For Serye Updates & Tim’s muni-muni

For updates on the upcoming JoChard serye, just visit

JoChard serye

You can also post there to be able to show the clamor for our fave loveteam. Jsm and some BCWMH staff frequents PEX before so maybe the staff of the new serye might as well drop by to gauge what our sentiments are. Just keep it fun though para goodvibes lang.


I’ll post an update for CWSOA later. ย The previous ones I posted were all “scheduled” in WP because I’ve been away for days.

That’s the reason why I don’t get to read the comments and requests for PWs right away. Pasensya na po.

Anyway, CWSOA will have two chapters then finale na. I’ll finish the other stories, don’t worry po. Sana bago magstart yun serye, matapos ko na lahat para mamahinga na muna sina Ricky and Maya.

Also pasensya na sa grammar lapses, sentence construction errors, spelling errors and even absurdity of plots. I’m no writer and I don’t know what got into me that I’m doing this silly stuff of writing fanfics. Susmaryosep talaga! Maybe it’s because of my my fondness kay RY and Jsm. Pagpasensyahan nyo na rin. If masakit sa tenga or sa mata, don’t read na lang, hahaha!

Bear with Ricky and Maya’s maaarte characters din and wag nyo namang isumpa yun mga kontrabida na darating. (hahaha!)

Thanks sa lahat ng nagtyatyagang magbasa, those who take time to comment (kahit di ko nirereplyan, sorry been very busy with real life.) and those who continue to rlove our dear Maya and Ser Chief.

Maya and SerChief will remain my favorite characters of RY and Jsm and BCWMH will forever be my favorite show.

But of course for the love of Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria, let us all give our 100% support to their new serye. ย Let us protect this love team, our Maya and SerChief.

Kapit Bisig guys!

Thankee ng marami!


17 thoughts on “For Serye Updates & Tim’s muni-muni”

  1. Sipag m o nga sis, ikaw na lang ang panay update. Sana yung iba pang fanfic writers mag-update at tapusin din nila Richard and Maya stories nila.

    1. Maraming updates sis kasi yan yun ginawa ko yan before pa, while nagbabantay sa father ko when he was hospitalized at mahirap himagilap ng net. I wrote them pero no time lamg ilipat sa wp. Sana nga may updates na din yun other writers. Kakamiss magabang ng WP notif.

      1. Hi Ms. Timmy i pray na okay na your father mo. Na kakamiss nga mga stories nila kaya binabalikbalikan ko na basahin ung mga stories nila kaso may mga password na. Thanks sa mga update. God bless.

  2. Thank you much dreamytimmy sa pagsusulat mo. Napapaligaya mo kaming mga adiks, you know. So we wait for your updates from time to time. Sana hwag kang magsawa sa storywriting mo and you got amazing ideas and themes.

  3. Thank you Ms. Timmy! Love all your stories. We will always be here to read your stories Ms. Timmy and we’ll always be here for JoChard. Tuloy-tuloy, sama-sama, good vibes, kapit-bisig, lahat lahat na!

  4. Hi Miss Timmy . Thanks for the updates. Hope your dad is getting stronger everyday. So happy kaming mga addicts for writers like you to give us the kilig that we felt while BCWMH was on. I’m one of those people who only got hooked in a teleserye and forever JoChard fan. Can I please have the password for ‘love in a soap -Prequel ‘?
    Thanks. God bless. ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒป

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