na miss ko. Pati na rin sina Tito at Tita.” Nay Tere already noticed that for the second time Maya failed to mention Richard.

“Teka kanina ka pa. Kami lang talaga ang namiss mo at gusto mong makasama?” her Nanay teased. She knows her daughter so well.

“Siyempre si Ricky po. Si Nanay talaga.” She was shy all of a sudden. “Uuwi na po ako sa isang linggo pero wag nyo na po munang sabihin kila Ricky. Gusto ko silang sorpresahin.”



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  1. Indeed it is a very Happy Sunday before going to church! Haay Ricky nahimasmasan ka rin. you made Maya so very happy Thank you Ms Timmy excited na sa susunod na kabanata. Mote power & God bless

  2. Thankiee, sis…2 chapters na lang pala…parang tama yung sinabi ni chasalva…magiging assuming si Maya kaya ganun ang reaction niya kay Ricky sa prologue.

  3. Thank you for the update! Kinabahan ako bigla. Parang may magaganap na di pagkakaintindihan kaya nagalit si Maya kay Richard. Oh my! Just guessing. So excited for the next chapter!

  4. Kilig much sa pagkitang muli ng mag bestfriends and soon to be lovers kung hindi pa. Excited sa next update.

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